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    1. Planning trip through the Canal

      by , 11-26-2014 at 08:47 AM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      Although I cannot remember exactly, I have been planning to get from UK to France.
      Because somehow I was unable to fly or use a boat, the plan was to go in a truck. Some friend of mine had a father that could arrange that. The father was ill or disabled and would go too. I remember going to a boarder office somewhere at the harbour. I purchased some tickets and then returned to the loading bay where the truck was. Two builders were loading loads of bags with cement on the truck. There were bag everywhere.

      Then I when we were just about to leave, the gather got stubborn and decided that he didn't want to go. Without him it would be impossible. I was sitting by the door, doing something, I have a feeling that it was somehow spying on him or plotting something to trick him.

      thats all I know.
    2. Searching for SW

      by , 11-05-2014 at 02:16 PM (Kali)
      I'm in an elementary school classroom with students. There are four of us 'teachers' present. I've found a comfy spot on a bed/couch/table thing to lay on. I'm listening to one of the teachers teach, it's putting me to sleep. I'm nodding off when one of the women nudge me. She tells me to stay awake. I tell her no. I've already learned this lesson. She seems a shade frustrated by my disinterest in the lesson. Tells me to fake it for the kids. I say that the kids don't care. They've got three others who are available and they're actively paying attention to only one of them. I tell her I'll be right back.

      I'm unclear on whether I actually fall asleep because when I 'awaken' I'm back in the same scene.

      I sit up feeling refreshed. One of the kids has a handful of twinkies in his hand. The fuck? After a bit of researching I've figured out why. An absent student has a locker in the hallway full of twinkies and has shared it with this kid. I have a seat on a couch. A man and woman joins me. We're talking about something and I've done something playful to the man. Like poke him in the arm or leg, can't remember. He responds by jabbing his finger into my thigh. We lean forward at the same time and it leads to our mouths touching, but it's not quite a kiss. I grow highly uncomfortable. He's not mine. He is hers. I back off quickly, unsure of what she saw, what I must fix, how to resolve the awkwardness. I stand up and move myself away from him and seat myself closer to her. Personally, I really do like him as a person/friend; might even be open to more but he belongs to another. I respect that so I distance myself a bit like I always do.

      Dream skip.

      I'm pulling out of a parking lot behind a silver sedan, SW is inside. As soon as we get onto the road she pulls over to the side. I realize that she knows she's being followed, haha. I pull up beside her and roll down my window, giving her a big excited wave and a huge smile. The expression on her face shows me she's very aware that she was being followed. And I was following her! Just not to hurt her, I just wanted to find her and I have, but she's a little upset looking, so I decide it might not be best right now to initiate a friendly encounter so I decide to try again later.

      Dream skip.

      Fragment: I'm with a few people on a patio. We're being watched by a creepy man. He's not part of the group, he's lurking on the outskirts, I head inside, he follows, I manage to lock some doors but it's a silly idea really; he won't be kept out.

      Dream skip.

      A different man approaches me. There's an issue in another country, Asia. In our country we're watching from an assassin POV as someone goes around killing people. I tell the man that I'd like to know who's doing this. He seems to agree. We arrive on the other side and there's a slight issue. We don't exactly blend in as well as we had in America. We're talking about something as we get near an elevator. An asian man walks up beside us to wait for the elevator too. I change the conversation to balloons and something else. The man I'm with appears confused by the sudden change of topic. When we reach out floor I whisper to him that we have to have a non-threatening reason to be here.

      "I really want to see an arcade!" I say very loudly.

      That came out much more stupid sounding than I truly intended. I don't mind though. I'd rather people think I'm a ditzy American than think I'm here to uncover their secret assassin.

      We go into an arcade as the asian man from the elevator had followed us. I find a back room, just can't enter without anybody noticing. Turns out the assassin isn't a person. It's a robot. I find one of them crumbled in a pile on the floor. That was interesting to learn.

      I really do want to play a game though. The man I'm with tells me no. I assume he means he's not going to play, so I put in money. Money isn't working. I question if it's the currency but then I notice I have A LOT of money. The man orders a whole chicken and is eating it by the time our bill comes.

      We've racked up a $49.XX bill. He's eaten three entire whole chickens. Damn.

      Issue with the mafia again. I'm talking to the leader and experiencing another issue with an update on my progress (again).
    3. Round 2 of HAFT!

      by , 10-31-2014 at 04:39 PM (Kali)
      Busy day today (Happy Halloween!). Gonna be a quick one:

      I'm in a shop looking around. Get to the candle area. Pick one up, sniff it, smells like strawberry. Clerk suggests I should lick it. Naturally I agree. I inform her it the candle has no taste. She doesn't believe me. I suggest she lick it and find out for herself. She does not. I move on to the mocha scents.

      In a room with maybe eight other people. Large tub of water in the middle, a woman across from me is scrying with the foam on the top. Words appear, I successfully read the message but can't recall it upon waking. I can't discern whether we were manifesting or receiving.

      Woke. Back to sleep.

      I'm traversing a swamp, following after a man. We're both wearing ACUs. He stops, alerts me to many crocodiles. I send them away, over 50 of them head further downstream.

      We reach a waterfall and now there's four of us. Walter (from a TV series I'm watching) is in front of me, talking about Peter, his son who died. Suddenly I feel Peter's loss as I would my own son. The anguish and sorrow build in me, overwhelms me, I head down the waterfall after them. When we reach the last rapid we wind up in a room. I'm dry. Still sobbing about the loss of my made-up TV series son who I can't for the life of me not see as my own son. Eventually I wake up crying and distraught.

      Woke. Back to sleep.

      FA: Man rolls over in bed with me. We briefly talk about dreaming. I mention he hasn't told me his dreams lately. I said that must be hard if you're having sex with a different woman each time. He agrees. 'Splains he was just dreaming of fucking this woman in bed next to him.

      We arrive at a house party. It ends and I'm helping clean up the kitchen. The man of the house we're visiting receives a phone call. His 'somebody' has been kidnapped. I'm now playing the roll of Olivia (from that same TV series) and explain I can help.

      Time skip.

      There's three of us in a mall, myself and two men. One of them looks like Auron. We're all searching for the 'somebody' and make a turn around a corner. We're greeted with a tall staircase, lined with horned animal bones, covered in blood. I'm excited, this is a good sign, means we're close. Auron has stopped at the bottom of the staircase. He appears hesitant. I tell him this is good. We're here. He's still not moving. The third man with us is already on his way up the staircase.
    4. And then there was you

      by , 10-28-2014 at 05:05 PM (Kali)
      I'm in the middle of a black body of water, floating on a raft. I've got one arm fishing in the water for something. Each time I pull an item above the surface, it's not what I'm looking for. Item after item is returned to the water. I know it's in here, I just don't know where. By this point I'm ready to lunge straight in and swim for it. I just don't think that would be the best of ideas right now. Once I'm under, all sense of anything will be lost. It's not worth risking life itself for a trinket. Where is that godforsaken necklace?!

      I head to shore, deciding to come up with a better plan. I turn just in time to see a man float to the ground. He seems rather cheery as he informs me that he has found me. I tell him he's a little late. I asked to be found yesterday. He changes the topic, brings up something bothering him. Says he can't trust me. I tell him he probably shouldn't; but I would appreciate it if he did. He wants to know why. I sort of side step the question.

      I begin telling him a story about my dad. I tell him how my dad could pinpoint a person's character in under five minutes. We used to play this game where I'd try to beat him, as a child I was very competitive. Eventually I did beat him. I would pinpoint character in under three minutes; usually two. Eventually I would play this game without him picking out the targets. I noticed even the most selfless people were just illusions. Uncovering people I'd consider 'good' was very rare, though it did happen on occasion. Many times people would use layers and layers of good like they would perfume or cologne to mask the fact that they hadn't showered. This childhood game became less of a favorite. I'm not entirely sure why my dad chose to play this with me, and I can't say for certain I wish he hadn't.

      He asks me again why he should trust me. I tell him it's because he smells good.

      We go on to talk about masks, why I can't always see him as he is. I explain I'm building a tolerance for him. At present I'm working on developing patience--with others and myself. Not everything can or should be done TODAY. It can unfold over a season. It's usually better this way, so I've been told.

      He then asks me why I remember things he can't. I can't answer him, I don't know why he can't. All I know is how things are on my end. I explain I have these memories of lives I haven't actually lived, with him in all of them. I'd like to forget them all and I've tried. I've completely ignored them, my off switch is fully functional. The issue is when I turn on my instincts or whatever they're to be called, he comes with that. To ignore him would be the same as ignoring myself. It feels wrong.

      Now he wants clarification on why I was told to stay away from him. I tell him at first I thought it was because he was bad for me, evil too perhaps. Though I've never thought that and found it strange the people who told me this would do so. As it turns out, it's because he desired a normal life for himself this time around. I'd like him to have that for himself. After all the lifetimes we've shared, I'd need a break from me too. I'm trying to leave him alone but it doesn't help when he comes around in dreams. Especially not when we have sex the way we have sex. I have only so much willpower.

      He's quiet and I assume he's doing a fair bit of thinking, at least I would be. I suppose we're done here. I feel done. That's more than I ever wanted to explain but, I really do care about him. So much so that I'd be willing to disappear if I thought it best for him.

      Woke. Back to sleep.

      I'm dodging runaway vehicles, trying to track down something I can't recall. A man begins to follow me. I ditch him at a bridge. I'm inserting a needle into a vein in my arm. (wondering what's up with all these drug references lately.) I emerge on the other side of a bridge. Sex slaves. I speak with the girls, still trying to gain some bearings on what I'm doing. Sex slaves house transforms into a porn shop. A man tries to sell me a video of these girls for $117. I explain that's a bit high for a DVD. That and sex slaves don't get me off. He stops pushing the video and offers me something else I've been wanting lately. I examine it. I just don't like this place. There's something off. The owner is here and he's just off too. I decide to leave.

      Fragment about a swimming pool.

      I'm back in the town with the bridge and this time I'm observing a man in a van. I see him get pulled over by police. The man in the van shows the police his badge and informs them he's a detective. The police back off.

      Well shit. No wonder I wasn't getting anywhere with my case.
    5. Nut House, Thanks for the Shove, Nothingness

      by , 10-13-2014 at 06:49 PM (Kali)
      I begin in an apartment building. I pretty sure I lack a body and simply roam from one place to the next, watching people. I hear a disagreement coming from above me so I head upstairs, pass through the door, and watch as a man in his 30s argues with a woman in her 50s. The woman makes a sudden shift in demeanor and reaches for a machine gun. The man panics, begins stammering. She aims it at him but can't make it fire. I make the decision to leap into his body and take control.

      Once I'm inside I run into a connected room. I slam the door and pace for a moment, debating my options. The room I'm in doesn't have any windows or doors, besides the one I just passed through. What a fucked up little room. Guess I'll just have to kill her.

      No! Don't kill her! Please.

      What do you mean don't kill her? She just tried to kill you!

      Yes, but you can't kill her.

      I'm annoyed with his request. If I can't kill her.... maybe I can subdue her. Choke hold? I guess.

      I push a heavy object against the door, thinking it would be helpful if the door actually had a lock. Within a second a lock slowly materializes. I grin.

      Ok, this will work. When her clip is empty I'll open the door and grab her. Seems like a half baked plan but it's the best one I can imagine (sadly).

      I'm waiting near the door when I realize it might be best to move us behind a solid object or two. I do just that. This is when I notice a large sliding door in the wall. Great! An exit!

      Then I notice the secondary door, leading into a stairwell.

      I move for the sliding door, opting for the obvious exit. The jump is only a story or two but he stops us. He says he wants to remain in the building, he wants to make sure another person is safe. I grow more annoyed.

      I'm here to save YOU. Not the entire building. Hell I'm not even here to save you, it just happened to be convenient.

      I can sense him fighting me on this. His body is moving further from the window and closer to the fire escape. I let him win.

      We head down, he's taking the lead and controlling his body (for the most part). The stairwell begins to shrink, then we're met with unlocked gates, then with a locked gate. The older woman finds us and aims her gun at us. He cowers, half-stuck between the locked gate.

      I close my eyes, merely trying to disappear. Everything shifts abruptly.

      Now I'm sitting in a studio, across from my best friend. K telepathically informs me we're just here to stir trouble. We're being interviewed on our lives, which happen to be a fake story she's created. It's something ridiculous and we're supposedly arguing over it. We put on a good show. On my exterior I'm quite livid; but internally I'm laughing my ass off. I can't believe what she's gotten herself into here.

      When I turn to look at a picture on the wall, the glass surface offers my reflection. I notice I'm black now, with shoulder length straightened hair. I'm decently attractive. I look like K's sister, actually. I begin to wonder how often I make these shifts in appearance. It's only recently that I've taken a growing interest in how the shifts in appearance happen. I mean, do I ever look like myself? Do I even have an appearance--at all? It's almost a disturbing thought. I don't actually exist. I am whatever I feel like being...... if that's the case, I imagine I'd feel quite--pointless.

      I've stopped laughing. I feel mad now. Not angry mad, but crazy mad. What exactly is the point of this?

      The scene ends just as abruptly as it began. I'm back in that apartment building, this time I seem to have made it out of the stairwell and chaos has erupted in the lobby. I see the man I was merged with from before, he's trying to help resolve the situation in the lobby.

      I walk straight to the woman shooting people and toss her onto a table with TK. I'm livid now, tired of dealing with her bullshit. This bullshit. I pick up her gun and hold down the trigger, spraying her with a series of bullets.

      Or at least what I expected to be bullets.

      Turns out there are no bullets. Only sparks. I'm confused. I haven't experienced issues with gun archetypes in a very long while now. That should have worked, I'm at a loss for why it didn't.

      She looks at me and smiles; quite an eerie smile at that.

      I need to get out of here.

      Racing through the entrance, I exit. A man follows after me, obviously coming with me. Not the same man I merged with from before. This man looks different than the other people in this place. Not sure how to describe it.... it's like the people here have a distinct appearance beneath their surface.... the man following me lacks that.

      As I'm attempting to make it across the street, I notice I'm hitting an increasing amount of resistance. My momentum is slowing but I've already decided that I'm leaving. I turn and face the man, still trying to pick up my pace.

      "Hey, help me out will you?"

      "What? Help you?"

      "Yeah, like give me a shove or something. Just help me get across the street, I can't seem to make it."

      I sense a forceful shove against my back, not with his hand or any other body part for that matter. His shove sends me to the other side of the street. I don't sense the resistance any longer, and keep running. I can't seem to find the man. In fact, I can't even see the apartment building we were just inside. It's now an entirely different sidewalk, different town, everything.

      I move further into the town, still a little freaked out and amped up on adrenaline. The scene calms and I know this is a safe area. Though I question what is 'safe' and why some areas are not safe. I'm surprised to find my dad and some other elders in a yard nearby. They're not really doing anything, simply sitting around and observing life... pass. They have no urgency about them, I notice the art they seem to be admiring. In fact, they remind me of ascended beings.

      Heading over to a garden nearby, I recognize it as mine. I pick up a tray of smaller sized pots and instantly grow a variety of fruits and vegetables. They are the epitome of perfection. I carry the tray to my dad and show it to him. He sees it, acknowledges the beauty, but there's a distance in his eyes. I know that look... I feel that look. It's the same feeling I get when I see something so beautiful, like a person for example, but I know it doesn't matter. Like knowing somebody will die, so you see the person but there's a sadness because to feel their beauty would mean feeling the eventual loss. Seeing but not experiencing.

      His smile is empty but he's trying. For me. He knows how important it is to me that he experience joy, even if that joy is the sign of an immature being. After all, one cannot lose what they never allow themselves to have. There is no void, no cravings, they are whole beings. They've all threatened me too, at some point: one day I'll be like them, that I'll understand why there is truly nothing. We are nothing. We experience nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing. Their wisdom makes me question them. If nothing matters, why bother?

      I continue to show my dad the tray anyway.

      Notes after calling K. This is her perspective of our encounter:
      -we were together for approx 30 minutes
      -we were disguised as 20 year olds, attempting to fit in at a university (it was a poor attempt in regards to disguise)
      -we'd go from place to place and speak with the kiddos. We'd begin with a ditzy impression then end with a change in demeanor, who we really are. The students were baffled.
      -we sat in a couple of classes, one being philosophy. She said I was especially talkative with the professor, asking questions I already knew answers to. At the end, she said I shouted that he knew nothing of God and we both walked out of class. (Which I find humorous due to the God portion my dreaming led up to in my entry.)
      -she was talking to a cute guy and he was doubting our age. She said, as proof of her young age, that her labia is not at all stretched out. A WTF moment made an appearance.

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    6. New Approach

      by , 10-12-2014 at 04:32 PM (Kali)
      Finding my arrangement highly unsatisfying, I leave. Obviously there's something wrong if I'm finding myself frustrated and unmotivated. I set out to fix myself. Knowing the fastest route to happiness is to simply create it within myself, I do just this.

      Time skip.

      A man and I enter a diner, sitting ourselves near a window which oddly looks out into a darkened space. I stare out into the darkness, knowing all too well what's out there. We talk about things I can't remember all that well. Then we're met with a pause in our conversation. I look out the window again. He questions me gently, asking if I'd like to leave now. I take off my jacket, planning to stay here a bit longer with him. I tell him not yet; it's warm in here. What I had meant to say was he has a warmth about him. There's a sense of personal fortitude and peacefulness in him. Though I don't manage to express that to him; I've never been skilled with words. I just want to sit here and thaw out. It feels nice.

      A couple of young boys join us. We talk with them. Turns out these boys are poor and there's an ongoing issue with hunger. Soon it's time for them to leave so we all get up and head outside. Before we do though, I gain random insight about the man I'm sitting with. He tells me the name of a foster home, boys home, group home, something along those lines where/how he grew up. I understand the type of home he's trying to express but the name sounds gibberish when he says it. I ask him to repeat the name of it again, it begins with a 'L' and that's all I can seem to understand.

      I stop at a table on my way to the door. I contemplate the issue of hunger for the boys. It makes me sad they don't have access to food. It's not just an issue for them, I know it's a widespread issue that goes back to adults, parents, people who should know better. Selfish priorities and decisions made by adults that put the youth at a serious disadvantage. I'd like to dedicate a large portion of my life to resolving this issue, but then I realize what I'd be sacrificing. My long held vision of the orphanage dissipates. There's only enough time in this life to fulfill one of these missions. I can't justify sacrificing children without parents for those who do, but just make poor decisions.

      We're outside and I find I've taken a bag that doesn't belong to me and the man I was sitting with comes out carrying my backpack and a couple other items I had left inside. I don't recall bringing those items with me. I take the items from him and return to him his bag. I go to walk the kids to school and it seems the man is going the opposite direction.

      Part of me is disappointed that he needs to leave. I enjoy his company more than I'd like to admit.

      He leaves, then the older boy leaves. I'm left walking with the younger one to school. We pass a forest and plethora of rabbits. He laughs at them, enjoying the scene. I make a mental note that if I'm to be seeing these boys on a regular basis, I need to be sure to get them both to school in time for breakfast. I must be the responsible one. When we left the diner, my watch read 7:45 am which is marginally late.

      I drop the young one into class and wander around campus. I find myself viewing videos of different lives, families, nothing entirely fascinating but I'd rather spend time doing this than the places within the darkness.

      The lights are too bright so I go to dim them. Instead of finding a light switch, I discover a dial. I turn it a fraction of an inch to the left which results in the entire building blacking out. People in an entirely separate room shout out that the lights are out.

      My bad. I try to fix it but don't want to screw it up more than I already have. I consider leaving but that doesn't seem like something I should do. Simply abandon a situation because I've messed it up. I wait and a woman comes to fix the lights. I explain what I was trying to do and then what actually happened. She's surprisingly warm about my error and then demonstrates how to achieve the results I wanted. However I find it important to note, she does the exact same action I did.

      Soon after I wander into a beauty salon. This is when I get a solid reflection of my appearance. My skin is pale again, but I also have quite the bushy mustache and beard...blonde and gray. I question if it's fake, some kind of costume. Suddenly the bushiness of it is gone but I can see the bottom layer; it's attached to my skin. How strange. Then I notice my bangs, which are highly disturbing to me...moreso than the facial hair I never have. I decide I need an appointment here, to fix my bangs. The beard doesn't bother me so much. I suddenly realize that my concentration was lacking from earlier in the night.

      When I had initially left my place beside the king, in search of something more fulfilling, my plan was to be with the reason I took on their kingdom: the people. I'd much rather spend time as one of the people, in order to help them rise instead of dealing with the constant recklessness of their king. Seemed a well-enough approach to things.

      Unfortunately I hadn't taken into account how exactly I'd become one of the people. Whether I would be young or old, man or woman, rich or poor. None of the details were even considered. Which explains the pale skin, thin feminine body, indeterminable age. Hell, I can't tell if I'm a young man who hasn't reached adolescence yet or a young woman with manly characteristics.

      My how I've done a poor job at thinking this through.

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    7. Kings are Better Dead

      by , 10-09-2014 at 09:25 PM (Kali)
      The king and I are in a car, he's driving. Looking out the windows reveals a forest. The king is talking about something I care little about; he goes on to prove a point to me by drawing the attention of a nearby bear. Surprisingly the bear is much faster than I thought possible and it reaches the drivers side window. The king's window is rolled down and he laughs as the bear begins to attack the vehicle, clawing its way to him. The king speeds up and the bear falls into the distance. The king leans close to me and begins to cackle. It's obvious he'd like to do it again.

      We enter a tunnel where we happen to find more black bears. He draws their attention too, but I'm growing uneasy. I can't tell if the tunnel has an exit so I build one for him, conveniently shaped as a U-turn. Although I fail to mention the upcoming turn because a small part of me is hopeful that he misses it. He sees the turn and takes it. It puts us back onto the road, but a different section of it.

      More bears appear and begin to chase. The road ends and we continue driving, eventually finding our path blocked by rocks and a stream. His car is failing him and I'm losing interest in constantly clearing a safe route for him. I decide to leave. I float through the roof of the car and observe the bears tear at the vehicle with him inside.

      I find my way to an outdoor gathering with tents and animals. A bear approaches me but this one is tame(ish) and I know it. We speak telepathically and it'd like me to walk with him. I escort him to where he wanted and it's time to say goodbye. Not entirely sure where it's going or why it wanted me to escort it but it made me feel good, if that's any way to describe the feeling. I give it hug and vigorously rub its back. When I look down, I notice a couple of snakes inching closer to my feet, so I get up and leave the area.

      A 10 foot yellow python manages to find me under a nearby tent. It rises a foot off the ground and tries to speak to me. I can't understand anything and find it repulsive. So repulsive that I leap onto a table and skip from one table top to the next in order to keep some distance.

      I safely have a seat inside a separate tent. The python finds me once more but as it reaches the entrance to the tent it shifts into a human form. I recognize it. He's a man I once knew, in another lifetime one might say. I've never been romantically interested in him but that's never deterred him. He waits at the door of the tent and tells me to be with him.

      I tell him I can't love him. His love is venomous; he's a child with a temper. That was the nice way for me to phrase it to him. He argues, asks me how I know. I briefly explain that people are not all that difficult to see. What resides within his heart would try to kill what's within mine. My answer will always be no.

      The day ends and I find myself preparing for bed. I'm wearing a satin robe and slide under my sheets, careful to keep myself untangled from the fabric. There's a moment of separate awareness where I'm wondering why I've laid out the fabric in a specific manner. I realize I do it in case I'm attacked while asleep.

      A man enters and I stand up to see him. He comes up and wraps himself around me. He chuckles as he grasps the ties of my robe, saying something about how he's glad it's not me holding his ties. I turn my head, pressing my cheek toward his. I close my eyes and let out a sigh. I'm tired of fighting a never ending war, for kings I'd prefer to torture.

      He whispers in my ear, "It's nice to see a girl's love stem from truth."

      I'm not entirely sure what he means by this.
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    8. Doughnuts for Killers

      by , 09-21-2014 at 06:03 PM (Kali)
      Right. Well, I'm trying out a couple things: meditation for 45 to 60 minutes prior to bed, using theta wave music, continuing spell work (for general dream enhancement), increasing exercise time, and began taking omega 3s again. Pretty much gone and tinkered with multiple factors to create a confounding bias worthy of concern. But I considered the other option, the responsible option: to change a single variable at a time and then make adjustments from the results of each. Decided against the latter option, ain't nobody got time for that.

      With that said, I did make the adjustment to the theta music. Did the smart thing and downloaded an album of brainwave entrainment so there'd be no issue with the data streaming. Made a huge difference (as one might expect xD )

      Noticed I did dream. Recall was a challenge. Part of me wonders if: I was lacking on the recall part during REM; if I slipped into too much delta sleep during NREM (and if so, some do dream while in this stage, for example: those who practice yoga nidra ((although I'm not quite at that level of awesomeness yet so if there was some dreaming during delta sleep, I wouldn't have the capability to recall any of it))); or another variable.

      With all that said, I did dream.

      Spontaneous awareness kicks in and I'm in a building (grocery store-ish), running. There are horizontal lines on the tile floor and I'm sprinting down aisles, I'm seeing how many I can leap over at a time. Shelves blur past as I pick up speed. I notice I'm racing somebody, a man. He's a short distance behind me. I question if I'm any danger but it's clear I'm not. I know him, sorta.

      I notice I feel incredible, my body moves effortlessly and although I could run faster, it's not about the speed. It's about the control. I increase my speed then hold it, then push it harder, then control it. I reach a point where I forget I'm playing with the man; the friendly race ends as my interest grows in testing the boundaries of this body.

      By the time I've realized what I've done, I can't find him. The store looks a little different, I roam the aisles for him. I give up after a while and head toward the exit. Before I reach it, a voice informs me of what's waiting for me when I leave. There's a handful of people at my next location (haven't even decided where I was going yet either) who plan on murdering me.


      I backtrack in the store, wondering what to do. Obviously hiding here is not an option; I'd like to address the issue but I should do so responsibly.

      I come across a couple people in the store. I decide they're friends and ask them to help me fight. They decline. I leave them.

      Heading over to the gift section, I try option 2. I pass on the teddy bears and trinkets and grab an empty pastry box. I fill it up with a dozen doughnuts and walk out, deciding to go it alone.

      I wake up before I get the chance to see how it turns out.
    9. The Terrifying Mustache Man!

      by , 07-11-2014 at 04:09 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I fall asleep, and immediately see a face directly in front of mine, maybe our noses are a full nose distance apart at most. A man is staring directly at me, sporting a big, regular mustache, and smiling happily. Looking right into my eyes as his wide face remains motionless. I scream in terror, completely surprised by this man, because just a moment ago I was laying in my bed, waiting for sleep.

      I wake up with a jolt, then question why he was so terrifying for me? I think it was the surprise factor of going from being by myself, to having a face all up in my face.
    10. To meet one who isn't known.

      by , 05-21-2014 at 03:11 AM
      I walk into a baseball park, walking next to a beautiful huskey, unleashed, that isn't mine, and I didn't know the name of. We walk to the back of the fields, the dog sniffing around and such, then it looked up in the direction of some woodlands behind the fields. A strange black goat, with flesh hanging off in spots, and with no eyes, comes sprinting past out of the woods. It passes us quickly, then collapses at the closest sidewalk to us. There was no blood around the animal, and nothing chasing it. And even stranger, the goat didn't look as if the wounds were inflicted on it. They seemed to be.. a part of it. The husky walks off, paying no attention to the animal. I examine it a little more though. Then in the next instant there is a boy next to me that I didn't know either. I had never seen his face before. He never gave a name, and said nothing at first. After glancing at the carcas, he told me to watch out for something, but I didn't catch what he told me to look out for. It seemed my dream wouldn't let me hear it, because when he repeated it a little more urgently, I still could not understand.
      I called the dog over using a name that I didn't know, and couldn't hear. Like the boy, I couldn't hear or think the name I called out to.
      The dog ran over to me, and just as he neared me, and man in a car pulled up alongside the sidewalk, a rifle in hand. He said nothing as he drove past, only looked at me and the boy, but I got the feeling if pure terror.
      I ran away, with the dog and boy in tow. I called out the boys name, and again could not understand the name I had called, and told him to run faster.

      And that was were it ended. But fast forward four and a half years, I have the same exact dream again. This time, I knew the names of the boy and the dog. I could call them out in the dream. The boy, I met in my second half of freshmen year, highschool, and he turned out to be my boyfriend in my sophomore year, Sam.

      I have yet to tell him of my dreams, and we are still together to this day.

      As for the dog, it turned out to be the boys dog (Sam's dog), Chaga.
      (Pronounced: Cha-Sha)

      The goat and the man are still a mystery to me. As well as what Sam was trying to warn me about. That is still not clear.

      I'm not sure if I should let Sam know about my dream, or not. I have no idea if it has any significance. But when I had the dream, I did not know him then, and had never seen him before. We lived in different states altogether.

      The reason I didn't recognise him from my dream the instant I met him was because somehow I had forgotten about the dream completely until I had it again a few days ago. Then I woke up and remembered everything.

      Is there anything anyone can explain to me? Maybe why I dreamed about someone I met four and a half years later? Or maybe the significance of it if at all?
    11. 15 may 2014

      by , 05-15-2014 at 11:04 AM (Mindraker's Dream Journal)
      • 318 screaming cuts down on neighbors being loud idiots.
      • 400 AM I wake up (IRL), but I'm wondering whether I will manage to fall back asleep... which I do... and...
      • 600 AM I'm on an island. I see plants. I am talking to a man I've never seen before, but who thinks he knows me. His name is Zor. Says something about 'LOOK INTO THE EYES OF THE ALL-POWERFUL ZOR!', which I do, and I see this guy killing me. And I wake up.
    12. 05 May 2014

      by , 05-05-2014 at 11:48 AM (Mindraker's Dream Journal)
      • 324 AM A Schwarzenegger-type man takes up cycling "for a week". His hair starts falling out. His wife tells him, "fine, don't come back for a week." In the dream, I start writing in my dream journal at the dining room table (which I never use for my DJ), so I do a half-assed reality check and wake up.
    13. 5/1/2014

      by , 05-05-2014 at 01:41 AM
      I was in some rural type area on a bridge and I was also watching something on a war. After, I grabbed a mask from the movie and put it on. The plastic hurt me since it didn't conform to my face. I jumped off the bridge and landed on the ground on my stomach. I was then in a house with girls arguing over some other war movie. I left and was walking home. I came up to what I knew was Denise's house and entered through the open garage. I thought someone was home because it was open but upon looking around, another car was blocking the garage door from closing. I saw a man and his family come up and I turned around and put my gun in my pants. The man asked me to take a picture of him and his family with his camera that was the instant print ones but with digital controls. I was messing with the controls for a little bit.
    14. 30 apr 2014

      by , 04-30-2014 at 09:50 AM (Mindraker's Dream Journal)
      • A huge guy with a beard is talking about (the god) Thor.
    15. Templar Compound

      by , 03-03-2014 at 05:30 PM (Into the Ether)
      K and I are at the beach, in the ocean but near the shore. We're talking when I notice about 20 backpacks floating in the water nearby. I look at K, she looks at me, we're both thinking the same thing.


      She grabs one. They're unchanged by the water. She wants to take one. I'm not big on stealing and decide to ask somebody about the bags. Somebody says it's fine to take. K is trying to pick one out for me, asking what I want. One is pink on pink, another blue and pink. She holds up a pink one. Pink isn't really my thing. I tell her to grab the white one since she's now swimming in the middle of the bags.

      In the middle of this a group of . . . templars? arrive and stand on the beach. They're wearing a sort of greenish uniform with some hard shell padding in the usual places (knees, elbows, etc). They call me over. I get out to see what they want. I'm immediately handcuffed and told that I'm under arrest.


      I look at K for some sort of help with making the mental connect. I thought I was kosher with the templars, we had an arrangement. Judging by the shocked expression on her face, it's clear she has no clue what going on. I tell her not to do anything, let me figure out what's going on first. I'm not sure if she heard me as it was said telepathically.

      We arrive at a templar compound and I'm being overseen by one of their higher profile men. There was somewhat of a trial but not really. Judge, jury, and executioner was one person. I'm about to be escorted to my new long term home when I decide this bullshit.

      As we're walking, the man is smug about my future. His gait as he's walking and the fact that he leaves a lot of room between us shows me he doesn't consider me a threat. Using this I decide to stray a bit further back, begin to clean up the room we're in, organizing things, making it aesthetically pleasing.

      A woman who carries herself with more than enough self confidence walks into the room. She's very pleased with the new look.

      My thought process was, in a cell I'll be limited with options. I need to keep out of a cell and to do that, I need to appeal to somebody with power. This woman offered an out.

      My escort seemed decently impressed too. In the middle of this pause, news arrives of an impending attack. People get busy, woman leaves, man is left to escort me to the cell again, but since their resources are preoccupied I make a move.

      I slip out from the handcuffs and make a run for it. He tries to stop me but I evade his attempts to get a grip on me. The attack has begun and he leaves me to respond.

      At the border of the compound there are two templars, young, they don't even look like real templars due to their humanity showing through. It doesn't take me long to convince them that I'm just visiting a friend in the compound and due to the attack, thought it best to leave.

      They let me pass the border and soon after I've acquired a vehicle. Finally making it to a very massive highway, I feel a sense of relief. I get my bearings, figuring out where I am. I can't tell really, cities are beneath me and up ahead I can make out storm clouds. I take a closer look and it's a very large storm, almost a hurricane?

      Driving straight into it I decide that would offer the best cover. Once I've entered the city I ditch the car and head inside. I head through a parking garage when I hear loud voices talking, they sound like they're looking for somebody. Not taking any chances I decide to leave. I find sort of like an elevator room and pass through one door.

      "I think she's over here!" I hear one of them say.

      Once I'm in the room, I head to the opposite side of the it, create another door. Pass through that door. Then another door, and another, and another. That should slow them down at least a little.

      I still hear them but it's a maze of doors. I take off in another direction and after a brief run I finally approach a wall.

      A door forms.

      I open the door and walk in, closing it as I catch my breath. My eyes adjust to the darkness of the room, there's just a faint glow in the center.

      A man is standing under the glow and I feel a sense of relief with a mild case of terror. It dawns on me that the one person I seem to trust has no army and no allegiance.

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