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    1. 18 September - The longest lucid so far

      by , 09-19-2021 at 11:01 PM
      comment lucid dream

      A considerably shortened version, it was 20-30 minutes dream

      A very nice non-lucid in the 4th cycle, very light and mostly conscious sleep afterward. After an hour, I feel the 5th REM trying to start (vibrations starting and dissipating), but my mind is a bit too awake. I cuddle up with R. A minute later, vibrations again, and I finally relax into them.

      The beginning
      I see grey blurry spots and R is holding me tightly from behind (IRL we are in a spoons position, with his arm over me). I can barely move. Am I dreaming already? I don't want to risk moving in reality or opening my real eyes, so I close my dream eyes for a moment. But then it feels pretty stable, so I try to free myself. R holds me tighter and won't let go. I have to wrestle with him, and gradually the visuals come in, grey and blurry at first, then clearer and sharper. I throw him to the ground. He's lying under the table, all I can see of him are his legs. I want to unsummon him with a snap of my fingers, but I can't snap, so I just leave the room and forget about him.

      In the hallway, wondering what to do next. I don't expect anything from the dream, I have an unstable sleep in the morning as it is, and if R moves in reality, he'll wake me up.
      TOTY comes to mind first, I don't expect to finish it, but why not try.
      I walk into a larger room where a lot of old people are sitting at tables.
      I call out, "Hey Dream! Superhero time!"
      "Who can tell me what superhero I am?" I ask.
      Two old men raise their hands. I point to one of them. He says something to me, but I don't understand. I lean over to him to repeat it, but I still don't understand. I call out the other. He says something that is more of a feature than a name.
      "It's about the name. I am a superhero. Do you know my name?"
      His eyes light up, he understands, he nods. He doesn't look old anymore, more middle-aged.
      He says four French words.
      Oh. Okay. "Could you repeat it?"
      He repeats it slowly, and I say it after him. Word by word, sometimes he corrects me. We spend about a minute on it. Then I repeat the whole thing. He nods.
      Nice. I start to ask about my powers but realize that's the second task. I ask about the costume and get the answer that it's in a cupboard there.
      The entire wall behind the tables is made up of cabinets with doors, drawers, and compartments. I open a few and find random things, but nothing like a costume.
      I walk out of the room, down a wide corridor, and there I see a toy store. That looks good. And I see a costume rack!
      First on the rack is a burgundy dress with ruffles. Nice, fantasy, but not exactly superhero style. The second is a child's spiderman costume, that's closer, but it's not quite my size.
      The customer who was talking with the saleswoman leaves, and I ask her:
      "I am a superhero. Do you have a costume for me?"
      She nods and hands me a toy wrapped in clear plastic. It's a bee, with a black and blue striped body and red details.
      I'm confused. "Do you want me to use the colours? To have something made in these colours?" She nods.
      Behind her stands a man, thin, stern-looking. He says something like I know there's a message there.
      I walk out of the shop. I unwrap and take apart the toy, nothing.
      But okay. Good enough. I continue out of the building, repeating the French name to myself. I should wake up and write it down, but no... I don't want to... I'll probably wake up soon anyway.

      On my way out
      I walk down the wide staircase, repeating my name to myself. I look around and suddenly I'm confused - where am I? Am I awake? Or still in a dream?
      I do a nose plug RC and it fails. WTF. This again? (It failed for me for the first time 8 days ago.) I look at my hand and I have a sixth finger. That's better.

      After training in a few previous shorter dreams, I'm getting much better at the swimming technique of flying. I take off, below me is a nice park built into a slope, further ahead are some fish ponds and behind me is a city.
      I'm practicing faster flying (I'm still not good at that) and flying upwards, at altitude (slowly, but steadily). For a while, I just float on my back and fool around. Some people in sport suits run by, there's an air-running race going on. Then I try to spin and create a tornado, but I can't get enough speed.

      Underwater exploring
      I remember the goal of underwater exploring and fly into one of the ponds. It's deep enough to put me underwater. But it's extremely muddy, I can barely see anything. There are frogs croaking around. I try to breathe, and I have to remind myself that in a dream, you can breathe underwater. I can, but it's uncomfortable, a bit like inhaling mud. I have to keep reminding myself that it's possible. I don't like it in there, so I fly out. Better to try this in the sea, which has better associations. I sense the sea beyond the city, so I head there.

      Chatting with KD and Vikings
      I end up on some street with street food stands.
      I try to recall the superhero name. Was it Jamon (with ch/[x] sound)? No, that’s ham in Spanish. It was French J. I vaguely remember the rest of the words too but I am not really sure.
      My friend KD is there.
      "Don't you mind that you sleep and dream too much?"He asks.
      "I'm dreaming right now," I reply.
      He voices some more criticism of my supposedly unhealthy lifestyle, but I shrug.
      "Don't you think you've been here too long?"
      For a moment I feel time dilation like I've been here for hours, but my rational self is quickly back and I estimate the time so far at 20-30 minutes.
      There is now a wooden table next to me with a bunch of Vikings drinking beer.
      KD continues, "What about your body, how do you know you're ok, what if you're in a coma?"
      The Vikings are more interesting.
      One of the Vikings is trying to rip a piece of wood from a bench to use as a wooden sword to fight me. I don't know if I want to fight. He has long dark hair and a Viking haircut. I kiss him on the mouth.
      "Is this what you want?" He asks, a little surprised.
      He gets up and walks around the table away, I go with him.

      And I finally wake up.
      Not remembering the name at all.

      Total time IRL between cuddling up with R and waking up - 30 minutes.
    2. TOTY #2: Abominable Snow Monster

      by , 01-15-2020 at 03:46 PM
      TOTY:Snowy Mountain Cave- Somebody who was on a hike is being held in the hand of a hungry abominable snow monster. Find the cave on the snowy mountain where the monster is, and free the hiker from the monster. Escape from the cave and use any means necessary to close the entrance to trap the monster. Take the rescued to the top of the mountain so they can enjoy the view.

      I was in the gym basement of a school when I became lucid. I dropped everything I was doing and left the school. I flew naturally (without the need of my broom!) and went high into the air. I saw the arctic mountains in the north ( a location in many of my LDs) and flew there. I unsheathed my sword when I landed on the mountain. I remember how cold it was and I kept saying to myself, "You are dreaming, and you will stay lucid." I walked around until I found the abominable monster, although it was nothing like I expected. Going into the dream I expected it'd be a big snow monster kind of like the one from Frozen. This one was a large orange mountain lion. But it was definitely the guardian of the region. There was a cave behind the lion with a trapped hiker in it. I swung my sword at the lion and it made contact, and the lion ran away. So much for trapping it in the cave, but this was good enough. I asked the hiker if they were hurt and they said no. I pointed out the path going to the top of the mountain, and I woke up as we were walking up it.
    3. Toty #1: Ufo

      by , 01-12-2020 at 05:56 AM
      My lucidity began, and I was standing on my front porch. I knew I had to get to space to begin the challenge, so I jumped off my porch and tried to fly. This doesn't often work and this was no exception. I fell to the ground. When it doesn't work, I hold my hand out and summon a broom. It flew through the sky and landed in my hand. I jumped on and flew up. I went fast, and was in space in a few seconds. I looked around and saw nothing so conjured a ship out of my mind. I started to fall out of the dream and the ship was a grey blob in my mind. I rubbed my hands together and the ship started to load in like a video game buffering. Eventually it looked like a big ship, maybe enough to hold 20 people. I flew next to the cockpit and pressed a button on the outside to open it, and jumped in. I closed the cockpit and dropped my broom. Immediately I saw a distress signal and followed it. Like a video game, I had a hard time getting the camera angle of the ship right. Eventually I found one that worked, and caught up to the distress signal. There were UFO's everywhere attaching harpoons to civilian ships to kidnap them. I started shooting down the ship. One UFO had an exposive tied to their harpoon where if the UFO got destroyed it'd destroy the civilian ship. I dropped a bomb and detonated it far enough away from both ships that they wouldn't be damaged, but close enough that it jarred the harpoon loose, and it fell off. The civilian ships flew away after that, and I woke up.
    4. Flying Carpets, Pudding Pools and, Finally, the TotY!

      by , 02-14-2014 at 03:10 AM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      Well, I haven't been here in a while! I pretty much stopped with my whole online DJ, aside from the tasks, but maybe I'll have to change that But for this entry, it's still a TotY one, specifically Aladdin! Off to it, then

      The dream started off in a large, traditional Japanese house, with multiple rooms and corridors, but only one floor. I was in a big dining area with a good size table and about a dozen elderly women kneeling around it drinking something out of mugs, likely tea. I stood in the doorway looking at them and could see outside behind them -- there was a large gap in the wall where sliding doors should've been. It was sunny and summertime, everyone was in light clothing and I think I was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt -- the women were dressed in kimonos, but they were thinner and more breathable than more traditional ones.

      I walked past them and into another room where there were some end tables and a couple lamps, but nothing out of the ordinary. I continued to walk around the building, from room to room, just looking around, not really having anything in mind. I came full circle back to the room I was just in, but the women had gone out back and were suddenly having a barbeque. One was cooking hot dogs on a grill, a group were talking, and others were playing Frisbee. It was summer after all. I poked my head outside to see what exactly was going on, but just sort of stared for a little bit, zoning out at these elderly women dressed in kimonos and having a cookout.

      I came out of it and turned away, walking back the other way through the house. I came to a room that has a small swimming pool in it with a small ladder in the corner. There was tile around it amidst the hardwood flooring that normally covered the floor, and luckily I noticed something was amiss.
      I thought to myself, "Am I dreaming?" and plugged my nose to do a RC. I breathed in, and after a second, I could definitely breathe! It was a relief; I had been having a dry spell for a while which was broken recently with a really short, low vividness lucid which wasn't very satisfying. Being able to do a complete reality check with actual substance behind it was liberating. I looked around the room I was in, getting a full sense of what it felt like, and rubbed my hands for some stabilization. The walls were all vertical wood paneling but the ceiling didn't really look like anything; the room just sort of stopped and there was a roof, but no distinct ceiling.

      Either way, I was lucid! So I didn't really care too much. I looked around the room, thinking of all the things to do, when I noticed a lamp in the next room over sitting on one of the end tables. I had remembered the TotY, but couldn't really remember what the specific tasks were. Luckily, the lamp reminded me of the Aladdin one: wish for a magic carpet, then whatever for the other two. I walked over to it, picked it up, and rubbed it. It wasn't what you'd expect a magic lamp to look like, but it was smooth and shiny, so I figured it'd work. Of all things to pop out, a DC from a couple previous dreams I had (my Hindenburg (TotY from 2012) DJ entry described him well) appeared right behind me. "Hey, what's up!? he said, startling me. I turned around and couldn't recognize him at first. Seeing my confused expression he told me, "Don't you remember? I kicked your ass a while back! For the task?"

      Then it hit me, "Ooohhhhhh!... it's you. You didn't kick my ass, you kicked me in the head!" I retorted sarcastically. He had, in fact, kicked me in my head to wake me up. "It's just a saying, geez. You don't have to get so worked up about it," he retorted. "Anyway, you need a carpet, right?" That's true, I did have to take a magic carpet for a spin. "Uh yeah, you got one?" I asked. He nodded his head behind him and, sure enough, there it was. It wasn't magnificent looking at all like it was in the movie. It looked like a standard rug you would put a coffee table on over hardwood. But hey, if it's "magic" then I don't really care what it looked like.

      "Thanks," I said halfheartedly. I walked past him and hopped on the carpet. I floated up above the floor a couple inches, and I turned around to say goodbye to him, but he had disappeared. Figures, he never did stick around for a while. I look back at the room with the pool in it, lean forward, and start flying quickly towards the wall on the other side. I put my arms up in front of me and break through the wall, nearly losing my balance and being blinded by the sun. I hadn't done too much dream control in a while, so I was a bit rusty. I basically rode the carpet like a snowboard, since that's something I was used to in real life.

      I leaned right to turn around and take a look back behind the house to see the women still there, having their cookout. There were some guys there now, and the women were younger, much closer to the age you'd expect to have a random cookout and play Frisbee with. I got a good look at the house and the surrounding area and it was just as big as I had thought it would be. It was completely secluded with forest all around it and a small path leading out to a road a couple hundred yards out. I looked around me -- I was about 100 feet up at this point -- and could see a fairly large mountain in the distance. I circled a house for a bit a decided that this was probably good enough for the task and headed back to wish for two other things. After all, I could fly whenever.

      I dropped straight down through the roof approximately where I thought the room with the lamp in it was. Something about the roof must've been off, because when I went through it I got thrown off the carpet and hit the ground hard. I could feel the dream about to be fading. "No! Not now, dammit!" I thought loudly, and as I tried to spin and save the dream, I unfortunately
      woke up. However! I laid still and kept my eyes closed and tried to jump right back into the dream. I'm continuing this! I won't be defeated by some roof!

      And I was back in the room with the lamp, completely lucid! I did another RC just to be sure, and sure enough I was good . "Welcome back," I heard a voice say. It was him again. "Have a nice trip?" Wow, I didn't know he made bad puns too. "Oh yeah, lovely," I told back. "Can I just have two more wishes?" I wasn't sure if I could still complete the task (Ophelia tells me now that yes, a DEILD is fine) but I wanted to be safe. "Sure! But what're ya gonna wish fer?" He said colloquially. "Give me some ideas!"

      "Why not another task? Or... oo! I know! A Hindenburg blimp!" Wow, he just loves making fun of me, doesn't he . "Well then, Mr. Sarcasm, how about that pool over there becomes filled with chocolate pudding?" I pointed my finger at the pool. Why pudding? I don't know, I couldn't think of anything. Why chocolate? Because chocolate pudding is best pudding. Period. "Uh, sure, whatever," he spoke lazily. I watched intently as a small portion of the pool in the middle began to turn thick and chocolatey. It slowly expanded across the water and down to the bottom, just like supercooled water freezing.

      'Damn, that's a lot of pudding' I thought, and I walked over towards it. I reached into my back pocket and pulled out a spoon (sometimes things are just where they need to be in dreams) and bent over. I scooped some up and right as I'm about to taste it I get kicked in by the aforementioned asshole. I fell in face first into the weird, chocolatey concoction, which was not at all like water, but I managed to right myself and breathe. He was standing there laughing, "Just be glad I didn't wake you up again!" He spouted rudely. I just spit some pudding from my mouth angrily
      I just now realize my lucids are often like little sitcoms/cartoons xD) "Well? What's number three going to be!?" He asked triumphantly. I thought about just wishing to be out of this mess and cleaned up, but that wouldn't be entertaining to do, let alone read .

      "How about you let me kick you in the head!" I shouted. I figured I could kill two birds with one stone, part of the TotY and a little revenge . "Well..." he pondered, "I suppose I am playing the role of the genie, so I guess I kinda have to." He rubbed his chin while he spoke. "Alright then!" I yelled, jumping out of the pudding pool. No clue how I jumped, but I also didn't have any pudding on me anymore. Yay dreams! He turned his back to me, "Have fun!" He shouted. Right as he finished I sung my right leg around and roundhoused him right in the head, just like he had done to me.
      I blinked and was laying in my bed, awake. GOD. DAMMIT. That asshole got me again. By the end of this task I better beat him. Perhaps it'll be some good motivation!
    5. Graffiti on the Great Chinese Wall

      by , 10-20-2013 at 04:32 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Graffiti on the Great Chinese Wall (DILD)


      I woke up in the morning and lost a long dream, so I told myself I needed to come up with something and started to focus on another task of the year.

      I was in some sort of school and I believe I was younger that I was. Suddenly, a guy and a gal who wore old clothes came and tried to abduct me. They claimed they were going to ask for $1,500 in order to release me. I found that it was a pretty much retarded amount for all the trouble they were going through and I tried to play it smart. I told them I would tour them around the school and show them the areas were rich boys were and were they could ask for more money. I had a plan to save my butt and get to call the cops.

      The school was very long and it had two restaurants, which one of them was very fancy. I showed them it was a good place. The school now looked like very old school and it had like different stories. We went to the arts class and the music class. We went through different places until one rich looking kid appeared out of nowhere. The guy grabbed him and started to run, leaving me alone with her female partner, who was not over 5 feet tall, very slim (and hot,) blonde with very clear eyes and very clean skin.

      We entered in some sort of Auditorium with Opera and told her that the school had gifted children with a lot of money. We existed the school and went for a walk. As we were outside, I started to question the realize and
      realized I was in a lucid dream. I did not do any reality checks, but I knew I was dreaming. I asked her if she wanted to have sex. She agreed and we started to make out. I focused in trying to not wake up, but she was so hot and good looking I did not care really if I woke up. I did not, but I lost reality. We could have sex because another car pulled next to us, and an exact replica of her, just a bit older stepped down to the car. There was a guy in the car that looked that the abductor from before and they had the children he grabbed. I knew there was some sort of jump in it time and she told me that we needed to get going.

      We just went down the road and we stopped in a street that only had houses around, so we wondered were to have sex. i tried in the car without success. I realized it was snowig and the grounds were snow covered. I told her it was amazing that it was snowing in San Diego, California.

      We went inside to where I believe it was their house and I could hear the cries from the abducted child. I needed to wait outside and i start to feel worried if they did not try to abduct me, since I was inside their house and they had low lights. A door opened and I saw her dressed in a very sexy pajama, and that is all she wore, She smiled at me and called me, pushing me inside the restroom and looking the door behind her. We had some amazing sex.

      As we were done, I exited the restroom and the house. I was in a different place now and some guy asked me, "How was she?" I told him, "She is a amazing, easy to handle as a doll."
      I started to realize that I was again dreaming and while I was thinking about it, this guy was telling me that the tree above him had amazingly beautiful animals... I looked up and all I saw where huge bees. I indeed knew I was dreaming and looked at my hands and even though I had five fingers, one of them started to grow and stretch and then, it started to become wider, but only on the tip.

      I decided to take off and fly away, while the guy kept talking about the bees. I was on the top of the roof of a store and told myself I needed to get down another Task of the Year. I took off and flew high, the dream could you a bit more clarity, so did the same technique about pulling my glasses out of nowhere. It worked again. I kept flying until I saw the whole Earth, so that way I could travel easier to the target country. I flew down and I entered in Italy. I told my self, "No, no, no... I do have nothing to do here." I recalled the Great Chinese Wall thing. So I started to look for a Chinese restaurant and use it for a portal. It was easy to find, as I entered it a Chinese guy greeted me and told me if I wanted to dine with an accent. I told him, "Yeah, sure, sure." I kept looking for a door without any success. I saw that the restaurant at the end had a garden. so I pretended that the garden would be China, but all I found was a small garden and a tiny replica of the Wall. I doubt that would work so I started to fly and glide above this garden. I could hear a voice telling that I had to ay to be there, but I ignored her. I saw another door and flew through it. As I did, I was stepping on the real Great Chinese Wall.

      I was happy but i knew I was not done. I tried to start to tear down the wall, but as I tried to pull out a rock, it wouldn't move. I tried to brake it with energy balls but neither worked, so I decided to pull a Red Spray and do some graffiti. That is vandalizing after all. I wrote, "I rock" and as soon as I ended, I heard voices. I saw Chinese guys coming towards me with assault rifles and riding horses. I got in fighting stance and as they came I started to knock them out of the wall, until I finished a ton of them. I told my self I was done with the task so I was going to do something else, but i lost focus and
      so lucidity.

      Now there was water around the wall and some female Chinese people like making photos. I started to grab them and fling them to the water, but there were a few steps of concrete before the water. I grabbed a light one and flung her. He fell on the ground hitting her head and I started to feel bad, I did not want to injure anyone.

      My wife came out of the blue and made a photo. She told me that it was the girl that Fabian like and told me she was going to post on Facebook what I did. I woke up.

    6. Crash Derby at the Colosseum and learning a new Stabilization technique

      by , 10-19-2013 at 04:02 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Crash Derby at the Colosseum and learning a new Stabilization technique (DILD)


      I was in bed, it was night and my wife was awake in the living room. i went to the living room and it looked very dark, it appeared to be a starless night. My wife was in the kitchen and I wondered what the hell she was doing in the kitchen. She started to speak fast and she appeared mad at me.

      I realized I was dreaming as it made no sense that my wife could be in the kitchen at the middle of the night and mad at me out for no reason. I realized that we had a balcony and I recalled that I do not have a balcony in my house, so I opened the doors and I stepped on the edge of the balcony, above the safety bars. My wife told me what I was doing and I told her that we were in a dream. She started to become more angry saying nonsense and told me I was going to kill myself and that I was crazy wanting to go back home to the Pleiades (very long story here, PM if interested) I told her that nah, that we did not even have a balcony and thus, we were dreaming. I jumped off the balcony and realized I did not even do a reality check, but I knew it was a dream, looked at my hand and confirmed.

      As I was about to touch the trees, I glided and started to gain altitude. My dream was very bad quality and I was loosing it fast. I have never been good at stabilizing dreams, usually flyign does it. So I tried to typical "Dream Stable" but it only went to get more blurry "More Clarity" but it did not help until the dream started to fade even more.

      I had a false awakening in my bed and I told my self that I had to do better, so I woke up and went to drink water. As I was going to drink water, I felt the dreamy feeling and looked at my hand. One of my fingers was about a foot long and very thin. I also touched it and followed it with my hands. I laughed at my mind trying to trick me again. Now I was in my regular home, typical place where my lucids starts, so I opened the door and took off.

      It was night and the sky was full of stars, as if there was no city lights contamination. I was in awe as I love the stars as I am never able to see so many. I also saw the moon and a clock with 7:83 time, the clock was like a modern alarm clock, floating around.

      As I flew to the stars, I saw a huge weird mall and decided to land. As I landed, it became day again. I realized that the dream was blurry, so demanded for Clarity with a bit of success. As I went inside the mall, it looked like a Costco store, but I realized it was outdoors, as I felt the wind and the sunlight.

      The dream started to fade,and asking for Clarity did not work. So I told my self that I would pretend to put my glasses on and so, have a better view. I had to do this a few times, and I went from very blurry to a bit more clear, like when you visit the eye doctor. This was not working, so I told myself I would pull my actual glasses out from my pocket, I did with success and the dream went very clear.

      I was walking by some tourist area and there were families having coffee in a terrace and kids running. I went to an area that were selling wine and I saw a bottle of "Vina Tondonia Rioja" labeled as "California Wines" I was like surprised and then reminded myself I was in a dream. A dream Character told me, "Drinking american wine is like drinking water with sugar, this ain't no wine and you know it, go European." I laughed and left.

      I was now next to some expensive liquor and jewelry and there were some security guards looking at me and saying in a whisper that I was suspicious, but I could hear them. I just kept exploring the mall and reminded myself of the Task of the Year... I realizing that being mid October is late to get started, but I wanted to push my self, so I recalled I had to go to the Colosseum and fight a Gladiator.

      I went through some doors and told myself I would find the Colosseum, to only find the female restroom! I tried twice and only found toilets and the janitor room. However, I saw an older door, very rusty. I focused on it and opened to find the colosseum.

      It was kind of buried and in a much worse shape than it is right now but the roof kind of blew away and suddenly, I was in the real Colosseum. I saw a chariot with two horses attaced to it standing in the middle of the Colosseum

      There was a gladiator looking at me and there was a second chariot that was empty. There was no one else and I said out loud, "Public!" And the Colosseum started to fill up with people, cheering at a high volume. I was surprised to be able to summon so many DCs, as that is not one of my best abilities.

      As I was going to jump on the chariot, some other guy did first, but I knocked him out as I had to do the fighting. Rather that the usual Colosseum fights, this one was more of a crashing fight. The horses were gone and even though I was still in a roman chariot, it had now an engine and we started to drive, hitting each other and forcing each other to crash, until his chariot blew up, giving me the victory.

      I was happy I completed the firs ToTY and decided to wake up myself to write it down.

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    7. Dreaming within a dream and failing to visit the Colosseum.

      by , 10-07-2013 at 04:37 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Dreaming within a dream and failing to visit the Colosseum. (DILD)


      I was with a group of people in a big room. It seems that we were in some sort of meeting group in order to lucid dream. But we were actually got together to be able to sleep. The room was big, but it had no furniture, and we would bring our own matresses. All the DC except my wife were make up here.

      They turned off the lights and then we started to focus on lucid dreaming and we went to sleep.

      I was with my wife in a very tiny airport and we got inside a plane. It was very dark and the plane was very wide. I was surprised because no flight attendant was there to greet us and the curtains were closed. I was wondering what was going on until a flight attendant came out, welcomed us and directed us to our seats.

      While I was waiting for the plane to take off, I did not see many people and the lights were very dark
      (Since i was a kid, I traveled by plane hundreds of times) and not the usual stuff that happens in a plane was occurring. I started to think, "What the heck is up with this plane? What is going on?" I realized I was dreaming right away, as the plane was too dark and it was very odd the way things were happening, so I walked away from my sit and exited the plane. I went through the room that connected the plane and I left outside.

      I was in the middle of nowhere and it was very sunny. There were no buildings around and I told to my self, "When I turn in the next street, I will teleport to the Colosseum to fight a Gladiator for the task of the year. As I turned the corner I was able to hear the screams and excitements of the people, but the dream vanished.

      I was back at the room with other oneironauts, and I was a bit upset I did not finish the dream, oh well, failed task, I will soon induce another lucid dream.

      I had various attempts, but as I was falling asleep and felt a dream forming, I would open my eyes and "wake up" from the dream. At some point, I could not sleep so I took a walk around the building. I could see all the people around me sleeping.

      I was outside like at some sort of shopping mall, but I did not feel like it and went back to the room. It was hard to find the actual room, as there were many more rooms and the aisles were very dark.

      As I went back to the room when I finally found it, someone else was sleeping in my mattress, so I just sat in another random mattress and then got comfortable to sleep again, but the leader of the meetup group told us it was time to wake up.

      I realized this meeting group made no sense and that I was dreaming still and I just had a dream within a dream. As I left the room, I was setting the intent to find the Colosseum as I left the shopping mall.

      My wife (real waking wife) woke me up as it was time to wake up.

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    8. Three Lucids and Sugar Cookies

      by , 05-18-2013 at 07:43 PM
      Lucid Dream 1
      I don't know where I became lucid. I wanted to find Angel Falls or the Colosseum so I started to fly above wooded land. I knew that I should try to find a jungle so I willed it to start to turn into palm trees. I somehow threw something down there that made it start to turn into a jungle. I was pleased.

      I flew low to the ground and looked forward and up and little, commanding Angel Falls to appear in front of me. I came to a clearing with a little town, and two houses stood out to me. One was made of dark, polished wood but was made almost completely out of glass. It was very modern looking. There was a house next to it that looked very homey and was about two stories tall. I knew instantly that it was a hotel. The grass was neatly trimmed around these two houses, There might have been a pickup truck next to the glass house, and I think that there was a shed next to the hotel. I decided that I could take a detour, and lighted down in front of the hotel. I walked up the sidewalk and on the the front porch. I think that they had a screen door. The people there instantly welcomed me, and I felt at home. My room was directly to the left, like at my mom's house. I had a bed that sank almost to the floor when you laid in it.

      I remember the buzz of conversation, and I went into the main room. There might have been a dining room table. One of the women who worked there was wearing a maid's outfit and holding a plate of sugar cookies. I reached forward and took one. It was exactly how sugar cookies are supposed to be, so soft that they nearly break just picking them up. I know that she was talking to another woman while I ate around 3-4 cookies before stopping out of politeness/didn't want to get fat.

      I left the house and wanted to find another hotel to stay at, because I thought that this was really cool. I walked across the dusty road and thought that I had bee in this dream for a while, accompanied by an exhilarated feeling. I think that this was the dream where everything got narrow very suddenly, the feeling that usually precedes waking up. Everything in my vision got squished together, and my nose was really long and narrow. I think that I woke up. It's like all this happened, but it also didn't happen. I flew out over the edge of the mountain that I'd been on which declined steeply. There were two hotels there, one was interesting looking but looked unreal, like something made of clay. The other one almost made the cut. It had a rounded top and looked similar to a Colosseum. It looked too small though, and also had that air of fakeness.

      So I kept flying. I wanted to see a log cabin hotel, and pretty soon I was fast approaching a long line of log cabins. I immediately knew that they were rented out by people who came here in the summer/winter. There was also a fairly small town next to the cabins. But, there was a huge mansion that was in the corner of the town. I flew above the town and looked down, and the mansion was almost a third as big as the entire town put together. I was going to pass the mansion by, but then I caught a glimpse of a bedroom through a burnt sienna colored stained glass window. I was pretty high up, so I swooped down to the entrance of the mansion. This is where I started to lose lucidity. I remember water, I think. I guess that I got lost or something because I kept on going in and out of the building. I remember a ledge, and one of those things that covers the top of a bed, that filmy and fluttery material.

      Lucid Dream 2
      I was at my grandparent's house. My brother was there as well. Everything was dim and gray. there was a gigantic spider, bigger than a trailer, that was circling the house on a set track. My brother and I were mostly hiding on the front porch, but then I decided to be brave and try and kill the thing. Oddly, I don't remember seeing any trees in my grandparent's front yard. My brother stayed on the front porch while I circled around to the back porch. I remember trying to run really fast,and constantly checking over my shoulder to make sure that it wasn't there behind me. I think that I saw it coming, once. Also, I went to the back porch because I somehow knew that we had to attack the spider from the front and back at the same time. That doesn't make much sense, though, since it was impossible for the spider to be in the front and back yard at the same time.

      My brother had a sword, as did I. I remember seeing the spider scuttling around the side of the house and hiding behind the porch while trying to get within distance to attack but not close enough to get grabbed by one of it's legs.

      When I was walking further into the backyard I thoughtlessly did a reality check and counted 6 fingers out loud. A moment later I paused because I knew that I should have only five fingers. I realized that I must be in a dream. I know that I flew around and did cool stuff, but I can't remember any of it! I do remember doing a nose plug RC and being completely taken by surprise when I could easily breath. I tried it again, and knew that I was in a dream when I could breath. I remember a field.

      Then I had a false awakening, of sorts. I 'woke up' in the same place that I'd been in before I'd become lucid. I checked my hand, and counted five fingers. I was still a little doubtful, so I triple checked, and each time I had five fingers. I shrugged and continued to walk forward, non-lucid.

      Note:This dream was probably influenced by the movie Charlotte's Web, which I watched yesterday.

      Lucid Dream 3
      I was with a group of my friends. I forget how I became lucid. I thought that we were all having the same dream, and that it was really them. I was super excited when I told them to check their hands, because they were in a dream. They all looked down in confusion. I remember seeing N with his face scrunched up in confusion. I looked down at my own hand. I whispered "wow" because it looked as though there were tiny cracks all over my hand, very strange looking. I think that K came over and was curious as to what my hand looked like.

      I told J that we were going camping, and hiked a blue backpack over my shoulder. I was pleased that I'd be able to check off a task in my personal summer goals list. I commanded there to be a field of purple violets in the next field. I went over the hill, but it was really bumpy and I wanted it to be smooth so I held out a flat hand and made a wiping motion over and over. The landscape slowly flattened, but it was if the violets had been sheared because only short green stalks were left. I remember a field with corn that had grown about up to my thigh. I was disappointed that the field was ruined, and continued onward. We came to a road at the other end of the field, with a farmhouse, maybe red. Around this point we started running from a man who was trying to kill us. I remembered promising my friends that we'd go horseback riding as I was fleeing. I could only see that ground beneath me as I ran with all my might. A horse appeared underneath me, tan colored. It had an odd gait, but I was content.

      I remember running across a rickety bridge and trying to cut the ropes before the man could follow me across.

      I was on a rock in the middle of some very dark water. I was close to the shore, but I'd still have to swim to get there. There were a few rocks scattered around me, along with some floating pieces of driftwood/rafts. I was absolutely terrified in this place. It had a slimy, creepy feeling. I was scared that something would come up from underneath and grab me. I wanted to conquer my fear of this place, though, so I began to thread seaweed/thread/rope between all the stranded rocks and such, like I was making little bridges so I didn't have to step over cracks. It calmed me.

      Dream 4
      I was in the place with the glass house and hotel. I was trying to continue up a hill, but it was so steep that I found it impossible. KM was climbing it with ease, and I loathed her because of it. There was someone else with me who disliked her as well. When we reached the top and looked down, the view was breathtaking. KM laughed and said that she wouldn't be testing it out

      I remember entering this pathetic little dog who I loved in a dog contest.

      I had to skate up the mountain which had just climbed, and you had to control these three lines and keep them in line with the lines printed on the ground, sorta like a video game of some kind. It was nearly impossible, I only got two stars and whatever machines I was using got damaged. Someone said that they told me so.

      The judges said that I did bad.
    9. TofY Part 7! The Final Task! - New York

      by , 04-09-2013 at 04:32 PM
      I started out my WILD on the balcony of a hotel room. I wasn't wearing very much, just a chiffon dress, and both my hands were on the railing of the balcony. My boyfriend walked out of the room behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist, making me smile quite a lot. We stood there for a while until I turned round and kissed the tip of his nose, telling him I'd be back in a minute.

      Eventually I exited the hotel and walked out onto the street below. It was a short walk to the empire state building (My dream self must be rich to afford a trip like that ) and I began the walk, realizing along the way I had no shoes on. I reached the bottom of the esb and looked up at it. This is my least favourite task so I was pretty reluctant to do this. I shut my eyes and concentrated on the fact that I wanted to transform my self into a giant primate (for... some... reason... :L) and stood there for a while, pretty soon feeling my limbs extending and growing.

      When I reopened my eyes I discovered I was now a giant primate and even though I didn't particually want to be, I needed this task finishing. People around me had already started to scream and run away so I thought I might as well start scaling the building.

      It took me a while but eventually I reached the top of the building, swinging round from the top of the spire whilst I waited for the task force to respond. They eventually did and some fighter jets came soaring through the sky and started firing some tranquilliser bullets at myself. It was quite a scary experience and I really didn't like it. A bunch of army people were surrounding the bottom of the building and trying to set up nets and stuffs. As the jets flew past I tried to grab out at them to complete the second part of the task. When I realiised this wasn't working I started to climb down, being hit by a few tranquillisers on the way down and making me a bit drowsy. There were tanks and other things on the ground so I picked one of these up and threw it upwards at one of the planes, causing a collision and a pretty explosion in the sky.

      At this point people started to try and actually kill me so I decided now was a good time to run. I ran as quickly as I could to the Brooklyn river and jumped in it, transforming back to my normal size and climbing out, running past the army guys and into my hotel before climbing in the shower to wash the rubbish off of my skin.
    10. TofY Part 6 - Colosseum - Doctor Who Style

      by , 04-05-2013 at 02:45 PM
      I was waling along the street of Cardiff Bay thinking about my boyfriend. His hand appeared in mine and we walked together for a while. Then I had an idea and pulled him into 'my' T.A.R.D.I.S and we time travelled back to ancient Rome. When we arrived I grabbed a sonic screwdriver from the control and we exited the blue box, walking the few feet into the Colosseum. I sent my boyfriend up into the stands, thinking of the task of the month and made my way towards the arena. A fight was just finishing so I slipped my way to the front of the little waiting area thing that was basically a cave underneath the stands seperated from the arena by a metal cross-hatched gate.

      The fight finished, massive cheering occured and these gates lifted, signalling that one of us was required to enter the arena. I took my chance and grabbed a sword on my way in, placing the sonic into my pocket for later use. Our fight started and I remember sighing deeply, the guy I was against was massive and had it been a normal fight I would have been dead within 10 seconds. I raised my sword to meet his attacks, our constant to and fro-ing going on for about 5 minutes, one of us always countering the other's attacks until I got bored and pulled my sonic out of my pocket. recieving a blow to the arm in the process, and pointed it at the guy, freezing him in place.

      Putting the sonic back into my pocket I jabbed him with my sword before slicing his head off, causing a massive uproar to be heard from the crowd as I hadn't waited for the emperor's blessing. Dropping my sword I sprinted over to where I'd left my boyfriend and dragged him towards the exit, both of us running like mad to avoid being caught by everyone chasing us. We quickly got back to the T.A.R.D.I.S and shut the doors. Setting her into flight mode and returning to modern day.

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    11. TofY Part 5 - Asia

      by , 02-17-2013 at 10:41 AM
      I lay down to WILD at about 9am, Sunday 17th Feb.

      It took a lot more effort for me to get into he WILD and to maintain the dream than usual. This makes me want to stick to my before bed method even more.

      When I 'opened my eyes' I was walking down the streets of China, through a giant market with so many people in it. Some of the colours were quite dull and dreary but the top of the stalls were a bright red and some had golden banners trailing down the sides. People were crowding round trying to buy items and food which smelt really peculiar.

      There was a tiny gap in the middle of the street as everyone was crowding the stalls and through it I could see this man getting stabbed, I sprinted down the gap, knocking people flying as I ran and skidded to a halt when I reached the stabbing. There were about 4 or 5 people committing the crime and the guy was still alive so I ran forwards a few more steps, spun around and kicked the knife out of one guy's hand before drawing my leg back in and kicking him in the face. The other people then dropped their knives and glared at me so I ran.

      I realized I was running alongside a massive wall and that I'd been stood in an archway before. I thought this had to be the great wall of China. I came to some stairs going the other way to the direction I was running and zipped up them, taking them two at a time and turning really sharply when I needed to.

      I eventually reached the top of the wall and began running back in my original direction. I kept running as fast as I can until I reached an 'invisible' barrier that just cut the wall in half. You couldn't see the barrier but you couldn't see past it either. I cursed and then panicked as I could hear the gang people coming up behind me. I walked to the edge and dropped down, clinging to a stone that was jutting out of the wall. I hid here until the gang had approached, looking for me and shouting as they couldn't find me.

      When I was sure they'd disappeared I climbed up and breathed a sigh of relief. I then remembered the task and reached into my pocket for a can of spray paint. One appeared, I pulled it out and started scrawling 'I survived' onto the pavement(?) of the wall and looked up when I saw some fierce looking Chinese people coming my way, about 9 or 10 of them in total.

      I stood up and waiting for them to approach, when they were about 3 steps away from me I spun and lashed out with my left foot, kicking people repeatedly as I spun closer and began whacking people with my hands, hoping I was doing the right thing as I kicked someone in the face. Eventually everyone was on the floor and I began to run off, tripping and apparating into my hotel room, sprawling onto the floor and laying there trying to catch my breath.

      The dream ended and lasted around 10-12 minutes.
    12. TotY Part 3 - Antartica

      by , 02-04-2013 at 12:22 AM
      This WILD occured at about 8:50 on Saturday 2nd February 2013

      I started off in the FAYZ, a zone in the 'Gone' series of books that is cut off from the rest of civilisation and has no adults. The FAYZ is in the state it is described as at the start of 'Hunger'. I'm walking around with Astrid and Edilio and we're all looking for Sam. After this the storyline differs because I get a phone call from my boyfriend and then drift off to go meet him. After I've spent a while with him he mysteriously disappears. I don't get too worried because I know it's just a WILD. At this point I remembered I'd intended to do a part of the TotY and apparated to the south pole. As I watched some penguins walking about I smiled to myself, hugged a penguin and then pointed my wand at a spot of snow/ice. I had no idea what I was doing so I just waved my wand and 'reducio'ed the ground. About 20m cleared so I walked into that little tunnel and kept clearing. As I got closer to the centre of the Earth it got warmer, but not unbearably hot as Science dictates, and changed to more molten colours (yellows, oranges. ect.) When I reacched the core of the Earth I found myself on a rock ledge with like a pit of lava in the centre. I looked out from my little tunnel and saw all these really strange looking little people skulking round the edge. They were really freaky and creeped me out so I didn't get a good look at their appearance because I didn't want to look at them ( honestly Katie.) But I'm fairly sure they looked slightly like Gollum from LotR.

      WILD and MILD-436n_gollum-lotr-posters.jpg

      Something weird happened when one of these little people passed my tunnel, looked at me and snarled, snapping it's jaws shut at where my wrist was before I jerked it out of the way, making my weird little yelpy, Nyargh, noise. At this I started to carve another path, bringing me out at the same rock ledge before starting to skirt very quickly around to the other side of the ledge. In my haste I am fairly sure I managed to push a little creepy person into the pit of lava () but I eventually made it to the other side and started digging frantically with my wand, quickly making my way to the surface of the Earth. When I reached the surface I came face to face with a polar bear, stuck my tongue out at it and apparated away to safety before waking up.
    13. 01/17/13 Graffiti on the Great Wall of China

      by , 01-18-2013 at 01:10 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Great Wall Graffiti
      I fly to the moon in my Fire Valkyrie as described in my hypnosis program. I land and wait for the dream to stabilize before focusing on what I want to do. I remember I had been planning on doing one of the tasks of the year from DV. The task, "China (Asia) - Vandalize the Great Wall of China. Defend yourself against authorities using Kung Fu." I have decided to graffiti the Great Wall of China. This is the only plan that comes to mind at this time, so I focus on a portal to get to some part of the Great Wall of China. The portal opens and I go through. On the other side I find I am standing near the base of the Great Wall.

      It is an impressive structure, and there is plenty of room for my graffiti. So I think about what I want to leave there… I decide that since multiple dreamers will be trying to get to the Great Wall, maybe I can leave a message… something simple. I get some spray paint out and create some rather decorative graffiti that reads, "YOU ARE DREAMING!" It takes a surprisingly short time, and I remember the other part of the challenge… to fight off the authorities using martial arts. But no authorities have arrived. I decide to take some more time to wait for them, so I add another message a short distance along the wall. This one reads, "QUESTION REALITY!" in big block letters. Where are the authorities? Isn't someone going to tell me to stop? Bored, I spray the symbol of the Assassins from Assassin's Creed.

      No one comes. I add the words, "NOTHING IS TRUE, EVERYTHING IS PERMITTED." beside the symbol. No one comes. I am now thinking of all the other ways I could be using this lucid dream. Will this even count without the authorities showing up? Maybe I should get a phone, call, and report myself… Then I see there is someone watching me! Yay! Someone to beat up! But they don't look like authorities… and I don't think they really care that I'm putting graffiti all over the Great Wall of China. When I get closer I see they are Templars. Great. Will it count if I beat up a bunch of Templars using martial arts? One of them says I have something they want back, and unless I want to lose something I care about I will return it immediately. I can't remember stealing anything from the Templars, but I want to trigger a fight. So I tell them to come take it from me. They attack me. I find I can fight with the skill of Ziva David off of NCIS, kicking each of their asses as they close in on me to attack.

      One of them is shooting at me, but I remember that I am supposed to use only martial arts… so I go for cover behind a rock and then suddenly jump from behind it to attack the shooter as he gets closer. I kick the gun from his hand and then kick him in the groin, which is clearly very painful. Others are shooting at me, too. But one of them says no shooting, they might hit the device. I don't know what device they mean, but it results in them not using their guns any more. So I kick the rest of their asses in typical Ziva David style, walking away from them as they are on the ground either in pain or unconscious. I don't think I killed anyone, but that is ok… as long as they're hurt… I look back at the graffiti on the Great Wall of China. Still no authorities have arrived. Just Templars. If it counts, great, if not, I'll do it again later. I wake up.
    14. Pyramid Parkour and the Task of the Year

      by , 01-10-2013 at 06:42 PM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      I was driving in a car, I'm not sure what kind, down a large hill on a long, winding road. There were a few cars coming from the other direction and for some reason I thought there wasn't many for this time of day, it must've been rush hour or something. As I came to a bend in the road I looked over the guard rail overlooking a large cliff with a huge city in the valley below. I turned to my sister who was in the passenger seat and said, "We're almost there." We must've been going to whatever city that was. As we turned the corner I noticed temporary dividers in the middle of the road, like they would put down for construction, but nobody was working on the road. There weren't even any vehicles. As we continued down the road I noticed that there seemed to be an awful lot of police cars, the majority of whom were pulling people over. I wasn't speeding so I thought I was fine.

      I distinctly remember passing a small, deep purple sedan with a cop standing next to the door. He was leaning into the car trying to reach something in the passenger seat. I didn't know what it was or why he was doing it but I continued on driving glad it wasn't me pulled over. Right as I thought this I saw blinking lights in my rear-view mirror; Damn, why me!? I continued around the next curve and pulled over to the side of the road. The officer got out of his car and had a very large hat on, much like troopers often wear but much bigger. He started walking towards our car and I began to get nervous. When he got to our car he didn't stop, he just kept on walking past us. He went around the next bend and when I looked behind me the cop car was gone. I looked over the edge of the cliff that the road weaved down and could see the officer standing at the bottom looking up at me. He winked.

      For some reason this bumped me into lucidity. I'm not quite sure why but I didn't really question it; I was glad to have ended my dry spell and did a quick clock check for a RC. At first it said 3:17, pretty normal. I looked away and turned back to it. This time it said 9:62. Perfect, this was definitely a dream. I got out of the car and rubbed my hands together, not wanting to waste my first LD in a couple weeks. I asked my sister who was still sitting in the passenger seat and had been silent the whole time what I should do. She looked at me and said, "Weren't you asked to do some tasks or something?" Ah-ha! The TotY! The first one that came to mind was the Colosseum one but for whatever reason I decided against it. The next one that popped into my head was Africa, riding the great sphinx and fixing its nose.

      I got back into the car and decided I would try a different way of getting there instead of just teleporting. I pushed a button that just appeared on the console and the car began to hover above the ground. I pulled back on the steering wheel which could now move like the controls of a plane and pushed the gas pedal. Away we went. I flew over the city, going quite fast since I figured we were in America and had to fly over the Atlantic. I looked down and couldn't quite tell what city it was but it was surrounded by desert and mountains beyond that. I figured either Las Vegas or Phoenix Arizona. It only took a few seconds to reach the mountain range and when we crossed it I could see the great pyramids over the other side. I opened the console of the car and found a staples button. Cheesy, I know, but I pressed it and a loud and, for some reason, female voice said, "that was easy."

      I pushed down on the steering wheel and eased on the breaks. We landed about 200 yards from the sphinx and I knew I had to ride it up the pyramids but felt like something else was missing. Of course, the nose! As I looked it over I realized that its nose was completely intact; the whole thing looked like it had been completed just days earlier! What the heck, I was supposed to fix it . I figured since I had to fix it I might as well break it first. I flew up to its face and pulled my arm back, taking a good, solid swing at the nose. The tip fell off but I needed more, granted the whole thing was twice the size of me. I ran my hand along the bridge of the nose and then hovered over it and kicked down. The whole thing slowly slid down the face of the sphinx and it looked just like it did in the history books.

      Now I had to undo what I just did. I was a little annoyed at it but hey, I want to get this done! I floated back to the ground and picked up the nose. Even though my arms couldn't reach all the way around it I was still able to somehow lift it. I flew back up to its face and set the nose in place. I then pushed it into the face and the whole thing fit like a key. Apparently this was indeed some sort of key, for the sphinx immediately began to move. Slowly but surely the whole thing stood up, looked around, and gave a long stretch and yawn. It then proceeded to lick itself, damn cat.

      I hopped on its back and tried to get it to move, granted the thing's back was 25 feet wide, it wasn't a horse. I squeezed my legs like one would to get a horse to move but the sphinx just looked around and then laid back down. What the hell, this was supposed to be fairly straightforward! I thought for a moment while it started to drift off to sleep and then remember seeing cats chasing the little red dots that laser pointers create. I reached into my pocket and, sure enough, there was a laser pointer! I pointed it at the pyramid and could faintly see a little red dot, not nearly enough to get this thing's attention. I figured that, if it were a little bit darker out the light would be easier to see. I looked down at my wrist and found a watch. It said 4:00 P.M. so I pulled out the little time-set thing and changed it to 8:00. As the hands moved forward the sun went down and the moon came up. This was pretty cool, given that I had never really changed the time of day before.

      As the sun went down I could feel the dream begin to fade. Damn, I haven't done this in a while! I quickly rubbed my hands together which stopped the fading and brought back some clarity but I knew that I didn't have much time left. I patted the sphinx on its back, which was still quietly laying there. It began to stir and I pointed the laser pointer at the ground in front of it; it was easy to see now! The sphinx's ears twitched and its head perked up, clearly noticing the little dot. I pointed at the pyramids which were about 400 yards away. The sphinx jumped up and immediately began to bound towards that light. I squeezed my legs as tight as I could just to stay on.

      When it got close to the pyramid, the sphinx jumped, trying to pounce on the light. I quickly moved it up about halfway to the top of the pyramid, but it still ended up hitting the base and knocking some blocks off. C'mon, kitty, don't knock the thing down! It regained its awareness and found the dot again and immediately jumped up, running up the pyramid. This thing was steeper than I thought, it had to be at least a 40 degree angle
      (after googling it, the actual angle is almost 52 degrees). The sphinx stuttered on a few steps as blocks fell out from under it but it continued to climb up the top.

      I pointed the light right at the very peak and, right as we got close to the top, the sphinx jumped again, this time overestimating the height and clearing the entire pyramid. We both fell down for a few hundred feet and when the sphinx finally landed it began to slide down the side of the pyramid. The ride was quite bumpy and I could feel the dream beginning to fade. We reached the bottom just a couple seconds afterwards and I immediately jumped off, rubbing my hands to try and stabilize but to no avail. I decided that, since the dream was pretty much over and I had accomplished what I wanted to do, I would give the sphinx a treat. I waved towards the distance, motioning for something to come towards me. While doing this I envisioned a giant fish coming out of the horizon towards the sphinx. I tried to reward it for its hard work but just as I though I saw the fish come over the horizon
      I woke up in my bed, my arm over my head in the same position I was waving in. The entertainment isn't confined to just the dreams

      One down, six to go. Hopefully the next one won't take three weeks just to get lucid
    15. Task Of The Month; Feb. 2012 & Task Of The Year Attempt #6

      by , 02-09-2012 at 11:10 PM (Ezpata's World)
      [B][U]Task Of The Month[/U][/B]
      Why are the walls purple? Oh yeah, dream. Before going to bed, I had just freshened up on the ToTM and the ToTY. I decided to work on the ToTM first, since it was smaller in scale to the ToTY.

      I flew around until I found an art gallery. Plenty of paintings in there. I saw that one painting, "The Scream", and figured it'd be interesting enough. It took a few minutes for me to devise a way in. Eventually I just put my hand on it and told it to let me in. I was drawn into it then, almost absorbed by it. I found myself inside now, and it looked very... artsy, I guess? I don't know, look at "The Scream" and that's what it looked like. It was then that I heard a sound that was like someone was scratching the chalkboard in the innermost region of my mind. Looking over, it was the screamer. I turned off my hearing to keep him from killing me with such an awful sound. I remembered that I was one a time clock, so I looked around for something to bring out of the painting. Someone was carrying a plant for some reason, and I thought: Why not? It'd look cool on my fireplace mantle. I took the plant, and left the painting. I told it I wanted out, and it graciously acquiesced. I took the plant back to my place, and put it on the mantle next to the Brownie Camera. Time for ToTY.

      [B][U]Task Of The Year Attempt #6[/U][/B]
      It took a minute to think about, but I remembered I had to go to the launch site of Sputnik 1. I found it just as it was about to take off, how fortuitous. I latched on as it took off, and rode it like a horse into space.

      It was moving pretty fast, and I felt like I was going to be thrown off at any second. I kept my grip as firm as I could though, and managed to make it into space. There wasn't much to see, and it was kinda boring. I wondered if there was some time limit as to how much I had to stick with this giant hunk of space metal before I could leave. I waited for about ten minutes, but we just kept moving... in some indeterminate direction. It's space, man, it's hard to tell what's up or down. I decided that I'd been here long enough, and grabbed one of Sputnik's smaller antennae and went back to the cabin. I decided it would just be better to teleport this time, so I would conserve time. I put the antennae on my mantle next to the Plant from Screamland. Then I woke up to check the ToTY and to try in the next dream.
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