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    1. The Terrifying Mustache Man!

      by , 07-11-2014 at 04:09 PM
      I fall asleep, and immediately see a face directly in front of mine, maybe our noses are a full nose distance apart at most. A man is staring directly at me, sporting a big, regular mustache, and smiling happily. Looking right into my eyes as his wide face remains motionless. I scream in terror, completely surprised by this man, because just a moment ago I was laying in my bed, waiting for sleep.

      I wake up with a jolt, then question why he was so terrifying for me? I think it was the surprise factor of going from being by myself, to having a face all up in my face.
    2. To meet one who isn't known.

      by , 05-21-2014 at 03:11 AM
      I walk into a baseball park, walking next to a beautiful huskey, unleashed, that isn't mine, and I didn't know the name of. We walk to the back of the fields, the dog sniffing around and such, then it looked up in the direction of some woodlands behind the fields. A strange black goat, with flesh hanging off in spots, and with no eyes, comes sprinting past out of the woods. It passes us quickly, then collapses at the closest sidewalk to us. There was no blood around the animal, and nothing chasing it. And even stranger, the goat didn't look as if the wounds were inflicted on it. They seemed to be.. a part of it. The husky walks off, paying no attention to the animal. I examine it a little more though. Then in the next instant there is a boy next to me that I didn't know either. I had never seen his face before. He never gave a name, and said nothing at first. After glancing at the carcas, he told me to watch out for something, but I didn't catch what he told me to look out for. It seemed my dream wouldn't let me hear it, because when he repeated it a little more urgently, I still could not understand.
      I called the dog over using a name that I didn't know, and couldn't hear. Like the boy, I couldn't hear or think the name I called out to.
      The dog ran over to me, and just as he neared me, and man in a car pulled up alongside the sidewalk, a rifle in hand. He said nothing as he drove past, only looked at me and the boy, but I got the feeling if pure terror.
      I ran away, with the dog and boy in tow. I called out the boys name, and again could not understand the name I had called, and told him to run faster.

      And that was were it ended. But fast forward four and a half years, I have the same exact dream again. This time, I knew the names of the boy and the dog. I could call them out in the dream. The boy, I met in my second half of freshmen year, highschool, and he turned out to be my boyfriend in my sophomore year, Sam.

      I have yet to tell him of my dreams, and we are still together to this day.

      As for the dog, it turned out to be the boys dog (Sam's dog), Chaga.
      (Pronounced: Cha-Sha)

      The goat and the man are still a mystery to me. As well as what Sam was trying to warn me about. That is still not clear.

      I'm not sure if I should let Sam know about my dream, or not. I have no idea if it has any significance. But when I had the dream, I did not know him then, and had never seen him before. We lived in different states altogether.

      The reason I didn't recognise him from my dream the instant I met him was because somehow I had forgotten about the dream completely until I had it again a few days ago. Then I woke up and remembered everything.

      Is there anything anyone can explain to me? Maybe why I dreamed about someone I met four and a half years later? Or maybe the significance of it if at all?
    3. 15 may 2014

      by , 05-15-2014 at 11:04 AM (Mindraker's Dream Journal)
      • 318 screaming cuts down on neighbors being loud idiots.
      • 400 AM I wake up (IRL), but I'm wondering whether I will manage to fall back asleep... which I do... and...
      • 600 AM I'm on an island. I see plants. I am talking to a man I've never seen before, but who thinks he knows me. His name is Zor. Says something about 'LOOK INTO THE EYES OF THE ALL-POWERFUL ZOR!', which I do, and I see this guy killing me. And I wake up.
    4. 05 May 2014

      by , 05-05-2014 at 11:48 AM (Mindraker's Dream Journal)
      • 324 AM A Schwarzenegger-type man takes up cycling "for a week". His hair starts falling out. His wife tells him, "fine, don't come back for a week." In the dream, I start writing in my dream journal at the dining room table (which I never use for my DJ), so I do a half-assed reality check and wake up.
    5. 5/1/2014

      by , 05-05-2014 at 01:41 AM
      I was in some rural type area on a bridge and I was also watching something on a war. After, I grabbed a mask from the movie and put it on. The plastic hurt me since it didn't conform to my face. I jumped off the bridge and landed on the ground on my stomach. I was then in a house with girls arguing over some other war movie. I left and was walking home. I came up to what I knew was Denise's house and entered through the open garage. I thought someone was home because it was open but upon looking around, another car was blocking the garage door from closing. I saw a man and his family come up and I turned around and put my gun in my pants. The man asked me to take a picture of him and his family with his camera that was the instant print ones but with digital controls. I was messing with the controls for a little bit.
    6. 30 apr 2014

      by , 04-30-2014 at 09:50 AM (Mindraker's Dream Journal)
      • A huge guy with a beard is talking about (the god) Thor.
    7. Templar Compound

      by , 03-03-2014 at 05:30 PM (Into the Ether)
      K and I are at the beach, in the ocean but near the shore. We're talking when I notice about 20 backpacks floating in the water nearby. I look at K, she looks at me, we're both thinking the same thing.


      She grabs one. They're unchanged by the water. She wants to take one. I'm not big on stealing and decide to ask somebody about the bags. Somebody says it's fine to take. K is trying to pick one out for me, asking what I want. One is pink on pink, another blue and pink. She holds up a pink one. Pink isn't really my thing. I tell her to grab the white one since she's now swimming in the middle of the bags.

      In the middle of this a group of . . . templars? arrive and stand on the beach. They're wearing a sort of greenish uniform with some hard shell padding in the usual places (knees, elbows, etc). They call me over. I get out to see what they want. I'm immediately handcuffed and told that I'm under arrest.


      I look at K for some sort of help with making the mental connect. I thought I was kosher with the templars, we had an arrangement. Judging by the shocked expression on her face, it's clear she has no clue what going on. I tell her not to do anything, let me figure out what's going on first. I'm not sure if she heard me as it was said telepathically.

      We arrive at a templar compound and I'm being overseen by one of their higher profile men. There was somewhat of a trial but not really. Judge, jury, and executioner was one person. I'm about to be escorted to my new long term home when I decide this bullshit.

      As we're walking, the man is smug about my future. His gait as he's walking and the fact that he leaves a lot of room between us shows me he doesn't consider me a threat. Using this I decide to stray a bit further back, begin to clean up the room we're in, organizing things, making it aesthetically pleasing.

      A woman who carries herself with more than enough self confidence walks into the room. She's very pleased with the new look.

      My thought process was, in a cell I'll be limited with options. I need to keep out of a cell and to do that, I need to appeal to somebody with power. This woman offered an out.

      My escort seemed decently impressed too. In the middle of this pause, news arrives of an impending attack. People get busy, woman leaves, man is left to escort me to the cell again, but since their resources are preoccupied I make a move.

      I slip out from the handcuffs and make a run for it. He tries to stop me but I evade his attempts to get a grip on me. The attack has begun and he leaves me to respond.

      At the border of the compound there are two templars, young, they don't even look like real templars due to their humanity showing through. It doesn't take me long to convince them that I'm just visiting a friend in the compound and due to the attack, thought it best to leave.

      They let me pass the border and soon after I've acquired a vehicle. Finally making it to a very massive highway, I feel a sense of relief. I get my bearings, figuring out where I am. I can't tell really, cities are beneath me and up ahead I can make out storm clouds. I take a closer look and it's a very large storm, almost a hurricane?

      Driving straight into it I decide that would offer the best cover. Once I've entered the city I ditch the car and head inside. I head through a parking garage when I hear loud voices talking, they sound like they're looking for somebody. Not taking any chances I decide to leave. I find sort of like an elevator room and pass through one door.

      "I think she's over here!" I hear one of them say.

      Once I'm in the room, I head to the opposite side of the it, create another door. Pass through that door. Then another door, and another, and another. That should slow them down at least a little.

      I still hear them but it's a maze of doors. I take off in another direction and after a brief run I finally approach a wall.

      A door forms.

      I open the door and walk in, closing it as I catch my breath. My eyes adjust to the darkness of the room, there's just a faint glow in the center.

      A man is standing under the glow and I feel a sense of relief with a mild case of terror. It dawns on me that the one person I seem to trust has no army and no allegiance.

    8. $300 Prize

      by , 03-01-2014 at 04:31 PM (Into the Ether)
      The three of us were able to meet up at what we're using as a Home base. Next objective we wanted to try was talking to the people there, since we all recalled at least 6 or 7 additional people with us who we didn't intend to see.

      1. Almost tantric like coitus with man I love but don't actually know.

      2. WG is with her sister (?) and I'm tagging alone. They both seem to want to color their hair.. and pick up boxes to do that.

      3. There's an event, I'm trailing behind Wg and her sister when I had to fall behind. I finished and caught up with them but they're turning a corner. I consider catching up and at least saying 'goodbye' before I head off on my own. Yet they seem pretty immersed in their conversation that I decide not to.

      4. As soon as I turn around, the coitus-tantric-sex man reappears behind me. He pulls out paper and has a confused expression on his face. We figure out that he won a prize. It was covertly placed into his jacket pocket (black tie-ish event). The paper had three red letters on a white rectangular shaped paper. T-I-F I think. Never figured out what that meant.

      5. I work with him to to claim the prize, he doesn't know what he should do. I speak to a nearby event staff to get the info with claiming the prize. There was a sequencing of events and not much time left to get it done. I place the guy in a nearby line to buy some ticket (buying a second ticket for something was the first step). There was one or two things left, we got to the last part and we're near train tracks now. He scratches off part of the ticket to reveal the even larger prize and he doesn't win it. I don't even think he wanted to win it, lol.

      6. He's done and laying on the ground now, facing toward the sky. Laughing, I tell him to go claim the prize. It's still $300 which he seemed to be able to use. That and the contest itself was the big deal, not the prize.

      7. We get to the area for him to claim the prize and I notice there's a man in a pink ballerina outfit sitting on his knees, he's also wearing a goofy smile. Turns out there are two men who are having a discreet discussion underneath the man in the tutu. I peek under because it's strange and notice a waaaaay too revealing set of pink undergarments and quickly remove myself.

      8. I go back to the man who won the prize, he looks at me with such a playful smile as he tells me he didn't want the prize.

      9. I return to Home base and find a small room inside. I'm trying to fix something, it almost looks like a toilet but for some reason it had a really weird shape to it (heh, maybe a fountain?) There was a porcelain part and a wicker top part. NH shows up and tries to help me, but he's moreso not helping.
    9. 06 feb 2014

      by , 02-06-2014 at 12:03 PM (Mindraker's Dream Journal)
      • I seem to be giving another man a shoulder massage... hmm...
    10. Hurt leg

      by , 01-13-2014 at 02:25 AM
      I was walking down an alley and limping terribly on my right leg. A guy came up to me and asked if i wanted it fixed. I said sure and he pulled me into a room and started looking at my leg then he started rubbing some salves on it. I was looking at the ingredients and noticed they were shampoos or hair product stuff but it didn't concern me. Then he turns to me and says that will be $75. I was like no..... I don't have cash, I explain to him I literally don't have cash, that I've spent every cent on getting into school and I'm not paying that to have shampoo on my leg. Sure it helped but not that much! Well then the dream like changed the feel and he turns to me and is all in love with me. Starts carrying me around and talking about marrying me. He carries me out to the alley and proclaims his love for me and the dream ends.
      Tags: funny, hurt, love, man
    11. Attempted Murder Under the Bridge

      by , 01-01-2014 at 06:26 PM
      I was with an older man who wished to show me something on an island of some sort in a truly abandoned and isolated territory with lots of vegetation and uneven ground. Large rocks...streams...and nature basically.He had me convinced with the sound of adventure to tag along.
      I recall myself having the appearance of a boy with short, dark hair. I followed him through pathways, in which collapsed afterwards. It made me uneasy, but he assured me it will be okay.
      This adventure had to do with some sort of treasure-hunt I believe, and there were traps involved...or more like hostile creatures. Over a streaming river, I followed him towards the bottom of a bridge and crouched down into that compartment with him. He told me to stay leaned flat against the walls.

      That made sense when a whole ton of wasps/hornets came flying with large stingers darting towards us, only to hit a stone wall. He stated that their speed prohibits them from controlling their direction. I peered up at the bridge and saw a flashing red light, only to realize it was a bomb. He told me to wait there...but no, I couldn't. I believed the bomb would destroy the whole place and kill us all. My family was here too. I darted out rebelliously and somehow knew another route in which wasn't blocked. He went after me, but not in a run or anything. Just a moderate walking speed. I lifted up a piece of wood as a ramp and used it to climb up, then dashed to my family by the cars in which should have been boats to me.

      I told them we needed to leave. Leave before the bomb set off, and leave before that guy came after me again. For some reason, he gave me unease.
      Of course, my family was slow and when we got into the car, he was at their window...I believe he got a ride in one of the cars, and I knew I failed miserably.
    12. December 15th 3 dreams.

      by , 12-15-2013 at 05:03 PM
      First dream was about my horse (surprise surprise) and not a happy one either:

      I walk through a door which happens to lead me right into my barn with my horses. I'm getting chores started. (Pretty sure I am not lucid at this point as this is all too real and normal) I start thinking of what I was doing before.... work party..... sleep... OH I'M DREAMING!!! At this point I put the feed buckets down as I don't really need to do chores. Go through the wall to the pasture and there are my 4 horses. All looking so pretty. Then my little one (I call him little but he is going to be 5 years old soon) comes up and he is walking on three legs! One of his back legs he can't even put on the ground. I run up to him and start checking his hoof. (for being lucid so easily, I easily get pulled back into the "story") I'm poking and prodding trying to figure out what hurts and he just stands there like it doesn't hurt but still can't walk... I just think... this is a dream.... this is a dream... this is a dream.... all the while I have my eyes closed. In waking life I have been all too stressed out about my horses. The thought of more than likely having to sell 2 is killing me!!!

      When I open my eyes in the dream......... 2nd dream:

      I am in a house. I have a feeling that many other people live here as well. I go back into what must be my room. There is a gate much like a baby gate on my doorway. This whole dream seems "dark" as in there isn't much light, but it doesn't seem to bother me. Walking into my room is narrow almost hall like with a closet on the left, keep walking and the room widens out. Windows on my right, must be night as they are dark too. This room is huge. I see my bed all the way at the end. (This looks nothing like a room I've ever been in but its all familiar) To my left are a couple cages. I look in and there are rabbits. One in particular catches my attention. He looks just like my old rabbit Levi. I go to pet him and realize he's dead. I start crying, I put him in a box and try to clean the bit of nasty that death leaves on him off. I carry him out. When I cross the threshold. I'm now in a closet not holding the box. My goal is to use the hangers to get something at the top. Not sure what. There is a guy there too. He is trying to help. He has an Asian look to him. Says he will hold these hangers and give me a hand to the top. Very strong and agile. I climb up with ease and look in the hole. Its a little rabbit. She is a light brownish color. I gently pick her up and hold her and carry her down. It seems an arduous task to get back to my room but I do and I set her on a table. I ask if she wants a cage or a litterbox. To which she replies. "A litter box would be nice, I don't know if I can get onto a toilet" so I turn away and am looking for a litterbox to put near her. When I find one I come back and she's gone! I look around and notice a woman sitting on my bed. She too is Asian. "Were you the rabbit?" She looks at me and smiles. "Yes I was and thank you for saving me!" As she says this another person comes through my door. Its an older man. He says "Can you imagine the fear I put in them when I jumped up not dead!" I figure he must have been the rabbit I thought was dead! He says, "Thank you child for caring for me so well! Sorry to have spooked you there!" I feel pulled away at this point. It goes black for a minute.

      Into Dream 3:

      I'm at a table in a not so well-lit room. The table itself it well-lit but the rest isn't. At this point a door across from me opens. Bright light comes in with it and a figure comes. Sure enough, its Jareth. He sits down at the opposite side of the table from me and while looking at me starts dealing out cards. I'm not sure if this is a card game or what. Then I notice he only places 5 cards in front of me all face down. He still has his eyes fixed on me and hasn't spoken a word. As I'm sure confusion crosses my face, he smirks. UGH that smirk!!!

      Me: "What are we doing here?"
      Jareth: "Shhhhh... I'll get to it" He starts flipping the cards over one by one. I don't look until he laughs. I look down at the cards. I have no idea what any of them mean. I've never been dealt cards like this before. I see a knight on a horse, holding a jousting stick pointing outwards. Another is a King on a thrown with a crown falling to the side. Another is a sunrise coming up over a hill. Another is an angel in a Jesus pose and a light behind. Lastly is a skeleton crawling out from the dark.

      Me: "whats so funny, what does it mean?"
      Jareth: "Have you ever been dealt happiness?"
      Me: "what do you mean, I've been happy a lot. I try to spread my happiness with others. Happiness is everywhere you look." He laughs.
      Jareth: "Are you sure about that? Are you sure you've been truly happy?" I look down at the cards and they seem to be shimmering now.
      Me: "I feel like I have, what does this all mean!?" I wave my hand over the cards and in his general direction. I'm getting a tad frustrated.
      Jareth: "You will see soon enough." smirks and places his hand on mine. He is slightly leaning over the table and I can see him better. "You will find out, no need to be angry. Its good. Its happiness."

      I feel like I'm fading and being pulled backwards... "JARETH!!!" I wake up.
    13. Another Haunted House Dream

      by , 11-11-2013 at 07:36 PM
      I dream about a man... he is fairly wealthy, he's a respected lawyer. He's tall, with pale skin, blue eyes and very short blond hair. Something happens - he has a mental breakdown, or something - and he loses his job, and everything he owns, and ends up homeless.

      Rather than hang around the city, where people might recognize him, he heads out into a more rural area. He's always looking for somewhere to hide in order to sleep... bushes, thick brush, etc. The landscape is very Midwest. It's harder than you'd think, partly because farmers pay attention to what's going on on their land, and partly because in order to be able to get any of the stuff he needs to survive, he still needs to stay near the highway. He's sleeping in some brush when his ex-wife recognizes him one day, and it's very uncomfortable.

      He makes friends with a kid who wanders around the countryside. The kid is a little boy, also blond... he has run away from home. Even so, his family is very poor. The two of them find the dilapidated ruins of an old house. A company started building houses, but never finished them because the economy tanked and they ran out of money. A little girl lives in one of the other half-built, decaying houses.

      "Their" house has graying wood siding with peeling blue paint. It has 3 floors. It's mostly unfinished, without a roof or anything, although it does have a trapdoor up to the attic. Naturally, because this is one of my dreams, the house is haunted.

      The lawyer guy camps out in the attic for a while. The kid takes one of the downstairs bedrooms... despite being half-built, the house still has broken down looking beds in its bedrooms. Lawyer guy has lots of sheets of paper that he likes to arrange in stacks. After a while, the attic gets too uncomfortable because it's too haunted. The kid feels things pull on his leg all of the time. But it's shelter and sleeping out in the elements is still worse.

      The kid's mom eventually shows up. She decides that maybe she'd like to buy the house and fix it up. She realizes that the lawyer guy is camping out there... he's worried about what she'll think about him hanging out with her kid, if she thinks he's dangerous, even though he cares about the kid a lot.

      There's another kid, a shitty rich kid, who likes to pick on the poor kid. They have a competition involving bottle rockets, and the mean kid sabotages the poor kid's rocket. The poor kid is distraught, because making his rocket cost him a lot of money (for him).

      The kid has a crush on a girl, a mutual friend of theirs... she's a bit chunky, with brown hair that goes past her shoulders. One day she starts flirting with him, kissing him, etc... he figures out she had a fight with her boyfriend (the rich kid) and she's just doing this as "revenge". He gets pissed, and tells her to get lost.

      Somehow, he ends up falling down an embankment next to the house. He feels something try to shove him into the highway. He grabs onto a tree, but feels it trying to peel his fingers from around the trunk.

      I wake up.

      Dream clues:
      - Spectator perspective
      - Haunted house
      - Ghost
    14. Figure By The Bed (27.10.13)

      by , 10-28-2013 at 01:16 PM (Dream Tales)
      This one's a tad confusing as I'm not sure if I was fully dreaming it all or if I was half awake.

      I was lying in bed, my mind feeling sluggish, and suddenly became aware of a presence beside me. I turned my head and saw a figure standing beside my bed, though I was unable to move my head to see more than the mid-torso. It was a man dressed in white and I'm sure he was wearing a tie, though I cannot remember the colour.

      I waved my hand at him in a shooing motion. "No, no, go away! Go away!" I cried.

      It was at this point that I suddenly jolted upright and woke up to find my heart was racing and I suddenly craved some form of light in my dark bedroom. I'm reasonably sure I actually said the whole 'go away' part aloud and actually moved my hand too, which is why I wonder if I was half awake for this.
      Tags: bed, figure, fragment, man
      dream fragment
    15. 15 oct 2013

      by , 10-15-2013 at 11:59 AM (Mindraker's Dream Journal)
      • I'm taking an exam with a woman student next to me and a male teacher in the front of the room. I then proceed to fill out the teacher evaluation form. The word "suicided" comes up. I wait for the other student to finish, and I then realize I don't have to mail the form in and can just hand it in to the professor.
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