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    1. Log 996 - Black Market Manor and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 01-21-2018 at 03:31 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Saturday 20 January 2018

      Got some things to note today, including two DILDs. There were a bunch of dreamlets too, but I've

      Dream 1 - The Marvel/Capcom Dream Alliance

      The visuals were quite dim. This took place within a poorly lit office building at night-time. A chaotic battle was occurring between a joint force of Marvel and Capcom heroes (Iron-Man, Hawkeye, Captain America, the Hulk, Ryu, Megaman X, and Chun-li confirmed) against the menacing Ultron. The villain was overpowering his opponents. In a bold maneuver, Iron-Man, Cap, Ryu, and X held off the rogue robot to stall him. In the meantime, Hulk stood back, covering while Chun-Li departed elsewhere. Eventually, Hawkeye fired off an EMP arrow at Ultron, who easily caught it within a forcefield. "Is that the best you can do?", gloats Ultron. Hawkeye smirks. That's when a barrage of missiles strikes Ultron at his flank. He turns, and sees the side of an attack chopper, Bat-Man logos painted all over, and Chun-Li within the passenger cabin. With Ultron's concentration lapsed, the forcefield went down, and, upon the arrow exploding, so too did he.

      I manifest, and followed the group down some hallways. We then stop at a darkened, empty garage or storage area. Inside, three people were seated on the floor. One was a figure I couldn't discern (or had forgotten). The other two were rather plain looking twin women, dark skinned, and both with ponytails. Without any prompt, the other heroes and I gather around with them. Then, the enigma started a conversation about meditation and dreaming, and asked for the girls on their progress. One of them claimed to have made great strides in her meditation practices. The other had reportedly mastered inducing lucid dreams. And yet, she seemed hesitant of such, and even expressed worry about her outlook in the future. "She fears it's the 'end of an era', so to speak.", I blurted out. The girl suddenly wept. This caused an outburst from others, a mix of consolatory remarks, and of arguing over how to take my own statement. Such commotion went on for a while, until the dream ended.

      Dream 2 - Black Market Manor

      Scene 1 - Phase Floor Hazard
      The visuals were dim. I was wandering around the unlit hallways of the building above. Seems it had been completely vacated. When I stepped into a large room, I suddenly phased through the floor. Transition.

      Scene 2 - Arms Deal
      The visuals were clearer. I was outside the lot of a mansion, a place located in the middle of a tropical wilderness, daylight peeking through the canopy of trees. The building showed obvious signs of decades-long wear. Previously abandoned, it served as the den for hooligans and other squatters.

      I wander away into the forest, only to turn back. I then approached the leader of the group, a mid-twenty-something year old guy with a shaved haircut and goatee, to make a deal., to make a deal. He lead me inside to the ruined, graffiti-laden manor's "lobby". From his backpack, he pulled out a bag of finely ground hash. Wasn't at all interested in that. What I wanted was weapons. I "knew" that this guy, though not an arms vendor himself, was connected enough with the black market to acquire such.

      He pulled out a notebook, and we began working out a contract. I used the pseudonym titled after a Goetic demon, cycling through a few names, as some were already taken. Anyway, I requested modded SMGs. He seemed confused, stating that machine guns would be a more optimal choice. Some chica from the streets, presumably the guy's girlfriend, then arrived. The two bicker over details of the current negotiations for a while before turning their attention back to me. In the end, I settled for 2 silenced SMGs, and one machine gun, all very reasonably priced at several thousand dollars. I also asked about combat armor, but they seemed to have no idea what I was talking about. I then gushed on for a while about my favorite firearms. This quickly bored the two, so I just took my leave.

      Back outside, I made my way down faded dirt path through the forest. I'd false memories of having an interesting conversation with a fellow there not too long ago. So, I hurried along, thinking I might be able to catch up with him. Along the way, I noticed something familiar about pathway, as if it were a crude facsimile of my neighborhood. Curious, I flew up, and headed the direction where my home would be. This soon granted lucidity. I continued towards my "home", getting my head brushed under huge tree leaves along the way. Things start destabilizing. I desperately rubbed my hands, but couldn't keep from getting sucked into the void. I continued falling for about a minute before the dream ended.

      Dream 3 - Trivial Near Nightmare

      Dreamlet transitioned to dream. The visuals were dim and a bit blurred. I was lounging around at home during night time. Soon, I noticed my brother, Jay, going around and asking the others various trivia questions. He approached me with such, something about biology, I think, which I got wrong. He annoyed me with further drivel, during which I got lucid. But, I caught myself having paranoid thoughts about my brother, a sign that a nightmare might occur. Just to be safe, I impaled him with my hand, causing him to fade into inky vapor, all while he eerily continued his quiz otherwise undisturbed.

      I started hand rubbing, only to warp in bed. Noticing that it was still dark outside kept me lucid. Unfortunately, I had trouble moving. Concerns with such caused me to lose the dream quickly.

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    2. Log 987 - When Women Attack and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 01-12-2018 at 04:22 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Thursday 11 January 2018

      Got a WILD to note, along with another full dream and a dreamlet. There was definitely a lot more I could've remember from the non-ld, had I gotten up to record it after it occurred.

      Scrap Group 1
      Vague memories of driving around at night with familiar figures.

      Dream 1 - Skiing into Big Trouble

      Scene 1 - Reconnected Skiing Siblings
      The visuals were mostly clear. This occurred at the slopes of a snowy mountainside during a pale overcast day. I was a spectator. A man and woman in skiing equipment were taking a lift to the tallest hill. Once there, they deliberately fell and took off. I was then given "access" to the woman's thoughts. Apparently, she was an Englishwoman serving in the US armed services. Furthermore, the man was her brother. Before the current trip, the two had grown distant to each other. But, they reconnected via their love of skiing. Still, she felt her sibling took the sport a bit too seriosly for her tastes.


      Scene 2 - Buy-Time Magic Seeds
      Similar visuals as above. I myself was now skiing down into the streets of a small town, cloudy day sky above. Quite a predicament, as there wasn't any snow in sight. When things got too rough, I levitated myself twenty feet into the air, if reluctantly, as I did not want to attract attention.

      I arrived near a small plant's loading area. Suddenly, I was assaulted by a random giantess, a woman about 50 years of age and dressed in casual wear. She promptly captured me, and gave notice of her intent to devour me. But before that, she granted me a last request. False memories revealed of my carrying something unusual in my pack (which I just realized I was lugging around): the seeds of a magical plant, of which would grow instantly over night. What's more, these seeds were in the exclusive domain of an elite troupe of wilderness rangers/scouts. Anyway, I asked that I be allowed to sprout and eat the plant. The giant woman agreed, if only because she preferred "stuffed meat".

      In but a few paces, the ogress whisked me away to the backyard of her home. She kept her own garden there, which even included a gigantic beanstalk, a supposed variant of the above-mentioned plant. The giantess allowed me to dig the seeds myself as she gathered herbs for her wicked feast. At the very least, I brought myself some time.


      Scene 3 - Proper(ty) Placement
      Similar visuals. I was now inside the lounge of a gigantic home, a place with expensive furnishings. Behind me was a model house of my size. Soon, a giantess with straight, black, shoulder length hair steps in view, about the same age as the previous one. In contrast, she was dressed formally. This colossal woman was dusting the area. Upon noticing me, she directed I get back to the smaller home. "I like keeping things where they belong", remarked the giantess as she continued dusting.

      Don't recall anything else until the dream ended.

      Scrap Group 1
      Dreamlets. Some had me driving around.

      Dream 2 - When Women Attack

      Scene 1 - Back-Dash Warp
      Dreamlet transitioned to dream. The visuals were very blurred. I was wandering around the house. It wasn't until I arrived in the kitchen that I realized (or rather, believed) the dream state. My brother, Andre, showed up, though I ignored him. I leaped backwards, purposefully phasing through the wall, where I got warped into the void. Transition.

      Scene 2 - Mannequin Assault
      The visuals were blurred. I was at the entrance of a department store, outside in a wide, empty walkway, all during daytime. I flew around for a bit, only to get dragged and phased below the concrete.

      When I crawled back up, I spotted a woman exiting the facility. On closer inspection, this was actually more of a living mannequin, a pale, faceless, almost featureless feminine figure dressed in trendy clothes and accessories. It turned towards me, and immediately became hostile. I backed off, and briefly ducked beneath the earth to avoid it. That's when even more dolls suddenly amassed, too many to simply evade. I held ground, feinting between strikes and tripping up some of the easier targets.

      Just then, I was shrunken against my will, and was promptly stomped at by a sandalled foot. A glance up revealed the belligerent as a stout woman, further distinct among the others by her simple floral dress and, above all, anime-ish features. Reactively, I charged to and fro, bouncing off any ankles in my path. This knocked many of the women off their feet, including the larger lady, who's girth would've flattened me had I not dodged in time. Even while on her back, the anime woman furiously pursued me, stomping and swatting down anywhere I tried escaping.

      Things get unstable. From there, various hazy clips of Street Fighter V appeared, including matches between Ken and different female opponents. Transition.

      Scene 3 - Why Does Everyone Want to Eat Me?
      The visuals were dim and blurred. I was floating in the void. Finally, I was of mind to try and conjure my guide, E. I started visualising her form, when something suddenly grabbed my face. This was the work of the spectral, incomplete image of my guide, her discorporated hands sharply clenching my chin and forehead. Her hair covered her face momentarily. When unveiled, her eyes became pitch black. Welp, nightmare time.

      I questioned what she was doing, and whether she was my guide at all. Through shrieking, the ghost did confirm the latter (and indeed, I could already sense as much), though she remained vague on the rest. Nonetheless, her intentions became clear when a long, rope-like tongue slid from her mouth, and wrapped around me. Once I was bound, E's mouth distended and widened into a horrible maw. I was then pulled bit by bit into the damp abyss. Knew there was no point in fighting...

      Luckily, I awakened before things got too bad.

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    3. Log 950 - Potion of Elemental Wrath and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 12-06-2017 at 02:43 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Tuesday 05 December 2017

      Spoiler for posterity's sake:

      I've two WILD cycles to note, most of which I retained awareness. There was a dream fragment in-between. I probably would have had more from before these, though a certain interruption kinda spoiled my recollection of such. Just as well, I suppose.

      Dream 1 - Potion of Elemental Wrath

      Scene 1 - A Blood Offering?
      WILD transition in bed. As usual, I blindly tried rolling off the mattress and into another scene, only to continually warp back to where I started. I'd sporadically either sightlessly land on the floor, or fell into the void. Either way, I further reinforced the dream state to myself by continually moving in place, be that by spinning, walking, or even dancing (poorly). And yet, nothing came to view, and any attempts to open my eyes resulted in swift destabilization. Various background noises almost kept me preoccupied, including cries of a fictional baby of which I needed to care, and of complaints to my percieved negligence, though I managed to ignore such.

      Eventually, I began calling out to my guide. And soon enough, parts of a scenery formed. This starts with a nude portrait of E ahead of me. As I observed it, various game-like menus and stats formed below, though I couldn't make sense of such. Pacing ahead, I soon found a large medival tapestry hanging on an invisible wall. At its center was a curious image: myself kneeling to a giant demon woman. In my hand was a golden chalice filled with red liquid, which I presented as an offering. Ominous, indeed...

      Things kinda destabilized momentarily. Brief false awakening, and warp.

      Scene 2 - YOU LEARNED - WRATH
      The visuals were blurred. I was in my home, staring at the backyard at the dead of night. Initially in a trance, I quickly recomposed myself, and phased through the sliding door. I looked up at the stars, wondering to what I should occupy myself, though it seemed I couldn't think of anything. Just then, the ground collapsed beneath me, and I slowly fell into an endless pit.

      One brief hand-rubbing later, and a new environment forms. I found myself floating over a forested seaside cliff at night time. I thought to dive in the water, though control of my movements were a bit unresponsive, even "wobbly".

      Another distortion. I was now in a forest clearing, likewise at nightfall. By then, I'd recalled several TOTMs, if with a few depreciated choices. In any case, I settled for the forbidden knowledge potion task. I imagined myself holding phial, and like that, said object appeared instantly. It seemed empty at first. Upon closer inspection, I noticed chaotic visions forming inside, that of sunny hills, of floating flowers, of tossed traffic lights, and a similar burst of random, colorful sights. So, I took a swig. Didn't initially notice anything tangible. But eventually, I discerned a bitter metallic aftertaste. Following that, I began feeling a bit queasy. Things seemed otherwise disappointingly mundane.

      Unrelated to the matter, a glowing portal formed next to me. I stepped inside, upon which I lost sense of my body, though my vision and hearing retained presence. Then, a video-game-esque score screen appeared, though what it counted is anyone's guess. Music was playing as well, starting with some unknown (or forgotten?) tense fanfare, then followed by Slow Moon from Streets of Rage 2 about half a minute later.

      Once the score was tallied up, a segment of text flickered, reading "YOU LEARNED: WRATH". The screen faded into a white void, whereupon I began reforming. Concurrently, a red street racing car was manifesting in view. A target, I presumed. I held up my arms towards it, and whispered "wrath". Suddenly, a storm of icicles descended upon the vehicle, battering it to ruin. A few seconds later, the attack changed to stream of lightning bolts. And following that, a roaring torrent of flames. Nothing remained of the target, save for a black stain on the invisible ground.

      I got interrupted, and woke up promptly.

      Scrap Group 1
      Something of watching Law and Order. McCoy has an arrogant ex-lawyer turned defendant on the ropes. Despite his outrage at such, the defendant goes along with a plea.

      Dream 2 - Geists and Heists

      Scene 1 - Wrath Revisited
      Another WILD transition. This started with a few more minutes of rolling and repeated false awakenings before a new scene formed. I was now in a large home, dim grey light illuminating its rooms. Wherever I looked, a dusty, tarp-covered piece furniture was present. Obviously a haunted place. It thus came to little surprise when I found a gaunt, stringy haired ghost girl lurking in the far corner. "Yup," I muttered, "it's a nightmare alright".

      I backed away slowly, only to catch the phantom's interest. The sight of her shambling towards me sent me running. She let out a piercing wail, then crawled after me, her form shunting in and out of existence sporadically. I was soon forced to climb a flight of stairs, though it quickly became apparent that this path had no end in sight. So, I turned to fight.

      Remembering the incantation, I called out "wrath". Unexpectedly, fire began raining down first. I realized then that, rather than descending in a specific order, I controlled which element fell by thought. Whatever the case, this blaze had no effect. So, I switched to ice, though, as I somewhat feared, this too did nothing. Moved on to lightning, which finally kept the spectre in check, leaving her helplessly shrieking in pain.

      Just then, a white meter formed below, and emptied quickly. In turn, the spell waned. Outta juice. I resumed my way upstairs, while desperately repeating "wrath". Instead of creating a storm, a many-elemental barrier formed around me, but only momentarily. Guessed this was how the spell looked "uncharged". This too kept the girl at bay, though not for nearly enough time between each chanting.

      Soon, the stairs led to a balcony. I was cornered. Fortunately, the gauge had refreshed. Thus, I wasted no time in unleashing another lightning storm.

      Things quickly destabilized.

      Scene 2 - Flickering Kitchen Awareness
      Non-lucid false awakening in bed. I got up feeling strangely dizzy. Furthermore, seeing that it was still very dark was highly suspicious. I made a hand test, though that proved inconclusive. So, I peeked in the kitchen, and found that the oven and sink were both gone, each replaced by random furniture. That's confirmation enough for me. But, things began blacking out, especially whenever I moved around. Quick, unwitting warp.

      Scene 3 - The KFC Heist
      The visuals were a bit blurred. I was seated in a white void. No awareness again. There were several other people there, neither of whom, I recognized, save for one figure in particular: Colonel Sanders himself. We were all discussing something about a big heist, though the specifics elude me.

      Suddenly, I found myself floating down towards an old-fashioned shopping district, the streets thick with tourists. Several of the previous characters had descended as well, including the Colonel. We were apparently at a theme park, a place which Sanders had part ownership. We tried sneaking by, though the fried chicken purveyor's presence was quickly noticed by the crowd. As such, he stayed behind to provide a distraction. The Colonel went on making wild proclamations of his formulating an even better recipe than the original, one he was sure would sell big. He then began shilling a local ice-cream parlor. But, the sight of a careless emo-teen gave him pause. He glared at the kid, who looked away sheepishly upon noticing the attention. "Well", yelled the Colonel, "it looks like this boy here could use some of that world-famous chocolate ice cream right about now!" An uproar of laughter followed. That was the cue for my peers and I to sneak on by.

      On entering our target building, things promptly faded into a bright light. End dream.

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    4. Log 462 - Oh, Behave!

      by , 08-04-2016 at 04:35 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Thursday 04 August 2016

      Spellbee's Summer Lucid Competition 2016 - Entry 6

      Not many dreams recalled today, just a fragment before 7AM, another during a WILD attempt later on, and a related DILD after that. The last two are... a bit embarrassing for me to post, but for the sake of the competition...

      Scrap Group 1
      Watching various shows along with my brother, Tito. One was Ultimate Spiderman, which had the title character fighting off against a winged hybrid of Carnage and Venom. Another was an Attack on Titan-esque show set in present-day. Rewinded and fast forward-ed the clips various times.

      Several fragments revolving around my dream guide, E. In one of these, I'm making a cake for her in bed (somehow), and ask her to get me some milk. She... uh, squeezes me an entire bowl's worth of her breastmilk... Definitely not what I had in mind... A similar scenario plays out later, save that we were in a vehicle parked in a run down urban environment. Cue the next dream.

      Dream 1 - Oh, Behave!

      The visuals were very dim. I was laying down in the void. E was reclining next to me in the form of a nude,~20ft tall, plump giantess, her figure mildly glowing in a blue aura. I was aware of the dream.

      At a wild impulse, I... suckled on her, just to see how that milk tasted. She was not amused in the least. In retribution, E thrashed me around, first by repeatedly slamming me head first in a non-existant hard floor, then by squeezing the air out of me, and later biting and shaking me around by my right shoulder. As a grim finale, she holds me down to gnaw on the same shoulder, literally licking my wounds as she did. Despite all the violent motions, impacts, and torn flesh, there was no pain in any of this. Didn't make it any less startling...

      I awaken immediately afterwards.

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    5. Log 458 - Plane Flip and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 07-31-2016 at 06:03 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Sunday 31 July 2016

      Spellbee's Summer Lucid Competition 2016 - Entry 2

      There were many dreams today, including a DILD after my first WBTB. However, I've forgotten much of the others, and even of those three that I could identify, two of them are only fragments.

      Before the following, I do a 45 minute WBTB, which turned into an hour and 45 minute WBTB instead.

      Dream 1 - Plane Flip

      The visuals were pretty clear. I was a passenger in a small car, being taken down a long road at daytime. Grassy hills remained in view at my right. Driving the vehicle was my uncle, Felix.

      We stop at a red light. My uncle cuts ahead a bit, but backs up when he "remembered" his previous traffic citation. This all seemed very familiar... Anyway, he eventually makes a long right turn into a long, curved highway ramp. Soon, a large bridge is in sight. The George Washington Bridge, I thought, heading to New York. As I look around for the cityscape, I instead find the shadow of a mountainside in the distance. Just then, I realized I lived a few thousand miles away from this area, and thus, attain lucidity.

      I fly out. The dream starts fading into brown. So, I stabilize and anchor myself by muttering "deeper". In time, the environment reforms. I'm then floating over a grassy flatland with the distinctive blocky textures of Minecraft. Eh, done that. I grumble "deeper" a few more times, and willfully drop through the ground.

      As it turned out, this plane was only paper thin. I'm unexpectedly "flipped" into another area, its gravity completely reversed. After readjusting myself, I see I'm hovering high over a series of grass-topped, narrow plateaus. Still had the same cheap, boxy textures as before, if a bit brighter and clearer. Let's go deeper.

      Dived head first through the ground again with the intent to "flip" planes once more. Once inverted, I see I'm ducked down on a pebbly brook. This time, the visuals were realistic, though a bit dimmer. Still, this was much better overall. I played around with the water, splashing it around and letting it drift past my hands. Got a little too caught up with this; couldn't help but appreciate its lifelike, cool dampness.

      Well, I snap out of this after a minute or so. I tried looking around, only to find I can't move my neck. Stay calm. Just move on. I used my "Codec Device" to call my dream guide, E, but there was no response. Then, seconds after I gave up, a small, 8-bit figure appeared in view from my left. This seemed as a lady in a black cloak. She spoke to me in white text, though the words scrolled too fast for me to accurately read everything but her name (only remember it was an adverb; "Still", I think?). I'm quite certain this sprite-lady gave a snippy explanation as to why my guide wasn't going to show. She walked off-view immediately afterwards.

      Then, a bright spark bounces around in front of me. This begins shattering the environment. I maintain my grasp for half a minute before the dream collapses entirely.

      Scrap Group 1
      Waking up in a hotel room on a fluffy, pink covered and white bed. Next to that was an even smaller, pinker bed designed for children. The area was a bit messy. Mom and dad were nearby.

      Found several large roaches around the house, encountering them in some very unlikely spots each time (besides the laundry room). As I wake up, I feel a creeping sensation. I'm uncertain if it's real or not, and hesitate. Eventually, I blew air at it, where I then feel and hear the distinctive humming of large insect wings. Oh crap. I freeze in panic, and, once possible, instinctually try brushing it off. There's nothing there, just an illusion.

      Dream 2 - "Reality" Bites

      The visuals were clear. I was sitting in my home's dining room at daytime. Levon was nearby.

      As I was eating a meal from a bowl (porridge, I think), my lower left-most flat tooth snaps right off. I spit it out, and taste a distinctive mixture of blood and wheat. After staring at it haplessly for a few seconds, I rush to the bathroom. A look in the mirror did indeed confirm what I feared. I couldn't believe any of this, prompting a breathing test, yet this "proved" the "reality" of the situation.

      Still, I refused to accept any of this. As denial, I began running out the door to fly. Mom concurrently opened the door from the outside. Anyway, I leaped in the air and... faceplant. Hard. How embarrassing. The others muttered in confusion. Seeing as I couldn't humiliate myself any more, I just practiced some handstands, much to the further confoundment of everyone else.

      I wake up soon afterwards.

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    6. Log 300 - Simple Seated Stroll and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 02-25-2016 at 01:19 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Wednesday 24 February 2016

      I managed to get a DILD, and a vivid one at that. Aside from that, there were a number of dreams I could recall today, more than in recent times. Probably a side effect of my new WILD anchors. Anyway, I know I remembered scraps of a dream after the first awakening, but forgot that by now. Before the first dream below, I could somewhat remember being in a desolate urban shopping district, where I played 16-bit era video games. There was some interaction with a bizarre, monstrous woman, one with arthropodal features, whom I nonetheless treated as a friend. After a few other dreams, there was also something about Futurama, where Fry turned into some giant, hideous slime creature, and beckoned for Leela to let him eat her, the latter of whom became conflicted on the matter for some reason. Finally, there were also fragments related to being in an urban environment or cityscape, all of which influenced similar dreams listed below.

      Spoiler for Spoilered to save space:

      Dream 1 - Awkward Awakening Utterances

      I was awakened by someone shaking me. In response, I implore them to stop, letting slip some things in mind.

      "I want... death...", I mutter "...no... dreams... more dreams..."

      When coming to, I realized I was in the downstairs bedroom, sleeping on Maxwell's bed for some reason, light from out the door allowing me to see just enough. Anyway, turns out my brother, Maxwell, was the one who awakened me. He was astounded, but mostly annoyed, demanding that I get out. As he yanked me off, I blurted a bit about my previous dream experience, the aforementioned city and monster woman one hinted above. Maxwell wasn't concerned, responding only to my previous utterances, noting on me being weird.

      I stumbled out of the room, passed the living room and headed to the kitchen, the only place that had lights on. I rummaged through the cupboards for a snack. There were lots of things within these, the top cupboard specifically containing a plastic bag of reddened, oxidized cacao powder, while I accidentally spilled an opened plastic bag of brown sugar while sifting through the spice cabinet.

      Brian then shows up, to whom I point the humor in having all that food, while some apparent guests we were meant to share it with never showed up.

      I woke up soon afterwards, or at least, that's what I assumed, as I'm sure this was a false awakening. Don't recall what else occurred, but it wasn't much.

      Dream 2 - Not This Time, Vermin!

      Not sure where I was or what I was doing. All I knew was that something was crawling on my cheek, specifically, a medium sized cockroach, the foul thing heading directly for my mouth. I struggled to blow it away from me, straining my inhalations to keep it from getting sucked in. I soon realized my breathing felt different, being far more difficult even given the circumstances. This got me to recall similar nightmares, and so I realized my state.

      Well, the tickling sensation continued, but remained in place, where I determined this was just my hair. Just an illusion after all. Figured I was still in bed. I dropped to sleep without thinking this further.

      Dream 3 - Tell That To Someone Who Cares

      The visuals were slightly blurred. I was at home in the living room, excessive lights on at the time indicating it was night time. A large gathering of people there, mostly extended family members.

      Soon, I distinguished my uncle, Slaven, dressed in a grey suit. He was especially clingy, finding pretense to hug me or pat my back. How annoying.

      I slunk away at the first opportunity, heading to the downstairs bedroom. Maxwell was inside, using his computer. Another figure entered soon enough, my Aunt Stacy, who was dressed in a black colored blouse and tights. In her hand was a children's book, from which started reading parts to us for some reason. This contained flagrant amounts of religious moral lessons. Couldn't stomach more than half of it, where I had to interrupt her. I argued how ridiculous it was for her to read such a thing to me, saying she'd be better off inciting this to children like my niece and nephew. She was taken aback, and walks off without a word. I felt a bit guilty, but I knew it was for the best.

      A bit afterwards, I walked to the bathroom, where I find another uncle, Sefu, meandering there. His presence frightened me for some reason. Indeed, I was sure I saw him with a horrific, distorted face for a moment, only to laugh this off as my mind playing tricks. "As a dream", I thought to myself. He seemed normal from there. He then looked away, where I anticipated he'd probably turn around with that demon face again, though he looked intact upon looking back.

      Not sure what else happened until the dream ended soon afterwards.

      Dream 4 - Not Dressed For Winter

      The visuals were bright but slightly blurred. I was walking outside an urban environment under a greyish-white sky, going to a lot between various tall, brown bricked buildings. Various family members accompanied me, of whom I discerned my sister, Isaura, and her children, Rheia and Sans.

      As we went along, I noticed the ground was pure white. I soon realized the area was dusted with soft snow, which grew thicker as we moved along. Sans and Rheia were filled with wonder at the sight, just as well, as they've never seen snow first-hand in their life. Too bad none of us were prepared for this, all improperly dressed for the occasion, though I only remember of my own attire of a red T-Shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes.

      The kids began tossing and shovelling up sprays of snow, though I told them it's best if we changed first. Indeed, the freezing weather became very apparent at that moment, and so I bade the two to hurry along.

      I don't know what else happened until dream ended.

      Dream 5 - Simple Seated Stroll
      The visuals were dim but otherwise clear. I woke up under a canopy, which, on crawling out, was revealed as a large and wide set of diamond-plated stairs, going up at least a story high. From there, I noticed I was on the roof of a multi-storied building, itself dwarfed by the surrounding drab colored apartment buildings typical of urban environments. Yellow-orange lights in the streets below contrasted with a starless, clear night sky. Two booths on opposite ends of the roof to my sides were the only obvious exits.

      Found two or three other figures in the area. One was a late middle aged, light skinned, blue-uniformed cop, while another I perceived to be a construction worker. The cop told me I wasn't authorized to be there, and questioned what I was doing there in the first place.

      "Just looking for a place to sleep for the night", I said.

      This brought self inquiry, where I questioned how I turned up in such a place. I just then remembered last sleeping in my room, and so determined I was dreaming.

      My first thoughts were on some task I could get done, but with nothing in mind, I ignored that.

      I then looked down below, observing the rows of lit street lights. Directly across the street ahead, I noticed a more suburban area, rows of small, yard-less houses, lines of vehicles parked on the street, and narrow, arboreous verges on both sides. Of the vehicles, I could note a few small squared coupes, a minivan, and several sedans, many of these painted white. Furthermore, the trees were rather squat, and were almost entirely bare of leaves.

      Well, I decided to go for a simple stroll. I instinctively sat down Indian style, feeling long rough cotton pants in my legs. This, in turn, granted me unfettered flight, which I used to gently float down below. I hovered along the street, simply admiring the environment, focusing on a vehicle here, a lamp post there, or what have you.

      After about two minutes, I got distracted by something I thought of. Don't recall the details, but whatever it was, it made me nervous of losing the dream state. Indeed, I could now see the environment was warping before my eyes. I woke up in bed soon afterwards; certified by several breath tests.

      Dream 6 - Fly Away From a Fight

      The visuals were bright, and only slightly blurred. I was walking around the sidewalk of a suburban area, not unlike what's around my neighborhood. Nearby were the beige colored concrete walls to a housing complex, while a mix of tropical and deciduous trees were visible in the grassy verges and yards beside me.

      I entered one of these complexes, one with a copper text and gleaming black background logo stamped on the wall. There, I found a large group of young adults ahead. Thought they'd be up to no good. I somewhat remember some kind of brief interaction. Whatever it was, I tried ignoring them.

      Just then, a few males there blocked my way. In reaction, I simply floated up and over them, and continued along as if nothing had happened. I could sense a few were following, but they kept their distance, and so I paid them no further attention.

      I'm not sure what else occurred until the dream ended.

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