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    1. Monday, September 2

      by , 10-08-2019 at 07:25 PM
      I am with Mom in what looks like a small, one main road mountain town. Across the street, I notice a large group of skiers, apparently waiting for a bus. The bus appears but then passes them by. Confused, they try to flag it down. I survey their winter clothes, thinking they’re wearing too much. It doesn’t feel cold at all to me, but I guess it makes sense for when they’re actually skiing. I think about how it’s only the first day of September, so this has to be the very first snowfall and/or day of the season. We’re in one of these wooden cabin type buildings that looks pretty empty when I feel the ground shake softly but consistently. I’m certain it’s an earthquake and wait for it to happen again. It happens again, this time more intensely, so I make my way outside. I notice others coming outside, some looking panicked. Mom mentions how of course we’re in Portland, guiding my attention to the snow-covered mountain right above us. I see some watching the mountain to see if it’ll avalanche. I wonder what we would do if it did.
    2. 22/2/2016

      by , 02-22-2016 at 08:20 AM
      I have so many dream fragments I remember this morning. I can remember a lot of detail about what I saw in my dreams, the plots remain quite vague.

      1) I'm in bed. there are two other men with me one of them is famous. A woman is telling us that we need to practice our routine (for some sort of show?). I offer to get the vegetables ready and walk over to a sink where there is a bag of greens to chop up, they look a bit yellow. I start chopping and realise that most of them are mouldy and there are insects all over them. I show it to the woman. I have to go to the shop to get more vegetables. I remember in detail the path up to the shop, I'm running, jumping past other people and their dogs, over some rocks I see my feet landong on the rocks and lots of stones on the ground. I get to the top of the path and there's a GP surgery there I try to get in but it's the wrong side and I have to go around to the front. then I'm back in the hotel room, it gets a bit sexual for a while, then I have to go back out to the shop (can't remember why). I'm in the hotel lobby and I have a conversation with one of the staff. then I'm back out on the path. I have to cross the road.

      2) At some sort of large holiday complex. I can't remember the order of events exactly. I'm outside and I start tieing my shoelaces, a child sits down beside me, then an official looking woman comes up to me and starts telling in French that I should not ask a child to sit next to me. I tell her I can't speak French, then we have an argument in English and I tell her that the child came and sat next to me, we agree to disagree. I'm inside with a group of people a childrens's entertainer is setting up, he tells us that everyone on camp has a 'routine' and I tell the group that I've seen it before and I'm going outside. I take a long time sorting out what I need to take with me from my coat. I step outsode and look across at the mountains they are covered in snow I can see it extends right down to just a short way away. There are 2 main ski runs down the side of the main mountaintop, they look quite scary near a ledge and very tight turns, I tell my wife I'm going for a walk but I'm going to fly so I won't be long, and tell her I'm going up to look at the snow. I stand a bit longer and watch some people skiing down another run.

      3) I'm in a room with a window looking out onto a snowy scene. Then I'm with a young girl and we are watching something happen outside, I think she was a bit frightened and I made her feel better.

      4) In some sort of spy film. I'm on the phone saying that I can help with a mission, looking at some sort of advert. The man on the end of the phone suddenly becomes unwell and has to go. Vague recollection of the rest of the dream, something about walking around a large vehicle.
    3. #186 - Skiing / The Orb Apocalypse

      by , 01-14-2016 at 04:55 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Feeling tired as hell today and only just managed to start writing this up.. >_<

      Dream 1 - Skiing
      I remember being on a tall snowy mountain, me and another person had been airlifted to the stop and skied down it. It was pretty cool, I remember about halfway down there was a sort of plateau where we slowed down. I think we talked a bit and then continued, then backtracked and went a different way. I can't remember why we backtracked or what we talked about.

      Dream 2 - The Orb Apocalypse
      I remember there being an apocalypse of some sort (not zombies for once! ) and me and a bunch of other people headed south. We arrived at a special city which had a huge tower that shielded it. In this city there was an award giving ceremony for our people. There were 2 rooms where these awards were given out inside a large stone building (it was a bit smashed up from the apocalypse though). In the room I was in I was pretty bored, I wanted to leave and when there was a short break in the ceremony I decided to leave, despite knowing that I was going to be getting an award in the second half. I exited the main doors and saw across the hall the other award ceremony room. I think I saw someone familiar getting an award but decided to continue outside. It was such a nice bright sunny day in this slightly run down post-apocalyptic abandoned city . I looked up at the shield tower protecting the city, hmmm... It's.. Not on? Or is it? I notice 2 of the elder mages/warriors talking to each other (one teleported to the other to start the talk) and they were talking about how the tower wasn't working. Oh shit, it's collapsing! It happens too fast, it falls onto the two elders who were talking. As the tower hits the ground it creates a rupture in the souls of the two, converting them into orbs of electric energy that are 'absorbed' by an explosion that progresses out from the tower. There's a swarm of orbs that streams across the sky at the now vulnerable city, they coil into a snake-like shape (and I think I even see the orbs turn into snakes) as they attack the denizens in the city. This city is lost, I have to escape now.

      Some time later on I'm in a large grass field, I forgot the more important part of this... But I remember the ending . It seems that I'm with a group of people and we just defeated some evil thing (maybe the orbs) and the apocalypse is over. We talk amongst ourselves and share a laugh. We call over a few horses and a lion to ride, I think I ride the lion? We then ride off into the sunset in a pretty cliche movie way.

      This dream had a similar world to the dream I had during my nap yesterday, in which I was able to stay in the dream even when I was awake and rolling around in my bed - and when I fell back asleep I'd still be in the same dream world. I've been pretty interested in creating a permanent dream world so the experience is pretty interesting to have it recur the way it did.
    4. Weeds, snow, MISC. fragments

      by , 04-05-2015 at 09:39 PM
      I'm out front pulling weeds and pulling pretty big sticks out of the yard with a rake and there are three long big ones that I pull and then realize it was a tree. I think, "oh well, there's not much of a root system there" and drag it to the curb with the rest of the stuff.

      There was snow in the yard and I was throwing snowballs (one of my cat's name in WL is Snowball) at the kids. There's snow on the ground but I'm not cold. Too bad that didn't make me wonder and go lucid!!

      I'm in an upstairs window watching all of the kids in costume from the play go by. They're going to dinner. I'm alone in my robe. I see one of the girls notice me but I continue to look beyond her. I have a semi-smile on my face and don't want her to feel badly because I'm alone. They all look so pretty. I think it's a lot of Disney characters like Snow White and Cinderella.

      I'm going to a car at the bottom of the hill covered with snow. I take a few steps and then lean back on my heels and ski the rest of the way - it was fun. Now I'm going to tell my husband because I'm proud I could ski.

      There are girls waiting saying the teacher left without them. I ask them what time they were supposed to meet him and they say, "7:10". I look at my watch and it says 7:15 and I think to myself, hmmm five minutes is five minutes.
    5. Jade Bracelet

      by , 10-17-2014 at 09:37 AM
      Someone had this bracelet thing with a stone bit on it I think made from Jade. I on multiple occasions would drop it and have to find my way back to finding it. I can only remember a couple.. One time I got somewhere and realised that I did not have it on me, I then had to catch a bus/train/tram back to get it from the side of the road. When I couldn’t find it I had to catch a bus to get help from the person that owned it. By the looks of it they had an amber bracelet thing as well. We reached the side of the road where I thought I had lost it and she ended up spotting it straight away. On another occasion I dropped it into the snow and had to search for it once it had nearly melted.

      This may be from the night before but I remember having a dream about going up the mountain with Uncle Duncan, Karis, etc. Except the mountain was extremely narrow. The car would tip and it was just generally a scary(ish) dream. I can also remember another skiing dream whereas there was a gigantic mountain that you would catch the ski lift up to. I’m about 70% sure these were not related.

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    6. Saturn 5

      by , 10-04-2014 at 05:26 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      September 24, 2014

      I was skiing with the backpacking club, but there was no snow...

      So we climbed this building we found, trying to get higher, where there would be snow.
      At the top, there was a Saturn 5 Rocket. It was a display for people to see, and had videogame-like pods that you could jump from to reach the tp. But we weren't supposed to do that. I really wanted to, though. I argued with my brother, who happened to be there now. He was getting in the way of all my pictures on purpose, and I hit him.
    7. Task of the Month for May 2014

      by , 05-28-2014 at 02:04 PM
      I started with an amusing dream about a time trial downhill skiing / cross country rollerblading competition which started off quite believable but slowly changed into a mad dash down stairs and escalators in a strange shopping centre slash airport type location. After a while of whizzing through this odd location I reached a sort of semi lucidity in which I has a sense of the unreality and flexibility of the situation but wasn't lucid enough to call it a dream. There were bunches of dream signs but I didn't recognise them as such at the time:

      * old place of work/workmates
      * feeling of familiarity without knowing where from
      * feeling in an unspecified rush
      * repeating sections of activity (going down the same slope multiple times)
      * more that I can't remember off the top of my head

      I had a very brief awakening, during which I realised that the preceding was a dream and I now had a chance of a DEILD. I think I actually had some non-lucid dream to start with, but I have no memory of the content. When I gained lucidity I was in a sunny location with stone terraces and balconies. I remembered the TOTM and immediately spotted a large block of sandstone which I decided to try to levitate by The Force. I doubted myself for a moment because I knew it would be heavy and I didn't want to jump in at the deep end too much. Fearing I might just get frustrated by negative expectations, I briefly considered finding something smaller to levitate, but then realised that I could just make the rock lighter, which worked beautifully!

      After that I thought I'd move on to to the cinco de mayo task. I was about to go off in search of a bar but realised that there was one conveniently just behind me! I sat at the bar and asked the barman to share some slammers with me. I've only had tequila slammers once before (not much of a fan of tequila, really) so I got a bit confused about the process and ended up chugging a whole glass full of lime segments rather than just biting one, but I reckon that was close enough!

      I lost lucidity a little after that and drifted into a strange dream about being late for work, then woke up to realise I *was*!

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    8. 12-21-2013

      by , 12-22-2013 at 07:02 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Non-Lucid , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      Last night was kind of a mess. i had to get early so i set my alarm, but a storm came in and the power went off a couple of times. So i had to reset my alarm. All of this took my mind off of dream recall so i didn't get much.

      I go skiing with my dad. We are at the top of a very tall mountain. I start worrying if we'll even be able to get down.

      I'm in Florida with a friend trying to break into my teacher's chemical closet.

      I'm driving along a road and this guy asks me if i want to trade cars. I yell 'Yes' and i end up with a crappy version of my original car.
      Tags: car, dad, florida, skiing
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    9. Murder/suicide - Skiing then hungry at university

      by , 12-10-2012 at 05:49 PM
      There was a multiple murder at the edge of town along the forest in some shacks. I had a vision of what happened kind of on a television in my mind. One of the murders happened like this: a guy started riding a horse away from his house, away from a danger. There was a fire that was engulfing the land below him and he was racing away from it. Then the fire on the ground stopped but there were flames coming from him. There was a sense that he was causing the fire to come from the air by racing through it so quickly on the horse and I thought that if he just slowed down, the fire would go out. He got to a wood clearing. Then he shot himself in the head. A police officer related the shooting to the media by doing a backflip. Then, I was watching news coverage of the event next to a lake. It was like Hurricane Sandy. There was a benefit/donation number for money that would go to the families. There was a number for crime tips. I went into a lake and was swimming in it. It was beautiful. Then I went up onto this land area that reminds me of the area by the shed where I used to live. People in the media were questioning me and others. Somebody offered me a beer and I declined because it was honey flavored and I didn't think it would be good. He said it was the best beer in the world. I tasted it and indeed it was good.

      I went skiing with my family. We were walking up the mountain. There was no lift. There was no snow. I got to the top and instead of going on skis, people were hopping on socks that would fly over not snow but metal rollers. I was going down and had a good hang of it. The problem was that there were too many people in the way and I had to slow down. At one point in the descent I got to a train station. Everyone was going through. I tried to go through using my metro card but it wasn't working. I went to buy a ticket at the machine but my coins weren't all going in. I had to bang on the machine so that they'd go in. As I banged, they went in but the price that I still had to pay went up. Also, my coins turned into little toy naked girls and I was embarrassed that the employee would see them. Later I was walking around at college. I wondered why there was a lobby in every building with chairs to sit in. I reasoned that it was worth building this part of the building because students would like it and if a college didn't have such areas students would be unhappy and go to different colleges. I was hungry and went to the dining hall to get a slice of pizza. When I got to the register I tried to pay with a 20 dollar bill but the woman didn't have enough change and she was frustrated that I payed with a 20. I told her I'd go find some coins. I found many many "coins" but they were actually nails. There were big nails representing more money and small nails representing less. I picked up all I could carry in my arms and walked back to the register. My money turned into vegetables especially potatoes. They were huge potatoes.
    10. Cher on Skis

      by , 11-21-2012 at 11:16 PM
      Non lucid

      At a large live theatre like building a group of people and I were discussing certain current issues. There were large speakers and great lighting. To the left of the seating was a large control room with windows that pointed out toward the stage and audience. Also a ramp came up from the base of the stage and met the control room at a slight angle where there was a wide opening in the wall. There was no production going on at the moment but other people were busy doing random things in preparation for some event.

      I entered the control room and started talking to Jock who was sitting at a computer. He swivelled around in his chair to greet me and we chatted a bit. He wrote his number down on a piece of paper so I could call him up later and finish our exchange. I started to walk out to the ramp and I looked at the page. He had also written the names and numbers of other people we both know and was nice enough to include other numbers like the local movie theatre, hardware store, and pizza joint. I thought this was slightly strange but also helpful and kind.

      I stuffed the list in my back pocket and continued over to the ramp when the dream started to transition. Suddenly I saw one of my least favourite pop artist flying down the mountain on skis, catching air of a snow berm and headed straight for me. Before I could move Cher crashed into me, knocking me to the ground.

      The dream re-transitioned and I found myself in the kitchen with my girlfriend. I thought to myself "WTF was Cher doing in my dream? On Skis!?Crashing into me only moments before at a place I've never been to?" I started to do a reality check by looking down counting my fingers. "one, two, three" I could already see my hand was not normal but I continued counting any way and my girlfriend joined in the increasingly exciting count. "four, Five, SIX, SEVEN!". I had about nine fingers on my right hand all together. "Ah ha I am dreaming." I told my girlfriend and gave her a high five. Unfortunately I forgot to anchor myself and tugged at my GF black shirt to bring her in for a kiss before I took off to do whatever. She giggled and gently pushed me away and said "Pshht come on silly you're dreaming.".. then I woke up.. Pfffft.
    11. Ski Castle

      by , 09-17-2012 at 04:29 PM
      My family and I were on a vacation, and we were camping at some ski resort. We stayed in this really creepy ass cabin that had nothing in it except hay on the floor. Actually, there was this weird horse in the corner with really creepy eyes, and Jake and I kept fucking with it with glow sticks. We'd wave them in front of his face and get him all worked up. Then, I went off on my own skiing around and I found this long trail to an old, medieval castle. You had to take a gondola across an icy river to get there. It was a big attraction, and a lot of people came to see it. But I think I didn't go back to my family and just spent the night there. I went back to the cabin the next morning, and a cat was following me.
      Then I told Jake and Garrett that they NEED to see this castle cuz it was awesome. So they took the trail, but had to rush back because we were leaving soon. I don't remember much after that, besides trying to get everything packed up to go. I also don't remember seeing my parents ever, just having the feeling that they were there.
      Tags: castle, skiing, snow
    12. Dream #2 - False Awakening, Afterlife, Skiing

      by , 04-06-2012 at 04:24 PM
      1. 4. 2012
      Couldn't remember anything.

      2.4. 2012 - False Awakening
      Background info: that day I had to wake up sooner than usually (5:15 AM), so I had a little stress, because I expected to have only 6 hours sleep. I also had a piano competition that day, so that could've added to stress.

      I wake up only to find out I overslept. It's 5:42 AM. I quickly jump out of my bed to grab suit and dress up. To my surprise, it's not in my closet and I have a feeling it could be in my parents' bedroom. So I go there. My parents are not sleeping, mom is lying on bed, though. Dad is fixing PC, software-stuff on the other side of the room. They seem awfully calm, I'm not even being yelled on when they see I overslept. I grab my suit from the middle wardrobe. (aren't there regals in waking life?) My dad calls me to look outside. It's raining. Surprisingly, it's raining so much that green frogs are falling, too. They land on window (we have roof window, if you get what I mean) and jump away. I ignore this fact and go to my room to dress up. I find socks ready to be pulled on on my bed, though I can't remember getting my clothes ready before going to bed. In my mind, I quickly schedule remaining 30 minutes before I have to go to train station. I'll use 10 minutes to eat some yoghurt and drink tea and the other 20 to make me some snack to eat on the train. I go downstairs only to find my little sister already there watching My Little Pony: Friendship is magic on TV. (at 6 AM, I may add, duh) So I go to kitchen and for some unknown reason, I decide to eat some bread instead. It's already cut, but someone poured water on it. WHAT?

      Anyways, I go back upstairs and I turn on computer. (Yeah, let's no stick to my schedule, because this is a dream, right?) I go on dreamviews forum, but I can't remember whether I read something or not. I notice on of my books, which are usually on the table, is missing. I go ask mom if she knows where it is and says she borrowed it. That's really weird, She usually doesn't read stuff like that. Anyways, the book's name is The Reincarnationist by M. J. Rose.

      3. 4. 2012 - 5. 4. 2012
      Couldn't remember anything.

      6. 6. 2012 - Afterlife
      Background info: I woke up at about 11:00 AM and went back to sleep without getting out of bed. Weak form of WBTB? Dreams were very vivid.

      I'm in some sort of cave with someone. Actually, it's more like tunnel. We go further and further and stumble across a statue of some Greek goddess. There is some sort of button on the naked statue (don't ask where). I press it and a big rock in front of us rolls away. I see a beatiful scenery. It's a huge area with pool with light water, like you can see in movies. There aren't any shadows and sun is shining brighter than usual. It's all designed in ancient Egypt style. Whole area is surrounded by a wall made from light yellow bricks (again, Egyptian-style) with two lines of blue azur bricks in upper and bottom area of the wall. To my left there are bunch of ancient Greek and ancient Egypt statues. They're all naked. (I have to say that male statues are VERY well endowed ) Behind me I can see about 3 endings from ventilation. Whole area reminds me of Quidditch pitch from Harry Potter. I then see a big boar and I know it's a god. (Mononoke Hime reference) We talk about something and then one of the ventilation endings start sucking him like a vacuum cleaner. This doesn't affect my and my friend, who I still have no idea who that is. The boar yells in panic and then is sucked completely by the ventilation. And somehow I know this is what afterlife looks like or how people imagined it in acient Greek and Egypt.

      EDIT: I remembered who was the person with me! It was Morpheus from Matrix.


      I'm skiing in ski center in which I was about 3-4 years ago. I meet old friend of mine from Elementary school. We ski together a little, we also have an istructor and it feels like training. Since I can ski well already, I go down the slope first. I'm waiting for them but they seem to be stuck somewhere. I go sit down to a nearby café. They're still not arriving. I go check on machine that helps people get on the hill and see it's halted. I look around and see my friends sitting under a tree and drinking tea. We talk about something.

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    13. Lost in the Mountains

      by , 03-07-2012 at 02:03 AM


      Notes: This was during a nap.....3rd crappy LDs in 12 hours. At least the non-lucid parts were interesting

      I started watching a skiing movie. A guy went off a jump at did around 30 flips. I thought this was pretty ridiculous. Then I see that he leveled out and pulled his parachute. That makes sense. I was looking closer and I realized that he had skate skis. It was looking back at the jump he went off and it looked fairly small. I hear someone say, "Yeah they were all wasted for it."

      Suddenly I am transported onto the mountain. I go off the jump and pull my chute. I glide around for awhile. It is night time and there are cliffs everywhere. This is really cool but really dangerous. I turn around a bend and look for a landing. For some reason, I try to go under this low tree branch. I fall into a tree well, but I am fine.

      I overhear some people behind me. There are police lights. I was about to climb out of my hole, but I wanted to first hear what was going on. Some girl says,"Its not my fault they went over here." I think they are looking for me and my buddy who did the jump. They found something else that worried me. I hear a news person start to talk. They found a frozen submarine crew in the side of a cliff. The passengers had been frozen. One guy was smoking a cigarette and froze instantly.

      They start to begin the search for us, so I get out of my ditch. I thought it would be funny to make zombie noises as I rose up. I meet the group and they are all happy to find me. I hug Fran and Jack approaches me. I playfully through some ice at him and then we greet each other. I am headed out with them, while the rest of the group searches for my buddy. I remember that we had to have beacons on us. If I activate mine, we will know where he is. I run back and say I have my beacon. The lead investigator approaches me.

      I become lucid and realize I don't have a beacon on me. The investigator is waiting for me to have this life-saving thing, and I feel bad that I lied. I tell him it is in the ditch I came out of. They all head off and I fly away. Below me is a giant snow plow. I thought that would be fun to drive. As I got near it, I changed my mind and flew off. It was really dark and cloudy. There were no lights around this mountain and I was worried I would lose the dream in the darkness. I try to imagine a nice sunny beach over the next ridge. There isn't one. I hurry and land and just start feeling things around me, trying to maintain vision. It is almost pitch black and I grab some branches. They hurt a lot, which is probably how they would feel in real life with me groping blindly through a forest. I am focusing on all of my tactile sensations and then my alarm goes off. FHEIOAJF:
    14. Wild...?

      by , 08-28-2011 at 01:23 PM (Typho's DJ)

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    15. Rainbow Slide & Suits

      by , 07-29-2011 at 09:35 PM (Starr's Dream Collection)

      This was definitely a weird one... It's the longest dream I've had for as long as I can remember, even longer than one of my more recent dreams, "Escaping Puppies", which was a pretty long dream. Bare with me, I'm trying to remember all of it.

      I've just left some sort of party or family get together. I have a false memory of recently being at my uncle's house or something. I'm driving a rusty old red pickup truck. (I can't drive yet IRL...permit soon, though!) I have basically no control over said truck and keep veering onto the sidewalk and onto people's lawns. Oops.

      Somehow, the car transforms into this red pogo stick. I ride the pogo stick down the street that I recognize as my best friend's street. I know where her house is from here, so I hop on over to it. I see my H (my BFF), her mom, and some random lady. They're all in exercise clothes, and it's obvious they were just working out. But they seem excited to see me. I realize they're building a bedroom in their front lawn for H's little brother, who I guess has transformed back into a baby. Okay then.

      I notice some letters from the alphabet, made out of wood and painted red, and attached to the side of their house. It's going to say "ABOUT", but they are missing the 'U' and the 'T'. H's mom and the random woman ask me and my brother (who came out of nowhere) to find the missing letters. There's a ton of the letters spread out on the neighbor's lawn so we start looking, but I cannot for the life of me find the missing letters.

      My brother does, though. And he's praised endlessly for doing so. They put up the remaining letters, but I don't have the heart to tell them they spelled "ABOUT" wrong. Now it just says "ABOIUT".


      I'm standing in my laundry room in my basement, alone. My sister, R, comes downstairs. She's really hyper and annoying (like she always is). She's jumping around. I'm annoyed. Why can't she just leave me alone? I tell her to go away. She does.

      I walk out of my laundry room and sit on the arm of the chair. R is back. She says, "Wanna see my secret passage way to get from the storage room to the laundry room?". I'm pretty sure she's just messing around, so I say "Sure, whatever." She walks off to the storage room and disappears. I hear noise from the ceiling, as if she was crawling through the air vents.

      Suddenly, she pops out of a cardboard box filled with stuffed animals. She startles me, and I throw a stuffed toy horse at her head. She laughs at me, and says "Tada! Now you try!". I relent and walk into the laundry room, where apparently there's another secret passageway. Now, it's not just me and my sister. Somehow, a ton of our friends are there too.

      So, I'm back in the laundry room, and I open the dryer. It's different, though. The door is on top of the dryer instead of on the front, and everything inside is still wet, so it isn't dried yet. I step inside. The first thing I notice is a ladybug Pillow Pet. I pick it up and say, "Oh, so that's where that went!". I don't own a Pillow Pet. Anyways, now I see an opening big enough for a person to slide through at the bottom of the dryer. Everyone around me is pressuring me to go through, so I do.

      Turns out, it's a slide. And it's the best slide ever. It's a full body slide, so it's like a tube. The walls of the slide are clear, but outside all I see is fog/mist. It's awesome, though, because the fog lights up different colors. It changes from pink to blue to red to green to purple, etc. I finally come out the other side, just to splash into a giant pool of water. It seems like I've fallen through a hole in the ice. Everyone that was just in the laundry room is there.

      I tell them how amazing it was, and they help me out of the water. I see penguins standing around. I have no clue where I am, but I don't care.

      Somehow, I make it upstairs to my dining room where my mom and her friend are sitting. I'm trying to tell my mom how awesome the slide in our basement is, but she doesn't know what I'm talking about. I show her a video on my phone that I apparently took whilst riding the slide. She begins to watch it, but it's actually a video of Jeff and Lester, two characters from the TV show Chuck, riding the slide. My mom looks appalled and says, "That's disgusting!". I turn to my mom's friend, just to notice that she took my iPod. She hacked my pass code and was messing with it. I take it back.

      I have an app where you can take notes, and she had changed the title to all those notes from whatever they originally were to "Kinda Sexual". Great. I'm mad at her, but she just laughs at me.
      (The sad part is, I can totally imagine her doing this in real life and I wouldn't put it past her. )

      Weee! Switch!

      I'm magically transported to this giant mall with lots of level and different stores. Somehow, I know I'm there for a hair appointment, so I find a hair salon and I sit down in a chair. A lady says she'll be there with me in a minute, I nod, and she walks off. I look to my left and see two other chairs with people in them. I'm kinda surprised by who I see.

      I don't know how many of you watch Suits, a new series on USA, but Mike and Harvey, the two main characters, are just sitting there.
      That's what I get for watching it right before I go to bed.

      Anyways, so we're all just sitting there. Mike and Harvey are acting surprisingly...hyper.

      And by hyper, I mean either drunk or high.

      It's so weird to see Harvey like that especially, and he keeps cracking up for no apparent reason. So, I guess we're all just sitting there, waiting for our hair appointments, but no one is helping us. Also, apparently, Mike and I are best friends, because I keep making references to inside jokes which both make us laugh so much our sides ache.

      At one point, Penelope Cruz walks up to us dressed as a nun, and she says "I'll cut your hair for you!" in a joking manner, then she's off. We all know she's actually on an undercover mission. (...)

      Then, all of our relatives start arriving, but I can't seem to see any of mine anywhere, until my grandma shows up. It's super crowded at the salon. A little while later, I realize that my family did arrive indeed, and they were standing on a big platform above us along with a ton of other people. There's a big flatscreen TV, and they're all watching it intently. Suddenly, a commercial comes on for a bag of deep-fried Oreos selling for $9.99. My brother and sister are super excited by this. As they should be.

      BAM! SWITCH!

      Somehow, I'm back at the bottom of the rainbow slide thing where it had been like an indoor Arctic type thing. I'm with my group of friends again when I notice a ski slope off in the distance. Skiing down the said hill is just a bunch of penguins from Club Penguin, a kid's social website thing. They have the usernames under them and everything.

      I'm extremely excited by this, because this means we can troll their website without actually being anywhere near a computer. I walk up to a group of penguins with my friends and we start circling them and harassing them, by dancing and making funny faces. We were all wearing these weird circle-ish sunglasses, I remember.

      The penguins ignore us and start mocking us instead, saying things like "Oh, you think you're so amazing, don't you?" and I remember replying with, "No, I know I'm amazing!" and continuing to dance.

      Well, that was the end of that dream. It was extremely strange, to say the least. I notice how I constantly dream of celebrities and/or TV and movie characters. I mean, I dream about my friends/family a lot, but celebs seem to be the constant main characters in my dream land.

      Uhh...I'm weird.
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