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    1. July 30th 2016 Spacecraft, Astronaut Lucid, Sivason and Daniel Love Experiments

      by , 09-24-2016 at 07:48 AM

      Catching up on my DV dream journals, posting one LD for now instead of getting hampered trying to do one huge post compiling everything up to date.

      Sat, 30 Jul 2016:

      ~~!! Late a.m. !! Using GF incubation MILD, what I'd do got my mind thinking dreamy possibilities: Another later morning success around 7am!~~

      There is this 2 part flying spaceship-like craft, I realize after first thinking it was two separate ships, one smaller with 2 pilots and a large one with many crew and passengers perhaps. The smaller part is trying to pilot the craft out of danger and I'm down below on a platform in a giant rectangular water reservoir of some kind like an enormous swimming pool. Someone is flooding it with a ton of water all of the sudden and my platform is being swung around wildly in the water. I call up to the people in the ship what is being done and that's when I see it is 2 parts connected and I see lots of crew/people in the larger section below the smaller section. The platform I'm on is pushed against a rocky wall with vines hanging down and I start thinking I should climb out and then get the more dreamy idea that it will be easy, and then heck I can just fly up out of here. I climb with ease and then fly andI am very joyful I have been liberated from a dire situation into a lucid dream!!! I am just away from the edge and don't hesitate to jump out over the turbulent pool and think about how wow I'm really sure I can fly over it and not fall in and then I suppress some emerging doubt (Sivason's lesson: http://www.dreamviews.com/dream-yoga/139475-advanced-skill-1-suppressing-emerging-thoughts.html ) that could drop me down and make me lose lucidity, and I move on with confidence! I fly up to a few smaller buildings and then up to a larger building to see what's going on inside. Nothing interesting to see really. I start to get a few dreamscene fades where the whole scene is dropping out but I use the seeding ideas based on Sivason's but the opposite effect, flowering them instead of suppressing them - there is a time for each... and the ideas from Daniel Love about seeing patterns in things and I stabilized. I am getting very good at bringing back the same building or a building that looks a lot like the building that just faded away. I'm thinking about this while I do it and I am amazed at how well it is working and how clear my thinking is. Perhaps this is one benefit to late morning when you are closer to getting up for the day your head is more clear but the dreams tend to be more wispy so we need to incubate them and to feed them and keep them going with seeds of thoughts like "oh that didn't fade I see a tree emerging I see it for me…here!" and "that pattern over there even if that pattern is not there yet I create it and it grows." Before long my scene is stabilized. I am floating down a residential street with large 2 and 3 story properties and I see an old guy walking and I have a slight thought regarding messing around with him in some way but I decided instead to talk to him and see if he seems like an intelligent DC. I greet him and he says his name something like John Clare. I asked him what he represents and even think as I'm saying it in the dream, I think to myself that the question is not very clear if you're trying to ask something about your subconscious. The answer was he was an astronaut. I think about the astronaut reference recently in waking life and figure that's where this answer must have come from. It was an astronaut speaking on TV. I look up at this large two-story apartment house it seems it has a fairly large flame and smoke coming out the back right corner. I think I can be a hero in my dream and I fly down to see what's going on. The room next to it and the one before it look completely unfazed and I knock on the windows and tell the occupants there's a fire in the next room and I start heading down toward the fire. When I get to the window with the fire I can't see anything so I fly down to the entrance and go in the house and tell the mother of the house that they have a fire up in one of the rooms and I flew up their staircase and up to the room and lead a few other younger folks out from upstairs and down. The mother comes up and I see a tampon pad and say someone must have lit it but it looks like it's under control now. The mother says some of these birds were already here. We all head downstairs and as I'm about to leave I tell her "sure you can show your appreciation
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      There is another beauty across the way and she gets my attention. The mother, good looking in a "girl next door" kind of way starts
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      as if to bring my thoughts back to her. I tell the other one she can jump on, in a moment, but the scene starts fading and I seed the thought that she has walked over to me and hopped on and I can feel it a bit
      before I fade completely back to bed smiling big!

      The day after I noted in my dream journal: "Try heavy visualization and incubation again for late morning chance…"
    2. #258 - Cyberman / Interstellar

      by , 07-23-2016 at 12:04 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I remember that I was outside during the day and there was a metal robot thing that kind of reminded me of the cybermen from Doctor Who. It was chasing me slowly, I turned to run away and it teleported in front of me. I tried scrambling away and then woke up.

      I watched Interstellar for the first time a couple nights ago and it inspired this dream. I was in a spaceship but there were aliens on board, I had to get my suit on so I could open the hatchway to outside and still be able to breathe or something. The area I was in was pretty much a laboratory, and the alien that was chasing me kind of reminded me of a two-legged triceratops, there was also an elephant that started chasing me. I clambered over tables trying to fix my suit on as the creatures were chasing me and then woke up.
    3. #255 - Sky beam / Force field

      by , 07-08-2016 at 09:04 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream - Sky Beam
      It's a post apocalyptic dream set in a scifi futuristic setting. I remember a part where I have a vision, a scene where I can see Earth from space and a huge beam of energy erupts from the Earth. It's a premonition about the end of the world which will occur in a few days. There was some kind of war against aliens which is why it's post-apocalyptic.
      I'm in a place that resembles my parents house, there's a bunch of survivors here and they're grouped together having some kind of discussion about how to live from now on. I walk up on top of a huge boulder and address the crowd, knowing that they won't believe me if I tell them we have to leave Earth. "I know you won't understand now, but in a few days time it will all be cleared' (I said something like that in a very heavy tone, it felt super intense). I also spotted in the distance a large beam of a different colour shooting into the sky, I knew it wasn't the same as the one in my premonition.
      There's a crashed old spaceship from the war with the aliens that we can escape on, but we need to work together to rebuild it.

      Dream - Force field
      I only remember a little about this dream.. It was a similar setting except by an arid cliff wall with the sun beating down on me and a group of people. There was a force field protecting our locale, I had to throw some kind of force field grenade outside it or something, can't really remember this part.
    4. 9/3/2016

      by , 03-09-2016 at 07:53 AM
      Only one dream recalled last night.

      Standing in a field with my family. it's a clear day with blue sky.

      There's something flying around in the sky. It's like a form on a computer with boxes for entering information. I think it's very strange and comment on it but everyone else seems to think it's normal. I ask if it could be aliens. We watch it flying around and I get more worried but no-one else is concerned. Then it changes and becomes black clouds of what looks like insects coming down towards the ground, it sweeps over us. People are panicking and running away. I realise that these are not insects but little rectangular things that are attaching themselves to our skin and forming channels and realise that it was aliens and they are going to take us over.
      Tags: spaceship
    5. [Dream #11 - 1/28/2016] Goat Kissing & Friendly Xenomorph

      by , 01-28-2016 at 03:49 PM (The Book of the Multiverse)


      A picture of Xenomorphs

      The following has some bit of zoosexual activity. If you do not like that sort of stuff then do not read The Goat section. This dream is broken down to two parts. The Goat | The Xenomorph

      • The Goat

      I cannot really tell exactly where I ended up in the beginning but I was at some sort of giant parking lot and there was a small section housing some soil plots with a mechanic that came out from the middle that anchored a towing device.

      There was also woman running around the lot chasing after a donkey as she would try to stroke his phallic. Once she grabbed it, another human male came behind her and stated having sex with her anally. She, the man and the donkey left my view as I was then somehow brought into one of those soil plots. I immediately began pushing the plowing tool which began to pull up and mix the soil underneath. I couldn't figure out why I was doing it but I just did unintentionally. Then someone came up to me and tried to take the job over. A large human male who had rolled his eyes at me, busting out a sort of advanced tool for plowing as he ripped me from my post.

      I didn't know why he did that at first but then I began seeing other people over at the other soil areas and my mind went to suggest that there was a contest. I wanted to get my spot back and for some reason I felt that I could entrust myself in having a goat help tow. I remember turning around and looking down a sloped street that led to some sort of large building where I saw a white furred goat. I was ecstatic and began to head down the street. I approached the goat as he climbed onto me forcefully. He swung his hooves around my shoulders as he began to kiss me, tongue and all. It was a very wet and sloppy kiss where my mouth felt like it was bucketing the creatures saliva.

      I remember telling him that I was amazed that he could kiss like a human and after that is when him and I went back to the little soil patch where that guy was. The man was still looking at me coldly as if my existence was futile. That's when it cut into the Xenomorph sequence.

      • The Xenomorph

      This took place in some style of a corridor. There were windows with bright shinning sunlight that reflected off the white metallic flooring. Kind of like a video game environment that I'm getting with this as I was with a small group of people. We all headed into the elongated hallway as from behind us there was a xenomorph. Slick and black, very contrasting to the light filled room. I remember it coming at us on two feet like a biped as it proceeded on attack the party with projectiles.

      I could remember me and the others spreading out. A few of us ended up in a sort of larger room leading into another hallway. This room had a few grey colored lockers that were reflecting the sunlight that shinned from the window to the right of us. That's when we saw the xenomorph. I remember looking to see him on all fours sitting in front. I was scared, then I told him that I had relation to their species but even after that I couldn't tell what he would do. I also stated that all I wanted to do was travel to different dimensions and to see Shadow the Hedgehog.

      The creature then got on two feet and began to walk towards me, being around over 6 feet in height. I continually began to back up telling him I didn't want to get hurt. I was backing up to the window as the light reflected off his shiny black exterior. I assume my fear was beginning to annoy him as I could of swore for a minute I heard a sigh emit from him telepathically. The xenomorph then grabbed me as I tried to push away. I then believed that's when I heard him say "Stop." (again telepathically).

      He took me under a ceiling vent as we both looked up. He wrapped himself around me as he jumped up through it, bolting to the surface. This is when he pushed me onto his back as I grabbed a hold. We then arrived on top of the building to the openness of the outside air as he went skidding down the slopped ceiling. I felt a sense of acceleration and rush, similar to riding on a rollarcoster and I thought it was fun.

      We then arrived down to the surface of some sort of floating platform over viewing a city. We landed by a small, black bumper car shape of a spacecraft (assuming that it was the xenomorph's). I got down from him and I could here him faintly telling me in my mind, "I will take you to where you desire to be. I just need to take care of something first. Do no worry about me, I will be back." That's when he fled. I was then left alone in this isolated floating city area overlooking another. So I began to walk around. I soon encountered these sort of green faced, amphibian-like humanoids in space suits. I was afraid but they didn't attack me. One female voiced individual stated that they were looking for a xenomorph and told me to stay away from the area I was at because it's dangerous due to that.

      I began to worry for the creature, as for some reason I felt very passionate and connected with him. The green faced beings then disappeared as they went to scout the perimeter and I sneaked back to the black pod. I wanted to contact him to know if he was all right. I found what looked to be a smart phone on the top. I figured it was the xenomorph's. It made me giggle to think such a creature would have something like that but I wanted to use it to my advantage and use it to communicate with him, if it was even possible.. I looked at the phone and I remember seeing a screen full of apps, one of which was Google Chrome. Before I could do anything more is when I woke up.

      Notes: This is bit of a hefty dream indeed. For the goat one, I will say it deals with more of my sexuality and the eagerness to tow a field could symbolize the fact that I was doing chores yesterday and the intent on getting it done in an allotted time. The guy with the more advanced technology rolling his eyes could symbolize the negative feeling I get of people always having an advantage over me in everything.

      The xenomorph sequence would symbolize my lust for adventure and my desire to escape this world, hence being the corridor and then taken outside by the xeno. The xenomorph could represent Shadow the Hedgehog in some sort of way due to his straight forwardness in words, the fact that he would grant my deepest desires and the odd feeling of a strong connection I had with him. The green amphibians could resemble the sort of limitation that Earth has onto me and also represent the human society and their majority's fear of anything considered "dangerous" and unknown. And to extinguish any kind of spark that happens to gear me towards a fruitful existence.

      Now, with me stating that I had relations to the xenomorph species could be because for a moment in my life I would think about my soul being related to an actual xenomorph (meaning I'm a xenomorph living inside the body of a human at this day of age and once I die I will revert back to me original self). I will admit I don't really focus on my origin quite as much anymore but that dream made me recall that piece of my life again. Call it otherkin/fictionkin/starseed and what not. I still consider myself non-human but I rarely use those terms anymore.

      I honestly miss the xenomorph from my dream. And I kind of have a bit of a crush on him... But of course that doesn't stop me from having a conversation with him right now through telepathy. Hehehe~

      • Date — 1/28/2016

      • Went to bed — Around 12 - something AM.

      • Woke up — 7:20AM

      *Time logged — 9:21AM

      • Total sleep — +7 Hours

      • Stress level throughout the day — A bit overwhelmed with stress, too much was going on and it began to make me feel uneasy. My lover calmed me down though before I went to bed.

      • Techniques/Practices

      *Daytime — Did RCs

      *Recall — N/A

      *Inducing Method — N/A

      • Dream Signs — The Obvious

      • Perceived Length — Over 1 Hour

      • Emotions — Worried, Adventurous

      • Awareness — None

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    6. High; Spaceship; Walking around an area I've already beenin the countryside

      by , 10-05-2015 at 03:25 PM
      Dream 1

      I was high on marijuana. I then woke up in real life and felt as though I was high, too. It may have just been tiredness, though.

      Dream 2

      I was on a spaceship, and it kind of looked like the Rebel ship at the beginning at Star Wars Episode 4 on the inside.

      Dream 3

      I was in the country. It was quite a poor area. I lived in a trailer with my family, and we were pretty poor. I then went out for a walk. I walked through town for a very long time, and eventually I came across a stadium. The stadium had a giant tented audience seat box thing (whatever they're called) around it. The tent that covered it was orange-reddish, but more orange. I went onto the box, and it was covered with hundreds of sleeping Canadian geese. I woke the geese up as I went near them.

      Later on I went past the audience box thing, and I found a junk yard. This junk yard had a ton of garbage in it. There was also a track field in the middle of it, making the yard kind of shaped like a horseshoe. The area surrounding the junk yard was very forested. I entered the yard on the left side, where there was a giant structure with metal see-through floor, which lead to the audience box. I climbed over the garbage to get past the junk yard, but it was fenced on all sides except the front, so I just climbed to the other side of the entrance and went back home.

      On the way home, I saw a lot of people from college. They were saying hi to me as I walked by. Eventually I got home.

      Later in the day (or the next day, I can't remember) I went on another walk back to the junk yard. I got back there, and decided this time I would not climb the garbage. I just walked in, waited a few minutes, and left. It also looked like it was about to rain at this point.

      As I walked out of the yard, I saw a flock of Canadian geese climbing the big metal object with the see-through floor to get into the audience box. I thought they were trying to not get wet from the rain. Then, it started raining. I started jogging home, passing by more college kids I knew. I saw a really cute girl I saw irl, and she waved to me. I waved back as I jogged home. The end.
    7. 25/9/2015

      by , 09-25-2015 at 06:41 AM
      In parkland. I was watching people driving around in 4 wheel drives pretending to take part in some sort of military manoeuvres.
      I was then walking off the park when a large Star treck type spaceship flew across and landed. A large crowd of people started gathering including some friends I asked how they heard about the spaceship and it was on TV already. I tried to film the spaceship using my mobile phone but it wouldn't focus and I thought I'm never going to get proof of this. The aliens started showing a film that was really boring and I was expecting something very exciting.
      Then the spaceship took off. Next thing I saw it parked up on a remote island, Daniel Radcliff came walking past and said something about it being the second time he had been abducted.
      Tags: spaceship
    8. The Duel At Cloud City

      by , 07-07-2015 at 03:01 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #447 - ? - 4:44AM

      Quote Originally Posted by tl;dr
      I was somehow lucid in the void and decided to have a lightsaber battle as Darth Vader. I started in a TIE fighter but ended dueling on some small floating platform over cloud city. The battle seemed planned and I got bored so I killed the Jedi.Another Jedi surprises me with an attack to my ankle. The pain wakes me up.
      I am at a low level of lucidity while floating in the dream bardo (void). For whatever reason, I have Star Wars on my mind and I seriously want a light saber battle. I am not sure how to get it started so I just say the mantra, "I am Darth Vader.", until something takes shape. First I am in the cockpit of a TIE fighter in a low orbit over some very cloudy planet. For the briefest moment, I marvel the curved horizon, but tell myself not to get lost in the details because, I know that space flight can get very tricky when I worry too much about visuals. Next, I get some imagery of myself morphing from Lord Vader to a Stormtrooper and It becomes very confusing. Luckily, I am able to shake it off as I focus on descending to the surface of the unknown planet.

      As my view tilts downward, I am suddenly out of the spacecraft and floating on a type of saucer-shaped, floating platform just big enough to stand on. I am above a very thick and infinite cloud barrier expecting to battle and I quickly search out a Jedi to attack. There is on that looks similar to my Co-Worker B on another floating platform. I move into attack as I flick my wrist and blind summon a lightsaber. I briefly heard the signature sound and see a red beam, then it vanishes. Again, I remember this is normal for me and I remind myself not to get caught up on the eye candy. The feeling of the lightsaber is very vivid in my hand as I swing to attack the man from behind. He turns to parry my attack just in time. I make several efforts to hit, but each one it deflected with ease. Both of our light sabers seem invisible until me make contact. Then, and only then, are our weapons visible and bright with the appropriate sound effects. I am disappointed with the battle and I get the sense of dueling my shadow. Each attack feels forced and each parry feels planned. I quickly tire of this and maneuver my feet back and out , aking an arching motion, causing me to spin around the Jedi and allowing me to quickly thrust my lightsaber into his left shoulder blade. There is some hesitation of the visual, but I force this one wanting to see my energy blade push out his chest. His sword arm relaxes and I catch his lightsaber, quickly pocketing it like some souvenir that I'll never get to appreciate.

      Before I have another thought, a second and identical Jedi attacks from my left. He zooms past me and deftly stabs a large hole in my right ankle. There isn't any sensation until he unexpectedly puts two fingers into my wound and lets his weight hang on my leg. An agonizing dull ache shoots up my leg and causes me to wake up.

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    9. Yet another dream about going to Mars. This one involves a talking loaf of bread.

      by , 03-02-2015 at 03:18 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I had a dream about this giant ice rink that had been built out of snow/igloo blocks at the edge of my subdivision. Something to do with my dad, grandfather, hot cocoa and skating around the inside. It was lit up on the inside.

      For some reason, I find it hard to stay invested in this NLD. It was sort of lacking content.


      Something to do with being on a train, somehow connected to this dream. I do seem to dream about trains an awful lot given I've only ridden one a couple times in my life.

      I was with a crew undergoing a manned survey of Mars. Our lander touched down not far from [One of Mars' largest volcanoes]. We had a crew of six people total. I don't recall any names, genders, etc. Just that there were six of us.

      The lander came equipped with both an Ariel surveyor plane as well as a mobile analysis lab. Each one of these vehicles could hold two people, and the remaining two would stay with the lander.

      I got put on the crew to fly the airplane. Now the areal surveyor was launched from some kind of rail cannon on the lander so that it would have enough speed to fly in the thin atmosphere. But when It launched us there was some kind of malfunction and we had to land asap.

      I saw that we were going 411. Miles per hour? Meters per second? I don't know. I tried to gently nose the plane down. I was somehow able to see third person perspective and see that the landing gear was about to touch down in the red sand.

      We touched the ground briefly before flying off a sand dune like a ramp. I saw that our speed was now 123. We hit the ground, but one of the landing gear hit a rock and we rolled over. The air surveyor was destroyed, but me and the other astronaut somehow survived.

      But we had a new problem. We now only had the life support in our space suits to support us. Even if the mobile lab drove at full speed, they wouldn't be halfway to us by the time we were long dead.

      I actually became a little bit lucid here, and remembered that I had the ability to summon Sir Chuggingloaf. (Read this ancient dream to know who that is.)

      I don't know why I was thinking of that character, since he has only appeared one other time and it was over 10 years ago, but sure enough, I saw him fly down from the upper atmosphere. Only, in this dream, he wasn't a train, but rather a spaceship. Rather than a train gondola, he had a rocket booster and wings. He also had windows in his side.

      A ramp opened up. Somehow, I was now with a large party of astronauts (10+ of them) and we were all getting inside of the flying bread spaceship. I didn't get in.

      I also remember him looking like a cartoon superimposed on what had thus far been a very realistic looking dream. He smiled and flew off into the sky with everyone inside of him.

      Interpretations: Any dream that involves talking bread spaceships is beyond my ability to interpret. I do seem to dream of being on Mars a lot. I wonder why that is.
    10. Exploding Planet

      by , 11-25-2014 at 02:53 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was on a planet of sorts. A different planet I think. There was fighting, and then we had to escape because the place/planet is going to explode. We took a spaceship. There were a few spaceships. Enemies? They look black with blinking lights all over. I think they're supposed to be UFOs, but we're riding them out of the place.

      The civilization in the planet looks "young" but they had technology. Still, they had a lot of forests and high cliffs.
    11. Spaceship Crash-Somewhat Lousy Recall

      by , 10-28-2014 at 12:11 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Something shocked me into remembering many a more details about this dream.

      Something to do with some comedy movie that was mocking character tropes and cliches.

      I was exploring the outer reaches of A solar system with a large, highly advanced spacecraft.
      If I can remember correctly it was a single star system and a subsystem of binary gas planets, a green one and a milky white one. The green one was much smaller. Each one had an inner system of moons in its own gravity and there was an outer system of moons orbiting the common center of mass that both gas planets created.
      Eventually I found a moon with earth like conditions in a tight orbit around the green planet.
      I entered the atmosphere and intended to land near the ocean at the north pole, but as we were coming in near the shore, there was some kind of malfunction and we were coming in way too fast. I think the ship had wings but they were malfunctioning and not generating any lift. Landing there was going to be impossible, there were all these black rock towers amid the sandy beach area. My only choice was to turn the ship completely around and use the main engines to push us the other way. Two of them struck a rock tower as we came in and the ship 'landed' on its rear end with two less engines than it started with.
      Me and the others got out and saw how bad the damage was. Pretty bad. Two of the engines were completely gone, and the ship was pretty banged up from the impact. The hull entire hull had bent about 10 degrees, so we basically had no hope of every flying again.
      We figured it was good that everyone had survived and that at least we were on a planet with earth like conditions. We made contact with 'base' and asked about rescue.
      I began looking around at the different plant life on the planet. There were these fern-like plants with green and pruple pineapple like fruits on them. I asked one of the scientists if it was possible that we could use those as food; I didn't know if they were poisonous or not.
      I recall this scene were everyone got out of the spacecraft. It was very strange because there were only like twelve of us and the spacecraft was huge.
      The atmosphere became foggy and grey.
      I should really draw the ship we were on. It looked really cool...

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    12. LD #101, The moon gets destroyed. More Planets

      by , 07-31-2014 at 12:18 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am in my school's courtyard, but it feels different, like everything is facing the wrong way. S and A are there, along with a huge crowd of students. I think that my grandparents were there as well.
      I've gotten sick of dreaming up these scenes and not becoming lucid, so I began preparing specifically for them. And this time I actually wound up
      S, A and I are waiting for someone else. (C?) Upon becoming lucid I forget the plot of the dream and decide to manifest my dream guide. I think I saw her somewhere in the crowd for like a second. I decide to try and text her for some reason. I take out my phone and open up my contacts. Sure enough she is in there.
      I look in our text messages, and most of them are messages that she has sent to me. Some of them are written in an illegible language. She messages me something.
      I don't know why but I want to reply 'lol' to it. Now comes the hard part. Text messaging in a lucid dream.
      So sure enough I try several times to write a message, but it always changes. Eventually I just commit. I just look at the keyboard, type 'lol' and hit send before the words can change. Woot! Text messaged in a dream!
      I wake up moments after sending the text.

      Me and some friends are traveling on an escape pod from a much larger vessel in space. We had gone far out below the plane of the galaxy. Apparently we had been in cryo-sleep for hundreds of years, that being the reason for our desolate location.
      Upon awakening I took to the controls and tried to correct our course to return us to the galaxy. Took some doing given the fact that I couldn't tell what direction our ship was facing and only had some sort of galactic compass to help me.
      We went back into cryo for another few hundred years and when we came out we found we had returned to the galaxy. We began flying past a solar system and the dream changed. The plot about the escape pod was lost. I was taken out and the presence appeared.

      The presence showed the orbital arcs of the planets in a solar system. There were dozens of planets in this system, far more than our own solar system. Most of them were orbiting in the same line as the galaxy, but maybe five or six were orbiting 'vertically', going up over the poles of the star.
      The presence began explaining that this solar system (It was called the Var system) was the result of two solar systems colliding. We fly in close to the star and see that this in fact a triple star system. There is a large blue star, a medium sized yellow star, also orbiting vertically and a small red star farther out.
      The presence explains to me that this was the result of two solar systems colliding with one another. Their centers of gravity merged. It also explains that it is very dangerous because the planets in polar orbits could collide with the planets in regular orbits.

      And then, I'm back at my house. I look outside, and rising in the east is the moon, but it looks different... Holy @#$%...
      New cool experience for me!!!-oblivion157.jpg
      Something like that only the moon looks as though it's actively being destroyed. The entire moon is 'smoking' and explosions are erupting out of the surface. It was by far some of the most vivid imagery I have ever seen in a dream. About half the moon was gone when I saw it.
      Everybody is outside, watching in awe at the destruction. Then, what was left of it exploded in a massive blast, as if the death star had just done a test run there.
      I waited 10...15...20...25...seconds. After about a minute a wall of high-speed meteors slammed into the earth's atmosphere. Debris of all sizes impacted. One was even close enough to cause a sonic boom and take out the windows in everyone's houses.
      I run inside. My parents say to get my things, we are evacuating. I run upstairs and get my computer. I think to check the news and see why the moon exploded. No, no time. I get my computer, a '25' dollar bill and my crystal that I use for meditation. For some reason it looks like I wrote all over it with a black magic marker.

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    13. 7-19-14 Russians, lollypops, senior citizens and a poke fight.

      by , 07-23-2014 at 04:49 PM
      There was a ship stranded out on a stormy sea at night. The wind blew incredibly hard, and it seemed as if the ship would fall apart. A strange tentacled seaman fell overboard with his pet squid. They began to sink. Suddenly, a bright light shone down on them from above the water. They began to float upwards. They broke the surface of the water and looked up in astonishment. A huge spaceship was floating over the wreck of the ship, beaming them up. The spaceship was owned by these crazy Russian dudes.

      Then I had driven into a small town on a stormy night to pick up something at the grocery store. I picked out what I needed and went up to the cash registers. I saw one staffed by two giggly girls, so I went over there. At the checkout, I decided I wanted a lollypop. I selected one and bought it. The girls told me that buying it made me elligible for a prize if I drew something from a hat. An old hillbilly came up behind me and watched. I drew the winning thing from the hat and won a prize. Then there was a grand prize and I won it too! It was a picture of a tick really really close up. It was framed and everything. It was disgusting.

      Then I was driving the car with grandfather and some other people through a neighborhood. Suddenly he really freaked out because someone was getting out of a parked van next to the road. I put on the brakes and watched. A lady opened a door on the side of the van, and all these really weird and disgusting-looking nursing home inmates walked out and across the road. Man, but they were spritely! They jumped and leaped across the road.

      Then we arrived at our destination. It was like a weird fancy underground place with nice lights, polished woodwork and chandaliers. There were small babbling streams running through it sometimes, and there were fancy bridges over them. We wanted to see an underground church that branched off from there. We got to a huge ornate door that would lead into it. The senior citizens were already there, and out of kindness we told them to go in first. But they insisted WE go in first. It suddenly turned into a fight. To my astonishment, a man I know walked up to me and started to fight me. I poked him.

      Somehow we all got into the church. It was very nice, but sort of modest. There were balconies all around the room, so I went up there and sat down. A bunch of children I didnt know were there.
    14. 22 Mar: royal reptilian alien attack

      by , 03-22-2014 at 02:23 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I am one of the maids of a princess. She is invited to meet a prince, supposedly to arrange a marriage between the two and I am one of the two maids that will accompany her. We are silly girls, gossiping all the way about how romantic this is and how this prince will be such a gentleman and they'll fall in love for each other. But when we arrive at his palace, in the mountains, he is still in bed, apparently with an hangover. The king is pissed and drags us with him to the prince's room, where we have to watch him dragging him out of bed. He is rude and unclean. But that's not the worst.
      Later on, he invites the princess to his quarters and we accompany her, but instead of a chaste meeting to break the ice, we find ourselves in a room surrounded by court members dressed in S&M costumes, mostly black and golden, and the princess is sexually abused and humilliated by the prince in front of everybody. They cheer and they help torture her and we are hopelessly forbiden to interfere. So I run to the garden outside. I meet a nice couple that comforts me and says they understand my shock. They ask if I know what's going on. I don't. Then part of their heads becomes green, with spikes and I realize they aren't quite human. They say that's true, no one inside that palace is really human. And because we, maids, have already seen too much, we will be sacrificed after this sexual ritual ends. They say they can help me, but they don't know if they can still help the other maid who's still inside.
      They tell me to hide in the woods. I stay there, behind a stone wall, until it's dark. I see people from the villages down below, coming up to the palace gardens, supposedly invited to some public event. They wait outside in a very festive enviroment. But then I see strange lights in the sky and as they come closer, I distinguish triangular shaped ships that start shooting rays of light that kill people. As people run in panic, one of the ships lands nearby and some strange creatures, like deformed horses, covered in black suits, come out of it and start shooting rays in all directions. Always hidden behind that wall, I try to run away from there too. I come across this couple that helped me before and they point me an entrance to a tunnel, they say will exit 1 or 2 kms downhill. I step inside, but it is very tight and I feel claustrophobic thinking about crawling 1 or 2 kms in that dark tunnel. I prefer to take my risks in the woods. So I keep going downhill and I see more of those dark horses killing people and barely escape one.
      Only when it's early morning I arrive at a village and feel safe. There's other survivors arriving to and sharing their stories and wondering what kind of creatures were that. Some claim that the dark horses actually had people inside, others talk about monsters disguised as people.

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    15. 2/28/2014

      by , 02-28-2014 at 06:35 PM
      The first thing I remember from my dream was me being with a group of SWAT members. We had our weapons and I encountered the enemy. I shot at them and retreated to my group. My weapon had a lot of attachment, was bulky, and hard to aim. We were actually in a war against Israel and I was on the Russian side. We were then stuck on that location for quite a while I don't remember why. The place had stone walkways, steel fences, and a river passing through it all. R. Granado was there and we talked so were some inmates. Suddenly, we get the order to evacuate. Everyone starts running down a dirt slope. There's people on dirt bikes, tanks, humvees, etc. I'm running down and I see an older man on a motorcycle and run along with him and ask "Hey can you give me a ride?" he says no and I get pissed off. I'm suddenly on a bike and have an ar15 in my hand but with no magazine. I try to hit the man with it a few times and he starts freaking out. I arrive at the destination and see people on the floor waiting with a lot of weapons and equipment. There's people even holding grenade launchers. I ask for someone's weapon and when I handle it, I give it back saying it doesn't fit my hand properly. I don't remember what happens next but we end up in space fleeing Earth.

      After years of being in space, we finally decide to go back to Earth. We transport down and end up in a cave filled with water. Suddenly, snake/tentacles start attacking us. Our doctor gets taken but then let go and the snakes take one of the women and start raping her. After they finish, they extract a snake baby from her and let her go. I swim around the cave with a man and a young woman and we find a pit deeper into the cave but it's filled with water. Tentacle snakes start coming out and the woman says "I'm staying here. Did you see what they did to her? I want to experience that". When they take her, we get transported back to the spaceship and enter Earth's atmosphere. Earth was destroyed and we saw videos of what happened when the snakes, who were there longer than us, rose from the water and could fly. There was no ocean left on Earth. We get an alert and we see a ship. After some discussion, we find out the ship is friendly and we let them board. I recognize a few of the people I saw before I fled Earth. We see snakes flying around and a mother snake so we board our ship and start having a fight with them.

      Something happens and we end up walking on a trail with trees. One of the guys from the other ship starts complaining about his groin. We tell him to man up and the leader of the other ship tells us during the war he was tortured and stabbed in the groin various times. This leads to an argument and a black man with green shards sticking out of his face and body gets upset and walks away.
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