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    1. November 15 - November 16 2010 - Confusing Dreams

      by , 11-17-2010 at 09:17 AM (Shinoda's Dream Journal)
      Alright, I had 2 dreams last night. here it goes.

      I was having a long conversation with a girl I know. All I remember is that we were talking and out of nowhere she started doing sexual things to me and we started doing it. I will spare you all the details.

      I woke up afterward, went to the washroom and went back to bed. At this point I had a second dream.

      I think I was babysitting one of my nieces in some sort of cottage. I don't remember much besides having to flick a switch on what I think was a stereo system to let a giant lochness monster like thing come out of a cage and swim around a nearby lake for a few minutes and then flick the switch again to make him go back in. I noticed the air felt more fresh INSIDE the cabin when the monster was out. Fresh like... being on the side of a lake. The kind of nature smell you get by a body of water in a forest.

      There's also a dream segment I'm not sure where it would fit in. I don't know if it was from one of those dreams or a separate dream of it's own. It involves watching porn in a bathroom on a DvD Player attached to a boom box?!?!

      I guess I had sex and monsters on the mind last night.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. First Lucid

      by , 11-17-2010 at 08:59 AM
      It began in space, like a commercial space holiday. I was in a dark room, with about 7 other people. I had this piece of paper that looked like an origami sheet, so I folded it up and found out that it made a long staff. one one end there was a green lazer and a bright light and on the other end there was a red lazer and an infinate parma-violet shooter. (little purple sweets that taste like perfume.) Then I was back on earth and I still had my staff which I intended to keep forever. We went into what looked like a school but was actually the headquaters of the space holiday thing, I began pushing a big trolley through it and then suddenly I was in space again. This time I had some fun with the staff and turned into a ninja sort of thing.
      Then I went into sleep paralysis. I managed to get out of it fairly quickly though, strait into a false awakening. So I jumped around my bedroom like a ninja with the staff, shooting out parma-violets.
      Then I went into another false awakening. But this one was very clear and vivid. I went and looked in the bathroom and noticed the light switch didnt work but I ignored it. Then I noticed the whole bathroom looked completely different, but told myself we must have redecorated. Then I looked in the mirror and noticed I had 3 sets of top teeth, all ontop of each other. I had braces as well, for some reason. I knew I was dreaming from the start but just ignored it. I decided that after my reflection I should do a reality check so I did, neither of them worked really well but at this moment I reasised I must be dreaming. So I ran up to the nearest window, smashed it and flew out so fast that it felt awesome. But then the dream faded to white.
      I went downstairs to tell everyone I had had a lucid dream...Then reaslised I was having ANOTHER false awakening. Then I woke up for real.
    3. Castle Cannabis

      by , 11-17-2010 at 08:26 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)

      I declare myself the Cannabis God, Mary Jo LOL.

      I make Castle Anthrax, Castle Cannabis. The Castle is white, but you can barely tell, because it's covered in weeds. Also, it's pretty high. LOL

      The Templars get high. LOL

      I ring the castle with Care Bears.

      I dance around singing LOL and spraypainting fluffy white clouds with the word lol.

    4. must..summon..strength..t o post

      by , 11-17-2010 at 08:24 AM (Dreaming on my feet)
      Hi DV

      Been away for two weeks, moved back home from upstate Michigan and then took a trip to Boston.. I've got so many pages written down though that's intimidating to sit down and record the dreams I've had.. I've been having consistent lucids though and have been continuing in my dedication and progress to cultivating dream state awareness! Hope everybody has also been enthusiastic in pursuing this common goal.. have awesome lucids tonight!

      Goal of the week: Get on DV and record all the LD's I've had since my last post, plus a good memorable dream or two with insights.

    5. memory...

      by , 11-17-2010 at 08:10 AM (Somewhere Over The Rainbow)
      Watching my art slide show just before bed and it triggered a memory that I dreamt about flying, but I have no idea when. I always do this the same way in dreams. I pump my hands up and down, as if they're wings or something. Then I fly. I'm usually doing it to escape someone or something. Can't remember if that was the case this time, but I think there were people there while I was doing it.

      Anyway, some random dream art.....

      Psychic/Extra Sense?-98.jpgPsychic/Extra Sense?-86.jpgPsychic/Extra Sense?-58.jpgPsychic/Extra Sense?-94.jpgPsychic/Extra Sense?-115.jpg
    6. Dreams of Nov. 15th

      by , 11-17-2010 at 07:35 AM
      I fell asleep listening to music as normal. Some songs made it into my dreams that I recall. So I was in my house, and talking to my brother maybe a bit, I was showing him a song though (which was playing) I got through the whole song, and it was playing through a cupboard in my kitchen. The song was "As I Went Out One Morning" I was just standing there, thinking abut the song as we listened. I'm not sure If he said he liked it or not. Then the second song came on "The Simple Story" And my brother was singing this song, I was surprised how much he sounded like the actual singer(He is good with impressions in real life.). I didn't even know he heard the song before(Probably hasn't). So yeah that was it, still in the kitchen. ALSO, these songs may have made it into my dream, it seems awful familiar(I looked back at the songs that played and they rang a bell) "Eight Days a Week" and "Crocodile Rock" seems quite familiar, that order and all, but I'm not really sure,

      Second dream. This one was war themed. I am not sure at the order to much of this, so I'll just list it.
      -I was at my old house, and it was getting attacked. There was like a resistance in the house, and people all out front and stuff. I think at some point I had to open the door because a friendly was outside.
      -Some soldier wanted a promotion, and he listed all these reasons why he should get one (He had piece of paper outlining it all). One of the reasons was that this one guy was already promoted, way long ago, and he(the guy wanting to get promoted) deserves it more.
      -There was the flame-thrower from Worms: Armageddon. It worked exactly the same, but was first person.
      -There was training, and there were a bunch of shelve units with different weapons backpacks etc. Once you stopped at one, you had to use it properly or whatever. At some point this place got attacked, and we failed (maybe it was a test?) so we had to try again, I dove and grabbed a shotgun properly.
      -There was a camp, a Sargent or something arrived there. The soldiers were drunk (they'd been drinking anyways)
      -I was walking my dog, and it seemed everything came up so I couldn't walk him. Like I couldn't climb the path or something. I arrived at the top of a hill, and a guard tower told me I had to turn around. The ground was scorched.
      -there was like a boss fight at the end.
      memorable , non-lucid
    7. Dreams of Nov. 14th

      by , 11-17-2010 at 07:21 AM
      The first one, I was in some store, which had different kinds of shirts and hats. There was people from my school there on a field trip or something. I was trying on a hat,which was maybe blue, with green kid of stringy glove thing on the top. It was hard to take the hat off. I left the store for awhile and realized I hadn't taken the hat off, so I had to go and return it.

      Second dream. I wish I could remember more than I do. It was a movie and/or book. It took place on a boat. There were only 2 people on this boat. One was played by Cate Blanchett, and there was one other. There was a storm at some point. And these 2 characters kissed. They had been on this ship quite awhile. I remember drawing scenes from this movie/book. I drew some eyes really well, and looking well, but some others I had trouble with. It ended up well though. It was really easy to draw well, it just worked. The story ended with someone on a boat(like a row boat) setting off to sea, because they were kicked out of their house. I had to answer some questions about this story. One was something like: "Do you believe these characters were young in the story?" I believed the person on the boat at the end was Cate Blanchett's character beforehand, and how she ended up sailing the seas. But I believed both characters were most likely the same age.

      This next dream I dont remember fully, and it was a couple nights ago. All I remember was there was this guy in a gas mask asking me questions, or I was asking him questions.
    8. DCs

      by , 11-17-2010 at 07:08 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      DCs (Non-lucid)


      Just fragments

      - Guys.
      - Cards.
      - Outdoors.
      - A PC
      - Bad father.
      - More DC.
      - Wife driving my car.
      - DC in my car.
      - Doing assignments.

      Missing dream signs:
      - My wife driving a car. She has no license.
    9. Secret bases, mouse and random blabber

      by , 11-17-2010 at 06:47 AM (Dreams of random stuff)
      Hi, this is my first DJ entry here on DV. Thought I'd share a dream from a few nights back. Please leave comment.
      (Not sure if the first part and the second were connected somehow but I think they were...)

      I am at some place where I happen to go near my school to play games. I have installed some demo on the console and ask the place owner (who happens to be my Dream Sign): Is it okay that I installed this?

      *Both look at TV, blood fills half the screen with all action*
      Owner: "Yeah it's fine. I'm more worried about this thing here..." and we start talking about some PC game.

      Some black guy with a white business jacket and red glasses is smiling there with a mouse on his table. Apparently this is some kind of super intelligent mouse, some kind of secret weapon of his. He talks to the mouse but I can't remember what.
      Suddenly, some guy in a blue suit and blue glasses which has word "Happy" comes out of nowhere like over-excited fan, slamming the boss guy to his back with his arm and just going around randomly. Glasses go flying around and at some point, boss guy wears blue glasses and at some point, red and blue (which interestingly resulted to violet view of the situation).

      Mouse started acting differently when this happened. I think the red glasses were needed to control it. Well, after a while of all this, a woman in orange suit comes (out of nowhere) and starts shooting around with plasma pistol, saying: "I finally found your secret base bla bla bla" focusing more into talking than shooting, accidentally hitting the boss guy, breaking the red glasses. She then either:
      a) kidnapped someone (mouse?)
      b) stole something

      Guy in orange suit and orange glasses appears and the woman and him fight. They seem to have a crush on each other, because the bombs they used in the fight were shaped like hearts (plus they talked to each other in a certain way). Woman flees to the elevator while the guy follows.


      Who is this woman?
      What is this secret base?
      What is the thing with almost everyone wearing glasses?
      Where is the mouse? Captured by the woman or on it's own way, plotting it's own schemes?

      Edit/side note: Was interesting how when the boss guy was wearing blue and red glasses and the vision became violet, that blue and red actually do equal violet. I didn't know that. Guess my subconscious did?

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    10. Unclean Boxing Match, seeking education in sleep cycles, summoning Vader for a duel

      by , 11-17-2010 at 05:12 AM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      17/11/10 The dream was massive but I remember little before actually turning lucid.
      There was something about a mini LAN event.
      Thomas Marcusen (old school friend) was there.
      Stoffer was there.
      Then there is a massive park of some description, the sun is shining.
      We are setting up tables for a public event.
      I feel like I don't quite belong there, although I am a common face in the group.
      There is a woman from my study who is sort of taking the lead.
      I grab some milk and start drinking it out of the carton, but am careful not to let my lips touch it in case anyone else want some.
      Think there is a quick thinking process about mouth-mouth transmitted diseases.
      Rasmus is talking about how his brother has come home for the weekend.
      He has gone to a festival and returned a day later without saying he was going, now with a woman in his bed, although this woman later is a man.
      The boys and I are going to a fight between some random (played by the actor playing Cas is Supernatural) guy and Geaorge Foreman, who is actually Evander Holyfield, but we call him George.

      The fight is messy and unclean, but the crowd seems to love it so an atmosphere is building and the fighters embrace it. George seems to have the upper hand and at one point knocks the other guy clean out, that is the first time we see it. Although we are physically present at the fight there is still a replay function and seen from another angle the other boxer returns to his feet very swiftly, which I find a bit strange. There is a break up and Cas takes the opportunity to throw George to the ground and gets a stern warning from the ref, however there is limited the ref can really do at this point due to the intense atmosphere surrounding the fight. George knocks him through the ropes and to the floor and at this point I am standing in the ring and start a chant that takes the crowd with me To the Floor!. George takes it to the floor and starts stomping on the poor guys face, I feel a little bad for this.

      After this I am in a class room of sorts and here Cas is teaching something concerning sleep cycles. I feel very tired and I am walking around in a beige suit, hmm it has been a long time since I have worn this suit (technically I don't have the vest I was wearing either IWL). I feel like I have pulled an all-nighter, but I am there out of respect for the guy. We are old friends after all. It is a bit like a film scene where two main characters look at each other in silent understanding, except I don't understand at all why I know the man, but I know I am given the context of the situation. He is teaching something about re-arranging letters in words, that although slightly amusing seems pointless, but relevant somehow. He is walking around the class and spots me, I wink at him and he comes over. He abandons the class because we have something to talk about, which I think is a goodbye. We go to his flat and I lay down on the bed and shortly after so does he although he takes his clothes off first, which means it is getting slightly uncomfortable for me. We talk about something and towards the end of the conversation I give him a brief hug making sure he is covered in a duvet before doing it. I get up.

      I look around and my eyes fall upon a glass covered surface. It is dark, but still the surface doesn't produce a reflection of any kind. Hang on a minute this is what I was just paying attention to in waking life. I am dreaming. I talk to the professor who is supposed to be an expert on sleep cycles, yet he has never heard of the topic of Lucid dreaming. I spend a lot of time rubbing my hands and activating my senses while I talk to him about lucid dreaming in order to stabilise the dream. I try flying through the window as a demonstration, doesn't work, damnit. Ah ok, just going to try to fly through it backwards, success! I am now in a park of some description, the sun is shining brightly and everyone in the park seems to be wearing a smile of peace and enlightenment. I run over the grass and while doing so I try and pick up a ball using Telekinesis, which I am only somewhat successful with (The ball moves in the direction I want, but can't keep up with my pace). I leave it for a bit and try and think about what to do. I am not going to call Mitzu, as I am afraid she will just end the dream prematurely so instead I decide to try out something new, to see if I can make lightning shoot out of my hands, which I can't although my arm starts throbbing in the effort.

      I try and think if there are some tasks I should be doing as I am manoeuvring around the city paying attention to all the details to remain in the dream. Minka (very old and dear friend) appeasr on a bike and I think that there was something about being thankful, or was that last month? Who cares, I call out to her to stop, she is riding a bike. She says she will come back in one minute, I tell her we are dreaming, she stops pronto and gets off the bike. I tell her I am thankful for her always being kind and a good friend and hug her. I carry on down the street trying to get my phone to work, it sort of does, but I can't seem to get to the texting interface propper so I can't write kaiser, gah some other time maybe.

      I fly around for a bit thinking about what to do, damn I have a poor creative imagination. Ah well, I recently had a dream about duelling Darth Vader, where I wished I was lucid so I expect him to pop up around the corner, which he does. He hands me a sabre and we kick it off and I demonstrate my very limited force powers to my friends as they appear. Although it is great fun being in a sabre fight it was actually more entertaining when I wasn't lucid, when the sense of fear actually meant something however I enjoyed it enough for it to have been worthwhile, I mean it is after all a light sabre. I realise I have been focusing too much on Vader and the dream starts to fade as I wake up.
    11. recall went up

      by , 11-17-2010 at 04:49 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Space weird.

      I capture some aliens in the really small device so they can't enter my dimension. On the device there's something that you pull back and then push in really fast. I pull it and push sh bak in and see the aliens get shot through a portal back into their own dimension.

      2 Blondes

      Asuka is blonde and she invites someone over to my house by the name of "Linda." This Linda is also blonde (note: I once saw a psychic that said my future wife would be named Linda, the description i was given sounded like someone who was asian with bleach blond hair.). I this Linda person shows up. i realize that I know her. But she also looks like several other lindas that I know. (one linda i know in didsbury, and the other being my first gf). I realize I am seeing the person as an archetype of 'Linda"

      other note; My first name is Robert. when i was growing up my best friends parents were "Robert and Linda." In the movie Wedding singer there was also a couple named Robert and Linda. I have also met a few other couples in my life who's names were Robert and Linda.

      Super WTF Old people triathalon.

      I get flung into a portal from somewhere and wind up in a dream from when i was in about grade seven . i just got back from a class feild trip but I don't have a ride home. I see Corey W. so i go to run up to him to see if his parents can give me a ride. But then I see that he's getting a ride with Shawna T. (Not the Shawna from my inner world lol.) and her mother. I get this distinct feeling that I'm not to approach corey now. I walk down the street and watch him and Shawna get into her mother's car. Her mother is glaring at me meanly. She looks a bit like the Ice Queen from the Narnia movie. In fact her face seems to be covered in ice... It's creepy.

      They drive off and I continue walking on the street and notice I'm close to a dream park that I use to go to. I come to a four way intersection in a large city and there's old people crossing the road at the green light. As I'm crossing a car goes to stop but doesn't do so until after I watch it cleanly run over and old man. all the other old people start freaking out. I go to avoid the cars and go around the building.

      I am running now behind the building. All these old people are now like zombies and they are trying to grab for me. In the middle of this I think, "This is very much like a dream." but I forget to RC. I run into this weird area with Building blocks? they are all blue. Cyclic13 is there but he's a dis embodied voice.It scares me and I jmp back to the path.

      now I'm in a psych ward that's connected to a mall. I run right past the security people and their exit. Good thing they didn't mistake me for a patient. I then switch to third person view and notice I am a young blond man with unfamiliar features.

      Super WTF threesome

      I see myself as the blond guy entering the same house I was in from a few dreams before. I go up to the two blonde women and have a threesome... but it's wierd either their pelvic areas merge and I do them that way... or i had 2 dicks or something. Definitely a dream I would have enjoyed more in 1st person

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    12. Elephants!

      by , 11-17-2010 at 02:06 AM
      Don't remember much last night, I wasn't feeling too good.

      However, I did dream I was trapped in my room with Queen Zukin and we were enslaved by elephants.
    13. Today's Fragment, Saturday's dreams

      by , 11-16-2010 at 11:38 PM
      Fragments: Hack 'n' Slash
      I'm in a video game, hacking up the boss monsters. First is the mini boss, then the main boss, and finally a third super boss. This super boss is invisible, but that doesn't stop me from hacking it to bits.

      Today's dreams had a really poor narative, but I have some I didn't enter into my DJ from last Saturday November 13th.

      Spontaneous Memories?
      Clarity: 4/10
      Sleep: Good
      Sleep Position: Right Side (Left Brain)

      I suddenly recognize the dream I'm currently having as a recurring dream from my childhood. I already know the story, the players, and what's going to happen next.

      There is a small army of goblins raiding a house. They are all out side with a ballista breaking in. The goblins are so focused on getting in, they don't see us sneak up behind them. It looks like they have all the entrances covered, when I notice a sliding patio door with some people inside. We enter through that door, grab some bricks as weapons, and run down the hall.

      The goblins are again so focused on attaining their goal ahead of them, they don't notice us come from behind and bash their heads in with the bricks. Their leader walks into the room, and we take him by surprise, grabbing him and the treasure he came for, a red glowy thing in his hand.

      We grab his magical treasure and run, but when we come to the door I stop. The people with me tell me we wasted an opportunity to get away, but since I know how this dream goes, I know there is a large invasion force about to descend on the house.

      Did I recall a recurring childhood dream? Or did I just spontaneously make it all up in the dream? On the one hand, I have no recollection of that scenario from before. But on the other, I kind of trust my dream self to make those kinds of judgements. No way to know for sure...

      North Pole
      Clarity: 6/10
      Sleep: Good
      Sleep Position: Unknown
      I'm in the north pole with some friends. We're staying with Eskimos in a cave. In the ground of the cave are ice fishing holes, and peering through one I see a killer whale and a blue whale swim underneath us. The eskimos show my friends how to fish using a stick and a leather plate, and they pull up some fish fairly quickly.

      I want to show the eskimos how we do it with hooks, so I ask Dennis for one. He pulls out a bag of temple hash while looking for the hooks. One of the eskimos gabs a piece, sniffs it, then breaks off a chunk. Dennis finally finds me a hook, and I start fishing. I catch a fish, but it was nowhere near as quick as the eskimo method.

      Then the eskimos show me their hook fishing method outside. They have several holes in the ice, and when a fish strikes, it springs a trap that sets a kite aloft in the sky, pulling the fish out of the water. It's pretty damn cool.

      I wake up, fall back asleep, and am heading back to the north pole. I stop by Pete's house first and we grab some beer. It's a little cumbersome for our long trip. When we arrive at our destination, it's a cabin bar where Tyson's band is playing. Crystal is singing for them. I ask about a movie they made, then tell them it was really bad, but bad in a good way.
    14. Dream Recall I ~ The Toilet & The Gunshooting

      by , 11-16-2010 at 10:20 PM
      Dream Recall I
      August 3rd 2010
      Total of dreams: 2

      It's nighttime. Me, my sister, her husband and my mom are standing in a bus. We need to go to a toilet, so then we walk off the next bus stop. I try to find a toilet nearby. The toilet I find fills the whole room, and is extremely dirty. The method that was used to divest was to put a big, flat bowl under your butt, and in the center of this bowl was a tiny hole where you could... divest through. The toilet itself was formed like waves, and you had to go on top of the bowl (probably 2 meters from the ground) to sit. I had to empty this divestment in the bowl in a larger hole on top of the wavy toilet. Since the divestment didn't go through, I felt like I had to hide it somewhere. In the door, when I was done, I turned around to the toilet and looked upon it with a feeling of dirtiness.

      * * *

      In my hotel room I made love to a dark-haired guy with curls. He had white clothing. I couldn't see his face, maybe because of the high brightness in the very dream, and everything was in fact black and white. That night, I had an extreme feeling of horniness. It was raining outside the window, and a man was standing there (in a bird's-eye view, since we were a few floors above him) with a very special gun, with him shooting against our window. I didn't care, I was feeling safer than ever. The bullets went slowly through the rain. They looked more like mini-comets. He hit neither us nor the window, so he gave up and walked away.
      non-lucid , side notes
    15. Dreamless? ~November 16, 2010

      by , 11-16-2010 at 09:44 PM
      For some reason I did not dream last night... or sleep...so yeah
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