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    1. [05-08-2016] #7th competition entry

      by , 08-05-2016 at 08:18 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      It was a cold evening. There were some people gathered on my backyard, wandering around enormous boxes and random furniture. I went there to check what's going on, but I haven't found out too much.

      Second dream

      It was some kind of political conference. I was standing among other politicians, Trump was talking about something when suddenly we all started making jokes off him. I passed a few comments that made everyone laugh and Trump just mad.

      Third dream

      I was back in my school, it was beginning of my last year in that technical. The school was mostly empty and head director was different. They haven't had too much students. I sat in one row with my classmates.

      Fourth dream

      I was in the attic of my house with my younger sister. We were tidying the place up and thinking how we'd arrange things when we'll finally start renovating the place and making rooms up there.
    2. Becoming a politician - fragment

      by , 08-19-2015 at 10:01 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I have bought myself a black suit and joined a political faction. I was driving to all the press conferences and debates. I even joined a president's conference on a newly built stadium. I was just standing in place when president was talking, and then president's assistant told me to call for shadow master, to adjust the roof and give some shade to the conference. I went to the back of the stadium and entered an old hut. There was a tall, old man inside. I told him that president needs him, and went away.
    3. 9-22-14 Let the computer speak for itself...

      by , 09-23-2014 at 09:22 PM
      I was at a tech conference. Apple was revealing a new computer that could talk interactively with you. Just for fun, they decided to let the computer give a speech that it had come up with on its own. They set it up on a podium. It talked about how much better it was than other competing brands' computers. Afterwards, the crowd went wild, gave it a standing ovation and voted it the best computer of the year.
    4. Split In Half Tire, Attraction (16.8.14)

      by , 08-16-2014 at 02:44 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1 - 3:50AM

      I'm at the park entrance, opposite dragon lady's house. I see Kayley's car or parts of the car, sticking upside down on the side of the road. The tires look to have been split in half. I walk over to my house and see Kayley in the drive way. I tell her that I moved the car but she doesn't believe me. She pokes her head around the corner to see if I was being honest.

      I'm now up the court of where Germain lives and I have my bike with me. I take it into his property and decide to pump my tires up. I'm with someone I know and they're pumping them up for me but isn't connecting the pump correctly. I help him out and show him how to do it. He wasn't pulling down the lock function when connecting it to the wheel. I keep looking towards the front door of the house to see if the door is open and it's closed. Sometime later it opens and I hear Shonnie mention something. I leave and then shortly come back. I move bike over towards the trailer and begin to lock it up with a chain. I'm struggling to connect the chain together due to it not stretching far. Before I leave I think about leaving a letter on the front gate saying how much of a nice guy Shonnie is. I walk out onto the road and see that there is a few people stealing clothes from someone's front yard. There's a lot of clothes. I join them and take my fair share of clothes. They look brand new. I carry them over to my house which isn't far at all. As I reach my house it starts raining. I walk around the back which has an under cover area. I see my dog Rex at the back door, he seems to have a dog bone in his mouth.

      Dream 2 - 7:18AM

      I'm at my old house and on the PC behind the bar. I see a girl and we both seem keen on one another but don't show it. She has work the next day but we still intend to go to bed together. I walk into my room and begin to brush my teeth. I think about putting a condom under the mattress without her knowing, in case we hit it off but didn't want her to know my intentions if hers were not alike. I think she decides to brush hers too but can't find a tooth brush or toothpaste. I walk into my parents room and have a look in their if I can find anything.

      I'm in bed with her but forget what happens. I wake up but with the bed on the opposite side of the room. I see her lying their asleep. (I had strong emotions in this dream)

      Dream Fragment:

      1. I think West Coast football club or the Suns win a game of football. They are celebrating as if they won a grand final but I think all they did was beat Collingwood. A team they always struggle against. As the winning teams players run on the field, I see that the stadium is empty apart from their members area which is a few levels high. The team is running in a single line holding up flags with their club on it. One of the players is Jade Herrix, I don't think he played in the game and may have been a sub or emergency player. I was focusing on him and see that he was the most excited about the win then any other player. They all start hugging and congratulating one another, making sure no one missed out.

      2. I see a conference table with well dressed adults. I'm not sure what they're talking about but do notice they are all accompanied by one of their children (under 10 years old). One of the kids asks a question to one of the other adults but tells their own dad the question so he can say It out aloud. The father asks the question which is something like "can you leak a confidential phone number?"' The man that was asked is black. He shakes his head and says no. They try and tempt him with money and offer a maximum of $100,000. The black man looks to pause a little as if he is thinking about it, but insists with a no. I start to think that maybe if they asked him for a vowel he would open up to that idea.

      Side Notes:

      Another poor nights sleep. Struggling to get back to sleep after recalling a dream. Sore neck is still uncomfortable to sleep with.
    5. July Basic TOTM - Get Naked

      by , 07-09-2014 at 11:22 AM
      With a bunch of Jubilee people heading to a meeting slash conference in an old fashioned church building. I'm torn between sitting with somebody I sort of fancy and playing it cool (can't remember who it was that I was crushing on) I end up sitting on the row in front of her. There's some conversion about the way the conference is organised this time around, with cars parking on site rather than in separate car parks.

      I'm outside of the meeting wandering to another building which contains some kind of dormitory. There's a couple of loaves of rustic looking bread on the wall beside a pond, which doesn't seem to have any purpose or meaning (but appear again later on) and down some steps there are other conference delegates and we just hang out a bit.

      Everyone else seems to be heading off to the next meeting but for some reason it's a meeting I'm not going to. I laze around a bit and have a snooze. I wake up feeling a bit miffed that I haven't got a dream to journal. It's rained a little while I was resting, the bread looks tempting but is all soggy from the rain and I'm disappointed because I kinda fancied some.

      FA - I wake up back at the meeting, I've been sleeping with my head on my crossed arms resting on a little desk for making notes. I think about the dream I just had and think about journaling it, then I realise where I am is a dream location and GET LUCID!

      I glance at the people sitting next to me and realise that they're just a dream and I don't have to sit through a meeting I'm not in the mood for. I say "fuck this" and get out of my chair a little clumsily, nearly tripping over the other nearby chairs. I hover forward feeling very excited at being lucid again after a dry patch.

      I spot Jofish sitting at a backward facing take at the front of the room. I say "hey Jo, I'm lucid!" He doesn't look all that impressed, so I hover a foot or so of the ground and say "Look! This is a dream!" He still doesn't seem to care and I remember that he's also just a DC and it really doesn't matter what he thinks. I float to the back of the room and people are starting to leave. I look at all their faces, noting that I don't recognise most of them. They are a variety of ages, including some older folk, which is a little surprising because Jubilee is sadly short on that front. I spot a nice looking young lady and start imagining how to get in her pants. The bunch of us start heading back to the campsite and I realise chasing tail isn't the highest calling in a lucid dream, so I start practicing flying along the path. I struggle to get any altitude by jumping (up to about 5 metres but coming back to a few feet above the ground) I try floating because when you jump, you come down, but floating doesn't come with that expectation. Still only a few feet up. I try doing a Superman pose and flying fast but can only go at a rather boring swift walk pace (at which speed, the Superman pose feels a little silly)

      I remember the TOTM Basic Task of getting naked, so I turn back to the bunch of people I was walking with, I'm just a bit ahead of them from my flying practice. I rip off my shirt and they all notice that something odd is going on. Because they're *my* DCs, they know why I'm doing this and they're all a little expectant. I aim to pull my trousers down leaving my boxers to last but my boxers come down with my trousers. Immediately, the several young ladies in the group start throwing themselves at me, jostling for the privilege of being unusually nice to me. Then I wake up feeling a little bit miffed that my libido managed to hijack my dream even though I'd decided to do something different but still feeling a little pleased that I was so suddenly popular, even if only with my subconscious!

      Apparently, starring a dream feeling horny can set certain expectations...

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    6. Conference, no recall

      by , 03-20-2012 at 08:16 AM
      I only remember being at a conference. I know the dream had some sort of a story, but cannot remember it. It's possible it wasn't very logical. Something to do with the work I'm doing.
    7. Disappearing Conference Building

      by , 02-14-2012 at 07:53 AM

      There is some free japanese course video that I’ve found online. I’m watching it with F, but not really learning much. The stuff seems familiar and the course is in Swedish. It’s good to review, though.


      This was actually a rather long dream, but with nothing much happening. I was mostly just looking out the window and walking about.

      I’m in a conference center. I’ve been watching a video in one of the seminar rooms on the third floor. When I look out the window I notice it’s late. There is a tall building opposite to the one I’m in, on the other side of the yard.

      I go down the stairs to find someone. The lobby is very high and grandiose. I don’t find them, but I notice that the building on the other side of the yard is not visible from the first floor. A waiter tries to offer me a drink, but I refuse. I go back up to see if the building is still there, but don’t get there before I wake up.
    8. The Chocolate Cake Killer

      by , 02-12-2012 at 08:54 AM

      I'm at a conference center or a vacation resort. Someone is trying to kill a group of people, including me, but he wants to do it in a way that he cannot be connected to it and it looks like and accident. One of us suggests that he could kill us by forced overeating. He breaks into a bakery and forces us to start eating nonstop. I take some time to choose and pick a tray of chocolate buns. I eat one of them. It feels good, it's kind of stale since its already nighttime and the bakery is closed. There is no taste sensation, however.

      As I'm halfway trough my second bun, and starting to think about what it will feel like when I get full and have to continue eating anyway, someone breaks in the door. There is a large man standing at the store and another one handcuffing the killer. I contemplate whether it's wrong to eat the other half now.


      At some point I notice on tv a commercial about a documentary, where they reconstruct what the world would be like if the soviet union had reached the moon first. There is an image of the moon landing site, but with a statue holding a weird flag, not the soviet one, though.
    9. Encouraging a DC to Sing

      by , 08-11-2011 at 05:14 AM (The Lab Notebook)
      Awake, Non-lucid, Lucid, [Commentary made while awake]

      I’m in a building that is something like a conference center. There is a conference/camp event going on here for students in the $Program program. [Name has been hidden to prevent members of the program from finding this journal.] Most of the people attending the conference are teenagers and young adults. I go from the hallway through a door into one of the conference rooms, where there is a check-in and registration table set up. It’s covered with the papers that belong to that schema: lists of registered attendees, conference schedules and other materials for the conference, and calendars of upcoming events. I check in, then take a look at the calendar and see that there’s an overnight event coming up that includes attending a local high school’s football game. I want to go, but I think it conflicts with something else that I have going on.

      At this conference, each $Program group that is attending has a different nickname or theme; my group is the “villains” group. The check-in table for each group is in a different room. After I've checked in, I walk back out into the hallway and encounter a girl, my age or a little younger, looking for her check-in room. Her name tag reads “Eliza.” I encourage her to join one of the “good” groups
      [by which I mean, any group that isn't villains-themed], because she's new to $Program. I expect that I'll be the only one from my $Program group who participates in the larger group activities offered by the conference, because everyone else in my group is an older adult and most of the other conference attendees are teenagers or young adults. Besides, LN teaches high school for a living; she probably doesn't want to spend her off-hours with teenagers, too.

      I start climbing the stairs to the second floor of the building to get to the conference meeting rooms. There are two flights of stairs that cross in an X in midair, joining together at the point where they cross to form a platform. A third, smaller flight of stairs extends down from this platform to the floor I want to get to. There are others climbing the stairs along with me.

      [I don’t remember the transition, but] I’m outside the building I was just in. I’m on a beautiful college campus. It has trees, grass, and winding, paved paths between the buildings. The ground is not level, but contoured, rolling up and down. In this scene, I realize that I’m dreaming. [I don’t remember why or how; I just did.] I jump/float down one of the inclines, grabbing a handful of grass at the bottom of the incline as I land on another path, which [I think] has a low wall that stands between the path and the incline I've just jumped/floated over. I'm touching it to keep the dream stable by engaging my senses. It feels like real grass and is very soft and supple. I walk down the path I've just landed on, heading toward a small tree, covering ground much more quickly than I would in reality. [Here, I experienced that phenomenon I've read about here on DV where, in order to get somewhere in a dream, you focus on your intention to arrive there and suddenly, there you are, having skipped over the boring part where you traveled there.] When I reach the small tree, I touch it, wrapping my hand around its narrow trunk. It feels rough, like a real tree. I'm just happily enjoying being in a dream.

      A little further along the path, just beyond the small tree, is a large, square, paved area, in front of the entrance to a building. A woman is standing in this area, alone. She’s older and has wispy brown hair, which she wears up in a loose bun. She has lines and wrinkles on her face, and has a patch of shiny, lavender-pink eyeshadow all over the center of her face. She’s wearing a long dress the same color as the eyeshadow.

      I suddenly recall the current Task of the Month
      [which I had just looked up, just before going to bed]. I approach the woman. In the distance, behind me, I can hear all the teenagers and young adults who are attending the conference/camp singing together:

      “Day-oh, day-oh. Da-a-ay-oh, da-a-ay-oh. Daylight come and me wanna go home.”

      I sing along with the young people as they begin the next repetition of this segment of music: “Day-oh.” As I sing, I look right at the older woman, expecting her to sing along, too.

      “Day-oh,” she mumbles softly, looking down shyly at the ground to my left.

      “Da-a-ay-oh,” I sing to her, still looking at her and expecting her to sing along.

      “Da-a-ay-oh,” she mumbles, still looking down. I figure that she simply lacks confidence in her singing voice and encourage her by saying enthusiastically to her, “Come on, you can do it!”

      “Daylight come and me wanna go home,” she sings, now looking up and demonstrating self-confidence. She proves to have a beautiful singing voice.

      Pleased, I continue singing along with the young people, who have been singing the song all this time. The older woman continues singing along as well. “Come, Mr. Tally-Man, tally me banana. Daylight come and me wanna go home.”

      Somewhere in the midst of those two lines,
      the dream faded and I woke up, probably because I was so excited about having completed the Task of the Month for the first time since February.

      Side notes:
      I just looked up what the current Tasks of the Month were last night. I think this knowledge helped motivate me to want to have a lucid dream. I'm thrilled that I completed the basic task the same night! The euphoria from my achievement lasted for several hours into my waking day.
      I'm also excited to have used a new dream control ability for the first time. I'd read that you could control what happened in your dreams, including controlling the actions of DCs, by expecting particular things to happen, but this was the first time I'd ever actually done it.
    10. 27 Jan: Failed Psycho task

      by , 01-28-2011 at 11:51 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)


      Lost love found and lost again
      On some inner patio, interacting with some lady in her 40s. We are both heading for a toilet, which has just been cleaned and she passes in front of me saying she must absolutely use it before anyone else. I guess she is a germ freak. Then two persons who seem to be her husband and son, come through a side gate telling her it’s time to go. They seem worried and in a hurry. Either they’re in trouble or something bad is going to happen and they know about it. Anyhow, I look at the boys eyes and we instantly recognize each other as lost lovers from a past life. We hug, kiss and cry. I tell him he doesn’t need to go and can stay with me but deep down I know it won’t happen. His parents are impatient to leave and he follows them.


      Kidnapped by terrorists inside a movie
      Watching a futuristic movie with Jeff Bridges as some detective who chases a supposed group of terrorists. They are solitary and he catches them one by one after locating them. But this time they all came together for a common action. I am then inside the movie, walking around a more deserted area of this futuristic city. I am passing in front of some closed warehouse when these guys come out from trees and rooftops and what have you, like ninjas, and they sequester all the people they see on the street, me included. First I thought about fighting back, but I have 3 or 4 of them pointing guns to my head, so I get down on the floor as they ask. Then they line us all and ask us to walk in line to inside the warehouse. As I walk looking down to the ground, I start seeing beautiful stones all around and get down to grab them. By now my mind has decided I don’t like the kidnappers dream, so they just disappear. Now all the kidnapped people are girls that are interested on the stones I’m finding and also looking for stones themselves. I find an amazing quartz, naturally shaped in a lotus flower shape, with a rose colored core. As I am focused on its beauty, the scenario around me changes and now I’m at some gallery of art and archeology. I see amazing little sculptures from ancient civilizations among beautiful modern paintings on the walls. I see some people I know on some conference hall doing some workshop. They invite me to join in, but it looks weird, with all of them dressing the same outfit. I say no, I am becoming lucid and floating around. I think I’d better do my Psycho ToTY.

      Failed Psycho ToTY
      I look around for mirrors or doors. What I see is an ancient coffin on a crypt and somehow I think it is a good idea to use it, so I get inside it, it moves down (sunks on the floor) like an elevator and once it stops, I open the lid again and I’m inside a cathedral. Humm... I got out from this coffin right from a tomb on the side of the central area where some people are praying. They look surprised but not scared. I get out of the cathedral and I see a big Germanic castle on my right side, up some really high hill. I have the feeling I’m in Bavaria. But why?
      I walk down this street from the church to center village, wondering how I am going to do the Psycho task around here. Then I see two bad looking guys, one with a gun and the other with a wooden club, getting down from a bike and heading to a little adorable Inn by the road. People are running from them. They are up to no good and although it ain’t Psycho script, I decide to interfere anyway. I stop them even before they enter the place. I fight with the guy with the club and steal it from him. But the other guy had a gun and once I was separated from his friend, he started shooting at me, so I had to take cover. They entered the place and made a girl hostage. Then I gather a team of two other people to help me. We are discussing strategy on the back door of the Inn, when they open it from the inside to take something out and then my memory is fuzzy on what happened, but I remember fights and one of the bad guys full of splinters in his back (from the club, probably?), so I guess we kicked their asses.


      Chivalry on the race track
      Some kind of parallel universe where I also know Marco Polo and we have a similar life story from my RL. I am passing by some foreign city and find out he is on a conference that is taking place there. It is my last day here and I decide to go say hi before leaving. I’m with two friends who know our story and they tell me I should make myself noticed, but not take the initiative to say hi. I agree. They also think I should go scandalous and topless, but they must be kidding, right? I agree not to polish my look to a more high-end professional look to impress him and fit the surroundings, so I go with my relaxed ponytail look to provoke him, but not half-naked! I enter the conference room precisely when he is on stage making a presentation. I walk down the aisle to find a sit and he sure notices me. He chokes and interrupts his presentation, visibly disturbed by my arrival. Cool. In the coffee break I go meet my friends outside but we make sure we’re on a visibly place where he will see me. He does, 2 or 3 times, but he pretends he doesn’t. I also pretend I don’t see him, although much more convincingly. Then at some point I bump into him at the coffee table and he looks and says “Oh, hi!”, “Hi, how are you?”, “Fine, why didn’t you say you were in the town? We could have meet.” I was thinking “Really?” but he was already in the move and disappearing to the conference room again, just making a bye bye sign. Disappointed I tell my friends we can go now. They have tickets for something I don’t even know what, but it’s our last stop before going back home. As we go up the street, I switch views to Marco’s perspective. After he turned his back on me he was immediately regretting and went after me. Outside he could only see me disappearing at distance and run after. He followed me until this other place, which looked like a race track. He had to buy a ticket to enter, which he did. His ticket was prized and they inform him at the ticket counter he was the lucky winner of the jackpot and just won 1.777.000 EUR or US$. But he is not really concerned about that right now he is wondering how to find me in the middle of all the crowd. Then they tell him that as the winner, he is invited to be on stage to officially receive his award during the break of the race. Then he gets interested! This way he can be seen by every person on the precinct. He plans to call for me and declare his feelings for me on that stage. It’s perfect! Then they ask him to fill in some paper and give them his account data so he can receive the money and while he does it, some bad looking guy appears at the desk and asks to locate such and such person (he says my name). He is surprised – “Oh, I could have just asked?”. They tell him I am sitting on the seat 32. But Marco feels bad vibes and knows this guy is up to no good, so he rushes everything to go inside and save me.


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    11. 07 Nov: Conferences, a huge gekko and turned down by Nighthawk

      by , 11-08-2010 at 03:10 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      1:00 GMT

      Train station
      Outside the door of some public toilet where for some reason it is only allowed to go one person at a time, although it’s big and several people could use it at the same time. I give my turn to some lady and decide to wait until I get back home. Then I’m in a train station which doesn’t seem to be functional, but more like a museum. There are some tablets with Japanese writing on them. I’m sitting with some guy on the end of the tracks on this station very relaxed when we spot a train coming in our direction. I didn't know there were still trains coming here. But then the tracks don’t go in straight line and instead twist and turn and the train ends up going a totally different direction, so we’re cool.

      3:00 GMT

      I meet Nighthawk but there’s more people around, like we’re on some event with people we know. He puts his arms around my shoulders and takes me to a more isolated place and we sit on a table. He tells me that about my proposal to go out for a coffee or something, he can’t. I ask why and he doesn’t come up with a better answer than it’s a matter of money. I’m like “what da hell of excuse is that? I can pay for the damn coffee if that’s the only obstacle.” But then he keeps saying he really can’t but not coming up with any decent reason, so I tell him he is being a jerk and he doesn’t say any other word and avoids answering my questions.

      Gekko eats turtles

      I’m at my mother’s room and there’s a huge gecko near the ceiling. As long as he stays there I don’t mind, but then when I’m starting to fall asleep on the bed, the gecko comes down and walks on my pillow. I grab him, he’s huge and very strong and I don’t manage to hold him for a long time, so he eventually escapes through both my hands and hides in a wardrobe. Then I realise there’s a lady and her son also staying at my mom’s home and the lady is particularly freaking out with the huge lizard, so I promise I will catch it. As I search the wardrobe and drawers, I find three small turtles and I put them in the bathroom sink with water. Later, the lady spots the gecko going to the bathroom and I close the door, to think about what to do with the animals. Then I come back with a box to take them outside, but there’s only the gecko near the sink, two turtles disappeared and the third has no head. I also see some entrails of some of the turtle. I feel disgusted and I scream at the gecko “How could you eat the turtles!”. I was really pissed with this fella.

      Unable to meditate on water

      With a group of people, led by the Philosopher (a guy I know). He takes us all into some swimming pool. It’s a freezing cold outside but the pool is warmed up. It is also full of people but there’s an area reserved for us. I think the Philosopher is leading people into meditating inside the water, but I get totally distracted by two fat guys, one of which is dressed as a girl, like with a ballerina skirt or something. I LMAO and disturb everybody, as I watch these guys swimming around. We then go meditate sitting on chairs with snuggies on to keep us warm. Then the Philosopher goes from person to person to make sure we’re sitting quietly but also to hand us over something. He leans towards each person, but on my turn he leans and gets really close and takes a lot of time. He is clearly enjoying body heat exchange and I think that I was right about his crush on me.
      [The next day I received an email from this guy – we had only briefly spoke 3 times before - inviting me over a conference where he was speaking, about a peace in the world meditation. I went, he kissed me on the cheek and I could see he had some pleasure doing that, so... dream hunch correct.]

      Conference and pic-nic

      Then I get up, I talk to a lady sitting on a café table about what she’s eating, I take a few cookies she offers and I sit on another table near the window. My BF is now with me. He is distracted talking about something, but through the window I see a couple lying on a bed, that is outside just by the side of the window. The girl is obese but at the same time very cute and she is wearing sexy lingerie, in black lace. As she makes a movement to get on top of her BF, I see too much of her body and I tell my BF “Can you believe this?”. Bizarrely he hadn’t noticed them yet and when he sees the girl he’s like “No way! Have you seen her boobs? They are huge!” and then he goes outside and last thing I see is he approaching her, on the bed with her BF, and touching her boobs. The girl freaks out and runs away, but he chases her and I’m shocked. I go after them and get a hold of my BF and tell the girl I’m very sorry for this and we leave.
      Then I remember we should be going to some conference. I can now clearly see we’re on school grounds and there’s a main building (it’s number 13) where this should be taking place. We pass other buildings and a sportsfield and finally we get to the building. There’s three main amphitheatres side by side with different speakers and we can go through a hallway and choose which one we prefer. We stay for a while on the one in the middle, some American guy which was an astronaut or space engineer or something like that. He is playing a film in background and telling his story and then he says something that everybody laughs about. Because there are no seats available, I stand by the door that leads to the next amphitheatre and someone there asks me why re people laughing so amused in there. I say it was some kind of joke but I didn’t really get it. Then I see on this other room they are also having a good time. No laughing, but people are sitting on the floor, instead of chairs and there’s “islands” of baskets with food and drink for the participants and people are pic-nicking. [Clearly I have an issue with hunger in dreams] I join one of the “islands”, I fill a glass with cranberry juice and then I look for something that I wish to eat, without meat. I see what seems to be vegetables “tempura” but some guy tells me it has sausage. I don’t think so, so I try but he keeps insisting. I conclude he is wrong and eat one. Then my BF also decided to join us and I give “tempura” to him to. The guy keeps insisting it has sausage in it but I assure him it’s not the case, so I end the dream enjoying my improvised meal.

      8:10 GMT

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    12. 6 Sep: conference, college, failed sex fantasy and chasing thieves

      by , 09-07-2010 at 10:59 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      A shitty night. I was very tired but still I tried so hard to set my mind to the elevator task (task of the month). I did dream about elevators a lot, but unfortunately it wasn’t good enough to accomplish the task.

      0:20 GMT – Sleep

      Can’t recall any dream, just thoughts come to my mind, but I doubt they are related to what I was dreaming.

      3:30 GMT

      Participating at a conference
      Remember vaguely a train travel (recurrent), being in a palace-like house (another recurrent) and taking an elevator (could have been the elevator task of the month, don’t know).
      Then I remember a bit better being with my mom at some conference room. We arrived late and were going to sit on the floor on the aisle, as we couldn’t find any available seats, but someone just arranged us two seats, lateral, but close enough to the front. No idea what the conference was about, but there was some person speaking and it was something political.
      Then I also remember being with my mom at some snack-bar or small dinner (maybe cafeteria of this conference place) and the menu was all around pasta dishes. I had a big fattening pasta dish wish cream sauce and I still had to eat part of my mothers dish because she didn’t want to eat it all and I always feel bad about leaving food on the plate.

      6:40 GMT

      College residences
      I’m staying with colleagues at what seems to be a college residence. From the main hallway, there were stairs leading to some kind of inner courts – shared rooms for groups of students – then leading to individual rooms. These common rooms were quite colourful and artistic, leaving me the impression that some of these students were art or fashion students.
      We are all departing the next day to someplace all together. Some already departed today. I just realise that I was supposed to go with today’s group and I’m pissed that now I have to spend money changing my ticket for the next day.
      When going from one group common room to my own, I have to go to the floor upstairs and on my way I encounter this little baby from this couple that is staying on their own separate double room with direct access to the hallway. The baby is lovely but too small to be playing alone in the hallway, so I stop and play with him, waiting for his parents to appear. I tickle him and he laughs like crazy. Then his parents do appear but they don’t seem so happy with what I’m doing. I try to break the ice saying I was just looking over the baby so he was safe and offer to babysit him whenever they need – “just knock on my door.”.

      Not my sexual fantasy, sorry
      I’m on the shower with my boyfriend when some other couple I never saw in my life join us on the opposite side of the shower. Thank god the bathtub was long and we didn’t even need to be close. I felt a bit uncomfortable, but hey, it’s just a shower, everyone’s naked, no reason to feel so embarrassed. I’m just curious where they came from and why. But then they start having sex, more specifically, the guy starts doing oral sex on the girl.
      I am shocked. They didn’t even say a word to us but then feel free to do that in front of us? But my boyfriend is getting horny and wants to play along. I am doubly shocked! I mean, I’m not extremely puritan, but I can’t do certain things with people I never saw before, there needs to be some emotional connection. So I just grab a towel and leave. But when I open the bathroom door, it goes directly to the street. I don’t care. I am wet, barefoot and half-naked but I just want to go away from that dream and do something else. Then I’m walking the streets, semi-lucid, enjoying being half-naked in a fancy neighbourhood, and guys in jaguars pass by and look totally surprised at me.

      Chasing thieves
      I’m coming out of a supermarket with my mom, carrying a trolley full of groceries. The supermarket is on a upper floor of some building and the parking lot is underground or ground level and with the trolley we need to take the elevator to get there.
      We are approached by a begging couple who offers to carry the trolley in exchange for some coins. We are not very willing to do so, but we agree. Then they enter the elevator with the trolley and there’s not enough space for us all. They tell us to go next that they’ll be waiting for us, but it smells fishy to me. I immediately sense that it’s a scheme just to rob us. I tell my mother to stay there and I basically jump all those floors – maybe 10 – through the centre of the stairways. I manage to arrive at the door of the elevator when they have just come out of it. The problem is they have an accomplice waiting and one manages to stall me while the other runs with the trolley. But not for long. I kick his ass, capture the other guy and also kick his ass and recover my trolley. Then I go back to the elevator to go up. But strangely enough, now it is too small, only has space for myself (I guess the trolley is now bye-bye from this dream) and I can’t even move. Once again I feel claustrophobic, so I decide to close my eyes until it stops. But it starts moving slower, I feel upset with that and I wake up. (Another lost opportunity for the task of the month).

      8:15 GMT – Wake up

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