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    1. The First Time

      by , 12-16-2016 at 06:01 PM
      Last night was not exactly fun. I can remember brief instances of this one; they mainly seemed to be warped situations of things that have happened to me in the last few months IRL. I am at a performance, with cover bands, but itís as if theyíre all playing to a track, not actually playing their instruments. I am expected to play piano to a Queen song, but someone takes my place. Iím at a movie theatre, about to go see a film by myself. I run into several old high school acquaintances. Iím finishing a group project and turning it in at the last minute; I think this is at my old house. The last instance was the most vivid and unfortunate. Iím sitting alone on a couch in a strange room; itís like some parts of the wall are missing, or maybe the ceiling. Itís cloudy and grey outside. I think this place is near a lake. I see my ex-girlfriend just outside, her red hair vibrant and flowing in the wind. She is soon inside on the couch with me, and we begin to kiss and hold each other close. This is the first time I can think of that Iíve had this good of a dream about her since we broke up. In most dreams I can remember, she is cold, distant, or angry. In this one, she is welcoming, reciprocating, and affectionate. Then my friend comes in the room, acting like his usual annoying self. IRL, he didnít like my girlfriend, and even told lies about her to my friends. This anger I feel toward him was evident in the dream. I am happy with her in this dream, and I want him out of the picture. Feelings of affection I have for her in the dream are coupled with the feelings of hatred I have for my friend. This is very similar to an instance that occurred a couple months ago IRL. But I wake up and realize, that although Iím over her, my hatred for him remains.
    2. Grey Room

      by , 08-27-2016 at 09:25 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I dreamt about my liking of the color grey in a grey room
      Tags: grey, room
      non-lucid , lucid
    3. 07.20.2016 Travel-Shop

      by , 07-21-2016 at 04:05 PM
      Too many July birthdays today! With all of the festivities, made it to bed around 1am.
      Easy practice day. The last 5 days have been workout hell so I gave myself an easy day.
      Echinacea drops in 2 oz of water before bed, along with a myriad of B supplements.

      DR 1
      I'm in vacation clothes- a type of short sarong dress with a bikini under it(black). I'm walking around with friends and we are in a building with a huge open area. The walls and floor are white/light grey. There are people kind of buzzing around and I can hear "crowd noises". It feels as if we are in an airport, but we are not in a rush to get to a gate. People are shopping and we are exploring. I am in third person view for awhile, as the place is bigger and expands. I can see that the area is a lot bigger than I initially thought. We are on the second or third floor of the bulding/plaza, and there are stairs and elevators to my right. I was trying to find something. I was having a good time doing it though. There is a man in our group; we are conversing.

      Side Notes:
      Recall is so bad when I go to bed too late.
      Colors: white, grey
      non-lucid , side notes
    4. 07.19.2016 Numb

      by , 07-20-2016 at 02:18 PM
      Bed at midnight, no sleep until at least 3am because of body soreness. Took echinacea drops in water again before bed.
      Body is hurting again. Workout is challenging me and making me extremely exhausted these days.

      DR 1
      I could feel my body slip into a deep calm. My body went numb and I did not move. All of a sudden, I could hear lots of things going on around me. My niece was talking to someone- a man. I didn't open my eyes for a long time, because I felt lazy and I didn't want to move. I felt a light vibration and I wanted to stay there, because it was soothing. I realized it was prompting me into lucidity, but I didn't want to do it. (?) I felt too relaxed and preferred to stay right where I was.

      I kept hearing my niece's voice- asking the man, "are you sure that's supposed to go there?" I didn't hear the man's reply, just murmuring. When I finally opened my eyes, I was in a bed in a different place. The walls of the room seemed grey (or was it just dark?). I looked around, but I didn't move my head. There was some talk about a party, and then nothing.

      Side Notes:
      Excessive exercise is really bad for dream recall.
      The color grey, again.
    5. 07.18.2016 Kidnapped

      by , 07-19-2016 at 08:58 PM
      Bed at 10pm in attempt to catch up on much needed sleep. I also took echinacea drops in a few ounces of water.
      I did not end up sleeping, because I could not get comfortable.
      I was still sensitive to noise (???) I even put in ear plugs but I kept waking up.
      My body was aching because of working out and practice. I began to develop a slight headache.
      At around 1am, I decided to take something for the headache and went back to sleep.
      Decided to sleep at the foot of my bed after many failed attempts at sleeping or resting.
      I was finally able to fall asleep during the early morning hours before my alarm at 6:45am.
      Recall is not good; I was so tired and I didn't jot anything down.

      DR 1
      I had been kidnapped by a man. I remember sitting on the floor in a cell (?), but it was rather large. The room was white, the floors were white/grey. I couldn't really see the bars around me when I was inside. I could only see them as a third person. I was scantily clad. The man would tell me to do things- like "bring a dish(?) or plate(?) here" and "there". And "go sit on the floor". I was not the only slave. There were others. We were not "frightened", but more "broken". I felt like my spirit had been broken.

      Side Notes:
      This is the 2nd dream this week with a kidnapping.
      I felt very submissive in this dream. I don't generally feel like a slave IRL, but I suppose it mean being a slave to many responsibilities and still trying to do what I want to do.
      The colors white, and grey
    6. life aint no groak

      by , 01-10-2016 at 04:37 PM
      D1 - There was a creature that did not need human comforts, it moved out of the house where it had been as a human. It now lived in a hollowed out tree, surviving on things left on the tree floor. It was very cold and dark but it did not care. It just existed. Children came to the tree and it did not mind or pay them attention.
      It went to work and carried out its duties with minimal interaction with others their and was able to dupe them into thinking it was a human.
      The creature reminded me of the groak from the moomins.
      Which One Is Cuter?-groke_by_grokey_groke-d5v1oyt.jpg

      D2 - At college sitting outside with a group of others, a girl is tuning up her guitar. A string is broken. It is a steel length with barbs on it. I offer to fix it and use my powers to melt and then stretch it back to normal.

      D3 - Taking my daughter (when little) to a cinema to see a film. The cinema is on two floors and is very stark, qrey concrete walls. I buy tickets only to find the picture is not on, as the projector is not working. People are occupying themselves by eating in an upstairs resteraunt or drawing on the large screen with is not in use.
      Eventually the film is back on but it is not the right film, no one cares as it is a children's film and pretty much the same. But I know my daughter will care and try to get a refund. I cannot however find my receipt or remember if I did infact purchase a ticket.

      D4 - Some of the college students from the earlier dream are having a car race, the car is multicoloured with slogans all over it, mostly green thougth. We are in last place with the other cars infront bunched up. I use my powers to fix the car in time to speed ahead and win at the last moment.
      In the student bar after their is a guy who was on the other team. I am concerned he will pick a fight with our team leader, so I invite him to sit with me at a table, away from the others. I then will be able to use my powers on him if he tries anything.
      I ask fi who is there if she will hold my hand, I use my powers and when we hold hands it does a glowy red thing.

      I feel I have been living a life with no joy. Fairly bleak like the groak.
    7. By The Window

      by , 03-13-2015 at 05:41 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a school building on the second or third floor (felt like high school building during senior year). The lights were off and it was night. I looked outside the window. On the ground floor, I saw a guy looking up at me. He's familiar (but not in real life). I had a fleeting memory of him and me doing something and then I think I ditched him for whatever reason. He promised (to himself?) that he'll be there looking at me at night until he gets an explanation.

      I sighed and went down to talk to him. I had to go down the other side of the building because there were no stairs on that side. I didn't experience walking down the stairs. When I reached the ground floor and about to go to the other side of the building, I bumped into a guy I met before (not in real life), a guy I like. He was smiling while we were talking. We talked a bit, but we were separated by crowds while we were talking. I loved his smile. My uncle (familiar but not sure who in real life) started moving a TV on wheels into one of the classrooms. I helped him out and totally forgot the guy who was staring up at me.

      I was inside a HUGE sandbox, the size of football fields. Around it were one-level buildings/houses and walls. I was riding some sort of motor-run vehicle that runs on the sand as if it was water/ice (jet/snow ski?). I was "jumping" (using the vehicle) over the structures using the speed as momentum. I had a vision, however, that I was still boxed in, with the farthest ends blocked by higher structures.

      Somehow, I was able to exit. I was in the entrance/exit area of my high school (DBTI). The color/mood was greyish and gloomy, like it's about to rain really hard. I stopped by a mobile hot dog stand. For some reason, the seller gave me an extra hot dog. The other buyers wanted extra too, but he said they pay for the extra.



      - I went to sleep around 3 a.m.
      - Woke up around 10-11 a.m.
    8. Cross motorbike and someone in the attic.

      by , 11-24-2014 at 09:20 AM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      This is a reoccurring dream.

      One of the first things I remember was that I was somewhere near PEPE and there was a rally going on. I had a feeling that I was parking a car, but in fact I parked a knife... the old grey knife that we used to have in the kitchen. Strange. I parked it near some bushes.

      Then I went up where the cars were racing. I cannot remember whether I saw any, but I think I did.

      Next thing I know, I am on a cross motorbike riding across the fields behind Drzkov. There are two girls on horses. I think I knew them at the time, but cannot remember now. I am sure one of the horses is the old, nasty Magda - Popelnice s artrozou. They start racing me and I am somewhat slower than them. I now that this is not my bike and that my bike is stronger. With mine I could have outrace them.


      I am at home with my sister. There is no one else. Suddenly I hear some noises from the attic. Steps in fact. I look at my sister, and we exchange looks such that we know we have to go and look what it was. I take a knife... again the old grey knife. I walk in to the lobby and the door upstairs slam closed! We both jump and are little frightened. My sister a lot. I start walking up the stars and I can feel my sister shaking violently.

      Then I think to myself, how am I going to walk in without the person attacking me, or kicking the knife off my hand? (at this moment I wake up a little bit... but I go back to sleep as I want to finish this).
      I call some friend that I know has a pack of wolfs or dogs or so. He then walks up the stairs, the wolfs are all excited and ready to attack pulling the leeds.

      I wake up....
    9. Woman on a pier

      by , 10-20-2014 at 08:23 PM
      Disembodied, I'm looking at a woman standing on a pier some two hundred or so years ago, facing away from me, looking out to sea. She makes a striking image, her black hair and her long dark skirt in stark contrast against the bright grey of the clouded-over sky and sea. There's music being played badly. The men she's been staying with or traveling with are having a going-away party for her, but she's stepped away from it for a moment.

      The scene changes to the place she's headed - a man's riding a horse recklessly fast over hilly terrain, playing what he refers to as a game of tag with her.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      After a few other dream scenes, I'm back to that woman on the pier. This time she's turned around, talking to one of the men from the party. He has a going-away present for her, two small dark objects that he presses into her hands, something that I think of as 'artifacts.'
    10. Nepal, OpheliaBlue

      , 10-18-2014 at 01:32 PM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Last night, bed 11:20pm - 4:40 am


      I need a business suit for some occasion. I hate doing that IWL. I'm in a store and OpheliaBlue is there, on my left as well. I see business attire hanging. It's dark grey, with some white in it, almost like salt and pepper, but lot more gray. It's knitted top that's more like a sweater than a jacket, and a short skirt with folds. I like it right away, pick it up and hold it against me and I'm asking Ophelia if it would be ok, and the salesperson, if size would be ok.


      Traveling on a bus on a country road. We are in Nepal. Road is winding, and as we go up the hill, I see typical Nepal houses and typical Nepal beds. If you didn't know, typical Nepal beds are on the roof, and they are as big as a roof itself. Made out of very dark wood, almost black. I scamble for a camera but by the time I aim it, there is only a small portion of a house visible, most of the view is sunset over the ocean on the left, and house on the right.
    11. 22 Jan: Reversing time

      by , 01-22-2014 at 11:42 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I am revisiting my kindergarten. It is now fully modern and totally different. I see one of the teachers from my time. I avoid her before she sees me. It connects directly to an art school. It feels familiar, but why should I know it? When several guys in the common room start looking at me, like they know I don't belong here, I hide behind a book shelf and pick up a large comics book. A boy appears and talks to me. He knows me, says he didn't expect to see me there again, I do feel like we've met before.
      We go for a walk. A semi-rural area, it's pretty, but he says the surprise is still to come. At the top of a narrow street sided by old stone walls, we encounter an entrance to an old castle. He introduces me a couple of hippies who have reclaimed this abandoned site and are slowly making it their home and reconstructing it.
      I leave and find myself floating through the air down to the urban area. I become aware and watch an open area, with concrete floor, a few trees, people walking in a hurry in different directions, heading to their jobs. It's a grey, rainy day, people look somber and mindeless. I am lucid and don't have a clear goal, so what I decide to do is reverse time. Don't know why, but I do it. I watch people walking backwards, the wind blowing backwards, the clock moving anti-clockwise. Then I stop it and time resumes it's course, forward. Most people don't react to what just happened, they do exactly what they had done before, repeat the same steps. But something amazing happens, a few of them remember! And whatever they are feeling changes their perception of everything. A couple of friends who is crossing paths again, they walk slowly to each other, with lucid understanding in their eyes, they stare with a smile in their faces and then they hug, with no rushes. Others stop walking and swirl around, like dancing, or stare at the sky or look at others admired that they haven't seen what they saw. They experience a small enlightnement with the realization of the relativity of reality.
    12. 6th Feb 2013 Sports and Some volcanic place

      by , 02-06-2013 at 08:40 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1:

      I was watching some sport videos(something that i don't usually do IWL), there was some hockey then boxing, at the end of the match the winner is very tired, like it takes him full 10 minutes to recover, during which some dude near me starts saying that at the school he was in he had to use alot of money to participate in sports. He opens some sort of wiki and we see very complex list of how much everything costs. Some options include something like 'match vs computer' and 'match vs friends in good mood', and there are also lot of settings such as weather and number of enemies(?). We finish reading and switch back to sport video, dream ends shortly.

      Dream 2:

      I was playing some video game where i controlled some character from top down in some grey volcanic area. There were ridiculous amount of enemies so we voted to tone down difficulty(game was multiplayer apparently). We end up switching it too low and the game becomes ridiculously easy, there's at least 10x less enemies now. I find out that character had ability to walk through solid objects for a while and use it for a few shortcuts. Dream skips.
      Now the game turned into some sort of turn based strategy, it's still in grey volcanic area. I had full map for some reason and only a few units around in the part of area with spikes. Apparently i had to move them through spikes, which were damaging them as they passed them. I scroll the map towards north only to find out that enemy has huge army. Dream skips.
      Suddenly i was in some sort of HQ and i was controlling everything like RTS from here. The base was located in the south part of the map, which was still in the grey volcanic area. There were some areas with lava and there was river(of water, for a change) to the north. I had no idea what to do for a while so base ended up being attacked. Some units barely hold off against the enemy, and enemy was mostly using two types of units: some sort of crude boats than could also move on the ground and some sort of flying units that looked similar to mutalisks from Starcraft.
      Someone suggest me to use towers, so i order some to be built all around the place, mostly near river. What i ordered though were apparently some crude bunkers, which still were decent vs boats but could not attack air, i ordered proper towers shortly. Soon they were finished and started killing enemies with their machine guns. I haven't got all the place covered with them though, because resources were low, so there were still a few places were enemies could sneak through, i ended up ordering some group of units around to between those places to not let enemy through.
      Soon the towers were built all over near the river so enemy had some hard time, then i noticed there were upgrade options for towers. One added second machine gun, other one added missile launchers and third one added some sort of artillery cannon. After upgrading some towers i noticed further upgrade options on twin machinegun tower, one added two more machineguns, second one added some weird gun on top of tower that fired bullets with crazy rate but had low accuracy, third one added twin missile launchers.
      Haven't got to look at upgrades of the other tower lines because HQ got attacked by swarm of bugs which looked very similar to this one. Dream ended shortly.
    13. The Wolves' Den

      by , 12-18-2012 at 11:24 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      2:30 to 5:22 pm:

      Note: 9 purif breathing


      I am with a group of people. There's a marriage. Donnie and Tep2x. The color is whitish and grey, like it's about to rain or is raining, and it's up in the mountains. However, there are a lot of houses. Like a subdivision. Sis and I took a tricycle to get to their house. We were welcomed in a nice-looking house. Teptep came out to welcome us into the home. She was wearing a white dress, like a wedding dress.

      Inside, we stayed in what seemed like a room connected to a cave. I can see the cave from the bed, which then opens to a forest outside. We were told stories that there is a wolves' den near the place, and that they are quite defensive. A bear also came to mind, and it walks around dangerously.

      We went outside, and me with hesitance, until I was told I look like a hermit staying there, and people might become wary of me. I brought my bag, which I made into a shoulder bag and hung on to my left shoulder, and my umbrella.

      I was outside near the MRT/LRT train station. There are a lot of people. There's a McDonald's nearby, and this somehow surprised or made me happy. Or was it someone else?

      I am inside some kind of house. Abandoned, it seems. There was a prophecy made by someone. I think it was me. I read the tarot cards. We are hunters, trying to do a ritual to stop something. We have to do it beside someone. It seems that 'someone' is a painting of person. The painting is mostly black, and then there's a white drawing of a man.

      P.S.: I woke up to find this atrocity against grey wolves.
    14. Battling 8-Bit Bowsers in Another World/Dimension for...an Insurance Company?

      by , 10-07-2012 at 03:37 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in my living room/some weird video game world mixed between Minecraft and Super Mario Bros. I had called some insurance company to set up this thing where if I did something specific, I would warp to the Minecraft/Mario Bros. world and have to kill an 8-bit Bowser Jr. and then an 8-bit adult Bowser, and I'd get items in return. If you successfully killed adult Bowser, you got something like an extra life or something big. And you had to kill them both as quickly as possible, because it was on a timer, which wasn't displayed for you; you just had to guesstimate, which I didn't know at first, but would come to find out after my first battle with the Bowsers.

      Sidenote: My computer's spell check didn't underline guesstimate. Wut. Is that a real word, really?

      Anyway, so I warped into the Bowser world, and it looked dark with grey stone blocks. Bowser Jr.'s 8-bit self started hopping around, so I hit him repeatedly until he disappeared. Then, adult Bowser came up and started to hop around, and I hit him a ton of times, but I didn't kill him in time and was warped back into my living room. I did get some items, however. It looked like they went into the Minecraft quick access inventory that appears on the bottom of the screen. Little notes popped up too, saying what you got. I remember the screen saying
      "You got 3 light brown torches!", which looked like candles in my inventory, like my texture pack shows them IWL, only they are white IWL, not light brown.
      I got another item as well, but I can't remember what it was.

      I was frustrated that I didn't beat him in time, and that's when I understood that he was on a timer. I had really wanted whatever awesome item that he was going to drop. In fact, I felt like it was something I needed, because I was so desperate to get it. I got on the phone with the insurance company again to frustratedly, frantically ask about beating the adult Bowser. I remember sitting on the couch as I did this.

      There was a point where I was in an area with a very realistic looking grey rock wall, and an older lady with short salt-and-pepper hair, and I realized I was dreaming. I just couldn't figure out what to do with the lucidity. I wanted to talk to the lady, but about what? I wanted to do something productive, not just fly around, but actually do something, but I couldn't figure out what to do. I felt I was losing the dream, so I focused as hard as I could on my surroundings. I thought of changing my scenery to being on the moon or something, but I was scared I'd wake up for some reason. I just couldn't focus on any of my lucid goals.

      I eventually lost the lucidity, and returned to the dream I was having before. I battled the two Bowsers a few times, and I do think I eventually killed the adult Bowser, but I don't remember getting any invaluable items.

      I then was standing on top of all this grey stone, and I dropped my phone. It completely disappeared; I didn't see where it landed. I was with someone else too, though I'm not sure who, I just know it was a guy. I started to look around frantically for my phone. I looked underneath things in the area, in cracks and corners, but it just wasn't there. This couldn't be possible! I just couldn't imagine where it went. I really needed it for something, I think it had something to do with the insurance company and the Bowser world.

      I was then walking around in what I suppose was a very well-lit locker room. The guy was no longer with me; I was alone. I saw this HUGE group shower, but no one was in it. I knew it was probably for athletes. It was glassed-in, and I saw multiple, removable shower heads mounted to the cloudy glass walls. I slid open one of the doors, and looked inside. The shower was absolutely huge, and the tiles were beige. There was this really big off-white seat in the middle. It looked like an over sized dentist's chair with a sheet covering it. I wasn't sure what that was for, I assumed the people who showered here must sit down and shower, or get some kind of crazy massage or something.

      I left the area and went into what looked like a lobby. I saw 3 young teenage girls walk by. They all looked and were dressed differently, but all of them had long, slightly wet hair. I assumed they were the athletes that used the shower.

      I then went back to the area that I lost my cell phone in (the guy I think was back with me at this point), and took this thing that doctors use to look up your nose and in your ears, turned the light on, and used it as a flashlight to try and find my phone. Shining it around helped me see the places I couldn't before, but the phone still couldn't be located. -_- I also saw this small black box with a red light on it, and for some reason, that meant my phone was being charged, which made me think someone had stolen it. I said this to the guy that was with me. I was irked.

      We then went to a lost-and-found area. A lady was in charge of it. I asked her if she had found any phones. I described mine as being blue; in fact, I pretty much was looking for my old phone. In the dream I caught this, and didn't think it sounded right, but I couldn't really figure out why. I knew I was describing my old phone, not my new one, but I just couldn't wrap my head around the whole thing. Anyway, she said she had found some phones, and showed me the ones she found, which were all hooked up to chargers. They were all blue, as the one I had described to the woman, but none of them were mine. She then pulled out another blue phone, and lo and behold, it was my phone! Yay!! I took it and thanked the woman, asking where she had found it. I can't remember what she told me.

      I then was sitting in the back of a moving car with this guy I know IWL named Matthew. I haven't seen him in a long time IWL. Anyway, I noticed that he kept looking over at me and staring for a bit, then looking back. At first I wasn't sure if he was staring at me or something else, since he has a girlfriend he's been with for years I wasn't sure if he'd stare at me that way, but he kept doing it, and I knew he was staring at me. He started to bring his hand up to my face very slowly. It was balled in a fist. I started to close my eyes to nod off and sleep, and as they were closing, he gently stroked my face with a couple of his fingers. It felt nice.

      I then woke up.

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    15. A Misplaced Word and Being Inside a Video Game

      by , 09-08-2012 at 04:42 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was reading a poem which was about three other poems, one of my poems being one of them. I was very honored that someone would pick one of my poems to write a poem about. The only thing I saw that was weird was a misplaced word, "yay", being in there.

      I then remember reading it from a different angle, like it was all in 3D. All the letters looked like they were encased in glass. Inside one of them was a reflection of the word "yay" in a light reddish-purple color. I supposed that the author of the poem-about-poems saw that and thought it was part of my poem, when really, it was only a reflection of a word from another poem.

      Then, there were all these shoes on this stage, and something happened depending on how you had them laid out. I kept moving some and knocking some over to see what would happen. There were black high heels, grey high heels, black knee-high boots, and probably more that I can't remember.

      Throughout this dream, my mouth was terribly dried out. I would try to drink water to wet it, but it was like the water wasn't even touching my bone-dry tongue. I couldn't even feel it enter my mouth.

      I woke up with my mouth being extremely dry from breathing through it, my nose being too stuffy to breathe out of. I cleared it out, had some water, and went back to sleep, finally able to breathe through my nose again.


      I was inside of some video game, one that I had beaten before, apparently. Jake was with me.

      We came up to Cinderella, who was somewhere outside, just standing in some grass by the road (which looked like a road close to where I live), and talked to her. She was dressed in her ball gown. She had this mission that she was on, saving people who were less than fortunate; they were tiny and deformed, not even really people, I guess. It was so weird. But anyway, she asked us to get this kitten in the room the tiny people were in, which was actually the bonus room at my house. She called the tiny people "middle class" something or others, I can't quite remember.

      So we got the kitten, a black and white kitten with these small black balls on the tips of its whiskers. It looked like my brother's girlfriend's kitten, save for the whisker balls. Well that room was where my cat, Belle, likes to stay, and she doesn't like other cats. The kitten just wanted to play, but my cat wanted no part in it. I then saw the tiny people come out from behind the couch. They were basically just heads and legs, reminding me of Mr. Saturn from Super Smash Bros.

      Then, Cinderella said something about how one of the tiny people had gone missing.

      Jake and I were then going through this glass tunnel. We went into this room, one that we were supposed to get for either Belle or the black and white kitten, and there was a boss to beat in there, this small, green monster that kind of looked like the Cheshire Cat. It had black stripes on its back. I wasn't ready to activate it yet (we had to talk to it or hit it or something to activate the battle), but Jake went ahead and did it anyway. I said
      "Alright, you can beat him then," and gave him a lightsaber that glowed red when drawn.
      He said something like "This is easy" in response.
      I watched him hit the creature over and over. When he was about to deal the final blow, the boss looked at me with the exact look my cat gives me when she's pissed, with ears back and eyes wide. I shut the door to the room that Jake and the boss were in and walked back down the glass tunnel.

      Then, I was in a kitchen, sitting in a chair at the table, and these two people, a mother and father, were talking to their little girl. Her parents were telling her that her grandparents and I were leaving the next day in the morning. The girl looked very sad. Then, her parents said they would leave after breakfast, and she perked up a little and said
      "Well at least I still get breakfast!"
      I was wondering how in the world I was related to this girl, because apparently I was. I looked at her, and that's when I noticed how much she resembled Honey Boo Boo from the reality show "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" (in my defense, a show I've never watched, and never plan to IWL). I was then trying to get out of the chair I was sitting in, but for some reason, one of my legs was kind of stuck between the table and the chair. I kept saying "ow" trying to get it out, even though it didn't hurt. I finally freed it.

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