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    1. 2/23/2014

      by , 02-28-2014 at 06:28 PM
      I had a dream that I was in space on a spaceship. I was fighting buggers from Ender's Game. I remember boxing with them and I got reinforced. R. Varela was there on the reinforcement squad and I knew he was going to slip and die while on the entry so I dove and saved him. I was wrestling and kicking a fat woman that was pulling me before I woke up.
    2. 2/10/2014

      by , 02-24-2014 at 10:54 PM
      I dreamt that I was watching a movie. I was watching Ender's Game. There was a huge spaceship next to a planet. It was a Bugger planet. The planet seemed to be getting destroyed and so was the ship. The ship ordered an evacuation and pods started evacuating the ship. The ship released a massive nuclear bomb and everything was destroyed except the pods evacuating. The pods landed on a planet and the people started to survive. They then found out that they landed on a Bugger world and were terrified. They started fighting and after, I was watching a flash game. I was supposed to control Ender in a side scroller. The other guy next to my character was T. Harrell. I couldn't control my character and was mad because I lost the perks and upgrades I had.

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    3. 24th Nov 2013 Fragments

      by , 11-24-2013 at 02:48 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's WBTB/naps.

      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was in some game and in space and i was piloting big black spaceship that looked a bit draconic. There was a battle against four enemy ships and also an ally red-white ship which i had to protect. I got a bit low on hp during battle and had to use special homing projectile attack to snipe enemies from the distance.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was controlling some place and i have trapped a group of people in some room and started talking to them, then i went through a few fake walls and was randomly in my room.

      Dream 3(fragments):

      I was playing some multiplayer game about dragons and talked to some players, there was some beach area and then there was some glitch involving buff immunity and some forcefields.

      Dream 4(fragments):

      I was at home and there was some talk about some kind of food that would kill anyone who would eat it.
    4. War; World Tree; A Parade of Ghosts

      by , 11-11-2013 at 09:28 AM
      Original entry dated Feb. 16, 2002:

      I had a nightmare that I had a daughter. I don't remember much about it except that it was quite bizarre and I was very unhappy about many things that occurred in the dream.

      I had a nightmare about a huge war in a desert, and a lot of people died, but I think that's more along the lines of the typical "post-apocalyptic" dream if not for one of the characters in it. I was 12 when I had it but the girl I met was so compelling that I still remember the dream. She was dressed in blue and had long, straight brown hair and dark, intense eyes. She was in her teens in the dream, but had an oval, almost classic face that was too sad for someone so young. She saved my life. In the dream, there were spaceship like planes that were black and flew very low, and tanklike things that transported weapons. I was almost crushed by one but she threw me out of the way. I can only assume that she died, but the whole scene was enveloped by the dust kicked up by tank-treads.

      I had another dream about a bunch of people testing a plane. It looked kind of like a flat triangle. Like a stealth-bomber, but not quite, there was something decidedly different about it. In any case, the test backfired and the plane crashed and burned. Luckily, the pilot didn't die. I can't remember if he was badly injured or not.

      This was followed by another, very long and vivid dream, which I'm going to try to actually do justice:

      A tree towers to dizzying heights, wreathed in clouds. It is held up by a pillar of massive, mossy trunk. Through the tangled roots springs a city, its buildings sprouting like mushrooms between the toes of a giant. Grey and fading, the tree and city are cloaked by dusk. The strange slant of the sunlight causes the shadows to pool in strange places.

      A man walks down the street, turning a corner, only to find himself amidst steaming tropical vegetation, a savage jungle. He panics, running blindly, and stares up into a dazzling sky to see something rushing toward him. That was how a nameless man was splattered in the middle of an intersection. The only person who took the time to observe this event was a small girl.

      After pausing to observe this event, the girl continued on her way through the twisting streets. The residents of the city streamed about her in a phantasmal flow of ghosts, fantastic, colorful, distorted, and exaggerated.

      Her eyes lit momentarily on a shadowy figure, and quickly jerked away. She drew into the phantom crowd, which closed around her in a flutter of harlequin rags, and she was relieved to see the figure encompassed by the swirl of paraders.

      She withdrew from the stream of grotesques and picked her way along rambling streets, tiptoeing across melted bricks. She turned to find the shadow, floating languidly above the flowing pavement. It regarded her cooly with bulbous glowing orbs set into a body that seemed to have no substance at all, except for a blurred grey outline. Ghostly animals slunk behind the wilted trashcans, chittering softly from the half-shadows.

      I've broken up some of these dream entries so I can tag them properly. With only 10 tags, it can be a little hard.
    5. 12th Oct 2013 Space captain story and video games

      by , 10-13-2013 at 12:27 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      I was on the bench on the street and i was reading some story books, the story was about spaceship captain, space wars, some planets and i was like watching it. At one point there was battle in space and then an assault on base on some dark planet, after which they established an outpost here and started discussing weaponry, and then later got attacked by some space ninjas.
      At some point i got distracted from the book due to too many people walking around, so i've told something to an old lady that was nearby and went home. At home i started checking various stuff on PC and found some new shmup that had theme about pyramids and people in masks, and was happening in sand place. It also had some weird cutscenes in which some objects looked like made from Fraxy parts, in one scene two people were trying to save a girl that one of the people in masks was trying to sacrifice to some god.
      Later i was checking out some doom mod with SilentEternity, we were going through brown building and there was some gimmick with alert. As for enemies we had to fight some bizarre mangled versions of doom marines and some floating orbs. Then SilentEternity suggested some other mod, i've looked through it and it was very familiar, like i've played it before, especially one of the later levels which looked like massive dark cathedral, music sounded familiar too.
    6. 6th Oct 2013 Fragments

      by , 10-07-2013 at 12:25 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was playing some video game about spaceships.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was at home, which apparently was on some huge wooden ship thing, the temperature was rather unstable at times as i was checking outside. At one point i was searching for something at land and there was a group that was bullying people so i had a little talk with them, telling them "to stop or else", and then went back to ship.

      Dream 3(fragments):

      I was playing and discussing some multiplayer space game with someone and we were trying to figure out about allied races.
    7. 3rd Sep 2013 Video game fragments

      by , 09-04-2013 at 01:06 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1:

      I was playing some RTS game that partially looked like Warzone 2100, but was different. I've had one huge base from the beginning and buildings had to be built on specific ground platforms. Battle with enemies was weird, enemies attacked by summoning some kind of spaceship things which were on different screen, my buildings automatically spawned units to fight them but i had to order them directly for each shot and they looked like dots on second screen. Later i had to attack enemy base, that summoned second screen as well, which displayed lots of buildings and enemy units, which launched missiles that had powerful AoE explosion. I could spawn units anywhere on second screen and i've made some missile units as well and was trying hard to micro them to dodge enemy attacks.

      Dream 2(fragment):

      I was in some outdoor place with red brick buildings.

      Dream 3(fragments):

      I was playing Spiral Knights and it had like completely different levels, then i have found a glitch and gotten some items that weren't supposed to be here. They were displayed like tickets and were named differently, i thought it was something unfinished to be finished in future updates. Using some of them summoned text menus with some stories and one of them shifted the game into something like Worms.

      Dream 4(fragment):

      Was playing some video game.

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    8. Space sqadron pilot; Burning house

      , 08-23-2013 at 05:19 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Friday 8/23/13

      Last night bed 11:15pm - 8:30am I had a drink of water before bed and when I woke up at 3:13

      DR 3:13am

      I'm walking with a group of people on a low berm, that was built long time ago to protect a town and fields from overflowing river. It's coverd in short grass. There is a field of grass on my left, and empty field on my right. There is also a large house nestled between some trees and some other greenery.

      I hear a loud thunder and red lightning stuck very close to us. We all scatter. I run down the berm, but come back up and stick my head out to see where the lightning struck. I hear a voice saying, that lightning can be yellow, orange or almost red.

      I see smoke coming out of the house area. We all rush there. I see fire had started on the roof. I tell my friend to go to the right and start putting out the fire from there. I walk to the left, into the garden, through a metal fence with unlocked door. I grab one of the long garden hoses and turn the water on. The stream is wery powerful and it reaches long distance to the fire. I start dousing the fire and have some success.

      Now I'm inside. I see more small fires starting and I hear the sound of a larger fire crackling and red colors reflected on the walls from fires in other rooms.

      I grab a very long hose and again start spraying water. I'm able to extinguish few of the isolated fires. I move to a very large walkway, that looks like a indoor patio. I'm draging my hose and yell at someone to put the water on. The pressure is so strong, it starts pushing me around a bit and I'm worried to get knocked off the patio, because railing is not reliable. I already leaned on the railing once and it seemed like it's only put there, not attached to anything. I noticed same thing happened to another person on another patio. The railing is made our of white carved columns. I grab it and lay it down, so others don't make a mistake of leaning on it.

      So thet other person adjusts the water pressure and now it's perfect and I can extinguish some more fires.

      DR 8:30am

      I'm sitting in a space shuttle with a few others. Inside looks like a cross between Star Trek shuttle and a wide bus. It's clear that it's a space vehicle. I'm in a right forward seet and when our sqadron leader sits there, I move to the left forward seat. Behind us are a few rows of seats.

      I see on a monitor something is not right, I look to the rear window and there is another shuttle fireing at us with two guns. Shots are like short bluish lines.

      We are still in the shuttle, but now we are docked at the space station, or larger ship. Same cabin, but instead of seats we have beds. Some unused beds are at the back wall and untill we get more people, I suggest we stack them up to make more space in the cabin. Right now we can't walk to the back, beds are so tight next to each other. So someone rearanges our beds, but not the way I wanted it's even more tight now. But all is good, we are all in great spirits, as you would expect a new pilot, who doesn't know what he gotten himself into.

      The front of the cabin resembles more of a classroom. There is a desk for our leader. She is a grown woman and will be spending most of the time in our cabin/squad room.

      We all sit on our beds and are talking. Someone has a question and I say that female pilots are better than male.

      We are watching some phenomenon now on blue skies and taking bets?

      Suddently we are under attack. Everybody grabs his futuristic hand gun. I have one too, but for some reason left it someplace. I'm so mad that finaly I have a gun in a dream, and that gun actually shoots and I leave it behind. So I rush through corridors to a place I think I left it. As I run through some door, I bump into 2 guys in futuristic space suits. They are 2 new members of our squad. I tell them to rush and help others fight. I get to another cabin, look through drawers and find my pistol. Yesss.

      Now we are outside, in space suits. Looks like a surface of either artifical space body, or station, or even our ship. But it's large and resembles moon surface with lots of metalic elements. Skies are black, since we are in space. We are observing an aerial fight between space ships. I aim my weapon that looks like a small batan and it fires automatically. I watch the projectiles that look like fist size blue balls of energy chase after enemy fighter jets. Someone tells me, or I realize, that if I keep my weapon aimed at the enemy, it will lock on target and fire by itself, this time it guarantees a hit. So I start doing that. Some large enemy ship is decloaking and taking aim at us.

      As I was falling asleep for an afternoon nap, I remembered another fragment from the night:
      I'm suppose to be taking antibiotics and my mom askes me if I am. That's when I realize I started taking them 2-3 days ago, when I sitll had about a week to go.

      NAP DR:
      We are in a hotel restaurant. They offer 3 local meals for just $1 each. We decide to try them all later.

      I hear a person telling someone about taking a gift or money for good work, and she is not telling it to me.

      Another EDIT:

      I'm just sitting, watching TV when I ask myself "what happened to my lollipop. I just remembered, I took a yellow small lollipop from a bowl of lollipops.

      EDIT: it's hot, ocean is on the left and make a decision to walk in the water to cool off.

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    9. 19th Aug 2013 Short lucid, Space station dream, Weird FA - Day 9

      by , 08-19-2013 at 04:21 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragments):

      I am doing some stuff at home and then i decide to look at hands they were weird so i am dreaming, i go to balcony, rub hands. Then i take off and feel wings, as i fly i notice that background is like static texture, then dream fades out.

      Dream 2:

      There was story about space station and some spaceship docking there. The crew of the ship were secretly pirates and were trying to capture the station, also they were not humans but rather light-blue muscular humanoids in armor. There was some kid-engineer that was defending the station and he started talk with one of pirates and managed to talk them into going away. Then i was looking at some kind of ship log and there were some of nicknames that i used on internet logged. Then back to story, the ship flied out of hanger and there was some battle going on.
      Then everything everything faded to some other place, in the skies, a dragon was flying away.

      Dream 3(fragments):

      I was playing some FPS game and the level was located in some ancient tomb place, i was discussing something with other player and we were talking about some science book.
      Then i wake up and i realize that apparently i accidentally bit somebody and some stuff around while sleeping and there was some talk about that.
    10. Spaceship/Tornado/Funeral

      by , 05-11-2013 at 06:21 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      This set of non lucid dreams were after a natural and brief WBTB with no supplements. I went for the MILD technique but never got lucid. My recall was pretty good considering that I never made notes in my DJ until after I woke for the morning. I used my old technique of just remembering key words and phrases to jog my memory later. I have had considerable trouble with that since I came back last summer and I'm pretty pleased with myself for getting back into my old technique. It makes those micro awakenings less troublesome with a greater chance of DEILD.


      Someone was going to destroy the earth. I left with a group and we were going to destroy the enemy's ship as they left earth but it turned out that they blew themselves up. Capitan Picard ordered me to activate the radiation bomb anyway just to be sure. There was a blue radius blast with our ship in the center.

      Then I look at the Capitan and see he is having a heart attack. I assume there is nothing I can do and just watch him die. I notice that he dropped some playing cards that looks like they are made of thick plastic, much like Rummikub pieces. I pick them all up and see the ace of spades. I keep that one separate to hold for good luck. When I turn to leave I see some woman moving hologram images. It looks like a tournament tier for some kind of anime style fighting game. The woman asks if I want to see who wins but I decline and leave.

      I enter a forcefield room outside of the ship. I have some conversation with another woman working at a computer terminal in a jumpsuit. We decide its time to leave.

      I go into a glass room with other men an women. We all take out our brains and put them in acrylic containers full of some clear liquid. We have to do this in order to survive warp speed into hyperspace. I relax and close my eyes. I feel myself surge forward and then open then and we all put our brains back in. I look to the person to my right and jokingly say, "Oh no we switched brains. You're in my body." The man looks just like me and starts to panic. I tell him I am just joking and laugh.


      I am in the back yard thinking about digging a swimming pool by hand. There is a good start already and some strange ceramic pools stacked up. I think about how far to dig and remember some advice my father-in-law gave me.

      Then I look up and see dark storm clouds. I watch some rotation start and I hear a neighbor shout, "ROTATION!" I watch it vividly and quickly form into a full tornado and join a giant separate tornado. I stare in fascination but remember the last tornado Joplin had and decide to hide.

      When I turn around I realize I am in the trailer we lived in when I was 5. I know I don't have a chance but don't know where else to go. I run around and decide to hide in the bathroom. After a few seconds everything seems calm but I am panting and breathing hard with fear. I go back outside and only see dark storm clouds without a tornado. I wake up panting.


      I am in some place with a group of people. Most of them are black. Some famous person died and Will Smith is saying some words about him. Then we get to see a brand new music video by Will Smith in the mans honor. It sounds really hip hop style but the video makes no sense. I see some drunk celebrities on the floor looking really confused. (I can't remember who they were supposed to be) I see myself with them. I am the only one to laugh out loud at that point. I look around and say, "I remember that."
    11. Alien planet, spaceship

      , 02-12-2013 at 08:53 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Sunday, 2/10/13

      I'm walking on flatlands on an alien planet. I have a feeling it's not a natural planet, but something man-made, like a Halo. I'm wading through shallow waters and alerting a friend to small hermit crabs that ar all over the coral bushes.

      Walking towards a village and noticing a lion walking on two legs, just like a human.

      I'm floating in space, looking at a giant space ship of rectangular shape. It has green balls next to each propulsion nacelle. I can tell balls are made of trees. I'm told, that as spaceship takes of any planet, it rippes some life from it and it stayes attached to the nacelles. I see two large birds flying slowly from one green ball to another one. Apparently, life forms from planets become space-worthy once in space.

      Good feeling from this dream.
    12. 21st Jan 2013 Wasteland, Spaceship, Far Cry

      by , 01-21-2013 at 08:15 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Couldn't recall much details today for some reason...

      Dream 1:

      I was in some wasteland area, there was war with some sort of corruption, corruption looked like some sort of green sludge. It formed into buildings that could produce black metallic sort of creatures. At some point dream shifted and i was searching something in some sort of spaceship. I was using ventilation system to hide and was jumping over giant fan at some point.

      Dream 2:

      I was playing clearly work in progress map in the game called 'Far Cry'. It started on one island and then there was rope road to the different island. Then there was enemy camp on that island, after clearing it out there was two paths that leaded into empty areas that were unfinished. Enemies were wandering aimlessly in those areas and i was trying to shoot them down using some assault rifle with scope and really bad accuracy. Dream ended soon.
    13. 27th Dec 2012 Dream Fragments & first successful DILD!

      by , 12-27-2012 at 07:47 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      My dream recall seems to be pretty meh today, but oh well.

      Dream 1:
      Don't remember most of the dream. There was some stuff/events happening inside some sort of spaceship. Later i was at home doing stuff at my comp(I am sure there's some stuff between spaceship events and that, just can't remember it...). Then i was on the street intersection, where my mom was arguing with someone that he was driving incorrectly or something, and eventually more and more people was around and i ran away for some reason. Then i was at home again watching some videos on different PC. Something ticked me off about these videos and i was like "I must be dreaming...", and then "Wait a second...", "I am dreaming!". As i was about to do some dream stabilization i turned around and i saw chandelier that was in that room, and it was moving and felt 'alive'(seems to be recurring DC in my dreams once in a while actually). As soon as i looked at it, my vision was like i was looking from three different places at same time(trippy! hehe), and everything went dark, and then i woke up.

      Note: I prolly should have done WBTB at this point, since i had like one more hour of sleep left, but i completely forgot to and instead went to sleep after writing what i could remember from that dream.

      Dream 2:
      There was some sort of race and apparently racers had a break so i was trying to show them what i created in fraxy. Ended up misclicking and showing someone else's creations, though eventually i did showed what i wanted to show.

      Note: Don't remember much of this dream prolly because alarm woke me up, it tends to murder my dream recall at times.
    14. Aurora Borealis

      by , 12-05-2012 at 11:22 PM
      This was the Aurora Borealis Task of the Month, and led to a really outstanding dream with some personal firsts. Some big ones for me were changing day to night and performing the task while the DC of a loved one (my son) accompanied me.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #36: Aurora Borealis

      Wife and I are sitting at our breakfast table chatting with RI, a high school friend that I haven't seen in a long time. I look at the clock, realizing that it's 1:10 and I'm ten minutes late for a #DVA chat session. Wife and I go upstairs without IR, leaving her just sitting at the table. (Rude, I know.) I'm about to join the #DVA chat when Wife says, "Shouldn't you show her out of the house?"

      I leave, and
      become lucid halfway down the stairs. The downstairs is different from my real house now. The floor has become shag carpet rather than hardwood and the ceiling is barely six feet tall, my head reaching right to the top of it. IR is still at the breakfast table but she just smiles and waves me on. My three-year-old son E is waiting for me at the back door, and I scoop him up in my arms, knowing that he would love to see the aurora borealis.

      I step outside and find that my back yard is either gone or has swollen to gigantic proportions. There's a huge barbecue going on to my left. Vividness is top-notch -- I literally cannot detect any difference in visual quality between what I'm seeing now and what I see in waking life. I walk on, passing a set of grills where a man in a red football jersey numbered "52" is turning over some burgers. His shirt is emblazoned with the words "UNCLE BO". I stare at the guy for a moment, a bit stunned by how real he looks.

      I perch my son on my shoulders and start running past the barbecue into a city. A long line of DCs is waiting in line for a movie or a show. I notice that C, someone that I haven't seen since high school is manning the ticket line. He smirks at me and shrugs his shoulders when I recognize him.

      I walk to the base of a skyscraper and look into the sunny sky. I need darkness for this Task of the Month so I tell my son, "It's getting dark now." The sun fades out of view and the color of the sky deepens to twilight. As soon as night falls, I see the autora borealis above me!

      I start to rise off of the ground but my son is squirming on my shoulders, saying, "Don't want to go! Don't want to go!" He starts crawling around on my head, even giving me a little foot to the face. I shift him so that his arms are around my neck and he seems to settle down. I fly straight up, staying close to the skyscraper to keep my bearings.

      I'm feeling an overwhelming sense of excitement as I fly toward the aurora. I'm so pumped that I shout a continuous battle cry as I rise. In response, the dream starts blasting a full symphonic orchestra soundtrack to my ascent.
      Looking back this seems totally cheesy, but I can't even care! It was amazing. The music was fantastic... I wish so badly that I could have somehow recorded it.

      I fly over the Aurora and see that inside it conceals a vast mother ship, almost like a space carrier that stretches for miles. As far as I can see down the length of the ship, smaller yellow spaceships are taking off from the carrier to destinations unknown. As each leaves the mother ship, it emits this purple flash of energy that joins the rest of the Aurora. It's the energy "exhaust" of each of these smaller spaceships that creates the aurora.

      All along, the soundtrack (and, amazingly, my battle cry) keeps going. I realize that I can do just as these ships are doing and I start pouring that purple energy outward from my palms, and it bleeds into the rest of the Aurora. More and more energy pours from my hands as the dream begins to fade. Soon all I can see are my hands, and after that
      I wake up.

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    15. Creepers gun' creep! (no date recorded)

      by , 09-22-2012 at 07:40 AM (High Quality Head Movies)
      This dream perspective was me and a friend of mine, sitting in the dark on a laptop, and I was watching him play minecraft. About when he started playing, the perspective changed to the players screen being all I could see hear or feel. He was with other players and they were on an expedition to find diamond (pretty average for minecraft actually). He went underground and eventually lost his group. When he got plenty of iron, he started digging faster and faster and then...


      *picture sums it up*

      He started finding creepers everywhere and they weren't hard to fight off at first, but they got to be in groups of two or three at a time. Digging became difficult and soon they're everywhere and we could only run. We ran for a good while, but not back the way we came, but down further into the mine.

      We hit a room that had some sort of vessel in it and creeper print on the outside of it and two diamond were inside! Then, a super creeper came out of this vessel and he was dark bluish colored and had bright green eyes! We found two diamond in the room before the creepers came in. He ran back the way we came, dodging creepers left nad right, but when he reached a dead end, there would be a dark brown block that would teleport him to a higher section of the mine and closer to the start. He grabbed the last one and we teleported out.

      We weren't exactly back with the expedition as we planned, but instead the start of the mine was flooded! We swam to the base (a floating ship) and told the crew of the vessel that contained two diamond. They excitedly stored them in a vault. We found out we could craft movies and dvd discs out of iron on minecraft next, and we started making minecraft videos on minecraft with the craftable dvds and playing them on the minecraft ship's dvd player (still in minecraft game). The rest of the dream was us making videos of minecraft, on minecraft.

      May not look like it, but this dream was pretty intense! Creepers everywhere O_O
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