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    1. The Shadow Man

      by , 07-06-2017 at 03:46 AM (Dream)
      Side Notes (Side Notes)
      The Shadow Man
      Me and some girl was running from the shadows. The Shadow Man can come up from any shadow and hurt you.
      We ended up at a house. The people were kind.
      A group of teens and kids went into a garage, I thought 'Oh no'
      There's shadows all around in the garage, the Shadow Man came out and sliced someone in the throat.
      We escaped and either me or the one girl 'killed' the Shadow Man, but it doesn't matter...he can come back via other
      I was told to get sent back to where ever I was staying, one of the kids that was in the garage comes with and is in
      the car. I thought this was like a Telltale game decision, your choices don't matter in the end.

      I don't know what to title This
      I was at home, it was the morning, I was talking to my Dad. He asked what I wanted for breakfast.
      Later I told him the bald guy next door took all of our medicine, saying We don't need it.

      I think I had other dreams but there was a three loud bangs, it was from a really close Thunderstorm. I forgot if I had
      any dreams but I had those two so at least I got something written down.

      July 5th, 2017
    2. 29/08/2016

      by , 08-29-2016 at 03:45 PM
      I dreamt i invited a friend, Fran, to a house in the countryside. We slept in the night, and at the morning of the next day i offer him some breakfast although there wasn't anything to eat. First i offer him some mint tea, then some toasts. I was walking from the bedroom (actually we were sleeping on the living room) to the kitchen, and from the kitchen to the sleeping place. Then i went to the refrigerator to look for chocolate and honey. There were 3 bars of cholocate left, so i took 2, and there was the bottom of a jar of honey, and the refrigerator was empty. He wanted to put that into the toasts, lol. Then he asked me for some cream (like cheese-cream). This part is really disgusting. I go to the kitchen and fetch from some drawers two pots of cream. I give him one pot that was open but full and i check the other one. He starts putting the content into the toast, while i was looking that the pot i was holding had some hairs that came from the underarm. He was still preparing the toast, so there was no need to scream. I told him "look at this, it seems this is not cream but rather deodorant." He said something like oh, and was undisturbed with it. He finished preparing the toast and we decided to throw it in the toilet. A toilet was right there in the living room. We finished our poor breakfast and we went outside.

      We crossed a river, right outside the house to spend the day either walking on the road, or having fun. We were almost crossing when i told him i had to go back to grab the keys. He told me he would call his boss (he actually doesn't work) to tell him he would stay here. I ask him if he wanted me to grab his bicycle, but i didn't hear an answer. So i went back and i heard him saying that the water was cold. It was indeed cold, but i considered also that it was morning. I looked up the sky and it was cloudy, very cloudy, like if a storm were coming. I get off the water and had to walk about 40 meters to enter the house. There were some trees before the house. I look at the sky again, and i saw a grey background with a lot of ravens. I walk nevertheless and these ravens start to fly, like concentrating (and some of them charged) and then flying away. While they flew away the sky became clearer and the storm dissipated. There were like 100 ravens, and i felt tense while i was walking beside them. I didn't wanted to hurt them but i supposed they would attack me, and then i wouldn't know if i would react or not. I was more fearful of my reacting rather than whatever the ravens did to me. So some of them charged at me, like 3 or 4. I still walked but i was having doubts with regarding my intentions, if i wished goodwill even if they attacked me, or actually i was having an intention of ill-will towards the attacking raven. One of them bited me in my arm, and i didn't felt pain, but i felt/thought that something had to be done. With tranquil deteremination i grabbed him by the beak and opened it, but i wasn't feeling angry at all and that was something very good for me, rather i felt equanimity. He flew off but as soon as he was flying, and all the crows were doing the same, the sky opened up and showed that a beatiful sunshine was behind the clouds, and knowing that i waked up.

      As soon as i waked up (i knew i really waked up hehe) i had a clear insight for my meditation. The most difficult part of the sitting meditations i do are to keep the constancy in the time of the sitting. For example if i determine to do 1:30 minutes i tend to do 1 hour, which is the normal rythm i have [Im not pushing myself too far in the goal, because i realize it is something i can actually do, i could even do do 2 hours, and 180 minutes would be pushing too far]. I don't do it because i know it's a little bit more of effort and im lazy, but im also aware that the benefits of doing it would be awesome and great. This dream has given me the motivation to endure my meditation, work a bit more, and i know that i will get to see the results soon.

      What results i expect?:
      -That 1:30 minutes of sitting would eventually be as easy as doing one hour.
      -That all the pain that comes from meditation would eventually fade away (not by itself hehe but from work of the meditation which is done little by little)
      -That after the pain is gone i will experience some pleasant feelings, and that would be the next thing i would have to deal with.
      -I will gain more clarity and tranquility. That means peace of mind.

      Some other notes:
      -The house i dreamt was house of M. Olguín, of Rio Cuarto.
      -The countryside was that which my mother rented from May/June to August/October 2015.
      -I actually walked the road of that countryside to the city one day. I walked like about 4 hours and have completed only 20% of the road, so i went back before dusk. I arrived just in time, the sun was setting when i arrived. So it was also a fun day. (The next day my mothers boyfriend came in my bicycle (the one of my friend in this dream) and i went back the same day in that bicycle. He stayed for about 4 days there, but there was food to survive hehe.)

      -Yesterday i watched a video of Bhante Vimalaramsi about the obstacles of meditation. It was a great talk which motivated me a lot. I think what it taught me was to accept, be mindful, investigate and continue. Developing this would be something like developing strength (in the mind).

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      non-lucid , side notes
    3. Zombies, level editors and breakfast - dream fragment

      by , 02-28-2015 at 09:31 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was in some kind of soviet bunker. I was with a group of scavengers. There were zombies all around. One of our people went to a chamber, which closed right after he entered. There were lots of zombies inside. He was some kind of chosen one, but I decided to just go away to my base. Looking at security camera I saw him fighting. Then I saw this from his perspective. I shoat a few zombies, but in the end they have killed me and... My perspective was brought back to my body in my home. I was working on a new level for some kind of game. Next day I was eating sandwiches for breakfast. It tasted great. I saw my brother came back from work in Switzerland. We were playing on xbox later that day. Next day I was again working on a level for that game, and played it for a while. I came back to my base, and started managing work orders on survivors.
    4. January 27th, 2015 Semi-Lucid

      by , 01-27-2015 at 08:26 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I woke up this morning at around 7am and for some reason I couldn't go back to bed. I spent about an hour just laying there thinking about some things in my life but then decided I would just let my mind go blank. I was observing the patterns that my eye lids were presenting to me and was unaware that a dream scene had appeared. I was sitting on a beach when a very energetic kid stood up and started yelling while running towards the ocean. The thought of 'hell no I'm not going in there' came about my mind. My subconscious produced a reason for not going in, rough blue waves with a giant steamboat miles out to sea. Giant meaning 50 times the size of the Titanic.

      Suddenly, I was in my bed. I had remembered that I was trying to go to sleep and I was thinking about a song from ODESZA that has really trippy tones to it. I was looking around my room thinking I was awake, hearing this song play extremely vibrantly all throughout my house. Then, I woke up in my actual bed. It blew my mind that I had still been dreaming.

      Again, I was asleep. My dream scene had been in some field of some sort but jumped to being in a fast food restaurant. I had sat down with some friends in a booth when all of the sudden I just thought "this is a dream." Then I yelled, "this is a dream!" Everything became much more clear. I can't remember who was there with me, but it was a couple of friends and they were all laughing with me. I started rubbing my hands together, continually shouting "this is a dream!" Then I started doing math. "4+4 is 8, 6+6 is 12." It was like I had made up some sort of math song and I was chanting these things. There was food on my plate so I decided to try to change the food. At first it was some sort of breakfast like eggs, so I said "okay turn into wings" and waved my hand over the food. Nothing had happened the first couple of times, but then it had changed to some make-shift idea of wings on the plate which was progress for me. I had been looking around the diner when I realized I was losing the dream scene, so I focused back on my hands and rubbed them together for friction. I remember looking at my friends and thinking 'how do you tell the difference from real life and a dream? This is so real." I started to think about Inception and it freaked me out, how what if I couldn't tell what was reality and what was fake. It scared me a little. I started to spin around to stabilize the dream when it collapsed.
    5. $330 Bill for breakfast

      by , 12-10-2014 at 10:54 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      $330 Bill for breakfast (Non-lucid)


      My wife in this dream was my girlfriend and she met with someone who was dressed as a hippie and someone who was a very rich guy. My wife and I hanged up with the rich guy, who apparently we were going to have breakfast together and then go out for lunch. After the breakfast, my wife paid the bill and it was a wooping amount of $330.

      I was in shock but I figured she did because he was going to pay for lunch, and probably much more expensive.

      We went to have lunch and the rich guy just bought some fast food and I was kind of upset... some fancy guy! In addition, he got mad because he could not take the leftovers from the burgers.

      There were two additional guys going after me for some reason and I was in a weird bird contest. I was like in a convention, a lot of red carpeting and a lot of people. Despite being very upscale, some areas seemed abandoned and dusty. I somehow started to follow a bird, that was mechanical and was from some female friend I had. I was able to outrun the guys chasing me and our bird ended up in the 210th position out of like 4,000 birds. I reunited from my wife, who was safe and sound.
    6. Making Breakfast (NLD)

      by , 10-16-2014 at 06:00 PM
      I was trying to make breakfast. I was standing in front of a kitchen island with a stove range with at least nine burners, maybe twelve, frying up slices of some sort of eggy loaf and making pancakes from a batter that appeared to contain whole grains of barley. Periodically I would go from there to the refrigerator, where I was checking on a large glass jar of liquid in which I was somehow (the logistics don't make much sense in retrospect) attempting to make a complicated frozen cube that contained a whole strawberry and some kind of alcohol.

      After going back to the stove, I noticed that the things in the frying pan were on the verge of burning even though the heat was set to medium-low. What confused me even more was that the surface of the pancake batter appeared to be burning as well, though it was still in the bowl. I figured the latter must be an effect of oxidation, contact with the air, and mixed it up some more.

      I checked on the refrigerator again and saw that at least my big strawberry ice cube was freezing properly, because it looked visibly white and opaque within the liquid. As I watched, it floated up and popped to the surface, but fortunately there was enough extra room at the top of the jar that it did not splash out and make a mess.

      I went back to the stove... but now the arrangement had changed. Where was my frying pan? Had someone come and moved it? Now an empty ceramic baking dish was sitting on the hot burner! That wasn't good, they're not supposed to be used that way! I hastily moved it, and although I was concerned that the cookie tray I set it on might be cold enough to make it crack from the heat difference, I couldn't spot a better place to put it. The stove was crowded with pans and dishes, none where I had left them, and I wasn't sure what had become of the food I was frying just a moment earlier.

      Who had come and re-arranged everything? My breakfast was going to be ruined! None of this made any sense! In desperate frustration I wailed aloud, "What the hell is going on here? What could it be? I don't understand!" But instead of recognizing the inconsistency as a clear dream sign, I woke up with those words still ringing in my head.
    7. sitcoms and unrecalled dreams night of 13/5/14

      by , 05-14-2014 at 02:51 PM
      took b6 and valerian root, woke up several times, only recall dream before i woke up just now

      sitcom like dream with 2 kids. setting is a large open kitchen with light orange/yellow wood and fluorescent light behind translucent white panels and plenty of daylight. one kid is expecting the other to come in and pour some milk. he and his female friend are already drinking milk. it seems like he expects the other kid to pour the remainder of the milk from a glass measuring cup into his glass cup only to realize that there is too much and his cup is overflowing. but when he goes to pour it, the first kid pulls away the now glass jar of milk with a string that is attached to his hand while he sits across from the table.

      I wake
    8. 21 Mar: nazi themed party

      by , 03-21-2014 at 09:49 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      (...) I encounter Nighthawk, he looks a bit bizarre, dressed all white with a small red tie and red pullover over the shoulders. We talk, he invites me out. It's early morning, so we go out for breakfast. We find this posh place where I expect to be served a lush meal, but there's something strange about the place. It's a large ballroom, the stage is set, music is playing. We are taken to a table and they say there's little beer left. I say "who drinks beer for breakfast?" but these people were probably there all night. A show starts. I see dancers coming on stage dressed with uniforms that seem familiar. The waitress brings me a frapuccino. I try to remember "Did I ask this? I don't recall having made an order.". I call her back, I want to know if it has cow milk, 'cause then I'm not drinking it. Meanwhile the dancers dance and I realize, their uniforms are from the SS. WTF? More dancers come on stage, with nazi german uniforms and flags. The public shouts "Hitler, Hitler!" and I say "oh my god, what the fuck is this?". Someone says, "It's a nazy themed party, but it is purely satirical". "Satirical, my ass! Anybody entering through that door right now, would say this is celebratory". I want to get of there as soon as possible. But then I recall, no, I didn't ask for the frapuccino, this is just a fucked up dream.
      I get lucid and fly away from there. I cross over town and just enjoy the beauty of the details of the place.

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    9. Sonja

      by , 01-21-2014 at 12:10 AM
      There's a man coming down from his room to breakfast at an inn, somewhere expensive and in the mountains, there's snow visible outside, the place looks like a ski lodge. The woman he checked in with is sitting at a table, and he's surprised to see that she's still here, he half expected her to have left during the night. He goes and sits down with her, starts talking with her, but he's distracted, noticing that the innkeeper and his husband are watching them, not being at all subtle about it. This woman is someone in the public eye, and she's married or engaged to someone else, and the innkeeper looked a little scandalized when they checked in together last night.

      He says to the woman now, "That... Well, it wasn't an accident. And will you just leave?" By 'that', he's referring to something that happened between them at dinner last night that made it clear he wants her - but it's something small, like a touch on the cheek or the leg; they aren't having an affair, despite the impression they've been giving people. He stands up and as he leaves he gives her this sort of very slight bow, and says "Sleep tight, Sonja."

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    10. I make My Car Fly!!! 2nd Morning Nap DILD Success In a Row

      by , 01-04-2014 at 02:37 AM
      1/3 snip...For the second day in a row I get up after maybe 6 hours of
      sleep, eat some oatmeal, watch a little TV and then go back to bed and for the second day in a row I have a lucid dream. I think both were either due to the nap schedule or my tweak to my self awareness check-ins but I also performed SSILD cycles each time. This felt more like a morning nap than a wake back to bed because I normally don't stay up for a long time for my wake back to beds staying up 1 hour yesterday and about 1.5 hours today (got into a movie). I'm driving down a busy road with three lanes going the same direction as I am. The right lane slows down to almost zero and I get over into one of the faster lanes and I see there's a car that is slowing down just barely going . As I continue along I see more and more cars driving strangely in curve patterns on a straight road some of them also curving into the side of the road and stopping. As I get more and more suspicious the question pops up that must be dreaming. The finger through my palm tries to tell me that I am awake but
      I just know that I'm dreaming and I told myself if I'm dreaming I can pull back on the steering wheel and the car will start flying like an airplane. I lift off just above the ground at first and wonder if I've actually lifted it off at all and I pull back a little more and sure enough I'm flying up in the air higher and higher flying around a beautiful green hilled landscape in a daylight scene. It is so much fun it reminds me of the dream where I took off from the roller coaster flying over a similar landscape. I am checking out different views and after a while my vision starts to get fuzzy and I felt like I cracked open my eyes in waking life and maybe saw a little light and my room
      but I later realized that was a false awakening since when I actually woke up my sleep mask was firmly in place and my first do was dark by the sleep mask. At the time I thought I'd barely woke up so I decided to try to go back into the dream but later ended up in
      another false awakening where my wife was coming back to bed for a little sexy time. I pull up her sweatshirt and she has an undershirt on and by the time my son starts calling out from downstairs (in the dream only because he's not at the house at the moment) we are completely naked and I am worried that he is going to walk up the stairs into our room just like the episode of Modern Family rerun that we watched last night. He is calling her asking her for something and I try to call out to him what is he looking for but he keeps calling to her (I also hear is cousin downstairs) and I tell my wife hey why don't you respond (at least 3 times) before he comes upstairs and I look at her and her eyes are closed and it looks kind of like she's having a light seizure or something with her lips puckered kind of like a fish and I start to get ready to call my son to ask him to call 911 when I realize again I'm dreaming...I must be but there's just enough doubt that I make myself
      wake up just in case she is having some kind of medical emergency in waking life. Did not count this as a lucid dream...not this false awakening.
    11. A Whole Lot of Nothing.

      by , 08-04-2013 at 09:58 PM
      Date: August 4, 2013
      Method: MILD & WBTB (fell asleep during WILD )
      Total Sleep Time: Not enough!


      Eating breakfast with my niece at IHOP (piping hot pancakes with lots of butter and hot coffee...my favorite) and there was something about the breakfast special that I was very concerned about, but I believe my concern was that I didn't ask for the special and we were paying far too much for what we ordered.

      Note: I woke up starving!
    12. Sledding without a coat

      by , 06-10-2013 at 01:26 AM
      Length: ~5 min
      Type: Non-lucid

      I was eating breakfast (Banana nut muffin with two eggs) when I looked out the window and realized it was snowing. I told my brother. My mom then got mad at him for reasons I will not disclose. I went outside with my brother and we went sledding. He was suited up in a coat and everything, and I just had a dinky T-shirt on. He pointed that out and I said that it was too much trouble to suit up. I threw myself onto the snow, then once I touched it I woke up.

      After waking up, I realized it was summer.
    13. Wake up, Have Breakfast, go to Math..!

      by , 02-19-2013 at 11:28 AM
      In this dream, I woke up to my phone's alarm, went to the kitchen, put 2 bread slices in the toaster, and made cereal. Once I finished the cereal, I felt full, but noticed the two slices of toast, ready for Jelly, but I ignored them instead.

      I end up walking into Math Class, and in the corner of the class near Ms. Schilds desk was Miyuki and Vladimir, both talking about whatever they usually talk about. I pretend to not notice them as I walk to the place I thought I sat, somewhere in the back. As I walk, I look back at them a few times, and see Miyuki quietly talk to Vladimir about something, and her face didn't make it seem like it was anything positive.

      Before I knew it, the entire class was filled with kids. Jessica, Cat, Matt, Ashley, and Issac where the main characters in this dream. I Walked to the front to find out what we were doing today. On the board, it seemed like we were coping down answers from multiple Homework Assignments and Tests. When I passed Miyuki's Desk, she stopped me for a moment and said "Hey Chris? About yesterday..." and she whispered something, but the class was way too loud, and I told her to just text me, and walk back to my seat.

      Ashley Quickle asked out loud to the class if anyone had any wax, and I immediately remembered Matt Garcia asking me for wax the previous night, though the wax Ashley needed was for imprinting answers from the textbook (Silly Putty Style) and not for a Vape.

      I try to forget about Miyuki, and walked over to the front corner near the door, where Jessica King, Cat Kaiser and Matt Fowler all sat and hanged out. Cat had a math book open, while Jessica sat next to her, trying harder then anyone I knew to stay awake. I sat in front of Jessica and we basically had a conversation on how it was fucking incredible that Jessica goes to sleep every night at 4 a.m. and wakes up at 6 a.m. and manages to somehow stay 'awake' during the 8 hours of school we have, and she laughed a little bit, but it was apparent there was a very thin string between her awareness and knocking out into a deep sleep. I remember Jessica's eyes were very baggy, but her actual eyes were very fun to stare into! (Is that weird? Nah!)

      After awhile, I went to the front corner between the board and Ms. Schild's Computer Desk, to copy more notes, because I was talking and forgot to do them, seeing the rest of the class was far ahead. Some people talked to me, and a lot of it dealt with me musing to myself about the day so far, and what to expect next. Its funny actually a lot of my dream 'thinking' was all about remembering the 'dream' I thought I had (The Breakfast) but it turned out I was in a dream while I thought about remembering a dream! All of a sudden, my foot knocks down this large wooden board with answers on it, that everyone was copying down from. Issac Mills immediately starts yelling his clever, witty, 'disapproving of my everything' remarks, for all the class to hear, and I frantically struggled to get the board up right so people could copy it again, but the board was very long and unbalanced, so after many failed attempts, I woke up.
    14. FALSE AWAKENING FOLLOWED by lucid dream.

      by , 01-20-2013 at 02:51 PM
      The sound of the alarm wakes me up and I hear that it is raining. I head toward the bedroom window to open it and I decide to leave it ajar. I can see small pools of water in the garden. Then I go into the kitchen where my mom is making breakfast, but my mom does not live with me, she does not cook anymore and also she lives in Cuba. I was not sure if I was dreaming so instead of making a reality check I went to the window of my room and saw that it was locked , That convinced me that I was dreaming. (That was wrong on my part because..... What would have happened if the window had been closed? )

      As in much of my dreams, I was barefoot and covered only by a sheet, but I did not care because I was dreaming..I went to the back of the house and instead of a lake what was there was a huge swamp. I head into some of the houses surrounding the lake and knock on the door of one of them.
      I notice that there is no sync between the sound of knocking and the time of actually hearing the sound. Inside the house there are three children and I decide to leave. Outside there is an expanse of deep green trees but nothing out of the ordinary happens. I try to make contact with people but all are elusive.
      Tags: breakfast, swamp
    15. Mon Sep 24

      by , 09-24-2012 at 04:48 PM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)
      [These dreams were not very fun. I felt kind of sad this morning.]

      Pop Music vs. Classical Music

      Listening to a pop song, I realize that the intro is taken from a piece of classical music. But they really messed up the phrase when they took it out of context and changed it like that. I'm frustrated. I try to find a family member, so I can explain to them what the problem is.

      Malicious Shower

      Trying to avoid notice becomes somewhat more difficult when my sister shows up in the restaurant. Mentally, I change my disguise to a short-haired Korean woman with a strong accent. I walk to my sister's table to ask her a question, and after we exchange a few sentences, I realize that she thinks I'm one of her new students just arrived for orientation. My disguise looks just like one of the students she just met.

      The manager of the restaurant comes over to say that I can have as many samples as I desire before deciding what to eat. After he's gone, I decide to try some of what my sister's table ordered. The trouble is, it's still in a tin baking pan, and whenever we try to cut a bit off of it for me to eat, the pan just spins in circles. There's not enough friction. But eventually we hold it still long enough for me to cut halfway through and rip the piece the rest of the way off. It tastes good. I wind up for a high five with my sister; it's funny because we're both wearing oven mitts on our right hands. But afterwards, I worry if that might have blown my cover.

      I wander around the restaurant and arrive at the conveyor belt that customers use to return used dishes. It's similar to the oversized baggage claim in that there are a limited number of slots. You have find an empty slot and try to slide your dishes into it as it rotates past you. A slightly awkward kid from my school is in line in front of me; I doubt he has the chops for this. Plus, the employee overseeing the conveyor belt points out that there's only one slot open. The kid tries to slide his tray at the slot, but he hesitated too much, and it hits the rubber divider. The overseer takes the tray and puts it in the next available slot, and then it's my turn. Fortunately, it looks like there are a lot more open slots, now. But it turns out that I miss, as well.

      I have to go to the bathroom. I haven't seen one in this restaurant, so I walk through the big hallway connecting the restaurant to the other business in this building. The main room of the other business is very tall, and small circular tables dot the floor, spaced pretty far apart. It's a nice room, very open. There's a big window in one wall, and the others are painted in light colors. It's the second time I've visited this room; I was here once before my sister came into the restaurant. And yes, there is a bathroom!

      I go inside, but when I go into the stall to pee, I'm doused from above with a lot of water. I try to get out of the shower of water, but then another one starts above my new location. It's like there are fire-extinguishing sprinklers all over the ceiling, with laser detection so that they start pouring whenever anyone stands under them. I mean, I wouldn't mind the shower, but I don't think I have any way to dry myself off. Oh, wait--there's a brown towel hanging from a hook just inside the stall. Good thing I thought to bring that. I go back into the stall and try to pee, but it's difficult. I have to hold up the toilet seat with one hand while standing pretty far back from the bowl and aiming my urine carefully.

      When I wake up, no, I don't actually have to go to the bathroom.


      [Content warning: this one features poop.]
      Spoiler for Unsanitary:
      Slushie Shop

      Dad and I are on the way to an event I want to attend. It's an hours-long drive from my house. We're passing a slushie shop, and Dad asks me if I want anything. I don't, really, so I reply, "Only if you're really hungry." He stops anyway, so he probably only asked me because he wanted to visit the place himself.

      Another day, we're going to the same event, and we stop at the same shop. This time, they're understaffed, so they tell us it will take half an hour for the slushie to be ready. It takes a moment for that to sink in. There's no way we have half an hour; we didn't build that much extra time into our schedule. My soccer game starts pretty soon. But we stay anyway. While we wait, we sit at a table with two employees of the shop. One of them gets to talking with my dad about the four districts of Denver. One of the districts is mentioned by name, and the male employee starts talking about a building in that district which is associated with the gay rights movement. He's in favor of it, and he's frustrated with people who are making trouble for the building. After he leaves, the female employee apologizes for him, saying that he doesn't understand that gays are degenerate people [or something to that effect]. I don't respond, since I don't want the situation to escalate, but I reflect upon the apparent fact that everyone against the gay agenda is just a homophobe.

      Another day, we're going to the same event, but this time my mom is driving me. We stop at the same shop. My mom tries to pour the slushie from the machine herself, but it doesn't go too well. Worth a laugh, though.


      As I'm driving in the right lane along city streets, something important falls out of the passenger side of the car. I really don't want to go back for it. It seems like that would be a huge hassle. On the other hand, I need that something when I get to my destination, so if I don't stop now, I'll just have to stop later, and that would be even more of a hassle. Reluctantly, I look for a place to pull off on the shoulder. I'm not going to turn the car around; I'll just park and walk back. The brakes don't work very quickly, so I miss the first spot I was aiming for, and I have to use the next one. It's right next to a residential driveway. I hope the owner doesn't mind.

      Chocolate Graham Crackers

      I'm lying in bed in the morning. There's a lot of cereal in the bed with me; my personal stash. But I'm leaving for college in four days, and I'm not sure I can finish all of the cereal in time. I decide to have cereal for breakfast. It's a mixture of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and chocolate graham crackers. Carefully, I dip each piece of cereal in milk using my right hand, then put the dipped piece into my left hand to hold. I'm still in bed, so eventually I'm going to have to carry all of this to the kitchen table.


      Students are given one piece of candy for each point they got on the last assignment. I got 20/20, which is nice. The students handing out the candy give me two packets of colorful chocolate spheres lined up in a line, then a few extra pieces of some different kind of candy. I'm confused, because I thought there were ten spheres in each packet, so I shouldn't have gotten any extra. But it turns out there are only about eight, so it works out.
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