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    1. Shared: man of shred and raven knight. 2017/5/26

      by , 06-06-2017 at 04:33 AM
      My dream:

      Me and Raven remove a Dark energy Symbiont from Bjork. We heal her with music. She apologizes to me and promises to keep the dreams with me a little less. There is forgiveness on both sides. Yay!

      Her dream:

      2017, 05-26

      Dark Parasites

      I am in a garden area that is very beautiful, more beautiful than any I have ever seen in waking life. I walk around, thinking how beautiful it is, but not giving any though to the idea I might be dreaming. I wonder how this place could have existed right near where I live for so long and yet I havenít found it. I can tell itís not new, all of the plants are too well developed to have been recently planted. I wander through the garden for a bit before I see three people not far off. I head in their direction. There seems to be a dark cloud around two of them, it looks pretty unpleasant. The two people surrounded by a dark cloud are MoSh and a woman I donít know. The third person is Asuka, and Asuka comes over to me.

      Asuka is upset and saying that Bjork is doing something to MoSh, and I have to stop her. I head over to the two people standing in a thickening cloud of darkness. It looks to me like both of them could use some help. I focus on the song Touch My Heart from the Devil Hunter Yohko soundtrack to remove the darkness. A pillar of light energy forms around both of them, sucking the dark cloud away and burning it off in the blinding light. After the song is over I see something strange on the ground between MoSh and Bjork. It is a black thing with many tentacles that is squirming around on the ground, first reaching for MoSh, then reaching for Bjork, as if it canít choose which one it wants to try to attach itself to. I look at the thing and all I can sense in it is dark energy, not a sign of a spark, either dark or light. So it is a thing wholly of darkness. I focus on the song Battery by Metallica to call down a bolt of lightning that strikes the black thing between MoSh and Bjork and turns it to a pile of ashes that blows away in the wind and is gone. MoSh is looking at Bjork, who just looks disoriented. I focus on the song Voices from the Macross Plus soundtrack to bring some more healing energy into the area. The area fills with light energy. Bjork says she will try to stay out of MoShís dreams. Asuka looks quite pissed off at her and says she had better or there will be trouble! I wonder why Asuka is so angry, since it looked like the parasite had been attacking both MoSh and Bjork
    2. Burning building

      by , 06-06-2017 at 02:26 AM
      I am in a house I've never been in. I just assume it's my real house.
      There is a fire and we all run out. Fire men don't come, it's just us. I run back in to get my journals. I come out and "Susan" is there. I run back in to get all of
      my leotards and I run out. I want to go back in to get my computer
      because it has my novels on it but I see the flames coming towards the front
      of the house (I live in an apartment/town house so I know it's not my real house now) and that the flames would stop me from exiting this time. Going into a burning building isn't making me gasp for breath so I should have become lucid, but I didn't. I stood outside with my journals and my leotards next to Michael or Gabriel looking like Susan and my siblings. We wait for the fire to stop, we don't call anyone. Then the house is back how it was, as if it was untouched, and we all go back in. I forgot this dream and remembered it when I was watching supergirl seeing a burning building.

      Sometime in the past two weeks I dreamt I was going out onto my deck. All of the decks were connected; there were no railings. Our neighbors were outside grilling burgers on the left side of the deck outside of their house. We're about to start to talk and then the dream changed. I remembered this one when I went out on the deck and saw that the decks weren't conjoined like in the dream.
    3. An Innocent Child, An Innocent Cub

      by , 06-06-2017 at 12:59 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 06-05

      An Innocent Child, An Innocent Cub

      I am in a place I donít recognize. I look around and I see that there are wide open grasslands all around me with some patches of trees that break up the monotony. I have no idea where I am. I walk for a little ways as I try to get oriented and figure out where I am. I am thinking maybe I should do a reality check when I hear something behind me. I turn around and see a child come running out of one of the patches of trees, heading straight for me. He is being chased! Not far behind the child I see three men on horses, they look like knights, riding after the child. I wonder why they are chasing the child. The child has almost reached me, he is calling for help. Then I see the knight riding in the lead take out his sword like he is going to just ride the child down and cut him without even getting off of his horse! He catches up with the boy as the child is passing me, and I act quickly without really thinking. My right arm forms into an Alex Mercer blade and I dive between the knight and the child, intercepting the strike meant for the boy and blocking it with my blade.

      The transformation makes the knight do a double take, and spooks his horse. The horse rears up and the knight falls on his ass, the horse takes off running. The knight is scrambling backwards to get away from me, asking what manner of creature I am. I am angry. I say forget that, why the fuck was he riding a child down on horseback with clear intent to murder?! The knight stammers and then says the boy ran. I say no shit, he ran! If he hadnít run heíd have been skewered a lot sooner! Now why is he trying to murder a child?! The boy said he didnít do anything! I ask the boy where his parents are, he says heíll show me if I protect him. I say I will. I tell the knight, his two friends are with him now, that Iím escorting the boy home safely, donít interfere. I change my blade back to an arm. The boy leads me to a castle with many tents set up around it, as well as many wagons and horses and more knights. The boy leads me to the blacksmithís wagon. The man there is relieved to see his son and calls him Mikah. Mikah is saying something, but I briefly wake upÖ

      I do a DEILD (Dream End Induced Lucid Dream) and try to go back to the same place, but I somehow miss the mark. When I become aware of the dream again I am in a long hall with a few people and numerous guards. At one end is a very fat man with a crown seated next to a woman with a crown, they must be king and queen. A young girl and a man are in the middle of the room alone, from the way the man treats the girl I think he must be her father. The queen immediately earns my dislike when she says she wants an animalís hide. The king says that will be impossible since they have no wolf. The queen says they have a wolf and gives an evil smirk. The girl in the middle of the room gets immediately upset and says Lady didnít do anything, sheís innocent. The queen says this wolf shall die in the place of the one who bit her son. I feel I was already mad, and this pisses me off. I blurt out that she canít be serious about knowingly murdering an innocent animal when she knows perfectly well the animal has committed no crime! She asks who I am, then says she wants me arrested. I tell her I wonít let her kill an innocent animal, and Iíd like to see her arrest me. Some knights close in around me and I form a force field to keep them at a distance without harming them. They are baffled by the invisible barrier.

      I go outside, my force field forcing knights and guards out of the way as I go. I donít know where I am going, but I want to find the wolf that the queen wants murdered. The little girl comes running out of the large tent I was just in, I now see it is a large tent, and sheís crying. My force field lets her pass. She grabs my arm and asks if I can protect Lady. She says she loves Lady, but will accept that she can never see her again if only she knows Lady is safe. I canít let them kill Lady! I tell her yes, I will protect Lady, assuming that is the name of the wolf. She points in the direction to where there is a wolf chained to a heavy pole. The girl says please keep Lady safeÖ

      People come from the tent and tell the girl to get away from me, Iím dangerous. I keep moving within my force field, which lets the girl out, and I reach the wolf called Lady. The wolf is sitting very quietly and looks like she wouldnít hurt a fly. I reach for the chain carefully, speaking calmingly to the wolf the whole time, calling her by her name. I use my enhanced strength to break the chain as if it was cardboard. Lady looks back at the girl, who is on her knees crying. Knights and guards are surrounding me. The queen says there is no way for me to escape. I tell her thatís what she thinks, and there I wake up, effectively disappearing from sight as far as the people of that world can see. Note: Q has informed me that the wolf Lady is actually a young direwolf, still really a cub, and she is now living safely in my inner world.
      Tags: deild, rescue, wolf
    4. Healer in the Night

      by , 06-05-2017 at 11:01 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 06-05

      Healer in the Night

      I am walking outside at night in a place I donít recognize. I look around and see I am on a path near some trees. Something about the whole situation feels strange, and that leads me to do a reality check. I pinch my nose and find I can still breathe, so I know Iím dreaming. The first thing I do is try to fly and I succeed. I fly up over the land that is mostly dark except for what the moon illuminates. I also see the occasional light down below that looks like it comes from a fire. It is a bit chilly, but I ignore that. I keep flying and I feel like I could fly forever. I soon spot a structure that the moonlight reveals to be a castle. That looks like an interesting place to check out, so I fly straight towards it. I briefly think I might freak some people out if I show up flying, but I donít really care so I keep going.

      I fly in over the castle and then fly lower. I look down and there arenít many people out because it is the middle of the night, but I do see some guards on patrol. None of them are bothering to look up, however. Then I am inexplicably drawn to one of the towers. I go with the flow and fly over near the tower. There is a window near the top that stands open. I fly to the window and I feel compelled to go inside. I silently land inside a bed chamber where I wait for my eyes to adjust to the dim light from a couple oil lamps. There is a boy in the bed apparently asleep. But somehow I know he is not asleep, he is unconscious, maybe in a coma, due to injuries. Injuries that the people in this realm may have no way to heal. I know I must heal the child. I take a quiet step towards the bed, but I stop when I find Iím being growled at. There is a large dog or a small wolf standing protectively over the child. I speak to the animal in a calming voice, using telepathy to try to convey the idea I am here only to help, I bring only healing. After a bit the animal calms down and just watches me as I approach the child.

      I focus healing energy on the boy lying in the bed, focusing on the song Voices from the Macross Plus soundtrack for the healing task. Light energy forms all around the boy and then flows into him as the song plays softly in the room. It is a bit disconcerting when I hear strange cracking noises from under the covers, sounds that sound disturbingly like bones breakingÖ or setting properly perhaps so they can fully heal. I am thankful that the unconscious boy isnít awake to feel any pain. As I am finishing up a man enters the room and does a double take. He demands to know who I am, and I realize he was supposed to guard the child. I tell him Iím a healer, and the child should awaken soon. And he is lucky that the boyís dog is more on guard than he is. He says that is no dog, it is a direwolf. I say then the boyís direwolf is a better protector. I figure if it is a direwolf then it must be still a cub. The guard again demands to know who I am, and I see the boy in the bed stir slightly. He is waking up. The direwolf cub goes over and starts licking the boyís face. Everything fades to black as I wake up.
      Tags: castle, healing, wolf
      lucid , non-lucid
    5. Too Easy

      by , 06-05-2017 at 04:35 PM
      I feel like I am past the point of trying to "get a hang of" lucid induction. My next goal is dream stabilization and lengthening. I woke up in early part of the morning to meditate like I usually do. My meditate was different in that instead of merely focusing on the breath, I began to watch the images produced by the mind's eye. This takes a quiet, focused mind because the images are extremely faint and distance in the field of vision when the eyes are closed. Another detail to note that images were "elevated". Instead of the images being parallel to the eyes, they were more parallel with the forehead so naturally, I raised my eyeballs upward to observe them. Which is strange because these aren't real images, merely generations of the mind. Yet, I couldn't help but observe them as if there was a distant movie screen raised behind my eyelids.

      The effects were strange to say the least. My awareness felt muted and quiet as my awareness was focused on the mind's eye. It was like I was in a dark room inside my head. Well mind you I sleep and meditate with earplugs. After doing this for about 15-20 minutes, I went back to sleep. Before I got into bed, I had a strong sense of confidence that induction would be effortless because I had done it a dozen times before plus I had good feeling about the meditation. So I lay in my bed I do the same meditation exercise I was just doing. I don't know how much time passed but there came a point where I pushed my awareness into the dream world. It really felt like that. At first I am just observing the images in the mind's eye, then I am trying to push into to them. Next thing I know, I have my hands on the top of a metal fence and I am ready to hit the dream world.

      I go outside to try to find Naomi, the dream character. Don't find her. Walk down my street and walk into this little house with two dogs; one which tried to bite me. I'm lucid so I used telekinesis to toss the dog aside. I meet these two men dressed in elaborate robes. I ask one of them dressed in red and has horns, "Have you seen a woman with grey skin and braids?"

      All I remember was the man chuckling.

      Woke up to find out I was only asleep for one hour. I'm pretty sure some more stuff happened but I have been lazy with my dream recall. I got back to sleep and have a very action packed dream about fighting Anakin Skywalker with Rey and Obi-Wan. LUL.
    6. Dream - Limited Time Offer!

      by , 06-05-2017 at 02:48 PM
      Date of Dream: MON 5 JUN - 2017

      Dream No. 126 - Limited Time Offer!

      I remember being at Chadstone shopping centre with my mum and my brother. There was this offer for 24 hours, where better quality items would be sold in shops than usual. For instance, 10 years ago in real, clothes were made better than they are now. In the dream, the shops now had these things on the sale in the current time which made me very happy. I went to numerous shops including Myer, Target and Dangerfield and bought really good pieces of clothes and jewellery. My eyes were darting everywhere like crazy because I didn't know where to start.

      At one point, I see my mum and brother with these super-sized, colourful ice-creams and I ask where mine is. My brother said I was too busy looking at clothes. Anyway, they took me to get an ice-cream of my own at the place. The man said I could combine flavours from three categories. After a short amount of time, I realised that the really good quality sale had come to an end and I wasn't happy about that. I don't remember anything else about the dream.
    7. Death

      by , 06-05-2017 at 01:29 PM
      My mom suffered an accident, and then when I saw her at the hospital she was barely breathing. I cried a lot but soon she recovered. Then I suffered an accident but my "soul" was out of my body, I saw my body on the hospital bed and thought I would die soon. I even felt like I was dissapearing after seeing that, a strong sensation inside my body and my vision being blurred by light, but everything came back to normal. I SOMEHOW could touch my body and everything around me, I kept plugging the equipment that helped me breathe on and off and cried. The I saw my mom sleeping, I started crying because I thought I was dying so I told her that a loved her and bla bla bla but I was crying a lot. Then, other people of my family entered the room... and they could se my soul. So I asked if my body was dead or not, my mom said no.
      Then, there was a part of the dream were Nick Jonas appears, but it was so confusing I don't really know how to explain. And before all this, something about Hogwarts, also too confusing to explain.


      Nick Jonas -> Somehow, I always see celebrities in my dreams.

    8. 6/5/2017

      by , 06-05-2017 at 07:26 AM (BloodSand's Dream Journal)
      I'm in an arcade at a mall, I play a crane machine and easily win a big snack. A young girl comes in an is looking around and ask me what my favorite games here are. I tell her the crane machine and a few other games that have actual prizes. She seems to like that reasoning and me. I offer her some of the snack I just won but she declines telling me she's lactose intolerant. Hearing this I pull a lactaid out and offer her the pill and the rest of my snack. She accepts happily. At some point I head home to my grandparents.

      I'm at my grandparents house, there are a lot of guest over and my grandparents and some of the guest are going out. Judging by what those who are leaving are wearing they must be going to the beach. The guest, many are cousins and some are friends I only know online, are spread out all over the house and property, and I'm worried trying to watch after them all because of the vampires. Luckily for me the vampires are scared of me and run at the sight of me and I know they only intend on one target today; Someone I only know online, let's call him Evan Wrong. I walk the property trying to take note of where everyone is and keeping an eye out for vampires. I don't find Evan but am pretty sure my presence is keeping the vampire away.
    9. The Dark Mirror

      by , 06-05-2017 at 05:08 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 06-04

      The Dark Mirror

      I am in a place I donít recognize. It is a cave of some kind. I hear the sound of the ocean from one direction so I follow that sound. There is light getting into the cave from various places where cracks have penetrated through to the outside. I follow the sound of the ocean and emerge on a ledge that is high up over the ocean below. And Iím not alone there. MoSh is there with me. He says we have to find the mirror. At first that doesnít make any sense, but then I remember something about a mirror in someoneís inner world that was allowing Templars to attack. I pinch my nose and I find I can still breathe, Iím dreaming. I tell MoSh that heís dreaming and he says he already knows that. We search around on the ledge and connecting caves until we find a place where there is an outcropping of rock reaching over the sea. On the outcropping is what appears to be a mirror, but the mirror is totally black with no reflection. MoSh says thatís it, and he wants to go kick some Templar ass. I go to the mirror and plant a couple timed explosives on it. We both go through, then the explosives detonate behind us and shatter the mirror, destroying the portal behind us.

      On the other side of the mirror we are in another strange place. There are Templars all around, and it seems to be a wide-open area outside, I really donít get a very good look at the surroundings because itís dark and MoSh and I get attacked right away. MoSh tells them to leave Bjork alone, though at that point I couldnít think who Bjork was. No matter, they shouldnít be harassing anyone, so now they would all pay. As we are attacked I focus on using Battery by Metallica to call down bolts of lightning on the enemies. In spite of there being so many of them, the Templars seem to die pathetically easily. When they die they disappear from the dream. I focus on the song Damage, Inc. by Metallica and throw fireballs at many of the Templars. I then transform my right arm into an Alex Mercer blade and start cutting Templars down in large numbers as they attack. The Templars are attacking using an assortment of blasters and also melee weapons such as swords and battle axes, though none of the weapons seem particularly effective. I focus on the song Phantom Lord by Metallica and create an expanding wall of fire that incinerates many Templars. Soon it looks like any Templars left are retreating, and MoSh tells them theyíd better not come back!

      After the fight is over MoSh is saying we need to make sure the mirror is gone from Bjorkís inner world so they canít use her any more. My mind still isnít remembering who Bjork is, but I say thatís fine, Iíll try to get back to where we saw the mirror. I focus on Through the Never by Metallica and both MoSh and I go through the resultant portal. On the other side we are once again on the rocky outcropping that reaches out from tall cliffs over a deep blue ocean. It is a quite beautiful sight. There is a pile of rubble on the rocky outcropping where I know there used to be a mirror. I point to the rubble and tell MoSh that the mirror is history. Just to make sure I drop a fireball on the rubble and turn it all to ash. MoSh says he hopes that takes care of things. Everything fades to black as I wake up.
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    10. A few dreams

      by , 06-05-2017 at 04:43 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      I'm in a huge battle around Bjork's inner world. Me and Raven knight are destroying Remote viewers with song spells. Raven is switching songs rapidly.. lots of metallica. My song was more guitar riffs, I was playing something similar to the four horsemen by metallica. The remote viewers died way too easily. I guess their bark is worse than their bite.

      Briefly lucid

      I was walking in some neighborhood during daytime and decided to take a shortcut through someone's house. Going inside I became lucid because I don't take shortcuts through someone's home. I walked away from the back patio. I walked through a kitchen back to a living room and found the front door open as I left it and walked through it. my memory fades after.


      I'm tunneling with a pick axe like in minecraft. I am creating an underground route to Bjork's place so no one can follow me there. It's like a direct underground tunnel from my inner world to hers. I finally bust through a wall and find Bjork sitting on a couch. I tell her I'm sorry but I can't stop wanting to see her. I keep repeating: Can't stop. She says it's okay she can't stop as well and that she loves me... yes she said that. I kind of went into rant mode talking about naguals and other crap I don't believe in trying to downplay what she said. Kind of dumb of me, but my dream self gets into a mode where he likes to hear himself talk, luckily I woke up before i put my foot in my mouth any further.


      I'm walking past Cultus lake in Chilliwack and I'm holding a white kitten tightly. The kitten is Bjork in animal form I'm wanting to show her the town where I grew up in. I wake up before I can show her much.


      I'm wandering in a park with a giant hill. Somebody hands me a giant scroll that says Wikileaks on it. It's thousands of posts by various people. I wonder if I will come across anything by Jamie, and old friend. Instead.... You guessed it, a post by Bjork shows up. one has a 3D clay pot where I reach in and feel something inside of it. I go to pull it out but I wake up.

      There is no Bathroom

      Walking down a residential street and I have to take a leak. I wind up in a park that has a public bathroom. I go through the door labelled boys, but inside is a room where kids are sleeping. There's no toilet anywhere and a man walks in and tells me to get out. I ask him if this is a bathroom? and he ays it's the boys dorm for kids camp. I get annoyed at that and walk out.

      Work argument

      I'm in the employees lounge at mcdonalds.The room is a little bigger and I'm on my laptop. D, who was mouthing me off on facebook over dumb stuff said my name. I told him if he wants to have a talk about my performance at work we should have the store manager present to avoid a loud argument. He starts ranting at me and behind him I see Asuka disguised as Manager R run into the women's bathroom and give me a knowing look and half closes the door, she's ready to get him in trouble if he crosses the line/ He's asking if I ratted him out to C the consultant. I said yes, and then he starts swearing. I tell him I think he read what he wanted to into my facebook posts and took it out of context. I start ranting myself when I wake up.

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    11. Deild

      by , 06-05-2017 at 12:04 AM
      The past few weeks,I've been awaking a lot during the night,after dreams. So I've been making small attempts at Deild. I hadn't made any major attempts,because I typically can't recall my non lucid dreams too well after many interruptions during my sleep cycle,aswell as I have trouble going lucid when someone else is in the room. However,I actually managed it somewhat. Was a Deild into Dild? I awoke,kept my eyes closed,set the intention and hung onto my consciousness but fell asleep,luckily I still began aware within my dream. I was in a room that wasn't mines. Pretty small. A bed with brown,reddish covers. A wooden dresser with old school vantage mirror top. I think that's what it's called,and a door. Seemed like it would belong to an older woman. I decided ide do the Totm. Which ones I could remember. First I attempted to recall successfully my waking life information. Name,age,parents,waking body location,etc. after this,I stopped myself and rubbed my hands together to increase stability before moving onto biting something. First,I bit into the bed coverings taking a chunk out of it. Lol Tasted like fabrics,I tried once again,but a piece of thread got stuck between my teeth. I couldn't recall any other tasks,so I went to leave,but took a chunk out of the door. It had no taste,but I was able to create a pleasurable taste of a burger,but remembered I'm a vegetarian. Lol and changed it to specialty fries from a local restaurant.

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    12. Dream sex

      by , 06-04-2017 at 10:13 PM
      I emerged into lucid dream close to some house... so wanting to explore I went inside. I found there naked young woman with brown hair... She was irresistibly sexy. It was great sex (I won't go into details), but... pity, I should resist the urge, I couldn't find anything new there because of this. A lost chance.

      The dream lasted about 15 subjective minutes.
      The feelings I got were great, but it is pity I didn't explore instead. I would probably last much longer in the dream.
      Tags: wild
    13. dream fragment of reoccurring dream character. Dream guide?

      by , 06-04-2017 at 06:53 PM
      Dream character Amy reappeared and reminded me of the ice-cream we ate together.
      I told her that it had been a dream, thinking the dream of Amy was real.
      She said, "No, it was real." And I believed her. This is a fragment of a larger dream.
      Wondering if Amy will be a dream guide sent from God. Looking forward to being in a lucid dream with Amy to see what part of my psyche and my spiritual life she represents.
      Since she was eating ice-cream with me I sense it means that God wants me to share His joy with other people, and that the eating of the ice-cream was platonic and not sexual at all.
    14. College, Iggy Azalea, The Sims, My Chemical Romance and Blood

      by , 06-04-2017 at 04:53 PM
      Since I did not write the moment I woke up, they're all lost in my mind right now. And I forgot to update yesterday.



      So, I was in college; the bedroom was very girly and my roomates were three korean girls, all of them really cute and sweet. I asked them what they think about Japan, they say they went there and loved it, because it was so clean and better than Korea. One of them makes me sweet bread. So, I fall in love with this guy, I am a little confused if he was redhead or not; another guy, a more handsome one, blonde, blue eyes, is in love with me. He seems like he wants to do skinship and maybe sex with me, I tell him he's exactly my type but I refuse it anyways. He seemed very sweet but got a little disappointed. Later on, I take a look at the dormitory, almolst everyone is sleeping, it seriously looks like a big hungover. As I walk, the room doors are all open, and I see a guy sleeping all naked, with his bum showing. There's a carpet next to each door, and they seem to reflect the personality of each room. It seems like Iggy Azalea is my friend and studies at the same college I do (lmao), and she's having a little rivalry with Azealia Banks (just like in real life), but since SHE's my friend, I feel like I should take sides with her if something happens.

      The Sims Dream - First Dream after I woke up at 4:00

      I was with my cousin sitting on a tree at my Grandma's farm, and we started discussing about SimCity; I remember talking about how the creators were trying to make the game appeal to the lgbt community or something. So I took a close look at the game (now the game became the ground) and saw that some bridges in the game had the shape of genital organs, but of course, it was a dream, so the dreamy genital organs looked nothing like real life ones.

      My Chemical Romance - Second dream after I woke up at 8:00
      So I dreamed about a handsome boy I had a crush on, he was kinda emo, but handsome (although I don't remmeber clearly, but all boys in my dreams I have a crush on are handsome), and we were in a house and I had my laptop; me, him and his friends we sitting down and I was playing popular songs from the past to see if they remembered the names and singers, etc. Then I was going to play MCR's Helena, but I changed my mind and decided to play Welcome to the Black Parade. Before I played I fucked up something, but then it started to play, but they all kinda ignored me and went to my grandma's bedroom (but this one is the other grandma) and I insisted and followed them and played the song, well, they didn't give a fuck.

      This was not a dream itself, it was part of one of the previous dreams, but I don't remember which cause I am a stupid hoe. Anyways, I had to have my blood collected, so I was in this clinic with two guys, one of them was fat and kind, the other one was a woman; I am not sure, but I THINK I was talking about how hard it is everytime I have to get my blood collected for blood tests, because it's soooo hard to make my veins pop out, so usually they have to use 6 needles until they get blood enough (this actually happens in real life).


      Time for interpretation XD

      Redhead -> My real life platonic love is a redhead, although I live far away from him now, everytime I hear his name I get so nervous feel like I'm gonna puke my heart out. Just the day before, I was thinking about how awesome I would be if I had a mutual dream with him;

      He wants to do skinship and sex with me but I refuse it -> In real life, I repress my sexuality a lot for personal reasons, so I think because of that, I dream a lot with situations involving sex;

      Grandma's farm -> I have a lot of dreams located at my grandma's farm since I was a kid;

      SimCity -> Game me and my cousin were playing not too long ago (same cousin from the dream);

      MCR -> Just yesterday I was listening to My Chem's songs and watched a movie called "Suicide Room" and it was about an emo boy.

      I'm gonna realize I'm dreaming everytime these appear:
      -Sex situations
      -Grandma's farm

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    15. Dogs

      by , 06-04-2017 at 04:16 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      A visit.

      I'm in the lobby of Cowboys casino where I occasionally play poker on my weeks off. A dog approaches me. It's C's dog Daisy the mother of my dog. She has a strange white knitted dog skirt on her. I pet her and rub her belly. C comes up to me and we leave in her van driving around. I forget what happens after.


      I get badly beaten by remote viewers dressed as cops. I wind up in a courtroom with Bjork. She's ordering a restraining order and give a bunch of false testimonies against me. I'm given a chance to speak so I tell the court she's not even herself it's all manipulation by the remote viewers. I play a video for them of Bjork in a strange market, A person at a stand who has a dark aura give a sales pitch for a large flat item which she buys and then takes home. I then say that is how they got into her house to control her. Everyone looks at me like I'm insane. Judge rules I'm not to go near Bjork's house and that a shield will be put up with armed guards to keep her safe. They ask me what do I say to that: Piece of cake.

      Animal Guide

      I'm going for a walk with my dog but I'm in a wheel chair because I can't walk from the beating. I'm on a street like one in chilliwack when a Lion crosses our path. My dog is suddenly off leash and approaches the lion. I am terrified that i will see my dog die. the lion acknowledges him but doesn't harm him. I turn my wheel chair around and the lion crosses my path. I am wondering why he isn't eating me or my dog right now. He just stys blocking my path not doing anything as if he's trying to tell me something. Note: When Asuka used to get attacked a lot I would get dream of a dog biting my arm. I'm curious if this is a similar messenger from Bjork?