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    1. The demon in the TV

      by , 02-18-2018 at 09:58 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      I was in a sunlit room in someone's house, but I was imprisoned.

      Someone came to try and free me. In retrospect, I actually don't remember if I was the one imprisoned, or if I was doing the freeing.

      But one of us pulled out a certain "safe container", which I can only imagine was supposed to protect us from something. It was a piece of Styrofoam in the shape of a triangular prism. I have a little sketch of it in my physical dream journal.

      Then some sort of terrifying creature appeared on the TV. However, it popped out of the TV somewhat, because the creature was real (in the dream world, anyway); it was simply broadcasting itself through the TV. It looked kinda like the Mummy at Universal Studios, but the one from the advertisements, not the real LED-lit one.

      It screamed at us in a creepy voice, telling me that I would not be free because it was always watching, or something. No lucidity on my part. Suffice it to say that I was glad to wake up from this one.
      Tags: creepy, mummy, prison
    2. LD #152: Using a Dreamcatcher in a Dream

      by , 01-03-2015 at 06:10 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was at the pool at my family's old health club. I noticed that I didn't need to hold my breath to stay underwater and it felt very relaxing just floating there underwater. Also, the pool was much deeper than it is IWL. Eventually the lifeguard thought that I was drowning and pulled me out of the water. I apologized for calling him into action and told him that I was totally fine.

      I had a dream that involved my mom wanting me to drive the family's old van. I didn't want to do it.

      I was in a Cafe in the outlet mall a couple miles from my house. (I don't know if it is there IWL, but I could 'sense' where I was. I ran into my friend sitting at a large table all by himself. We already have a C and an H so we'll call him CH. So I sat down with him. I remember thinking that I might want to go get some tea or something from the Cafe. But I haven't seen CH in years so we wanted to get our hellos out of the way.

      I went to the Cafe and bought some tea. A little expensive, but nothing too out of the ordinary.

      When I sat back down CH was looking through my art portfolio. There were a bunch of large drawings in it that are not there IWL. The looked like drawings that I did as a child. One was particularly good though. I remembered that I wanted to show him something on the back. When I turned it back over onto the front the particularly good drawing was gone.

      I began cascading into lucidity as I noticed that turning the drawings over, or looking away from them produced different results each time. I transitioned from the Cafe to my living room. I still had one of the drawings in my hand. I then did a nose pinch just to confirm that I was dreaming. Oh, yeah.

      My parents were sitting on the couch across from me. My dad had his arm over my mom's shoulder. I told them that I was lucid dreaming and had to go do my goals. They smiled, almost creepily and said OK.

      I walked around the kitchen of my house, rubbing my hands on things and stabilizing. At one point, I pulled out a drawer. It was full of CD cases in neat rows. But the drawer was broken, one of the sides was missing. I thought to myself that I could fix it. I looked away, and the side was fixed. I closed it.

      I went to the door to go outside, but all I could see outside the windows was black. I couldn't even see that the front porch was there. I closed my eyes and tried to have it appear as day when I opened them. Nope, still dark outside. I then tried to transport myself directly onto a beach. (Why a beach? Because that was where many of my early lucid dreams took place. It just seemed like a good place to go.)

      I closed my eyes and visualized a beach. It seemed to be working, but when I came out of it, I was still in my house. I tried again. This time, when I visualized the beach, Manei was there. But when I came out of it, I was still in my house.

      I then thought that my bedroom might be a better place to change the scene. I have a huge potted tree that could be perfect for bringing me to a tropical/beach environment. I made my way up the steps. But when I got to the top, and turned down the hall to go into my room, I felt a presence. I looked behind me to see someone emerge from the wall.

      The means by which they emerged from the wall was pretty psychedelic and difficult to describe in words. It could best be described as pushing into a taught blanket from the other side until it peeled away from the wall and he became a figure cloaked in that yucky beige color my parents painted the walls. As I saw the figure coming down on me, I wasn't so much scared as I was 'are you serious?!'. I found myself more annoyed by this being than anything else because I had lucid goals to attend to.

      He wrapped me up in mummy wrapping scarves, and then picked me up feet first. Originally, I thought I could simply overpower the being. That didn't work, it's movements and grip felt as strong as steel. I managed to get a hand free. I looked down and saw the barefoot leg of a man. I put my hand up to it and tried to picture a steel spike forming out of my hand and going through the leg. Nothing happened.

      The being carried me into the guest bedroom and wrestled me onto the bed. By this point, I had both hands free.

      "Stop! You are a nightmare! What do you represent?!"

      No response.

      "This is my dream! I'm not scared of you, whoever you are!" I said, venting my annoyance. It was at this point that I realized that this being was no monster, but merely a man. I started trying to punch him, but my hits didn't connect with any meaningful force. It felt as though I was simply punching a pillow. I, instead tried to peel away the cloak and mummy scarves, that felt as though they were made out of paper.

      I managed to peel away the scarves around his face. I saw the face of a late 30's-early 40's man with short hair and a stubble-ish mustache. He looked a little like my father, if he was more of a military type. I couldn't help but thing that this man was an agent or a part of some task force.

      I he still seemed intent on restraining me. I then had one more idea. I put my right hand behind my back and manifested a dreamcatcher. I broke free of his grip completely and floated to the end of the bed. I held up the dreamcatcher. It was no bigger than my hand, but I could see the feathers hanging down from the bottom.

      "Nightmare Ward!"

      Now before anyone asks, I don't know where those words came from. I guess it was just the first thing that I thought to say.

      The man went from being determined and aggressive to terrified faster than anyone I've seen. He started to scream in defeat and the dream went dark.

      Officially, that's the third nightmare that I've vanquished.

      I false awoke on my bed. I figured that I should get out of bed and write down the dream. I made it to the door of my room when I false awoke a second time.

      I was laying in bed, suspicious of my reality. Eventually, I started moving to preform a nose pinch. Yep, still dreaming. I sat up in bed. I then woke up a third time.

      I was awake for real this time, but I felt that I could DEILD if I tried. I figured that I wanted to get up and write my lucid while I still had it.
      lucid , nightmare
    3. 2013 September 25; Maverick, Rainbow Dash, Mummy

      by , 09-26-2013 at 12:40 AM
      > One where "E" happened

      last three dreams I recall:

      > A dream similar to the scene from the 1990s movie "Maverick" in which one guy is shooting at the main character. It was a bit different than in the movie including more falls.

      > I thought of a place in Cranberry Mall, PA where there used to be an Aladdin's Castle Arcade. I thought of an arcade game that I may have tried once and not done very good at, Because I would've been like nine years old and it was a game that required athletic strength; You had to pedal and in the game you were flying some machine. Anyway, I thought of that and then Rainbow Dash showed up.

      the Adoptions forom is down?-b94c4d218336bc20a0b53351f12241a6a64532d8_full.jpg

      So then, There I was in training (Or that's what I guess it was) for flying; Being coached by a cartoon Pegasus Pony! Why? Anyway, I don't think I turned into a Pegasus but I was flying somehow and one particular thing I had to do was collect flying rings as if I were playing a Sonic the Hedgehog game. I had to collect some rings in a big flying but stationary and vertical circle, Without turning; If I were to type an "O" here, Imagine I was facing to the right of the screen and then I was at the top, Flying down and clockwise and then I had to fly back up, Backwards to the starting point!

      Later I saw some sort of a graph showing speed and how Rainbow Dash was faster than Sonic the Hedgehog.

      > MUMMY

      This was a rather different one; The previous day while I was in a parking lot I thought of the movie "Under Wraps" And the scene in which the mummy was mistaken for a burned victim and then shocked by electricity.

      So the dream commenced; I saw the kids biking home from the old ice cream factory or whatever it was, But they gave the mummy an 80s Oldsmobile Station Wagon to drive and he did a decent job driving at first, But then one of the kids got in while he drove at like 3-5 MPH and then tried to drive with him, At which point they sped across a bridge with the pedal to the floor and turned left, Then went a few blocks before they crashed into a house after taking a hard right. The mummy walked away and the kid was stuck under a lot of stuff in the car, And some guy who was about 20 years old or so I'd guess (And who wore a black shirt and had dark hair) then got a power saw and started cutting stuff away to get the kid out, But he cut himself at one point too though I did not see a lot of blood.

      That mummy dream was the last dream I had on this date prior to waking.

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    4. Mummies

      by , 09-22-2013 at 02:19 PM
      Dream 1 :[COLOR="#800080"]I was in a dungeon and there was a person near me who put on a mummy costume.[/COLOR]

      Dream 2 :[COLOR="#800080"]All I remember from this one is that It had my best friend in it and that it was night outside.We were supposed to go somewhere I don't remember but she refused to come and I told her to at least get on the YM.She nodded then she left,I entered on the computer, opened kvirc and started to tell everyone about my mummy dream :/ .[/COLOR]
    5. 5 Feb: Tomb raider

      by , 02-05-2013 at 03:35 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I am part of an expedition which found some amazing old ruins on a cave. Some of the men turn against me and a trusted friend and want me to find and give them some artefact which can control that place. I do not cooperate and they start shooting. I hide behind a vertical metallic sarcophagus and as I avoid the bullets, I recognize the carved shapes on the sarcophagus as instructions to activate some mechanism to get the artifact. I need to put back in it the head of the person whose body was originally inside it, but where is the head? With the shooting, there is some collapse of the cave, which opens a line to an area of plants in which I take cover. In the middle of the plants are several mummified heads. I find the right one, which belonged to some king. I take it and put it inside the sarcophagus. In exchange, from a hidden door in the sarcophagus comes a mirror, surrounded by pearls. I hide it in my clothes and I run to an exit. Meanwhile the shooting continues and they found a way through the debris to me. Now the cave is really collapsing and as I run towards the exit, I see secret chambers with treasures opening up. I still have time to pick up another jewel, a necklace with a pendent, which is on a pedestal at the entrance of a chamber. And I escape.
      In the nearest town, my friend, whom I thought had died, surprises me and tells me the bad guys are still after us and his plan to go away. But it's too late, we're surrounded by them and they tell me to hand over the necklace, which they saw me taking and think is the artefact they want. I pretend I don't want to but then give it to them and they go away all happy. Then I tell my friend they took the wrong thing and he smiles.
    6. Frog,mummy,and the repeating story

      by , 08-09-2012 at 02:28 AM
      (recall has given me three dreams to record that increase in length.) I first find myself near the top of a pyramid *and I decide I want to put on a frog costume, my friends, Jacob and Dillan are with me so I pull a green shirt out of a large backpack that one of them is wearing. As I put it on a frog mask pops into existence in my hand, I put it on as well. The next thing that happens is my arms are instantly painted green, I am now in a frog costume. (the dream fades and I re appear in a sort of continuation of the dream.) my friends and I stand inside of the pyramid in the tomb chamber, we are running for fear that we have awoken the mummy. We sprint out of the pyramid and up a ramp to a treehouse like building that is located inside of a monumental tree's branches. We instantly begin looking through chests and storage containers for any kind of weapon, I find a flimsy bow and five arrows, and the others find a wooden sward and a stick. We continue looking for something better, however the mummy eventually walks into the room, I yell and begin trying to hit it with my arrows but mostly miss and hit the wooden floor because of the low power of the bow. (this dream as well ends and I show up in completely different one all together. *I am in a large backyard and just across a short white fence is the neighbors yard. I look over and under a large hedge lies a enlarged human head. It's eyes open and it looks at me, signs of decomposition are obvious, it says "hello" to me and I simply walk away and go inside the house. I return the next day and talk to it, we eventually meet every day. (this is time lapsed from my view however it feels like weeks.) one day it tells me "come here, I have protein saved up, come take it" I reply "you need it more than I do, im not the one who is dead" and then with a chuckle it says "but you are dead" the next day I go to a cemetery and see my name on a tomb stone. I say to myself "so the only surprise is when it is going to happen" *then a van comes speeding through the cemetery and crashes through multiple headstones before crashing into me at full speed and killing me. I then awaken as the head below the shrub, and I know it was me the entire time. (the dream fades and I awaken to see that I have slept in late)
    7. Jan 2

      by , 01-02-2012 at 11:43 AM (Doctor's Dreams)
      I'm back...I have a yearlong journal in the grandfathered section and my resolution in new years was to do another year long one straight.

      Mummy in the florida keys

      It was like I was coming back to college ut instead, I was going to college in the swamp lands of florida. It was weird because I would frequently see an aerial view of the neighborhood I was living in when talking about it. I spent most of my time in the airport with other kids who were going to do the same program that I was in. When I got t the the airport, I first met one girl, slightly chubby with blonde frizzy hair, who was going to my same program. Soon a lot of other kids started started gathering who were going to the same thing.

      In the library (another section of the airport around the gate), there were many sets of shelves, one of them seemed to belong to me in a past experience with the program. My stuff was scattered to the ground and thrown all over the place. I was pretty mad and I was spending a lot of time trying to find a small paperback book with a blood red cover with a black boy on it. Instead, all the books that I could find were other paperbacks, most memorably, a Redwall book like the ones I used to read when I was younger. There were 2 black boys and one tan white girl, all about 16 standing around and chatting around my shelf. It was them who had messed up all of my stuff. I got really mad at them and punch one of them but then I cooled down. He was still really mad at me so I let him punch my arm a couple times until he cooled down too. Then I told them that there was gonna be a mummy where I was living. The girl was instantly interested and one of the boys, a shorter bald kid who kinda looked like an older version of the boy in Role Models said that because i was telling these interesting stories, the girl was gonna be in love with me. This was true and she wouldn't stop following me around.

      the aerial view of the neighborhood that I was living in was interesting. It had a couple of houses painted in interesting tropical houses. A lot of the land was covered in water and the houses were mostly connected by dry sand patches in between the land. There was a bridge made of giant pink stones and covering it was a giant light house.

      Dirty Train

      This one was inspired by the movie metropia, an interesting movie but I was tired and fell asleep during it after I wrote the first half of this entry.

      I was on this strange train thing but I was in this very big grungy kinda really dirty room. the room had a couple couches and a lot of young 20 something girls, mostly tanned white but some middle eastern, yes all pretty attractive, but meant to look like they had been working really hard. They were all rebels against their big brother of a government. We were getting into the station and they did this massive cleaning up of their room to hide all of their contraband for when the government worker would come in and inspect it. This was amazing because it featured a giant garage door esque thing that scraped across the floor and very thing that was beyond view kind of disappeared...i can't really describe it right now. So when the room (a room about 30'x30' or maybe a little bigger, metal walls floor and ceiling, was scraped clean we moved back in the couches and added some fold-able tables to fill the space. I was also walking around and I noticed that we had a window at the front of the cart so that we could look out at the tunnel that we were traveling down. I walked out of the giant room and down a hall toward the front of the train (which shouldn't have been there because the window in our room was the front. I noticed that our window actually pointed into a weird sweatshop esque room. I ran back to my room and was yelling about the window, which was now covered in a blind, about how it should not be able to look to the front because there was another room there. This is when I became lucid but it wasn't that big of a deal for some reason. I kind of just brushed passed that. The girls wondered what I meant and lifted the blind and showed the room I was talking about but they said that it had never shown the front of the train...Finally we came to a stop and were about to be inspected. There was one guy who was the inspector guy. He looked like jason stathom but a little skinnier from not eating well. He inspected the room.

      Earlier in the dream, i just didn't know how to connect the 2 incidences, we were walking around this strange place, before the train, and I noticed that all the workers (all male), were bald with silvery grey skin. One of the silver guys asked me if he had something on his cheek. I laughed really hard and said that yes, he had large smudges all over his right cheek that looked like different color oil stains, like brown, yellow, and other food-ish like product.

      Later back when we were on the train, I asked one of the girls how the people became grey and she said they get that way after they disrespect the government. Each one of those splotches on the cheek (this detail a little fuzzy) was a mark after one of your family members was killed for punishment from your behavior. I was so sad because I had laughed at this guy earlier.

      So like I said, everything was inspected and we passed. I started walking around, still lucid but taking it for granted, and looking at all the people. It was really cool and I suddenly noticed once more...hey, why is this dream taking so long. Then I remembered, "duh, dreams just last longer when you're lucid!" At that moment I was walking passed a black middle aged guy and stared at him with a funny face as I walked by to amuse myself. He looked confused. Once again, I stopped myself and realized, Whoa, lucid, gotta do something with this! I realized that I didn't have any shoes on so the first thing I did was try to imagine the feeling of shoes on my feet instead. I didn't try for too long and I just quit that. The next thing I did was went to this ledge thing which was the ledge of a stairway, one of the kinds of stair ways where it looked like it wasn't connected to a wall...crap I'm sucking at explaining things right now. (somehow it wasn't a train I was on anymore I guess) Anyway, I started to try to jump up on it and grab the ledge but I wasn't jumping higher and my grip was extra slippery. I regain composure, "come on, you're lucid, just make yourself jump higher." I gave a couple more pushes with the same result.

      I looked behind me and the agent inspector guy was there and he was pissed, I was breaking some rule or something. We got into an intense fight (I was thankfully ok at that in my dream) but he still kicked my ass and tackled me to the ground, pinning my head down and sitting on my back. He said something about me doing something wrong and disrespecting him so he took away (the gov could do this) my access to some webpages and made my facebook less powerful (evidently it had some cool power to take away).

      Another Train (FRAG)

      took another nap...

      Just a fragment but I was on a train, regular size this time, and I was with one really fat white woman and probably 2 other skinny women. I remember vaguely the fat one talking about breast feeding and she took out her breast. Some other stupid stuff...

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    8. giving friend murder weapons; diaper girls in bed

      by , 11-06-2011 at 03:42 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a huge building, either like a mansion or a museum. The building was dim, as if at night, with only a few lights on.

      I had been in a back area, where there was a high, wooden wall, with a tall window up high on the wall. I then walked forward to some narrow area with a slanted, wall-like display stand or case.

      My old friend R was standing in front of this display area. He stood really close to it. He seemed to be trying to avoid looking at me. I somehow knew he'd gotten a reputation for being violent, almost psychotic. He was so tired of dealing with this reputation that he didn't even want to have to look at anybody.

      But he actually was as violent as people accused him of being. And he actually wanted to act violently toward me, because he felt I'd somehow insulted him.

      I faced R. But now he was in a room even closer to the front of the building. He was in a little niche in a wall to my right. He may even have been wrapped in bandages, like a mummy.

      I wanted to prove that there was no reason to be afraid of R and that I wasn't afraid of him. So I handed R a whole bunch of items that looked like huge items of silverware: like huge forks and knives. There were also some huge tongs that looked like forks. Everything was sharp, and I knew it could all be used as a weapon to kill me.

      I was now going to leave the house. The idea was, I knew, that if R had weapons and I left the house, that R would kill me. But I was going to prove people wrong. Nevertheless, I was still afraid to leave through the front door.

      I ran all the way to the back of the building. There was a window I'd easily be able to climb up to and crawl out of. But as I started crawling out the window, I felt like R might be right there, waiting to throw the weapons I'd given him at my chest.

      So I climbed back down. To my right, as I faced the wall, there was a dim kitchen, just like a kitchen in any nice suburban house. Just above the sink was another window. I thought that since R thought I was going to come out the back window, I'd be safe going out the kitchen window instead.

      But as I was climbing out the window, I could feel R's presence again. I knew that this time he probably would manage to catch me, throwing the sharp weapons I'd given him at my chest and piercing my heart.

      Dream #2

      I was looking at a magazine, maybe a porn magazine. The pages were nothing but photos, maybe six photos per page, in the same kind of style as a porn magazine.

      The photos showed two girls in bed. They were about nine or ten years old. They were wearing pajama pants and pajama shirts. Apparently, under their pajama pants the girls were wearing diapers.

      The girls got into a kind of sixty-nine position with each other. The girl on top of the other girl rubbed her face against the bottom girl until her pants had been worked off. She somehow managed to remove the girl's diaper in the same way.
    9. Pool In The Middle East

      by , 07-22-2011 at 04:51 AM
      I was playing pool in a bar-house-thing (it looked like something from Mos Eisley. I was potting the red balls when I decided to leave and went out of the bar. That's when it all changed.

      I was still playing pool (I think) but I was with some other guys and there were like Transformer Rad Scorpions that were hunting us down for no real reason probably just sport like Alien vs Predator.

      There was one guy that looked like the Mummy he was controlling them and one guy betrayed us I think.
      Tags: eisley, mos, mummy, pool
    10. Mystery Inc, Rani, sister, home, noon,

      by , 03-20-2011 at 06:05 PM
      1st dream:

      I was in a forest at night time with the Mystery Inc gang. We came upon some Legs (dressed in clothes that were starting to rot) that would cover over by leaves, than we uncovered the rest of the body and discovered a disturbing sight, The rest body of was a skeleton, expect for the unattached head which looked as the person did in Life. Than we came upon other skeletons but part of their bodies (eg.Hands) looked like they haven't rotted yet. Than we came to a hedge and looked through it and saw a mummy (you know the Egyptian kind) and than the parts that didn't rotted and the skeleton hopped over the hedge. End of that Dream:

      Dream 2:
      I was kidnapped (I didn't see it happen), and was sold to a Raja in India who took me for one of his wives (since I looked very beautiful) . He consider me to be important since he made me wife number 1 also known as Rani (Queen), since I was dressed in very Queen-like fashion, unlike the other wives according to Raja (from what I could see in the mirror in the Raja's bedchamber I was wearing a very fancy sari but what's odd is that I had a headdress similar to the one Cleopatra supposedly wore) . We were in the Raja's bedchamber and were getting ready to have sex to see if I would get pregnant (being the Rani, was a big responsibility since I would have to produce a son). We just laid down on the very big bed and the dream ended.

      Dream 3:
      I dreamed it was morning and my door was open, and through it, my sister's door, somehow I know sis was still home. And I check the alarm clock and it said 12:00pm and than sis came out of her room and I thought "how odd sis had work today at 8:30 so what is she doing still here?" Than I woke up for good.
    11. "The Search for Gomdulla" (the musical?)

      by , 09-25-1971 at 01:46 PM
      Morning of September 25, 1971. Saturday.

      This is from late childhood and was inspired by two giant mummy comic books (as well as “King Kong”) I had at that time. Toby T (my best friend), Brenda W, Tina L, and Lisa M are with me to find and capture (in a sort of King-Kong-like scenario) Gomdulla, the giant mummy. We stumble randomly into a large pyramid, which is more like the Concordia dance-hall my father had often done shows at but may be a much larger version of the old DHS auditorium in part.

      The giant mummy comes from around the corner (after much in-dream concentration to instigate it). I dance in his open hand (similar to Fay Wray on King Kong’s hand, I suppose), but somehow it is more like dancing on a mattress behind bulletproof glass with a subtle hint of a camera nearby (yet somehow more like a stage performance at school). Even though the mummy is originally male (I assume), the two songs I do are:

      “Hello ma baby! Hello ma honey! Hello ma ragtime gal!” and “Mummy! How I love ya! How I love ya! My dear ol’ mummy!” (altered from “Mammy” and “Swanee”).

      It could have been a lot better, though - in terms of a “proper” and more interesting and longer “movie dream” (there were at least two other later versions of this one that were worse and less eventful than this one). Toby messes around swinging on a giant loose bandage that hangs down (like Tarzan, I suppose). Brenda sort of breaks down and wants to go home. I go into a stupid “forced” persona that seems fake and I say “Aw! Do you want your mummy?" and she walks around with arms folded across her chest with a sad look, which is soon replaced by disgust and disbelief of my behavior.

      Toby takes the clasp/buckle from Brenda W’s dark leather purse. It was the real-life buckle which was a clock framework with the words "wait for me” on it, which I always thought was interesting - and I had never seen it elsewhere. I have not been able to find any Google image of it, either. He holds it up to frighten away the giant mummy/alien somewhat in accordance with the manner of a cross keeping away a vampire. The original (childhood journal) name for this was “The Search for the Giant Mummy”.

      Later on in real life we had a board game called “Voice of the Mummy” and I had my own “Dark Shadows” game.

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