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    1. Sharks

      by , 05-05-2013 at 03:24 PM
      Fragment 1: Creepy
      I'm on the edge of sleep. I feel heavy and the room feels off like there's someone in it with me.
      "I hope she isn't here again." I think. So of course when I drift off I see a picture of a girl with chin length dark hair. At the time I didn't think she looked familiar, but she looks a little like Sailor Saturn. ((Completely freakin' random, but whatever. It's less random than strangling a bear and harvesting happy clams from it..)) She's standing in some version of my room, she's got a long-handle mace, it looks like bone and there's an evil grinning face painted on it with blood.
      NOPE I think and force myself awake, but begin to drift immediately. When I fall back asleep she isn't there.


      I'm an eleven year old boy with pale skin and dark hair. I'm in the water with my older brother, he's only a couple of years my senior. We're clinging to some sort of wreckage. The water feels enclosed like a lake, but is behaving like the ocean. I get the feeling it's supposed to be part of a resort but all I ever see is the water. We never intended to be out this far. Something has happened that forced us into the middle of the lake. We look around for other people, over by the side of a boat there's another boy, that one is younger. Seven maybe. I grab at my brother's shoulder as I try to catch my breath.
      "Do you see that kid over there?"
      "We have to help him!"
      We see movement in the water and see a dull nose bump the body, searching. It's a shark. It's...nibbling, searching, until it finds one of the boy's feet.
      "Adam." I say, my brother just watches, horrified. "ADAM."
      "Why are there SHARKS here? Why would they do that?"
      I shake my head in frustration and I let go of the wreckage and swim furiously toward the little boy and the shark. Somehow my movement startles the shark and he lets go. I get a hold on him and kick to the surface. Someone leans out of the boat and gestures to me.
      "Hand him up!"

      There's a lapse and I'm treading water where I rescued the boy. I'd been unconscious. My head hurts. I feel something bump against the small of my back, then my shoulder.
      no, no, no I think, trying to right myself so I can figure out what's going on. Teeth start to close around my hand and I jerk my hand free. If I keep moving it won't be able to grab me. A wave smacks me hard, rolling me under the water. I get a terrifying visual of the shark's head and jagged teeth through the hazy water.
      Then Adam is there and pulling me to the surface. An old man leans out of the boat and drags me onto the deck before giving Adam a hand. I lay there and quiver violently. There are patches of skin missing where the shark had nibbled at me, and the flesh on my hand is a mess but to my immense relief I can still move my fingers and it doesn't even hurt too much.
      "You're lucky, that other boy lost his foot." Adam says.
      The old man grimaces and hobbles away. I see that all that remains of his feet are the heel and he's put metal caps over the bones so he can walk. Other people have similar injuries. One woman is missing her whole left arm.

      Fragment 2

      In a narrow kitchen. Everything looks like a dim yellow. A short, hunch-shoulder Mexican man, hands in his hoodie pockets. At first he looks normal, he casts a frightened look over his shoulder. I approach him. When I get a little closer he drops his head and grins a little. The expression is really unsettling.
      I'm tired of being creeped out, I swat his shoulder.
      "STOP THAT."
      He looks startled, then afraid.
      "Sorry." but he can't help it. He does it again and I force myself awake, roll over.

      Fragment 3:
      Sitting in a booth in a diner. There's someone across from me but I can't remember his face. It was like we were on a date.
    2. 2 detailed regular dreams

      , 03-30-2013 at 06:16 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Saturday 3/30/12 Bed 1am - 9:30am

      DR 1 - It was long and very detailed.
      I was walking around town with someone. We have a destination in mind and are in a hurry. We are tired from the long walk. Taking shortcut, but turns out it's and entrance to movies, so have to backtrack.

      I come to a indoor swimming pool. Roof is not covering the entire area, so it's kinda indoor - outdoor pool. There is a walkway around the pool, made out of tiles. Pool is separated into 2 parts, 1 larger and 1 smaller. I walk around. Lots of people in the water, that looks like ocean size of a pool.

      I see dark shadow with some white patch. It's a great white shark and I start yelling at people to get out. But there is lots of noise and they can't hear me. I keep yelling, telling people on shore to yell, looking for a lifegueard.

      Then there is another shadow. They are coming closer to people and swimming all around. I squat and now I can see as if I was in the water. I see one shark coming to surface and grabbing a toy pail. He dragges it with him. People still oblivious. I keep yelling until i think the start noticing and come out.

      Now the shark made it into the adjacent pool through some opening, and since one pool was higher than the other, I cann hear him splash as he dropps to the second pool.

      DR 2 - Very long and very detailed.
      I'm in a house with people that owe me money. I know they can't pay me, so it surprises me, when he says "here is $500" and gives me cash and gift cards. I start looking at it to count and see one gift card is for $9. Then the woman starts counting them.

      Now i'm on the run from there. Going through open areas and other houses, keeping out of sight.

      3. dream just before I woke up can't recall at all.
      Tags: money, pool, sharks
    3. 3/20/13 - Murderous cousin/Evil lip gloss/Perverted class/Stalked clipper ship - (took b-6 vitamin)

      by , 03-20-2013 at 10:02 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm walking up my grandma and grandpas drive way. It's long enough to fit 11 or 12 cars on it probably more, and it goes uphill. My cousin appears behind me about 20 feet away, he has a semi-automatic rifle of sorts, and is chasing me up the drive way and shooting at me. He some how misses me each time even though the bullets are flying so close past me. I hear his feet steps getting closer behind me, so I decide I'd better turn around & fight him off. When I turn around he's right behind me and he aims is rifle right at me, but I quickly grab it and pull it from his grasp. I aim the rifle at him and shoot at his right arm, my bullets hit him through his right arm, but his arm just turn skinny and gimpy, no blood or pain or anything. Then he grabs a small hand gun from out of his pocket and swings his gimpy arm up, with each arm swing a bullet is shot towards me, so I decide to continue running to my grandmas house. He is still chasing me, I run into the open garage, then I sloppily open the door in the garage that leads into the house, my grandma is cooking something in the kitchen, I run up to her and tell her that my cousin is chasing me and trying to shoot me, then he to enters the house, only now he has morphed into when he was like 6 or 7 years old, he was a crybaby, so now he runs to his mom who is just standing in the hallway, I'm confused as to what she is doing here, because she has been divorced out of the family & has done horrible things to my family so why would she be aloud in this house?? I run up to her and tell her that he was trying to shoot me, then she asks him if it is true, then he bursts into tears trying to get sympathy or something, he tells her that I was the queen and that he wants to be the queen. I just walk towards the door that leads to the garage and tell my grandma that I'm gonna go to grandpas to get more ammo because I know my cousin will go after me again when people aren't around, she says alrighty and kisses my on my head and I make my way. When I get to my grandpas door he answers and hugs me, I tell I need ammo to fend someone off, he goes digging around and brings me this homemade looking ceramic jar, it has 6 or 7 bullet in it, and two weird looking rings, rings I feel are important to my grandpa, I wonder if he knows they are in the jar because surely he wants them, then I wonder if he is giving them to me for protection and luck, I don't know. I make my way down the driveway in a baby blue 57 chevy, then a black car pulls up slowly beside me, and it's my enemy but it isn't my cousin anymore he turned into somebody else, he tells me he gives up and will leave me be, then drives ahead of me and I drive behind much slower until the black car turns to the right in the road, I usually come and go from the right, but when I got to the end of the driveway I see the black car pulling away from a car that is just sitting in the side road dirt facing me just waiting, so Instead of going right as usual I take a left, as I do this my chevy turn into a mountain bike, and I know I can't get far on bike in a car chase so I look to my right and see this black road go into the brush that I'd never seen before, I turn onto this road and the car sees this and goes off roading on the land before this road so I decide to get off the bike and run away on foot, and I run on the road side through nature still going left. For now I seemed to have lost him, but now I suddenly am on a black Harley Davidson with my niece holding on to my waist, It's getting quite dark, the sun is almost completely down, while riding on the highway my niece points out this place to the left of the road that is full of lit up jumpers with kids playing. I pull in to let my niece play in the jumpers for a little while. I tell her we can't stay for to long because I feel we are still being pursued. I go into a jumper with her, It's amazing, usually jumpers are just square shaped and although these jumpers are pure white, they have stairs, holes, tunnels nooks and corners. While admiring the jumper I notice that all my pockets are empty, I panic and tell my nice that I've been picket pocketed, and then she just gives me a smug look and pulls my wallet and stuff from behind her back, and I snag my stuff obviously not amused. I tell her it's time to go so we walk to the motorcycle I see that my rifle was just left in a leather pocket on the side for anybody to just take it, and people where there checking it out, but I tell them to fuck off and me and my niece get on and drive off. I see that across the street is a gas station, I decide to pull into the gas station for no reason and I take my niece into the store and I tell her she can get something, she runs to the makeup section and she picks up a little container of dual color lip gloss and asks if she can get it so I tell it that is fine and we go the counter and I put the lip gloss on the counter and tell the woman I want to purchase this item, and she says we can only purchase the lip gloss if she puts some of it on everyone, I tell her I don't want wear any makeup and then she chases me and pins me down then smears a lot of the goop into my lips, now they're a horrid purple, and the woman puts some on my niece, and some on herself and some on all of her co-workers. I try desperately to get the lip gloss but it spreads all over the more I try, now it's covering my arms and it's all glittery. My niece isn't even moving like she doesn't mind. Then the dream scene changes suddenly and my niece is gone, and I don't know where I am, I walk and I see three girls hanging out and talking between what looks like a narrow alley entrance, the two building they are in between are blank and completely white like a cartoon, a very generic cartoon. Even the ground is completely white. I go down the alley and walk passed the three girls who are preppy and stuck up. I walk all the way to the end and it turns to the right and continues to a dead end with a door and two other doors across from each other on the side. I then realize this is a school of sorts, and those three girls are students. I go and lean against the wall between the end door and the door on the left, I accidentally lean on the side door and it makes a noise and an older man with a uni brow and dark hair and eyes opens it obviously annoyed and tells me not to lean on his door for it will distract his students during their testing. I slide a little closer to the end door and wait for the bell to ring so I can go into the class and learn whatever they are teaching. While I'm waiting a girl walks up and leans on the wall next to me. She has black hair and is shy, we give each other a shy smile and just stand there awkwardly and I'm nervous because I'm attracted to her. The bell rings but nobody comes out of the classroom, even though I heard them earlier through the doors. Me and the shy girl give each other a confused look, then just slowly and cautiously open the end door and peek in. We hear voices coming from behind us, so we look and its those three girls and they walk into the door that the guy who yelled at me was in and they slam the door shut. So me and the girl walk into the end class and shut the door behind us, in the classroom is no students desks, just a long white bench that goes along two walls, there is a older blonde woman at one corner, and boy with brown hair and a big nose sitting at the other end, me and the girl sit in the middle next to each other. The blonde woman seems to be the teacher, but she looks like a porn star or something. She is talking to the boy and when we listen into their conversation we hear him say that he likes to eat toilet paper that has been between a woman's vagina. The other three of us give each other a weirded out look, and then the teacher has toilet paper and wipes her self with it then tosses it for the boy to catch and it has a pink hue like she had her period and she says sorry but the boy says he eats toilet paper like that too, and begins to eat it in the most barbaric way, and it gets awkward in the room so me and the shy girl get up and leave the classroom and we never spoke to each other but we had the same energy wave so we didn't need to. I am disappointed that I didn't get to learn anything, It's like I craved new knowledge. Then the dream scene changes again and I'm on a clipper ship with a crew and none of them I know and they already know what to do, it is very dark, the sky is black I can't see a moon or any stars, the ocean its black and it scares me, the light I can see is from the dim lanterns and candles on my clipper ship, and the lights from the civilization on the nearing dock. We finally get there and my crew stays on the ship, when I get off I wonder why I even have a ship so I go to this man with White hair and ask him if he can help me sell my ship. He laughs at me and tells me nobody is going to buy my ship, confused I ask well why not? and he says that all the people are horrified of my ship, I again ask him well why? and then he says because your ship is forever followed by sharks, and I become afraid, and I think there is no way I'm getting back on that ship, so I abandon it and just wander the dock looking at all the lights and faces wondering what I'm to do.
    4. 12th Feb 2013 'Ice Element', Distractions in the school, Steampunk Heli, Sharks and Short DILD

      by , 02-12-2013 at 08:38 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      An awesome recall for once.

      I am at home, i discover some sort of mechanical thing in the rest room, i call it 'Ice Element' for some reason. It looks like small blue toy soldier like thing, that slowly grows and transforms into some blue mecha thing size of the whole restroom when the restroom door is opened.
      I don't seem to recall much after this point, only that i was in some sort of village, talking to various people, but i recall this part ending with me watching grandiose battle in some sort of water cave with number of big waterfalls, between 'Ice Element', which was transformed into some huge mechanical light blue 'core' thing surrounded by many huge mechanical floating constructions/parts size of at least half of the cave, and something else don't remember what sadly. Dream skips.
      I seem to be in school(there was something between dream skip and that, but i can't recall anything particular at that point at all) and there are some computers on tables, i go to one and chat with some people on skype. After some time i notice some people on different computer are watching some battle between an ship and an submarine. I feel like helping the ship for some reason, and i contact some pirate through skype, and shortly i look at that screen on which people are watching battle. Pirate indeed comes on his sailing ship, which apparently is more powerful than more modern ship which is being attacked.
      Soon submarine gets into alot of trouble and i am now being contacted by submarine crew through very same skype(), but they don't seem to have idea that i am the one who called pirates and are asking about something else, and at same time some other people suddenly decide to chat with me on skype, including Rock Lee(I am not sure if it was indeed character from Naruto or just someone using his name as nickname), i am getting distracted in different chats and suddenly one of people from the other computer comes(I think he looked like one of classmates from the time when i was indeed in school IWL) and says that he knows that it's me who called pirate. I dunno what to say, mostly because multitasking in a few chats, and he goes away and talks about something with other people on that computer. He goes back and screws up the phone number note or something that i had, using luting. I get angry and end up 'cleaning' my note all over his face. Dream seems to get distorted and shortly-...
      I abruptly 'wake up' due to being attacked by half-life 2 zombie, i kick him down the hole in the floor and look around(And forget to do an RC...). I was in some sort of rusty steampunk-ish cargo area, there are few more of those zombies, also looking down the hole in the floor i notice that this area is part of some sort of flying vessel. Some other person enters the area through the only door and gets rid of zombies, we talk about something and i follow him through the door and some stairs.
      We enter control deck and i realize that the flying vessel we are on is some sort of huge steampunk helicopter and it's flying above the sea, view switches and i see it from the outside for a while. After view switches back i notice that there's a tree in the control deck and some fantasy elf is standing by it. I talk to him and he's apparently commander of this helicopter.
      View switches and now i see some arabian city near sea. There are two people that are trying to hide from army of villagers. They talk to each other and one of them mentions that all the villagers are possessed and they are last ones left who are not. View switches back to me, and now i was in some boat with paddles under the helicopter. There was some other person who used said paddles, and also there were many more boats with people around. Apparently our mission was to save those two people that i saw during an view switch earlier. We start moving towards that arabian city, but rather slowly, so i say that it will take ages to get there. Someone else says that it will not be a problem, and shortly some wild dude appears, riding some sort of brown shark. The shark summons an huge wave that speeds us up quickly to the beach. On the way i see 'Ice Element' again, it's standing in water and this time it's in huge mecha form and it's attacking some ships that look like the modern ship from earlier on.
      As we get to the beach, i run into the town and quickly find the people we were searching for. I rescue them while everyone else is fighting the villagers. As we go on the boat into the sea, suddenly scene dramatically changes and i suddenly go underwater. I am surrounded by those brown sharks, but i feel to fear or anything. They vary by sizes and by form, there's also some voice in background(don't seem to be able to recall what it was talking about). Shortly one of the sharks comes to be and bites my right hand off, i feel no pain and i still feel no fear or anything, the ring appears in the place of hand and an huge red gem grows out of it. I get great power and end up compressing that shark into nothingness. The sharks are still all around, scene fades out.
      I wake up, this time in my bedroom. I start recalling the dreams i just had and shortly go to the restroom(forgot to do reality check mk2). As i enter restroom i see... 'Ice Element'! I close and open the door a few times, don't i was like just now recalling seeing it in dream, wait a second...
      I do 'looking at the hands' reality check, right hand is fine... but left one has six fingers, so i am dreaming indeed!
      I haven't recalled any goals for some reason(and i forget to stabilize dream as well) so i end up just doing random stuff. I enter the restroom again and grab 'Ice Element', it starts forming into some sort of weapon around my hand, i feel it's metallic nature. I went to different room, the Chandelier(the recurring 'DC of sorts' in my dreams) was there and it was transforming to be ready to something. For some unknown reason i decide to throw 'Ice Element' at it, they end up transforming together into some sort of weird steampunk-ish panel that hangs onto the wall. I feel that it's unfinished and notice a lamp to the right from me. I decide to practice dream control and decide to try to use telekinesis to move it to the panel. I pull the hand towards the lamp and attempt to use telekinesis. At first i am having hard time, but then i recall that for dream control i need to know that it will work and to be perfectly sure. I get more confident with telekinesis and end up moving the lamp towards the panel. It merges with the panel and the panel starts working, shortly i hear some noise in my head and dream ends.

      I seem to have some problems recalling my goals while lucid, still was fun though!

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    5. TotY Part 2 - Australia

      by , 01-30-2013 at 12:08 AM
      Completed at about 7:10am Monday January 28th 2013.

      I was stood in Sydney, Australia, thinking about the tasks as this was a WILD.

      I decided I was going to complete the Great Barrier Reef one so transported myself to the sea. As I floated there I whistled and called a turtle to the surface before clinging to it's shell as it dived down. At this point I momentarily panicked about how I would breathe until I remembered it was a dream and I could do whatever I wanted. So I started breathing and everything was fine. This turtle kept swimming and I saw the most beautiful sight in my life. There were so many greens and blues and reds in the corals and it was gorgeous. Then all these pretty fish swan out from the coral and swam by us, not caring that I was human. Whilst I appreciated all the wildlife and pretty colours I noticed all the fish were swimming away and I saw a shark swimming towards us. Aha! I thought, this is good timing. I let the shark come closer and before it could bite me I thrust my fist out and punched the shark in the nose. I swore I remembered something about biting a shark so whilst it was dazed I swam across and bit down on its fin, bringing the shark back to concious thoughts and leaving it to swim away.

      I can't remember what happened next but I left this scene and was standing with my boyfriend in a burnt out building with a big sword in my hand. As I walked through this building I can only remember looking for zombies. I was with this girl I really dislike and she started hitting on my boyfriend and winding me up, trying to irritate me into punching her so she'd look like the martyr and get sympathy. Unfortunately for her she annoyed me too much and when we found a zombie I spin-kicked her into the creature and left her to be eaten. The last thing I remember is feeding this girl to the brain-suckers and then running. My parents then called me to get up and I lost the dream.
      Tags: sharks, tofy, zombies
      lucid , task of the year
    6. Srey us busy, bikini,

      by , 11-13-2012 at 10:42 AM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      This was the second dream that night....
      I was friend with a girl that I believe was Srey. I think I fancied her, but she was not very interested as I felt. Once I went to meet up with here at a Ponton Bar. This was a place like somewhere in Hawaii, nice, wooden bar on the water. Srey and some other people were diving and I could see them in the water. But I also noticed some sharks swimming around. I think someone got bitten when they come out of the water. The bar inside was dark as if not used.

      Next, I went to see Srey to a shopping mall where she was working in a little shop. I was there and she had a female friend there. We were talking what we doing this weekend, and she told me that she is really busy, even without me asking her out or anything. I saw her calendar, and a red bar as it was filling up on the weekend days.

      Later I walk on a street and meet this friend of Srey. She stops me and asks me if I cold help her to get refund for her bikini that she bought on the market. I remember asking her whether she worn them at all. They didnt want to take it back from her. We went with her to a big warehouse where all sorts of stuff was sold from vietnamese and other sellers. I dont know what happened after....

      ***At some point in the dream I was going through my hair and tried to make it spiky at the back. I then felt that there is way too little hair on my crown area. I look in to the mirror and saw that the hair at the back of my head is too long to keep it spiky, and how ridiculous it looked. But I also saw that I had only patches of hair left on my crown. Also the skin on that area was all red and with dry pieces of skin. I got quite scared of how quickly it progressed!!I was actually thinking, whether I should cut my hair short like Martin. I was there deciding what to do!! I should have realised it was a dream, or do reality check!!! Next time I will
      Then I see Richard Bandler. I look at his hair, he has just a little left. Then I see a video of him from the time when he was young! He has head full of thick, curly hair! I think, shit!! If this is how he changed, than we all be like this. And then I start to think about life, how quickly it passes and when one gets old, its too late for anything. We should enjoy our life when we can. I start considering to go and travel, to see the world, even for the price of not developing great carrier...... ***

      Next, I am PA for some guy that plays computer games all the time. He lives in a room in some kind of complex of flats, but the place is very empty and simple. He sits in the corner and plays on his phone. I notice that he is playing ASPHALT like I do. Next I see as if I was in the game. He shows me how to do different tricks. He has the best car in the game, its black, Lamburgini style. He uses big black rock and pushes them in to the way of others so they crash. He also waits, facing the opponents with car and when they run him over, his car is like a jump, and propels them to some kind of blue tunnel, where are concrete block to which they crash. I think, how smart it is.

      Then, as if in the game, I am standing by the race track and walk on the side a little, near some gas station. I stand there by the railing and watch across the scenery. Then 3 guys came near by, and start talking about me (as I think). They talk about my back and posture, how bad it is and how I am sloughing. I notice that, it shocks me!! How bad my posture must be, and I slowly adjust my posture again so that they wont notice.
    7. Shark Attack

      by , 07-06-2012 at 07:59 AM
      Non-dream Dream

      I recalled 3 dream fragments today.

      Dream 1:

      I am walking on a small strip of land surrounded by ocean. The water levels rise and there are tons of sharks in the water. A couple of them charge at me but don't bite. I swim to shore (which suddenly appears) and I get roped up to safety.

      Dream 2:

      I am grocery shopping (again) with a couple of people.

      Dream 3:

      People are signing the guestbook on my wedding website.
    8. The Early Night Awesome Adventure...

      by , 06-04-2012 at 03:32 AM (My brain and I)
      dream : comments : lucid
      4th of June, 2012

      I think it's worth noting that I woke up and recorded these at 1:30am on my phone, so this was all within the first hour and a half of being asleep.
      All the fragments, while changing with ADHD-like frequency, were part of some greater overarching storyline about some conspiracy, which I think was that I was actually asleep and some force was trying to keep me from realising it. This time, they won.

      I was in an office building of some kind doing research for the conspiracy. We joked about how the boss probably didn't even know we existed and wondered if he'd ever even been down to our floor. I quickly discovered that Justin Timberlake was the boss and was coming to visit that day. I selected all my Facebook friends to let them know then realised that was probably a bad idea. The dream jumped to him signing like 40million "religious slogans" coz he was obliged to as our boss.

      There was something in between but the next main part was that I was outside and this girl who I got the vibe had psychic powers was looking at the sky. I looked up and there were birds making a strange pattern so I climbed a ladder up a building to get a better look. At the top of the ladder it was really windy and I became trapped on the side of the building. It got a bit terrifying there and nightmare feelings began to creep in and I think it kind of looped for a while with me being stuck. I woke up a bit after that and while going back to sleep began to feel myself riding a motorbike. I knew I was about to enter a lucid and felt my dream body become more real than my physical body. Unfortunately I didn't get in and later found myself telling someone about my ladder nightmare back in the office at nighttime.

      For some reason we then needed to take one of our Chinese employees captive and hide from view beneath a large office window overlooking a river. I peeked out and could see this very postmodernist sort of imposing hotel across the water with an alarm going off. This all had to do with the conspiracy but didn't really have a cohesive plotline. When I looked closer the river was actually a swimming pool and this group of about 5 girls and a couple of guys started having a pool party. They asked me to join and I found myself outside with them but declined.

      We began talking about my engagement and I said that we were thinking of going to Greece or Thailand. One of the girls said that Greece was awesome for sea kayaking and all at once Nooks and I were in the middle of a Mediterranean-type sea on kayaks and surrounded by sharks. I was freaking out a bit because in order to paddle you had to use the oar as well as your feet and I was pretty certain my legs were going to get bitten off. The girl who told us to go there was guiding us and said that we should surf on the shark’s wake; which we did and ended up in a public bathroom. The stalls had little buttons that you pushed that made people decide go into them, so we used them as shark bait to escape.

      It all gets a bit hazy until I was at a futuristic jail that was being broken out of. The same alarm that was at the postmodern hotel was going off and there were orange flashing lights and sirens. I was on the side of the guards and jumped in a tank just as a small force of alien/enemy fighters were approaching. For some reason we decided not to attack them (maybe we were outnumbered) and the captain came up and told me some deep, important secret but I woke up at that moment and completely lost what it was.

      All up it was a pretty intense experience considering I’d been asleep maybe an hour or so and I missed about 6 dream clues!
      Aw well.

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    9. A Few Years Ago - Sharks

      , 05-26-2012 at 05:27 AM
      non-lucid novella of a dream. I'm walking along the edges of these randomly spaced pools of water. I have a memory of having been under water with Great White Sharks, all I saw red, so I kept my eyes close.

      I suddenly notice fins in these pools of water. In each oddly shaped pool, there is a GW Shark. They have red mouths. One in particular, maintains eye contact as I walk along his pool. He swam to the edge and started to come out of the pool. As he was coming out he turned into a man and said 'Hi, what's your name?" I told him and somehow he led me away from the pools and we were suddenly in my neighborhood in Los Angeles. There was some back and forth banter about who we are and what we do. He was caught off the coast of Carolina for harassing surfers. He would snout their surf boards. I said I would find that terrorizing. He just thought it was a funny joke.

      I asked him what he would like to do next. He said just enjoy your typical day. So we drove down Sunset, saw the sites, hung out and talked. We ended up at Mel's Diner for some burgers and shakes. By this point he was holding my hand - not really in a sexual way, but in an acceptance of a friendship kind of way. He told me that he appreciated me showing him my world and he has had one of his best days.

      So now he wants to do something for me. "Well, what did you have in mind?" His reply . . ." Let's go swimming" My heart dropped to my stomach and I stopped in my tracks. I felt tricked. Truthfully, I regret not going.
    10. Monster Slayers

      by , 01-04-2012 at 08:04 PM (Starr's Dream Collection)

      Okay, so this is just a bunch of dream fragments that I remember last night...wish I could remember more, because from what I do remember, it was a pretty awesome dream.

      FRAGMENT 1:
      I'm sitting in my sister's room, on the computer. I get the sensation that someone is watching me from behind. I turn around, and, sure, enough, sitting in the window, is Stewie from Family Guy. He scares the crap outta me, so I run out of my sister's room and into the bathroom in the hall.

      Of course, that doesn't help, because now I can see Stewie's silhouette through the curtains as he tries to open the window from the other side. I run out of the bathroom and fall against the hallway wall, sinking to the ground. Now I know he can't see me. Suddenly, it all turns into a game, and I decide to scare Stewie. I stand up and turn my head into the bathroom. I start screaming.

      Stewie, who has turned into my little brother, screams and runs away. I feel satisfied, because I know I won.

      FRAGMENT 2:
      I'm in what looks like some sort of souvenir shop (like the one from the end of the Spongebob movie...anyone know what I'm talking about? Anyone? No?) but instead of souvenirs, there's a bunch of tanks with fish and other coral reef life in them. I'm walking around with my mom and she sees some sharks in a tank.

      She says, "How much do you wanna bet Matt Smith is gonna be around here somewhere?"

      Sure enough, as we continue walking, we find Matt Smith sitting on a wooden crate, completely lost in his thoughts as he picks up and examines some fascinating coral. He smiles to himself. There's another woman sitting next to him, but I don't remember who. Maybe it was supposed to be his girlfriend?

      FRAGMENT 3:
      I'm at my mom's house, and instead of having just one dog, we have two. The new dog is a big light brown mutt, with short hair and floppy ears. He's really friendly and sweet. My mom asks if I can take him on a quick walk around the block. I agree and attach a leash to his collar, walking him out the front door.

      As we step onto the front porch, his leash comes unattached. But he's a good dog, so he waits for me to put it on again. It's wet and rainy outside, and as I continue to fumble with the leash, the dog starts...melting.

      This goes on for a while, but suddenly he turns solid and whole again, and the leash is attached. I start walking around, but he pulls and pulls and we don't go very far. He picks up stuff out of our recycle bin and starts throwing it around, right as the garbage truck starts rumbling down our street. I frantically try to get our dog back to the front door to get him inside, right as the mailman walks up.

      The mailman says, "That's a beautiful dog! What's his name?" I can't remember his name, but my brother appears and pipes up, "Mackenzie!"

      FRAGMENT 4:
      Monsters are taking over our city. Me, and two other people, are the ones who bring justice to our town. We're like superheroes. I remember going through this whole dream slaying all these monsters, and everyone was so happy we were around.

      There was one monster who was like a giant bug, but fluffy and pink, and I'm pretty sure it was wearing a dress. Anyways, so this bug was trying to steal humans to keep as pets, but we wouldn't allow it. We distracted the bug, and the three of us started running for our lives up a set of stairs nearby.
      (Heroic, I know.) Turns out the other two people on my monster-fighting team are two characters from Doctor Who, Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) and the Doctor (David Tennant). Donna and I hide by crouching down behind this cement block at the top of the stairs, and the Doctor starts flying around trying to mock the monster and make it feel bad about itself.

      Apparently, it works, because the monster leaves and the city is safe.

      So, those are my dream fragments from last night. More like mini-dreams than fragments, but, whatever.

      I'm really starting to think Matt Smith with sharks is a dream sign. This is the second night in a row where I dreamt he was around/with sharks. It's completely random, but hey, whatever works, right?

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    11. LD 11: Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

      by , 01-02-2012 at 11:17 PM (Starr's Dream Collection)

      This was definitely a LONG dream. And it consisted of more famous people than I'm used to...which is saying something, because they're pretty much all I ever dream about.

      I'm at a ski resort with two characters from How I Met Your Mother, Marshall (Jason Segel) and Lily (Alyson Hannigan). We're all there to go snowboarding. We all push off from the top of the hill and start boarding down, but not in the proper way. At least, I wasn't. I was sitting down on my snowboard and sliding down like I was sledding. But it was fun, and we kept shouting out "WEEEEEEEE!"

      I kept getting stuck on piles of snow or something, but eventually all three of us made it to the bottom of the hill. There, we met a business-looking man who was trying to advertise new ski slopes to us. He had a model of the Black Pearl, the pirate ship from Pirates of the Caribbean. Apparently there was a new slope modeled to look like the boat, and of course I got really excited, exclaiming, "Oh my God, that is my favorite movie. We have to try this thing!"

      So, somehow, I'm standing in a line waiting to get inside to this ski slope at the top of the hill again. Marshall and Lily are gone, and instead a bunch of people from my school are in line with me. Everyone has these plastic cards that have about 50 cents on each of them, and you cash them in to get your ticket and go inside. I only have five cards in my pocket, and when it's my turn, I give them to the old man who's running the register.

      He says, "Sorry, I'm gonna need about 40 more of these." But when I check my pockets, all I can find is plastic wrappers and other random junk. I say, "Can I go back and get more?" and he says, "Alright, but only this once. I'm not gonna let this happen again."

      I thank him and run off, not sure of where I'm going, exactly. Finally, I make it inside a nearby building, which turns out to be my school. There are a few students I recognize walking around, but I ignore them. I take out my cellphone and call my mom, to tell her that I don't have enough cards to get into the ski resort and that I don't know what to do. She doesn't answer, and, annoyed, I leave a message.

      I remember catching a glimpse of my reflection in some sort of mirror. I was wearing a thin white sweater, black pants, and my hair was in a ponytail. Definitely not proper snowboarding attire, that's for sure.

      Anyways, somehow I come to the decision that I'm just gonna leave and go home, ditching the whole snowboarding thing. I start walking in random directions. I cut through classrooms, which are apparently all connected by doorways. Finally, after walking for a long time, I come to this little library thing and see and open window leading outside. I start climbing through it, but some lady (who I guess was a teacher) stops me. She asks me some sort of history question. I think about the answer for a minute, but I don't know it. So I shrug and say, "I don't know. I'm not in this class."

      Then she says, "Oh! Well, second hour tomorrow, then!" I feel like it's useless to try and keep explaining to her that I'm not in her class, so I just laugh and keep walking away. The walk is extremely short, and I suddenly find myself hopping over a fence and in my backyard. I look into my neighbor's driveway and see my cat. He's fighting a squirrel. Apparently, this is normal, so I keep walking towards my house. Suddenly, though, the squirrel heads for me, and tries to attack me. One of his claws gets stuck in the back of my sweater (which is now red) and he starts pulling me back.

      That was one strong squirrel. He keeps pulling and pulling and he's winning. I shout out for help, when, suddenly, I realize that none of this makes sense at all.

      I become lucid. I instantly relax, knowing that I can't get hurt, and the squirrel lets go and runs away.

      I wake up. Or, so I think. With my eyes still closed, I know I'm still dreaming. However, I'm afraid that if I open them, I'll actually wake up. I perform a reality check. Okay, I'm dreaming. I need to open my eyes, so I do. I'm in my mom's bed, which sort of makes this a partial false awakening, because that's not where I fell asleep. Thankfully, I haven't woken up in real life.

      Now I feel like achieving a personal lucid goal of mine--flying. I stand up and walk to the edge of my mom's bed, crouched down, and got ready to jump off. Suddenly, the song "You Can Fly!" from Peter Pan started playing. I pictured how Wendy just started easily flying around her bedroom with the help of Peter Pan, and while I didn't have pixie dust, I did have faith and trust. So I jumped off the bed, and to my surprise, I was flying!

      I started floating around and flapping my arms like a bird before I flew into my living room. I saw my mom sitting on the couch, texting. "Look," I said, "I can fly!"

      She looks up at me and smiles a little, before going back to her phone. What? Why isn't she more excited? I'm flying, after all.

      "No, look! I'm actually flying!" I say, and start flying in circles right below the ceiling. She says something along the lines of "That's great," and goes back to her phone again. Whatever.

      The dream switches, and I'm not lucid anymore. Aww. I'm standing in what I guess is supposed to be my dad's basement, even though it looks nothing like it. A bunch of people are down there, including Justin Timberlake. I don't know. So, anyways, the basement is designed to look like a rainforest, complete with plants, rain, and animals. Lots and lots of animals, mostly birds. I decide that our basement is so cool, that I just have to take some pictures.

      I walk over to one little section of plants that has a bunch of birds. The birds are all very pretty and colorful, and they seem to be posing for the camera. There's one bird, however, that just gives me the creeps. It can't fly, it just walks around. It's fat and grey and has a reddish pink bill. It starts fluffing up it's feathers in a threatening way when I start taking pictures, so I start to walk away. Unfortunately, it follows me.

      Scratch that, chases me.

      Everyone starts laughing at me (including Justin Timberlake, the bastard) as I try to outrun this freaky bird. I pick up a big white blanket which is just sitting around and hold it up in front of me so that the bird can't hurt me, but it starts pecking at my feet, which the blanket isn't protecting. Now I'm freaking out, but my dad is standing there, teasing me about the whole situation. I throw the blanket aside and run up the stairs, finally escaping the bird.

      I remember another dream, even if it was only a fragment. There is something about a school bus carrying kids back from a sleep-away camp. My friend A is in my dining room, on some boxy, ancient looking computer. She's on the camp's website because she just got back from the camp, and she's telling me everything that happened. There are profiles for each camp counselor, and A clicks on the one for hers. Turns out, her counselor was no other than Karen Gillan.

      "No way," I say, "she was your camp counselor?!"

      A is confused. She doesn't know why it's such a big deal. She doesn't seem to know that Karen Gillan is a famous actress.

      I'm in a different dream now. I'm in the ocean, although it's very shallow. The water is blue and crystal clear. I have a bucket full of shark fins, and they're covered in butter and stuffed with vegetables. We're going to feed them to...the sharks.

      I'm with Matt Smith and Emma Stone. Matt is teaching both Emma and I how to properly feed the sharks, which have now started swarming around us. The sharks are very strange looking. The have pointy noses that are encrusted with weird, tribal-looking designs. They have yellow eyes. And they're big, about as big as a grown man. They seem friendly enough, though, so they don't freak me out too badly.

      We start throwing the fins at them, and they gobble them up. That's when Matt decides to tell us, "Oh, and this is illegal, you know."

      "What?" I say, "Illegal?!"

      "Well, yes. I mean, these are shark fins. And we're feeding them to sharks. That's cannibalism. And that's illegal," he responds, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

      "Oh," I say, "Okay." We continue feeding the sharks. Suddenly, though, the sharks all start swimming towards us at an alarming pace. Matt Smith has transformed into Ashton Kutcher, and I know Emma Stone changed to someone else, too, but I don't remember who.

      The sharks all turn so that they're swimming vertically, heads above the surface of the water. The ocean has turned into a giant pool, with rather murky water. The sharks press me, Ashton Kutcher, and the mystery person up against the wall of the pool so we couldn't move.

      "ASHTON!" I shout. I'm freaking out. I look around, and we're surrounded by the freaky sharks.

      "Stop! Don't worry! This is...this is just what the sharks do. It's their ritual. They think we're one of them! It's okay!" he says. But I know it's not okay.

      But I don't care. Somehow, I manage to pull myself out of the edge of the pool, and Ashton and the other person follows me. We feel relieved that we escaped from the sharks, but as I turn around, I see one shark has followed us. It's standing on it's fins, walking like a person, and...smiling at us, in a rather creepy manner.

      I scream, grab a buttered shark fin out of the bucket, and hold it up in front of my face, hoping it would act as some sort of a peace offering to the shark. I guess I'll never know, though, because I
      woke up.

      This was a very long dream, and a rather hilarious one, at that. Most of it was non-lucid, but the during the small lucid part, I flew, which was a personal goal of mine. Yay!

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    12. A restless sleep...

      by , 09-26-2011 at 12:41 PM (Pop's Dream Journal)
      I've been battling a cold for the past several days and my dream circuits seem to have gone haywire. Last night, I dreamed the same scene over and over again for what seemed like about 10 times:

      I'm with a group of scuba divers and we're aboout to get in the water and be photographed. As we do our dive, the pictures display like a slideshow, one right after another. Some are good, some are blurry. For some reason, I sense that some of the divers are frightened or uneasy. Then I see a picture of a shark, but it's dead. I find the body of the shark underwater and take about two or three shark's teeth before getting the uneasy feeling that other sharks may come and feed on the dead one, so I leave.
    13. Lucid Dream 201: What Lurks Below...

      by , 03-24-2011 at 12:24 PM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      March 19, 2011
      Lucid Dream 201: What Lurks Below...
      Series: Mind of a Gamer, Episode 3
      around 11:00am

      Category - Action

      I was with a team of random DCs in a large abandoned facility. I was the leader of the team and I had split us up into two groups of three. One group searched the floor we were on and the other (my group) was to take the elevator to the bottom floor. The elevator was like a massive cargo elevator. Me, another guy, and a female wearing glasses and a baseball hat stepped into the elevator. I pressed the button and the doors began to close. Suddenly the female unexpectedly kicks/shoves the guy out of the elevator before the door closes. I reached for my pistol, but it wasn't there. The female had removed her glasses and hat. She was now pointing my gun at me and I realized why she had looked familiar. It was Annette Birkin (from Resident Evil 2). I thought, "Shit! Now what am I going to do." She seemed to understand what I was thinking. She smiled and said, "And now...you help me get my husbands research." I asked her why she couldn't just get it herself and she told me, "You will see soon enough." As the elevator began to slow down, water started pouring in from the bottom of the elevator. The water was up to my knees before the elevator stopped moving and the door opened.

      I a short hallway that lead to an all too familiar door (which was half submerged in water). I knew what was behind it, and I thought of a plan. I opened the door and entered into a very large circular room. The entire room was flooded and I was standing on a metal walkway that wrapped around the entire room. I looked at Annette and said, "Follow me...closely." I took off running and noticed a pair of fins approaching. I made it to the closest door and entered as two sharks leapt out of the water and attempted to eat us. We were now in a smaller flooded room. I noticed several smaller sharks swimming around (about 2 foot in length). I hopped up on some floating debris and suddenly became lucid for no apparent reason. I began hopping around on the floating debris as the sharks leapt out of the water and snapped at my legs. Annette had found the suitcase containing the G-Virus kit in a floating dresser. I then leapt into the air and glided back to the door. I opened it up and we exited back into the circular room. As soon as I closed the door a shark jumped up out of the water. I jumped up to meet it, ripped out one of its teeth, and then split its stomach open. Tons of sharks swarmed and started a feeding frenzy on the freshly gutted beast. We ran to the nearest door and entered.

      There was no water in the room. It contained a staircase that descended several flights. Once we reached the bottom, there was another door. We entered and found ourselves in department store. There was a holding tank on the far left that house a massive shark. It was neptune from Resident Evil. There seemed to be no one in the store but the two of us. I walked around for a bit until I heard the sound of glass shattering. I looked out toward the direction of the noise and saw a horde of zombies running at us. Suddenly, people came popping out from behind shelves, clothing racks, etc. They all had guns, swords, baseball bats, etc. I battled along with them. I grabbed a mop and began rocking some zombie head. I impaled one zombie through the mouth with the mop and then yanked its head off. After the horde was defeated, I noticed that the leader of these survivors was Michael Jordan and Lebron James.

      I thought, "Well, I suppose it makes sense that two of the most athletic people would be able to avoid death by zombie. I talked to them and asked them how they got here. They had lead a group of 22 people into the department store to wait it out for help that never came. There were only 11 of them left. Lebron showed me his stomach which had several bleeding claw marks. I asked if the zombies got him and he told me it happened before we got there. He fought and killed a Hunter that had broken in with his bare hands. I yelled at Anette to bring the anti-virus from her kit. She refused, I laughed and said, "You just wrote your ticket to hell." I noticed she was standing in front of the shark tank. I imagined the scene from the RE Remake and the shark began slamming into the glass. Annette attempted to run away, but I flew over to her and tossed her back in front of the tank. The shark burst through and chomped her clean in half. Her top half was trying ti crawl away, when the shark flopped up and bit off her head. It managed to finish the rest of her off, before MJ put a bullet in its brain. I picked up the suitcase that she had dropped and gave Lebron the anti-virus. I heard shattered glass again, and another horde of zombies entered the store. I awoke while fighting off the zombies.

      Wow, 3 lucids in a row involving Resident Evil elements and zombies .

      Series Details
      With the dream series, "Mind of a Gamer," the gaming world and the dreaming world collide to produce a lucid paradise. Read as I take video game scenarios to the next level. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!
    14. Sharks

      by , 02-01-2011 at 05:54 PM
      I am on a bus heading down a street. Everyone on the bus has the magical power to turn into sharks. We do this by diving into the street and become shark shaped shadows that can swim along the pavement. We are heading to face off against the evil sharks. We see a bunch of them heading towards us. We jump out the windows to go battle the enemy sharks. I didnt jump out the window because I was afraid to. After the fighting ended I jumped out and joined my comrades. We start walking down the street and we see some more enemies walking towards us. We dive into shark mode and battle. I go along with them and fight some sharks. Our side wins and we keep waking. We come to a Culdesac of sorts with parks on both sides. There is a swarm of enemies hanging around the Culdesac so we dive into shark mode and go to battle. I am about to jump up and attack one of them when I realize it is my sister. I swim around horrified as I realized they are all girls I know. I cannot kill them! I swim into their camp and I see one running towards our camp. I bite her neck and kill her. I feel absolutly horrified with myself. The dream fades out.
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    15. Deleted

      by , 01-29-2011 at 06:46 AM (Torra)

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