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    1. 14 Jul: Ghosts and revelations

      by , 07-14-2015 at 10:26 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I go to the subway. A dog goes inside the subway station to and I talk to him. He is homeless and just wants to find a shelter to have some rest. I wish him all the best, totally fine about having had a conversation with a dog.
      I buy a ticket, but instead of going to a normal train to somewhere, I get an entrance ticket to some kind of surreal game. in the underground tunnels, which now I realize are not the subway any more.
      More people are joining the game. We enter an atrium where we find a kind of tomb of a king. From it arises a ghost and he tells us we're going to have to face the truths about this place and solve its mysteries, no matter how scary it may become. Then he disappears and we all go in different directions.
      On my path I encounter what appears to be a madhouse full of demonic ghosts. I realize I have to go across them, so I remind myself they are not real and I pass through them as if they are fog. At the end of this path I receive revelations about the ins and outs of the world and the people and I am offered to experience all kinds of sensual delights, but I only feel disgust and sadness that others are so blind to the truth by it.
    2. 9 May: books of revelations

      by , 05-09-2014 at 05:38 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I am inside a house, become aware of the dream and go out to a large balcony. It stands over a large pateo with black, white and rose tiles. I dive into it and feel myself sinking into the ground, moving fast through the darkness. Until all is still and there's only clarity.
      In front of me appears a book, as clear as day light. It has a picture on the cover, of a palace in the mountains and a title with a long word, whose meaning I sense but don't know how to translate. I try to memorize it, but I can't. The pages open and I read it. More books follow. I realize they are written in german and italian, for some reason. I feel a connection with Switzerland, but the contents are universal. I give up trying to understand and memorize. It only seems to work well when I read without trying to comprehend. I feel that whatever I am "learning" will be imprinted, even if I don't understand consciously.
      I wake up briefly and go back to lucid dream. I keep on reading. This time the message is clear, it is about the Universe, our solar system, something very specific about Jupiter.

      I have a false awakening and I transmit to my mother the message I just received. Then I realize we're still in a dream.
      I finally wake up. Can't remember any detail about what I read, but I believe it is recorded in my unconscious memory.
    3. Family Ties

      by , 10-18-2013 at 03:58 PM
      i'm watching a girl's story. there is a gas station on the street. she steals a car? or parks it wrongly in the median. something falls apart--- finally her cheating and her lying caches up with her and the truth is revealed. we learn the truth, she was not supposed to have her car there, probably not supposed to have that car at all. she was selling things from it and making her way, as a ticking time bomb. you could tell she was resigned to her fate, just trying to manage while she could. maybe she had also retended to be a teacher, and all the deception ws being revealed. i think it was only revealed when she died on that street.
      i'm with a group of people. watching the story unfold. this other girl has a family. two families come together. something terrible had happened in the past to her family. they had all been murdered by the Dothraki....the new family she was becoming a part of brought her in under their wind to comfort her, to be her new family, and to also honor the pain she came from and to bring some sort of retribution to the past pain and injustice.

      Comments: i have watched the Game of Thrones series a ton and read the books, so family, honor and death are parts of that, as well as the Dothraki, the feeling of having a clan, and the loyalty of family.
      I am currently with a new baby. At this time of my life, I have reconnected with my mother, grandmother and brother SO much, and have been considering their role in my life, and mine in theirs... how much i really want to be part of their lives, and have them in mine. in one way, it's so nice to feel lke a tight knit family again...and also, it is very unsustainable, and i woke up thinking about how everyone could dies very soon...my grandma is 92 and could go any day. my mother is 65, so she will only see this baby to 20 or 30 years old, at the max. and my brother is very sick, and i don't know if he's gonna start getting better and live a long life, or if he will give up on this round. so, i could be without this clan very soon.

      maybe this dream is about me losing my family and having a new one take me in. but it almost feels like the new people taking me in could represent my blood family, because they are taking such good care of me right now, when i feel like i can barely take care of myself, let alone a new life.
      it could mean to really appreciate family, and to have loyalty to them while i am part of them. to remember to appreciate them while i have them, because they are mine and i am theirs and we won't be around forvever. but also, i can trust that no matter what the next chapter it, and whatever pain i suffer losing my family, i will have a new life, a new family and be held and have my life continue to be supported by community and tribe.
    4. 30 Sep: Seeing the patterns

      by , 09-30-2013 at 08:28 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I'm at some airport, but not a conventional one, either it's interplanetary or interdimensional. I was with some girl friends, but I loose them in the crowd. I end up in the restauration area and from there I walk out into an open area that I recognize from another dream I had some day. There's a stage and a girl is rehearsing for a concert later on. I keep walking up a dirt road because nature looks alien: there's a tree with raspberries the size of big apples and the soil looks like a creamy chocolate cake. As I watch the trees, their roots and branches and the river to my left, I notice patterns overlapping. The branches of a certain tree fit precisely against certain stars in the sky.
      A guy appears behind me and says "Can you see the patterns, repeated and interconnected?".
      "Yes, but if I move to a new position, I stop seeing this overlapping pattern, so it's just coincidental."
      "Look again, you'll just see new patterns emerging. No matter what angle you look at things, you will always find repeating and overlapping patterns, just different ones, infinite numbers."

      As we keep walking, I know I am dreaming, but it requires no reality check to confirm it or stabilize it. It holds very naturally and very clear. I actually feel that I can stay there forever. I realize how much I could learn if I decide to stay. I am decided to stay and unravel all the secrets of all the universes.
      But then I wonder what will happen to the girl body I have left sleeping on a bed... Will "I" enter a coma? Sleep for the rest of "my life"? What about my family and loved ones? I don't worry that I'll miss them, I worry that they'll suffer not understanding what is happening to "me". I feel obliged to come back. (Damn!)
      But for now I keep walking with this guy and he takes me to a really nice hostel in the mountain. My room faces a terrace over the river, that connects to other rooms. All is well on this peaceful place, I'm just contemplating nature, when a couple of men in black come out of another room, dragging my friend. When I approach to ask what they're doing, they tell me to go away or they'll take me to. One of them has some kind of weapon that points at me and I wake up.

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      lucid , memorable
    5. [Revelation] - NON-LUCID - 11/15/2012

      by , 11-16-2012 at 08:36 AM
      I'm playing Minecraft, and all of the sudden, my father bursts into my room in a panic. I had only enough time before rushing outside my room to try and type "BYE" to my friends. The Revelation had begun. The sky turned dark and cloudy and mysterious. There was a frighteningly strange atmosphere- a state of natural instinct and fear. Was the world ending? Were we going to die? Would be never see our loved-ones again? What- is the question- lies beyond everything? We were unprepared for what we could only imagine was to come. My family panicked and didn't know what to do. We tried to stay together. I grabbed my cat and bawled over her, telling her again and again and again how much I love her. I just held her tight while chaos ensued around me in the Universe and cried. I felt desperation and fear. I felt that I would never again see my feline friend. The act of holding her was like holding onto the last thing I had. The dream skipped (or at least my memory of it did). I happened to walk by the kitchen window and caught a glance of what seemed to be a UFO, all blurry in the distance from the clouds. I caught only glimpse of the figure before I saw a quick flash of bright light. I hit the kitchen floor, stunned by the flash as if I was hit with a stun-gun. I laid there, feeling semi-paralyzed and in shock from the unknown powers being manipulated beyond the roof of my house. My parents came in and looked at me- they didn't try to help me up. I could speak and simply laid there out of shock and weakness. The dream skipped again. I was on my porch with my father. Apparently, it was now safe to go outside. It was midday, it seemed. Suddenly, it began to snow completely out of nowhere. My father and I looked around in surprise and confusion. Then, the falling snow seemed to begin falling in slow-motion. I could watch as each and every flake of snow succumbed to gravity and dropped upon either my hand or the ground. The air began to thicken and felt like water. I could breathe just fine, but I experienced a very realistic physical sensation of being under water. I could "swim" through the air. I thought it was fun. I laughed and started doing a flip in the thickened air. My father was worried and said it was probably another anomaly caused by the Revelation happenings. The air returned to normal and I stood as I regularly would. After that, I remember nothing. I woke up, I guess. I was definitely having flashbacks of this dream all day!
    6. The Sci-Fi One...

      by , 01-12-2012 at 09:35 AM (My brain and I)

      30th of October, 2010

      Humans had settled on Titan and turned it into a holiday destination. I'm not sure it was actually Titan, but that's what we called it and it was some distant moon, so we'll pretend.
      We travelled there on this humungous mother ship and when we got off I just lay down and looked at the sky and yelled in utter joy.

      This place was spectacular. Amazing. Totally alien yet utterly beautiful.
      There were enormous super-highways high in the sky, which in itself was breathtaking; a hazy yellowish green with a constant red tinge. The selling point was the fact that this was a moon, and as such an enormous potion of the sky was filled with a planet that looked a lot like Earth.
      I played around on Titan for a while, running through the beautifully architectured streets and incorporated rivers of shimmering liquid. All around people were driving strange automobiles and most tourists were walking around in just as much awe as myself. I played hide and seek with some locals.


      I sold my car and while on a train saw a huge (I’m noticing while writing this that a lot of things in my dreams are described as “huge”- I need a new adjective) alien ship in the sky and started shouting about it in panic. We turned a corner and saw a while city was under attack. In the city, police were trying to keep order but people were mutating into these fierce alien monsters. I got chased by mutants who were tearing people apart left right and centre before running back to the place where I sold my car- a strange workshop with a big lift in the centre. I went down the lift into a bunker that was built into the side of a mountain, kind of like those pillboxes that machine gunners sat in during WWI, except several hundred meters off the ground. There I listened to the radio and heard about a resistance group.
      While keeping guard with a bunch of new additions to the group, a helicopter came. We weren’t sure what it was so we hid. My friend threw a grenade at them before we realised they were the good guys. I got in this giant plasma gun and started firing into the valley. The alien ships came and caused the cliff to collapse so we jumped into these mech things and strode around tearing shit up.

      It gets a bit hazy after that, except for the final revelation: The aliens turned out to be black people.

    7. 12 Feb: Dinosaurs, Atlantis, alien witch and 2012 revelation

      by , 02-16-2011 at 12:51 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      I'm with my mom, my dad and other people. Do not remember the beginning, but we're crossing a strong water current. We see people who are already in the middle of the stream and we think it is better to go back or weíll be dragged. The problem seems to be that the city is under attack by dinosaurs. We hide in a building and everyone panics when a tyrannosaur and several raptors enter the place. The first raptors are so small that we manage to squash them with our feet, but then bigger ones follow and we get in real trouble. We manage to escape: I remember defending myself with a stick and closing some doors behind us, to buy some time.
      Once again we are facing the river, trapped on the margin, when a giant green hand emerges somewhere from the heights and takes me and my mother to the other side. I beg to bring my father along but Iím told thatís not going to happen. I imagine him fighting for his life and I feel an immense pain, but thereís nothing I can do.

      Later Iím on some kind of classroom where I recognize some friends and classmates and also my BF. I'm on the 3rd row from the front. The teacher is a tall elegant lady of around 50 years old and is showing some maps with the evolution of the Earth crust and the shapes of the continents. She says that our present continents are moving to join in one large continent that is Atlantis. Some guys behind me laugh and tease her. She ignores them and continues to show the schematic. They say she's crazy and I turn back, upset and ask them if they did not learn in school about the movements of tectonic plates and that before the continents had todayís shape they had been together in one big continent. I tell them to put aside the mystical stories about Atlantis, if thatís whatís bugging them and to focus on the fact that the continents are coming together and that Atlantis is a good name as any other. But the teacher comes to me and says no, the mystic stuff also matters. She says the name Atlantis was not chosen by accident, but because "The Atlantis" will really come to life once more. She says sheíll explain that afterwards. I make a comment like "Oh man, I just wanted to help! They are not accepting anything that you say, so I was trying to make them at least understand the science behind it. She smiled gratefully, but at the same time shocked with the way I talked to her, so she scolds me to set an example. The guys behind me laugh at me really hard. They ask me to borrow a pencil and then they use it to remove ear wax and then return it to me. Like little kids. Disgusted, I throw it back at them.

      Back door seduction
      I'm on a tram or bus with Zilla, Licas and GonÁalo (a boy I knew from school who wasnít exactly fond of me). For some reason the driver stopped in the middle of an intersection and went away. We only notice it when we almost get hit by another bus and a passenger in a seat ahead gets up in panic and runs to the back.
      We exit the bus/tram and walk down a ramp on the right. When we are near a viaduct and a back entrance to a building and we pass by a small pond where I see a large butterfly, 40 cms wide, apparently drowned. I touch it and I realize it is still alive and I place it on dry ground. After drying off, the butterfly takes off and stops at a tree trunk ahead. We chat while we admire the butterfly and GonÁalo starts flirting with me. I play along and pretend we are lovers. I grab his ass, which feels very bony and I tell him he is extremely skinny. He replies that I could also have bigger boobs. We all laugh. The girls enter the building, but he grabs my arm and we stay behind. It seems like he actually enjoyed the play and wants to do it for real. He leans against the door almost violently and wants to have sex with me. I kinda share the mood, but we are interrupted by three ladies who wanted to enter the building and look shocked by the sight of us. We entered the building in a hurry so they donít have time to identify us and shortly after we are in a balcony with two couches and although my mood is gone he is still thinking about it as he tries the couches.


      "In one year the world will enter into the darkness"
      Iím on a bus that seems to be leaving a village I know. At the last crossroad near the exit of the town, I see a man in a wheelchair who seems to have fainted. I am in shock and I look around to see if someone comes to help him but nobody comes. I go to the front of the bus to ask the driver to stop, but he also collapses at that moment. I just have time to grab the wheel and push the breaks. Zilla is also on the bus. We go outside and we see another person who just fell off a bike. We take her bike and ride it. Just a bit further ahead, from the opposite direction, comes a truck in zigzags and runs over a pedestrian who was on the sidewalk. Still in shock and confused, we pass beneath a tunnel and emerge in a city where we see heaps of people lying on the ground or just hanging around disoriented. We donít know what is happening, but we fear being hit by the same ďdiseaseĒ. We enter a building and we meet other friends on a loft to discuss what might be happening when we feel something in the air and a great commotion on the street again. I go to the balcony, the sky is golden and warm and I am fully hit by a kind of energy wave that makes the air vibrate. I feel a heavy weight and a pressure in my head and I stagger, stunned. A powerful and deep voice seems to come from the sky directly to my head. I canít recall word by word, but the voice delivered a message which was more or less like: "The time is coming. Within a year the world will enter into the darkness. Only those who remain as strong as a rock will not be taken."
      I become lucid with this energy wave on my head. When the wave is over and the message ends, I ask the others what they understood of the message. Zilla asks ďwhat message?Ē. Nobody else heard the voice and they also donít seem to believe me. They are probably just DCs.

      Fight with ninjas at Buddhist temple
      I go back to the balcony and down an emergency metal ladder. At the rear of this building there is a hill and looking up I see what looks like a giant stone Buddha at the top. I see a stone staircase and I go up, because I really need a calm place where to meditate on this revelation I just had. Reaching the templeís entrance I do prostrations to the Buddha and burn some incense. I hear someone crying behind me, I turn around and I see Zilla, who followed me. But she passes by me hiding her face, not wanting me to see her suffering. I then get inside the temple. I do not see anyone around. I follow a corridor and I find two large doors open to my left, revealing an inner room not normally accessible to the public. It has beautiful Buddha statues at all four corners. Then a sort of ninja appears and says that I shouldnít be there. He attacks me and we fight. Then two more guys come to help him. I continue to anticipate their moves but I start feeling tired and they manage to dominate me. I kick one of the guys in the crotch, but they seem trained to withstand pain, so it doesnít affect him. So I got the brilliant idea to caress him instead of hurting him. I touch his private parts gently and the guy gets really disoriented. Unfortunately that gives them the wrong idea and they decide to drag me to a room where they plan to rape me. One of them gets undressed really fast while the other two hold me down. I ponder whether or not I should play along, but I look at them a bit disgusted and decide not and to follow my first plan, which was to use sex as distraction. As soon as they let their guard down a little bit I fly through the window.


      Alien witch
      I am with a horrible itching in my right hand. I see some skin lifted and bugs moving underneath the skin, like fleas. I squeeze them out in disgust. But there is also a kind of gelatinous creature that does not want to leave. It slips deeper into the skin, but after much struggle I manage to pull it outside. It is a kind of viscous red bag that seems to grow every second. I throw it to the ground and smash it, but this only frees the some kind of embryo from within the viscous bag. It continues to grow an becomes a monstrous fish, which struggles on the ground in distress. My aunt Lisa appears beside me and seems disgusted with the creature. Grabs it by the tail and throws it to the ground again, but I feel compassion for the beast. I say to Lisa that it is dying and thereís no point in hurting it even more. I cuddle it but the image of it choking is unbearable so I run to get a bowl of water and put it inside. Lisa says I'm crazy, that I should let this thing die, but I canít. I put it in water. Shortly after, it is breathing on its own. Then it becomes a kind of monstrous and disgusting cat furless cat. Now it is choking in the water, but even before I reach to help, he jumps out and after a few gulps of air, it flees to another room. I donít know what to do, so I wait. We hear really strange noises from the other room and then a sort of witch alien creature appears at the door. It definitely isnít a friendly creature, but because I have saved her life, she is thankful and wants to be my friend. She comes to me and I feel the urge to get out of the dream.