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    1. xiv.

      by , 08-01-2018 at 11:01 AM
      Non-dream stuff; woke up at around 8:30 and had a dream (the first fragment) but couldn't remember it that well so went back to sleep again and woke up at 10:10 and then came to the computer to write down all of the non-lucid dream stuff below. It took about 40mins to write everything, not counting the notes...

      Dream fragment 1:

      I don't remember much here, but I was at a place similar to the house I'm in now, in waking life. It was day, near the end of the day and I was out at the back as were other neighbours. The walls were short, instead of being tall like in waking life and the view was not of a town but of the countryside. This area seemed to resemble an area a bit west of where I live.

      There was a black cat. And it was playful and smart and it would catch mice and handle them differently to other cats. At one point I'm sure this cat talked. But something was odd about him, he was too smart and so I grabbed him and realised his fur was not that of a cat at all, even though he looked like a black cat, he was some sort of little raccoon thing that had tricked us and recently there were fires out in peoples back gardens, small fires, and I knew he was the cause, as I saw him play with matches before. I got rid of him somehow, in a way that wouldn't make him return, but I don't remember what I did. (Have the distinct impression I gave him a good smacking for being a cheeky little thing)

      Dream sequence 2:

      I was in the car with my partner, I was as usual in my passenger seat and we were driving along a motorway. It was night and there was nobody else on the road. At times my perception of vision changed, to outside the car to scenic views of the road. We went around a long corner and I could see mountains in the distnae as well as forest closer by. I remember seeing displays with double green arrows on them, like it was a racetrack or something, but it wasn't, even in the dream's context. As we kept going we reached a part where the 3-lane road was splitting into two 2-lane roads, one which ramped down.

      We continued head on and then there were some cars on-coming on one of the lanes and their driving looked a bit funny; as we reached the end of this road segment we realised that had been a one-way 2-lane road and just everyone else was avoiding us.

      I remember we were waiting in a queue to get into a petrol station to get fuel, and it was day at this point.

      Dream sequence 3:

      I remember being at some sort of hall, that looked like a supermarket really, but there were big theatre curtains and lights and I was there supposedly with my partner, but he looked different, though I felt it was him in the dream. Then there was another man, a dream-character I've not seen and he looked smug. He approached us and there was some sort of crew getting things ready for presenting him and in the dream I was aware that my partner had to go with this guy to the stage for some reason. They gave this man the cue to go on stage (which was not raised, since this was a supermarket...) and I peeked from behind the curtain and saw the spotlights focus on him. I looked at my partner saying "come on you gotta get on there" and he didn't say anything and started to look pale white, and I asked some relatives of this other man what should we do and they were shrugging and saying they didn't know.

      Eventually we both went on to the stage and the smug man was surrounded by upper-class looking people and when we approached him he smiled at us and welcomed us but we could see he had that "I'm actually really angry" smile.

      The next thing I remember was that I was in some sort of mine or cave, and now things looked like a game, but the smug man was here somewhere too and my partner was at a house and I just knew where it was. I got on a mine cart of some description and sped up, trying to "remember" (in the dream context) where to go, going over some abyss on the rails at one point and then reaching a split and deciding to continue going the way I was already going. I reached an end and though the caves were dark I distinctly remember they looked a dark de-saturated blue. The smug man had caught up and was here already, and I was starting to want to get away aster. Here there was a wooden door and for some reason I knew it just led me to more caves so I opened up some interface and "pressed" a H key which made me start using an item or spell.

      It teleported me to the house my partner was at, which was like it was out of Hanzel and Gretel but bigger and as a mansion. It was day and there were some clouds. I walked in and told my partner the man was coming. I saw a glossy cobalt coloured camera and went up to it and punched it with my right fist and then grabbed it by the tripod and smashed it against a window until it was nothing. I said to my partner in a fake eastern european accent; "not very good spy" and I smiled at myself. Then I saw through the windows a big blue truck approach. At first I thought he was gonna hit the house, as it was a massive truck and looked like a petrol tanker. But instead he blocked the front of the house with it, but again, job poorly done because I could still use the front door, and I got out and quickly hid somewhere on a bush before he could see me and as he got out of the driver seat I pounced at him, gripping him by the shoulders initially and then attacking him with my fists and he tried spitting on me and blowing on my face and I ignored it and got a claw weapon out and started scratching the man all over (who now looked like a sweaty redneck and not a smug man at all), and he struggled and I saw damage numbers fly all over the place and he asked with surprise something like "how can you deal so much damage?!".

      I defeated him and I got in the truck and my "camera" changed to third person view of the vehicle, which was taller than the house and I drove off against some trees that just got knocked down and kept my momentum (that wouldn't happen so easily in waking life) and I realised this was actually a missile truck, loaded with 18 missiles; on a control interface I saw an interesting option of "teleport payload to target" and I remember I could see a top-down view as a map of the local region; I tried the option and unfortunately I could not see the target I wanted in range, so I drove the truck further, into a city. By the time I reached the city I'd damaged the truck a bit with some clumsy driving through forests and some of the payload was gone, I was down to 11 missiles and I was going to look for a target again, when I saw some man in a suit come toward the truck and waving at me all like "oh no no no!"; there was a small sub-station behind him and the dream more or less ended here.

      Some notes:

      - The presence of fire in the first dream fragment was probably related to the fact that last night shortly before bed there a car fire out back. So the little mischievous animal was more than likely a representation of whoever might have done it. When I realised the creature was not at all a cat I did think it was very odd, and through most of the dream there was a nagging doubt in my mind about it.

      - Throughout the entirety of dream sequence 3, my partner was very passive, and though he did say things back at times, I really don't remember what he said in any detail.

      - The map in dream sequence 3 reminded me of Fallout 4 and the capitol wasteland from Fallout 3, as well.

      - There were many times through all sequences and fragments which would have been good prompts for doing a RC. Unfortunately the game-like nature of sequence 3 made it exceptionally difficult to question anything, as I was too entrenched in my role. Dream fragment 1 and 2 were the ones that made me think "that was odd" a few times, in the dream.

      - The missile payload truck was not at all like anything specific from games I've played but rather was dream-generated, as was were many other aspects of sequence 3.

      - I remember a music played when I was on the truck approaching the city, something like "the bad guy's gonna get it! hyaaa! the bad guy's gonna get it!" but it reminded me, even in the dream, of the intro song to the game Borderlands 1 (the music being Ain't no rest for the wicked).

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    2. Greensleeves, Green Door

      by , 07-13-2018 at 01:18 AM (The Fourth Factor)
      As usual, I find myself lucid in a dream without being able to remember how it happened. I am on a stage, a raised platform at one end of a tall, rectangular room with no windows and a door at the far end—picture a racquetball court and you’ll have a pretty good idea of the layout and size. The area where I am is lit while the area where the audience is sitting is darker, with some light shining in from the doorway.

      I’m singing up here and simultaneously trying my hardest to get my bouzouki to show up so I can accompany myself on it. I look around the stage area periodically, whenever I get the chance, but it just doesn’t seem to be turning up. I notice a couple guys in the audience heading for the door. Annoyed, I will them back to their seats, but they seem to sense what I’m doing and bolt. Oh, well.

      In the meantime, though, my efforts to materialize myself some accompaniment seem to have paid off. There is now an array of stringed and fretted instruments in the center of the stage, a dozen or so, leaning against stands or lying on chairs. Many of them are exotic instruments I don’t recognize, and unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a bouzouki among them. I settle for the closest match— some kind of lute, judging by the angled neck and larger body. Maybe I can intend it to have a string configuration I can work with. I pick it up and sit down in the chair it was on to play. I was singing “Greensleeves” before, and so I start again from the beginning, this time accompanying myself.

      Alas, my love, you do me wrong
      To cast me off discourteously…

      This is more like it. It seems to work best if I don’t focus too much on what I’m doing with my hands and let it take care of itself, like a spot of localized non-lucidity.

      Partway through the song, though, I find myself in another room—there seems to be a small memory gap, but I’m guessing this was a false awakening I managed to identify as another dream straightaway. This room is very similar to the one I was just in—it could be the same one if not for the lack of a raised stage area and the fact that there is now a door where the opening was. It’s a metal door painted bright green.

      The room is empty apart from a mat on the floor which is furnished like a bed. Looking at it stirs faint memories of sleepovers with friends—nice memories, ones I haven’t thought about in a long time. Much of the wooden floor is covered by a rug patterned with dragons—the Asian sort—in red, blue and green. As I look at it, they move and shift in mesmerizing ways, and the perspective flattens a little as the rug occupies my field of vision. I think to myself: I’m dreaming, I’m dreaming. I don’t want to get so absorbed in it that I lose awareness.

      I look away to consider the door and what might be beyond it. Thoughts come to me—memories, almost, if I took them more seriously—of rooms and people beyond. But that’s a rather serious-looking door.

      I wake up.

    3. Festival continues

      by , 11-06-2015 at 07:16 PM
      Dl1- I still seem to be at last night s festival but there is no cheese :/
      I am in charge of one of the music stages in the large stage behind the manor house. It is a large grassed area with a raised wooden stage. Large amounts of people mill about. I am over on a bank at the end that dips down into ? There are ropes and wooded poles here. Mr B comes over to ask me what is happening with the stage and why no one is playing. I say there are no children who want to play. At the very end there is netting...
      Dl2 - Arranging to meet up with others at a cinema (cinema seems like in a dream I had years ago). But meet up times are to vague. We are to meet between 7pm and 11pm as say we will probably miss each other.
    4. Dancing High (with Jordan Gavaris)

      by , 06-01-2015 at 12:01 PM
      Morning of June 1, 2015. Monday.

      I deliberately semi-lucidly reset my dream about four times. The way I did it involved having to be on my left side and mentally focusing on an area above the center of our bed, which is similar to a routine relating to my more abstract dream sequences. I have often deliberately gone back into the same dream scenario throughout my life by semi-lucid intent and typically made both lucid and non-lucid changes for each version prior to waking for the day.

      Jordan Gavaris of “Orphan Black” is in an unusual production of “Swan Lake” with unfamiliar people (other than a younger version of my wife Zsuzsanna) and at one point is wearing a white bodysuit (though people seem to change costumes quickly while still on the stage). The stage is mostly like a large platform that is elevated and centered very high above the audience and access is via one corner that is much like a circus trapeze setup. I do not seem to be directly involved in the performance even though I am on stage most of the time. Unused stage props and equipment remain on the stage at all times. The only way that any members of the audience far below could see the stage is by way of monitors near ground level, though I am not directly aware of any cameras nearby.

      Although I am somewhat wary of the edges of the stage, it seems safe enough. At one point, Jordan and a few others ride in a sleigh-like vehicle that looks like a white swan, which is being pulled by a rope by a machine on one side of the stage. I am perceiving and copying (to a lesser extent) Jordan’s mood in his wariness about being too close to the edge of the platform at times, but he does not fall.

      In one of the last resets, an unknown male climbs up to the platform from far below. I am not sure if he is involved in the production though he watches for a time. Oddly, I get the impression he may also be a known serial killer (something to do with his appearance seeming slightly familiar as such) but I am not that worried, because there are so many other people around. In all versions of my dream, I begin to feel an intense exhilaration at being so high up even though there is a vague sense of the whole setup possibly being precarious and an awareness that people could easily fall to their death at any moment, especially in going near the edges of the platform.

      In the last reset, the platform seems higher than ever. When I look down at one area, the audience is so far away, I can barely discern individual people. It seems somewhat like a football stadium at this point (though about four times the distance from the center), with the platform elevated from the center of the field. The curious sensations of giddiness and exhilaration continue, though not enough to be disorienting. I do not become fully lucid at any point even though I was aware enough to reset my dream a few times. Additionally, there is the typical indoor-outdoor ambiguity, where I seem to be in an indoor and outdoor setting simultaneously. For example, the “curtains” which seem to be at a distance and impossibly large, also seem integrated as the “sky” at times.

      I explain this dream type further in “Dreams of Type PRECONAV-VSCPCEL, 01-15”.

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    5. Diablo, rock concert

      by , 01-20-2015 at 06:23 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was playing Diablo 2 : Lord of destruciton on my laptop. I was a paladin, running through the forest in the first act.

      Second dream

      I was standing in the middle of the stage. I was holding an electric guitar in my hands. When I was ready to play, I felt strong, stinging sensation in the right side of my lower body. My mother arrived, and she told me Why are you dating with sister of your brothers girlfriend? I looked at a DC standing close to the stage. A skinny blonde with pearl white teeth and brown eyes. She had pale carnation, and she was wearing casual clothes. A black shirt and jeans trousers. She was smiling to me. I saw her first time, yet my DC mother claimed that she was her. I replied to my mother Don't disturb me! I have a concert to play, and there is a weird stinging sensation in the right side of my lower body!

      *I woke up with the same weird pain, but luckily it ceased until now.*
    6. Cleaner than Clean (Flying Vacuum Cleaner)

      by , 09-16-2014 at 03:16 PM
      Morning of September 16, 2014. Tuesday.

      This is a rather bizarre and ridiculous dream; more amusing in afterthought.

      Two (unknown) people, a male and a female, are on a large stage in front of a very large audience. The setting is possibly loosely modeled after my old high school auditorium but probably could be anywhere. They are there to demonstrate a special type of vacuum cleaner which also refurbishes any environment to eventual perfection. Also on the stage is some sort of living room setting but with various types of curtains in different areas.

      Apparently the male is the one promoting the device and the female is there as possibly part of an audience participation event. The machine is turned on and, over time, the curtains, couch on stage, and carpeted floor - even the clothes the people on stage are wearing - become more and more beautiful, solely due to the removal of tiny particulates - dust motes and such. More and more, the audiences gasps in amazement as the setting becomes cleaner and cleaner and more perfect and more pleasant in appearance. In my dream, I even notice a continuously increasing enhancement of my own cheerful mood.

      Eventually, however, the vacuum-cleaner-like machine seems to increase in power, going at too high of a speed. There is a rather amusing scene where the female is holding onto the machine and flying through the air (being pulled by the machine, which is creating some sort of storm-like atmosphere on the stage, with a lot of wind and roaring) with the male holding onto her ankles and being dragged across the stage on his feet. Small pieces of stuffing from the couch are roaring around the stage everywhere (like a sandstorm) and there is thunder. I get the impression that it may start raining. (Aside from having heard the vacuum cleaner just recently - this is also quite possibly influenced by coincidentally having very recently seen two scenes with sandstorms with heavy, damaging particulates that shared the same scenario - those being in “Prometheus” from 2012 and in an episode of “Outcasts” from 2011).

      The audience is now gasping for a different reason, watching the onstage “storm”, yet I still get the impression that everything will turn out if they get the machine under control again. What is going on presently may be related somewhat to the concept of sandblasting but at a very augmented level.

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    7. 30 Sep: Seeing the patterns

      by , 09-30-2013 at 08:28 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I'm at some airport, but not a conventional one, either it's interplanetary or interdimensional. I was with some girl friends, but I loose them in the crowd. I end up in the restauration area and from there I walk out into an open area that I recognize from another dream I had some day. There's a stage and a girl is rehearsing for a concert later on. I keep walking up a dirt road because nature looks alien: there's a tree with raspberries the size of big apples and the soil looks like a creamy chocolate cake. As I watch the trees, their roots and branches and the river to my left, I notice patterns overlapping. The branches of a certain tree fit precisely against certain stars in the sky.
      A guy appears behind me and says "Can you see the patterns, repeated and interconnected?".
      "Yes, but if I move to a new position, I stop seeing this overlapping pattern, so it's just coincidental."
      "Look again, you'll just see new patterns emerging. No matter what angle you look at things, you will always find repeating and overlapping patterns, just different ones, infinite numbers."

      As we keep walking, I know I am dreaming, but it requires no reality check to confirm it or stabilize it. It holds very naturally and very clear. I actually feel that I can stay there forever. I realize how much I could learn if I decide to stay. I am decided to stay and unravel all the secrets of all the universes.
      But then I wonder what will happen to the girl body I have left sleeping on a bed... Will "I" enter a coma? Sleep for the rest of "my life"? What about my family and loved ones? I don't worry that I'll miss them, I worry that they'll suffer not understanding what is happening to "me". I feel obliged to come back. (Damn!)
      But for now I keep walking with this guy and he takes me to a really nice hostel in the mountain. My room faces a terrace over the river, that connects to other rooms. All is well on this peaceful place, I'm just contemplating nature, when a couple of men in black come out of another room, dragging my friend. When I approach to ask what they're doing, they tell me to go away or they'll take me to. One of them has some kind of weapon that points at me and I wake up.

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    8. Lucid dreaming is where.

      by , 06-24-2013 at 02:00 AM
      Lucid dreaming is where, you 'wake up' during a dream sequence, and become aware that you are dreaming. It is similar to astral traveling or OBE's in the respect that you are awake and in a different environment than normal.

      There are what are known as triggers or cues in lucid dreams, that make you aware that you have woken up. Some of us can lucid dream with relative ease and no training involved, but they are the lucky ones. Many of us either are not aware that we are lucid dreaming, of we fail to recognize the signs which tell us that we are. We interpret the signs as normal dream events.

      Some of these signs for example are that we are flying, or we notice multi colored animals in our dreams. Once we understand these triggers of clues, we can then 'teach' ourselves to lucid dream and to change the sequences of our dreams. There are no limits to what you can do, and it is perfectly safe to change the sequences. It is also beneficial if you are for example having a nightmare. You can change it into a peaceful dream, the possibilities are endless.

      There are techniques you can use, to train yourself to lucid dream. Results wont come overnight, but with the correct attitude and training of your mind it will happen for you. Some of the techniques are as follows:

      Keeping a dream Journal

      Keeping a dream journal is beneficial because you train your mind to remember your dreams in greater detail. You will then recognize your own personal triggers and cues, then when you see them in a dream you will know that you are lucid dreaming. Write everything in the journal, if you awaken during the night, write the dream down then. The reason for this is that if you leave it until the next morning, most, if not all of that dream will be lost, you will forget. Write your dreams in the journal for several weeks before moving onto the next stage. It takes time to train your brain to alert you to the changes whilst you are sleeping.

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    9. A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes? Hmm...

      by , 03-05-2013 at 05:13 PM (The Lab Notebook)
      Non-lucid dream, [Commentary made while awake]

      I'm at Disneyland, being trained as a Cast Member. I'm with a large group of other trainees, all of whom are wearing costumes and name tags. [The name tags are blue, not white, for some inexplicable reason.] A trainer is taking us through how to operate King Arthur's Carrousel. For training purposes, all the pieces of the carrousel have been taken apart and removed, so there's just a big, wide, brilliant blue, rotating disc built into the ground. It has smaller discs built into it, just like the setup for the Mad Tea Party. We walk across the disc, led by our trainer, who is explaining how everything works. We gather on the north edge of it in a crowd and listen to him talk.

      The whole carrousel is back in place, and I think, This is a fifty-year-old attraction, so it deserves respect. It's amazing how well it's working after all this time. There must be just one guy left who is the only one who knows how it all works well enough to repair it.

      As part of my training, I go through the queue for the carrousel, which is enclosed, elaborate, and tells a story that appears to be part of, or at least inspired by, Disney's Sleeping Beauty. As I go through, performing my job duties, I find myself on stage as part of a mini-stage show. I'm sitting down, looking out through a window, and when a particular piece of music starts playing, I suddenly realize: You're Belle! Don't forget to sparkle! The song is “Belle,” the opening song from Beauty and the Beast, and I join in the singing. I get all the way through the first verse, and when I get to the end of it, Mulan, who is standing in the audience right next to where I'm sitting at the edge of the stage, says the next line: “Good morning, Belle!” I answer, “Good morning, madame!” ...and then I realize I can't remember what comes next, so I just sort of stop.

      [Dreamskip.] I'm walking away from the carrousel, saying to myself: “I didn't sign up to be a princess! I signed up to be in Operations! I don't want to be a princess! I'm no good at it, and I look more like post-haircut Rapunzel than anyone else!” [I do have short hair in real life, but it's lighter than her hair is when it's cut short.]

      Side Notes:
      I've always had a lot of bizarre dreams about Disneyland, but more so when I was a kid than now. This is the first time I've ever had a dream in which I was a Cast Member.
      I know why I had a dream about a carrousel. I had read this article shortly before going to bed. It uses a carrousel as an analogy for the orbit of the sun around the center of the galaxy. Also, the whole “being a princess” theme comes from a fanfic that I have in the works, and the whole “Don't forget to sparkle!” thing is a reference to a thread I've been following on a different discussion forum.
    10. Cher on Skis

      by , 11-21-2012 at 11:16 PM
      Non lucid

      At a large live theatre like building a group of people and I were discussing certain current issues. There were large speakers and great lighting. To the left of the seating was a large control room with windows that pointed out toward the stage and audience. Also a ramp came up from the base of the stage and met the control room at a slight angle where there was a wide opening in the wall. There was no production going on at the moment but other people were busy doing random things in preparation for some event.

      I entered the control room and started talking to Jock who was sitting at a computer. He swivelled around in his chair to greet me and we chatted a bit. He wrote his number down on a piece of paper so I could call him up later and finish our exchange. I started to walk out to the ramp and I looked at the page. He had also written the names and numbers of other people we both know and was nice enough to include other numbers like the local movie theatre, hardware store, and pizza joint. I thought this was slightly strange but also helpful and kind.

      I stuffed the list in my back pocket and continued over to the ramp when the dream started to transition. Suddenly I saw one of my least favourite pop artist flying down the mountain on skis, catching air of a snow berm and headed straight for me. Before I could move Cher crashed into me, knocking me to the ground.

      The dream re-transitioned and I found myself in the kitchen with my girlfriend. I thought to myself "WTF was Cher doing in my dream? On Skis!?Crashing into me only moments before at a place I've never been to?" I started to do a reality check by looking down counting my fingers. "one, two, three" I could already see my hand was not normal but I continued counting any way and my girlfriend joined in the increasingly exciting count. "four, Five, SIX, SEVEN!". I had about nine fingers on my right hand all together. "Ah ha I am dreaming." I told my girlfriend and gave her a high five. Unfortunately I forgot to anchor myself and tugged at my GF black shirt to bring her in for a kiss before I took off to do whatever. She giggled and gently pushed me away and said "Pshht come on silly you're dreaming.".. then I woke up.. Pfffft.
    11. Nineteen Sanguin Wy.

      by , 10-12-2012 at 08:55 AM (Voyages of a Skywalker)
      We are at the doorstep of the sanguinary creatures house. The home looks ordinary. They try and lure us in with telekinetic force. We resist. We are all very scared. At some point we realize that they are not harmful anymore. One of us signals her song to lure one of them out (to daylight). I contemplate stealing two wooden candlesticks before I leave, but I know they will find me. We are free. I have three large paper bags of items. I fit them all into one. As I catch up to the other three girls for the hike out, one takes the form of my Aunt Jama. She is surrounded by her Barendse's family. They have just bought the bar/lodge. One tells me that I need to stay for a night and sing on the stage tomorrow. They imply that I may be their second most talented entertainer. I ask who the second most talented is. They tell me someone else. I tell them that maybe I'll recite a poem or do a monologue. I step into a great big theater with reclining chairs. I'm in the chairs. The little girl is there. She is a ghost. I try to help her pass over. She is angry. I realized that whatever I watch in the theater on the screen was playing in the next room.
    12. Concert

      by , 09-12-2012 at 04:14 PM
      I dreamt that I was at a rock concert with Lenny and my dad. It was outside, and we wanted to get right up to the front row. We waited in line for what seemed like hours, and finally when they opened the gates, we and everyone else ran like crazy people to get close to the stage. Lenny and I made it right next to the stage, and I don't know where my dad went. Then, a few minutes before the concert started, I had to pee really bad. I made Lenny go with me to the bathroom, even though he didn't want to lose our spots. We went and then came back, and sure enough we lost our spots. We tried battling our way to the front again, but everyone just kept crowding around us and pushing us.
    13. [Astro-Lounge]

      by , 09-02-2012 at 02:04 PM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Monday, August 27th, 2012]
      The recall starts at a party inside of a strange building. [**1**] (The Blueprints are in my img/ref folder.) The whole place is dark, walls painted black, but flooded with neon lights and bright stars on the walls that give the party an outer space kind of vibe. Maybe it's this vibe that gave me... THE ABILITY TO FLY. Without being aware of my dreaming, I could levitate and simply flap my arms to push myself high into the air. But I wasn't able to will myself up... I would slowly drift downward if I didn't flap. The building has a pretty high ceiling, but plenty of places to fly and sit up high.

      I'm in backroom when I suddenly have the idea to try and perform in front of the party on-stage. I see some other musicians close-by and convince them to play with me. I put on my guitar strap as we make our way to the stage.

      Once there... I begin wondering what the other musicians prefer to listen and ask them: "So what kind of music do you listen to? I listen to mostly 98 KUPD and 93.3... rock and alternative." (I asked this same question to a friend in WL named Brandon the day before this... I was trying to figure out what to listen to while driving with him.) I was suddenly aware that they might not know these stations, I remembered we were currently located in Phoenix... but then dismissed my doubt when I realized they had the same stations. I told them I listened to "Deftones, Incubus..." and more that I can't remember. No one really was responding. That's when I glanced down at my guitar strap and realize there's no guitar on it.

      Amazed at my stupidity, I fly back to the Backroom and look for my guitar. Nathan hands me my red Fender Squire and I remember thinking, "Ugh... this'll do..." and Alex reminds me that it's all I have- in response to my thought. I head back to the main room, flying again...

      My memory fades...
    14. Tigerform, Mass Telekinesis

      by , 07-23-2012 at 11:15 AM (Zoe's weird things)
      [Dream happened at around 9:30AM]
      [So yay, new week equals new lucid I was a bit stressed about lucid dreaming for the past days, but now it seems to be on track again]
      [I forgot some small parts from the dream and my lucidity wasn't always on the top, but it's better than nothing]

      My old love was staying at our house. We both got a new phone from my mom as some kind of gift, so we were taking photos and just trying the new phones in the garden. While we were in the outbuilding she broke her phone somehow, so she told me to ask my mom for a new one.
      I walked out of the building and was just about to climb into the neighbouring garden for some weird reason, when i had a sudden thought... "How could my mom give us another phone? We couldn't even afford the first two..." "Oh and what is E. doing here in our garden?"
      These questions were enough to make me lucid.

      The dream was blurry and dark-ish, while it wasn't exactly night time, but it almost looked that way. Well, i flew up into the air to think. [Flying goes so easily most of the time that sometimes i don't even think about why i do it... ].
      I was hovering near the roof and was a little upset because of the dream being this blurry... i didn't really think about a goal to do, because i wanted to get rid of this blurry state first.

      I flew towards the right side of the garden and passed to the neighbouring garden. I decided to try and "teleport" to the sports center using the eye closing method and maybe it would be more clear over there.
      I closed my eyes and immediately thought of the sports center, but instead of seeing full darkness, there was a weird black girl in front of me in the dark. She disappeared fast and i felt my real body, so i knew i must've woke up. I focused back on the dream and got back in.

      When i was back i was standing near the 6th road [which is one of the biggest roads in the country]. I recognized the place by the different kinds of wheat and plant fields close to the road, the bus goes this way everytime.
      I looked around a bit, but didn't see any cars anywhere, which was weird.

      I had a sudden thought that i should turn into a lion. I didn't know how i got that idea, but i found it to be a good one, so i jumped from the road onto the field close by and when i hit the ground i knew that i transformed already. I didn't want to be a lion that much, so i changed it into a tiger form. Since the dream was blurry, i couldn't really see my hands too clearly, but i've seen that they were much bigger, cat-like and had stripes on them, so i took it as a success.

      This was the moment when i realized how i don't feel ANYTHING. It made me upset, i basically didn't feel my body at all or anything near me. I was in control, but it just felt weird, like i wasn't really there. [This is a rare occurence].
      While thinking about this, i started running through the field. I didn't really have an idea how to run on four legs, so i was kind of just running and jumping at the same time, i couldn't keep running correctly

      During this time i noticed another weird thing: There was music playing in my head... i just knew it that it's coming from my head as it was really loud and no matter where i looked, i couldn't see a source. I didn't know this music or at least i didn't recognize it. It was some kind of old jazz and rock mixed music.
      Soon i reached a side road and at this time i started hearing talking, mixed with the music from before. I didn't understand anything from it, like it was in a language unknown to me.

      Finally i noticed some cars that were about to pass onto the side road. I jumped next to a car and stood in front of it. I checked inside to see who is the driver.
      It was a guy around his 50s, he looked emotionless, but i could still feel that he was annoyed because of me. There was also a blonde girl sitting next to him, who i recognized. She was an old classmate of mine [who i always found attractive ].

      I decided that i'll take the opportunity and kiss her... just because. I didn't hear anything other than the weird mix of music and voices in my head, but i felt like something told me that i should grab her by the neck and pull her out of the car like that. I didn't want to do that, so i just grabbed her by her shoulders and pulled her out through the window. I let her go when she was on top of the car's hood.
      At this moment i realized that i'm still a tiger, as my hands were still huge and striped. When i looked back at her after observing my hands, she has turned into a housecat... [My first thought was that the dream is trying to troll me... ].

      Well, i'm not into that sort of thing, so i moved on. Now i was flying instead of running through the fields. I was just enjoying the flight, even while i couldn't feel anything other than some heavy feeling on my hands as i pushed the air time-by-time around me.
      I passed by lots of fields and roads and even our garden yet again, even while i had no idea how i got back there, but i went on [and while flying, i turned back to my normal human form].

      Soon i reached some kind of city. I descended to the ground here and looked around. It made me think of a part of Liberty City from GTAIV, but i wasn't sure that it was taken from there.
      There was a long building in front of me, which had lots of small windows all over it. There were many roads going in all directions from my standing point.
      There was a parked car in front of me and i just randomly grabbed it and thrown it to the wall, it heavily crashed into it.
      [I became semi-lucid here].

      I had a feeling that i must fly to one of those windows and do something inside, so i did. I flew up to a window and looked in there. There was a mechanic looking guy just walking out of a door. I passed through the window and got inside. It was a really small room with barely any space. There was a machine of some sort on the wall with lots of cables.
      I opened some tiny door on the machine and wanted to check it from closer, but the mechanic guy returned. I hid behind the door and waited.

      The guy just leaned close to that machine and started working on it, but at the same time he started mumbling something about his co-worker and he welcomed me. I thought that he must think that i'm his co-worker. I became fully lucid here again.
      I jumped through the wall and flew back to the road where i was before. When i reached it, i started walking to the right side of the building, trying to find something to do, even while the dream was blurry and i barely felt anything.

      I turned left into a smaller street where a huge crowd was standing around. I wanted to see what they were watching with such interest.
      While going that direction, i thought that i should try some telekinesis... i didn't do it since a long time anyway.

      At first i used one hand to bring a car up into the air with telekinesis. It went really easily and i just thrown the car away. There were some other parked cars on the right side of this small road and some people were walking next to them as well. Now i held both my hands in front of me and i made two cars and two people hover up into the air. The DCs i grabbed with telekinesis didn't seem to be too scared, they took it well.
      I made them spin around in the air for a bit then thrown both the cars and the DCs far away with my powers. I heard some quiet crashing sound from far away.

      Now i walked towards the crowd and checked what they were watching. There was a stage to the left side and there was a choir made of around 30 people on it. I could only see their mouths moving, but i heard nothing they sang... [probably related to this not-so-clear state of the dream].
      Well, that choir seemed like a good challenge... without much of a second thought i held both my hands up again and tried to move the whole choir up into the air with telekinesis.
      It was somewhat hard to do, i even felt some pain and tiredness in both my arms finally as i did this. I succeeded in bringing them up into the air, but i couldn't really make them float too high like with the others.

      Some of them seemed a bit scared, but others were still singing without me hearing anything. I held them for a while and tried to move them away from the stage, but it was too hard and my arms were really tired now, so instead of throwing the choir away, i let them go.
      Some of them ran away, but some were still on stage, singing... o.o
      Soon after this i lost lucidity fully.

      [Ah well, this blurriness, lack of feelings and some sounds were disappointing... but what can i do... :/]
      [I didn't even think about my Lucy goal during this lucid, but i would've skipped it anyway, because in a blurry state like this i would rather not try to fight Lucy...]
    15. Tuesday 8th May 2012

      by , 05-08-2012 at 10:10 PM
      Last Nights Dream

      I'm in the social club and I'm hungry, my Dad is doing the disco here. I see my Dad and he's holding a plate of food, I say "what you got?" he says "looks nice doesn't it, it's a beef stew, go and get one and tell them I'm paying" I say "ok" I walk to the food area by the stage and look at all the pies and stuff, there's no stew ones left so I have to take a beef pie instead, I also take a few other things aswell. I go and sit down at the table next to my Dad, I pretend i've got a stew or I know he will give me his and I don't want to take his food

      This morning I decide to WILD using the lucidology alarm

      I count from 1 to 10 over and over again and nodded off just like I wanted to. I wake to hear the alarm and know its working, I relax and feel the vibrations and hear the noise in my ears. I feel myself being pulled into a lucid dream and can hear people talking, it's still black and can feel myself moving into my dream. I am now still so I open my eyes and I'm in a big building, it's a shopping precinct. I am conscious and I look about my dream and see my Dad and his brothers around the precinct. I look upwards and I see a few school kids in uniform above us on the next floor. My Dad is looking for something and I say with a giggle "what are you looking for, you look lost" he says "ahhh, just some school kids that are messing about here" I say "they are up there above us" he now runs after them because they need chucking out . My dream now starts to disappear so I relax and wait.

      Dream 2

      I feel myself back in bed, I keep my eyes closed and feel the vibrations etc. again. I go with it and feel myself being pulled into my next lucid, I can't see anything but I can hear music and it sounds like a party. I am now in a room, it's a party with a disco and I see the flashing lights and everything, I'm really pleased I'm lucid again. I make my way to the stage where it is higher up, I say "scuse me" as I push through everyone. I'm now on the stage and decide to fly off it into the air, everyone is looking at me and I decide to try out some somersaults while I'm in mid air and it feels great, I am just showing off really. I now feel myself waking again so I keep my eyes closed and get the vibrations etc. and feel myself being pulled into another lucid dream.

      Dream 3

      I'm in my dream and I open my eyes and it's just all black. I wait for a few seconds and suddenly I see a reddish light in the sky and my dream slowly appears around me. I'm thinking "where have I ended up now?" I look about and I'm in like a big shopping place again, I'm indoors. I hear a buzzing sound behind me so I turn around and I see a few bee's flying around by me. I hit them away but they keep coming back by me.. I now walk up to an open area as I explore my dream. This area is like a small stage area, it has flags hanging about it and there's a music station there where the DJ would work. I notice a lot of bee's in the corner of that area so I decide to get away from it. I open a door and bump into 2 lads who are dressed up in army gear, they both have these electric guns that they are using to try and kill the bee's. The guns aren't working very well and have little effect on the bee's. I now think "right let's see what I can do!" I push my hand forward towards a bee and nothing happens. I now think "hmmm...how do I get powers?" I try again and still nothing, I now think "ok I must truly believe it will work and I'll say it out loud" so this time I push my hand forward and shout "fire ball" and a fire ball shoots out of my hand and hits a bee. I am so amazed and think "this is so cool" . The 2 lads with me are really impressed and say "come on over to the bee's" they run towards where the nest is by the DJ area and I decide to fly there so I jump up into the air and fly across to them. I point my hand towards the nest area and shout "fire ball" and a fireball shoots towards the nest area and sets it on fire as it hits. I keep firing fire balls at the whole stage area and I set the flags and everything on fire. I say to the lads "well that's sorted them!, they won't bother us again! Again I feel myself waking so I stay still and feel myself being pulled into yet another lucid dream.

      Dream 4

      It's black but I can hear the sea and kids laughing. I feel myself come to a stop so I open my eyes and I'm in the sea, it's warm and there are kids and families around me. I see a small boat in the shape of a cute dragon that has children in it who are laughing, they are riding round in a circle. I see a woman holding onto it and it's taking her around. I panick now a little as I hate the sea and don't want to tread on the sea floor because I don't know what's in there so I think "great, perfect opportunity" and I grab onto the boat which takes me along. I see people on the beach drinking and having fun, I can also see punch and judy and the kids are laughing at it. I now loose the boat and swim a little. I steer myself towards an area between 2 big rocks but I see that the water between them is brown and dirty so I steer myself away from it again. I swim to the sand and see 2 small ponies buried up to their necks in the wet sand. The bigger grey one of the two quickly scrambles out of the sand and runs off. I walk over to the small brown pony and it's really scared of me and backs away a little but I still put my hand to it and stroke it. It's fur is a bit wet but I keep stroking it and say "it's ok, I won't hurt you" and it calms down for me. As I walk off I want to see if it will follow me so I say "come on" as I click my fingers to it but it says "I'm a water horse!" and I laugh because it speaks it now hides itself back in the sand up to its neck.
      I again feel myself wake a little and I get the vibrations etc. and feel myself being pulled into a lucid dream.

      Dream 5

      I'm now in a street and it's night time and the street lamps are on. I need the toilet and think "jesus I haven't got long before I wake up!" so I rub my hands together and shout out "clarity now" and it echoes as usual but it does brighten up so I can see more. I think about my dream guide but before I manage to shout for it I feel myself wake up a little again .

      Dream 6

      I'm now back in a lucid dream. I am outside and there are lots of tents around me. I wonder about for a short while and then I enter 1 of the tents. I see 2 people in there, a man and a woman. I see a mirror next to the woman and I say "pass me the mirror quick, I need to try something" she looks at me with an odd expression but nether the less still passes me the mirror. I think to myself "I've always wanted to try this but I keep forgetting so now I'll do it!" I push my finger against the mirror trying to make my finger go through it but it doesn't. I try again but this time I truly believe it will go through the mirror and voila my whole hand up to my wrist goes through. My hand feels a little cold now from the mirror. It Is as if the mirror is made out of mercury, it's really weird and a very odd sensation when I put my hand into it.
      I now decide I want to take a look at my reflection. I'm a little apprehensive about looking because I've heard that people see horrible things when they do this but my curiosity gets the better of me. Slowly I move my face towards the mirror and I see myself but my face is really gaunt and thin and also really pointy, it's very weird and I'm really fascinated by this. I tell the 2 people that are with me that I've always wanted to try this with the mirror and I say to them "you try!" but they both shake their heads while saying "no".

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