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    1. #106: Warming up / Family time

      by , 03-07-2016 at 07:25 AM
      Warming up
      I'm not so sure where I am. It seems to be inside. There's a group of people and one trainer. We have to go from one side to the other side of the room, performing certain moves, akin to a warmup. I forgot what we did for the first round, but for the second round we have to slide one foot forward in a half circle, so that we keep facing another direction the whole time and squat in between moving forward. To my left is a guy who is a bit bigger than I am. To his left is the trainer. To my right is the rest of the group. Once we're on the other side of the room we have to do the same thing to go back. This time however it's more of an obstacle course. It looks like a bed without a mattress. At some points there are slats missing, plus there's stuff spread all over the place. The guy goes first, but returns after a few second to give it a retry.

      Family time
      I'm in the Intertoys with my little brother. We're playfighting, even though it's probably not that appreciated. I make sure that the fight doesn't last long. I lay him down on the ground and make sure he can't move. Sweet, I won the bet, he has to pay up. We go to the register and he has to pay at least €90,- + €20,- and that's with me cutting him some slack.

      I have my 6 months old cousin with me. I give her to the girl behind the register and she starts washing her hair, as if this is a hairdresser. I'm a bit worried. She's got my cousin sitting up right and water is sometimes pouring over her face, making me worry about her being able to breathe. It turns out all fine though. I take my cousin with me. We're somewhere else now. My cousin and I start having a conversation. First she's using one word at a time, which already surprises me. After a few moments she's using full, grammatically correct sentences. I'm surprised at her intelligence.
      Tags: exercise, family
    2. 9-21-14 Don't tickle the lemon monster

      by , 09-23-2014 at 09:19 PM
      There was a boarding house in Paris, France. It was a very cute apartment and was very nicely decorated. And it was like right next to the Eiffel Tower. My mother was the owner of the boarding house, and I was part of the housekeeping team. My job was to go into all the different rooms and spray some chemical on the beds. Then in my spare time I went out and took photos of the Eiffel Tower.

      I was cleaning the beds one day when I went into a room and found my mother talking to this young french lady. As I sprayed the bed, I listened in on their conversation. The french girl was telling my mother about a new exercise technique that she had invented. It involved taking the fat on your belly between two fingers and pinching it really hard for about half an hour. My mother was quite taken with this technique, and said she would give it a try. Then the girl told my mother that she had once had a record high of 520 dreams in a single night. Obviously my mind was blown and I thought to myself, "Wow, she must be an amazingly talented lucid dreamer! I wish I could do that!" I failed to do a reality check.

      Then there was something about Jake the dog from Adventure Time going to an antique store. I was also for sale in the antique store, standing behind glass. This girl I like was looking at me, and coming up really close to the glass. Then I saw this huge monster walking around the store. It looked like an enormous hairy lemon with legs. These little girls thought it was funny, and ran around between his legs. Their hair tickled his underside and it angered him, so he grew these twig-like, flaky hairs out of the top of his head. They curved around over his body, and punctured his underside and grew back into his skin. So he was surrounded by this thick, woody shield that leaved only his two legs exposed. The girls couldn't tickle him anymore.

      Then I was Oliver Twist, and I was being chased by Fagin through London. He eventually got worn out and laid down on a park bench and fell asleep. I went up slowly to him. He had a pet monkey that was sitting on his shoulder. I fed it some bubble gum.

      Then I got back to my house. It was very late. My mother came up to me and said, "Hey, I let Fagin into the house". And I was obviously utterly shocked and outraged. But she assured me he wouldn't do anything, and that he was fast asleep. Then I asked my mom, "Why aren't you in bed?" And she said, "What? Good grief, I never sleep. I thought you knew that."

      I saw myself in a mirror. My face looked basically the same, but the skin of my face was really really dry and peelly, and the skin of my face was flaking off and blowing away.
    3. 5/6/2014

      by , 05-08-2014 at 02:20 AM

      I was with people I knew and we were all planning an event where we would spend a few nights at a hotel. I was shopping around a mall that was pretty crazy because of the amount of people. I remember talking to some hair stylist.

      I was at a big supermarket and was shopping around, pushing a shopping cart. I went through a group consisting of a mom and a few kids and she got real mad when I just cut in between them. I kept walking and talked to a group of friends. We decided to go work out and went to a pool. We looked for a place to start working out where there wasn't water and picked between the edge of the pool and on one of those stands where swimming races start. I did a few pushups and then a girl did them too. A woman showed up saying her husband was at the beach and that we were gonna go there. I told her I haven't swam in ocean water in a long time so it might be hard for me. Someone told me that my alarm was going off and that made me wake up immediately.

      When I woke up, my alarm had just barely gotten started and I was actually hearing no noise coming from my phone. The person who told me the alarm was going off seemed to be a man. I thought it might of been my girlfriend but she said she didn't tell me it was going off. I believe I would of become lucid if the dream kept going, since the dream started becoming more vivid and I could remember things from the waking world.
    4. Stealing & Escape

      by , 03-04-2014 at 10:22 PM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      1. Me and Rane steal a treadmill from a storage unit full of them, because, “she [owner] will never notice, she has so many of them”. I’m initially worried but then realize the truth of that statement.

      Inspiration: (Nearly) stole an elliptical in a previous dream. Storage unit from a memory palace trigger plus a different dream. I think that because I don’t know a whole lot of people I see regularly, my sister kind of stands in. I’ve been trying to increase the faces in my ‘database’ lately though.

      2. I’m trying to escape a room I’m locked up in. The room is kind of messy with things scattered around. I’d already tried the windows in the main room but they were locked securely, so I went to another smaller room and took off all the coverings on the window to open it.

      I went back to the other room and started shoving things into a sack, including a few long-sleeved things and two of my pajama pants IWL (one with moons and stars, another with clouds).

      I went out the window, and there was a wooden porch, but there was a gap to get to the ground. As well, there was some kind of torch system going at intervals, and the only way to get down was to go around it, and risk getting burned. Plus the railing was thin, so I had to balance carefully.

      I carefully climbed around and tried to pass the fire when it was off, but it came back on and the heat of the flames burned my left thigh. It was intense but not a strong burning sensation. I hurried on and jumped down to the ground, where I saw some water trickling out of a gutter or something. I turned from it and let it hit my thigh. It was cold.

      Back at the house, some time seems to have passed since I escaped. A woman says to a man that it’s all his fault I left. It kind of felt like they were supposed to be my parents. Then I see a scene the man had set up. There was a small bag (think tea bag) labeled ‘Marijuana’ and a paper that had “Do it” written on it. He was trying to set the woman up for something.

      Inspirations: May be symbolic for how I feel about wanting to ‘escape’ my current lifestyle but can’t because I’m dependant on my parents. Also, I had a déjà-vu like feeling and remembered another dream like this where I was trying to escape a room out a window. The déjà-vu feelings tend to come on pretty intensely the more I work on my recall, but lately the feeling comes because I recall similar dreams. The porch felt like my grandma’s back porch despite the differences, in which case her house is one of my memory palaces and is a dream sign. Marijuana probably comes from the trigger ‘meth’ in my dream palace.
    5. Competitive Pullup 'Gareth Bale' dream

      by , 06-07-2013 at 01:54 AM
      Fragment, non-lucid:

      Me and my friend Kevin (He's a heavy Spurs supporter and he like idolizes Gareth Bale, their star scorer), anyway we were seeing how many pullups we could do and competing with each other and he beat me anyway and I was like ah damn it and then he tagged me in the comment of a Gareth Bale picture and it got like 9 likes or something and I was like ah damn it and everybody was laughing about it.

      Bit vague, but that's the best I can remember that fragment.

      End of fragment.
    6. Thurs Dec 13 (11:00-8:20)

      by , 12-15-2012 at 05:19 AM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)
      I Quit (8:00)

      I'm at a sports club, where we're doing our warm-up workout outside. The current exercise involves teams of three. We lock arms in a specific way, then take turns trying to lift the people on our left and right using our core muscles. I'm the last person in our group to do it, so I wasn't expecting it to be as hard as it is. I try it once--try it twice--and then give up. With hardly a goodbye, I walk back towards the locker room to change and go home.

      On the way is a swimming pool, and I accidentally trip and fall into it. At the last moment I remember that my shoes are muddy, and I hook my legs over the side of the pool so I'm hanging upside down from the edge. That way, the water stays clean.

      After I pull myself back out, the club's head instructor is standing on the other side of the pool, looking at me. He commends me for my civic responsibility in keeping the mud out of the water, and as a reward, he says he's willing to overlook my embarrassing decision to quit the club. "We're back together," he says, and it's clear he's enjoying the double entendre. This guy seems kind of like a sleaze-bag, and I don't think I want back into the club. I throw an apple core at him and go into the locker room.

      Inside, there are some students practicing Apparition. It makes me sorry to realize I'll never get a chance to learn it, now. The trick has something to do with having complete faith that when you turn around, you'll be looking at the new location; I never quite got the hang of it. Oh well.

      I look over towards the secret door, which I also never figured out how to open. Then I see there's some kind of locking mechanism in the upper right corner. It's moving around, which must mean someone is trying to come through the door. Probably the head instructor trying to talk to me again.

      Indeed, it is him. As soon as the door opens, we start fighting. It's a mix of Tae Kwon Do sparring and a knife fight. We end up back outside, advancing and retreating and circling around one another. I'm rather proud of myself for being able to deflect all of his attacks.

      I am joined by a team of fighters on roller blades. They are part of a resistance group that has an ongoing feud with the sports club. Sensing my opportunity to cut ties with this place, I go with them when they leave.
    7. Thurs Sep 20

      by , 09-20-2012 at 05:56 PM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)
      Workout Schedule
      Spoiler for Workout Schedule:
    8. Exercise

      by , 09-05-2012 at 11:51 PM
      Dreamt that I went to my 6:15 a.m. conditioning class this morning, but I was unprepared and super self-conscious. I felt incompetent compared to the men's basketball team (who make up the majority of the class in reality), and I started emotionally beating up on myself for being "not good enough." I also felt self-conscious of my body, felt fat, and hated myself.
      I think the main theme here is the belief of being not good enough. I have been struggling with that since arriving at college. I feel like I'm one of the only sober (due to my addiction/alcoholism) people on campus, and because of that I feel disconnected emotionally from much of the student body. This translates into me not feeling good enough, as well as feeling lonely. My "addict" tells me that I'm not good enough to be friends with most people here because my sobriety will get in the way of a relationship. I know that's not true with the logical side of my brain, however the emotional side of my brain is strong right now. When I don't feel good enough on the inside, I usually have crappy body image on the outside.
    9. Mon. Aug. 13

      by , 08-13-2012 at 05:41 PM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)
      Atomic Scale

      I'm playing a game similar to Heroes III, except sometimes when you hover over certain places on the map, it will tell you that there's progress in the story to be found if you visit that location. I notice I've almost missed one of these, so I go back and visit it. To my surprise, a new area starts loading (like in Skyrim). Once we're inside, the game is in real-time 3D rendering and I'm traveling with a party (like in Baldur's Gate). We're inside. A male voice echoes through the stone rooms, telling us that for our next test, we have been shrunken down to the atomic level, and we must investigate the experiments happening here. It points out a small, cartoonish worm in a hat over by one corner, which is somehow responsible for the orderly functioning of the universe.

      The voice also points out an object on the wall, and warns it not to touch it--but we already have. The voice explains that if we do (which we have), water will start attacking a specific member of my party (which it does), trying to cause him to slip into one of the bottomless pits scattered here and there around the building. Certainly, the water makes things difficult for us as we try to make our way down the hallway. I consider re-loading the game, now that I know better than to touch that object. However, in the spirit of role-playing, I decide to try to tough it out. There are other people down here with us, carrying out experiments in side rooms off of the main hallway. I'm not sure whether or not the game is trying to teach us about real-life science.

      College Ceremonies

      All the students in my year and my house at my school are gathered in a room for a traditional ceremony. Everyone starts by sitting down in desks, but gradually we get up to start dancing at the front of the room. Some people are too embarrassed to join in. Eventually the RHs try to command them to join, but that doesn't really work and it just makes things more awkward. So instead these students are told to get down on all fours and stick their heads inside of a half-scale cardboard model of a car, and start making "moo" noises. That seems ridiculously humiliating to me--hopefully it will make more sense in the context of the larger ceremony. But still, I think certain events have been done out of order. (The female RH seems to agree with me; she looks very uncomfortable right now.) Meanwhile the rest of us (myself included) are given pink roses. We're supposed to crowd around this car as well, so they can take a picture.

      Somehow I get confused and lost. I end up in an outer hallway, alone. It takes me a bit to find my way back to the original room, since there are some big windows between rooms that make it unclear where the actual doors are. Once I'm back, I spot a friend sitting at a table, but everyone from my year is gone.

      "Are you . . . privy to the plans of the RHs?" I ask her, hesitantly.

      She says yes, so I ask her what I'm supposed to be doing right now. She says something about ceremonially dropping the petals of the rose, and suddenly I'm overwhelmed by the symbolism of it all. Without a word, I walk straight back into the hallway, and sit in fetal position, leaning against the left wall. People I don't know are walking past me, but I don't care. After a few moments, I hear my friend come out and sit down next to me. I feel a bit ashamed to realize that that's exactly what I wanted to happen. She asks what's wrong, and I start moaning about not knowing the point of this ceremony or of life in general. I know I should try to be more mature, but I guess I just hope she'll solve all my problems for me. But no, she refuses to be cast in that role. Without a word, she gets up and walks back into the room. I notice that she somehow walks through one of those glass windows that confused me so much before. I walk up to the window and test it for myself. It turns out there's not a window there at all. Weird.

      Mock Warm-Up

      I'm warming up with an athletics club. The instructor is leading us in dynamic exercises back and forth across a stretch of lawn outside. He asks us now to go the entire distance in just two one-legged hops. Bit of an absurd request, but we do it anyway, no problem. Somehow this particular stretch is a parody of a recent Olympic sprinter who thinks a bit too much about himself. We laugh. Later, we're given a rather complicated series of exercises that we're supposed to repeat for a while on our own count, though we're still supposed to stay together as a group. Somehow I notice that I've gotten ahead of one of the two other guys still exercising, so I wait with the third guy while the second catches up. This exercise will be more impressive if we do it together.
    10. My Subconscious Wants Me to Exercise

      by , 07-03-2012 at 03:47 PM
      -I walked around my school looking at people and talking to them. One girl complimented me on my looks. She said if I worked out I would look great.

      - I was waiting in line to try to pull Thor's hammer from the stone when some people started to mock me. I was trying to ignore them when suddenly one of them hit me in the back. I proceeded to beat him to the ground.

      I know this was dream control without lucidity because the guy was twice my size and the fight was similar to the ones in my day dreams.
    11. 38th Shared Dreaming Attempt - Vesterguard's Dream

      by , 10-01-2011 at 10:25 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Vesterguard's Dream

      01-10-11 Intentions were clear, rest out after the semester start up party.

      “Its a race on the scaffolding”

      I am at some sort of merry event. It has the feel of a carnival/sporting event/ construction celebration. At the centre of the stage is this pyramid shaped building that reminds me of seats you find and college/highschool sports stadiums.

      I go running, first over the steps of this pyramid and then out on a stretch of hilly land. The weather is nice, sunny and warm. When I come back I start over again, this time with an old school friend of mine.

      We are primarily running up and down the steps of the pyramid and he always seem to be a step in front of me until at one point I loose him completely. He keeps talking about how it is really important to keep up a good pace and a good pulse.

      I loose him at a point towards the back of the pyramid (back defined as the shadow side, away from where the speaker and main action is going on). Here there is scaffolding surrounding the building and the running here involves finding ways to navigate this. So I use my arms a lot to swing from place to place and also run a couple of metres on a metal pole.
    12. 10/13/10 Shattered Dreams

      by , 10-17-2010 at 11:11 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: The rest of this night was extremely fragmented, I'm afraid this was the best I could get from it.

      Golden Healing
      I was in the healing area of the biodome, or it could have been the healing glen, but if it was the healing glen I didn't see the Crystal Golem anywhere around. I was feeling a bit drained after my recent expenditure of dark energy, so I was a bit disoriented, but I was mostly lucid. I recognized the people there with me, I saw Basara closest to me, I also saw MoSh was there, but I couldn't think why they would be there… I had won against the Templars with no difficulty, had something happened that I needed healing? Well, even though I couldn't think clearly enough to remember why I needed healing, we all did healing spells… I was lucid enough to focus on my own healing spell… and the area filled up with a very relaxing golden energy, which caused me to fall asleep in the dream.

      I Have a Kid Now?
      In this one I was in the area of my inner world where the little girl I brought back has been staying, it is the little girl that everyone had accused of being a demon, but in fact she just was a hybrid energy user, meaning she has access to both dark and light energies, but she doesn't know how to control the dark energy… to keep it stable. That was resulting in anyone who threatened the girl or upset her in any way meeting with some rather gruesome ends, but the main reason for that was the girl didn't know control. So I was in the area with her, she was in a nice house and met me at the door. The first thing she did was to start complaining about how it is not right for me to have left her alone for so long, and these mindless drones don't count as companionship… apparently she had easily identified the DC's for what they are. So she was trying to use various things to manipulate me, to get me to do what she wanted me to do, but that wasn't going to work since I already know what is going on with her. What I needed to do was try to show her some stable dark energy, but I was feeling too drained of dark energy to do that right now, so instead I spent the time trying to get to know more about her and she spent the time trying to find ways to manipulate me, both of us met up with epic fail.

      Flying Lessons
      I was in my house with my mother, and we went out onto the back porch to enjoy the weather, which was very pleasant this time of year in the desert. There was a wind blowing, and it seemed to be getting stronger, but that didn't bother me at all. Somehow I was spontaneously lucid in this one, so I already knew I could fly, though the idea seemed to upset my mother quite a bit. I told her it was a dream, she could fly too if she would just try, but she seemed hesitant to try it. I finally took her hand and pulled her up into the air as if she was weightless, which she is definitely not, but now we were both flying over the desert, over cactus, over homes… it was a really good view from up there. My mother seemed to want to go in a specific direction, but it turned out she was just trying to get to the local gym, apparently she wanted me to get exercise. I told her there was no need for that in a dream, but we went inside the gym anyway. There were many exercise stations, but the machines were missing from most of them, so there wasn't really much exercise to be done there. That didn't bother me at all, I just wanted to fly some more.
    13. 07/04/10 Vegeta's New Student

      by , 07-06-2010 at 02:12 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: I downloaded a new sound file, Yoga Nidra, which is a meditation track meant to aid in lucid dreaming. I used it for the first time tonight to aid in getting into my WILD. My goals tonight included doing the TotM by multiplying myself, and also some training. I have been feeling like I need to train due to having lost a fight to another DV member way too easily… and I also want alternative abilities that aren't power based in case I get attacked by Templars again and my powers don't work. So with those goals in mind, I used the new meditation sound along with my light / sound machine and slipped into a WILD…

      I was in a green meadow near a house. I recognized the place as the house where Vegeta and Serena live. I walked towards the house. I saw Vegeta was off to the right. He came over to meet me. He asked if I was finally ready to accept training. He said that a fighter who will only train themselves has a fool for a student. He said he knew this for a fact because he used to be like that, and it was only when he started accepting help from others that he was able to boost his power level to what it is now. He powered up, creating a bright field of energy around him. It was a powerful energy field, and yet I knew that this energy was a mere fraction of his true power… and a small fraction at that. To prove that fact, Vegeta powered up a bit more. His energy field was casting a bluish white glow over the meadow. I still knew that what I was seeing was still a small fraction of Vegeta's true power.

      Vegeta paused, and then he continued. . He looked me over as if sizing me up. He nodded a couple of times. He said he didn't see why I would have a problem with my skills and power level, but if I did and wanted to do something about it, it was time to train, and he was the one to train me He said that he has already seen I have a good power level and good skills in battle. He said the first thing I should work on is my speed. After all, an opponent who cannot hit you cannot defeat you. And after making your opponent miss is a good time to move around for a counter attack before the opponent even knows what hit them. He asked if I was ready for some serious training. Only serious training produces serious results. He asked if I was ready to commit to this… I said I would do my best. He said that's not good enough. I have to be committed to the training, coming in dreams w henever I get the chance, training when on my own… There is no, "I'll do my best," there is only "Yes, I will succeed!" or "No." If the answer is no, we are done. If yes, let's get started. I said yes. He insisted I say, "Yes, I will succeed!" and put confidence into it. Saying that made me believe I could do it.

      So Vegeta and I started training. He told me to block all of his punches. He came over to me and did a Kachu Tenshin Amaguuriken as done by Ranma Saotome on the anime / manga Ranma 1/2. I blocked a couple of the punches, but Vegeta was as fast as lightning… I didn't block nearly all of them.

      When that round was over, Vegeta looked at me again and said speed is definitely a place where I need improvement. He said to follow him and we would train for speed in the same manner Ranma Saotome trained… So Vegeta set up several different scenarios. The first one was right off of the Ranma 1/2 series… catching a number of fish from a tank and moving them to another tank… and the fish were piranha…

      and the goal was to do it fast enough not to be bitten. The second task was also off of Ranma 1/2… the goal was to pluck a number of chestnuts out of a blazing fire without getting burned.

      Then he came up with a few ideas of his own. A bunch of small flying drones in a swarm around me, they were basically drone bees. He said to grab them all out of the air, get them fast enough that I don't get stung. He said this exercise would require both speed and accuracy. Then there was the maze… a path of twists and turns with obstacles that would pop up at the last moment… and the goal was to speed through the maze as fast as possible without hitting any of the obstacles or the walls. He said that was for speed and reaction time. And don't start thinking the obstacles would be in the same place each time, because they wouldn't. It is necessary to expect the unexpected and be ready to act accordingly. His last one was a combination of the other two of his… fly through the maze and pluck the drones out of the air as I went. The goal was to capture all the drones and complete the course without hitting obstacles or walls. He added that just in case it needed to be said, I was to do all of these tasks without relying on my powers… except for in the maze, where I could use flight.

      So I started working on those tasks. He had me starting on the piranha and chestnuts ones. I had done it for a short while when I felt the dream slipping. I said I would dilate time. He said not to. He said he would take care of the time dilation, I should focus on my exercises. So I continued. The dream stabilized. Vegeta continued watching me do the tasks, occasionally intervening to give me advice on picking up my speed. It seemed like I was training like that for a long time, and I could clearly see improvement even after that short time of training. Vegeta also said he had noticed a definite increase in my speed. He said if I kept that speed up for the beginning of our next session, the fish and the chestnuts were too easy for me… time to move on to the drones, then the maze, then both. And this time when everything faded, I woke.

      Note: It felt like I had been in the dream state for a very long time. I am not good at judging how long, but several hours at least. When I woke up, I looked at my clock and saw I had only been asleep for an hour. Vegeta sure knows his time dilation!
      lucid , memorable