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    1. failed WILD entry in secret writing

      by , 12-06-2019 at 04:43 PM (Nef's dream journal)
      𐤐ܴ𐩴𐩴ܴ𐩪 𐤍𐩤𐤉ܱ𐤍𐩤𐤃 𐤓݈𐩪𐤏𐩧ܱ 𐤓ܱ𐤄ܱ𐤐𐤍ܱ𐤏 𐩪ܷ𐤀𐤍ל
      𐤓 𐤀ܱ𐤐ܱ𐩪ל𐤘𐤃𐤍 ל𐤃 𐩨ܱ𐤏𐤐 𐤅𐩪ܷ𐤐𐤍ܴ𐤏 𐤉ܴ 𐤁ܱ𐩪ܱ𐤏ל𐤅𐤐𐤍 𐤒ܴ𐩪ܷ𐩧𐤐ܴ𐤉𐤍ܴ𐤏
      𐤏𐩤𐤃𐤍ܱ𐤍𐩧𐤍 𐤁𐤃𐤍𐩪ܱ𐩴 𐩴𐩤𐤐𐤃𐤍 𐤓ܱ𐩪𐤃𐤄 𐤅𐩪
      𐤅𐤃 𐤒𐩤𐤐𐤓ܱ 𐤉𐩪𐩴𐤄𐤐𐩪 ל𐤃 𐤓݈𐩪𐤏𐤉𐤄
      𐤅ܴ𐤘 𐤅ܴ𐩴 ל𐤐݈𐤃𐤍ܴ𐤃𐤍
    2. Dream Paralysis

      by , 10-08-2019 at 01:54 PM (Nef's dream journal)
      I fell asleep with a bit of tension in my mind . I became lucid at this oddly constructed bus .
      I was sitting there looking out a window and then suddenly I realized that a woman was sitting tightly behind me with her kid.
      I cursed at her with a scottish accent (thank you limmy) then I asked the dream to transport me where I should be
      then I suddenly woke up.

      Or I thought so.
      To my suprise my cousin was standing by my bed watching me menacingly, he was saying something I didn't understand, then my vision gut blurry and all, I was in sleep paralysis so i felt like I could barely move or move my face but i stumbled out of bed partially paralyzed. I knew it was not him, I thought I'm being burglarized by someone who I hallucinated to be my cousin. He then went out and I heard noises like if things are being packed . I tried to stand up and look at him while repeatedly asking who he is...
      Aand then I woke up for real, realizing none of it was real.
    3. Chest Pain

      by , 06-13-2019 at 08:00 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I was walking along side my cousin and was showing her around the area. My captain at work was behind me for some reason and told me to follow him as he had something important he wanted to show me. I look back to my cousin and wave bye to her as I told her to go back home. As I am following my captain we enter an abandon warehouse and I notice only one light was lit. This look wrong to me and I began to enter a flight or fight mode. That's when a man in a hoodie and wearing a protection glow vest came out from the shadows. He held two guns both in each of his arms. Pointed at me and my captain. I look around for an exit and ran. I bust down through one of the doors and jump off a building not sure where I would land. I woke up from a nightmare and found myself unable to move on my bed. I notice everything in my room was darker than normal. And my bed was at the end corner of the wall. My eyes look up at the ceiling and my mouth was then force open completely by an unknown force.I became lucid and I started trying to close my mouth to no avail. Then the blankets around my neck started tightening. It began to crush my throat and I felt myself having trouble to breathe. I began choking in till I woke up again.
    4. Paralysis

      by , 03-18-2017 at 09:38 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      I'm inside a game that seems like Smite or Dota. Two teams fight with a set of magical abilities and items. I first see my character from 3rd person. I'm a gray alien or machine. The dream turns 1st person. I fight the other team. I'm way better than anyone attacking me. I kill them over and over again. Different hand movements cast different skills. Each of them devastate the attacking characters. The other team calls for help. A native american girl appears and walks towards me. I try to cast something big, but nothing seems to affect her. She comes close to me and fires a white pulse of energy at me. It hits and feels horrible. Like something cold crawling under my skin, making my arms stiff. I look at my hands. I can't move my arms at all. The other team moves closer. They are no longer scared of me. Without my arms, I can't attack. "I guess it's over." I say calmly. "I'm sorry." the girl says. They don't attack me, there's no need.
      Tags: games, paralysis
    5. Car Paralysis DILD

      by , 10-01-2016 at 06:59 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I am talking to my cousin and telling her that I am surprise she and my brother are living with me. My brother tells me goodnight and I say night back to him. My cousin demands me to close the door for her, so I decided to just do it and I remember the door being odd to me. Infact the entire place seemed different to me, it look like a japanese traditional place than the actual homes I am familiar with. But I didn't put much thought about it. As continue walking down the hallway while thinking that was rude. I get interrupted by seeing the entire environment change infront my eyes.

      I am now inside a car on the backseat and for some reason I couldn't move. There is a man in one of the front seats with a dark grey beanie turnbing his head to look directly at me. I kept trying to move but this weird sensation kept coming over me that felt like it was preventing me from moving. I was lucid at this point but could not do anything. Eventually I just lost awareness due to not focusing.
      lucid , non-lucid
    6. strange buzzing/ringing sound during a cat nap

      by , 06-18-2016 at 12:31 AM
      it was dark. The dream clearly was in its infancy stages yet i was concious of this being the case. I heard a high pitched frequency sound progressively getting louder and louder. I stayed calm. I couldn't really move and felt like i was stuck inside a body. So i tried to hover out of my body. I experienced the sensation of levitating above my body (it was still dark so i'm not sure if my body was below me or not) then i heard a strange grindy sort of voice singing in the most horrifying manner "I fell on something dark.....I fell on something dark...." and so on. This voice, much like the high pitched ringing, crescendoed, yet this time I got scared and forced myself to wake up.

      Would have been interesting to let that dream form. Wish i would have started imaginging some scenery. I'm sure if i had just chilled that voice would have soon gone away.
    7. Summary - January 2016

      by , 02-01-2016 at 01:35 PM
      After all the intense dreams of the previous month, I felt almost as though I needed a break. Didn't stop the weirdness though. Reading back over it is kind of sobering. Be assured I had plenty of mundane dreams as well!

      --- --- --- --- ---

      A sudden startling image of one of my friends standing in my back doorway. Highly detailed, as though I were right there.|
      "I can hear everything you are thinking," he says. It was weird. Weird enough for me to tell a dream character in a later dream of the night about it.

      --- --- --- --- ---

      I am with my blonde host sister, although she does not exist in the waking world. I regretted not spending more time with her over the years, even though I had always regarded her as one of the shadow ones.

      --- --- --- --- ---

      I was in the countryside on a peaceful night. I looked up to see that we were mid-way through a lunar eclipse, but we were viewing it through some sort of rift or portal in the sky. As the moon passed and the eclipse ended, the warp collapse and the moon disappeared. Then, all of a sudden, I was catapulted into the air with great force and began to soar over the starlit countryside.
      "I am dreaming," I thought, but within moments I had awoken.

      --- --- --- --- ---

      A tension in the air. I walk past a hooded man in sorrow outside the barred window of a sleeping woman.
      "I visit her in her dreams," he says to me. "Is this wrong?"
      "No," I say, "but she will never know you beyond that."

      --- --- --- --- ---

      Entity dream for certain. My room looks completely real, but it is like a strange sleep paralysis has fallen over me. I could move, but only barely, and parts of my body felt numb. I became aware that I had an extra set of arms. I investigated my body awareness and realised that I could not move one of the sets. I rolled over and bit down into one of their fists. I heard a male voice scream out in pain from within my head.
      There was a shift, and I was in the bathtub of my parents' bathroom. The lights were out but the room was illuminated by the warm glow of a candle. It was incredibly realistic, as though it had been ripped straight from my memories.
      'This is wrong,' I thought, and the dream shifted back to my bedroom. I was in my hammock, but could still hear the hollow slosh of the bathwater. I felt the presence return, invisible hands touching me. I encouraged the presence to approach, I was in the mood for games.

      --- --- --- --- ---

      Truly strange cognition. At one point in the night I recall waking and visiting the bathroom for a glass of water. Upon returning, I was convinced that I had to perform all my actions in reverse. It was integral to remember that in this world it was different. I even believed that everything I had been doing up to that point had been in reverse, and that therefore I was succeeding.
    8. December 14th 2015 Non-Lucid Fragments and SP

      by , 12-15-2015 at 03:36 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I'm wandering around my neighborhood at my school at night. My dad is coming to visit and suddenly I'm in his car. We pretty much teleport to this building that has a cliff on the left side, an open hallway looking straight and wall to the right. We walk through and inside is an elaborate store full of food and toys. I ask him how he knows this place, and he tells me that when he was 10 years old his family used to take him to this store. I look right as we walk into a main area to see two women dressed in chef attire grilling a lot of meat. I look forward to see my family and friends sitting at a booth. Then, I realized this was a surprise dinner for me and it makes me feel happy. I walk over and sit down on the left side of the booth. My mom and grandma are to the left of me. I look forwards and a guy from my freshman dorm named Toben and a girl named Carly are across from me. I look right and see Dana's friend Kristen. She walks to the left and Dana appears. She walks over and sits on my lap as I put my arms around her. I asked her where she was or something like that and she responds. I don't really remember what was said.

      Sleep Paralysis: I found myself in sleep paralysis face down. Above me was a teacher shouting at me to get up, but I couldn't move from the ground. It's really hard to breathe. I start breathing out of my mouth but nothing comes in or out. Next, I try breathing irregularly to wake myself but it's not working. I've now been in this for 30 seconds and I'm getting really frustrated. I'm screaming and trying to roll myself out of paralysis. Finally, I manage to roll over and wake myself up.

      Fragment: I'm walking into the gate of the pool I work at. There's a huge event going on and there's a lot of water going everywhere. Parents and kids are standing around the pool but it's different than IRL. My feeling is that I'm too old to be here, that time has passed and now there's a whole new group of people working the pool. I look around at the lifeguards and recognize none of them. At some point I think I'm in the pool doing something but I can't remember. Somehow I end up in Star Wars Battlefront walking in a large expanse, like a red earth with mountains surrounding me. A ship flies over me and I start to switch guns to take it down. I find the gun I'm trying to use but my friend ended up waking me up.
    9. My Fifth Visit

      by , 09-04-2014 at 05:50 AM
      My Fifth Visit
      I can't remember where the dream began. I remember searching everywhere in the dream world looking for Lin in a hurry before I woke up. I asked some people, and looked at some girls closely to see if they were her. I kept saying, "Lin!," but they were very confused and one asked how I got there. One girl had her eyes and I asked who she was. She said a name and I asked several questions to know more about her but she kept leading me in circles. I decided not to waste time with her and left. I was outside of the school then and was by a field where some people were playing soccer. I just remembered another dream I had where people were playing soccer. I was so lucid, I was able to actually think about dream in my head and think, "Oh yeah, I remember that one." I looked around to see if she was watching with the crowd and couldn't find her. I then thought I should go ask one of them to see if they knew. (How the heck should they know? Or know who? I'm in control of this story along with my dream so of course they could know!) I asked one man sitting at the game and he said she was at another school in West Valley. The school I was at was a high school, very identical to an elementary school I went to that had a playground of two other schools I know mixed together. (I didn't fully pay any mind to that oddity until now.) West Valley was miles away and I had to figure out how to see her. My teleporting ability wasn't very good and I knew that from experience from other dreams. If I tried it, I would have possibly lost lucidity, ended somewhere completely off radar, and the last time I tried it, (the very same morning of this dream), I ended up being blind since that was an apparent side affect of attempting teleportation. My next idea was, "Maybe I should try to summon her with magic." I think it was a hilarious moment because out of desperation, I imagined holding out my hand and making blue star-like dust rise from the ground to make her appear. I was very doubtful about it working but I gave it a shot. I held out my hand towards the ground and to my surprise, it happened EXACTLY how I imagined it! There she was, but walking in a different direction, because apparently while she was walking in school, I was summoning her and she then stopped a bit confused. (I thought that was also hilarious) Right then, as if it was it were completely normal that I had done that, she asked, looking at our reflection in the school doors we were standing by, "Are you taller than me?" She completely ignored the fact that I brought her there with magic but it was the logic of the dream world. Her voice was completely different this time. Instead of the oriental accent she had the first time we met, she had an english accent. We stood next to each other and I told her, "No, we're exactly the same." For a moment she shrunk a little and went back to normal, a little glitch in the dream world. We then just walked to class. It seemed my timing to enter the dream world was a little inconvenient since apparently, it was her class time. As we sat in class, I watched her for a bit and just sat there thinking it was amazing to just sit in this world and consciously think about just being able to sit there in that class. I looked at her again and she was playing a joke in class with a fake mustache and beard and the teacher told her (or him, because I think at this point it was some random guy sitting next to me in her place) to move seats. I woke up around that time.

      Random moments:
      I was in paralysis trying to figure out what dream I wanted while sort of weirding myself out with the odd sounds I heard around me that sounded like laughing again. (My paralysis is usually accompanied with weird laughing in the background for some reason.) I was able to control the levels of etheric energy high and low. I wanted a dream of Lin like I planned so I released myself from the paralysis, got my phone, looked at her picture, and then actually went back into paralysis!

      I was blind after trying to teleport for some reason. I heard voices and all sorts of things around me. I then started seeing a guy come into view and he had crazy white eyes and smiling at me. I said "Okay, I think now i'm starting to see again." He laughed and faded from view as I lost focus.
    10. Phantasmata

      by , 07-29-2014 at 09:50 PM
      At some point, I can remember entering the phantasmatic portal (Known as hypnagogia. I call it a portal to the dream world). My etheric energy was very high (high vibrations during vibrating sensation before sleeping) and I was in sleep paralysis. I was able to control the energy levels, making them go up and down. The more I relaxed, the deeper I could go. Even when I was just about fully awake, I was able to control the energy. Eventually, I started to drift into the portal by "letting go," just a bit more. I found that during paralysis, I had to raise as much energy as I can, while giving in the right amount of letting go.

      I was back in the phatasmatic portal. I saw the shapes I read about in the article about hypnagogia. I ran around at night on a street finding out I was in the dream world. I was fading out and felt my real body coming into place. I then, used the hand rubbing technique and focused on my running dream self. I almost made Japan into view like I planned before going to sleep, but it was hard to focus and was starting to wake up. Somewhere else, around the end of the experience, I was playing parkour with a girl. It was fun and we were inside some sort of building with obstacles. Before I left, I asked her on a date (mistaking her for Lin, the person I wanted to meet) and she said she was saving herself for when wasn't busy. I knew she wasn't Lin because 1: That wasn't her voice nor accent, and 2: She was going to some parkour competitions. I believe she was just a girl in a movie I saw. The dream ended about there anyway.

      (Random memory: I ate chocolate and it tasted great!)
    11. 3/25/2014

      by , 03-25-2014 at 09:40 PM
      False Awakening

      I was having a firefight with some terrorists and I was killing them with a desert eagle that had a laser on it. I remember doing parkour and fighting some hobo calling me a fag before that. I was then with C. Alexander and some black girls watching something on world war 2. I remember saying Germany was not as bad as Japan. Alexander and I then laid together and her grandma got mad so I grabbed my stuff and left for the airport to catch my flight. I missed the exit so I took the next one. I was on a hill and there were a lot of buildings and roads that curved a lot. I got mad because the layout of the parking lot was stupid so I woke up. I had a false awakening. I couldn't move my head and when I tried, I could only move it a little bit. I told myself to wake up again and I did, but it was another false awakening. I did a reality check of my hand and part of it was transparent and would appear and reappear and I went lucid. I got excited and noticed my dream ending. I tried to dream spin but couldn't. I woke up again. This time I was pretty sure it was a real awakening and was started to get scared but upon counting my fingers, I realized I wasn't and I became lucid again.
      With my right arm, I grabbed my head and pulled it up, making it possible for me to move it again. As I was getting up, I felt as if my mind was rising, maybe I was having an OBE. I looked at the bed to see if my body was still there but it wasn't. Everything felt so real. My objective for my next lucid dream was to explore the dream scene. I was in my room and went to the kitchen, where a purple desk with a fluffly white and beige cat was sitting on. In the living room was a blue sofa and a white cat sitting on top of it. I was going to ask what they represented but then remembered my other objective: Ask my dream to show my dream guide. I faced the door and said "I want to see my dream guide." I turned around and noticed a radio. That couldn't be it. I turned around again and said "When I turn around, I went her, my dream guide, or him to be right behind me!" As I was saying it, I heard a female voice behind me. I turned around and there was a speaker and a vacuum. I was confused why I would have objects instead of a person. I also had a headphone hanging on my left shoulder. Static was coming through it. I knelt down and asked: "So which one of you is my dream guide?" I heard static and murmurs coming from my headphone. I asked again. "Which one of you is my dream guide?" Suddenly, I hear 2 or more girls say "You are!" at the same time. I know they're saying that I am my dream guide. I rose and repeated "I am..." to not forget what happened, I decided to wake up. I told myself "I need to wake up", and I woke up to the waking world.
    12. paralyized; darkness; & ringing in ears.

      by , 12-15-2013 at 02:06 AM
      last night I had a scary dream that really consist of nothing but I woke up super anxious with a bad feeling something had happen. First it felt real, my phone rang in the living room so i got out of bed to go get it. However when i got to the hallway surrounded by nothing but darkenss i couldnt move, breath and talk. I heard my self whinning but i couldnt wake up or move. My girl friend then held me cause i woke her up with my cry. i snapped out of it and woke up.. she held me as i fell back asleep. But as soon as i startede drifting of my ears started ringing and they got louder and louder. and i saw "help me" in my vision. This sound along with what i saw scared the crap out of me and i woke up with a horrible feeling something had happend to my ex girl friend. I then went to the living room to get my phone just in case someone did try to get ahold of me, but nothing. no missed calls or text and when i lit up my screen it was 3:00 AM exactly. i then went to lay back down and eventually falling back asleep an hour later with no dreams....
    13. 8/13/13 - leg children/hair bandaid

      by , 08-13-2013 at 11:33 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I was in fetal position in my bed when I realize I need to get up and take a shower even though my body feels paralyzed. Then I realize that my legs are my children and that it would be unethical if I left my children for a month long shower so I weep while I contemplate this, after all I didn't want these two children, then I realized that they are my legs, they can't be children, So I sit up then I see this man sitting there, I walk behind him and blow air on his head because it's funny that his head is the size of my thumb yet the rest of his body is bigger than mine. I take a picture if my thumb next to his head, then I look at the picture I took and the man isn't in it, then I look back to him and he's gone. Then I go into the bathroom and decide to cut my hair, I have these blue scissors in my hand, but then I put the side of my mouth into the scissors and cut my mouth open joker style and then I just go oops, and then cut a chunk of hair and jam the hair into my wound. Then I find a shaver from under the sink and shave most of my hair off and then take off my shirt and put make up on my eyes and then I go into the kitchen and lay on the ground that has cigarettes all over it but I call it carpet and then I take a picture of my self and in it I have a weird face.
    14. Dream paralysis turns into unintentional lucid.

      by , 08-03-2013 at 08:24 PM (My amazing dream journal)
      During the night I had been having dreams where I couldn't move at all or open my eyes very much. I had woken up and decided to lay there for a bit. Soon I had fallen it of bed and tried to stand up but whenever I did I fell down like lag in a video game. I held out my hand and tried to close the door without touching it, and it closed. I was dreaming!

      I kept trying to stand up but it was still glitch isn't up. I wondered if this was happening cause I was in between the two worlds, awake and asleep. So I yelled "Fall asleep!" And I could finally move a little more. I yelled it again, and soon I could jump out the window. I jumped out and glided to the ground, the blinds were wrapped around me for a second, but were soon gone. I was finally outside.

      I still didn't know how to fly but I looked up and like, brought my weight up and soon I was flying. I turned around to see the ground and saw that I was flying backwards so I got a little scared that I might crash and turned back forward. I controlled my flying by tipping my shoulders to the way I want to go, and how much I tipped the, was how much I would turn.

      I was flying around for like five seconds when I heard a lawnmower and I saw someone mowing their lawn. I flew over to him and pick him up by his armpits, and started to sing "A Whole New World" suddenly an Arabian man appeared and started to sing in the background with me. I realized my voice sounded awful so I shouted "Play A Whole New World" and amazingly it started playing after about a minute, the guy faded out and so did the music and the scene slowly shifted into a pure white building with rafters.

      I left the building which turned into my local mall. I saw a girl from my school hanging out with a girl I didn't know, and I went over to her and started to feel her breasts. I lifted her shirt up, and started to kiss her but I started waking up. Before I realized it I had woken up and almost yelled "Fall asleep" but it was too late.

      Lesson here is that I cannot have dream sex ever, cause this always happens. This is also my first one in a couple weeks, so I broke my dry spell.
      I also have if this was a WILD or a DILD or what...
    15. Hold on to the bottle

      by , 06-12-2013 at 02:36 PM
      Date: 11 June

      Comments: A bit behind on journaling, today's entry to be posted later, and sorry for any typos.

      Total sleep time: 6 1/2 hrs

      Pre bed: multivits, l-arginine

      Dream quality and recall: dreams were vivid, started earlier (3+ hrs after sleep), dream content was normal this time (referring to l-arginine). Recall - I was lazy

      Early Fragment1: I was left with the impression that this was lucid, but very little memory of it. It had to do with seeing some objects from Xanous's OBE? The only more or less clear visual memory is of small cotton-like object/s. >>> goes to category suspicious

      Fragment2: In my parents' place, some disturbing noise

      Dream3: I thought it was interesting and easy to remember. We all know how this ends.

      WBTB: missed the usual natural wake, woke up a bit later, and I drank the whole latte although I knew it was not such a good idea. Struggled for quite some time, but did not look at the clock as not to add up more anxiety.

      Dream4: In my parents' place, aunt is also there and starts eating, this distracts me. I casually lie on the couch, three blankets and a bottle of plum sauce.

      Dreamlet5: some rasta guy

      I drift in and out of sleep. In bed, I want to sleep. I continue with my efforts to fall asleep.

      Dream6 WILD: I'm in those strange states where I am semi-consciously controlling what I'm doing, trying to have the dream form around me and hold on to it. The first thing I notice are my hands, clasping a bottle. Slightly confused as I think for a second I am still in bed, I keep my eyes closed. Still not fully in the dream, I know that the key to my integration today has to do with me holding the bottle of I think then alcohol or plum sauce, so I apply as much pressure as I can. Then the surroundings become clearer and I know I am successfully there.

      I am sitting on a bench in my neighborhood, no DCs in sight. I begin touching the surface of the white bench to stabilize. I look up and see a few ghost-like transparent but black birds in the sky. I check out my surroundings but I have an issue moving my head, and then identify that the problem is coming from my right eye, which gets some sort of tunnel vision. I don't want to move my head too much to avoid waking up, so I ignore this and decide to walk on the street.

      I make a few steps and then my right side is paralyzed, so I lose balance and fall. Oh, no, not this thing again! The feeling is very hard to describe, but it's like I am feeling the physical body's atonia with my dream body, which makes me lose control over parts of the dream body. I try to ignore the issue, drag myself forward a bit and think that maybe concentrating on some tasks will fix it. I remember four tasks. I don't think I am able to get to Xanous at the moment. There are no DCs around to interact with. I think about transformation but nothing seems to happen. What did the guys say to do in such a case? Try floating up. Doesn't work. I have no dream control at all.

      It is also cold, and I notice my blanket is nearby so I want to reach for it. The last thing I remember is looking above a building and seeing a large dark military helicopter above it. It is also ghost-like transparent. I am not very interested in it, I look down, struggle for a little while and then give up. I wake up. I am too caffeinated to fall asleep although I try.

      Note: This was not scary in any way, but it was really annoying.


      1. Yes, drinking the whole latte was a mistake!
      2. Starting an ld from scratch can be a pain in the b. I need more practice.


      - Do 100 RCs (8/100)
      - notice real life DS 100 times and RC (9/100)
      - 10 proper WBTB attempts -> days (4/10)
      - 10 morning RCs (1/10)
      - 2 proper WILD attempts (0/2)
      - task flexibility
      - journal flexibility

      LDs: 6 (official count) as of 11th June
      micro-lds: 1 (not counted)
      suspicious events: 2 (not counted)

      Updated 06-12-2013 at 02:43 PM by 61764

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