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    1. A four-sided mask

      by , 12-24-2016 at 05:08 PM
      I enter a lecture hall and speak to the man who I believed summoned me, dressed in black with a small white owl on his shoulder, but it turns out the owl is the one that called me; this is news to the man in black, and he's not pleased about it. The owl speaks in a pleasant woman's voice and changes into the shape of a four-sided mask, one face for each direction; three of them are simple stylized masks made of wood or similar, but the fourth is an actual face - it moves, it has eyes - just in cartoonishly distorted proportions. She's been sealed/trapped/stuck/reduced to this. She introduces herself as Loki Laufeyjarson, which is not the name I was expecting her to say but I roll with it.

      She talks about each of her masks - in the one that resembles an actual face, she says she'd taken this form and scorned high heels (meaning an artificial way of gaining the height she feels she should have had anyway - 'height' is not really the issue she's talking about). In one of the wooden masks, she talks about using this form for dealings with a magician, and she suspects that magician of having a hand in her current unfortunate circumstances.

      She returns to the form of the owl sitting on the man in black's shoulder, and we're now in a yard behind an estate, surrounded by partygoers. The man speaks of my payment and I dismiss the small amount of money he offers; I tell him I expect him to provide me with food and lodgings, pea soup and three packs of smokes a day. (Neither of those are things I'd want IRL, but I wasn't being my IRL self here.) I'm already leaving, stepping over an ornamental pond; it's a demand, not a negotiation. He's irritated, but she accepts immediately. I walk off into the trees along the border of the property.

      In earlier scenes, symbols of eyes and blue lotuses above the entrance to a cave, and drinking a polar bear's blood from a glass while wondering about parasites.
    2. Iudex

      by , 10-23-2016 at 03:23 PM
      A woman made a deal with one of my kind, a short man in a black suit who irritates me, and so he's placed his mark on her wrist, a symbol in the shape of a sword, representing "Iudex," the judge. This will allow him to possess her, though she was unaware of this. I'm furious. He's well within his rights, but I deeply dislike him and his people who bear that symbol; I'm going to destroy his mark. It's not difficult, any changes to the lines in her skin will do the job. I ask her to choose the method (a knife) and if she wants me to do it for her or if she'd rather do it herself (she asks me to do it), three horizontal cuts distort the symbol sufficiently, and then I set out a bandage for her.
    3. 10/18/16 - Kid Purses and Arcade Games

      by , 10-19-2016 at 05:25 AM
      I'm in some kind of hotel. I walk alone down a hall and enter an arcade room. It's small and there's about 5 or 6 games. Two of them are being played by two girls that i know. I walk up to them and try to talk, but they ignore me. I take a closer look at one of the games being played and it strikes me as odd. The character has the body of a steak. Suddenly the character changes and it has the head of deadpool, but the body is skinless and bloody. The boss character goes behind deadpool and starts stabbing him. With each stab, deadpool swells up and cries out in pain, louder and louder. After a minute or so the character completely explodes. I back up and walk to the other side of the room. I see and vending machine with iced coffee and decide that I want one. When I go to reach for money I notice a sofa with something under it. I get down on my hands and knees and find 3 child purses. I pull them out and dig in them. In each one I find a 5 dollar bill. I get excited. Then in the last purse I find pictures of kids and baby pictures as well. I think it's weird, so I get up and throw them away on a trash can. I then go back to the vending machine but then remember that I can't get coffee cause I'm vegan.
    4. 16-10-02 Possessed Children

      by , 10-03-2016 at 12:58 AM
      I found myself in a bedroom. The floor was covered in blood. So were the walls. Something felt very, very wrong. I was freaked out, and wanted to get out of the room. I tried to open the door, but it was locked. I was afraid something would jump out at me now, that it was a trap, that they were waiting for me to try and escape. Luckily, I could unlock the door and exit into a corridor. To my horror, the rest of the house looked much the same. The floors covered entirely in blood. The walls covered in "blood" as well. I use quotation marks, because the blood on the walls resembled moss a little bit, reminiscent of the red weed from 'The War of the Worlds' (no surprise, I read something related to tWotW the night before). I got out of the house, and realized something bad was happening everywhere. It was night. I noticed the house was located in a typical suburban neighborhood. At another house across the street, I noticed a woman and her two kids. Little kids, aged approximately 5 or 6 years old. I "knew" they were possessed. The mother too, probably. The kids ran towards me, and I knew they would try to kill me. One of them threw rocks (or shot them at me with a catapult). The other tried to set me on fire using a kind of highly flammable liquid. I was forced to use extreme force. I held the kid in a stranglehold, and said that if he torched me, he would burn too. I don't remember what happened next, but I think I either simply knocked them out, or killed them. I woke up, remembering what horrors I had just committed to survive.

      There was another dream, which I forgot.
    5. Totm's and blood red yogini 🌺

      by , 08-12-2016 at 09:57 PM
      Completed Totm Basic 1 and Advance 1✨🎆🎆✨

      Bed around 10 and fast to sleep as am enjoying full on exercise every weekday at the mo and it's making me sleep good

      Set intentions pretty strong before sleep ; repeating to myself that
      I will remember my dreams, I will record my dreams, I will have many dreams and I will be lucid tonight.
      Repeating - "Tonight I lucid dream "many times as I drift off✨

      I woke around 2 with some fragments then about 3am ...being chased again but this time I am not as anxious as I have been before - so I know I am clear headed tonight.

      I repeat - "Tonight I lucid dream" quite a few times and fall off to sleep as usual and almost jepedise a proper Wbtb - this time I know I need a good wbtb so I sit up for about 30 mins 😉 I sit up resting my self and allowing my body and mind to calm and be at peace - I bring my focus about - I will lucid dream tonight ...as I repeat this regularly and intermidedly see myself becoming lucid and accomplishing goals. I know tonight I have a good chance 🎆🌠🎆

      I remember totm tasks and personal tasks also make strong requests to my sub to help me learn and become/realise everything I possibly can -

      Earlier dreams include me speaking with my mum about meditation and how I know I haven't realised any big deal stuff but I am very happy I know how to relax and be one pointed and at peace - I know I want to take this further...and will.

      Woke at 5.54am with Lucid dream report -
      First time lucid was a dild but later had a Deild and a wild as I lay still back awake after waking up a few times.
      During the dreams - which are of rich sexual content - I am helping many during war time. It's similar to quite a few dreams I have had now where I play very confident " yogini" in the sense of the word that I would not dare to do in WL - I am a pretty wild DC and very comfortable with my role in the dreams as if I have always been this character ...I also seem tobe training others to be yogini 's this is a recurring theme I am becoming aware of - sometimes I am playing myself and other times it's watching her in 3rd person.
      Anyway at some point I decide to do totm basic 1

      I was with some DC's and remember to ask one if they have a secret form one of the folks on Dream Views - he shakes his head - so I continue asking " ok what about Dolphin...anything about him?" Nope he says ..." Ok I ask - how about RelaxAndDream...anything about him?" He stops to ponder and says he has a secret about RelaxAndDream

      I am intruiged but have a feeling the DC is messing with me

      " He's got 3 noses! " says the DC - I laugh and laugh and wake up laughing

      So I go back to sleep after recording the above dreams at around 6am - I know I am getting up n an hour and feel relaxed. I lay still and on my back and gently slip in to dreams which become lucid once again.

      I am looking at myself in a small mirror when I get lucid - my face looks funny so I start imagining my mouth opening and something coming out even though I know it's shut - the face in the mirror obliges showing a small long thing come out my mouth ... so I continue to watch and see my mouth morphing, disappear completely then reappearing etc for a bit ,this is fun but comes to an end as I go to explore the dream scape -
      - I become part of a story - it seems I am the main character and I have been kidnapped ( as its a lucid I go along with it thinking how curious of my sub to show me as such a victim ) soon though I end up as the yogini once again within this powerful group of rebels of the communist regime - it's dark times - I am the one looking after them in every way like food, Heath love and especially in matters of the heart - very dramatic etc ...where at one point I look down at my legs and they are covered in blood - the open, straightforwardness of her love seems to be symbolised by the bloodiness. Difficult dream to explain far less understand completely.

      This dream as was pretty long Lucid - going a long with the plot mostly but then doing some tasks every now and then - I met a girl later on and asked her if she would acompany me throught the dream and help accomplish tasks and she said ok - she acompany's me around after that.
    6. Moving During the Zombie Apocalypse, Brief Lucidity, and a Couple of Frags

      by , 05-18-2016 at 01:18 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      It was the zombie apocalypse. I don't remember who it was that I was with, but it was a group. We were living comfortably in a house, feeling quite safe. I remember seeing my bedroom, one I shared with a young girl. It was clean and the queen-sized bed looked comfortable and inviting. Next to the bed I saw a nightstand with a lamp on it.

      However, we were moving. I was then looking at an area from above. Things started to look like Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 (mobile version), in that I could place different buildings in an area that had roads laid out. This is where we were moving to. I "placed" buildings from my above POV, as if I was simply playing a video game.

      I was then back in my regular view. I was with the group inside a building that we were scouting for zombies. I was sitting on the floor with a couple others, while the rest stood. I saw two, one I distinctly remember being a female with short brown hair pulled into a ponytail and a messed up mouth coming behind some of my friends. I warned the group. They moved aside. I'm not sure what happened to the other zombie, but the female one was going for me. She came at me and was on me. I was keeping her from biting me, but only barely; I really thought I was about to get bit. Then, one of the people that was there with me, a guy, slit his own throat and used his blood to save me from the zombie; something about the blood killed the zombie. I looked at the guy who saved me, and aside from a slightly bloody, drippy slit in his neck, he was totally fine.

      At some point, I thought about the fact that we were moving, and I wished we weren't because we were comfortable and happy where we were before.

      I then was talking to one of the girls that was with me. We were talking about whether or not we thought the zombies were increasing in number or decreasing. She said
      "Oh they are definitely dying."
      I then remembered that I was "back" at the beginning of the apocalypse, though everyone else was just at the beginning and was never at the end with me. I thought about the female zombie who almost bit me and noticed how "freshly dead" she still had looked. I had been at the end of the zombie apocalypse previously, and started to explain to the girl how I knew that things weren't going to get better yet.


      I woke up for over an hour and struggled to go back to sleep. When I finally did, I had an interesting little lucid moment.

      I felt myself falling asleep, the head buzz feeling came over me, and I saw a moving picture in front of me, like a movie screen. It reminded me of a country western almost; there was a desert and the sky was pink and orange as if the sun was rising or setting. There was no sound. It took up most of my vision, but I wanted to go into it and get a LD started. I entered the moving picture, and wasn't sure if that would make me wake up or if it worked. I started to see that I was submerging myself in this world, but after that, I lost it. Not even sure if I woke up or continued to dream or not.


      My daughter had pooped in her diaper and it was leaking onto her clothes.


      My husband got onto me about not packing up my books like I said I would. (I fully expect this to happen IWL, as I did not pack my books last night like he asked).

      Updated 05-18-2016 at 01:26 PM by 32059

      non-lucid , dream fragment , lucid
    7. #235 - Horror

      by , 04-27-2016 at 07:14 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I haven't got much time to write this up, but I basically had a horror movie dream.

      I remember heading over to a 'friends' place who was another kid that lived in the neighbourhood. I was also a kid (not me, since it was a movie/story) and I had decided to buy some magic pickles or something. I coated the pickle things in this enchanted jelly stuff and tried swallowing them whole, it apparently would enhance my powers or something. I thought to myself that nothing happened, god damn it what a scam! I head back to find that 'friend' but he's no where to be seen. Hmm, odd. I decide I'll try another day, so I head home again. When I arrive I spot that the door is opened by a crack, through the crack I can see what looks like an eyeball attached to the wall with a trail of blood flowing down it to the floor. What the hell... My curiosity piqued, I edge closer and look inside.. There's blood and guts everywhere, I instantly know what happened. I had apparently killed the friend, the pickles had made me go mindless and my memory had been blank as it awakened some demon that resided within my family bloodline. My 'father' is standing there trying to clean up the mess, he apologizes profusely saying 'it's not what it looks like'. On his hands are claws like freddy krougar, I assume he has been cutting the friend of mine up into smaller pieces to make him easier to dispose of. Also I should mention that it was like a 3rd person view of the reaction of 'me' and then some intense imagery flashed before my eyes in some kind of attempt to 'shock' the audience.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    8. Tooth and Blood

      by , 04-10-2016 at 10:10 AM
      Morning of April 10, 2016. Sunday.

      In my dream, I am in an unfamiliar building which seems to be in Japan, or at least I am aware that the building is Japanese. (I have only been in Japan for a short time for one day in my life in reality in my move to Australia.)

      After a time, a tooth on the upper right (which I do not even have in reality - which is ironic) feels slightly loose. I move it with my tongue. I end up pulling it out with my fingers even though it is not that loose.

      After this, I am aware of my mouth bleeding from the area I pulled the tooth out. I go to the sink (which is illogically in the unfamiliar bedroom I am in, on the opposite side of the room from a large window) and keep spitting out thicker blood. After about five or six times, I start to wonder how much more blood I can lose (it seems like a lot) before I start to feel differently or even pass out. No one else seems to be around at that point. It slowly dawns on me that I am dreaming, which I find somewhat amusing in that my dream self fell for the losing teeth scenario yet again (though it was more common when I was younger).

      Other than when it is relevant to an actual real-life focus (such as recently having a tooth pulled or having an actual toothache), I sincerely believe that dreams of losing teeth have no ďinterpretationĒ at all as it seems a common waking transition component, which in actual cause, is simply the dissolution of the dream and the cessation of the dream self (since using oneís mouth is a main way of acknowledging oneís consciousness and wakefulness to others and the unconscious self cannot speak - so the dream renders a focus on the fictional dream bodyís mouth as losing teeth - pretty simple), just as falling, rising into the air, or suddenly tripping, or even seeing something falling from the sky is (of which also typically have no ďinterpretationĒ and are simply a natural form of the waking transition). Still, I think this bleeding may relate to acknowledgement of the energies of my internal dawning consciousness and physical form in a similar way that tripping over in hypnopompia is acknowledging the dream setting does not physically exist during the waking transition. The color red also dominates a dream when I have been asleep a bit too long.

      I will note however, that when I was younger, most such dreams proved to be precognitive of which teeth I would actually be losing in a specific order. The only way to explain this would have to relate to some sort of foreshadowing regarding body awareness that is presently not understood (which of course does not explain all the other types of more detailed literal and visual prescience). This one is the reverse though. That is, it is the literal memory of already having lost the tooth, though assigned to a common hypnopompic distortion.

      Tags: blood, sink, tooth, water
    9. [02-04-2016]

      by , 04-02-2016 at 11:17 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      It was evening. I went to toilet and back to my room. I thought about making a prank to my pal, and took a costume of a horrifying ghost - a woman with dark hair, wearing a white dress.

      Second dream

      I was at a wedding. With family we drove to a small restaurant, where a black woman in a purple dress was telling random stories and jokes about marriage and stuff. I didn't listened to her, going outside and entering sewers instead. It was dirty all around, but it wasn't stinking. I saw one of my classmates playing with spiders, and met a man working in sewers. He told the classmate how to tame spiders, and then he went away saying "I have to meet up with Irene! Goodbye!". I went back to surface and met my father, then I entered the toilet. I wanted to pee, but there were people disturbing me. First a girl entered my cabin, then my father just tore the door to it and thrown it away. I thought "Screw it, I'll just do this!" and started peeing blood.
    10. [12-02-2016]

      by , 02-12-2016 at 02:44 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was in some kind of temple mixed with a museum. There were cauldrons with blood -' six in a row. I didn't knew it was blood at first and drank from 5 of these cauldrons. I moved to last one, and a dude waiting there asked me if I really want to drink tainted blood. I dropped mug with blood that I took from previous cauldron inside the one I was standing close to. Dude shouted "What have you done! Now it's even more tainted!"

      Second dream

      With parents I was in the backyard oh my house. I found a mirror, and did something strange. I took out my penis, looked at it's reflection in the mirror and thought about body shifting. I had a weird, but somehow good feeling that my balls were sucked inside my body. I took pants off and saw that I have a vagina now. Parents just freaked out. I fingered it to check if that's a dream. Everything turned black, and just before waking up, I had a feeling that my balls just shoot out from within my body.
    11. 9 february 2016

      by , 02-09-2016 at 06:23 PM

      The dream started with me moving to a new home with a dream friend. My luggage arrived at night of my first day there.
      They laid it in the snow on my front lawn. (the visual reminded me how some movies i've watched where dead bodies are arranged in the snow.
      like all dirty and bloody in crisp freezing ice.)
      I went to pick it up, and almost all the cases were damaged with holes/opened.
      A cat had rummuged through one of the bags and pulled out a lot of items to create some sort of shrine in a whole in the ground.
      I shined my phone light on it, the hole led to separate tunnels. Fruits and random things glowing warm red light sitting everywhere.
      Didn't want to touch because cat was crazy. Took luggage into my seperate garage/shed. Girl was standing in the room terrified and yelling.
      Floors and walls absolutely covered in blood, pictures of girls laying on the floor. I wasn't concerned about it.
      I told her to chill out and tried to leave, a "ghost" was holding the door shut. I got it open.

      Now I'm in an old house redesigned as a baseball museum, with some friends. We're drinking and messing with all the displays.
      We steal some stuff, good time. I return the next night and everyone is acting weird around me, like i had done something unspeakable.
      I had cocain in my pocket but no one knew about it, and i decided not to tell them.
      A friend from highschool appeared in a real sexy/90's outfit and asked if i wanted to go to a different party.
      we left but i never told anyone about the cocain.

      i remember the visual of the freezing cat shrine very well, magnificentenenet.

      Tags: blood, cat, musem
      non-lucid , memorable
    12. Night of Jan 6th

      by , 01-07-2016 at 10:07 PM
      I took 50 mg of melatonin after a short break of not taking any. It really did intensify my dreams and it led me to waking up several times and falling back asleep. The first 1 or 2 dreams I don't remember, the 3rd one involved a woman who was being hunted by this sadistic family in the middle of the woods, she finds their property and tries to steal a car to get out. I was trying to escape too but thats all I remember.

      I woke up again and fell back asleep and this time I was in class with either a friend or a sister (if she was a sister it would have been in dream only not RL) and I was being my usual smart ass self that I was when I was in school, i just remembered something. I was able to go back to school in my dream after I graduated and this was set in math class to be specific Algebra 3/4 class. I look through the text book realizing I couldn't do any of the problems and was getting very frustrated. I noticed something was off about my teacher sometimes here eyes would flip to complete black and then back to normal, I realized my teacher was replaced with a demon. Blood started to drip down from the ceiling and he collected some and made everybody do some weird ritual with blood and it summoned hell hounds that jumped through the window and started to growl at everybody, the teacher disappeared and my friend/sis and I were the only ones who didn't do it so she sat there and I stood up on my desk and placed a container underneath the dripping blood to collect it and then I pushed open a different area of the roof and I seen a bunch of dead bodies of all the teachers and even a nun up there that were tied up and rotting but still dripping blood. the blood started to flow heavier and I took what I had and went up to the chalk board and drew some weird symbol on it with the blood and pressed my bloody hand against the symbol as hard as I could and it made all the hell hounds disappear.

      This is when I woke up again but things took a very nasty course. I was still able to snore but I was not able to move and I wasn't sure I was able to open my eyes but I knew this was a sleep paralysis experience, I felt this presence in my room off to the right by the window like standing over my bed and I pretended to sleep by snoring but it didn't work, I tried to move my arms but when I did they felt numb and like dead weight. The thing off to my right said my name in this taunting like manner like he had control over me and I worked up everything in my might to try to talk so I just kept trying and nothing was coming out but finally I was able to yell "MOM" not really loud but loud enough and she just yelled WHAT? and after that I was able to move and get up. This experience wasn't as scary as the last one but to feel that presence and hear it say my name was really scary.
    13. The Smell of Blood In The Fancy Hallway

      by , 01-02-2016 at 10:36 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      The Smell of Blood In The Fancy Hallway (DILD)


      Iím transitioning into a dream somehow, maybe through DEILD when I set an alarm to wake me up. The first immersive sensation that Iím experiencing is the smell of blood. And itís so overwhelming, I couldnít help but wonder whatís really going on. I didnít feel it translated in waking life, even though the smell was potent, and I realized Iím inside a fancy castle-esque hallway.

      Itís grandiose in size, and seems to be highly maintained in spite of the smell of blood engulfing the area. The main attraction of this hallway is the black and white checkered tiling thatís about three or so feet in width. The external tiling from that is your simple dirty vanilla color thatís just as clean as the checkered region.

      I navigate the hallway, quickly glancing over the sections with fancy chandeliers, and the bright little speckles or yellow light with a subtle presence of orange for the rim lighting. I noticed diagonally to the right of me, a female wearing a red dress is trying to get some other male entity off her body. They were grappling her shoulders, and she managed to push them off, and somehow comes to my path as if she knew I was already there.

      She gets closer to me, and she has an uncanny visage that Iím trying to figure out who she could be an amalgam of. I paid attention to my breathing for a moment, and felt at ease with her, but she still looks like the perfect stranger, and yet the moment she was next to me, itís like there was this invisible veneer that diluted whatever feelings of anxiety I had along with the smell of blood that was so dominant.

      I donít think it was an infatuation with her, but more of a camaraderie type of relationship with her that could easily bleed into romantic undertones. Sheís folding her arms together, and hands her hands near her cleavage, and sheís looking up at me with this distinct smile that also seems to be recovering from the previous attack from the male entity that looks like those Las Plagas monks from Resident Evil 4.

      Sheís trying to ease her breathing a bit, and I told her that I thought she was Ada at first glance. I didnít know what I meant by professing ďAda,Ē at first, and presumed later that I meant Ada from the Resident Evil series. Her red dress was pretty interesting even though I couldnít absorb a lot of detail in it. But, I could tell that it mostly entailed of a mťlange of lingerie near her breasts, and silk for the rest of it; mostly the leg region.

      We had a quick conversation where I initiated with a question, and I canít remember what it was in particular, but I do know her response emotionally was being perplexed as to why I would presume such a thing. Weíre running towards the nearest exit, which is literally straight ahead, and the dream transitions to where walking through muddy water thatís thigh deep.

      In front of us is this large brown mountain, and thereís a cave entrance with an uphill to it that eventually looks like stairs made out of stone, or the natural material from the mountain itself. There are a few people inside trying to get us into the cave to escape whatever it is. But for some reason, weíre having a few problems.

      As weíre on our way, some person is shouting from the background of how Shia LaBeouf is needed for something, and the more this is professed, the more I see the person doing this is actually him to some extent. However, this could just be a misinterpretation as the individual was far away from us.

      Some other points:

      - There was mentioning of Fallout to some extent as well.

      While Iím trying to navigate the muddy waters, I lose sight of the person that was following me, but I had a feeling she was still with me. At least, she was probably behind me trying to fight through the streaming water. I donít know what weíre doing together, but this person seems oddly familiar, and I canít help but feel we planned out an adventure like this in the first place.

    14. Suppressed Remnants, will rise again

      by , 12-24-2015 at 01:38 PM
      [dream was interesting due to the fact a) I thought issue was resolved b) didn't realise I was thinking about this in the day
      => unresolved & was not a verbalised thought but still there]

      D1 - At work, head was checking books, children had answered all questions wrong, even though they were simple for them 6-2=
      Other teachers defended me as if to say was not my teaching clearly children were not listening, or paying attention to their work.
      Outcome other manager set work for me to do.

      [Primal source of feelings]
      D2 - A silver tray is full of very gloopy redish pink viscous stuff with lumps of muscle or flesh in it. It is alive, the red is kind of blood.
      Someone is looking for me, but i am hidden, hidden inside the flesh and blood, the body.
      I jump out at the end. Ta dar! style.

      [Delay tactics 1,2 &3]
      D3 - I avoid submitting some artwork by sending different peices of art, they come alive and battle to delay the viewer.
      There are 3 waves of attack. The last is made up of lovely fiery bowpeople all in flames, firing arrows.

      It is interesting to see that it is not my actions of the day that are important but what resides in the background or behind my actions.
      I repressed thinking about work, reading a zombie book and doing artwork : these all plopped to the surface in my dreams.
    15. For want of a nail

      by , 11-15-2015 at 11:39 PM (Here be dragons)
      Fragmented sleep, with very little REM. Only dream remembered was... interesting.

      Had a nail pounded into the... nail of my thumb. With blood spurting and everything. Didn't feel anything, wasn't even scared. Weird.
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