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    1. lxxxviii.

      by , 02-20-2020 at 02:27 PM
      Only some small fragments. Didn't make notes on getting up and the DJ wasn't the first priority after getting up.

      Dream Fragment:

      I was helping or teaching a small boy. He was from a village called Fargoth? It was South-East from wherever I was, somewhere in the North of England. I remember seeing it on a map, a mix of an online map and a city-building game map. I remember we looked at maps together too, he talked about Spain for some reason and I remember zooming in on the deserts and seeing farmland.

      Dream Fragment:

      I was helping a North American general, he wanted to take me and a group to battle somewhere specific. In the dream I had already been in battle at that place before. The general must have been in his fifties but had white hair for the most part. I remember he had a typical US soldier's helmet from decades past, not a modern one.

      We went to the place and we were under fire from pretty much all directions. I remember it was dark and atmospheric, the sky was a certain mix of red and black and smoke. The general wanted to go after a certain Zen-Chi and so I lead him up a hill where I knew he was firing from or something. This entire location had small houses and maybe was a small fort or old castle? I remember a little market thing, in ruins.

      At the top of this climb, mostly stone steps, there was a wooden shed. There were loads of woodworking tools on the outside, and other sharp implements that had nothing to do with woodworking.

      The general wanted to go head in, I stopped him physically. I told him he couldn't, that was exactly how I'd lost a friend to Zen-Chi myself and so I decided we'd taunt him a little first. We shouted at him from outside to try and unsettle him; then we opened the creaky wooden door. It was brighter inside, there were some tungsten bulbs lighting the place. There were physical separations or curtains all over the inside, but before I went in, from the tool rack, I grabbed a long and heavy metal rod that had a perfect point at one end. It was like a cast aluminium javelin, it was odd.

      Despite it's length I managed to manoeuvre inside with it. I motioned for the general to stay back and I crouched, seeing under the separators inside the shed. I could see Zen-Chi's feet. I approached slowly and heard him taunt back at us now, I can't remember what he said.

      Then, when I was close enough, I struck his foot with the sharp point of the javelin, quickly pulling it back and then I think I got up and opened the barrier, which was a curtain after all, and struck Zen-Chi in the head with the sharp point, then his chest.

      In that moment it was somewhat unsettling to strike him on the head, which made me feel as though I'd hesitated, but I wanted to be sure he'd die, hence the second strike on the chest.

      - The hesitation and unsettling feeling of striking someone in the head so brutally like I did against this dream character reflects well how I feel about certain situations in fighting. I feel it's somewhat foul to destroy someone's face and head, not to mention it paints a very gruesome picture in my imagination.

      - The plot of that dream was pretty generic, as I have no special reason to have been on either side of the dream's conflict.

      - In waking life, H pointed out that Zen-Chi seems like a pretty generic name, which may even not be a name at all, since it's just two oriental words relating to the spiritual and meditative worlds.

      - When Zen-Chi was dying, he had an expression of surprise on his face. I'm remembering now that one of the taunts that me or the general shouted at him was that we'd take all his woodworking tools once we were done with him.

      - The dream where I was helping the boy was much longer, but because I didn't make any notes and had it very early on in the morning, very few details were retained through sleeping again and having the second dream.

      - The red, black and smoke of the second dream reminded me of Stratholme in World of Warcraft. It sort of seemed to imply that the atmosphere itself was practically on fire, but during that dream I remember seeing tracer bullets and shells flying above us, very similar to a tank game I've played recently.

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    2. Tools under the Door, Starting a Fire, Tiny Cat

      by , 08-07-2017 at 02:07 PM
      Morning of August 7, 2017. Monday.

      Dream #: 18,494-02. Reading time: 2 min 40 sec.

      I am sitting on the floor near the southeast corner of the living room in the Cubitis house. The layout is different. My attention is on the front door and a fictitious area north of the kitchenette.

      I am aware of my father on the carport (though I do not see him). (My dream self does not remember he died in 1979.) He does not enter the house. He slides several objects under the door (which would have been impossible in reality). I see them as well as hear their movement. There are at least three open-end wrenches, presumably different sizes from a set. There are other items, like a couple of flat pieces of metal. I think he wants me to put them in the hallway closet, as he no longer has space for them in the shed.

      I have two irregular stones that seem more like crystals at times. Although mostly opaque, they sometimes seem transparent, becoming glassy when I tap them together. Some facets are reflective and shiny. They have a bluish tint for the most part, though I notice that one looks gold at a later point.

      I think I can make a fire. I strike one stone against the other, sometimes doing this when one is on the floor, other times while holding them. They sparkle, and some areas catch fire.

      Light gray tendrils of smoke and small flames are the results at least four times. I get a folded piece of notebook paper and hold it near one stone as I hit it with the other, and they burn for a time. The paper catches fire.

      An orange tabby cat no longer than my hand rests on my right near a burnt area of the floor. It moves a short distance from the smoke and flames. The small fire is close to it but does not hurt it. Its tail traverses an area of the floor that had burnt moments before. It does not show signs of fear or injury.

      Dreams are mainly a result of co-occurrence with the status of being in the dream state, resulting from subliminal environmental monitoring, enigmatic space, and autosymbolic waking processes.

      My dream self sometimes instinctually starts a fire to activate consciousness, a goal stemming from the status of being in the dream state (and being instinctually aware of being asleep), NOT a factor from waking life. My extent of dream control has no association with being “lucid.” My brief dream self identity is not a model of waking life identity. In this case, there is no recall my father had died. There is in other dreams, a factor unrelated to the implied time or any recent thoughts I may have held in waking life. It is because, in subliminal space, my dream self does not have practical access to either my unconscious mind (or its legitimate memories) or my real identity.

      This dream also includes wall mediation (another regular event of being in the dream state, NOT a cause from waking life status). A wall (and related features like doors, windows, and fences) is a concurrent virtual division of various levels of liminal space and enigmatic space, though is more likely with an environmental factor like less intrusive noise. The tools from under the door are another association with achieving consciousness, of which the preconscious (reticular activating system) is the foremost dynamic.

      The stones become transparent when closer to initiating consciousness (starting the fire) to remind me my dream is an illusion but still controllable by instinct.

      Cats sometimes appear with wall mediation (with many specific examples of this in my dream journal), as a virtual anchor in liminal space; and in childhood, a summoned virtual witness to the dream state when lucid. In this instance, the cat is a tiny version of Tiger (a cat from my childhood when I lived on 611 North Monroe Street in 1967). One of the photographs from this time features me sitting in front of the front door, holding him.

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    3. Dream - All Fear With No Saviour

      by , 04-27-2017 at 12:57 PM
      Date of Dream: THU 22 DEC - 2016

      Thought I'd show you what a nightmare is like... No one to save you from the person that is actually trying to kill you! Now this is not just someone bashing you up... This is large-scale violence and gore! That's nightmares for you.

      Dream No. 77 - All Fear With No Saviour

      It started off normally, I was apparently working at Review for the second time in dream history and what was interesting was that during this scene, there was a flashback to that first time. So in this place, the conditions were similar to that of normal employment in waking life. What was different though was the badges we were wearing. Appearently there were three badges of different sizes, some of them weirdly shaped, that we had to wear. I can't remember anymore of what happened in that scene.

      So then the dream skipped to some strange looking train station and the atmosphere just wasn't right. This is where the dream progresses into a nightmare. There is some stranger woman of whom I know nothing about but she approaches me, yelling her head at me for some supposed crime I had done... But I didn't know anything of what I may have done. I don't think I did anything. Still, she insisted that she was going to call the police. After a long time defending myself, she made a deal... We had to exchange names. That's when I started running but still she calls out her name, Johanna. I didn't call out my name at all because I couldn't trust her, I just kept running.

      Not long after, she was out of sight and I wasn't going to have anything to do with her ever again. Apparently the gates to the train tracks had open but only stupidly when the train took off... Not when it was standing there. This group of people were bound to run after it and I found out that the speed needed to catch the train was somethng like 2 seconds. So I was at the back of the group and at times, I felt like I was falling behind. Then the group actually detoured off the tracks and went down some strange looking alley ways.

      It wasn't long in this detour that I lost sight of the group and so I had to go my own way. It seemed as though the further I got down these alley ways, they would become darker and messier. Then it was at the darkest and messiest point that I had a personal encounter with a toll. This encounter I had was with my deceased grandfather and his face was slightly scarred, with a menacing look pasted onto it. I was on the top of this small concrete balcony while he was at the bottom of it, amidist all the rubble, revealing a dark room in the background... Almost like the appearance of underneath a house. So he was climing the concrete stairs leading up to the balcony and as he would come up, I'd push him down as he looked like he wanted to get me. He did this two more times and I pushed him down two more times, with each push being harder. Then at the fourth attempt, he didn't come back up but he wasn't finished with me either. He brought out this extremely long hack saw and was directing it towards me. As it got close enough, I woke up from fright.

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    4. The lake port and some other fragments

      by , 09-15-2014 at 01:20 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../I'm in my grandparents home town, near the lake I used to play around when I was a kid. I see two groups of men running somewhere. I notice one group is wearing the same sport uniform while the other a more informal sport clothing. I notice because of the haircut style of the first group, that they are police officers apparently in their day off, while the other group looks like a bunch of delinquents. They are going to play a match on an indoor soccer field that floats near the shore of the lake. I wonder about the limitations of the field, because of I don't see any security net around it, just some humble railings. I'm standing on the bridge that communicates the platform with the ground which is to my left side. There I see a vagabond old man. When the guys to my right start asking for their ball which has landed on the water in front of that man. He tries to catch it, but it's hard for him to get it. I jump from my place and fall on the water trying to reach the shore, I take care of not getting wet with it in spite of half of my body got into the water (most ignored dream sign of all). I turn and pick up the wet ball to bring it back. I want to kick it back but I see the platform is too far away to try this move and it's possible that the ball will fall again on deep waters. I walk until I have a proper distance to throw it with my hands, while feeling its weight, which reminds me some past experiences with this type of leather soccer balls. I have a flash of memories before I unsuccessfully throw the ball which lands on the water after bouncing on some ground. It doesn't matter because the guys are playing with another one, which I see is floating further from my point of view. I see a friend of mine from the school, jumping on the water and swiming until he gets back that red and black ball. They go on with their game.

      I move near to the lake port to have a better sight. I see a huge floating structure where, according to my dream memories, it was used to produce milk during the old times when the cows where brought on the ships, but now it's abandoned. I examine the structure to see if it's already floating or it's sunk on the bottom. I see the bases moving with the waters. I think about the recipients which look like train containers connected by huge red pipes above in the shape of arcs. I'm wondering if those things got rotten milk in the inside, when for some reason I have to move from there. I get inside a huge hangar, where I see some adjustable wrenches of different sizes on a table. There I see a huge one, which I think must be used on the ship. I see how easy could it be for anyone to pick one of those, but I leave them there, I don't have to do it.

      Somehow I get to the living room of my grandparents house. I'm wearing some old clothing. It's still day and for some reason we have to go out. I don't remember who was there, apparently is a new friend I met in this dream world. I notice my shirt has just one sleeve, so I pull it off to have the shirt without sleeves. It's easier to pull, because of it's old I think. When I see there's a skull similar to the Misfits' fiend skull, I show it to my new pal saying something like "look I have a new patch". Then I go on trying to match the broken fabrics. I cross in front of a mirror to see it doesn't look that bad. I'm wearing short pants and the long shirt. I just need to put my fanny pack on to go out. I have some problems with my clothing because of the shirt has grown too long, it gets to my knees and I feel like I'm looking like a junkie delinquent from those lands.

      Out in the streets I see a couple dressed in black talking with a man. I think they could be related to the porn industry because of their look. It looks like they are explaining something to the guy, I go on walking until I get to a place which is a mixture between a restaurant and the interior of a bus. I see two girls deliberately pressing her bodies trying to cross a tiny passage. One of them comes to my place and sits on my legs. I see some guy in one of the tables is paying attention on what she does. I think they may be a couple. I realize she's wearing a very light dress/...

      .../Previously there were something about my old daughter and a pain in her back, which I assumed it was because of she wanted to lift a heavy weight or some. I'm scolding her/...

      .../There's something with my little demon sneakers that are full of sand/...

      .../I see in the back of a newspaper, some news about two Indian elephants swimming together to cross a river/...

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    5. All I Want is to Go To Hell

      by , 07-22-2014 at 07:58 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Trying to go to hell, I manage to find myself in an old, abandoned mental hospital. There are a few zombies around, so I lock myself in an old dorm room so they can't distract me. There is a medium sized hole in a wall, with a metal cover blocking access to it. If I can get through there, surely hell will be on the other side. I have exactly the tools I need to take the cover off, and begin working the screws loose. There are 7 hex screws, with one torque screw in the corner.

      I notice a food elevator in the corner. I peek inside and along a series of mirrors is a person looking back at me! I duck and try to hide from view, but she saw me.

      Some non-zombie people come in, and tell me it's not safe here because of the zombies outside. They try to convince me to join them and move to a safer place. Also, they are serving dinner right now, and I'd be just in time for it. They start to help me pack up my stuff into bags that they have with them. Really preferring to check out hell instead, I tell them that I'd rather eat in a few hours, and to just lock me in here until then. I'll be safe. They aren't thrilled, but agree to do this, and leave me in the dimly lit, damply cold dorm room again, with its stone walls, and tile floor.

      With the cover now off, the hole is too small to fit through. I decide to just fall asleep, and then I can fit through any size hole because I'm dreaming. I have a few hours so this should be easy.

      I lay down on a wooden plank used for beds to fall asleep and wake up.
    6. 2/13/2014

      by , 02-27-2014 at 05:02 AM

      I had mostly fragments last night. The two I can remember had to do with inmates.

      On my first one, I was coming into Los Lunas from I-25 north. L. Sanchez was driving and the light was green. There were many cars on the lane going from our left to our right. Sanchez didn't want to turn left while other cars were also turning despite there being two lanes. I got mad but eventually he turned. The sun was setting in this dream.

      I was in a room with a bunk bed. There were a few people in there and there were also a lot of tools. People were taking the tools. I was taking some and B. Joe was also. We ended up staying last. I remember a window in the room and it looked like we were in a very tall building. I grabbed Joe, got somethings, and asked when he gets out. He said in 5 days and I took my necklace off, removed the handcuff key, and threw the cross at him, telling him to keep it.
    7. 'He's not going to forget' and missing pages

      by , 02-19-2014 at 10:49 PM
      Various non-lucid scenes: two immortals discussing faith and religion while rummaging around one's kitchen; the owner of the kitchen and her mother are both christian, and I'm surprised and intrigued since I hadn't found that to be very compatible with physical immortality. Rose and Martha meeting all the past incarnations of the Doctor in the TARDIS. There's some fantastical mystery involving spirits, and I was tasked with demonstrating the rational, physical origins of the events - the drama with the spirits is still considered real, but as a sort of reflection of the physical world, not actually physically present there - however, now that I believe it's all been solved and wrapped up, I'm asked a series of questions that force me to go through and reevaluate all my conclusions, suggesting there may be another answer. IWTV references, thinking about Lestat's life-has-no-more-meaning-what-if-i-could-give-you-a-new-life speech, resulting in a bit of an IWTV-themed power trip. That ended in an unpleasant party, which I left and returned to my IRL home.

      In my home, looking out the window I've noticed various construction or roadwork or similar workers out in the street, and one of them's walking up the driveway. I move away from the windows since I need to go put some proper clothes on, but before I can do anything more than that I hear two of them inside the house, just in the next room. I'm aware that when I deliberately moved away from the windows, they'd mistakenly believed there was no one home and came inside. So I step into sight now and ask them wtf. They're surprised to see someone home. They talk briefly to each other. One of them says, "He's not going to forget. How do you want to do this?" After that, the two of them raise tools as if they're weapons - one of them's holding a hammer, the other a mallet - and although I'm aware this is a dream (I'm thinking as if I knew it all along but felt no need to act on that knowledge before now), I have difficulty defeating them or removing them. In that case, I decide to summon up something to remove them for me - I think of a dragon. One doesn't appear, but instead, as a direct result of that thought, I have a feeling that I think of as "a part of me that hasn't been fed," and with a voice much deeper than my own I say "Get the fuck out of my home," after which I see fire. Then I'm looking at the fire from a distance - I'm somewhere outside, and neither the burning cottage I'm looking at nor the scenery has any resemblance to my IRL home, I've completely changed scenes. Despite this, I believe that I've succeeded in removing those two from the house and feel satisfied.

      False awakening. I'm in a bed - not one I'm familiar with IRL, though I believed it was in a relative's house - and I reach for my dream journal. I can't find an empty page to write in, and I realize this is an old journal, one I'd already filled up. A few pages have been torn out.
    8. Buying Alcohol and Unsafe Work Conditions

      by , 10-27-2012 at 11:01 PM

      Buying Alcohol
      I find myself in the back seat of Donna's PT Cruser. Anna is in the front passenger seat and Donna is driving. Donna pulls onto a slopped parking lot and parks in front of a cheap liquor store. The store had a metal railing to the left side that where the parking lot dipped down a few feet. Behind the liquor store and down the sloped parking lot was a large wall-mart sized warehouse.

      Inside the store we met up with a a cleaned up version of Diana and "Pirate" Bob. We were going to go party somewhere.... I hadn't seen any beer that seemed to appetizing to me,, but while we were waiting in line I went to the back and picked out some vodka and juice. (note I had vodka and juice at my friends house the night before.) I then went outside for a smoke.

      I stood by the railing smoking and when the group came out talking I wondered over to the warehouse to explore and the dream transitioned.

      Unsafe Work Conditions
      Inside the warehouse I was starting a new job as an electro-mechanical assembler. The lighting was extremely poor and there were people grinding, cutting, and welding all over the place. Sparks flew on to the floor which was cluttered with flammable materials. Power tools where left plugged in, strung across the floor and running by themselves. I almost let my leg bump into a running chop-saw that had no top or bottom guard leaving the blade completely exposed.

      I walk over to a guy with a tape-measure and watch him for a minute. He makes several random measurements on the floor, moving the tape at different angles, and occasionally measuring off the floor. Then he makes a scratch on the concrete and repeats the process. I accidentally step on the tape measure and notice that it is completely worn out at the end. I ask the guy why all the power tools have bin left on. "To keep the flickering light down while I finish cutting this (pipe/thing)"

      The scene transitions again and I'm back in the warehouse where I started but the lights are back on and everything is well lit. Carts with sheet metal, brackets, and metal frames are being lined up on the floor to build machines. Two random guys who need work instructions come over but don't draw my attention to much. Rob R. shows up too and we look over the plans hanging on an easel. An girl from the office comes out with signs with job numbers and due dates and tapes them to the carts. I find everything extremely disorganized and joke with Rob about who (him or me) is going to be in charge and take responsibility for leading the builds and completing all the paperwork.
    9. In Czech through WILD-DILD

      by , 03-18-2012 at 08:32 AM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      I I had a dream about - lucid dream attempt. Negative. I was in Czech in my living room. My mom ringed the bell and I went to open the door. We were standing outside for a while talking about my cousin and aunt. My cousin has a baby and despite my mom was helping them they don't even invite her to see the baby. She didn't want to make them feel bad by making a big boooo about it. I told her to make them feel bad when they act so selfish. It is winter time. I see a car coning, it is a pickup and I have a feeling the it is Tomas Laurin. The car is all yellow and has posters all over, probably some disco or so. I go back to the house as I realise it's only 6:15 am so I took my pills a while ago only. I want to try another go. I'm walking back and there is lots of tools on the lobby. I wonder what is my dad doing that he needed the tool. Getting back to electricity job? Then I walk in to the corridor and the wallpaper is taken down. My mom is probably renovating it, but again I wonder when she did it as I don't remember this be like it when I went to sleep. As I walk to the living room, my dad is sleeping in my "bed" on the floor. I wake him up, telling him off as a joke to get out. I drop my phone on his face by mistake so I am striking his hair to show him it was my mistake. He gets up and I lie back to my position.... In which I instantly wake up!!! Interesting
    10. Taking trash out & WILD attempt

      by , 08-31-2011 at 06:56 PM (Land of Crossroads and Memories)
      The first dream I remember having was that I was scrambling to take the trash out since the dump truck was on our street, currently picking up our neighbors' to the left of my house. I put them out, and I think my dad's car was backing up by the side of the road. I couldn't see the driver, and the rest of the dream I can't remember or it ended there. A little bit later after eating breakfast, I went back to bed to see if I could have an accomplished WILD. It wasn't my first time trying, so I pretty much knew the drill. After awhile, I was 'watching' a dream about myself in the past, about three years ago or something like that. My age wasn't any younger, and I was inspecting some of my dad's tools that he used to have, one of them being a black flashlight. I said something like "Dad, I remember you having this flashlight." It was dark throughout the house (the location being my current home and in my little brother's room), and he needed some light shone on something.

      Across from the room occupied by us, one of my brothers woke up and looked at us, to which I told him "Go back to sleep, this is a few years ago, and you were only a baby at that time." I understood that I was watching this dream, so I tried entering it... I got too excited and woke up... I have a problem with getting too excited (happens every time I attempt a WILD), and I need to figure out a way to remain calm.
    11. A Sunflower Leprechaun

      by , 07-22-2011 at 08:28 PM
      My house was flooding, it was coming up the stairs from the basement. For some reason I was focused on saving our tools (like shovels and hammers) and silverware from the flood. And for some reason they were floating, so I could grab them out of the water (don't know why this didn't make me lucid, haha).

      Two friends were helping me grab these things. The only one I remember is a girl Megan, who I know a little in RL. She was waiting at my house for her aunt to arrive and I was waiting for my parents and their friend. I decided her aunt was probably my parents' friend.

      Then a toucan (which was a little scary looking, but at the same time I felt a little bit of hope) flew in and landed on the back porch railing. I was the only one who saw it. It flew off and landed in our yard (near out fire pit where there was lots of cheatgrass and yellow flowers).

      The toucan morphed into a leprechaun, which was human-saized and had sunflowers for hands and a head and wore a green dress-suit. The leprechaun approached the house (I was scared until I remembered they were lucky) and entered with two old-ish couples (that I don't know in RL) that were the awaited parents and friends. The had scottish accents and were wearing t-shirts of celtic bands.

      Then I woke up. =P
    12. preparing for a zombie infested world

      by , 03-24-2011 at 06:38 PM
      Me and kevin (brother) were over at almas (lady lives next door) after some type of zombie outbreak (only knew about it) and we had to scrounge for parts before it made it's way to where we were, the place looked weird. the ceiling was really high and shiny un-dyed wood, but for the most part everything was in the right place, I went through some drawers and found some matches and a variety of hand-held tools we talked about spending the night and I think we agreed that we would and we also said that we would destroy the place or do something to disable it so no one would inhabit the place. ( I have no idea why ) just bits and pieces from here but I remember seeing something like the front porch roof had fallen down or been destroyed and kevin did it from the roof... not sure exactly, but that's pretty much it.
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    13. Garden Tools

      by , 09-13-1979 at 04:09 PM
      Night of September 13, 1969. Saturday.

      This is one of those “just walking around and looking at stuff” dreams, though not of the admiring perspective as in later lucid dreams. It is also one of my typical childhood dreams where the environment seems only about three-quarters rendered and a light fog eventually flows in from more distant features, yet only about three or four inches high from any implied ground or floor (and as mentioned in other entries, I have never been certain if this was influenced by a staged “dream scene” on a television show, or a natural association representing the dreaming process itself, especially as my dream work began so early in life, I did not note much of what may have influenced particular dreams and only through a lot of extensive research have I been able to validate some very early influences over the last ten years).

      I am north of my home in Cubitis seemingly before sunrise, on the east side of the Highway, probably in the same general area on the other side of the highway from the W family house. However, there is a large fictional building which seems to be some sort of store (though designed more like a warehouse). Inside, though no one else is around (I am not certain if it is abandoned or just closed), are wooden shelves, farther north being bags of fertilizer on higher shelves from one to three high, and closer to where I mostly remain being small garden forks, diggers, and trowels, some randomly strewn about on a particular shelf. It occurs to me that some of these garden tools are brand new and others damaged (perhaps returned to the store after long usage). I try to focus on this being fact or not but am not that aware. There is also an extremely vague association with eating utensils (forks and spoons) and their similarity to the garden tools.

      I trip over a shovel (left leg - probably in an attempt to walk southerly back to my house) leaned up against a wall near a doorway and somehow fall through the doorway into a black void (though do get the impression of an empty room with a dirt floor), similar to a hypnagogic jerk (or hypnic jerk) but fully within the dream state - or rather, the very end of the dream state. Interestingly, I can always trace these supposed hypnic jerks to an actual dream (often a vivid or even lucid dream) yet much of the information on the Internet claims that they occur as a person is falling asleep, which does not at all match my own lifelong experiences (then again, hardly anything I ever read ever does, so that is nothing new).
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