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    1. 16-07-23 Too Many Dreams

      by , 07-23-2016 at 03:43 PM
      Boy, so many dreams again. My recall has never been this good before.

      Number one. I was chasing a cop on a bicycle. The cop was in pursuit of a suspect. I saw a sign on the side of the road, saying Highway 7. The bad guy was riding a horse and carriage, the cop and me were on bicycles. The cop dropped his wallet. It was a Pulp Fiction "bad motherfucker" wallet, like mine in real life. I was determined to give the officer his wallet back, so I started chasing him. After a pretty long chase, I caught up to the cop (maybe he had caught his suspect?). I gave him the wallet. He seemed happy. Then he pointed out I had his phone too, somehow. And he was right. I remembered seeing an app on "my" phone I didn't recognize.

      After the last dream, I was stuck on a nearby construction site. I don't *how* I was stuck, exactly. Every time I tried to walk out, something happened or something got in the way, blocking my path. At some point I got into a big truck, and thought I had started driving. But then I saw there was another truck in front of me who was doing the steering (it was like my truck was being towed, or was a wagon being pulled by a train), and I wasn't really in control.

      Creepy view of a young woman or girl. She looked "plastic", and a tear rolled down her cheek. She did not move. I "knew" or heard a voice saying she was being turned into wood... Even her tear turned to wood before it fell.

      I was leading a group of people on their way to find Han Solo. We got into a fight with an unknown enemy. We won the fight, but one of the men insisted they leave their children behind, as it had gotten too dangerous. The kids, girls aged perhaps 10, had fought alongside us wielding big guns, and had actually done quite well. I felt sorry to lose them. Alone, I quickly backtracked a bit to collect some "health packs", but as I picked them up, a turret started shooting me and chipping away at my health. Annoyed, I rejoined the others. I quickly jumped onto a ledge, and realized we had to "bait" the Millennium Falcon. We did this somehow, and the Falcon crashed. We continued, and eventually saw Han and Chewie standing high on top of a ledge/cliff - waiting for us to explain ourselves.

      We were "interviewing" Han Solo. About what, I don't know. At some point I made a joking reference to Indiana Jones, but an older Asian man furiously yelled at me that I was not to mentioned other characters of the same actor to a fictional character, as this could cause a "reality collapse". I think I caught a glimpse of such a "collapse". I saw a major city literally collapse - skyscrapers crashing into the ground until all was dust and rubble.

      Air battle. I was flying a jet in a dogfight against a bunch of other planes. I saw an invisible jet (it was blurry like the Predator when he's cloaked, and my weapon systems would not lock on to it) but I could still see it with the naked eye. I knew it was a Russian experimental jet. I became fixated on taking it down. Targeting it purely on feeling was hard. I chased it up, using my afterburners to climb higher - but the experimental jet had far more thrust. We reached space, where I lost all thrust (no air), but the Russian kept going and escaped. I got a radio message from command, saying to let the Russian go. The ISS would take care of him from space. I turned around and flew back down into the atmosphere.

      In this fragment I caught a short glimpse of NYC from the air. I thought about how far it is from Europe, and how similar/different the climate and plant life are.

      I was at a family gathering. My grandpa (on father's side) walked in. I greeted him. He asked me where Kevin (my half-brother) is. I pointed to the other side of the room, where he was standing in plain sight. My grandpa's mind in deteriorating rapidly, so I didn't blame him for not seeing him/not remembering.

      I was with a group of people, navigating a strange place. Odd, large architecture, almost resembling ancient Egyptian. There was a section where we had to dive underwater and swim quite a distance. For a moment, the underwater corridors and rooms seemed to go on and on, and I worried I would drown. I saw an opening in the ceiling, kind of hidden away in a corner. I surfaced, and was somehow catapulted out of the water. I found myself in a large room. The ground had "pools" of shallow water in them. There was a group of girls lounging around, really cute Japanese girls. I think they were amused by the way I was launched out of the water. They were nice to me. I looked around, trying to find a way to get underwater. I checked every pool, looking for the one that wasn't shallow. I found it again, and did the most graceful swam dive I could manage. For a moment I worried I'd misjudged the jump and would hit the side of the pool. I didn't. I swam underwater, and suddenly I wasn't under water anymore. Puzzled, I backtracked a bit. Then I saw it: the water surface was vertical... all water on one side, none on the other. At this point things looked a bit "video gamey". The textures of the water surface... well, they looked like textures, not reality. I walked through, back into the water and saw a giant round boulder. I walked into it, and "lost health". At some point I realized my shenanigans had caused me to fall behind my allies, who were now pretty far ahead, and spread out throughout the "level".
    2. 5/10/2014

      by , 05-12-2014 at 01:41 AM
      I was in a place with some train tracks and trains. There were a few people I knew like Warner and Derek. Derek had a daughter and he couldn't take care of her so he asked me if I wanted her. While she was in a train, I walked up to her and got introduced. She gave me a big hug and she said she loved me. I felt a feeling of joy and happiness. The girl was about 2 and had long blonde hair.

      I was on a main street that looked a lot like Las Vegas, with hotels and lights and stuff. I was doing parkour and I jumped off something trying to do a front flip but failed and landed on my side. I got up and kept doing parkour. Some blonde guy with medium curly hair was also doing parkour and he tried doing some sort of flip and ended up hitting his neck on a bench or half-wall. I ran towards him and told him to stay still. As I called, 911, which was really hard to do, people started gathering. I was describing the area to the dispatch and there was a huge, beautiful, cathedral in front of us. Eventually, ambulances came in the distance but took the wrong turn so the guy took off behind them. I ran after him telling him not to run. When we didn't catch up to the ambulances, he stopped and started walking back to where we were.

      I was at drill and MSgt Lamb started yelling at me saying that I betrayed her or something and some other stuff. I told her that I didn't do anything and she told me I was a liar and that I'd be getting kicked out. A lot of the student flight was happy and I knew that on chick had made up stories again. We went out to shoot bows and arrows and suddenly I was in a construction building. I knew they were building a parkour playground but it wasn't finished. I tried to escape but unlike the other people I was with, I had my green box filled with stuff and I wasn't gonna leave it behind. I remember asking a few construction workers what they were building.
    3. A Hotel for Five/A Hunt for Demons

      by , 11-23-2013 at 12:17 AM
      Date: 11/21/13
      Technique(s) Used: WBTB

      I was with my family, and we were all driving to a hotel. We enter through the doors, and my dad calls me on the hotel room phone (Which looked suspiciously like our house phone). He sounded a little different on the phone. I turn around after he calls, and there he is, inside the room, a phone in his hand.

      I decided to take a walk outside, and soon came across a road. There was a small child playing in the road. A green car was blazing towards him, so I run and toss him out of harm's way.

      I am struck by the car, but not in the conventional way - I seemed to have glided over the car, instead of getting thrown backwards, onto my back.

      The car skidded to a stop, and came to check and see if I was breathing. Apparently, the crash caused my clothes to disappear.

      I ran for a golf cart, and drove back to the hotel. Obtaining queer looks from guards, I go back inside.

      On the other side of the door, there was a large golden retriever. I played with him, and soon awoke.

      This dream took place within an old school, one I didn't recognize. I was with Dean (from Supernatural), looking for something; I can't seem to remember what.

      I went outside to try and find the Deuce, only to come upon a forest of cars and other vehicles. I tried looking around, while the sounds of construction work filled the air. You could smell the dirt and stone they were using.

      As I gave up hope, I come back to a scene: Dean was being confronted by a small group of construction workers, lead by the architect of the operation. I rush over, hoping things hadn't escalated yet. They were about to, so I used my quick wits to get us out: I told Dean to "Get back inside, grandpa," for he had with him a bright, yellow cane, and shoved him back into the building.

      We retreat into the sanctuary of the school, smiling and laughing at each other. We go into a small room, with a couch in it. From one of the windows on the doors, we see the group readying black crossbows to get us. I began to lock doors, and Dean went to investigate an entrance across from the room we were in.

      I lock and secure all doors within the room. As soon as I finish, I hear a loud bang, like a door being slammed open. I dive behind the couch, searching for something blunt, in case I am found. Behind me, there was a large, plastic sniper (Probably Nerf), colored bright blue. I grab it, and made a plan: If they came this way, I'd trip them with it.

      The footsteps come closer, and I grow more nervous. Where was Dean? The footsteps come close, and my heart seems to stop. Then, I hear something that relieves me: It was the voices of children.

      I stand up, and my hypothesis was proven right - it was two kids, both with foam dart guns in hand. I smile at them, and we all play for a minute. They shoot me, and I pretend to go down dramatically, gripping my chest and shutting my eyes.

      When they opened, I was back in my room, awake.
    4. Door Delivery

      by , 10-02-2013 at 04:36 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #151: Door Delivery

      I'm walking out through the front door of my childhood home, moving toward a bike that's parked next to the curb. I need to take the house's front door with me in order to deliver it somewhere, so I lift the door off of its hinges and clamp it in my right hand. I jump on the bike and start pedaling, my right hand still clamped onto the door, which drags alongside me as I go.

      I turn around through the cul-de-sac, question what I'm doing, and
      become lucid. The door feels light and hollow, like an incredibly flimsy interior door. I toss it aside, and it disappears soundlessly behind me.

      I pedal along for a bit, thinking over my goals for the dream. I remember wanting to summon a witch to cast a spell on me for Task of the Month, so I decide that I'll stop the bike in order to use a handshake summon. I stop my pedalling and imagine that the bike is no longer there. Its presence fades and I now feel like I'm doing some combination of walking and floating. It feels like my brain's still making up its mind as to what I'm doing.

      For no reason in particular, my vision swivels smoothly around behind me while I continue moving in the same direction. It's like I'm drifting backward now. For a moment this frustrates me but I let it go. It'll be fine.

      The movement stops and I decide to try for the handshake summon to pull in a witch. I feel out of practice and my confidence isn't where it should be. I don't feel so much as a tickle in my hand. I give the summon two or three tries, turning to get a different visual perspective each time but it doesn't seem to be happening. I'm not interested in getting too hung up on the summon, so I just continue walking down the street.

      The scene's very vivid and stable, so I take things slow, enjoying the detail of the environment. I keep having random jolts of fear that the dream will stabilize and become a little scared that this will screw up the dream. Luckily everything holds together fine and I walk slowly along to the next street.

      The righthand side of the street still has the suburban look of waking life but the left side of the street is lined with industrial-looking buildings. This makes me want to explore, so I fly up above these buildings and look out over the city. There's a tall glass office building nearby and I fly past it, now hoping to see the Colosseum somewhere in the cityscape.

      I'm flying over a construction site toward the sunrise. A very deep, neatly-carved hole has been dug into the dirt of the construction site and as I'm flying by looking at it,
      the dream ends.
    5. Musical Travels

      by , 09-19-2013 at 04:28 AM
      This LD was the second of two from the morning of 9/17/2013.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #148: Musical Travels

      I have a false awakening early morning on a couch in a room that looks like a basement. Wife's sitting nearby. I'm unhappy to get up but there's something I need to be doing, so I follow her out into the hallway of an office building. Through the windows I see that it's still dark out. Some guy with glasses and a shaved head is dressed for work and waves toward the parking lot at someone I can't see. I wonder how he's in such a good mood so early.

      Wife convinces me that there's something I need to look for in the bathroom, so I go to find it. I walk down a long corridor and take a right through a narrow hallway filled with people. As I'm pushing my way through the crowd I sort of knock this one guy to the ground. Rather than apologize, I hurry away, hoping he didn't see me do it. (Not nice at all, I know...)

      Once inside the bathroom, I forget what I was looking for, so I wander out another door back into the hallway. There's a folksy country duet playing over unseen speakers, an older man and woman singing sweetly about the life and love they've shared. I think how cool it would be if dreams could produce music like this... and a wave of suspicion makes me
      hit the nose pinch RC and I'm lucid.

      I continue down the hallway to a fat guy standing behind a small desk that's stacked with literature. One of his hands is resting on the papers and I grab onto it, trying to bring extra vividness into the scene. He looks horrified by this and when I think about it a bit more, I don't feel too great about it myself, either. "Sorry about that," I say, continuing down the hall. I think about what I intended to do with this dream and remember the Task of the Month about going into the girls' locker room.

      I follow several twists and turns in the hallway, each one leaving the hallways narrower than the last, all the while expecting that the next turn will lead me to the girls' locker room. Finally, I step through a door at the end of the hallway into a room that looks like some kind of really nicely-furnished barracks or dormitory. A double stairway encircles an elegant fountain and leads up to a room that stretches far into the distance, either wall lined with beds. There's a huge number of DCs here, all female, many of them in the beds and some just walking around.

      I try to verbally insist that this is a women's locker room rather than a big dormitory, but somehow I get the idea to sing my intent. As I do this, the whole thing turns into this huge musical number that both me and the women in the dormitory are singing at the same time. It was sort of 80s-sounding, but an original song. If I had to pick a song, it was probably closest to Bonnie Tyler's "I Need a Hero". The whole thing was pretty awesome.

      Most of the DCs are dancing while all of this is going on, with a few of them even doing these fancy handsprings over the beds. I can't remember many of the lines, but one of them was definitely something like

      "It's the girls' locker room,
      Where the lockers have bras and socks and stuff!"

      I know that this isn't the locker room and as cool as this musical performance is, I still want to try to pull off a task. There's a cinderblock wall behind me, and I phase through it, winding up in the void. I rub my hands together then try to feel my way forward. There's someone else here with me in this void, a female presence. Rather than speaking, she begins to softly sing. Her voice is beautiful and echoes everywhere around me. She says something like, "I can only take this journey with you if you <something something...??>" (What was it? Wish I could remember this!)

      In a moment I feel my body settling onto some soft dirt. I'm laying on my back and the singer, a woman in her mid-to-late twenties is also lying in the dirt a few feet away. Her ethnicity is difficult to guess but I feel like she might be some combination of Asian and Hispanic. We're in some kind of construction site near an unfinished building. To her right, maybe twenty feet away is a chain-link fence. Past that I see a spotlight glaring at us and lighting the area where we've landed. She starts to get to her feet and as I follow her lead,
      the dream ends.
    6. City on a Hill

      by , 09-08-2013 at 02:27 PM
      This lucid is from the morning of September 3, 2013.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #141: The City on a Hill

      I'm walking alone through the downtown area of some city when two guys in racing bibs run past me. This strikes me as odd, so I nose pinch reality check to become lucid.

      I'm walking by a construction site with workers milling around in hard hats. I wonder how I might be able to change it into the Colosseum. This feels like a tough thing to try so I give it up and fly into the air.

      The flight works well, although I tend to keep slowly losing altitude, almost like I'm hang-gliding. My feet touch the roof of a building and I leap up again. Now I can see the edge of the city where it meets grassland that slopes smoothly downward. It looks like this city was built on a hilltop.

      I touch down at the edge of the grassland and leap again. It's a beautiful day and I enjoy the tranquility of gliding over the hillside. There are few buildings apart from the occasional fenced area and, interestingly, several humble little churches which dot the grassland. Every time I touch down and then leap again, I see one or two of these tiny stone-built churches with a cross at the top.

      I continue my downward glide and pattern of leaping along. I see a Greek temple off to my right and I think about exploring it. I'm really looking for the Colosseum, though, so I stay focused on that instead. I set my expectation to see sand, thinking that I can use this to transition to a Colosseum scene.

      The next thing that comes into view is a beach with crashing waves. I land at the edge of the cold water. The day is cloudy now. I focus on the sand, wanting to use this sand as my transition into the Colosseum. I reach down into the sand, willing the water to clear away and leave me with a dry patch to use. But after a few seconds, the water keeps rolling back in. I can't figure out how to keep my spot dry.

      I look over my left shoulder and see a towering cliffside. I'm exciting by the idea of climbing it, so I try. The rock feels wet and slick in my hands, but my dream body is so light that it's easy work. The slickness seems to get worse as I climb and now I'm climbing up a huge piece of green plastic. The dream starts to feel wobbly to me, so I focus on how the plastic feels, trying to bring everything back to stability.

      Okay, it feels better now, although still not great. I keep climbing, approaching the top. I hear the cry of seagulls, and soon
      I'm awake.
    7. The rise and fall of a labour camp

      by , 04-06-2012 at 04:03 PM (The Dreams of a Trapped Mind)
      Ok, this was a massive dream and I only really remember bits here and there (which is good cuz I wouldn't want to type it ALL out anyway).
      So we're in Manhattan, and I'm helping on a construction project for a huge new building. I don't mean grunt work helping, I mean architectural design helping. Somewhere along the lines I start to notice what we're building, and try to escape... We've secretly been building a labour/death camp in the middle of the city! I get away but don't go far, a few blocks away I rally some people and we storm the site, hoping to take it over. We win (kind of). You see, it was more of a treaty than anything. We killed some people, no biggy, and destroyed some things, but the architectural design was still too amazing to just tear down. So we kept it, but got rid of the guy. I don't know if we banished or killed him, but he's gone.

    8. Construction Site, DDR Word Guessing Game, Alyzarin in Snake Form?, Sitting Against the Wall

      by , 03-12-2012 at 04:15 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Construction Site, DDR Word Guessing Game, Alyzarin in Snake Form? (Non-lucid)


      Lol, I just realize to edit the image's size, all I had to do was scroll over to the pencil logo and pick a few settings, I think I'm going to put most of my images in the center, or if I just feel like doing it. It just feels a little better having the images in the center.

      Also, Alyzarin, the snake form dream, I would be pissing in my pants if I saw a snake that big, but I wasn't. I'm still open to the possibility that it was you since you talked about snakes in a certain something something, remember?

      Dream 1: Construction Site

      I'm outside, and I'm most likely in college right now. There's a construction site that I'm in the middle off, and I can't really get out because they're doing work, and if I don't have goggles, I have to stay in the safe zone until they're done.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	construction-site_01.jpg 
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ID:	2993

      I basically look around this construction site most of the time, waiting and waiting. After a while, I think when it gets to noon time or something like that, the construction workers stop, probably to take a break.

      I move forward finally to go to a lecture. Dream shifts and I'm in the room already. The lecturer is doing some graphs on the screen, and I think I'm in row 6 or something because I've heard I'll be sitting on row 6.

      The dream shifts to where I'm on the top section of the lecture room, and it seems that the professor was almost done with his teaching of these random graphs. Apparently, he was showing us how to find the "Realist" by two lines from opposite sides of the Y axis coming together and forming shapes along the X axis.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	graphs6.jpg 
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ID:	2995

      I start to see the several shapes I could make, and outlined them with some dark pen or something. When I was about to head out, the professor literally says, "Stay right there Brandon."

      I'm shocked, but I didn't do a reality check, and the whole area was filled with students, so I wonder why I still believed it was me he was calling. After he explains more, the screen goes blank, and makes this projection of the image of white noise.

      He then tells that people in certain rows have to turn in a specific color before they leave to class. I think Row 6 has to bring Green paper or something, but even though I knew this, I still left the lecture room.

      Dream 2: DDR Word Guessing Game

      I'm inside some room, probably one of those huge fancy apartment complexes confined in those tall buildings. There are a few DCs, one is an Asian guy that I saw in waking life in High School at the time. Let's call him "Vu."

      Vu was playing some game on some screen, either a TV or some chalkboard, and to make certain actions in the game, they had to stand on some panels, like the ones you use for Dance Dance Revolution.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	959934-ddr_hard_pad_super.jpg 
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ID:	2992

      They start doing this for a while, and the game is kind of like where you have to find what phrase is on the screen, and you have to pick random letters and hope it's the right one.

      (But it wasn't Hangman, just that you used the dancing panels on the floor to guess).

      The dream shifts to more crap I can't even bother to remember, and even if I did, it would be too random and boring.

      Dream 3: Alyzarin in Snake Form?

      I'm in this garden (and the only reason why I would be in a backyard or garden is because of the original shared dream spot me and Alyzarin wanted to go to before attempting the beach in Alaska Kaomea suggested for the three of us) and the clouds are kind of gray, almost feels like it's going to rain outside.

      The vividness is incredible, and I see some long object that's buried in the ground, and it's from the far right corner of this garden I'm seeing this thing. I go to it, and then it looks like some snake is buried in it!

      I'm not panicking as I should've been in this dream, but it starts to move a little bit more. I'm not sure what I do, but I think I sit near a wooden table that you would see in parks.

      I think the snake was black, and probably yellow as well, and as it came to me, as I see it move its tongue in and out, I didn't feel afraid. I looked into its eyes, and as it gets closer and closer to me, I just feel....I don't know, I feel relaxed.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	snaketongue.jpg 
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ID:	2994

      I feel like this was Alyzarin in snake form, I think it slides along my body, and I swear, that despite typing this moment after I recall it, I really think it was soothing having this snake around me.
      (but this is the feeling I have after I remembered the dream, she will know what I mean by this snake form).

      Dream 4: Sitting against the wall

      I can't remember much about this, but I remember sitting against the wall in some building.

      I was sitting fairly close to a female on the left of me, and then a blonde shows up on my right side sitting next to me as well.

      I glance at her, but just as a reflex of anyone near you, and I just sit there.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    9. Car Repair, BMW Xina, Construction Site Falling apart

      by , 11-27-2011 at 05:36 PM
      I did kind of a WILD when i woke up i remember i moved and failed then just went to sleep, I don't know if that helped me with the dream but it was very vivid.

      At first i remember i was with some people i don't even know passing through my old elementary school. The student's were in the gym studying (weird). I remember i saw Albert and Bori, there were some other girls with their shirt exposing their bewbs . After that we passed through the front door of the school there was a huge i mean HUGE brown door. After that i somehow transported to this car

      There was my old choffer. Robert the romanian he is a cool guy so i thought we are going to a party or something. But he was driving like for the first time i remember cars on the road beeping and screaming at him. After that we stopped at this really weird place it was some construction site/car repair (weird as fuck) He left us there to wonder around until the car is repaired. I remember i was looking around and saw one of my friends drunk on the street's asked him if he was ok he said something along the line of: "Im okay go look for the car!" and i was "wut?". As soon as i get back to the construction site/car repair there was this really loud sound that i heard went to see and saw something like this

      I was somehow surprised then i saw this guy making holes in the ground i think he was attempting to do that again. I didn't even got the chance to see him well becouse he ran. We were standing there looking at the massive hole when a guy taps me on the back and says that they stole the car. I was like " not my problem , dude" he said that the police are on their way i was like " wutevz look for the guy who stole it don't blame me" he gave me this look turning around Robert came and said that the car is stolen we must find it.

      And then i woke up. I gotta say it was very exciting dream very vivid, and kinda fun and weird at the same time
    10. Sparring 6 people and Tranformers

      by , 09-08-2011 at 12:01 PM
      It was quite an eventful night...

      Dream 1

      I was in my boxing gym and I was sparring six round with six different guys. The gym wasn't as it usually looked and I could see rain out of windows where I normally wouldn't since the real windows are painted on.

      After I sparred the 6 rounds I couldn't do any ground work as I was so tired and sore. So i just left and went home I imagine. Later on I went back and my coach said "You're back, get on the "hang-up". He pointed to a construction site within the gym and it had people pulling themselves up to a platform.

      Dream 2

      I was in a casino but it was more like a film. A decepticon was trying to steal something from a shelf of stuff I think it was the Matrix but when he did find it. There was a huge fight in space and the Autobots fought the Decepticons. Megatron went on a rant to Optimus Prime but HotShot came in and shot Megatron so he's dead.

      It was really awesome but I don't remember that much which sucks so much.


      I was lucid in one dream. I flew aswell so not bad.
    11. my cover list; girl in church; ferret; two books; peeing a lot; friends audition; aeon

      by , 07-30-2011 at 01:45 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I had quit my job. But now I had come back. I was in "my office," which was mostly grey, with dim, greyish fluorescent light. My seat was a cubicle off to the right from a long hallway.

      I was coming in for the day at the same time as another man. The man had dark, red-brown skin. He had frizzy, red-black hair pulled back in a ponytail. He wore a dark blue dress shirt and dakr grey slacks. The man and I spoke casually for a moment. The man had a gentle, slightly high-pitched voice, with a flattish, American accent. He seemed really nice.

      The man went into the office across from my cubicle. I figured that he was going to be my boss. I was trying to think of all the ways I could help him. After all, I knew all about this office, and apparently, today was only the man's first day.

      I didn't sit in my seat. I also didn't turn my computer on. I'm pretty sure I just stood up, shuffling through papers, trying to figure out things like what kind of data I needed to get for the man.

      The man and I were then heading down the hallway beyond my cubicle. This hallway was featureless and empty. We ended up in the office of the head of my department, DR. DR sat at his desk, which was kind of cluttered. DR had already given the man instructions. The man had left.

      I stood beside DR and just to his left, as if I were going to look at something on his computer screen. DR turned a little bit and then relaxedly turned his head a bit more so he could see me. His eyes looked kind of sleepy, and it looked more like he expected me to ask him something, rather than that he had a plan for me.

      I asked DR, "Is there a cover list you'd like me to start out with?" This, I assume, meant a list of companies for which DR would like me to gather data. Usually my boss would be the one to discuss this kind of list with DR. I'd be the one to pull the data.

      But DR said that he did have a list for me. He pulled out a piece of paper that looked very much like an electronic Excel spreadsheet with marker or thick pencil scrawlings in the cells. He told me to get started on this list.

      I was ready to get started on the names, and I was even trying to plan out how to put together some financial models for the companies on the list. But I was also surprised. I hadn't quite known I would be asking for a list. And I didn't know DR would just give me one.

      I knew this meant that I had been "promoted" to the position my boss had. That would mean I'd be on an equal level with the man I'd walked into the office with this morning.

      I was now back at my cubicle for a brief moment. I was considering what kind of work I needed to get started on.

      But then I was out walking on a sidewalk, going up a steep hill in a residential area. It was a clear sunny day, and I was walking under the shade of trees with thick canopies. I had my phone to my ear and I was listening to a conversation between my boss and our HR person, LS.

      LS was talking about what a good job I was doing in my new position, and what a good fit I was for the job. My boss got mad and he yelled, "Of course he is! I've been telling you people that all this time! But nobody ever listened to me!"

      Dream #2

      I was sitting at church, probably near the front. The place was so crowded that all I could see were people. Everybody seemed older, and everybody was dressed up. A shaft of bright, white light from a high-up window lit the area around me.

      I turned my head to the right and looked down. In an aisle (that had only been temporarily formed?) a little girl came walking toward me, possibly coming away from an older woman. The little girl had frizzy, curly, light brown hair. The may have worn a tank-top like smock and slacks.

      The little girl seemed to want to sit with me, so I lifted her up and sat her onto my lap. I sat forward, apparently to listen to the rest of the sermon. But I was mostly thinking of how happy I was to have the little girl sitting on my lap.

      Dream #3

      I was walking on a sidewalk somewhere. A black and white ferret ran up from behind me, passing me on my left side. It ran up to my mom.

      I said something to my mom like, "Wow, I see what you mean, after all! Ferrets are really nice!"

      Dream #4

      I was out in some kind of barren landscape, less like a desert, more like a natural area that had just been plowed over for a construction project. I stood just before some short hill or mound of brown soil, possibly with clumps of grass or vegetation growing on it. It was a sunny and pale day.

      I was planning to go out on some kind of trip. I had two books with me, but I could only take one. Both books were paperbacks. One books was a regular sci-fi book, possibly from an older author, like Arthur C. Clarke or Isaac Asimov.

      The other was called "The Joy of Sex." But it wasn't The Joy of Sex. Instead, it was some kind of semi-sci-fi novel mixed with porn. But the porn segments were supposed to be very well-described, like for educational purposes, to teach people how to have good sex. The book itself was a Penguin Classics paperback, and on its cover it had that French painting of the two girls in bed, with the one girl between the other's legs.

      I felt a little grossed out at the thought of reading all the sex descriptions in the book, so I decided to take the regular sci-fi book with me on my trip. After that, I felt a little guilty. Hadn't I always felt like I wasn't that great at sex? Didn't I always feel like I should learn how to be better. The "Joy of Sex" novel could have taught me how to be good. But I had decided not to take it.

      Dream #5

      I was in some dark bathroom, peeing. I just kept peeing and peeing. Eventually I started peeing all over the toilet seat and floor. Apparently this was some public bathroom. I started to pity the guy who'd have to use the toilet after me. I was really messing it up! But I had no intention of cleaning it.

      Dream #6

      A young man, who looked really familiar to me as some kind of movie or TV star, sat before the big desk of some TV executive. The executive sat behind his desk. The office was pretty big, very nice, and dimly lit.

      The young man had just auditioned for the role of Joey in the TV show Friends. But he didn't make it. The executive, who really liked the guy, had to break the news to the guy. This whole scene in the executive's office appeared as if it had been filmed, and filmed for an episode of Friends, like a kind of "History of Friends" episode.

      I knew that it wouldn't matter that the guy didn't get to play the role of Joey. The guy looked very familiar to me (even though I can't place him now -- he looked like a mix between Joey and Ross, with stubble), and I knew that he would end up as a cast member in another successful TV show or movie.

      The young man now stood up at the left side of the executive's desk. The executive stood before the young man. He was gradually, obliquely telling the young man how he hadn't made the cut.

      Finally, in some weird display of sympathy, and to show the young man that the executive liked him, the executive lifted up his head and smiled. Apparently the executive had been wearing a baseball cap the whole time, because his face was revealed from under the bill. The man was apparently famous, and this strange reveal was meant more for the sake of the filming.

      The executive was tall, kind of thin, balding, and maybe in his late 40s or early 50s. He reminded me of a famous TV person, but I couldn't place him. In another way, he kind of reminded me of Ron Howard.

      The youn man was now going to a restaurant to meet his friends. There were two men who sat waiting at a small, circular table for the young man. Both the men were older than the young man. They were tall, skinny, and they had kind of frizzy, blonde hair, like Art Garfunkel.

      Before the young man came into the restaurant, the two men had actually been holding hands over the table, like they were lovers. But when they saw the young man come into the restaurant, they quickly let go of each other, as if to hide the fact of their being lovers from the young man.

      The young man hugged the two men and then sat down at the table. He was wearing a pale, pink shirt and a brown, cowboy-style vest. He threw his hands up in the air and said, "Well, I didn't make it! I was close, but I didn't make it!"

      The young man had apparently had two parts to his audition. The first part had just been him playing the role of Joey. He had done better at that part than everybody except the guy who had actually gotten the role. But the second part was some kind of test, maybe even a written test. The young man was now explaining to the two men that the executive had explained to him that he had only gotten a 70 on that test.

      The young man said something like, "A 70! Can you believe it? A 70! That's all I got!"

      Dream #7

      No vision. Just words. Something like: "Aeon -- aeon in the mind. The mind in man."
    12. Zombies in a mansion courtyard

      by , 10-23-2010 at 06:38 AM (High Quality Head Movies)
      Zombies again at a huge house courtyard with a big pond in the middle of it, and then a house job where I went and brought a blue car and a gray four wheeled dune-buggy thing on a trailer to the house for no reason and got worried that I would get caught so I tried to take it back but I forgot where I got it from and then we found out so we were driving in the neighborhood that looked like April Sound neighborhood I work at and found the spot but passed it up and then we did I drove through some construction site and then I finally got it back at the spot and left it there and ran back to the house. Then I woke up.
    13. Factory

      by , 08-04-2010 at 12:19 PM (Dreams of the Maeniac)
      [B]#18, Undated[/B]
      [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]I'm on work placement on a huge factory / construction site. I walk down some of the hallways, I see lots of big machines driving by. I see someone moving a handicapped woman in a wheelchair around the corner. I think her head was dangerously close to hitting the corner of the wall in the turn.
      I go back and meet the giant machine again. It's hard to get past the machine as there isn't much space in the hallways.
      I'm supposed to go and destroy some walls by a beach. I head out of the factory and climb down some ladders. I do parkour over / through some fences. I meet Bl from my old class on a bridge. We see someone else from the class cycling by. We say something funny. We see K, he doesn't answer us when we try to talk to him. We follow him. He doesn't want to talk to us. We find K's bird sitting on the road, I catch it by it's tail.

      Now we're in the classroom. M and HC is counting us and assigning numbers to each of us, 1 2 3 4 and 5 so we are split up in 5 groups.
      I suddenly realize that I forgot to bring appropriate clothing for the trip to a forest we were going to. [/COLOR]([I]An actual event for the day after this dream.[/I])
    14. Owl at the construction site

      by , 10-14-2009 at 08:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      This is the second dream I had on October the 14th, 2009.

      I am a young girl (about 12 or 13 years old) in the middle ages and I come to a rural town as an orphan. I am able to find work as a servant girl for the royal family at a site where a large building is being constructed, which I think is going to be a grand hall or a cathedral or something. The town and building under construction sit at the bottom of a steep hill upon which sits a small fortress. Most of my first day at work is spent moving tools and peices of wood between site workers, which are all older men. On my second day on the job I meet a young girl and boy who are about my age and who also work at the construction site. We become friends and work together so that are jobs are easier and get done faster.

      One night however the three of us are still working after the sun has set and all of the construction workers have gone home. I am trying to find some specific tools and come across a weapons cache of crossbows and traditional archery bows. I also notice a covered stairwell is being built from the back of the building under construction to the fortress at the top of the hill. In the middle of the hill is a small unfinished building set to one side of the unfinished stone stairs. I don't know why I have never noticed these constructions before but decide to explore a little. I convince my two friends to come with me. At the unfinished building in the middle of the hill I climb up to what will be the second floor because I saw something big moving around which I think is a racoon or a bat or something. When I get up there I discover that it is a Great Horned Owl, which looks at me for a few moments before flying away.

      The dream suddenly changes and it is no longer Medieval times but I am still on a construction site on a steep hill with two friends. The environment now looks like modern San Francisco and my friends and I are waiting for a bus or trawley car at night. There is alot of running around and trying to find stuff for a while but I cannot remember anything more from this dream because the memory of it has faded too much.