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    1. Imagination Is Key!

      by , 02-13-2014 at 07:26 AM
      The other night I had a dream I was walking to the store and I looked up at the sky to see daylight planets like fantasy earth pictures. I seen the Moon and Jupiter up close as if they weren't that far from the earth. I was amazing because I am interested in astronomy and to see that was just cool, then I heard the sound of jets flying above me as I watched them past by I turned around and seen a whole new place. It was a combination of many different places. There was my house, my high school, stores I never heard of before, medieval knights riding on horses, more jets flying in sync, and many cool things I cant recall. It was very cool and I wish I was Lucid but it was just a normal dream, a very vivid one.
    2. Trouble around a shrine, armor, and an island.

      by , 02-11-2014 at 11:49 PM
      A sort of ancient China-based fantasy setting. Someone's left an offering of a fish for me at my shrine, and I'm suspicious of it, so I only take a taste. It turns out to be fine. Now I feel regret; if I'd known it was good, I would have eaten the whole thing. From my perspective, after I tasted it, the rest turned to stone; I'm aware the humans offering it would have seen it differently.

      Nearby, there's a man talking with his wife in their home late at night. He's going through a sort of existential despair, and he's sort of thinking through it out loud, talking more to himself than to his wife. Someone else appears and tells him that this existential despair is good, it's an indication that it's time for him to move on to the next stage of life, to become immortal. The man totally buys it. I'm a disembodied observer, but I still have the mindset of the character from the shrine in the previous scene, and I'm extremely irritated with that new person/creature. I think of this man and his wife as mine, and I don't appreciate others attempting to mislead and take advantage of them.

      Outside - I remain in 3rd person POV and lose that shrine character's mindset. That couple's house is part of a small complex of several buildings enclosed by a wall, and elsewhere within that wall there's a woman who hunts demons, dressed like a man, chasing after a three-eyed crow, with another woman (a local, not a demon hunter) trying to keep up with her. They don't manage to catch it; it flew over the wall, and it didn't seem at all concerned about its pursuers. She's seen that crow before, the one controlling it has caused trouble for her in the past.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm traveling through a forest, and changing into a suit of chainmail. It's gleaming white, head to toe.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      A fantasy China setting again. There's an elf woman dressed all in white, head to toe, and there are two men taking her over to an island in a rowboat. One of the men is young, the other is middle-aged and has been recently disgraced in some way, he's cut off his hair to reflect that. Reaching the island she wants to go to involves passing through several veil-like things in the air covering the opening between two cliffs.

      When they reach the town on the other side of that passage, the older man immediately jumps out of the boat and heads off through the streets, moving quickly. As a disembodied observer, I follow him, and I'm thinking that I've seen this scene before, from the younger man's POV. (Which is probably a false memory, but there's a chance it's true - it's true that I was in the young man's POV in a scene just before the rowboat, and I can only remember very vague fragments of that scene.) I'm thinking now that last time, that man had met up with us after we'd taken care of some business, just before we left the island. I had wondered what he was doing while he was gone, but he'd refused to say, he's always very secretive - I'm pleased I'm going to be able to find out now. (Of course, as soon as I thought that, I woke up.)

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    3. Curious Story

      by , 02-06-2014 at 11:56 PM
      I don't remember much about my dream, but the things I do remember really are bugging me.

      In my dream, I was a person I made up in my head. I looked exactly like how I imagined this person. So I'm on some sort of quest looking for spirits that grant me magic powers such as pyrokinesis and such. Mid way through the dream, I'm walking through a cave where a monster that kind of looked like Lugia from Pokemon attacked me; it was one of the spirits I talked about. I somehow ended up out of the cave and at the beginning of a town. I turned around to get the monster out of the cave. I pulled a switch which was attached to a chain and it started pulling the monster out. When it came out, it was decapitated and I couldn't understand why. Maybe someone was chasing me? Anyways, I carry the head to the town (the town looked to be a run-down wood/brick medieval-esque town) and the town came to greet me. Apparently some of the people knew me and came to see me. I dropped the head and curled up into a ball, like any sane person would do once they've been holding a decapitated head of a monster. One of the girls in the crowd said "what's wrong with her?" and what seemed to be the village elder of sorts said, and I specifically remember this and I don't know why. He said "She just needs someone to hold".

      I really enjoyed the dream but I want to delve into it and learn what it was all about.
    4. Medusas and Murals

      by , 11-18-2013 at 09:44 AM
      Original journal entry dated May 22, 2002:

      It didn't really start out as a nightmare, it started out as a dream that I was playing Dungeons and Dragons like my friends, and it was a normal session except for the fact that we would literally become our characters. And the fact that the campaign took place on the actual campus, not in a far off fantasy world. This was a whole dream in and of itself.

      It then phased into the next dream in this manner:
      When we were done playing, we cleaned our stuff up, packed it away, etc. I asked for a ride home but nobody wanted to give me one, although M offered to drop me off at the closest bus-stop. Unfortunately, it wasn't the bus-stop that I needed to be at, which was a mile down and across the freeway. So I started walking down the side of the freeway, which wasn't there at first, but then there were walls along the edge of the road and I had to walk IN the road, inching along with my back pressed to the wall, while tons of cars barreled by. I managed to get across the freeway when I realized that I had miscalculated and overshot the place where the bus-stop was, so I had to go back. As I was going back, I found myself stumbling along a gravel embankment at the edge of the road, and the way that the wall and embankment were arranged, I had to walk away from the actual road and into a sort of hollow near the freeway pillars and supporting structures... all of the sudden, it got way too foggy for me to see, and I wandered blindly until I suddenly felt incredibly cold, clammy hands all over me, and then I passed out...

      ...when I woke up, I was blind, but I was in a warm bed and a house, and people were talking to me. There were 3 voices - one was a fatherly voice, conjuring up in my head the image of a man smoking a pipe. The second was a daughter-ish voice, that of a young girl. She spent a lot of time talking to me and stuff. The last one scared me, it was a mother-ish voice, but instead of conjuring up a motherly image in my head it conjured up the image of something rather like a medusa (I'm talking mythology, not squid, here). They took care of me and talked to me, but they never touched me. In my dream I think I was an orphan so I guess I finally had a family. I always refered to the fatherly figure as "father", the sisterly one as "sister", but didn't refer to the motherly figure as anything at all. I kept asking them when I would be well, when any important events would happen, when I would be able to go back... they told me, one day, that in a day they were going to go somewhere, and asked me whether or not I wanted to go with - I could go tomorrow, or in a week. I told them tomorrow, and asked them where we were going to go and what we were going to do. They responded, "Tomorrow they will uncover us." As I vaguely began to wonder if my caretakers were something other than... well, alive or human... back in real life, D knocked on my door, and the dream abruptly ended.

      So then I managed to get back to sleep, but this time my dream was different, it was about the dorms only the design had changed (for one, they were nicer and the foliage was more lush, the landscape was prettier). There were some design flaws in the dorms, one of them was that in order to reach their own patio the next-door dorm had to cross ours. So there was a debate as to whether or not they also got to use and put their stuff on the half of our patio that they had to cross to get to their own. Then there was some stuff about mom and screen-names, and a bunch of random stuff, one thing of which included a mural with different descriptive name-bubbles that you could choose to put next to the objects depicted in the mural. The Mural of the Week was one with dinosaurs, and for some reason they didn't look sad but they were crying, and some of the word bubbles were pretty silly.
    5. Oct. 19 Dream Journal: The Führer will not be pleased

      by , 10-19-2013 at 09:41 PM
      I dream of a sci-fi desert landscape, though the vibe of it has a grainy feel like I'm in the movie Dune. I'm in the role of a distant visitor, where I bring with me knowledge of a distant world to the kindly people of this planet which I'm calling Space Eden. They are dressed in robes, kind of like a futuristic-medieval society that, again, resembles Dune. I'm walking along their city, overseeing the defenses they are building. I am at a sloped pass, and two 20-feet tall Golems that move Claymation style guard the top of the pass on each side. They resemble muscular humanoids, except their feet are platform blocks starting at the ankle, so they are more defense towers than wandering sentries. I know I inspect more of their defenses, but I don't think I actually ever "view" it before the scene changes.

      I'm now hanging out with my friend J, who is moping around the couch while I play video games. At one point, I discover something in the game that piques his interest, like a new option or setting or something, but he loses focus because I'm playing a basketball game, a sport I think 95% of the population of planet Earth have no interest in. My other friend Girl-J, who is also Boy-J's ex, comes in, and we all hang out with some slight awkwardness. Then Boy-J suddenly announces he has to visit his mother... in-law! And we all laugh like this is a funny joke in a sitcom. Don't ask me why my sub-conscious thinks I'd laugh at this.

      The scene changes again, and I'm in a vibe that resembles The Great Escape, where it's sunny and hot and my vision again has the "grain" feel from movies in that era. I'm planning to enter a race as an opportunity to escape from... wait for it... Space Nazis.

      The race itself is, somehow, a Go-Kart race for children, and I blend in by racing in a Formula 1 race car. During the race, I jump over a train a la Fonzie jumping over sharks, and I guide my jump so that the car hits the plume of black smoke coming out of this old-timey steam-engine train that happens to pass by. By Dream Science logic, the velocity of which I hit the plume of smoke causes it to produce even more smoke, allowing me to hide from the Space Nazis. I get a brief view change of an American SWAT team sniper -- who looks like the sniper from The Negotiator who couldn't shoot Sammy J, complete with backwards cap and wispy mustache -- reporting that he lost me. I don't know why he is working for the Nazis, nor do I know how anyone was able to lose me in the black smoke because it was a sunny day, and where else could I have possibly been?!

      ANYWAYS, the Nazis also confirm I'm off their radar, and that inspires the child racers to run away. Their Go-Karts are now Hoverbikes, and they are also dressed in Star Wars outfits. They circle some Nazi officers like a biker gang on a little hill before taking off. The last child even does a wheelie, and he's dressed as Darth Vader, complete with a tiny, functional lightsaber that he waves around like he's on horseback. I think he will grow up to be a great leader of men.

      The scene cut backs to Space Eden! Of course Space Nazis have begun invading Space Eden, and I'm back at the ridge with the Golems where my dream started. It is a very grisly battle, and I'm with the Edeners (thank God my subconscious sided me against the Nazis!), grimly overseeing the defense. The Golems kick plenty of ass, stealing laser rifles from the Nazis hands and shooting down the invaders. But the carnage is simply too much: The Golems take too much damage, and the one on the right crumbles first. The Space-Edeners fight with cool-looking plasma swords, but every time they kill a Space Nazi, they get ambushed and stabbed through the chest from behind and die a horrific death. That scene plays over and over again. The defenses we set up do their job, but we eventually retreat to the Great Hall.

      The Great Hall resembles a very upscale restaurant in the modern age, kind of like the restaurant in The Six Sense. This part is where my brain really got deep with its story, filling out background details on the fly:

      There's a love triangle being resolved in the Great Hall battle, and it is between a high-ranking Nazi General; his beautiful but distant wife (who is dressed in a flowing red gown); and the young Nazi Officer that loves her, and is now fighting for the Edeners. The vibe is kind of like the love triangle in The Titanic. The General and the Officer duel (with rapiers), and the General is clearly the superior swordsman. He overpowers the Officer and trips him down while knocking his sword away. Holding the rapier to the Officer's throat, the General sneers and stands over his opponent, says something dark (though I don't know what, exactly) as he is about to deliver the finishing blow. But the wife overhears that, says something like "Thank you for reminding me of Maurice (which Dream Knowledge fills out the story of Maurice as the Wife's abusive first husband)." She then grabs the General, suplexes(!) the General into a nearby soup cart, and kills him by dunking his head into the boiling-lava-hot soup that melts his face, Raiders-style. I don't know why this restaurant is serving soup that fucking hot. I approach the Officer to help him up, and I quip some smart-ass line like "your girlfriend is going to kick your ass," though I don't remember the exact words.

      The death of the General turns the tides, and the Space Nazi President (yes, in this scenario, the Nazis have a Democratic society) surrenders. President Nazi is not, sadly, Robo-Hitler, and in fact resembles Mel Brooks as President Skroob. I will let the irony of Mel Brooks Nazi sink in. President Nazi begs for forgiveness, but the Elder of the Space Edeners say something like "your money can't buy back the lives you took today," and President Nazi is taken away by two, human-sized Golems.

      The dream fades, though I know there was going to be a celebration. Too bad, I wanted to be awarded a Space Eden medal alongside with Han Solo and Chewie.

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    6. Oct 14 Dream Journal: Leading an Army

      by , 10-14-2013 at 07:26 PM
      I'm in a court of some sort, and I am arguing with what must be the judge (or some sort of authority figure of the law). It was a heated or acrimonious argument, nor do I think I was in any sort of legal trouble (I think. I vaguely remember I wasn't. I think I felt like irritation more so than confrontation in the argument, but, no, fuck that guy).

      The scene changes, and now the judge is a warlord from an ancient Chinese setting, and I was one of his generals. Eventually, I deduced that I was the general Zhao Yun, a historical person who has more impact as a literary figure than actual. Either way, it's kinda great, since he's kind of the guy I read most as a kid and grew up wanting to (and still aiming to) be like. The judge/warlord and I aren't fighting now, but I suppose the lingering animosity from before made it uncomfortable now that I'm a subordinate. So, no, fuck him again.

      I don't know when I got an army, but all of a sudden I'm leading an army. We land on a beach, and the setting is like a watercolor illustration of a mystical, divine realm. The setting reminded me of pictures in a storybook, and suddenly, I realized that not only am I a character IN a storybook, I also have Dream Knowledge that I come out winning at the end of this story. So I set off on my journey (my army disappeared now, by the way. Way to ditch me, guys) towards my inevitable destiny(?), but after a long build-up preparing to set off, I wake up and the story ends. I assume this is what the first Hobbit movie was like.

      Now that I have time to think about it, I'm not sure if, when I was a general, I am leading an army to conquer a peaceful land of mystical creatures (like Avatar), or am I providing reinforcements to said mystical creatures (like Avatar after all pretension that a story exists is over).

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    7. Critiquing dream magic applications, books, Bush, witches and Superman.

      by , 08-24-2013 at 09:44 PM
      3rd person. A military camp at night, raining hard, ground's mostly mud, the dogs and eagles used for running messages are having a rough time of it - at which point the dream switches to 1st person. I'm standing outside the dream, watching it, complaining to a woman with me about the use of animal messengers. "These people can create magic doorways linking one place to another, why are they still using messengers? Why do they even have supply lines?" She tries to say it's probably just shorthand, but I'm not impressed by this excuse. It annoys me that magic is only being used for flashy combat techniques and such when it could be put to so much better logistic use, it's a complete waste of manpower.

      The next ASOIAF book comes out, and I skim the first few chapters and find a pleasant surprise: another Melisandre POV chapter. I settle in to read.

      3rd person, following a woman who works at a newsstand that former president Bush II used to walk past every day as part of his routine, a long time ago. Now he's here with a bandage around his head, blood showing through, looking dazed. This happens twice. Both times he's found and picked up by his own security, but the woman is thinking to herself he 'looks the way he did in 2004,' meaning on the verge of death. The second time this happens he nearly walks into traffic, looking as if this isn't something he wants to do but is unable to stop himself. Unable to think straight, his mind is following an old routine.

      A woman took me back to her home and left me to sleep, and now I'm hiding behind a door and watching her tend to a crying man, seeming to comfort him. In actuality, the scarf she wears around her hair is soaked in tears; this is how the witch feeds.

      (Woke up with comparisons to Circe on my mind for that last one. Back to sleep.)

      3rd person following a couple who meet for lunch every day, sitting at the outdoor tables of a cafe in a major city. He's a writer, and she used to read his stories during her breaks and tell him what she thought at lunch, but with this most recent book she finds she's got less and less time for it and finds herself making excuses: "I had a few moments in class, but..." He dislikes that she seems to feel obligated to read it, and tries to tell her there's no reason she should be spending all her free time on his writing, but when he says this out loud it just sounds like they're drifting apart. He gives her a peck on the cheek as they stand up from the table, and as he leaves he passes two women bending their heads together for a kiss.

      I'm running some kind of transdimensional superhero team (though everyone here's wearing suits and ties, thank god, or casual clothes in Banner's case; no spandex in sight), and we've just encountered this reality's version of Superman, a version who grew up not on Earth but as the only living creature on a dead planet, raised by recordings, never understanding what had happened to everybody else.
    8. Games of thrones

      by , 08-11-2013 at 08:48 PM
      3rd person. Kimahri's become a leader of his people, but he's having trouble. There's someone who's not considered very trustworthy, and he gave this guy a chance to prove himself, letting him broker a deal with an outsider for a very important supply. But there have been delays, and the people are beginning to worry that this guy isn't going to come through for them. They're having something like an informal town meeting, arguing about it, and the guy who brokered the deal is insisting that things will work out if they just wait.

      1st person, I've struck a deal with someone whose face I never saw, only heard his voice. He sends me to sow something he designed in the cracks of the border between two countries. Greenery grows from the cracks and spreads into the neighboring countries, and it looks beautiful, peaceful, so no one will recognize it as a threat until it's too late. I see the landscape as if on a map, watching the borders shift in a chain reaction, watching control of land flip from one country to another, sending ripples through the ground under my feet, and I can hear that guy who designed all this, now telling me to watch, to learn how this works and to use it myself, but I already know how it works and all I want is to get as far away from the shifting borders as I can. When I get far enough from the conflict to get a clear look around, I can see the country I sabotaged is now completely surrounded, about to be destroyed. I head north, as far as I can get.

      3rd person. Sansa Stark's come back to the north, as far north as it's possible to go before the Wall, and she's sneaking into a hidden tunnel leading to a tomb. She pays her respects and then leaves the tomb to wait in the tunnels, and one by one her brothers arrive - first Rob, then Jon Snow, then Bran (who is walking, and was never crippled in the first place). They're all glad to see each other of course, but Bran's the one they've been waiting for, the one who made a deal with the demon Cassux on behalf of their family. (Cassux - when I wrote this down it struck me that's probably a contraction of Castor and Pollux.)

      Scene changes to a flashback: the recently orphaned Stark children 'captured' Tyrion (he probably could have left at any time if he'd cared to make the effort) and 'interrogated' him (nothing unpleasant, more of a casual conversation really). He's wearing a lion-fur cloak, and he's saying, "not such a bad thing, the Old Ways, not having to work so hard for everything." During a time of desperation for the Lannisters, he'd discovered the demon Cassux in his books and made a deal on his family's behalf, and because of that, everything in Westeros has changed.

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    9. Playing games with knots

      by , 08-07-2013 at 07:52 PM
      (Fragments: I noted down 'veve' and 'garden party' and went back to sleep. I can't remember what either of those were about.)

      3rd person, following a lady's maid in a castle. She's with her mistress, a blonde woman, very angry at the master of the house right now, a man with very long black hair and a very deep voice, and the master sends the maid away to go wait for a delivery of fabrics, from which the materials for the mistress's new wardrobe are to be chosen. The servant does as she's told, thinking of how hard it is for her mistress to adjust to her new husband and the customs of the empire, and while she waits for the delivery she weaves some threads into Scholar's Knots, a game for the mistress to unravel later, to calm her down. She makes the knots that represent the Emperors, and then, although they don't traditionally go together, she makes the knots for the Richards kings, which she thinks her mistress will appreciate. As she weaves she thinks, as a way of welcoming the mistress into the empire, welcome to your first thousand years.
    10. The Witches and the Evil Wizard, French Thugs, and Run-Flying with a False Awakening

      by , 05-21-2013 at 04:06 PM
      05-19-2013 -- [Three or four dreams in one. Had a false awakening in this dream where I was recalling it as three separate dreams, before falling back into the dream for yet another part. Entire dream took place between 4:15 and 5:30 in the morning. All earlier dreams while sleeping very badly were rather fragmentary, but may have included Roller Coaster Tycoon.]

      First part I can remember (and there may have been a little before this) was somehow driving around the Orlando area with Carl while trying to work on a story I had first started writing back in college, which involved wizards and magic, and lots of history and legend about the world where it is taking place. Oddly enough, though it is a fictional story, I seem to be working on it for possible publication in the Hornet Newspaper. There are twin sisters, witches, living in small, circular cabins somewhere on campus.

      One of them officially opposes the evil wizard, while the other pretends to work with him, but in truth she opposes him, as well. The one who officially opposes him finds that her house has burnt down, and as I am looking at it, I can see the somewhat poor burnt house graphics that I was using in my attempt at creating a Realmz scenario, many years ago. Writing a story has turned into writing a RPG computer game.

      I am thinking of bringing back Merlin to defeat the evil wizard, then set himself up as a good dictator, and it is now turning from a computer game into a comic book that I am trying to do, which is actually a very bad idea, since I can't draw worth beans! Soon I find myself half running and half biking through long corridors, of stairs and cabinets of china and the like, as dream things shift.

      This is where the false awakening claims the first dream ended and the second dream began. The scene is slowly shifting, and I find myself running / biking on one of the major roads from Orlando to Kissimmee (OBT or Orange, I think) and it is very late, perhaps 1 or 2 am. As I am moving along, I find myself being chased by two guys on bikes. I soon find they are threatening me, and they are punks who mug people and steal their stuff.

      As they start talking, I find they are French, and really, really stuck up. They think they are the toughest thugs in the world, and are now traveling the world to mug people in different countries to show just how bad they are ... but I find it halfway funny that they are mugging me with little, tiny pocket knives. Still, I'm no fighter, so I am trying to outrun them, and get to the nearby police station for help.

      I am somehow riding under and jumping over things on my bike, which really shouldn't work, but I manage to stay ahead of them long enough to reach where I think the police station is, but it isn't there. Instead, I find myself facing a cross between a motorcycle gang and the A-Team. They are toughs, and in a van. They might have been trouble, if it weren't for the circumstances (or they might not), but when I explain about the French thugs chasing me, they decide they'll take care of them, and it turns out the French guys aren't nearly as tough as they think they are, so I turn around and start heading back to Orlando.

      According to the false awakening, this is where the third dream began. I'm heading back toward Orlando, but I catch a glimps of a couple of bike riders in the distance, and am worried that it might be the French guys. I know they've been beaten up by the American guys, but also figure this could make them very mad at me, so I don't want to run into them.

      I start to run, but slowly rise in the air. I manage to fly by running fast, and am soon running among the roof tops of 2 or 3 story buildings, and big industrial buildings, and thankfully, even if they try, nobody can manage to follow me, so I soon manage to put some distance between myself and the people following me. As I get better and better at this running through the air stuff, I start to think of myself as a sort of super hero, and am becoming more and more impressed with myself.

      It is on one of these rooftops that I suddenly find myself "waking up" (though I am still on the rooftop), and I start to write down the three dreams I've had in my dream notebook. And I am very specific in writing them down as the three separate dreams, as I repeat them and try to get all the details down good and firm.

      Then I kind of slip back into the dream, and find myself still between Orlando and Kissimmee, but back on the ground, and I start running through the air again to try and reach the rooftops. But now it is a lot more difficult, I can't do nearly as well (find myself almost to the height of a one story rooftop, but have to struggle and scramble to climb onto it), and now the people who are chasing after me seem to be able to run through the air as well as I can, so they are right behind me now. Thankfully, they are not the French guys, but a couple of fairly attractive ladies, though I wake before I find out if they are chasing me for pleasant reasons, or unpleasant.
    11. First DJ entry!

      by , 04-19-2013 at 09:32 PM (Raven's Roost)
      Hello everyone, Raven here!

      My dreams have always been vivid, however in the past few nights that I've discovered lucid dreaming, they have been even more so than usual. Hopefully soon I will have my first lucid dream... I can't wait. They sound just unbelievable and I'm a bit obsessed with having one... Ultimate power, creativity, and the chance to change yourself by interacting directly to your subconscious sounds amazing!

      Anyway, without further ado, here is the dream I had last night - and my first entry!

      Mutiny in the Exterminators!

      Genre: Sci-Fi, Action

      Legnth: Long and Vivid

      Normal Dream Lucid Dream

      I find myself in a squad of seven people, all dressed in high-tech armor and weaponry. Five of them men, including myself, the other two very attractive women - one with white hair and the other a pretty brunette. We are making our way into a factory, that is evidently infected with aliens/bugs/zombie creatures. A few minutes into exploring, we find a giant room filled with thousands of eggs. As we examine them, a movement above us stirs, and in a knee jerk reaction one of us begins opening fire on the ceiling. The light of the nozzle flares reveal the presence of HUNDREDS of full grown mother alien/zombies, and they are almost identical to Alien from... Alien... Except that they have wings and can fly as well.

      We open fire, tearing down dozens of them as they swarm down upon us. There are too many so we retreat up a flight of stairs onto a catwalk, and then into a ventilation system. We handle the aliens pretty well, as we begin to bottleneck them in the vents, however they get wise and begin tearing through the bottom of the vents... "Clever girl" I think grimly. We continue out of the ventilation shaft into a massive cylindrical room that seems to be some sort of reactor. Think the giant room in Star Wars where Darth Vader tells Luke the horrible truth. We get a while to sit and make contact with home base, who turns out to be Malory, Archer's mother, from the cartoon show Archer on FX. Halfway through reporting our findings, we lose connection to find one of our group members has jammed the signal.

      Suddenly I realize that there is about to be a mutiny, because evidently the only way to get a raise as an alien exterminator is to kill your friends and take it. One of the mutineers raises his gun at my face, grinning.Before he can pull the trigger, WHOOSH, an alien mother comes out of no where and grabs the first mutineer, we will call him Jones. Screaming, Jones disappears from sight. Not missing a beat, white haired girl opens fire upon my male colleague and pretty brunette girl. We return fire, and battle with each other slowly up a spiral staircase working its way up the reactor. The second mutineer, male, jumps on me, and in a short scuffle I push him over the railing, screaming.

      I rush to the top of the stairs, to find that everyone is in a mexican standoff. White hair girl is aiming a pistol at my brunette, who is aiming at the last male mutineer, who is aiming at my last male ally, who is aiming at white hair girl. I walk up, and aim at white hair girl, grinning. She quickly whips out another pistol and aims it at my face. "Touche," I say impressed.

      Suddenly, the reincarnated zombie bug version of Jones jumps up from the reactor core, startling everyone. I take this moment to blast white hair in the back of the head. Without missing a beat I grab her left arm and spin her around, using her as a shield when male mutineer begins to shoot at me. Aiming her arm, I squeeze white hair's lifeless hand and shoot mutineer through the forehead, unfortunately not before he kills our last male ally with his assault rifle.

      As brunette and I leave the factory, we find that the world has been overrun by darkness, and it seems like years have past. The dream fades.
    12. Lucid: Treasure Hunting With Dwarves

      by , 03-26-2013 at 08:45 PM
      Practices: ADA, Mindfulness, WBTB, DEILD
      While falling asleep, mantra: "I am aware"

      Dream #1 - I am with my friend, R__. She's driving a car - one belonging to one of my relatives, according to my dream-memory, but in real life none of them own a gray minivan. We're driving around a mall parking lot. We can't seem to find a parking space. She accidentally hits another car while pulling into a parking space, and I cringe at the sound, but she's more angry about it than worried. She decides to try to use a note left on her windshield to explain why she parked in one of the restricted parking spots, by claiming she can't walk that far, but I don't think that will hold up under scrutiny. She finally gives up and parks pretty far away from the mall entrance. We can see it from where we are, but it's quite a walk.

      I briefly wake up from the dream and try to carry my awareness with me into my next dream, using my mantra.

      As soon as the dream reforms, I am instantly lucid. I'm inside of the mall from the previous dream, but R__ is gone now. The lucid dream has the crystal clarity characteristic of my lucid. Since I'm not outdoors (unusual), rather than the usual sweeping landscapes and storm-swept skies, instead the architecture inside of the mall is extremely grand. Super high vaulted ceilings, probably 80-100 feet high, with graceful arches carved out of solid pale pink marble and golden inlays. Intricate carvings and sculptures. White marble floors. The whole thing looks more like the inside of a cathedral than a mall.

      I look around and think, "This is definitely a dream". I inspect my hand - it's perfectly formed. I do a reality check by trying to push one hand through the other, but I can't. I shrug it off - I know I'm dreaming. I try to fly, and hover in the air above the crowds milling around the mall. My lucidity tends to fade very quickly while I'm flying, though - there's something about not having my feet on the ground that does that. So I land, and then crawl on the floor and inspect the marble tiles. There's grime between them and they feel a little gritty - this place needs to be swept and mopped.

      I decide to go treasure hunting. I reach into my back pocket - for some reason, I'm wearing a skirt with pockets - and feel around for a map. I feel crumpled paper and tug. I pull out a sheet of notebook paper, folded in half several times, and unfold it. There is a map on it, scribbled in blue pen, but I can't read what it says. It also has little pictures. I decide that I need to go find a dream character who CAN read it, and if I'm going to treasure hunt, I'm going to do it in style - which means having a whole group of treasure hunters with me. I run my hand along the wall as I walk.

      I walk toward the food court - well, an archway I have decided is the food court. The floor slopes downward between it in a ramp, heading underground. I can see tables in the distance. I decide that's kind of boring and want it to be something more exciting. As I approach, it morphs into a Viking style beer hall. I'm pretty satisfied - this is definitely more fun.

      I enter the beer hall, which is smokey and full of warriors eating and drinking. There is an empty space in the middle with a fire-pit that looks like it's used by entertainers - wrestlers, musicians, etc. The benches on either side are elevated on steps, sort of like bleachers, so everybody can see. Nobody is performing right now, though.

      I see a group of 5 or 6 Tolkein-style Dwarves over to one side. They look like they're having a pretty good time. I approach them and introduce myself. Their leader is a pretty buff looking Dwarf. He has long, thick braided brown hair and is wearing a sort of heavy brown leather harness that has what looks like a lion's mane stitched around the neck and shoulders. He greets me respectfully:
      "I am Lokmin, son of (I can't remember his dad's name)." He thumps his chest (which is more Roman, I guess, but whatever).
      I hold out my treasure map. "I've found a map to potential treasure, but it might be dangerous."
      The Dwarves deliberate over my wrinkled sheet of notebook paper, making sounds of interest and approval. Lokmin looks like he's about to make the decision to follow me...

      But unfortunately, we never got to find the treasure. I live near an airport - one of the EXTREMELY LOUD jets that I LOATHE flies overhead, waking me up and ending my lucid dream. I was pretty upset. Even now there's another really loud jet flying overhead. I hate those things, and the airport by extension (it wasn't always noisy here - they moved the flight paths).

      I go back to sleep, trying to re-enter the dream, but I'm too irritated to focus.

      Dream #3 - I dream that I am taking naked photographs of myself using my laptop camera and didn't realize the curtain across the sliding glass door in the living room was sheer. I figure either nobody saw me, or they didn't care.

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    13. Bad Vision Induced Lucidity

      by , 10-15-2012 at 07:20 AM (Voyages of a Skywalker)
      I am with a group of friends at a movie theater. I feel like we're going to see something special like Harry Potter, or some fantasy flick. My group needs to do something before we head into our film and I know that if I don't go now, I will not be pleased with my seat. So I make some sort of excuse to do something like go to the bathroom or I just ninja my way in the door before anyone has time to notice. Suddenly I am in a large mass of people all trying to enter the theater. I struggle around for a bit but eventually find a good seat. Staring at the screen I notice my vision is blurry. This triggers nistant lucidity (for I wear contacts and glasses in real life). This was the internal dialogue that followed:

      Do I have my contacts in?
      Of course I do I'm at a movie theater.
      I wouldn't go see a movie without vision.
      I can't see the screen very clearly so I must be in a dream movie theater.
      If I'm in a dream does my vision need altering?
      Does it dpend on my lucidity?
      Wait...OMG...I'm dreaming!"
      *wakes up
    14. Sparta Fragment

      by , 09-21-2012 at 09:49 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      This is a really vague fragment because I was tired from a little indigestion episode last night and didn't recall when I woke up. I only recalled while I was on my laptop when I realized I didn't recall my dream. It was lucky that I am quite practiced when it comes to recall salvaging so I caught the essence of it.

      It is something about me playing a game in my school dormitory. It is a fantasy game, and one of my quests are to stab Xerxes.
    15. It's just a Fantasy

      by , 09-04-2012 at 06:02 PM
      Commentary non-lucid

      I was on vacation for the weekend and didn't have a great chance to work on my dreaming. I had one dream that was memorable that I will relate.

      I went on a walk with my family. To my dismay, my dad brought along the family dog . While walking, it started shitting. It went several times in a large circle and made what looked like a mushroom fairy ring. The problem was that we didn't have anything to pick it up with. My dad was about to walk back to the apartment to get a plastic bag but I just wanted to get on with our walk. I walked into the street where there was a lot of trash. I thought there would be some bags available. There were but they were mostly dirty. I found one that was fairly clean and started cleaning the crap. Some punk rock looking people arrived and one of them who was pretty large started helping me put crap in my bag. He missed and the crap landed on my shirt and pants. I got pissed and started to argue with him. He was giggling that he did it and I wanted to start a fight. I put up my hands into fighting position and took on the form of many different fighters that I've seen including an old man fighting a young whippersnapper, a kung fu fighter, and some others. As this transformation was occurring, me and the guy started to lose our anger and it became fun. Other concerned people were descending upon us, about to break us up. I turned and reassured them with a song.... "It's just a faaaantasy, no need to woooory. It's just a faaaantasy...something something something." I don't know if this meant that I knew that I was dreaming or that I knew that we were just play fighting.

      Later, I was in a house where a party was occurring. I don't recall much now, but I know that at one point my grandfather died. I felt bad because it was my fault. At that, he came back to life and then just disappeared. We were like, "he disappeared!"

      Some people were trying to take a picture with me, but I didn't know who they were.
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