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    1. Monday, February 11

      by , 02-17-2019 at 12:42 AM
      I am working at Dillard’s, and it seems like I’m working the fitting room in men’s. A middle aged man comes in and is looking for something, a suit coat I think. I think I help him find one. He tries some on and finds one fairly quick. Before he leaves the dim fitting room, he asks me if domestic? or something else is okay, sort of discreetly. I hesitate and tell him ‘domestic’. He nonchalantly thanks me while holding out a wad of bills. After he’s gone, I see a receipt for $100? and a tip of $40 - what he gave to me.
    2. This Must Have Been Kafka’s Bank; Old Acquaintance

      by , 04-22-2018 at 11:09 PM (The Fourth Factor)
      It seems I’ve gone to a bank to figure out why I can’t get my checking account hooked up with Paypal. They’ve given me a form to fill out—I’m sitting at a large table with a few other customers scattered around it while a female employee stands behind a desk at one end of the room.

      But the form is proving quite frustrating. All the questions are so unclear that I keep having to call the woman over to explain what information it’s asking me for. And it seems that a lot of what it’s asking for is other people’s information—relatives, friends, people who would be able to do a particular thing for me.

      I call the woman over to explain yet another question—it claims to be questions 4 through 10, although it seems to be a simple yes or no question. What’s this one asking me for? She tells me that one doesn’t actually count for anything, and I can write anything I want there. Well, fine then. I write: “yes?/no!” below it. The woman seems a little dubious. But if it doesn’t matter, then presumably it doesn’t have to make sense. Besides, I say, how often do you get the chance to answer a question like that? And she seems to accept that.

      I had hoped to have this matter settled today, but since I’m going to have to get in touch with so many people to get the information I need to fill the form out, it looks like it’s going to drag out for a while longer. But then it dawns on me: this thing is making me think about the ways I’m connected with other people. Could it be that that’s what this was really about?

      Later that night, in a different dream, I’m going to a place like a big department store with a group of people. A lot happened in this one, but in the only part I can remember well, we have all met up at a café that's part of some larger space. We sit at a couple small, round tables to one side of the counter. There are some nice-looking pastries on display, but I don’t recall anyone actually ordering food.

      I was hoping to sit next to Katya, but she ended up at the other table, and other people sat down there before I could move over. Instead, I seem to be sitting beside an old schoolmate, someone I haven’t seen or even thought about since we were both 10. We talk about life back then. She mentions a particular boy, saying she remembers I had a lot of classes in common with him. I can’t remember whether I did or not. It’s not something I would have taken note of. I say that I remember having a lot of classes in common with another boy, though. She doesn’t remember who he is at first. But then she says, “Oh, the one with the naked fairy dream?” This is referring to the dream records that are displayed here in this café. It seems they were collected by Judge what’s-his-face from some of the students back then as part of some project—maybe like a public display of kids’ artwork, like you see sometimes— and by some massive coincidence, they ended up here, where we are.

      I have my bouzouki in my lap, in its case. I’m thinking of taking it out and playing it. It would have nothing whatsoever to do with anything that happened in the past, and that would be nice.

    3. Some Fragments

      by , 12-23-2015 at 06:16 PM (The Dream Cauldron)
      (Unconnected dreams indicated by a *. Connected dreams indicated by a •. )
      * I'm in what looks like a department store and I'm trying all the couches.

      * I've written a story in Microsoft Word and I can't delete it.
    4. N... Idk: Wow.

      by , 10-03-2015 at 06:20 PM
      Okay, so, I haven't been on here in awhile! Wow XD It may be because of school and all but... Idk. I dreamt that I was at a huge house... with a whole bunch of other kids. At some point, I became semi- lucid. Our "Parent" was very negligent (I think that's how you spell it?) and looked exactly like my math teacher. At one point I brought up the Sword Art Online menu, and called the police. They arrived in a big black pick-up truck. I looked for all of the other kids, which was pretty hard to do. There were like, over 50 other kids. Yeah. Then, the dream kind of changed to rich people living in that house. I wanted to impress them, so, being somewhat lucid, I changed a stuffed decorative rabbit in the front yard into a real, living rabbit. I woke up at about 7 am to go to the bathroom. I came back upstairs and fell asleep. I dreamt that I met a couple of people on the internet, and they wanted me to be their artist for something. I gladly said yes. Then, I was walking through a department store, looking for them. I came across my baby brother, alone, in his stroller.
    5. 2013-September-29 Sunday - While I sang those sad songs...

      by , 09-29-2013 at 02:33 PM
      I'm tired. Like, Really really tired of what I'm doing, Staying up late at night ruining myself without rest. With that being said my title of this post is in reference to the Morphine song "The Saddest Song". And really, I do have a choice to not ruin myself here and I'll use it. I'm done - Let's not waste the rest time at night.

      Dreams for tonight...

      Last few:

      > I was in a department store trying to escape a big fat, African-American guy (Who might have been over 350 pounds) and yet he kept up with me as I kept crawling over things and talked to me. Am I that tired?

      > I was just outside the church - Sort of - And I did not go in exactly but was between the band practice room and where sermons are preached. I saw Chuck and Katie, Heard Katie and heard her laugh and when I saw Chuck go into the band practice room I was thinking if I would go in there I might just be like a fictional figure, Lyra Heartstrings the Unicorn - But in this case, The "Background Pony" One that was cursed to not be remembered by anyone.

      > I think I then went into a place that was half McDonald's and half a grocery store. I saw through someone else's eyes and as I went through things to buy and eat, A man and his kids were at the counter returning something and the man was irate. Later his two sons (Who were under 12 years old) knocked me over and the father turned around and I said "They're just playing" and the father was not irate at it, And he said "See you around".

      Then the dirt was about to hit the fan and be spread everywhere; I went back to the place where the entry/exit door was and it wasn't there, Another stand to buy stuff to eat was there, And there were these Star Wars Podracer things with knives attached to them which were going to come down on the floor and race all around. I went around and told people to get their feet off the floor or they'd be cut up and everyone did and only one person was hurt; My father, Who I (Whoever I was) Tried to help and keep off the floor. I at first was by a cylindrical column and a knife came up the pole and cut him! Then later whoever Father was turned into chicken and grease when I was above a grille (That wasn't a hot grille) and I said "I'm not married to people, I'm married to organs!" And then the thought was "I'm married to dirt" At the end prior to waking.

      I need help, And to accept what will work.
    6. The Lost Island

      by , 08-23-2013 at 12:22 PM (My Humble Collection of Somnigraphies)
      August 24 2013 - Dream Fragment #1 I remember driving in a car with my mother. She was talking about something that had happened on an island, and I didn't know what it was for some reason or other. I remember arriving on the side of this huge lake and seeing many islands in the distance. (I also remembered things from the Karate Kid throughout the dream, but that was really random and non-important) We took a boat out onto the lake and she said she was going to see the island where she grew up. We finally got out to where she said it was, and she looked down into the water and pointed to a dark shape about 10 feet underneath that went on for farther than I could see. I asked her how she could live there and she said that once it was above water, and there were many houses on it and people living there. She said that she was one of the few to make it out alive when the island started collapsing. I had a flashback to when people were trying to get out and I remember seeing my mom go for a boat and drive away with like six other people. We then got back to shore, and got in our car. As we approached the gated exit, another car, a Jeep (I don't know what model) pulled up next to us and a guy started talking to my mom.

      Dream Fragment #2 - I remember being in a grocery/department store and looking at food. I also remember my friends and I standing around talking about something while there were futuristic-looking cops outside.
    7. 2/2 Harry Potter and Neil Patrick Harris

      by , 02-02-2013 at 04:07 PM
      went to sleep around 1:30

      woke up at around 4:30 because my room was too hot, went upstairs to drink a glass of water, took off all my clothes except my boxers, I was feeling a little sick but I felt better after a while.

      1. Had a dream where my mom was secretly taking me to certain classes at a high school at night, for brainwashed zombies. Showed a commercial for the school where two fat girls were walking down the hallway and there was a line in between them, both tried to walk straight but one veered into the others path and they slammed against the lockers. Apparently I woke up at the school one time but the dream ended after that.

      2. I also had a dream I was in my front yard and I ran around my house and drove around it at the same time. At some points I was running really fast and other times I was driving an acura msx. I ran/drove down to my backyard to a path where if you kept walking was a public pool, but I could see glowing red tires and I knew a big truck was there and it's illegal to drive on the paths so I went the other way, and further up that way was more glowing red tires so I drove up to my front yard again and went back in the garage, which was way different than my garage in real life. The garage was very long and bright, the floor was tan and the walls were green. I put these shoes back and they were black shoes that looked very expensive and I looked around to see if anyone saw what I did. This car two houses down started driving and I got really scared but it kept driving and parked in the house two houses down on the other side, I almost decided to follow that car into the garage but decided not to. Then my mom and her friend came into the garage and her friend handed me a report card, even though I go to college. It showed B's for all my classes except D for one of my classes. I was like shit but they kept walking away outside. At that point the dream was over.

      3. Another dream where I was in this hallway for hogwarts, it was like an entrance into the school where it was kind of a bridge at the same time. Inside the bridge their were windows on both sides shaped in sort of a kind of shape you see on the sides of stain glass church windows, except without the stained glass. I guess I was harry potter in the dream, and me Ron and Hermione and some others were sitting down and talking next to a window, and Ron kept talking about how he teleports to go snowboarding with him and some friends every day, and how he wanted to go to Six Flags but they put in a theme park inside the school so they would be less tempted to go. Thats when this apparently popular guy walked in the hallway and everyone started moving around, I got up and he went against the window and stared at me for a second, then kept going. He was apparently going out with this really popular girl, when this other guy walked in and he just handed the girl right over to her, as if that guy was now going to be her boyfriend. and everyone was mad about that for some reason, can not make any reasoning out of this part lol. Thats when I went downstairs, as harry, and There was a giant room but a mirror before it where I saw four girls ghosts. And one of the popular kids said something with a phrase at the end and the girls in the mirror kept telling me how vague that saying was, and I recognized one of the girls in the mirror had red hair and her face was familiar as an actor from somewhere but I just dont remember exactly where. She kept repeating the saying and flames started to ignite around her as if it was her aura and she kept telling me how you can't trust people when they say that phrase. And I was like ok i get it and the dream was over.

      4. One last dream where me and Neil Patrick Harris had to do a list of things to get a certain thing accomplished, the dream started after we completed the first thing that had to do with a jet pack. We were in a big department store and everyone had the same list of things to accomplish. You were supposed to neatly put away your jet pack when you were done with it and I kept telling NPH I forgot to put the jet pack away in the right place but he kept ignoring me. We were supposed to find clothes for a night club but the employee that worked at the department store kept taking us to "club clothes" or "party clothes" and showed us clothes that would only fit a small child. We kept telling him we were looking for you know CLUB clothes or night club clothes but he just didn't understand what we were saying. I kept trying to explain to the employee and NPH left to do something else.

      woke up at 9:30
    8. Mom's Diner - Just Kill Me Already

      by , 01-19-2012 at 11:06 PM (Jakro Goes Hardcore Into LDs)
      I'm going to write a bit longer dream today from the past - the recall still isn't good, but at least I've returned to monophasic sleeping lately.

      Mom's Diner - Just Kill Me Already
      Date: August 21th, 2009
      Lucid: Yes
      Method: DILD

      I thought I was at home, but there were some guys from the army doing some kind of ice...thingie. There was a pool made of concrete and the guys were pouring ice-cold water into it for it to freeze. For some reason I decided to jump into the water. I didn't feel the coldness, but the water started to freeze and resist my movement right away. I asked the army guys to help me up and luckily they did help me out of the pool. I was wondering whether I should help the guys in this freezing thing they were doing, but then they started talking:
      "Have you tasted mom's delicacies yet?"
      "Well go have a taste!"

      I had changed into army uniform and the place overall resembled the garrison I had been a year earlier in reality. "Mom" was apparently some diner runner there. She seemed to be really liked. She actually looked like one lady that indeed did work in the army in reality. Nobody called her mom though.

      Still I had not actually seen her in the dream though (just getting ahead of myself). I was at the door of the place and there was some kind of candle rack (is it said like that?) that I managed to accidentally cause to fall. Actually this resembles again a real-life situation - in the army I did back into a flower stand and the jar where the flower were broke. I guess that embarrassing situation left strong marks into my subconscious. Anyway the "Mom" was there looking at me like I'm some kind of madman. I apologized for tipping that rack over and was relieved that I didn't break anything.

      I wandered around the place a bit. There were plenty of free tables, but I didn't find any place where to order anything. I ventured even further and then realized, that the "diner", wasn't any diner but more like a department store. There were a lot of small shops and stuff. For example there was Mom's kiosk, where you could get some food for travel, at least according to it's slogan. I kept zig-zagging the place. Finally I ended up in the other side of the place and went out from there.

      People were going to some stadium outside. It resembled Berlin's Olympic Stadium, at least according to my notes, even though I have no idea what Berlin's Olympic Stadium looks like. The place was shutting down because Mom was going there. I gotta say that all of the people just talking about this mom made me very curious.

      I went back into the "diner"/department store and looked for the kiosk. I planned to buy couple of chocolate bars to at least have something to eat, even if not Mom's acclaimed food. But no, the place was just shutting down. One of my former classmates was there gathering up things. What, he now works there? My brain works in a fucked up way sometimes... I felt like stealing the chocolate bars, because of this unfortunately timed closing time, but I ended up deciding against it.

      That was when I realized, that I had been in the store for a long time. I started to wonder whether I should be back with the dudes at the concrete pool who were doing the freezing shit. Wow, amazing consistency in my dreams. This is the kind of dreams I'd like to enjoy while lucid, dreams where everything holds together, is logical and stays consistent. Too much to ask for, I guess.

      Because even while this wasn't yet lucid, the logic and consistency of it sort of died right there. I went out of the store and where was I? At the local community center's front yard. I realized that this wasn't possible. Lucidity was inevitable at that point. The dream also (unsuprisingly) really started to lose it's quality.

      There's a road going in front of it and I saw multiple trucks coming there. They really drove in wildly and had the trucks slide sideways because of turning too much, etc. Some tough-looking dudes came out of the trucks when they finally had stopped. The gang surrounded me. They were armed with assault rifles, though hilariously some of them had that red end that toy guns have at the end of the barrels.

      They started acting all tough on me. Me being lucid I had zero fear, so I just acted tough back. Shame I don't remember the dialogue exactly. He was pointing his rifle at me and I just dared him to shoot me. I really pushed him. I ordered him to shoot me. I wanted to die. Yet he just kept threatening, instead of doing it. I realized he was not going to do it unless I do something more drastic.

      I grabbed one of his gang members under my arm and threatened him. "Unless you shoot me, your friend is gonna suffer!"

      Instead of shooting me like any sane thug would have done, he just reversed it. He said that my friend is gonna die if I don't stop - and as "my friend" he referred to the guy I had just grabbed. What the fuck? That's the worst illogicality I've ever seen in a dream. Dude, it's your friend, not mine.

      I resiliently kept pissing him off so he finally obliged me and pulled the trigger. The gun just clicked. It was empty. He didn't even have ammo this whole time? What a retard! Besides, this already happened in my earlier dream (I just realized this). I guess empty guns are a dream sign for me. Then again, any guns at all are a dream sign for me. Anyway, I figured that I'm not going to get killed here, so I tried to pull out a gun from my pocket using passive control, just "knowing" it is there. It didn't work.

      I tried to throw myself into the ground again as I noticed that the dream was crumbling fast. I ended up into my bed in a false awakening. I did like a million reality checks and by all means I should have realized I was still dreaming, but I still went to the kitchen to look for some more evidence. Too bad I was in a tight timeframe anyway, as I woke up then.
    9. Intense and LONG lucid dream - ADULT - one short lucid dream fragment (all in the same night!)

      by , 10-26-2011 at 12:21 AM (GypsyDiver's Dream Bible)
      I woke up this morning and tried the FILD technique. I'm not sure I had full lucidity in the beginning, but I was at least aware of myself entering a dream.

      I've been reading Stephen King's Under the Dome, so I was trapped in a city under a dome much like that one. In fact, we might have been in the book. Then some countries (and it might have been Naruto related) bombed right outside us. People freaked out, but I became lucid around then (or maybe I always had been, my memory on this one is fuzzy) and dove into the sand and dust where the bomb had hit. I swam around in the dust for a while, then came up and went to this huge department store. It was made all out of glass. I started talking casually to the police chief there. I remember that most of the stuff he said was hilarious, and laughing pretty hard. I know I asked him some questions I've always wanted to ask dream characters, but I've forgotten most of what he said.

      He started leading me around the department store, kind of like a tour. I kind of snapped back to a heightened state of lucidity, extremely aware. I looked at my hands and was, once again, shocked by how real it was. I KNEW it was a dream, I didn't need to do any checks, but I was still just fascinated. I looked at the name plaque for this woman's office that we were standing outside of. Her name was Wanda something. The name was strange, but the door and plaque and woman looked intensely real. I thought, "Okay, time to get some stuff done!"

      There was a door I could try to walk through, but I watched Inception the other night with Leviathen (he'd never seen it) and was now convinced if I tried to leave, my DCs would try to attack me. I didn't want to get shot, so I tried to spin. I could tell I hadn't moved, but I willed myself not to wake up. When I opened my eyes, the police men were coming to tie me to the wall.

      Spoiler for ADULT:

      Then the alarm went off and I woke up.

      (It really was long, like 30 minutes, I just don't remember most of it. At one point I thought, GEEZ this is a long dream.)


      The second dream took place a couple of hours after the first.

      I was running from a large group of people, when lucidity hit me. Something about the running feeling great and how I wasn't tired. I just was sure I was dreaming. I did the nose RC. As usual, it took me a second to realize it was working, that I could breathe.

      Then I woke up.
    10. the five guys advice concert; fedex and nice clothes

      by , 08-11-2011 at 12:22 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was on a dark stage with a group of guys. The guys were something like rock stars or performers. I'm not sure whether the stage was in a large or a small venue. Sometimes the atmosphere seemed very small, almost like a coffee shop or a bar. Other times, it seemed like the five guys were addressing a huge crowd, almost like at a political convention.

      The stage itself seemed sometimes to be more like a small coffee shop or bar, or even a living room. I could see rugs, tables, and lamps. I might even once have seen a small hallway leading back to another room.

      The five guys were going away. This might have been their last performance ever. So, partly for the crowd's sake, but partly for my own sake, the five guys gave some kind of inspirational speech. They each took a turn speaking. As the person would speak, a spotlight would shine on him.

      The five speeches were somehow connected. They began in some kind of historical context. They had to do with something like fighting for liberty. Then they moved on to how people shouldn't lose hope, and what kinds of things they could do to keep fighting for liberty.

      All the time, while each person was talking, I was touching the speaking person's face. I could see each person just fine. But the way I was touching the people's faces was like I couldn't see the people's faces, and like I was trying to understand what they were like.

      The final person, while I was touching his face, began to laugh a little. I got the impression that he thought I was doing this because I wasn't taking his speech seriously. So I tried to touch his face more seriously. I began tapping his forehead and his chin with a fist like a cat-paw, not closed all the way, but kind of flat.

      I may have been a little kid at this point, or maybe all through the dream.

      Dream #2

      I was at a service counter at a FedEx. A pretty woman with olive skin, black hair, and black eyes told me something about whatever I was here to do. She said something like things would be ready for me in a while, so I should come back.

      I thanked the woman and walked away from the counter. I was now in a department store. I was walking around some display areas with really nice dark grey or black slacks. The area all around was also nice, kind of dimly lit, with dark green or blue carpeting. All the display stands also seemed to be made of a nice kind of wood.

      A few other guys came up around me. There were some tall, white guys and at least one Asian guy. They were all dressed nice, probably in dark blue blazers, pale blue shirts, and khaki slacks. They were all talking with each other, possibly about some kind of business meeting they'd all been to. But they were all hanging around and looking at the pants near me, I could tell, because they assumed, for some reason, that I had good taste in pants (???).

      I was back in some line, which, as I faced it, looked like a checkout line for this department or clothing store. The cashier counters looked very nice, all made out of heavy wood. They almost looked like bank counters. I was near the front of the line.

      One of the Asian guys was in front of me, talking to some of the other business guys, who were behind me. This guy wasn't as well dressed as the others. He wore a maroon polo shirt and khaki slacks.

      They were all talking about something having to do with the military. It was like they had just been to some convention for military scientific projects. There may have been certain aspects of the technology that they either hadn't understood or had been bored by. But there had been a woman there who had really absorbed and processed all the information.

      The Asian man was now kind of giggling a little, like you would after seeing some kind of daring feat. He then said, almost looking at me, as if he felt I had been listening to and understanding the conversation, "Well, I guess that she is a HLA." (He pronounced "HLA" as "hullay.") I assmed that "HLA" meant "High-Level Analyst."

      I was now up at the Fedex counter, coming to take care of whatever I had been told to take care of. The woman I had come to was the same woman as before. She had been pretty friendly before. But now she was really rude.

      She had an envelope, which I knew was for me. But she was kind of angry that this envelope could be for me. She didn't want it to be mine. She didn't want to give it to me. She told me to give her my ID. I did. She seemed to be going through every number on my ID. Then she was going through every number, every digit, on the envelope.

      She began tapping her fingernails on the counter, trying to find some kind of numerical reason not to give me my package. She was getting mad that she couldn't. I had a feeling she didn't even want to give me my ID back.
    11. Malia Jet Trial Run and the Slanted Store

      by , 07-21-2011 at 05:30 AM
      DATE: July 18, 2011
      LUCIDITY: 1/5

      I was inside the house at dusk one clear night, when the military sent out a notice to everyone in the area to stay indoors while they performed trial runs with their new fleet of fighter jets called the Malia, after Obama's daughter. I and a few others were eager to get pictures of them, but didn't want to get caught because we weren't sure how severe the consequences would be. We couldn't figure out why they wanted us to stay inside. If the planes crash landed, being inside the house wouldn't offer much protection.

      I grabbed my boots to go find the best photography vantage point somewhere in the yard, put them away as I decided it was best not to leave the deck, and finally grabbed them again so I'd have the option in case I saw a really awesome shot. I snuck outside with the other few photographers, cameras ready. The stars were glittering faintly as the last of the pink sunset faded. The jets seemed to be putting on an air show, swooping around in various formations, relatively quiet for fighter jets. Each of them glowed with a pinkish red light. I don't remember many of the details beyond that point—we just watched the jets fly back and forth over the neighbourhood in the wide open sky, a few times thinking that the glow and formation made them look a bit like UFOs.

      In the next part of the dream, I was at a Zellers or some other department store, located on the hillside of the Halifax waterfront—though I don't remember actually seeing any water (I think it might have been blocked from view by another much larger, solid row of buildings). The store was surrounded by other large buildings, and a few trees here and there, especially farther up the hill. A large part of the store was built on a slant, so you could just barely avoid sliding into another department as you shopped. Part of the store was illuminated only by the sunlight streaming in through the windows, and many of the surfaces were made of smooth black stone.

      I was shopping for clothes with Mom for a short while, and left the department store briefly to go look for Dad, who had left a little earlier than us since he didn't have the patience to wait around. I think he had gone back to the car, but it was parked a ways away down a different street. I then decided to buy a couple of colorful floor-length summer dresses I had seen that were $50 on sale for $7, so I ran back to the store without bothering to find him first, and then I woke up.

      Lately I've been shopping for pretty clothes a lot in my dreams :/
    12. June 19th, 2011

      by , 06-19-2011 at 05:23 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I was in a department/grocery store of some sort. There was a glass display near the center of the store and I was looking at men's style wrist watches. I was kind of bored but I was determined to find a watch I liked and buy it. Most of them were bulky and coloured black. Someone (a unidentificable woman) told me to hurry up but instead of buying a wrist watch I went to the checkout and purchased a bottle of red wine, even though I don't drink alcohol. This angered the person who I was with for some reason, but I don't know why.
    13. bill clinton and bridge; oprah winfrey and event; bugs and light; japanese movie argument

      by , 05-08-2011 at 01:58 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in something like an atrium, at the foot of an escalator, with a big crowd of people. The atrium was gigantic. The walls were made of glass, and they let in the deep blue sky and sunlight, though somehow shaded, maybe because the glass was tinted slightly. The escalator was also enormous.

      Bill Clinton stood near me in the crowd. We may actually have been walking near each other as we had gone down some corridor to get to the atrium. Clinton was wearing a pink polo shirt and kind of pale blue jeans. As we stood before the escalator he said something historical about the atrium, and possibly about the bridge outside the atrium. The bridge was likely the Brooklyn Bridge.

      I thought the stuff Clinton was saying was pretty interesting. I tried to stand closer to him as we all went up the escalator. But I felt like I was being annoying, so I kind of backed away from him. We got up to the top of the escalator. There was a small landing and then another, smaller escalator. I think I took the opportunity of this landing to back even farther away from Clinton, to be less annoying.

      Somehow I ended up out on the Brooklyn Bridge. The bridge was colossal. I could only see portions of it as I traveled under it, either via car or subway. The road was covered in dark shadow.

      I was then on a subway train that was running above ground. This eventually turned into a bus. There were only two other passengers on the bus: both were male friends of mine. We, or they, also knew the bus driver. He was driving us through a kind of quiet part of town, like some area far out in Queens or farther out on Long Island. The sun was shining orange-yellow like it was early morning.

      The guys and the bus driver were talking back and forth with each other. The bus driver finally asked me, "Hey, should I be dropping you off at the college with these guys?" I couldn't think of any reason why I'd be going to the college, but I didn't want to disappoint the guy by saying no. I may have been really curled up in a seat, so that my knees were against the back of the seat in front of me.

      Dream #2

      I was in a department store with Oprah Winfrey. We stood at the end of a bunch of clothing displays, at a wall which was a window looking down at some other section of the building of which the department store was a part. There were maybe one or two other people around us.

      We finished watching some event down below. I turned to Oprah and thanked her forf inviting me to this event. She was very friendly, but I don't think she said anything. She was gone.

      I walked away from the window. I was probably heading out of the store. I saw a black woman looking through some clothing.The woman's back was turned to me. But, for some reason, I thought she was Oprah. So I walked up to her and said, "Oprah, I just want to thank you again for reminding me about this event. If it hadn't been for you--"

      But now the woman turned around. She was really short and round. She had very dark skin, and she wore dark sunglasses. She looked pretty mean! She wore a pale denim jacket, jeans, and hat. She yelled at me, "Why are you calling me Oprah? Just because I'm black, I have to be Oprah?"

      I was scared, and I backed off pretty quick. I didn't know how to respond. I kind of forgot whether I'd thought the person I'd thought the woman was was Oprah or my old friend and co-worker, CL. I figured it must have been CL, even though I couldn't remember her name. But she didn't look like the mean woman either.

      I had walked back to the window I had stood at with Oprah. I think I had figured out that CL had reminded me about this event, and that I had met Oprah there. I figured that if I really wanted to thank CL, I could write her a letter. I either held a letter really close to my face or saw a letter in my mind's eye. The letter was on notebook paper, in pencil, and in really big, loose, scrawly handwriting. I may finally have seen CL's name.

      Dream #3

      I was in a bedroom in the dark. There was, for some reason, a towel rack right near the light switch. It was my blue towel. In the dim light I saw a bug crawling across the towel. The bug was either a smallish roach or a gigantic bed bug. I was really grossed out, and I wanted to see what kind of bug it was before I killed it.

      So I stepped back and flicked a switch on a small wall a couple feet away and in front of the bedroom door. The bedroom light bulb flickered, popped, and went out. To solve this problem, I walked a little bit into the room and pulled a string from the ceiling to turn the light on. The only thing that happened was a little bit of plaster falling on my head.

      So I went to the closet to see if I could find a light bulb or some other source of light. I flicked a light switch in the closet, but it didn't turn on, either. But then, somehow, I found some source of light. This light source became like a light bulb inside the closet.

      I was looking directly into the top shelf of the closet. There were a lot of lamps, all arranged as if in a shop. The lamps were all small, wooden, on a square base, with a candle-like, wooden cylinder running up about 8cm and ending in the metallic fixture for the bulb.

      I grabbed a couple of these, figuring that if I placed these lamps strategically, I could get decent light in the room, though not so much light as I'd get if I had the ceiling ligjht working.

      I then saw behind the lamps. There were all kinds of canned foods -- things like SPAM, cocktail weiners, and corned beef hash. I might have seen other provisions. I suddenly realized that whoever had put this room together had put it together as a kind of shelter in case of some kind of disaster, possibly including nuclear war.

      Dream #4

      I was sitting at a table and eating with my friend H. The table and the lighting of the room remind me of a fast food restaurant or a cafeteria in a place like a school. We may have been eating something like fries and mayonnaise.

      H said, "You talk about -----'s (can't remember) movies so much, as if you were such a big fan of Japanese film. But when was the last time you actually went to the theatre to watch a Kurosawa film?"

      For some reason I kept getting ----- confused with Ozu. But this director was much more recent. But I also wanted to tell H that I actually had seen Kurosawa films lately. I may have had images from Ran and The Hidden Fortress in my head, though I couldn't actually get their titles correct.

      I may have felt, in some way or another, like I was shrinking, or maybe hunching over more and more.
    14. Lucid Dream 201: What Lurks Below...

      by , 03-24-2011 at 12:24 PM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      March 19, 2011
      Lucid Dream 201: What Lurks Below...
      Series: Mind of a Gamer, Episode 3
      around 11:00am

      Category - Action

      I was with a team of random DCs in a large abandoned facility. I was the leader of the team and I had split us up into two groups of three. One group searched the floor we were on and the other (my group) was to take the elevator to the bottom floor. The elevator was like a massive cargo elevator. Me, another guy, and a female wearing glasses and a baseball hat stepped into the elevator. I pressed the button and the doors began to close. Suddenly the female unexpectedly kicks/shoves the guy out of the elevator before the door closes. I reached for my pistol, but it wasn't there. The female had removed her glasses and hat. She was now pointing my gun at me and I realized why she had looked familiar. It was Annette Birkin (from Resident Evil 2). I thought, "Shit! Now what am I going to do." She seemed to understand what I was thinking. She smiled and said, "And now...you help me get my husbands research." I asked her why she couldn't just get it herself and she told me, "You will see soon enough." As the elevator began to slow down, water started pouring in from the bottom of the elevator. The water was up to my knees before the elevator stopped moving and the door opened.

      I a short hallway that lead to an all too familiar door (which was half submerged in water). I knew what was behind it, and I thought of a plan. I opened the door and entered into a very large circular room. The entire room was flooded and I was standing on a metal walkway that wrapped around the entire room. I looked at Annette and said, "Follow me...closely." I took off running and noticed a pair of fins approaching. I made it to the closest door and entered as two sharks leapt out of the water and attempted to eat us. We were now in a smaller flooded room. I noticed several smaller sharks swimming around (about 2 foot in length). I hopped up on some floating debris and suddenly became lucid for no apparent reason. I began hopping around on the floating debris as the sharks leapt out of the water and snapped at my legs. Annette had found the suitcase containing the G-Virus kit in a floating dresser. I then leapt into the air and glided back to the door. I opened it up and we exited back into the circular room. As soon as I closed the door a shark jumped up out of the water. I jumped up to meet it, ripped out one of its teeth, and then split its stomach open. Tons of sharks swarmed and started a feeding frenzy on the freshly gutted beast. We ran to the nearest door and entered.

      There was no water in the room. It contained a staircase that descended several flights. Once we reached the bottom, there was another door. We entered and found ourselves in department store. There was a holding tank on the far left that house a massive shark. It was neptune from Resident Evil. There seemed to be no one in the store but the two of us. I walked around for a bit until I heard the sound of glass shattering. I looked out toward the direction of the noise and saw a horde of zombies running at us. Suddenly, people came popping out from behind shelves, clothing racks, etc. They all had guns, swords, baseball bats, etc. I battled along with them. I grabbed a mop and began rocking some zombie head. I impaled one zombie through the mouth with the mop and then yanked its head off. After the horde was defeated, I noticed that the leader of these survivors was Michael Jordan and Lebron James.

      I thought, "Well, I suppose it makes sense that two of the most athletic people would be able to avoid death by zombie. I talked to them and asked them how they got here. They had lead a group of 22 people into the department store to wait it out for help that never came. There were only 11 of them left. Lebron showed me his stomach which had several bleeding claw marks. I asked if the zombies got him and he told me it happened before we got there. He fought and killed a Hunter that had broken in with his bare hands. I yelled at Anette to bring the anti-virus from her kit. She refused, I laughed and said, "You just wrote your ticket to hell." I noticed she was standing in front of the shark tank. I imagined the scene from the RE Remake and the shark began slamming into the glass. Annette attempted to run away, but I flew over to her and tossed her back in front of the tank. The shark burst through and chomped her clean in half. Her top half was trying ti crawl away, when the shark flopped up and bit off her head. It managed to finish the rest of her off, before MJ put a bullet in its brain. I picked up the suitcase that she had dropped and gave Lebron the anti-virus. I heard shattered glass again, and another horde of zombies entered the store. I awoke while fighting off the zombies.

      Wow, 3 lucids in a row involving Resident Evil elements and zombies .

      Series Details
      With the dream series, "Mind of a Gamer," the gaming world and the dreaming world collide to produce a lucid paradise. Read as I take video game scenarios to the next level. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!
    15. Batman Game, The Mall and Left 4 Dead Burned Out Church

      by , 01-27-2011 at 06:37 AM
      From the morning of January 26th, sleep time was 2 AM to 10:30 AM:

      First Dream:

      I saw a trailer on my comptuer for a Nintendo DS game featuring Batman getting kryptonite from Superman and injecting it into his neck to cause him to become some sort of hulking steroid monster, similar to the Batman character Bane. The cover image for the game said "Ker-BLAM!"

      Second Dream:

      I was shopping in a department store in a mall and old ladies kept swarming around me and interrupting my browsing.

      Third Dream:

      I was with my mother and at least one other person as we raced across a mostly empty countryside. The world was post-apocalyptic and soon I realized that it was a zombie apocalypse scenario in the same style as the "Left 4 Dead" video-games. We passed through a swamp filled with "witches," the crying female zombies from "Left 4 Dead" and "Left 4 Dead 2." We stayed in an abandoned old house. A bored-looking guy drove past the house in a school bus and I wondered if he knew about the zombie outbreak. The last thing I can recall is a bunch of random imagery on a PC screen, including Quasimodo from the "Hunchback of Notre Dame," a lion (possibly from "The Lion King") and some surreal computer-generated imagery. The last thing I felt was great tension.
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