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    1. Climbing to the Highest Mountain

      by , 12-23-2016 at 08:38 AM
      I am in a retreat setting. There is a guy who has arrived back to meet both me and Louise but also of course continue with his meditation. He has climbed to the highest mountain in Spain and is prepared to put all his differences aside and get back to the thorough job of meditation. He is so joyful and full of respect for us even though he is so much older than us. We are in a small flat like area that is not the usual setting I am use to in retreat. There is an office out the back and a social area in the middle.

      We move to an actual retreat and we are sharing about different aspects of our life. We eventually get into a meditation and and after a short session there is a chance to look at some of items on display. I am helping out with the displays and as I get some of the items ready a lady my friend Bernie Jeffrys notices the pain or trapped nerves in my shoulder. She puts a healing hand on it and I go into meditation. I can feel my breathing lightly in a one-pointed way and even when one of the retreatants come up to me asking me about the products I do not answer as the focus and the healing seems so important. The pain moves further up in my shoulder. It has shifted and Bernie looks at me with soft eyes and I say that really helped the pain has moved on to a new stage.

      Brian is explaining to me about all these different ritual items. I think he is just talking to me one to one. He starts also explaining the Christmas tree which should be a dream sign but he does it so convincingly I believe it. There is something really magical about the tree as he explains it. When a look back there are lots of other Sangha members at the meeting.
    2. Baby Horse, Kayley's Black Mum, Hole In One (16.9.14)

      by , 09-16-2014 at 09:30 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      I'm at my primary school, standing on the oval. I see a young horse running towards me. As it gets to me, I jump on it while its still running. It's a strange feeling, I feel I have a strong connection with the horse. The horse takes me down the road towards the traffic lights near la porchetta pizza restaurant. There's traffic and the horse takes us towards the cars. I can see trucks. I try to stop it but its fighting against me. The horse eventually stops and we get to the other side without a scratch. It was night time and some cars didn't have their lights turned on.

      I'm now at Daryl's and I see a dog bowl. Kayley tells me that Trish phoned in and asked if I was feeding and looking after my dog. I tell Kayley that I've been taking the dog for walks.

      Dream 2

      I'm at my house and I see Kayley talking to a black women who is meant to be her mother. The Mum has quite a few teeth missing. Kayley is jokingly mocking her Mum about something. This scene replays a few times. As Kayley leaves, she calls her an ugly cunt or something like that, really putting her down.

      I can now see spices that are placed in a spice rack. I pick one up and have a look at it. Kayley's Mum must have just got back from being out with her boyfriend. She tells us she got spoilt. She bought back a bottle of vodka. The bottle is a lot wider then a normal bottle with a plastic lid. I take a closer look at the herbs and there's a picture of Kayley's Mum on the front of it. She looks decent looking. The back of it has a picture of her playing basketball. I ask Kayley if she used to play basketball, she say's yes.

      Dream 3

      I'm at a party and I see a few people trying to putt a ball into a hole. If the person got it in the hole, they win a car. I was going to have a crack at it, but someone took my shot instead. Germain has a putt and it comes pretty close to the hole. Someone takes over Germain's shot and must have put too much power on their shot, cause the ball was now 10 meters away from the hole. There's a bit of decline in the surface if u were to miss the hole.

      I'm now playing a video game on the computer. Its a similar game to Mario Brothers. Jason Deen asks me if I remember playing this game together when we were younger. At first I didn't recall, but it clicked with me as I was playing that I did.

      Someone that I'm with decides to play a bit of a joke on a guy sitting at his computer. He somehow makes the victims computer screw up. Maybe even blowing it up, through a virus or magic. The victim becomes furious.

      Dream Fragment

      1. Blaxland House

      2. I see Dad walk into garage through the house. He asks Daryl if he took any of his cigarettes. Daryl confesses that he did. He has taken a handful. I can see a homemade cigarette pack on the freezer, which Daryl is talking about.
    3. Party In Franga (15.09.14)

      by , 09-15-2014 at 07:50 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)

      I'm at my old house in Franga. There seems to be a party going on and Jamie Lenton is chasing me around the house, throwing some kind of discs at me. One of them hits me in the back and I feel a bit of pain, but I over exaggerate the pain, and act as if he got me good so he would stop throwing them. I start chasing him now and throwing them at him.
      I walk into a bedroom looking for him, and find that he's on the bed with 2 others. The 2 others looked as if they had just finished having sex. The girl looked like the type that would sleep with you at a drop of a hat. They all leave the room and I sit on the bed and talk to a female for a few moments before walking towards the door to leave. I have a balloon in my hand and let the air out as I leave, making a noise with it. I find this funny.

      I walk into another area of the house and see that Josh is with a blonde female. They seem to be sucking helium balloons. I walk passed them and see that there's some balloons hanging from the shelf above the heater. Some are deflated and others are still blown up.

      I'm now outside and I see some people going on a over sized bike, which seats 3 people. It's a 3 wheeler. I see a gate that's blocking my path, and I make my way through the door. I see Jamie again and he's a bit hypo. Jamie throws a bomb towards me, and he expects it to be too heavy for me to catch. I know it's light and catch it with ease. Jamie now has an even bigger bomb in his hand, and I realize that it's too big to handle and I make a run for it. I make my way onto the side of the road. I brace myself for an explosion, and know the radius of the explosion so I gather I'll be safe. It explodes and a few people are caught in the explosion. They get flung a couple meters backwards, but I think they'll be OK. I look into the sky and see a massive cloud which the bomb has produced. Around the boarder of the cloud, there looks to be intense burning going on, as if it's burning through the ozone layer. There's a guy beside me and I complain to him about what's going on, and say that Jamie's going to fuck this planet up with shit like this. I figure that it might produce a black hole and will suck us all into it. I tell the guy we need to do something about it, like ban him. The guy agrees with me.

      I'm now walking towards my old house and I see Daryl Grandmother walking back towards the taxi which is parked out the front of the house. I run towards her but she doesn't recognize who I am and thinks I may have bad intentions. She kind of rushes towards the drivers side door. There was no driver in the taxi, she must have been driving.

      Dream Fragment

      I'm in a public toilet. I see a TV screen which is showing Ash Mcgril under water with some of her friends. One of her boobs fully comes out of her bikini. Her boob looked perfect. I begin looking for the computer so I can get rip that video of Ash onto a computer. I figure i'll need to use Maxthon browser to do so. I walk into another area in the toilet. I almost slip over due to the floor being slippery. I see a computer in the room. It's monitor is the size of a plasma TV, which is mounted on the wall. On the screen is a game I usually play called Heroes of might and magic V. I see a disc on top of the computer tower, it's the game heroes of might and magic. I hear Daryl in one of the cubicals.
    4. Imprisoned

      by , 09-15-2014 at 06:28 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      I'm at a party with Daryl. I feel like I've had this dream before.
      I'm after a cigarette. I get it off either Daryl or some other guy. I grab the cigarette and snap it in half. Daryl walks over to a female and asks if he can share her internet connection. She isn't too keen on doing so but decides to do it anyway. I soon realize that he doesn't need to borrow it off her, instead he can buy WiFi from here.

      I leave with Daryl and begin to smoke the half cigarette outside. My head starts to feel fried from the cigarette and I begin to act as if I've had a heavy trip or drunk. A security guard notices how I'm acting and questions me. I soon realize it's illegal to possess drugs. The guard grabs me and takes me away. We are now outside and head towards an area that has what looks like horse stables. I feel like I know what's going to happen to me, due to being here before. He puts me inside the stable and locks me away as if I'm in prison. There's a peep hole that I can open and close. I know I'm about to be torchered so I close the latch. The man comes to my stable and opens the peep hole. I see that he's holding a weapon. I look behind me and see that I have a choice of weapons I'm allowed to pick. I choose the knife, but soon realize it's not as big as I first thought. I think about the range of the knife knowing it sucks.

      There's two options on how to get out of the stable. 1 is to fight my way out or second is to control the dragon. With the dragon, I need to control its path and make sure I'm following the cloud. It's really hard considering the controls are weird. The controls are not WASD or arrows, it's random letters which make it hard to remember which is left,right etc. I think about going into the options section and try to change them to what I'm used too

      Dream Fragments

      1. I see Kayley and she's with a new baby. It's a girl and I think to myself that she now has 2 girls, but soon realize that I'm mistaken and know that her first was a boy, so it's perfect for her.

      2. I'm playing basketball and I'm trying to recreate a Micheal Jordan moment, which is attempting to score 5 points in 5 seconds.

      To start off I steal the ball off the opponent and score which takes under 1 second, but feels like 5 seconds. As I score I run back down to the other end of the court and leap into the air towards the back wall. I grab onto the back wall and hang from it. I do this to show off my athleticism.
      I now let go from hanging and run back towards the other end of the court but I notice that my shirt is too small for me.

      3. I'm playing Heroes of might and magic V. I'm trying to upgrade my soldiers but I can't seem to do it.
    5. 3rd Time Lucky, Dr. Mechanic, One Man Team (22.7.14)

      by , 07-22-2014 at 01:58 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      Im in the same place as my previous dream where I was capturing a flag. I'm listening to updates of a UFC fight between Anderson Silva x Chris Weidman. It's the 3rd encounter between the pair. The last 2 went to Chris in crazy circumstances.

      It sounds as if Anderson is winning this match and will most likely regain his title which he lost in the first fight to Chris. I want to catch the end of the fight and rush over to a TV to see it. I must have missed it, as I can only see some sort of talent show. I think that maybe the fight was also apart of the talent show.

      Dream 2

      Josh and myself are at a mechanic, which looks similar to casey automotive's. We check to see if anyone is there. All the lights are off so we expect that it's closed. We head around the back of the factory and hear some voices. It's dark and can't see who is there. We ask if anyone is there. The owner responded to us and comes over towards us. I feel bad due to him probably not catching him in work hours. We tell him about our car as we walk over to it.

      He recognises the problem and pulls out a MRI scan of a brain. He shows us the match box sized growth inside the skull. He tells us what it's called (was similar for arachnoid cyst) and mentions that he knows how to treat it. I get very curious and start to think that it's probably the distilled water he is about to mention.

      Dream 3

      Im inside the game of Battlefield 4, playing capture the flags. It's myself vs everyone else. Every other player included Daryl and Sarinas family.

      I've taken the flag. I know that everyone will be cornering off majority of exits for me to sneak through and cap my flag at my base, so I lay low and hide until the heat dies off. I hide outside and notice it's mars colouring with rocks etc.

      I hear someone coming my way and decide to sneak out without anyone seeing. I'm successful doing so, and make a run for it. I don't really know exactly where my base is, but I just have a feel of my to the base. Im non-stop running, keeping my attention on what's in front of me only. I keep coming across door that I have to enter through. I start to think about the tactic i just pulled and how its so far worked. I haven't seen any of the enemies as of yet.

      I finally reach my base, which is a bedroom with a door that has a V shape cut out of it. It's a small room with a couple beds.

      [i don't think I went through the process of capping the flag. Maybe getting to the bedroom was enough for a cap?]

      I make my way to where everyone is, which is in the lounge room. It's pretty dark and hard to pick up on everything that's in the room. I feel pretty good about myself for making my way to the base, and I expect everyone to be surprised to see me and mention about the flag. No one mentions anything which is a bit of a bummer. I see some of Sarinas family, Daryl, Jane and Tim. Everyone is sitting down on couches. Jane and Tim give me some sort of pep talk?

      I'm back at the base and I'm with my brother. I tell him about sleeping in separate beds tonight and that I would sleep in the one I was sitting on [the previous night we must have slept in the same bed]

      Side Notes
      Im starting to become lazy and going back to sleep. I move around a bit after awakening, therefore expecting that my dream recall will be history, which isn't correct. I need to keep to one routine and stop changing. I'm back to the sleeping mask as of tomorrow and sticking with it for a period of time.

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    6. Strange Bus Ride (21.10.13)

      by , 10-22-2013 at 09:42 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I'm on a bus with Daz and Josh D(D&J). We get dropped off near Blitz. Josh grabs a hose and places it on the side of the road. He turns on the hose so it's shooting over the top of the road. I run across the road with them and I get wet from the hose. I'm walking up hill, heading towards Josh's work friends house. I suddenly realize I have have not bought my going-out clothes, and I'm furious.

      I'm now in a room with D&J and random people. Josh is having a dig at me for some reason and is making fun of me using face wash etc. Daryl takes notice of his rudeness and isn't too impressed with Josh. I don't bite back at all and just let Josh dig his own grave by allowing him to keep assaulting me for no reason.
      I see Josh on the ground, and he's tickling a child on the ground in a playful manner. The father picks up the child off of the ground and threatens the child and tells the driver about what had happened.

      I walk into a bedroom which is suppose to be a bus. Josh's goes over to the bed to claim it, while Daz and myself sit on the chairs. I ask Josh about what was being said earlier, so he could dig himself even more of a hole.
      I look through the window of the room and see a beautiful golden door that looked like a hand was coming out, like a 3D effect. It had pictures of people around the door and soon realized it was a Scientology building. I look to the side of the building to see how big the place is, and it's a decent sized building. I tell D&J, wouldn't it be interesting to see what is on the other side of that door. Daz says something that isn't in favor of the teaching of Scientology.

      We're on another bus, with a lot of other people. I see a little Asian child, and she is repeating something over and over. The bus goes quite, and I break the silence by saying what the child said earlier. Everyone starts laughing, but especially the lady in front of me. It was one of those delayed laughs that end up being very hilarious. 2 Asian ladies leave the bus and I assume that they're the mother of the child but they're not.
      I see a baby running up and down the bus pulling on her belly button, which extends 6-7 inches out of her stomach. She seems to be stroking it. I feel a little sickened and so does the guy across from him.
      I begin to wake up and try to DEILD, but I couldn't hold back my laughter, from thinking about what I just saw, and fail to DEILD.
    7. Army Base (21.10.13)

      by , 10-22-2013 at 09:11 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I'm inside a warehouse with Daz and Anna. I see a bag of flower underneath the garage door. The door starts to close, and I quickly try and get through the small opening or try and move the flower, but I get there too late. I can see a man with a grenade launcher. He shoots off a grenade and it explodes not too far from me. It looked pretty amazing seeing the explosion. I think I'm at a army base and try and have a sneak passed the guy that shot the grenade. I only get a small glimpse of what looked like an Army Tank.

      I'm now in a room with Daz and he is holding his cock pills. I hug Daz for some reason and he hugs me back and kisses me on the cheek.

      I'm with Anna and I feel horny and want to have sex with her, even though she has a boyfriend. I expect it to be OK, cause there's nothing to it, no emotion, just sex.

      I'm laying in bed with Anna and Daz is behind us.
    8. Tar Man (23.9.13)

      by , 09-25-2013 at 07:20 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Daytime Dream.

      I was with Josh D, Trev and his brother Gary.

      I'm at blacks land house, outside in my backyard. I remember playing ball with my brothers girlfriends dog (Peppie). Peppie got a little too excited for the ball and bit my hand by accident. I had placed a hand full of tennis balls up on top of the shed roof.
      I remember hearing something on radio that was talking about cricket.

      A girl came out into the backyard to tell me to come inside for something (I think she was friends with Holly A). I came inside, but it wasn't my house. The girl handed me something (something wrapped in a cloth?). I think it had something in it that she owed me.

      I went out the front, which was now Marlz front yard. I walked up to a car which was parked, and it was Holly. She didn't recognise me.
      I had thought she mentioned something about blood on my face, and asked if that's what she said. She laughed and said no. I told her that I picked a pimple on my face. Some people walked up to me, and we started chatting. Holly decided that she may as well leave, as I wasn't talking to her, and started to drive off.

      I saw Josh D outside. He looked a little different, his hair was a bit shaggy looking.

      I got inside and myself, Josh, Trev and Gary were about to head off to sleep, in the lounge room.

      We were all stuffing around not long after. I tickled Gary's foot, and he freaked out and jumped on top of Trev. Trev wasn't too happy that he was jumped on.

      I was now in a car with, Josh, Trev, Luke B and Gary. Gary was driving. I saw a guy on the side of the road, he was hugging a huge boulder, and they were both covered in tar. He rolled himself into a puddle of liquid which was gold and bubbling, as if it was lava.

      I said something witty, and got no response. Luke mentioned that there must be 2 drunk people in the car, to not get what I just said.

      I was now holding my hip, and was feeling around for a lump. I thought I may have had a tumour or something. Someone said to me, that my side which had the lump, wasn't functioning right. I looked down and saw that I was in blue shorts. You could see the outline of my penis, as if my pants were sticking to my body. Gary said that I had a massive penis. I think I had an athletic body type also.

      Side note:
      As I woke up, I saw imagery, as if I could have turned it into a DEILD. The image was a computer screen, which was pretty vivid. I could even see the clock in the bottom right corner. I tried to open my eyes but the image would fade away, so I closed them again and it appeared again. I then thought I would try opening my eyes again, but this time it was gone for good.
    9. Nightclub Mocking (23.9.13)

      by , 09-25-2013 at 06:01 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I was with Daz and Josh D, at a nightclub.

      The next day, we wanted to do it all again. Except this time, it was only myself and Daz. We were walking around town, and noticed a few groups of people.

      We walked into an outdoor pub area and saw a group of 3 - 4 guys, sitting at a table. Daz asked where some good places were to go out on a night like tonight, and that we went out Friday night as well. They had seen us the night before but we didn't realise it was the same people. They were acting as if we never met and were mocking us and acting dumb to our questions, and not mentioning that we actually saw each other the night before (I don't remember seeing them on the Friday night). One of the guys said something about nick names. Daz got embarrassed by the question and walked off. I asked the guys, ''Did we see you all last night?'' and they said yes.
      I went over to Daz to see what was wrong, and he said that he felt like an idiot, as they were mocking him.