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    1. [09-03-2016]

      by , 03-09-2016 at 02:07 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First fragment

      I was at a desert, fighting with a gigantic scorpion.

      Second fragment

      I was in home, trying to eat a soup, when suddenly a cat jumped into my plate and ran the hell out of there. I chased it and got it in my hands, then hit it a few times.
      Tags: cat, desert, scorpion
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. Venomous scorpions and the tiny elevator

      by , 04-07-2015 at 10:31 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Venomous scorpions and the tiny elevator (Non-lucid)


      Something related to hotels, I visited many of them. They had a room with the most dangerous insects known to men. To my surprise, one of them was a crab, apparently, it had an extremely powerful venom coming out from the spikes of the top of it's shell.

      However, all these bugs where friendly to me, as they knew I had once a pet scorpion and took good care of him
      (this is true in waking life) so they would crawl on me and never sting me. I still did not trust the crab, since it was not an insect type.

      I was going to school or something, maybe an university. There were some tiny elevator,about a couple feed between the doors and the back of it, I could barely breath and yet, I took it a few times. There were some flying lessons and I had a ton of friends. One girl had a crush on me and my wife was upset.
    3. Snake-Kong and the Mouth of Hell

      by , 05-28-2014 at 06:46 PM
      Okay, this is a bit of a long one with a lot of miscellaneous actions, but the really interesting parts are in red...

      I stood in a circle with a large group of people at an outdoor celebration of sorts, headed by the owner of the restaurant I work at. He spoke for a while, then we all dispersed to mingle.. however there was a colossal snake slithering around the entire time, often getting close to me. It was about twelve feet high and was extremely wide and long, with huge beady eyes. It was a mottled brown and black color. I told a couple people that I would go and meet the snake, but I knew he could smell fear and it scared me. I walked around a while, talking to DCs and avoiding the huge snake. Eventually I was outside a large tent-corridor a distance from the gathering, and the snake came through. It kept trying to come through various doors, but I would zip them up before it could enter, though I was letting it smell me so that when I came toward it, it would know me and be friendly. A DC distracted me by pointing out a comic behind the snake that I knew explained its back-story, but I couldn't see it clearly.

      The snake transformed into a massive gorilla, like King Kong. He charged through the door, grabbed me, and picked me up, taking me a distance away into the night. We spoke a while, and though I can't remember the details, I knew that by talking to me he learned about the concept of death, of which he had been blissfully unaware before. I also knew that he associated the concept with me, which made me feel threatened, though I was acting cool, calm and interesting on the surface. He wanted to show me a trick, as he had apparently spent his life forced into circus work. He threw me lightly into the air, and though I could imagine him tearing me in two with ease, he lightly caught me. I let him throw me again and relaxed myself utterly, and knew pure joy as I knew I was safe in his massive grasp. We went inside, and I was now friends with the snake-ape. There was a council of his owners. I attempted to slip past them, but they offered me a breakfast fajita, which I politely accepted. They began to talk to the proud and insolent Kong, who was newly awakened to the concepts of mortality. One of the chiefs asked, what were you talking about? I responded, we were just talking about life. Technically true, dream self, well played. The gorilla was talking about his past, perhaps his mother had been poached by the corrupt council. They attempted to assuage him with soothing, honeyed words that shuffled the blame from them. One woman turned into a bird and massaged his back with her claws, which he liked. Before I figure out the conclusion, I awoke.

      Wake, sleep, dream. I was in a classroom without a teacher. The kids were passing around bowls and bongs and getting ripped, myself included. Then, authority figures entered and demanded we register our drugs, mainly acid, as weed was still illegal. I kept the bubbler I had hidden under a blanket.

      I was home again, and my mother left, exhorting me to be moral. I got in a car with some friends and went to a hill near my house to smoke the ganja I had left over from the classroom. We went into a massive trailer and sat in a circle. A couple other friends came in, along with a guy who must have lived there, then they left to go adventuring. I sat and smoked a bit, got bored and left. I came across a group of women playing volleyball in an empty swimming pool, and saw others climbing pine trees. The hill was well populated. I walked down to the university gym and saw more girls playing volleyball, and some guys playing a game. There was food on the sidelines and many morbidly obese players.

      Next, I was at a camp or retreat of some sort. We were all hanging out and I was acting a clown, cracking jokes and goofing off. I went to the bathroom, walked in and cleaned a urinal, then walked out. Turned out I was in the ladies restroom! A couple guys followed after me, too. A tall, extremely beautiful woman came up and laughed about the mix-up, and I told her she now had to use the guys, because it was all mixed up. She had writing on her lips. I offered to kiss her, but she asked, right or left? I said, right, and presented my right cheek for her to kiss. Later, we played a game like hide and seek. I decided to hide in a box, but couldn't decide between one or the other side of the room, so I didn't have time to get the box closed, and was immediately caught.

      I'm in a magnificent cathedral. I'm with someone, and see a friend about to go play a guitar onstage, and he waves at me. A priest walks up to me, and asks, are you confident?to which I simply say, yes.He leads me to a wall. There is a small, tight mouth, an opening, on the bottom of it, covered in runes and glyphs, wrought in beautiful stone work and pouring out red and orange. It looks like the mouth of Hell. He says something to the effect of, it's good you're confident, you'll need it, or we'll see, I can't remember. I barely fit in the gap, and began a slow facedown descent, using hand-holds on the passage to keep myself from tumbling. I see two scorpions, and wonder, why am I down here? I'm not even Catholic. After a while of indecision, I exit into sunlight and fresh air. Another priest stands there and asks, what you doing? The real challenges are ahead, you must face your demons.I pathetically say I need shoes, look down and I'm wearing them. He extols me to have courage and continue, so I go back into the mouth, down, down, down. I'm on a stair case that's unbelievably cramped, with hundreds of even tinier scorpions that I run over, worrying that one is in my shirt. I'm now in a dark, quiet and misty stone corridor bathed in glowing white and blue. I enter a room to the right, and find myself looking at two animal spirits floating over stone wells. One I can't access, but the other purports to be a mirror of the soul, and speaks proudly and with disdain. From a third person perspective, it consumed me, and I now look like Harry Potter. It was all fire within, and he discussed a Reformation of sorts. Whether the historical one, or a personal one, I don't know.

      Then, there's my brother next to me. He has a beautiful amulet and he gives it to me to help me. I thank him, and awaken.
    4. Spider and Scorpion

      by , 04-07-2014 at 05:46 PM (sparkley guy dream journal)
      Me and my friend Darius were in school. We saw our 2 french teachers and there was a lottery thing or whatever where you spin. And beside that was 58 trillion dollars. I spun the lottery thing and got 56 thousand dollars and I turned into a spider while my friend turned into a Scorpion and then the french teachers turned into mice and we start to chase them cuz they had cheese and we went in a sewer and it just got weird. Thats all I remember
    5. 9/2/13 Scorpion Hunt and an Exorcism

      by , 09-02-2013 at 04:27 PM (Illuminating the Dream Realm)
      I was at a lake, when I noticed that there was a trampoline on the other side of the boundary line for the swimming area. There was also a massive sparring dummy floating out there too. I swam there and started doing stuff, when this random blonde girl started flirting at me. After a while, I told her that kind of flirting doesn't impress me, and suddenly there was a boring sob story/flashback thing. I'm not going to write it, but the point was that her ex boyfriend was an ass.

      After the flashback we were in her room. We talked and became friends. Suddenly there was a scream. we went outside to this three walled building where there was another flashback of a massive scorpion dropping down and stinging her mom. After much searching, I found it in her mom's sock drawer.

      (I don't know what happens between these parts)

      I was at Walmart I was looking for something, when I noticed some guy with short brown hair just standing with a vacant expression on his face. I turned around and walked into the blonde girl. she was looking at me through a cracked magnifying glass. she gave it to me and walked away.

      I tried to look through it, but there was only one place you could see through at the top left, and you had to put your eye close up to the glass. The man who had been expressionless said that the glass could show things that should not be seen. I looked at him with it, and a demonic face was floating outside his, and it was laughing.

      I was scared, but I also remembered how the 12 apostles drove out demons, so I started in a quiet voice, telling it to leave the man in the name of God. Nothing happened. I then yelled something like "In the name of Jesus, I command you to leave that man alone!" The man was still standing emotionlessly, But when I used the glass, I saw the demon was now standing in the middle of the store. I commanded him to go back to the abyss from whence he came. He sort of evaporated. The man sat down and started crying, and the dream ended.
    6. The Scorpion

      by , 02-24-2013 at 05:03 PM
      This is the second DV member lucid I've had in a row! For some reason, my subC is teeing these up for me right now, which is cool. Hope it keeps up.

      I noticed that I was fairly stupid throughout this dream, including the lucid portion. I took a pretty high dose of melatonin at bedtime, so I wonder whether that was related. Good vividness though!

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #69: The Scorpion

      I'm walking through the desert, heading down the slope of a tall sand dune. The sun is high and bright. I feel relaxed almost to the point of sleepiness.

      Suddenly, I feel a sharp, painful stab in my foot! I decide that I must have been bitten by a scorpion. I try to remember if you're supposed to die when that happens, but I think maybe it just hurts like hell. When I look down to find the "scorpion", all I see is an unhooked safety pin lying in the sand. The safety pin dances a bit and says, "It's me! Paigeyemps!"

      "Yeah right," I tell the safety pin.

      "Seriously, it's me!" The safety pin wiggles a bit. "I got shrunk down and I'm too small to go anywhere. So I found this safety pin and I stab people with it when they come by so that they'll help me. I'm really thirsty."

      I find this totally convincing and I feel bad for doubting her. "Of course I'll help you! Let me get you some water!" I look around and see that about 100 feet away is the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign. Oops. I feel silly wandering around in the desert when I'm this close to the Vegas strip.

      I walk toward the Las Vegas strip and somehow I find an empty cup and a big bottle of water. I fill up the cup and bring it back to Paigeyemps and her safety pin, feeling like quite the hero. The little safety pin waves around a bit and she says, "That cup is filled with bacteria! I can't drink that!" I'm sort of embarrassed that the cup is so dirty and I wonder how she's able to see bacteria so well. I figure it's because she's so little, but something seems funny about the whole situation. All of this "heavy duty thinking" seems to get my brain into a higher gear and
      I become lucid.

      Even though I'm lucid, I still feel very, very stupid. I think that maybe Paigeyemps could use a bigger signaling object than that tiny safety pin, so I conjure a knife into my right hand. It occurs to me that it would probably be bad to have her out here in the desert knifing everybody that comes close. I toss the knife over my shoulder.

      "Hey," I tell her, "I'm actually lucid now! Let me just shrink down to your size and see if I can help."
      (I wonder why I didn't try to make her bigger instead. ) She says something along the lines of "cool" and I focus my vision on the safety pin, willing myself to shrink down.

      The shrinking effect feels sort of like zooming on Google Maps. I focus on the spot where the safety pin is and will myself to move closer and closer to it. There's a momentary visual streaking effect and then everything looks bigger. After a few iterations of this, the grains of sand look more like huge rocks and for some reason they're glowing. From up close, they look beautiful.

      "I think it's working!" Paige shouts. "You look much smaller!" At this point, I see a tiny humanoid-looking figure hopping around among the grains of sand! Encouraged, I do a few more cycles. On my last zoom, though, I zoom in on the wrong spot and find her completely out of view.

      I call out to see if I can still find her but there's no response. I figure that I'm totally lost. I don't know how to proceed so I try hopping around like a sand flea for a little while. I get tons of height when I flea-hop like this and sand-boulders fly everywhere when I land. This is great! I do that a few more times until
      the dream ends.
    7. The Crowned Scorpion

      by , 12-25-2012 at 11:23 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      NOTE: I've been doing 9 purif breathing almost every night this week, except once when I was too tired. Then I did some reverse RC/ADA, but I can barely do it every hour. Will continue for another week. I also do zhine meditation focusing on the breath, but I can barely do so without my mind jumping to dozens of other thoughts.

      6:10 a.m.

      A red scorpion with a jeweled yellow crown.

      Running away from a demon, which does not react to banishing techniques we know.

      There's a book that might be available in a moving bookstore. I or someone else said that we've looked through a lot of bookstores already, but it's worth a try. The book is available. The price should be around 400 or 450 pesos, but the vendor changed it to 1000 or 2000. I declined, then he started to move his mobile bookstore away. I or something else killed him. I vaguely remember throwing the mobile bookstore into bits. Something fell off the sky and trashed the dilapidated bookstore. I think the book has something we can use against the demon. I recall seeing my crush (B.Sasdfasdf), but not sure what happened.

      An escape.

      9:35 a.m.

      Running or escaping. Going up and down a building. There's a way to go up or down. An elevator and a zip line.
    8. Bedside Company

      by , 10-13-2012 at 12:53 AM (Voyages of a Skywalker)
      Dad and I are talking and at the foot of his bed is a huge scorpion. I fear it but he is just curious.

      I am in the school, at the end of the long hallway. I reach down and when my finger comes back there is blood on it.

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      lucid , dream fragment
    9. 14.06.2012 - 5 x Non lucid dreams

      by , 06-17-2012 at 09:27 PM
      Date: 14/06/2012
      Place: Friend's bed
      Time of getting into bed: 00.00

      Dream 1 - Non lucid
      We (me and partner) are going through a McDonalds drive through over and over again. Under our car seats are small kittens that are very cute.

      Dream 2 - Non lucid
      My sister is modeling dresses on a cruise ship. I am joining in but only because I know she will be angry if I don't, and I really don't want to do it. The dresses are bad taste and there are people watching. There are piles of clothing everywhere, my back is very sweaty I notice. A plastic pirate ship style toy boat is large enough for me to climb in, which makes it move in a very trippy way. I am then in the toilets squeezing into a dress way too small for me, there are people waiting to use the toilet but I am holding them all up. An old school friend passes by and says hi, I say hi back and they leave. Someone gives me some cheap, hotel style conditioner for my hair.

      Dream 3 - Non lucid
      There is a small, dead scorpion on my pillow. I am saving it to put in my ear later. I change my mind and decide to throw it away, in case it stings me.

      Dream 4 - Non lucid
      I am throwing plastic arrows, but I have no bow.

      Dream 5 - Non lucid
      I am in a beach style place, and smoking. I throw my cigarette butts on the floor into the sand so someone provides a very tall, green plastic cocktail glass to use as an ashtray. There are no more seats for me to sit on so I sit on a plastic, kids toy car. I am now crying (not sure why) but the car is comfortable.

      I do not smoke anymore (quit sometime ago)
      I have not seen the visiting school friend for around 10 years.
      My star sign is Scorpio.
    10. Loauy doesn't mind killer scorpions

      by , 06-04-2012 at 04:32 AM (RommiH's Dream Journal (entries are not dated correctly. i am slowly transferring my DJ from my computer, to the one on DV))
      After the others left to fight the bads, I really had to pee. I am about to pee in our incompletely built house until I hear footsteps I think it is my dad who has came back. I turns out it was loauy. I tell him hey after greeting a man who was doing work and walking by. I tell him I didn’t know he was here. He had been sleeping for a long time. Now I walk up the stairs to him. I notice on the wall behind him a huge scorpion thing. I walk back down the stairs to put distance between the thing and me. On my way I notice weird bugs on the wall. Loauy is observing the scorpion. We now walk away from the house and walk into the desert. There we find two more scorpions. These look more like crabs though. Loauy catches them with his hands and I am amazed. He now puts them near each other so they fight. Instead the both run at me. Now they look like foxes. Once near they leap at me. In midair myself I kick one expecting it to latch on to my leg, but I successfully deflected the attack.

    11. The Scorpion

      by , 01-11-2012 at 10:02 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      Something was on my hand...a little fly type bug with a red head and clear wings. It was biting the crap out of me. I'd shoo it off, and then it would land again. I saw a bigger version of that same bug...almost the size of my fist. The tiny bug grew about that size and turned into a scorpion. I grabbed it and tore each limb off slowly...saving the stinger and claws for last. When I pulled off it's head, I woke up.

      I also had a dream my daughter was over...something about eating food, and my friends sister was there.
      Tags: scorpion
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    12. The Addiction

      by , 05-08-2011 at 11:01 AM (I Have a Problem)
      Date: 08-06-10
      Length: 10 Minutes
      Vividness: 10/10

      I was in our vacation home in La Baule, France.
      I was in the living room sitting on the orange couch by the window.
      My sister, Marin, was sitting at the table, my girlfriend Dakota was right next to me, and my youngest sister, Manon, was on the white couch, opposite to the one I was on.

      I had a lit cigarette in my mouth, and I began smoking it.
      I remember preventing myself from inhaling the smoke by just blowing it out without actually sucking in.
      I've never smoked before, but in the dream, it was a very casual thing, like I had done it many times before.
      I kept telling myself that I wasn't addicted, and I could stop when I would want.

      After a couple seconds, the cigarette went out and I realized it was because I was smoking the lit end.
      I got up to get a lighter and found one on the table across from the bar.
      It was a sleek, metallic one that stayed lit when you press it down.
      I found Dakota's scorpion one next to it and thought I should tell her.
      I walked back over to the couch and Manon said she had something to show me, but she wouldn't.

    13. Salamander and the Scorpion

      by , 02-07-2011 at 04:48 AM
      I was starring at my wall from my bed. I noticed a spider web (checking there is a similar web in this corner) with a red Newt trapped in it. (I saw two recently while on a walk.) My girlfriend emerged from the bathroom and I pointed it out.

      We both sat there starring at it a moment and my focus widened to reveal that now we were starring at my paneled ceiling. One of the panels was removed and a larger nasty looking network of spider webs was there. At this point, the two of us fell backwards onto the bed to match the depth and location of the visual.

      A large scorpion emerged from the darkness along the webs to devour the Salamander.

      This seems like another throw away dream, but here again is the new transition element I used to enter a TV scene in my last recorded dream.
    14. scorpion-beetle

      by , 12-02-2010 at 12:43 PM
      Good morning, everybody. I remember a fragment of a dream from last night. I know there was a lot more. I also know I had a kind of long dream later in the night. But my image memory has been kind of off lately, so I'm not retaining dreams as well as I'd like to.

      Dream #1

      I stood before a "beetle" that had a long horn, like the horn of a rhinoceros beetle (?) and a stinging tail like a scorpion's tail.

      The beetle stood on something like a platform or table that maybe reached just above my navel in height. The table may have been lit from a small track-lighting beam in the ceiling, like in a museum. The rest of the room was dim.

      The beetle was maybe about 10 or so cm tall and 30cm long, with its tail coiled up, not straightened out. In addition to the beetle having a scorpion's tail, something about the beetle's underside and leg positioning remind me of a horseshoe crab.

      The beetle had a weird, green color, like an old, metallic Chinese vessel, except darker, almost pine green. The beetle itself may have been metallic.

      The beetle was protecting an egg, possibly by standing before it, so that the egg was behind the beetle's scorpion tail. The egg looked like a white chicken's egg. But it may actually have contained a human being.

      At some point the egg was no longer behind the beetle. It may have been near me or somehow in my possession. At another point, the beetle may have been climbing on the back of my neck.

      (One side note, December 5th. I took a look on line to learn about scorpion eggs. Probably everybody in the world except for me knows this, but scorpions don't actually lay eggs.

      Based on what I found on the internet, scorpions keep their eggs in their body. The babies are born live. The babies then often spend a short period maturing while living on their mother's back.

      Sometimes scorpions do release their eggs. If they do, however, they often eat the eggs before they hatch.

      So, interestingly, humans and scorpions have live birth in common. This might partly explain why the scorpion was protecting an egg with a human inside of it. And, I guess, the babies maturing on the mother's back might explain why the scorpion was climbing around on the back of my neck.)

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