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    1. clii. Classroom Tomb

      by , 09-03-2020 at 05:17 PM
      21st August 2020 (DFLN Thread)


      In the van with H driving around. We go through some industrial estate or warehouse district. We see people being gutted as we drive past, but we aren't concerned. We just think it to be in poor taste or something. Some of the characters that are being gutted, I recognise them from earlier on in the dream, feeling no pity for them because they were nasty; but I still feel this looks like an undignified death.


      Some version of WoW, but set in a realistic city of some sort, half fantasy, half not? With H, I was taking some area from the Horde and for the Alliance. I remember going on some sort of bombing run and seeing diagrams of the region. I remember the Horde outnumbered us by a great ratio.


      At the end of a dream I was in some kind of classroom, in a school. There was a teacher and there were several other pupils. The teacher was first giving some theory on something. Some things like hardware and software programming were mentioned. I have some awareness of being kind of lying down on my back, and next to something.

      Then we're about to do something. The teacher moves, and I sort of sit up now. I'd been lying next to an old limestone tomb. We're apparently going to open it and examine the dead's objects of burial. Someone moves the lid open and I look at another one of the pupils, a girl. They don't realise it'll wreak and I instantly move my head away and breathe out, fully expecting a foul odour. But as the lid is fully removed, while I do get a whiff of something, it's very faint.

      This struck me as odd, but in any case the rest of the pupils started carefully removing items and analysing them. Someone next to me takes a piece of clothing from some bony hands.

      The teacher notices that something is off? The dead apparently has some kind of shawl, with a Discord logo on it and she says that it's impossible, since the body had been buried hundreds of years ago. I myself did not notice or see any such logo.

      But this leads her to suspect that the body is more recent than previously thought and now when I look inside the tomb, I see a naked white man, with fine white-gold hair, sitting up. He looks pale or lifeless as expected, I seem to recall. The teacher touches the forehead of the body to inspect the temperature and see how "recent" it was.

      The dream ended here, the doorbell rang and I had to go answer the door.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. Sarcophagus with Stained Glass Lid

      by , 08-17-2018 at 01:19 PM
      Morning of June 1, 1998. Monday.

      Reading time: 1 min 52 sec. Readability score: 52.

      Deliberately stepping into the dream space, I find it is a comfortably dark room that has walls, floor, and ceiling of gray stone. I am unaware of the presence of a door or doorway.

      What I first think is an Egyptian sarcophagus is present in the center of the room. It is mainly rectangular and lacking detail. In semi-lucidity, I realize it is a representation of the fact that I am asleep in bed.

      Moving closer, I see that the lid of the sarcophagus is like a stained glass window of a Christian church, although it portrays an unknown British king rather than a religious scene, the imagery of which resembles the king of diamonds in a deck of cards. A yellow light is discernible from under, shining through its semi-transparent sections despite the multi-colored stained glass, and I fall into it (deliberately, leaning forward) without fear, cracking it open and immediately being “back” in bed.

      Explanatory notes on dream modeling and processing:

      My physical body is asleep in bed, not moving, and that is the foundation (and trigger) of the rendering of the sarcophagus. I am aware of the cause while in my dream aside from the fact its foundation is semi-lucidly scripted. (In “Stargate,” the sarcophagus is used to restore the physical body to full health and that was my original intent here.) The details mainly stem from associations with two Alan Parsons Project albums, “Pyramid” and “Turn of a Friendly Card.” (On the cover of “Pyramid,” Alan Parsons is sitting up in bed in a room with an orange and yellow glow. “Turn of a Friendly Card” features the king of diamonds in stained glass.)

      The color yellow is a factor I have used all my life (in both infra-awareness and lucidity) to initiate emerging consciousness and dream state revivification. It is not a factor of absolute dream control in every case (only RAS mediation, which is unpredictable due to ultradian rhythm peaks and lows) and is typically more likely to bring about waking and preconscious manifestation than intended reinduction.

      Deliberately leaning and falling forward, or jumping from a window or cliff is a method I have used since childhood to intensify and sustain a dream, though it does not always work as it occasionally triggers VSC RAS modulation. In contrast, the breaking window is a metaphor for dream state cessation as in the 1971 TV movie, “The Deadly Dream.”

      Notes added Friday, 17 August 2018. As of this date, creating a large locked steel bank vault door that replaces the front door of a house, and rapidly flying towards it from a bedroom (to phase through it into whatever is beyond in the front yard) with total faith and confidence, is the most viable way I have found to vivify and sustain the dream state.

    3. Mowing to the Clock or Mausoleum

      by , 08-29-2016 at 12:30 PM
      Morning of August 29, 2016. Monday.

      My dream curiously starts out at the King Street boarding house (where I have not been since the early 1990s). I do have some memories of my present life status but it is distorted and also changes before my dream ends. I start mowing the lawn, but oddly, for whatever indeterminable reason, continue to mow all the way to the north side of La Crosse via the causeway through the marsh (though which is more like normal land in my dream). I may in fact be working for the street department as I did in real life, though that was mostly for Onalaska.

      I feel very happy and satisfied as I somehow walk all that way, while mowing yet, without getting tired, even somehow casually mowing over some rather large bushes with thick trunks. I feel a bit helpful for others in the area in doing this. Strangely, without even considering it odd or impossible, I end up at the corner of Hamilton Road and Stadcor Street in Wavell Heights (Brisbane, Australia), instead of where I should be, that is, George Street and Sill Street (Wisconsin, America).

      On this composite corner of the two locations, where we never lived in reality (though we did live on Stadcor Street farther down from Hamilton Road), there is another version of my family, though I am somewhat confused about it as I am also there (rather - “another me”). My “other” son Lorenzo, a child of the “other” us, is playing near the street. About four police officers are near our front entrance talking with the “other” us. Our house resembles a composite of our present home, the Stadcor Street house, and the Barolin Street house. They apparently had brought Lorenzo home after he had unknowingly wandered off. I start to mow “our” front yard, but the officers remind me that my job is to only mow the public areas.

      From here, I mow along what is either Stadcor Street or Sill Street but which ends in an area similar in appearance to where it would have begun near the George Street turn off, not at the end of the street on the other side. The particular corner lot also seems rotated ninety degrees north to east as well as duplicated to the north. This puzzles me quite a bit even though my memory of the composite could not be right anyway (due to the fact it is a composite and not a real layout). I am not sure where I should continue from here, though it is not quite a dead-end, as there may be an intersection that would imply either Corowa Street or Wood Street (though which would imply Loomis Street is “missing”).

      As I continue to try to only now work out where I am, I notice a large unlikely feature in the center of the empty lot which now seems to be a park. It looks just like an old mausoleum. This gives me a very eerie sense of mortality and I am soon wary about where I am. Still, I consider that it may not actually be a mausoleum, as why would there only be one in the center of a public park?

      Looking more closely, I see a large clock face over what would otherwise be the entrance, which seems like a miniature version of Big Ben. This slowly convinces me that it may not be a mausoleum (as why would a large clock face block a mausoleum entrance) but perhaps meant as a city tribute of some kind. I am still in awe over the very eerie and ancient-looking feature and I do not go any farther. (I do not recall the time that was on the clock as I did not note it while in my dream. It may have indicated the real time, though this is not certain).
    4. #206 - Tomb thing and traps (plus a little bit of adventure)

      by , 03-06-2016 at 06:34 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Me and a friend (I think Daniel?) are in an old Egyptian-style tomb (like something Indiana Jones would be running around in). The place is booby trapped and has puzzles, there are 2 rooms nearby and 1 is much bigger. We go into the big room only to find that the only exit is out of reach and high above us. That's stupid... How would anyone get up there? We decide to go back and step into the small room this time. There's a pit in it that takes up most of the floor, we have to skirt the edges of the room. Scary.
      At the other side of the room we doing something that activates a trap I think, but also a door is opening to our right which leads into the big room. I instantly realize that this is what we're supposed to do, I grab Daniel by the arm and we run into the big room. There's a line that's descended from the opening in the ceiling, and the platform beneath is rising. We have to sprint to jump on or we'll get trapped (or something.. probably?). We jump onto the rope and climb our way up. As we near the top, we reach onto the edges to pull ourselves up, 2 sides have metal bars on them to make climbing up easier. The reason they were there was because the material used to make the edges was some poor quality plaster style like something from the early 1900s. I notice the ledge cracking and had to switch to a ledge with a bar.. Phew, that could have ended badly. Though I felt I would have been fine if I had fallen. I climbed up and we're ecstatic to have made it the room we're in is white and pristine looking (still not noticing the scene change) we run to the room on the left and then back, then to the room on the right. I'm pretty sure we made a huge mess and I told Dan that we should come back and clean it up otherwise the guy in the room lifting weights might get mad. He might be a 'gatekeeper' or something. When we went back to the room I remember there being something to do with a spider though... It was an extremely poisonous transparent white spider that somehow managed to get on me and I freaked out and woke up. I then decided to thrash around and squash any potentially real spiders that may have been crawling on me

      Dream fragment
      Also another dream which I can't be bothered writing up completely... Basically my face got all fucked up and disfigured, it's the most grotesque thing I've ever seen in my life. It was REALLY bad. I look in the mirror and my face had like, scrunched up.. And it had become severely pockmarked and had acne EVERYWHERE. I touched my face and it felt all crusty, and then the pimples would just explode, profusely spewing puss onto the mirror. ... I remember thinking "what the... when, HOW did this happen?" and then proceeded to just pop and pop and pop. Trying to fix my face... God it was so disgusting.
      It was a good dream up until that part, I had been working on some project with school mates and there had been cute girls and stuff.

      I had to check the mirror this morning and make sure that I didn't have any acne or pockmarks . Now that I think about it, my dreams had terrible endings last night :/
      non-lucid , nightmare
    5. #155 - Exploring a tomb / Talking to my dad

      by , 11-10-2015 at 11:04 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Intensive DEILD attempt 5:

      My alarms proved a hassle again, they didn't go off properly. So annoying >_<. I do remember vaguely waking up at one point and rolling around confused though.

      I woke up at 2:30 after a pretty sexual dream but I can't recall it, I do know that I was in my bed in the dream though fighting off the urges for PMO I think?

      Dream 1 - Exploring a Tomb
      I remember walking into a sandstone tomb (imagine a place Indiana Jones would go), though perhaps with some modern attachments such as lights (but really old and powered by old dodgy electrical wiring). I walked down some stairs into a large room the stretched on for a while with a low ceiling. There were lots of sarcophagus' (sarcophagi?) in rows across the rooms, and along the walls were indents with pedestals holding burial urns. In my mind the idea of 'looting' the place like an RPG game occurs to me. I know that sometimes enemies can hide in the sarcophagus' (like mummies) which come out and attack you when you open the lid (ever played Nox?). Other people who are with me seem to be opening the lids a little too hastily, this makes me a little anxious and I decide to head out of the room and get the feeling that some mummies may be about to appear. I heading up the next flight of stairs to where the an Asian guy is sitting on a fold-out chair by the power box for the lights. Suddenly the lights cut out, shit. This is really bad because the people opening the containers downstairs could be in trouble if a mummy appears. The Asian guy isn't aware of the urgency of the situation. I think there's also maybe 2 other companions with me around this point (similar to the 2 who were with me the previous night chasing the Asian woman). One of them had seen 2 of 3 witches standing at the bottom of the stairs looking up at us from behind a wooden pillar that held up the building we were in. They were responsible for the light disappearing. At this time I was next to the Asian guy and was fiddling in my pockets for a little hand held light. He also produced a lighter, igniting a cigarette, the glow illuminating his calm face. I have my hand held light out and turn it on and point it at the power box. I say something to subtly enlighten the Asian guy to the potential direness of the situation "we should quickly get the lights back on, the people downstairs may need it". I think he manages to gets the lights back on, I walk over to by the stairs and look down to see the 2 witches behind the narrow wooden pillar. They're just... Looking at me? Weird. Creepy. I leave back to the power box but as I reach the 3rd witch appears now. Wow, what a beauty! She's floating there with a fur-lined coat, two white streaks that flow back through her black hair. She has a Cruella de Vil 'look' but is stunningly gorgeous and graceful instead of being crazy and ugly. I think I tried to catch her but she teleport away, then I tried jumping over the edge of the railing to get her. I managed to grab her but she swung back and teleported away, disappearing from my grip. I fall to the ground on the floor below and roll. I'm sitting with my legs stretched out in front of me and my hands behind me on the floor holding me up. "Damn, and I didn't even get her number" I say out loud, I feel slick as I say this and let out a *sigh*. I felt like I would see her again. I also felt really slick and smooth like a player or something lol...

      Dream 2 - Talking to my Dad (fragment)
      It's night at my parents house and I ask my dad if he wants to go to the gym or a surf in the morning. He tells me 'oh yeah sure' and says something about how he usually gets up at 6am. I readily agree that this is fine with me as I'm used to getting up early now (I seem to say this proudly as he usually has the impression that I'm not an early riser ).

      Both dreams were pretty nice, the first was quite cool. The second was nice because I'll finally be able to see my family again and I'll probably have that same conversation but in waking life
    6. 27th July 2013 Dwarf Fortess mod install, Some story and Video of some game

      by , 07-27-2013 at 01:34 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's naps.

      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was talking to someone about napping times and then was installing some mod for Dwarf Fortress that was called 'Dragon Expansion', which somehow also added tons of stuff to the browser like scripts that automatically added some dragon pics to the signature or something. I got curious and started checking installation code, which had different parts for different windows'es, for win8 in code it added something to start menu as well, according to code.
      Then later i was on the bed, eating some meat, and soon everything stopped somehow, then i
      woke up.

      Dream 2(fragment):

      I was in my room and there was a sconce on the wall and i grabbed it and was ready to throw it somewhere but woke up.

      Dream 3(fragments):

      I had some list of anime to watch, stories to read and some games and there was some story that was made in RPG maker about farmer who fell in love with some girl, who was a ghost, and due to that she somehow became an actual girl.

      Dream 4:

      I was watching Yogscast playing some weird game, it was third person game about some explorer who was exploring some arabic-style place. Then there was some tomb/ruins place that had pyramid-like elevation inside where they had to fight boss using some kind of solar sniper rifle that apparently added 99 HP to wielder. The boss was using attacks that created shockwaves that knocked players back, then it went into second phase of the fight where it was sending homing grid of nine transparent eyes that were shooting some projectiles, the only way to destroy them was to shoot middle eye at the right moment, and boss was sending them quite quickly.
    7. Dream Journal Entry 15: A store, a restaurant, and a "lord of death." -04-26-2013-

      by , 04-26-2013 at 01:22 PM (The Land of Dreams - SilentEternity's Dream Journal)
      A dream and a fragment.

      Dream 1: I was in some grocery store, with some friends/family of mine. We walked around and left it. Then, we began heading to our car - and suddenly there was a sharp pain in my right knee. I said something about not being able to lean backwards or I'll fall over.

      We get into the car, and we see some building called "The Hardcore Cup" I think - apparently some kind of restaurant, and it was shaped like a blocky wine glass, and I could hear something akin to death metal being played. I also remember someone saying that particle accelerators were no longer pointless in cars.

      Then, I remember riding in the passenger seat - but I don't remember us actually pulling out of the parking lot. I apparently had a phone with Skype, and sent a message to my father with some quote from a user named "greenhorn" which was also apparently me, or some such.

      There was more, but unfortunately I only barely remembered this as I'm typing this entry up.

      Dream 2 (fragment): We had entered some unidentified tomb, apparently - which had either a rough circular or octagonal shape. There was something about a "lord of death" or some such, who entered the room we were in through an opening in the walls. He was wearing something resembling Space Marine armor. He also had some kind of necklace, with three dials on it that spun like a slot machine. I remember someone saying that they came to serve this lord of death, and said lord of death caused the three dials to spin, and they landed on skulls.
    8. 5 Feb: Tomb raider

      by , 02-05-2013 at 03:35 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I am part of an expedition which found some amazing old ruins on a cave. Some of the men turn against me and a trusted friend and want me to find and give them some artefact which can control that place. I do not cooperate and they start shooting. I hide behind a vertical metallic sarcophagus and as I avoid the bullets, I recognize the carved shapes on the sarcophagus as instructions to activate some mechanism to get the artifact. I need to put back in it the head of the person whose body was originally inside it, but where is the head? With the shooting, there is some collapse of the cave, which opens a line to an area of plants in which I take cover. In the middle of the plants are several mummified heads. I find the right one, which belonged to some king. I take it and put it inside the sarcophagus. In exchange, from a hidden door in the sarcophagus comes a mirror, surrounded by pearls. I hide it in my clothes and I run to an exit. Meanwhile the shooting continues and they found a way through the debris to me. Now the cave is really collapsing and as I run towards the exit, I see secret chambers with treasures opening up. I still have time to pick up another jewel, a necklace with a pendent, which is on a pedestal at the entrance of a chamber. And I escape.
      In the nearest town, my friend, whom I thought had died, surprises me and tells me the bad guys are still after us and his plan to go away. But it's too late, we're surrounded by them and they tell me to hand over the necklace, which they saw me taking and think is the artefact they want. I pretend I don't want to but then give it to them and they go away all happy. Then I tell my friend they took the wrong thing and he smiles.
    9. Electrical Madness and the Elemental Warrior

      by , 02-04-2013 at 07:02 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Electrical Madness and the Elemental Warrior (Non-lucid)


      I was in some sort of alternate world that had mystical creatures and a ton of weird stuff. There was some sort of warrior (and I believe I was this warrior) that could control the elements of fire, water and wind. This warrior was about 12 feet tall and very muscular. For some reason, this warrior died and a huge tomb was made on his honor.

      Suddenly, due some sort of magnetic disturbance, the electronics went berserk, is like they had consciousness. Suddenly, everything that had at least a microchip would start working on its own. It felt very dangerous because there were some sort of Uzi guns that had a microchip that assisted in automatic shooting. I could see small items that were attacking other people.

      Someone went to the warriors tomb. It appears than an Uzi gun was inside the tomb and it would ressurect the warrior somehow. The warrior resurrected, but three small replicas of him instead. Each replica controlled an element.

      The fire replica would shoot fireballs with his hands and he was able to incinarte buildings entirely. The wind one created tornadoes and the water one got killed almost right away it spawned, so I had no idea.

      The warrior replicas were fighting but they ended up being destroyed.
    10. It Never Works For Me!

      by , 03-20-2012 at 12:06 AM
      Oh, wow... I really wish I remembered all the details of the non-lucid part of this dream. I can only remember the part when I was with this boy and his grandfather in Egypt, and we kind of broke into one of the tombs. I can't remember anything else. T_T

      Then, I "woke" up on my uncle's couch and glanced at the television.
      "Hey, wait...I never fall asleep at my uncle's!"
      After deciding to do an RC for once, I walked up to the television and tried putting my hand through it, then my fingers through my hand. Didn't work.
      "See? This is why I almost never reality check."
      I refused to believe I was awake.
      Sadly, I woke up for real after that.
    11. Drunken Antics and Tomb Raiding

      by , 11-18-2011 at 06:52 AM
      I am on a relatively small boat at sea. There is some sort of tv show or party going on. Penny (from the Big Bang Theory) is really drunk, and she kisses Sheldon and falls overboard. She is helped back on the boat. I fall overboard as well. I swim to the guy helping people back on board. He has some sort of huge tame fish, the size of a small whale. At the top of the boat, drunk people who fell overboard are being ?chained up?. Penny is livid. She blames Sheldon for manipulating her into the kiss.

      Something is written on a white board. It seems clear and unchanging, if a bit weird, but the only word I remember is 'yucky.'

      In a tomb/vault. A raider is talking to the guards and a fratboy. He does something with mixing white powder and runs away, up the ladder. He comes back a bit later and the three are dead. He enters the inner chamber. There is a stream or waterfall and some green stuff growing on rock.

      A scene in a bathroom. There are beetles. My little brother (I have no little brother) loves collecting bugs and is mad at me for some reason.

      I am trying to capture a bad guy in a theater. I am a fantasy character named Simon. I capture the bad guy and kill him, but it doesn't quite work. I have to fight/trick him again, and this time when I capture him I kill him for good. I think I am trying to protect a little girl. I feel guilty over something I don't remember and am explaining/apologizing to the girl.

      There is a shop selling underwear (or diapers?) with stuff written on it, which has something to do with the fratboy.
    12. 27 Jan: Failed Psycho task

      by , 01-28-2011 at 11:51 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)


      Lost love found and lost again
      On some inner patio, interacting with some lady in her 40s. We are both heading for a toilet, which has just been cleaned and she passes in front of me saying she must absolutely use it before anyone else. I guess she is a germ freak. Then two persons who seem to be her husband and son, come through a side gate telling her it’s time to go. They seem worried and in a hurry. Either they’re in trouble or something bad is going to happen and they know about it. Anyhow, I look at the boys eyes and we instantly recognize each other as lost lovers from a past life. We hug, kiss and cry. I tell him he doesn’t need to go and can stay with me but deep down I know it won’t happen. His parents are impatient to leave and he follows them.


      Kidnapped by terrorists inside a movie
      Watching a futuristic movie with Jeff Bridges as some detective who chases a supposed group of terrorists. They are solitary and he catches them one by one after locating them. But this time they all came together for a common action. I am then inside the movie, walking around a more deserted area of this futuristic city. I am passing in front of some closed warehouse when these guys come out from trees and rooftops and what have you, like ninjas, and they sequester all the people they see on the street, me included. First I thought about fighting back, but I have 3 or 4 of them pointing guns to my head, so I get down on the floor as they ask. Then they line us all and ask us to walk in line to inside the warehouse. As I walk looking down to the ground, I start seeing beautiful stones all around and get down to grab them. By now my mind has decided I don’t like the kidnappers dream, so they just disappear. Now all the kidnapped people are girls that are interested on the stones I’m finding and also looking for stones themselves. I find an amazing quartz, naturally shaped in a lotus flower shape, with a rose colored core. As I am focused on its beauty, the scenario around me changes and now I’m at some gallery of art and archeology. I see amazing little sculptures from ancient civilizations among beautiful modern paintings on the walls. I see some people I know on some conference hall doing some workshop. They invite me to join in, but it looks weird, with all of them dressing the same outfit. I say no, I am becoming lucid and floating around. I think I’d better do my Psycho ToTY.

      Failed Psycho ToTY
      I look around for mirrors or doors. What I see is an ancient coffin on a crypt and somehow I think it is a good idea to use it, so I get inside it, it moves down (sunks on the floor) like an elevator and once it stops, I open the lid again and I’m inside a cathedral. Humm... I got out from this coffin right from a tomb on the side of the central area where some people are praying. They look surprised but not scared. I get out of the cathedral and I see a big Germanic castle on my right side, up some really high hill. I have the feeling I’m in Bavaria. But why?
      I walk down this street from the church to center village, wondering how I am going to do the Psycho task around here. Then I see two bad looking guys, one with a gun and the other with a wooden club, getting down from a bike and heading to a little adorable Inn by the road. People are running from them. They are up to no good and although it ain’t Psycho script, I decide to interfere anyway. I stop them even before they enter the place. I fight with the guy with the club and steal it from him. But the other guy had a gun and once I was separated from his friend, he started shooting at me, so I had to take cover. They entered the place and made a girl hostage. Then I gather a team of two other people to help me. We are discussing strategy on the back door of the Inn, when they open it from the inside to take something out and then my memory is fuzzy on what happened, but I remember fights and one of the bad guys full of splinters in his back (from the club, probably?), so I guess we kicked their asses.


      Chivalry on the race track
      Some kind of parallel universe where I also know Marco Polo and we have a similar life story from my RL. I am passing by some foreign city and find out he is on a conference that is taking place there. It is my last day here and I decide to go say hi before leaving. I’m with two friends who know our story and they tell me I should make myself noticed, but not take the initiative to say hi. I agree. They also think I should go scandalous and topless, but they must be kidding, right? I agree not to polish my look to a more high-end professional look to impress him and fit the surroundings, so I go with my relaxed ponytail look to provoke him, but not half-naked! I enter the conference room precisely when he is on stage making a presentation. I walk down the aisle to find a sit and he sure notices me. He chokes and interrupts his presentation, visibly disturbed by my arrival. Cool. In the coffee break I go meet my friends outside but we make sure we’re on a visibly place where he will see me. He does, 2 or 3 times, but he pretends he doesn’t. I also pretend I don’t see him, although much more convincingly. Then at some point I bump into him at the coffee table and he looks and says “Oh, hi!”, “Hi, how are you?”, “Fine, why didn’t you say you were in the town? We could have meet.” I was thinking “Really?” but he was already in the move and disappearing to the conference room again, just making a bye bye sign. Disappointed I tell my friends we can go now. They have tickets for something I don’t even know what, but it’s our last stop before going back home. As we go up the street, I switch views to Marco’s perspective. After he turned his back on me he was immediately regretting and went after me. Outside he could only see me disappearing at distance and run after. He followed me until this other place, which looked like a race track. He had to buy a ticket to enter, which he did. His ticket was prized and they inform him at the ticket counter he was the lucky winner of the jackpot and just won 1.777.000 EUR or US$. But he is not really concerned about that right now he is wondering how to find me in the middle of all the crowd. Then they tell him that as the winner, he is invited to be on stage to officially receive his award during the break of the race. Then he gets interested! This way he can be seen by every person on the precinct. He plans to call for me and declare his feelings for me on that stage. It’s perfect! Then they ask him to fill in some paper and give them his account data so he can receive the money and while he does it, some bad looking guy appears at the desk and asks to locate such and such person (he says my name). He is surprised – “Oh, I could have just asked?”. They tell him I am sitting on the seat 32. But Marco feels bad vibes and knows this guy is up to no good, so he rushes everything to go inside and save me.


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    13. 11/22/2010 - "Undergroundwater"

      by , 11-23-2010 at 07:24 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)

      I was in a small, snow-covered town. The town was very close-knit, and everybody was friends with everybody else. Many of us were playing a huge game of manhunt (Thanks to Sam and Lisa, for bringing that up!), and some people were even burying themselves in the snow, for hiding places. I remember one of my female friends changing clothes and trying to blend in with those pedestrians who weren't playing. I don't remember much of the game, itself, besides digging through the snow and tryin to find some of the people hiding within it.

      At one point, though, a bunch of us ended up falling into what seemed like some sort of mine/tomb, deep underground. It was a huge chamber, with story-telling drawings and other enigmatic patterns on the walls. We spent a while exploring this chasm, joined by many other townsfolk, who had followed us down below. After some time of poking around the chamber, someone pressed a 'button' that activated some sort of mechanism. The floor beneath us began rumbling. Fire jetted upward, like geysers, from all points around the area. The fire spouts gave way to small explosions, which were soon too much to withstand. We all ran off of the rectangular floor area, fleeing the basin and up to higher ground, looking down at the spectacle below us. The ground opened up; black stone cracking down the middle and splitting apart to swallow the flames. Beneath a few feet of stone lay a crystalline pool of water. It was, easily, half the size of a football field, and took up most of the chamber. The slabs of stone flooring peeled away and locked into place, out of sight, leaving us all to stare, in awe, at this huge pool that had opened before us.

      This was just too weird. The 'tomb.' The huge, underground pool. The spectacularly explosive 'booby trap.' The realization just hit me, as we were all standing there, gawking in apprehensive awe. I was dreaming. It was the only logical explanation. As soon as I became lucid, my excitement rang out through the chasm. I yelled out to everyone - knowing that they were all stricken with fear - that "THIS IS A DREAM!! IT'S NOT REAL!!" I seemed to have been more reminding myself of the fact, than actually trying to get a point across, to these dream characters. But they all took it as just as much a relief as I did.

      I led the charge, and we all ran down the steps toward the enormous pool, jumping into the water with no further anxiety about what might have come from the explosive chain reaction we'd just witnessed. It instantly turned into an enormous pool party - our dozens of party-goers secluded away within this cavern of ice and stone. Even though the pool seemed to be just a hole in the earth, it was clearly marked with the paintings of a regulation swimming pool, as if just swimming in it was the main reason for it being there.

      While in the water, I was showing the DC's some "lucid tricks." I focused on my own body, and lifted myself out of the water with telekinesis, hovering just a few inches over the surface. Everyone looked on, in wonder, while I floated above the water. I felt really heavy, and wasn't sure that I could keep myself hovering, the way that I was, so I decided to get a little more control of the situation. I released my telekinetic hold on myself, dropping into the water and sinking down to the floor of the 15-or-so-feet-deep pool. Once my feet touched the ground, I pushed off as hard as I could, bursting up through the surface of the water and soaring up to the ceiling - some 30+ feet above. I slapped my hands against the warm stone ceiling and pushed myself back down into the water below. There were a few other people in the crowd copying me, flying up and out of the water, touching the ceiling and splashing back down, afterward.

      After some playing around, I got out of the water and walked around the area. Everyone was having a great time. I saw that some of the characters had gotten into some vampiric hedonism; slumped in a corner with blood streaming down their faces, obviously having fed on each other just because it was something to pass the time. (I would call that random, if not for the vampire dream I had, the other night.) They all looked completely drunk. I just walked passed them and continued on, taking in the sight of my surroundings. One of the girls in the group called me over to her, asking me if I wanted to go back to her place for some "one on one lucid fun." I just kind of smiled at her and waved her off, not wanting to waste this lucid on sex - though the thought crossed my mind.

      Much more time had passed, and I began to realize that I'd probably be waking up soon. By this time, my lucidity began waning. Even though I still knew I was dreaming, I was thinking of these dream characters more as sentient beings. I called an assembly together, and made a small speech, simply conceding to the possibility that these could all be conscious entities within my dream. I told them all to "remember the dream", because we would soon be waking up, and our memories of this moment would be fading quickly. I told them to go back over the events of the dream, in their minds. I told them to remember the game of manhunt, and falling into the mine, etc. - basically recounting all of the events in the dream. Above all else, I knew that I would be waking up soon, so I wanted to just go ahead and end it. Not really wanting to leave everyone else, I gathered a group of them in the center of the chamber, and we all lowered our heads. When I was sure I had enough of the dream's details to carry over into waking life, I put all of my energy into waking up, and pulled my eyes open.

      Dream (Fragment) Two:
      I was at my old house, in Canterbury. A pizza woman - and what I can only describe as her bodyguard - walked into the house, with a large stack of pizza boxes. They said that they had "like 1000 pizzas here, for free, if [we] wanted them." She also told us that the only catch was that the crust was like 2 months old. I wasn't very comfortable with this, but someone (I believe it was MW) said that he'd be more than happy to take them.

      Later, we were hanging out, outside my house, with a bunch of people - some of which, I think, were from the previous dream. My daughter was with us, and she kept wanting to fall asleep on the ground, and kept rolling around in the spot of oil in the garage. After a while, my mom came home, and - for some reason - she hung most of my artwork upon the wall, in the house; just various, loose sheets of paper tacked to the wall, all over the living room.

      Don't remember anything after that.

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    14. May 30/31, 2010

      by , 06-13-2010 at 02:57 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Napoleon's Tomb and Fish Sticks:
      Far in the distance, there is a large building with a dome at its center. It was black and yellow all over with yellow being the dominant color. It's pretty much close to, if not the building that houses Napoleon's tomb in France. There are two chinese people(husband and wife) that are standing a far distance from this building and they were asking about breakfast, to who I have no idea. In the distance separating them from the building, there were large light brown fish sticks. They were like dominoes standing there and curving a bit towards the building from the left and right sides.

      I was on a mission to secure a specific type of airplane for my return journey home. The plane had to have small screens* in the back of each seat to get some good entertainment for the time to fly by. I made it to some building, possibly their HQ. It was circular inside. My dad tried to help him, but, he ended up messing the form and changing the food order instead. I think I saw what appeared to be the pilot and his assistant as I navigated the building. I think I did end up getting what I wanted. The plane was about to take off and we flew for a bit because of the bad conditions which included cloudy, very dark and a lot of rain. We then used pods which have seats for one person only to fly through some wormhole which was shaped similar to a spider web but the lines were curved like a circle instead of being in a cusp.
      *See thoughts for more details

      Thoughts: Interesting dreams and they seem to be incorporting elements of real life into them. I saw the building housing Napoleon's tomb that day or before and I was hoping that the plane I fly back home had those small screens since they do pass the time much faster. For those who don't know what I mean by that, there are some planes that have small screens in the back of each seat. They give you access to a lot of different types of movies to watch as well as some games, songs, etc.... and I find that they usually have great movies to watch such as iron man, spiderman 3, train your pet dragon, etc.... which I've watched on these planes.
    15. The Temple and the Tomb

      by , 01-20-1996 at 07:20 AM
      Morning of January 20, 1996. Saturday.

      There is a special temple which many people have visited once or twice and left gifts at, most of which are still sitting around, many unwrapped, including stuffed toys, bowls of food (such as strawberries), and what looks like wrapped Christmas presents. There is also a tomb fairly close to the temple. The tomb has supposedly not been entered for hundreds of years. It is really large and probably contains several bodies, even mummified ones, of saints, and supposedly even Christ, and there is also said to be the mummified body of the Virgin Mary inside a forecourt statue. There is also an area where there are five small holes somewhere on the outside wall of the tomb that looks just like the pattern of the five-spot on a die or domino. (An alternate occult, “secret” version of the Star of David points when the two triangles are moved apart from each other, and the mirrored - top to bottom - Mayan “22” symbol). However, this “five-spot” can somehow only be seen by looking through the hole of yet another building in the region, from a fair distance.

      A “living” Virgin Mary statue is said to walk around each night (when the Mary mummy comes to life and energizes the statue from within into a “real” human form), but there is controversy, saying it is actually someone carrying the statue around for cleaning, repairs, or repainting each night. The main building’s street number is twenty-two something.

      There is also a stray dog that is mistaken for the Virgin Mary statue being “alive” by somehow getting pieces of it stuck on him (apparently it was actually hollow) and people start saying prayers to the whimpering dog (no one notices the whimpering or asks why the Virgin Mary is “crawling”). There is also a part where the dog seems to have gotten parts of a griffin statue stuck on his head and body. He looks quite convincing as a griffin, but the Virgin Mary, not so much. A large bird tries to get at the dog, and the flapping wings make it look even more “real” and part of the one animal.

      Eventually, I enter the tomb as a part of some sort of role in a documentary - I seem to be someone else, perhaps that guy that made all those ridiculous fake and highly misleading “Chariots of the Gods” books (Von Daniken). There is then an idea that it may not be the tomb of saints, but Satan’s prison instead (I guess people are vague on the matter as usual, as different people say different things regarding what they see). I do talk to a couple of people who seem to have been living in the tomb for some reason.

      People need to be careful, because perhaps the “devil” could get out.

      I then find out that drawers - supposedly with the ancient bodies (but like a modern morgue) can be accessed from the outside wall. It then becomes more like a post office on the outside with post office drawers - the kind normally opened with a key - but accessible by anyone.

      It turns out that the ancient bodies and bones of saints (and Christ) are complete fabrication and misrepresented by a tourist brochure and hotel flyers; they are mostly just newer plastic white picnic forks and such, not bones, and I think other drawers are for large picnic blankets that visitors rent (which I think were listed as “holy shrouds” in one part of a brochure - the supposed “Shroud of Turin” has black and red modern plaid designs on it now).

      I notice a young couple enjoying a wonderful picnic in the park and get a sense that religions are distractions from having a meaningful life “in the now”. There will probably be people in the future seeing the plastic white picnic forks as “bones”. Both the temple and the tomb turn out to be an illusion, and are only modern places for entertainment and recreation.

      This dream was quite bizarre, but I still enjoyed it, especially the blissful temple scenes, where it turns out to be a bandstand at a park (the presents being part of an ongoing larger neighborhood party), and the “tomb” some sort of storage area for picnic utensils and such as well as a combined post office and modern “local celebrities” museum after all. (The park seemed in part like Pettibone Park, so there could be a play on “petty bone”.) My dreams colored my mood in a positive enriching manner.

      What does it mean to dream of a griffin? At the core level, a griffin is a flight symbol. A flight symbol is rendered in a dream in subliminal anticipation of the hypnopompic waking start. Additionally, a griffin is a mix of unrelated animals, which is likely to be a unique precursor factor of the coalescence of the preconscious and emergent consciousness.

      Some of my other dreams that feature griffins (links): (1) Griffin vs. Grandfather Clock, (2) R Brand, (3) Malfunctioning Griffin Game, (4) Making a Griffin?

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