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    1. Saving a creature and distilling sulfur trioxide | [30.07.2020]

      by , 07-30-2020 at 03:42 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Saving a creature
      It's something about the game Drunk on Nectar getting new things added to it. Suddenly, the dream changes to it being about saving a large creature in space. The first officer from the Orville somehow wants to change the opinion of some other woman that is of a higher rank. The woman wants to do something that would kill the creature. In the end she is standing in a chamber with a large window together with the first officer, looking out at the creature, and shortly before doing her decision in the way that the creature would die the first officer changes her mind and she decides not to do it.

      Distilling SO3
      I am seemingly distilling something, the condensation line of a white substance, what I think is sulfur trioxide, rising up the ground glass apparatus to the Liebig condenser.
    2. Annoying Classmates

      by , 12-09-2017 at 01:25 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 1:00 AM

      Woke up at: 5:00 AM


      I'm in my Chemistry class. My teacher is sitting at his computer, you'll find out what that entails in a second.

      My old friend-turned-acquaintance JJ is sitting to my right, incessantly complaining about....something. He's alsonot doing the assignment at hand, instead making one of those paper fortune-telling things. He directs his ire over to the teacher and doesn't. Shut. UP.

      I HAVE to tell him something.

      I tell him something along the lines of "Dude, shut the hell up. That's the FIFTH fucking time you said that. Be quiet, show some respect, and do your freaking work." Oddly enough, the class doesn't respond, but he sure does. He says something like, "How can I respect a teacher that can't freaking teach? Playin' games n' shit, damn..." See, in real life, my Chemistry teacher is, well, kind of a shy, bumbling newbie. During the course of his time at the school, everybody's been giving him crap. This carried over quite spectacularly into the dream.

      Anyway, this sent me over the edge, but I know better than to act on emotion or instinct. I tell him, "It doesn't matter. He's the teacher, you're the student, so let him teach."

      And just after I say that, my brother walks inside the classroom and hands me some car keys. I don't know exactly why he did this, and the dream ended shortly after that, but that wasn't what was important.


      1. The same thing happened today during class. My classmates were actively taunting the teacher, one of them got especially unreasonable, and I told her off. No, I didn't cuss to such an extent as here. God, they're annoying.... Er, sorry, rant mode.

      2. I think this is one of the few times I ever completely acted like myself in the dream. To be honest, this dream was kind of therapeutic. I don't even know if I was lucid or not, it was that accurate.

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    3. #1 - Lucid Burglary & Fragments

      by , 06-15-2016 at 02:34 AM

      I'd known about lucid dreaming for a long time, but it took longer for me to experience it, and it was essentially spontaneously. I'd found I could accidentally go through a WILD-like trance when struggling to fall asleep after waking up early. The dreams would start off at a distance, like a television screen, and then become 'real', often as dream chains that I had some conscious influence over. Sometimes they were fragmented (e.g. being frozen in darkness, having very blurry vision, or the only sensation being the feeling of flying very fast), but now and then the clarity and reality of the scenes I experienced would blow me away. Still, I was unable to stabilise them. A few days ago I discovered that spoken commands like 'increase lucidity' could turn a vague fragment into a full-fledged visual scene, which was encouraging.

      Waking Myself Up From A Burglary Dream

      I'd told myself that I would write up any dreams I'd have that night and post them to DV for my first entry, so it's only fitting that I ended up having my first (semi-)lucid nightmare. After waking up in the morning and went back to sleep, I had a dream where I was sitting around a table with a few people, including, I think, a family friend. I was concerned about an exam that was coming up. I was worried that a question about acid-base chemistry was going to come up; something involving a base in ammonia, and I was sure that it was some other substance than the ammonia itself - NaBH4 or NH4OH. But the exam was cancelled because of an outbreak of 'parainfluenza', and this news was accompanied by the image of a woman with sore-looking yellow eyes. Since it was cancelled, I could rest easy and go to sleep.

      This led into another dream where I was at home in the night, looking down the stairs so that I could see an area near the front door. I heard noises near the front door and looked closer. There was a fairly short man standing there. I thought it was my father - though I wasn't expecting to see him - so I called out to him. Rather than respond in kind, he shushed me, and I realised that it was an intruder. More of these intruders came through, so I retreated into a nearby empty room. At this point I began to suspect something was off. I thought I might be dreaming, but if so I wanted to wake up, so I could be sure and not have to worry about the intruders anymore. This wish suddenly ended the dream. It was replaced by text filling my field of view, being read off by a calm male voiceover. It said something along the lines of, "Welcome to your lucid dream. Wake up now or wake up dead in two weeks." At the time I think I had enough critical faculties to not be sure if this was right, but I realised I was in sleep paralysis and I really wanted to get out of it. I found that, surprisingly, I could slightly move my body with great effort. With what felt like a lot of willpower, I forced myself to move and woke up.

      There wasn't any lingering feeling of terror, which is my usual criterion for a nightmare, but I think this fit the bill, if only because it made me realise that a semi-lucid dream could still be unpleasant.

      Video Game Fragments

      I was watching a boy playing a FPS game, switching between my view of him and a view inside the video game itself. He was clearing a large building with many corridors similar to a hospital - of what enemy I don't know - and then went up a curved staircase, which had many offices running alongside it, arranged in a staircase fashion themselves. The general aesthetic was wood and blue light. By entering this area he went into a sort of mini-game where he blitzed through the offices at high speed, which also involved strips of light flashing on his mousemat very fast. I thought it involved predicting the lights, but when I asked he told me that it was actually a very fast memory game, which observation seemed to confirm.

      I thought about the idea of being sleep-deprived from addiction to virtual reality. I imagined a person distracting themselves from their tiredness by immersing themselves more into it. I have a dream in which I see scenes from an online FPS game called Xibalba, which I think actually represent a place within one level. Bizarrely, I also pondered the merits of a religion that worships the electron transition in one type of molecule (containing nitrogen!) versus a rival religion that worships another.
    4. #2. Attempting to Flirt Using a Printer, #3. Hiking in a Suburban Area

      by , 06-04-2014 at 01:43 AM
      Two pretty long and continuous dreams like back in the day (versus my usual very broken up and short scene dreams of late).

      In bed: 12:00 AM - 7:45 AM

      #2. I. 4:30 AM

      I am with my mom out somewhere in a building. It is for an appointment of some sort. She has to be there too though for her own appointment or something versus for mine. We find out that I donít have to be there until that evening. I decide that instead of wasting time here all day, that Iíll go back to my older sisterís until later. I am happy at the chance to be on my own.

      I head out and am walking along a dirt road that is some walking trail somewhere that I seem to be taking home. As I am walking, there are a bunch of low branches that cross the trail that I have to duck under and dodge around. On the bottoms of some of them, there are small webs that I get caught on and have to knock off of me. Eventually, I reach further ahead where there is a signpost on the left side of the road by some trees. My sister is with me now, I guess she was waiting there at the signpost. We go to the signpost which is the kind with a glass screen on the front with items slid behind it. We apparently put a lot of photos back here and are coming back to get them. She reaches into the signpost pulling out different photos, all of them really old from the past when we were younger.

      We play this old video that we also find here showing an old family friendís husband trying to take pictures of us and the rest of the family. He is having a lot of difficulty with the big camera that he is holding though for some reason. Eventually someone that was standing waiting to be taking in the picture walks over to help him.

      I am just getting back home finally (earlier in the dream, I seemed to be going to my sisterís, but this seems to be my brotherís place). My brother calls me as I am getting in. He is on the train on the way back. I am in the living room of the place which is relatively small but a bit long. I go to a corner of the room where there is a beanbag chair and sit in it. There is also some sort of seating along the wall to my right and one high up behind me. While I am on the phone with my bro, one of his roommates comes in from another part of the home. It is a friend of mine from school in one of the same clubs as I. He is folding clothes in the room. My bro has just gotten back from a MTG event. MTG has changed a lot and is saying that it is definitely improved. He arrives back at the place, and we play a game of MTG on the folding table (that we used have two of that we ate on sometimes). The game plays more like Pokemon now. As we are playing, I notice this weird bug on the floor to my right that seems to be pulling a piece of trash or something along those lines, thatís almost completely covering up the bug.

      I am still in the room and a few other guys have passed through in the meantime including an old friend from high school. The dude from earlier is still in here. At a certain point, four girls are walking through the room as if this was a parking lot for a moment. As in the walls seemed to have been gone or something, and they walk in and keep walking as if just walking through the area. However, they stop while in the room and one of them knows me and sees me. She looks like an old TA but they call her by a different name for some reason. She and they are very flirty. There is a Carly and a Sam among them, one of the girls referring to Carly by the shorter Car. I want to hit back at them specifically at the TA look-alike but want to do it cleverly. They are walking very slowly, one of them talking with someone in the room. There is a printer on the other side of the room on a table. I scramble to type up a message in a word document to print it at the computer before they get there so they see it, read it, and laugh. I rush look up constantly to see if itís too late. Eventually, I print it and watch and wait, but they donít end up seeing it for some reason and leave the room. Around this point, my old friend from high school is just waking up or something and apparently has been on the seating behind me behind the beanbag this whole time which totally surprises me as I forgot or something.

      I am in room in the place, and my niece is talking to me. I seem to be getting ready for something and I am going into the closet to choose what clothes to wear.

      #3. II. 6:40 AM

      I am with a bunch of friends, and we drive to the store. In the parking lot, we all sit in the backseat of the car, ten of us somehow fitting. The wind is blowing nicely as we sit there and just enjoy ourselves. It is nice and warm and relaxing. Apparently, the car is sitting at a gas station. My RA is in the driverís seat. We watch as this car pulls in out of control and crashes into a short pillar slightly. He wasnít going very fast so it wasnít a bad crash, but just a bumping probably leaving a slight dent. We are worried he is crazy, so my RA pulls off to be safe. He drives up to the street, and we wait to turn out to the right. When traffic is clear, he turns right sort of more so continues onto the median then starts turning to the left so he can move to the lane going to the left relative to the parking lot.

      I am out somewhere in a slightly outdoor, slightly suburban area. I am with a group of people still. We are sort of hiking if it can be called hiking in this terrain. There is a bunch of random objects and things to walk on out here placed into the grass, and we are following a path through sometimes walking up the slopes and such. There is a girl in front of me that I donít know. Apparently, this group of people is all people from my hiking club. We are all discussing ideas for how we could have out of state trips, some people talking about whether theyíve been out of state before. I start talking to the girl in front of me about it mentioning that Iíve only been out of state on trips in the southeast. Apparently out of state just means CA in this sense. We start talking about other things. She mentions that she is a freshmen and asks me for advice regarding computer science as she is doing that as well. I ask her what class she took last quarter and she says the one that I also have taken that is the first in the series but is optional. I tell her I did the same thing and that that is totally ok versus skipping straight to the next one in the series.

      I am in a store with the same people. We are waiting to kill some time, and move towards a better area to wait that is on the other side of where we currently are. Mr. A (a teacher at a high school that I've volunteered at) takes this moment to return our chemistry quizzes also handing us a paper and pen so that we can write down any comments or questions that we have when we look over our quizzes. He hands me back mine, and I see I got 103% getting extra credit somewhere, seeing my score is something over something, the bottom not being 100 and the top being larger slightly. Mr. A starts going around to each person to see if they have questions. When he gets to me, I express my satisfaction with my great grade, but I explain that chemistry isnít my major but maybe I should switch or something. He responds with along the lines that I shouldnít be too hasty then he gets some binder to show us this cool compound that breaks expectations of how it would act because it has a bunch of atoms that should want to push away from each other, but donít.

      I get back home before anyone else somehow. I am up on the second floor of this place which I can tell since the window is still open even though it is dark now. I realize that I am missing my phone. I go to my computer so that I can signal flare and figure out where I left it. I track it right as the others are pulling up in the driveway. The flare points to the intersection of two streets and turn my head, so that I can read both. It is the intersection of a street called East and then another street. I realize that it is right outside where the car is meaning that it must be in the car. At this point, the others have entered the house by now. As I am heading out of the room to go search the car for my phone, my brother enters the room carrying my phone which he brought up for me which I thank him for.

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    5. Cheetah, flying DILD, Justin Bieber

      by , 05-08-2013 at 05:36 PM
      Date: 7 May

      During day: Re-energized by consuming lots of fruits

      Pre bed: 3mg melatonin

      WBTB duration: 16 mins, woke myself too much, hard time falling back asleep

      WBTB: 2x peppermint oil tablets (200mg each)

      Recall method: Woke pen-noted an almost illegible description during WBTB for Dream2, briefly reviewed in mind when back to bed

      Fragment1: A large spider and then other insects, one was like a bee, I am trying to kill them, smashed them successfully

      Dream2 DILD: My father has given me the task of preparing some kind of report for him. I am browsing in a chemistry textbook with different substances and after each substance there is a lengthy regression. My father wants a list of the substances only, which I don't think is right. He is annoyed that I am so slow and still not ready. I move on and jump over some furniture and see my grandma. I begin to explain that the regressions are the most important part in this report.

      I continue on my way, and now am in something similar to a trailer with a friend of mine. Obviously she is keeping some items of mine there, one carton box with my stuff, that I want to take on my way. We talk about something. I notice that there is a wounded cheetah on the table. Actually there is no sign of wound but I know it is tired. I play with its tail, and caress it. It purrs and gently rubs its soft head and body on my hand. It is very enjoyable for both of us. I discuss the cheetah with someone, pointing out that it is the fastest creature on earth.

      phone numbers!-cheetah_portrait_whipsnade_zoo.jpg

      I then move on, I find myself in another place and someone tells me that my friends, and lists a number of people I supposedly know, are dead in another part of the city. Obviously machines have taken over the city and are destroying it. I look outside the window and see construction machines falling into an abyss. I have a bit of a paranoia from the machines because I know that they will soon come to destroy this part of town. I become desperate and say something like " I am so tired of such situations when I think that I am dreaming, but I am not, later it is a dream, then it is not!". I decide it is time to leave the place, and walk out a door. I notice a coca cola label sticker, but there is a poem on it. Perhaps I should leave something behind, I wonder, but there really is no point.

      I am going to fly scout the area, to see if the machines are still in that part of town. I stretch my hands horizontally, like a cross, and then lift off in this position. I have good control of my movement this time, but still flying too high is a bit of challenge, it has to do with the vision of the ground below me.

      It is hard to look down and perceive the flight distance and control the flight at the same time, but I fly in the direction that I desire. I am also lucid at this point. At above skyscraper height, I fly now forward, over an area with some water, HK in my mind, and look for a place to land. I have completely forgotten about the machines. Then the word "tasks" emerges in my mind and I remember I have work to do. For a second the thought crosses my mind that I may not have the time to do any tasks, but then answer myself that DV people won't mind that because I still had a good time flying.

      As I land, I feel some kind of a string release me, I am then on the ground. I look at the DC in front of me. He is rather unpleasant but I accept this, his faces changes and he is now more beautiful and smiling. There is a DC woman to my left, but I pay little attention to her. I think at that point I may have had the gut feeling that this dream is coming to an end, and decide to stabilize before starting on any tasks. I remember to shout something and it feels a bit more stable. Then I throw myself on the ground, feel it as much as possible with my hands, little stones, etc. and as if that isn't enough, I decide to lick the ground. I also lick some kind of trash a blue thread, it tastes like rubber. I find this last part disgusting and decide to spit out. Saliva comes out of my mouth and at that moment I feel my physical lips moving. Before I have any time to react I find myself in my bed, still with my eyes closed, but very aware of my physical body. I feel there is no point to DEILD so I head for the journal.

      Note: This wake was a few minutes before the WBTB alarm. I decide to use this wake as WBTB, take notes, visit restroom, wonder whether I should try the menthol tablets, have two tablets. The whole thing takes about 16 mins but I am too awake as I go back to bed. I wonder what to do from here...I decide I might cycle a bit to help me sleep but as I start with sight my mind shuts down and I begin drifting off, while still having awareness of my body. I cannot do even one cycle. It may sound like a good state to do WILD, but it isn't that good. I spent one hour in a semi-conscious borderline state where I occasionally saw and withdrew from dreamlets, yet wasn't dreaming, but rather laying there half-aware of my body and fully aware that I can't fall asleep. The tablets or the earlier wake gave me mild heartburn as well. I finally managed to fall asleep but then it was time to get up...

      Dream3 mini-lucid: Together with some guys, this time we are on a flying machine, initially like a retro airplane, I am trying to control its movements, but it is hard. We are going to a conference related to technology, and approaching a block where this is taking place. I see a parking place for flying machines and land this now spacesuit? there. I hope nobody steals it while we are away. I look for number ten part of the building, we must be really close. There is also a McD in the building, which explains why there are so many people around. To my left is Justin Bieber, I am moderately happy. I am lucid for a very short while thinking about the peppermint oil tablets I took and whether they affect my experience. The alarm wakes me up.

      Note: Happy about the first lucid, despite the fact that couldn't do any tasks. I feel this was at the end of the early more memorable REM cycles. The second lucid was very short so I am not including it in my count.

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    6. AP Chemistry

      by , 10-09-2012 at 11:41 AM (The Redeeming Dreamer)
      Oct. 9, 2012

      I was in a class with AP Chem, but the classroom I was in didn't look anything like the high school. It looked more like my fourth grade classroom in the elementary school I went to. Everyone in the class was there along with the teacher. I went to the gym down the hall a few times during the class for some reason. We were also learning something. I forgot what.
    7. Lab Meniscus, Movies, Calculus

      by , 08-11-2012 at 08:32 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Lab Meniscus, Movies, Calculus (Non-lucid)


      I slept around 3AM or so, because of some party (when I didn't really party lol), and talking on the DV tinychat with another forum that went on it by accident (and some were actually interested in lucid dreaming too! And their forum name would be abbreviated as DV as well!).

      Funny how things turned out that way. I honestly thought I wouldn't remember any dreams, because I thought I would have to wake up in 3 hours time to pack some stuff to go back to my apartment, but I slept maybe for 7 hours, with a short WBTB in between that, so I guess that helped with the dream recall. Then again, I didn't remember any dreams before during the WBTB though.

      I'm happy that I got some decent dream recall with the horrible sleeping pattern I had to deal with from the late night party.

      I remember things starting out in a room that looks like the one I was in during my Junior year for Chemistry Pre-AP. The lights that would flicker abnormally was there, and I sat at the seat (or close to it) that I was in in waking life before a few years ago.

      It had black top, and a think but durable wooden base to support it, the flooring had a vanilla type of color to it, where you can see the reflections of the lights above it if you really looked into them. More people started to come, and then I tried focusing on who the teacher actually is.

      I can't remember her face exactly, in fact, I don't even thing it qualifies as a human being. All I remember was seeing an entity with body parts with different shades of purple. I knew she was a female, and I knew she had a wacky hairstyle, and I think she was even floating at some point.

      All I do know was that when she talked to the class, her voice was awesome, and she was an awesome teacher as well! I believe all we had to do was watching a movie for the rest of the class time. As the lights were slowly turning off, I rest my arms on the table and watched the whole movie throughout the class time.

      This part coming up is what confuses me.....

      There's a dream shift where I have to go to another science related class
      (or maybe I'm at the same classroom??? It's so hard for me to tell...), and after some random searching in the hallway, I find one that looks like the classroom I needed to go to.

      I look at the seating arrangement, and it seems we're doing some kind of lab activity where teach table is designed for a specific lab method for experiments.

      I blindly go to a seat, but I think someone informs me that based on what I did before, "Dot Picking" or something like that was what I was assigned to do. It felt weird that dot picking would be an appropriate term for a method to use for an experiment, but I just went with it.

      I sit at the table at the right section of the classroom, and I forget who my partner is, it was probably a randomly generated dream character, since I didn't get any kind of hunches that it could be some dreaming life counterpart to waking life.

      We had a Graduated Cylinder, a little bigger than your usual one, and we had to fill 1 Liter of some blue liquid. I get up , go to the left side of the classroom where there's a set of lab tables with the same black top as the one I'm assigned to, and I get ready to pour out the blue liquid.

      As I'm pouring it slowly, I tried to use common sense lab procedure and fill it all the way until the meniscus hit the 1 Liter (or was it 1 mL?) mark. I swore this would be the easiest thing to do in a lab, but as I ask my random dream character lab partner if I filled it to 1 L
      (I'm just going to go with Liters), they keep saying "No."

      I tilted my head downwards, zoomed in very closely at the meniscus, and I could've sworn it hit the 1L mark! It's barely there, or maybe my perception in the dream was skewed. After a constant series of "No" "No" "No," I forget if I gave up on it and let the partner do it, or maybe I finally did.

      Now I know how Patrick the Starfish feels in Spongebob when he opened that Pickle Jar.....because I would be screaming with joy if I could fill it to 1L in this dream.....

      I think we had to mix this blue liquid with something else to give this weird muddy color, but that was based on my assumption of looking at someone from another table shaking their liquids together.

      Not only that, I wasn't cognizant that they shouldn't have been shaking it in the first place....you can just shake chemicals like you're a madman! This whole classroom was contradiction to all basic lab procedures, and I went with this horrible logic to!

      Shame on me....

      There's another dream shift, because I honestly don't know how I go here, but now I'm at a university/college type of lecture room where we had a few minutes before class would be over. I think it was 2 minutes to be precise, but boy, those two minutes felt like freaking 5-10 minutes while I'm in here.

      There's some random Asian kid who wants to show off this movie he made with the help of family members and friends for another class project. As he starts it on the computer, it shows up on the big screen emitting from the projector.

      The background was black where he and his relatives and friends acted in, and how they go about "acting" was so weird. The guy would walk, and someone would walk in line from him, and then try to lightly hit him with a paddle that you would use from a canoe.


      This movie is SO LAME, but I kept quiet of course, and then it had random scenes shifting from different angles.....it's was like trying to make turning on an mp3 player the most dramatic thing you could do in life.


      Anyway, I eventually just ignored whatever showed up on the screen, and waited until class was over. I can't remember how I knew when it was over, but I eventually left the classroom, and had the thought that I had to go to one more classroom.

      By this time, it felt like I was wearing white dress shirt tucked into some long black dress pants that I was wearing. I think I even wore a red tie, along with some fancy black lace-less shoes that were slightly bigger than my actual foot size.

      I could feel that the front end that my foot could barely touch bend a little as I began to run lightly to my random destination. I could feel a slight breeze hitting the long sleeve dress shirt I was wearing, and something tells me as I'm dashing towards the long hallway, I had to change my direction and go upstairs.

      I head upstairs, and kept going up maybe 1-2 more levels until I saw that two people were just standing there in the middle base before you could go to the next set of stairs. I wondered why they were waiting, and then turned my head to the right to see that there's some kind of maintenance work being done.

      The stairs were completely gone to get the next level I needed to go to, and I saw that through the entrance to get to that level, there were normal people (as in teachers) inside their rooms, so it definitely wasn't shut down. The mediums that they used to extend to the next wall was some kind of long and yellow object.

      It seemed they were going up into the insides of the ceiling to fix something. I see a man wearing a dark blue dress shirt and jeans, and also had construction helmet on as well (probably orange or yellow).

      He's going down a ladder slanted and on the wall, and I get the urge to just walk on these series long yellow objects to get into the level I felt I needed to go to. Before I do, I remembered some features of the two people just standing there watching them do maintenance work.

      One was female, she was wearing a pink dress shirt, with the bottom ends not buttoned up. She wore some kind of vanilla or khaki colored shirt underneath the dress shirt. She had long Khaki dress pants as well, with tan brown lace-less (I think they were lace-less) shoes.

      She was a blonde, and based on her visage and body weight, she looked like she was in her late 20s or early 30s. The outfit alone looked like she could be a teacher in this school building, and she also had a brown purse hanging on her right shoulder I believe.

      She was slightly chubby, she looked like that kind of mother that would try to work out, has a decent body ratio, but still ends up feeling chubby because of children and stress from work or something lol. These body features of hers, even though they were covered up, were actually appealing to me.

      Now for the other person, the male, I forget how he looked like...I was more interested in the female's body and facial composition. Her face had an apricot/peach tone to it, wasn't pale at all, and I think she had some makeup, but not a lot, just for enhancing her cheeks a bit.

      Anyway, somehow I work my way into balancing on the long and yellow objects (I think they were 12-20 inches wide, so that was a fairly thin path for me to walk on) and get to the floor level. I look left and right, and as I'm turning on the right side, through peripheral vision, I could tell that the setting for the dream was either close to afternoon time, or during early morning time.

      The floor I'm on has a blue carpet layering to it, the walls are plastered with a very light sky blue paint on it, and I believe at some point here, I asked someone for directions to my math class. The man looked familiar, but I can't remember his name from the High School I attended years ago.

      He was Caucasian, looked like he was in his early or mid 40s, wore a light gray shirt, had a little beard growing on the sides of his jawline, probably, and he probably wore dark blue sport shorts with a gray lining going vertically on the sides....or maybe he just wore long light blue jeans...not sure....but the sport shorts is what came into my mind at first.

      I forget what he tells me, but I acknowledge him trying to help me, and he goes on his own way. I wait for a while at the room I think I'm supposed to go into. I even decided to go in a little to peek in, and noticed that 5-15 feet in front of me were 1-2 computers out on a light gray table top with thin metal black legs supporting it. The computers themselves are black, and they looked like one of those Dell PCs.

      The whole room has dark and cool colors. The lighting isn't as bright as it should be, and the walls themselves had a lighter version of blue, just like the walls outside. I go back out, and forget what I did in the mean time, but eventually, I see an older man come into the same room I went into.

      He's wearing a white dress shirt like I am, red tie, and black dress pants. He looks a lot like my Geometry teacher I had in High School. Let's call him McReynolds.

      I quick ask the man,

      "Mr. McReynolds?" and he turns his head to the right to see who it was behind him, but I don't remember him saying anything. He went inside the classroom, and I followed him, and I showed up a piece of paper I randomly had. I turned out being the schedule for all my classes, and when I gave it to him, I explained to him why I came in all of a sudden.

      I told him that I moved to another school to take a few courses, and then came back here to finish the rest, so that's why I came in on short notice. He nods, and I asked him a question about how Calculus would be like for me.

      I can understand why I asked him that, because I'm nowhere close to being a math prodigy, all I would do to pass the class is memorize a few derivatives that I know WILL solve and answer, and leave that work ethic just at that.

      Surprisingly, he tells me in a confident tone that a smart guy like me won't have too much of a problem with the course, since Calculus 1 would just be generic formulas and such.

      I think he's overestimating me here....

      After listening to his words of encouragement, I forget what happens next.
    8. Can't remember much...

      by , 08-09-2012 at 08:02 AM
      Dream 1

      I was worried that someone might not return because I somehow managed to predict the future.

      Dream 2

      I was struggling in my chemistry class, but it was more like maths. Then one group spilled a lot of Hydrochloric acid over the floor and the teacher got really angry. Not long after, when the lesson was meant to end a few kids walked out. The teacher said they couldn't leave because they hadn't finished the work, they went off anyway.
    9. First Flight

      by , 07-25-2012 at 07:36 PM (Inside the Mind of Mattlantis)
      FINALLY had a lucid after WAAAY too long, and boy was it awesome!

      I'm not 100% sure this is the same dream or not, but I was in a high school which had at least 3 floors, kind of roaming and messing with the teachers. I swapped some of their chairs, and the only teacher I remember clearly was Mrs. Alumbagh, who I had for Bio I freshman year. After this I was talking to a friend, and we were looking for a periodic table so I could show him the difference between two types of chemicals. They don't exist IRL, but their names were something similar to aerobic and anaerobic. We eventually found one in a "Chemist's Encyclopedia," and the blocks were different colors to indicate which they were.

      I was on the computer at my dad's on yahoo, reading about something some scientists discovered, which seemed to point into the fact that soon, either the Earth would fall into the Sun, or there would be a gigantic solar flare which would mutate the planet. In retrospect, the reading was a little hard, and parts of it kept changing, but I didn't notice. And apparently the giant solar flare would come from a volcano on the Sun, which there were three of. I read something about a new heavy metal forming in the Sun and igniting, and suddenly my room was a lab and a scientist was demonstrating it to me. He held up two of those sparking things that you might see in a chemist lab, and one had a very flammable material in it, cotton I think, and the other was designed to be MUCH hotter, and had a ball of iron in it. He was showing that anything can burn if it gets hot enough, and they had identical puffs of flame. My recall (or the dream) skips, and I"m now outside my grandma's old house, which we now own and rent out. I rememer thinking briefly about dreaming and how awesome a lucid would be, so I plug my nose, and experience the familiar feeling of numbness and air flow. I thought this was a little funny, and walked around for a moment while trying to think of what to do. I got pretty excited, but thankfully I didn't wake up. I remembered to look at my hands, and other than my arms being narrower, the ridges on my hands being exaggeratedly detailed, and a few of my fingers being closer together than they should be, they were pretty normal. As I looked at my hands, the scene changed around me and I was now inside my step-grandpa's house. I remember rubbing one hand on a table to feel it, and it was smoother than I expected. I went outside onto the porch, when flying came to mind. I have flown before, but never in a lucid. My friend David suddenly texted me about starting a new game on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon as a Pikachu, but I knew it was a dream so I ignored him. I didn't hesitate, I walked to the edge of the porch and threw my arms and legs back like Iron Man (for some reason the German V-2 rocket came to mind, which I'm sure helped), and I was moving the fastest I've ever moved in a dream, vertically. I smiled and got to a height of maybe a couple hundred feet, before leveling off and flying into what looked like Palmont City from Need for Speed: Carbon (been playing it a lot recently). I saw a tricked out heliotrope (purplish-pink) truck with little kids swarming around it and found this intriguing, so I landed. In the driver seat of the truck was a bird girl, who resembled Wave from Sonic Riders, who I somehow knew from a cartoon in this dream. She looked very exasperated and couldn't move her truck. We made eye contact, and something passed between us, though I'm not sure what it was. She kindly asked the kids to let me into the truck, and I walked around to the passenger side and got in. I may have lost lucidity at this point. The truck had no passenger seat, just a little space where you could climb into a small back room. She jumped on me and pushed me back there, which had a little mat on the floor. I asked her her name, and she said Tortellini. Somehow I already knew this and was "just being sure." We started groping and kissing each other, though my memory of this part is hazy at best. The next thing I knew, the kids were gone, and we were outside on the sidewalk, putting our clothes back on as if we had just had sex. I smiled and said goodbye, then went flying again. I wound up flying in front of a giant computer screen-like wall, which was showing [CLASSIFIED]. I [CLASSIFIED] then when I [CLASSIFIED] I woke up about halfway, and could still feel it, as if I was [CLASSIFIED] IRL was well. I woke up completely and thankfully, I wasn't.

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    10. Long Road, Mall, Chemistry Final Exam, Laundromat Closed Down...

      by , 05-08-2012 at 10:20 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      I took a nap today, and took 51 milligrams of Melatonin too before hand. Not much of a difference, at least for me. Guess I should've saved that for tonight instead of sleeping for most of the day.

      Long Road (Non-lucid)


      I believe I'm riding my bicycle on a very long road. It's afternoon time, no surprise there, seeing as I'm sleeping during the day. There's a lot of construction going on, which makes me have to shift to left and right lanes a lot.

      I remember going down some mini hill with some sand, and it seems there was a person's footprints on it, and that kind of bothered me for a few seconds before I went down the hill. I presumed it must've been a construction worker walking when there wasn't as much traffic to go down the hill.

      Mall (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a mall, and the overall setting is blue, or turquoise if you want to be precise. There's this black female in a red dress that appears as I'm getting closer to one of the stores, and she asks me a question, but I'm not planning to go into any store.

      This leaves her in an awkward position, and her smile slowly turns into a neutral form, and goes back into the store. She wasn't mad at me or anything, just in an awkward position.

      Chemistry Final Exam (Non-lucid)


      This dream is kind of funny because when I woke up from the alarm from the afternoon nap, as I was drifting to sleep, the dream sort of came just like that, but I wasn't aware.

      I'm sitting down, taking an exam for Chemistry, I'm assuming it's my final exam since I took it today.

      I'm sitting at a different seat than I was in waking life, which was supposed to be near the upper regions at a column of seats for left handers, but I'm shifted to the bottom left side of columns for left handers.

      I'm sitting next to a girl, can't really remember the facial details and all that, and a few people are asking the professor a few questions before they take the exam. The professor was exactly like the one I had in waking life, and she was wearing something that was light pink as a shirt or a vest over a shirt.

      Some questions were about theories, but I can't remember what exactly, and most of them weren't even related to the course work, but I wasn't even bothered to do a reality check. I was just too worried that I'm taking an exam.

      I looked down at the sheet to see a random question before quickly looking up to see the professor talk about a few things on the large screen in front of class. There was a girl who finished her exam, and she got up to ask the professor if GPA matters for her major to apply for research.

      The teacher said, "No," since she was was a Socioeconomic major, some thing along those words.

      I can't remember much after that.

      Laundromat Closed Down (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a Laundromat, and it resembles the one near my area. It's shut down, and I don't know why I'm inside of it, there are no lights turned on or anything. There were some clothes in the dryers, but not a lot.

      There were two females I believe with me, and they were wondering if the place was closed down as well, and then we all went outside. I think I asked one of them where I could find another laundromat, and they said something with the name "wood," can't remember unfortunately.

      I acknowledge their response, and I can't remember what I did after.

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    11. Anything but spiders (3/5/12)

      by , 03-15-2012 at 03:45 AM (Taffy's Sweet Dreams)
      I was in science class, and we were learning about spiders. Since I'm arachniphobic, I couldn't even look at the pages in the textbook. I was standing away from the desk trying not to look at the book. Someone asked of I was okay, and I replied "yeah." But then my teacher brought out some spiders. He even took them outside the container. I was really scared by now, and he was coming around showing them to everyone, right in his hand. Then he DROPS them. The biggest one and the fastest one. I ran to the back of the room, and half of it turned into nonna's house. He keeps assuring me that there's nothing to be afraid of, but I couldn't just sit there. I saw the small, fast spider climb the wall and I jumped back. then I woke up.
    12. Chemistry 101 Teacher reveals her sexuality!

      by , 02-08-2012 at 01:56 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      Dream 1:

      I was inside a Chemistry Lecture Room, and a DC that looks like my Chemistry 101 teacher puts up on the screen some personal information information about herself.

      The one that was on top was that she was Bisexual.


      I know there was more to the dream before this event occurred, but whatever.

      And I know this dream was a day association from when I randomly Googled Snooki and found out she was Bisexual.
    13. Nitrogen flashback

      by , 01-29-2012 at 07:59 PM
      The most vivid of my dream occur in late mornings - not surprising, given that usually by now I'd be in waking life - and it was the only fragment I remember. This one happened roughly 10 - 11 am.

      Oxygen is paramagnetic. That means at low temperatures, it is attracted to a magnet, and to magnetic fields. Oxygen is a liquid at low temperature, but here in front of me, I had a 0.5 x 0.4 x 1.2 inch sample of SOLID nitrogen.

      Here I was, in my semester two chemistry class. Anyway, This solid sample looked rather like some coarse granite, though more greenish and with finer grains. It was submerged on some sort of floating circular spoon, within a water bottle. I reached in to touch it using my finger, and it burned. However when my nose went near it, not sure how given it was a bottle, it didn't burn, but only felt cold. We submerged it in the water slightly, and it started to fizz.

      I knew that liquid nitrogen expanded explosively when converted to gas, but that is not what happened here. Soon, I took the spoon thing and submerged the entire nitrogen solid packet underwater, where it started to boil violently. We drained out the water, and then poured in some soda water, which turned the water greenish and made the boiling into some inverted vortex plume.

      There was a guy in my class I don't get along with, and I hope he is not in my class. There was also a girl near the chalkboard, who asked me what I was doing. Thought I might get into trouble, because I had just destroyed a sample of expensive solid nitrogen.

      Nevertheless, I wondered what would happen if salt water or just plain salt were poured onto the solid nitrogen sample.

      That's when I woke up.
    14. Dr. House Diagnosis, Lucid Sportscar Transformation, and Being a Scientist

      by , 09-14-2011 at 03:25 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in a hospital. Dr. House was there, and told me that my feet weren't getting enough blood, and that's why they hurt a lot (they don't hurt in waking life). He said we should amputate them because they were basically useless, and I said no.

      I then was somewhere else, in a room somewhere, and Dr. House walked in with 2 prosthetic legs that looked completely different from one another. He was still using his cane. He sat down on a chair by the door. The reason both of his legs were prosthetic was because of some mistake made in trying to treat the original blood clot in his thigh.

      Then, I saw a regular customer at the coffee shop I work at sitting in a chair. He too had 2 prosthetic legs.

      I looked down at my own bare feet. The skin looked red, like they were inflamed or something. I still refused to get the surgery. I needed my feet.


      I was somewhere, but I can't remember exactly where. Something did seem a little off, however. I decided to do a reality check. I looked at my hand, and my index finger looked disconnected from my hand. I tried pulling on it, and it stretched kind of like bubble gum. It's a dream!

      This dream already seemed pretty stable, so I didn't do much stabilization. I took off to fly a bit, as per usual. I looked up toward the blue, cloud-spotted sky as I took off, and saw what looked like the tops of telephone poles and wires disconnected from the rest of the poles. It was like they were floating. Weird.

      I was then on the ground, standing in a driveway next to a drab, silver car. I looked away for a second and imagined it being a neon yellow. I looked back, and it had completely transformed into a shiny, sleek, new yellow sports car. I hopped in, and gunned it down the road. I watched my speedometer climb up to 70, and I kept pressing down on the gas. I was going pretty fast, and, it being a dream, didn't have to worry about any cops! I remember passing many cars as I zoomed down the road in my shiny new sports car.

      I remember being back in the driveway, and transforming the car again. This time, it turned green for a second before it turned yellow.

      I also flew again at some point.


      I was on some team that did lots of chemistry and other science experiments. We were outside somewhere, like in a mix between a forest and a cave. I picked up what looked like a small ant farm with no ants in it. It was important for some reason.

      This dream went on for a bit, and I remember trying to get the other scientists to listen to me. That's all I remember, though.

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    15. It's Snowing Cocaine!

      by , 05-27-2011 at 05:23 AM (I Have a Problem)
      Date: 05-12-11
      Length: 5 Hours
      Vividness: 9/10

      My girlfriend Dakota and I were at a snowboarding park.
      We watched the snow machines plow right by a hill we wanted to board down.
      We got in line to ride down the hill, and I saw Seb and a couple other friends.
      I rode down the hill first, and was going really fast.
      It felt amazing with the wind in my face.
      I got completely launched off one of the ramps and straight into a wall inside of a cave.
      It didn't hurt, even though I plummeted into it at full speed.

      We walked back to the starting point and say down to go eat lunch.
      I believe I was recording dreams onto Dream Views as I was sitting.
      Dakota got up and walked away.
      She passed Seb and flirted with him by touching his hand a bit.
      I got up and talked to some friends.

      The dream skipped to a weird little house.
      My friend Garrett had come over and we were sitting upstairs on the side of the bed.
      He pulled out three bags of drugs; weed, cocaine, and these weird strawberry looking things.
      I thought I heard footsteps so I told him to put it away.

      I went to go check and Mike (one of my friends renter), and my mom were talking downstairs.
      Mike asked me if Dakota was doing any work in Chemistry and I said no, but I was sure people in Westlake were.

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