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    1. #150 - Empire war / Diving mask

      by , 11-05-2015 at 10:59 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Empire war
      There's a war going on in the universe. The good guys (the side I'm on) which are the empire I think, and the bad guys (probably another empire). The place I'm at is the central supply station that has all the resources of our army. The head commander is Morpheus (from The Matrix, he has the coat, glasses, stoic look and everything) and he's guided me through my character creation (what?).
      It seems like I designed the skill set my character has, which was leadership and a few fighting skills (I think one was the warhammer, another could have been a 'kick' skill?). I seem to be quite low level though. The supply station is set in a desert area with sand for miles all around. It's a round sandstone building with an open round entrance. It's more like a place enclosed by walls that circle around it. There is a tower-like structure in the centre-back of the station too.
      Time skip. It's now sunset, with the sky doused in a mellow orange.
      We're still stationed at the supply station and disaster has struck. All the allies who work at the station have turned and stolen all the resources to give to the enemy empire. We've lost everything now, and our army is practically non-existent. There's 3 of us left, me, Morpheus, and another guy.
      "I can't even say that's a bad strategic output" I say lightheartedly (what's a strategic output?)
      "It's over, they've won." Morpheus looks lost as he says this, I can't believe he would give up despite knowing how hopeless the situation is.
      I walk towards him and place my hands on his shoulds, "let me say something to you" *SLAP*. "Don't you dare give up". He flinched a bit from the slap but turned his face to look at me, his cool glasses still in place as if they were glued..
      "You'll make a fine commander with your capianry, warhammer and kick skills." he says. I start to tear up, my eyes are leaking. I feel like I'm an actor now, doing some dramatic movie moment.
      *swish* I turn my head to the side dramatically (in my head I think 'Wow, I'm a bad actor') and release his shoulder. I walk off to the right and sit down sadly, knowing that I would have to lead the future of our people or something. I think Morpheus said "I will guide you" which seemed to conflict with my idea that he was leaving.
      There's no time skip but we're outside the station now. It's crumbling away like loose sand in the wind, slowly dissolving and falling to the ground.

      Dream 2 - Diving mask
      I remember earlier seeing a person put on a diving mask in a room to show us all how it works. It seemed to be a breathing instructor teaching us how to control our breathing or something. Even though we're using diving gear I got the impression it wasn't to learn how to dive.
      Some time later in the night I think this dream came back, though now I was the person who was supposed to put the mask on. The room we were in was small and square with side benches for people to sit on. Around me were a bunch of other students, and in front of us was a woman who was our teacher. She asked me to come forward and test the mask out. I sit down on the floor in front of the class and she placed a diving mask on my head. It was a 'full' mask, that went over my entire head, supposedly used for deep sea diving. I hated it. I actually felt like I could have died O_O. It was so realistic. I felt the air flow into my mouth and then back out, though it didn't feel like 'normal' breathing. It was more like the air was coming from a tank and the air had a certain pressure to it. I also felt water enter the mask. What the heck? I panicked a little bit, there shouldn't be any water in here. I remember from the previous dream that the guy who wore the mask (whom I thought was me) had answered the questions of the teacher. I listened for her talking, I couldn't even see out of this thing properly. Her talking was so muffled I couldn't tell what she was saying so I gave a thumbs up in the direction of a blurry figure moving around. Most of my vision was taken up by the metal of mask, there were 2 glass eye windows to see through but they were dirtied and foggy, you couldn't functionally see with them. I panicked a little more, I couldn't talk so I couldn't ask for help. How the hell do I communicate?? I try some hand movements to infer that I wanted the damn thing taken off me, I couldn't do it myself because it's latched on or something. Aaaa just take it off! It really felt like I was about to have a panic attack and I decided I didn't like this feeling and that I wanted to wake up, so I did.

      This dream wasn't even that long (like less than a minute).
    2. First lucid in 2 weeks.

      by , 01-05-2015 at 09:13 AM
      (I went to sleep in a car on the way out of state.)
      I dreamt woke up in my bed at night, the room was exceedingly bright even though in my heart I knew it was night time. I did the hand RC and my fingers were growing in weird angles.

      ************************************************** ****Que: Lucidity****************************************** **********************
      I took a moment to observe how I think while dreaming and found it shockingly similar to waking life, I had lucids before but none had ever come to this level of clarity. I live in the basement so it came as a shock when I opened my door and came out on the front lawn. I walked through a town that looked nothing like mine and explored the world around me(especially touching the concrete walls and looking at how much detail they had). I walked to my high school and found out that it is in the same relative location as waking life which was weird since i did not recognize anything else. Standing at the corner to drive into the student parking lot was my dream guide Morpheus(Aren't I lucky?). He ushered me into the school and said that he could not follow. I explored the school and to my surprise I had my school laptop by my side without ever remembering to bring it. Then a tall fat kid came and tried to bully me by stealing it. I felt the emotional response of rage even knowing that this was a dream, and so I grabbed him, and ate his soul dementor style(sans kiss thankfully there was SOME distance). I explored some more and found an abandoned janitors closet, at this point shit went down and all the lights in the school dimmed to a dark red and blood painted the walls. Instantly I thought of the demo to silent hill P.T and my subconscious (bless/curse its soul) decided to go with my expectations and made a baby cry in the closet(I could only see through a crack in the doorway. I then heard my dreamguide's voice saying "I know the only me is me, are you sure the only you is you?" I thought wryly to myself My subconscious and I are the same and different, and the only you is NOT you since you are a part of me. I turned around to fast to walk in the other direction and found myself in an accidental scene change. Now my friend Jacob sat in a dark office with me but he was different. He had sharklike teeth and pure black eyes. I rolled mine and said "Now what the fuck are YOU supposed to represent." "I am everything you hate about yourself." he replied darkly. That confused me as there was nothing similar between me and my friend from school but I had just got off the phone with him when I dozed off so maybe that was it. I was like "Hah no I don't have the time to deal with nightmares, you do realize this is MY dream right? I can obliterate you with just a thought." He grinned challengingly at me and I found my powers not working. I laughed at the audacity of my subconscious and overpowered it through aggressive control if passive would not do it. I went into tiger stance like Udyr from league of legends laid the smack down hard. After I was finished pummeling him I went out of the school and walked on the road out of town, thinking about philosophical questions, deep meanings, and the nature of my reality that was around me. Eventually I woke up and opened my laptop to write this down.
    3. Chased By Government, Morpheus Bodyguard (LD #132)

      by , 11-07-2014 at 12:25 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was a female reporter for some kind of news agency who had gotten some serious dirt on the US government and they had sent some secret service agents to try and stop me from leaking the word. I was working with this man who looked and dressed just like Morpheus from the matrix movies. I think he was my bodyguard or something.
      The funny part was as we were being chased by these guys he was piggy-back-riding me around. We were in a park area but there were many tall buildings around. Somebody pointed out that a speck in the sky was actually just the space station. My vision zoomed in and I could see four large solar panels coming off of it.
      He continued running with me on his back. A couple of tranquilizer darts flew past us. I can recall this funny looking helicopter was being used to chase us, with a sniper in it firing the darts. It didn't have a tail or any stabilization. it was just a pod with a big propeller on it. I looked at it and realized that it wouldn't be able to fly, and it crashed.
      Eventually we somehow created this portal on the ground and jumped through it.
      We wound up in this beautiful sanctuary area; some kind of virtual reality or alternate dimension. There were these shallow concrete pyramids with waterfalls running down the sides and various plants and flowers planted in the steps. There was a huge lake; in fact, I think we were on an island. But you could see mountains in the distance. There were also many tall deciduous trees with brightly colored leaves. Everything was tinted autumn colors. (Reds, Oranges, Yellows, Browns). Even the sky was tinted orange.
      The Morpheus man told me that the government agents could still find us here, but it was probably safe to rest for the night. He told me to gather wood from the forest so that we could make a fire.
      I recall walking into the woods. I see a orange Chinese dragon, about fifteen or twenty feet long flying in the woods, weaving its serpentine body through the trees. It blends well with the leaves, but I'm certain that it's there.

      I became lucid. I changed myself out of the female reporter guise. I decided to summon Manei for our sit down question time that I've been visualizing. I yelled for her name, and heard her yell back. I looked and standing about a hundred feet into the autumnal forest, I could vaguely make her out.
      "Manei, I have some questions for you!"
      "Hurry up, the dream is about to end!"
      "How come if it's my dream, I can't picture what happens and make it happen?" (I was trying to ask her why my visualization doesn't work.)
      "Because you didn't like your cookie from 300 years ago!"
      I woke up.

      Typical Manei logic...

      When I do get my long conversation dream, I should ask her why half the time she makes sense and the other half she says totally random things like that.

      I went back to sleep; it was still quite early. I think it yielded a Nonlucid dream, but I cannot recall it.
    4. Meeting my Non-Lucid Self

      by , 12-19-2013 at 09:44 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I go into my Inner World, and meet my non-Lucid Self. We are sitting on a cliff over looking the ocean. There is an chocolate volcano island in front of us. He looks like me in jeans and a red t-shirt.
      "Hey buddy, why can't you be lucid."
      "My name is Jerry."
      "Okay, that's weird, I don't like that name."
      "Exactly. Germans were called Jerrys in world war two by Americans."
      "You mean the Nazis."
      "I mean the German Soldiers. The Nazis were a political party."
      "Yes, whatever. So, why the hell is your name Jerry when that's not my name, and I don't like it."
      "Jerry's kids. You dated a girl with cerebral palsy. Jerry Lewis, cheesy comedian. But, he's kinda funny."
      "You're ashamed to be German."
      "No, I'm not."
      "Why don't you research German history?"
      "My people weren't even called Germans when we left Europe to go to America."
      "Well, that's a start."
      "You're ashamed to be non-lucid."
      "No, I'm not."
      "You do stupid things when you're not lucid."
      "Hey! I only had sex with a unicorn once."
      "Let's not go there."
      "So, Jerry, you are saying my non-lucidity, or you, my alter ego, your existence is somehow tide to my subconscious shame?"
      "I hate it when people say that."
      "Don't blame me. I do a lot of dumb dumb stuff that you don't like, like have sex on the sidewalk during the day with people walking by."
      "That's in my Inner World! It's fine."
      "Then why are you blushing?"
      "I feel stupid. You're right."
      "You feel stupid? I feel stupid! I'm the one doing all these weird things."
      "So, I need to release my shame somehow in order to become lucid more often?"
      Jerry nods. I go to hug him, and then he turns into some kind of weird vampire demon monster and bites me on the shoulder. The whole world turns into a grey graveyard. Zombie versions of people I know that have died come out of the graves and ask me, "WHY? WHY?"
      I scream in sheer terror, then a rage overcomes me, and I grab the Jerry monster and rip him in half.
      I am suddenly in a White Void.
      I hear the hollow laughter of Morpheus, god of dreams echoing all around me.
    5. Father, Morpheus, Zune HD, Agent Smiths, Tailed Beast Rasengan| 1-Q Formula

      by , 11-11-2012 at 03:44 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Father is Angry, Meeting Morpheus, Zune HD Near Death, Fighting Agent Smiths, Tailed Beast Rasengan (Non-lucid)


      Decided to do some narrating (in waking life mind you) for my tulpa, and asked her if she can help me recall all of this detail. Seems it's working out pretty well, considering I didn't do a WBTB whatsoever.

      It seems I quickly turned off the laptop alarm to wake me up within an hour and 5 minutes, and I didn't want to risk using the other alarm that does get me up, because I might've forgotten to set it to another time to prepare the apartment, since I'll be having a guest for the week.

      Anyway, whether or not it's just me being able to get major snippets in images of the dreams, or her actually providing me with them, since after all, she is a construct of my mind, I'm glad I'm involving her into helping me recall these things, and ACTUALLY have a bit of a longer syntax, and a few out of norm vocabularly that I'm too lazy to bother using nowadays.

      Anyway, on to the dream.

      I hear a doorbell ringing, and I'm inside a house that I've been to in waking life. It's either early morning or late night. The door is opened, and I quickly somehow concealed myself outside. The only way that's possible are:

      1. I had a short dream shift
      2. I phased through the walls
      3. I teleported myself
      4. I transported myself
      5. *Insert weirdness of dreams defying logic here*

      I noticed that my father is wearing an army uniform from top to bottom, faded green torso and pants, with brown boots and faded dark yellow rubbery soles. I'm hiding between the edge of a wall, and the middle of an intersection of it that would split into another wall that would be coming towards you when you're looking at this screen.

      I peeked over to see my father confused on why the door would be opened in the first place. He starts to move around a bit, still puzzled. Like the moment he went through the door, you know how someone automatically states something because they assume you're there?

      Here's how it went.

      He comes in, he starts saying (I can't remember exactly)

      "*insert sentence that ends up being cutoff*------------"

      He stops, pauses, looks around, and then I finally decided to come out of my hiding place. He turns around and I smile at him, trying to show that I was just being a little playful with him. I realized I'm seeing myself in third person perspective, but at the same time, I'm interchanging between spectator mode and direct third person view.

      I also noticed I'm wearing black clothing overall. Black Jacket that extends near my knees, black dress shirt, and black dress pants. My attempt at trying to play around with my father by hiding and then showing myself to him, like some kind of naive kid who thinks babies come from storks, is automatically disowned.

      His visage clearly shows he didn't approve of me joking around, obviously because he had the conception that we were missing, went somewhere else with the house wide opened, or were completely oblivious to the door being opened while doing random things in the house.

      He tries to say something in anger from my actions, but stops immediately and just makes the sucking sound when you suck where the sides of your mouth close in on your teeth, and you suck them backwards. I felt awkward at his reaction, and I felt like I did something horribly wrong by doing all of this.

      I tried to kill the awkwardness by randomly stating that my mother is currently showering, so she wasn't able to come out immediately to open the door. But this doesn't work.

      The dream shifts a bit and it seems he has a guest, and he looks exactly like Morpheus. Morpheus is wearing a black suit jacket that extends all the way down near his ankles, 5 inches above it I'd presume. I have the assumption that this is Oneironaut Zero, and I get closer to him.

      Morpheus seems to be really passive in this dream, and I'm still holding on to the conviction that he was Oneironaut Zero for some reason, and I think I gave him a little poke to the arm. He turns around and says,


      "Who are you?"

      Note: I still believed he was Oneironaut Zero in this dream at the time, and I state, "I'm Linkzelda"

      He responds, "Oh really? Heh."

      I reply back, with passive disappointment that he doesn't remember me, "Yep, I'm him." The dream now shifts where I'm sitting on a simple brown rectangular table that has its longer sides perpendicular to me. My father is in front, and I believe Morpheus is either on the left side, or sitting with my father.

      I think my mother is on the right, which is a bit odd, but anyway, Morpheus starts stating some things I can't remember, and by this point, I'm not sure if I still believed that he was Oneironaut Zero. I just treat him like any other dream character that I'm having a passive awareness while conversing with him.

      It seems some of my answers irritate my father, and I look at him. He makes an awkward facial expression of his mouth hanging down slightly, eying at me weirdly. I look at him and felt awkward from this awkwardness.

      Then I sublimated that energy into passive-aggressiveness. I wanted to be pissed at him, but I didn't want to do it in front of two people, excluding him and me. I just get up from the chair slowly, building up my rage, still sublimating it passively with the conviction I occasionally conform to when I do get pissed:

      I did so by spreading my arms out, with my palms facing him, and fingers completely spread apart. I indirectly gave him my response of "You know what, fuck this shit, it's useless getting pissed at you" basically.

      I slowly walk backwards, with my head facing the floor, and I don't even dare stare at him from this point. The moment I turned my back to make it face him, I started to let the rage sublimate a bit more through my facial expressions, still keeping it all silent from him and the two other DCs there.

      I go into my room, close it normally, even though I wanted to slam it harder and faster. My room isn't the room that I recall from the house I was at temporarily in waking life, but the rest of the house before I came in here was mostly identical.

      The overall color in the room is brown, but based on my passive awareness to focus on my peripheral vision, there's a but of maroon or dark red mixed in with the brown. I look on a small light brown table, and noticed my Zune HD is there.

      Okay, guess I can listen to some music and calm myself down from this whole bullshit interaction with my father's random aggressiveness at me. I take my Zune HD and place it on my right hand. I can't really feel the cold contact of the metal being dormant, but I feel something in my hand.

      Then before I turn it on, I start analyzing it more, and realized there's something wrong with it. The back of it seems to be slipping off fairly easy, and this makes me worry. I start believing that this Zune HD is close to being useless and not workable anymore.

      I started to get worried that $150-180 (the range amount I paid for before the price changed) at the time would be going to waste. I look at my Zune HD, and it turns on, but not the way it's supposed to be.

      Instead of having a progressive loading bar starting from the bottom until it reached the top, a light blue screen that's a little smaller than the Zune's screen size pops up. Kind of like how if you have a Gamecube and have no disc, or it can't read a disk, the transparent cube shows up.

      In this case, it's like that, except it's a slightly 3d-ish rectangle that's parallel to the Zune HD's standard vertical position. There's black font that states how I could pay $70 or an amount near that to repair my Zune HD, instead of having to pay $150 for it again.

      I get confused, because my Zune HD is on, so why would I need to worry? Unless it was some kind of emergency feature that was built into it for this moment. Then the words transitioned to prompt me a message of something related to the Zune HD probably having contact with water before.


      I overhear my mother talking to my father in relation to how I expressed how pissed I was from him being pissed at me for no apparent reason. I started to block out their conversation, and proceeded to sit on the small bed next to me on the right. I decided to lie down on my back with my arms folded upwards so that my elbows face the ceiling.

      I started to have random thoughts:

      It's hard to verify if this was a separate dream, or all at once, so I'll just put it here and assume it was just one dream, because it had some kind of similar pattern

      One noticeable one was that I was running around the HECC building at my university, and agent-Smith like DCs were coming after me. I started to run calmly and swiftly. The overally atmosphere in this environment during this speculative mindset was light gray. It felt like it would become night time soon, or that it could possibly rain.

      The building that looked like the HECC building forms into something else I assume when I decided to open the glass door. There were these wooden chairs with a soft red cushion on top of the seating base.

      They were all lined up, and I decided to go near them and align them at random positions to confuse the Agent Smith. I started to do random movements to dodge them. I was using my hands to do a lot of handstands and twisting and flexing my body around.

      I was confusing the agents, and I'm not even sure if I have full control of my body, but I let whatever is happening happen. I think I recall at some point, either when the dream in this speculative mindset I'm in reset where I was wearing a golden eagle mask, and was doing things much faster than before.

      It's hard to recall if it was a dream reset, or a part that I forgot and realized later on...

      Then I had another dream shift where I thought I couldn't use the Rasengan or the Rasenshuriken, and because of this, I was annoyed, and I still felt like the agents were coming after me. From this rage, it seems I was unconscious of how I made a gesture when Naruto was trying to form the Tailed Beast Rasengan in episode 264 in the anime.

      It didn't really feel heavy forming the Tailed Beast Rasengan, and I'm not sure if I'm really forming it at all, but I'm still locked into the position where I have my arms out into a circle trying to balance the heaviness.

      From there, I'm not sure what happens next.

      1-Q Formula (Non-lucid)


      I remember being in a dark room, all by myself. I was most likely preparing to go to sleep, and I have a lot of recollection of thoughts of what I did in the dream, or at least implanted memories on what I could've done or didn't do at all.

      Either way, the room I'm in is like the interior of an Asian mini-temple house with the light doors made of wood and paper-like material that you would have to slide horizontally to open or close. The overall color, despite of the darkness that's pretty strong here is brown, dark brown specifically.

      The flooring however, is vanilla white, a bit rough since it seems to be thousands or hundreds of thousands of fine fabric perpendicularly on top of each other. As I'm going to sleep, I keep myself half-awake, and my eyes 1/4 open. Someone comes in, and it's some random blonde dream character. He gets a white paper that was on the floor at the time, and he gets a black ink ballpoint pen to write some number along with a letter equaling some kind of value.

      I believe the closest association I can recall of what it could've been was:

      1-Q = *insert value here*

      I know for sure he had a value entered in, and while he's writing the formula, he messes up in between, but quickly scratches it and writes the formula correctly. He puts the paper down and puts his pen back in his pocket.

      I'm asking my tulpa how the person looked like, and here's the image that she's giving me:

      He was a teenager, or a young adult my age. He had a white cap on that was turned backwards, and he was wearing an orange shirt with red lining near the edges of the open sleeved sports jersey shirt he had on. His pants were most likely black, and he was fairly skinny.

      He seemed to be around my height, give or take a few inches, and it had curly dirty blond hair, but that could've been the cap that made it looked curly. He seemed like a friendly person, despite me being creeped out he went into this room while I still had my eyes 1/4 the way opened.

      That's all I recall for this one.
    6. 17 May: Early beginnings of the Matrix crew

      by , 05-18-2012 at 12:56 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      (...) I am on a bus or tram and I spot Morpheus in jeans and jacket, talking to some guy, both standing on the corridor (larger than in real life buses or trams). They end up discussing and fighting and people on the tram freak out, running away from them. The tram stops and people get out in panic.
      I sense that agents are coming and I warn Morpheus that he must go. The other guy was not on the side of the agents, because he also runs away as fast as he can. I help Morpheus, by guiding him through the streets that I seem to know well. Then a large grayish van cuts across our path, the door slides and Morpheus hops in and invites me along. Inside it there is one guy driving and one guy on the back that welcomes us. They take us to their headquarters.
      The van parks at some garage and they welcome me to the facilities. Outside the van, a girl passes by, wearing a denim jumpsuit and a red/black checker shirt and short hair and I recognize her to be Trinity. She talks briefly with Morpheus, informing him of the results of her latest assignment and she doesn't seem very happy about it. He says something like an ok and tries to encourage her. Then he tells me to go with her.
      I accidentally hear the two other guys mocking her because of her tomboy looks. I am amazed by their silly behavior and think that one day they'll regret it.
      She enters a locker room to shower and change and lets me know that she heard their comments. She was already upset she didn't get much success on her mission and on top of that she confesses she has no self-esteem and finds herself skinny and unattractive. I tell her that one day she will be a great looked-after warrior and she will wear really cool vinyl outfits and be the object of fantasy of all those men who now look down on her. She doesn't believe me and she smirks. Then she enters the shower.
      While she is showering, I write an encouraging message to her on the steamy mirror and I go outside.
    7. Dream #3 [LUCID] - Tsunami, Morpheus and tasting some food

      by , 04-07-2012 at 02:27 PM
      7. 4. 2012 - Tsunami, Morpheus and tasting some food
      Background info: This was probably WILD or DEILD after waking up in the morning.

      I'm walking in some kind of city and for some reason, I know there's Robert Schumann's house. So, I ask a DC if he knows about it. He keeps walking, but when I mention Schumann, he turns around and gives me weird look. He says there isn't any. That leaves me puzzled, because he turned around when I mentioned Schumann, well... whatever. The next thing I see is gigantic tsunami wave about to flood the city (the tsunami was very, very huge, about the size of regular skycrapper) That moment, I realize I'm lucid. I didn't even do reality check. I fly up on the nearest skycrapper (which wasn't in the city a moment ago) and stand on the highest point facing the tsunami. It looks very dramatic. The scene reminded me of one of the trailer screens for movie 2012.

      I decided to fly through the wave rather than running away for it. (actually, I didn't think about running for a single moment, it was a no-brainer for me) So, as I'm flying through the wave, the dreams feels kind of slowmo. Surprisingly, I stay dry all the time.

      I find myself in some sort of underground carpark with Morpheus beside me. The lights and everything is a bit dull, kinda like from movie matrix. (thus Morpheus?) He's talking to me, but I can't remember what was he telling me. We have some sort of brief case and we're running away with it. (I was still lucid at this point, but I can't really remember what happened) We're hiding behind some car and then I suddenly remember I wanted to taste something if I became lucid. So I turn away and imagine plate of dumplings with sheep cheese on car's trunk and when I turn around, it is there! So, I grab a fork (which I have no idea how I came to) and start eating the meal. IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME! All the new tastes! Just wow! I'd never imagine some sweet tastes would go so well with this. Unforgettable experience. Morpheus is just looking as I'm eating and he isn't really surprised, when he sees random plate of meal appear on car.

      Morpheus might be my dream guide? (He appeared in my previous dream, aswell?) That would be badass!

      As I'm eating I have a feeling like we are being surrounded by some evil people. So I just decide to fly away from the carpark through the walls. I do that, but I can't remember what happened next. I probably woke up.
    8. Dream #2 - False Awakening, Afterlife, Skiing

      by , 04-06-2012 at 04:24 PM
      1. 4. 2012
      Couldn't remember anything.

      2.4. 2012 - False Awakening
      Background info: that day I had to wake up sooner than usually (5:15 AM), so I had a little stress, because I expected to have only 6 hours sleep. I also had a piano competition that day, so that could've added to stress.

      I wake up only to find out I overslept. It's 5:42 AM. I quickly jump out of my bed to grab suit and dress up. To my surprise, it's not in my closet and I have a feeling it could be in my parents' bedroom. So I go there. My parents are not sleeping, mom is lying on bed, though. Dad is fixing PC, software-stuff on the other side of the room. They seem awfully calm, I'm not even being yelled on when they see I overslept. I grab my suit from the middle wardrobe. (aren't there regals in waking life?) My dad calls me to look outside. It's raining. Surprisingly, it's raining so much that green frogs are falling, too. They land on window (we have roof window, if you get what I mean) and jump away. I ignore this fact and go to my room to dress up. I find socks ready to be pulled on on my bed, though I can't remember getting my clothes ready before going to bed. In my mind, I quickly schedule remaining 30 minutes before I have to go to train station. I'll use 10 minutes to eat some yoghurt and drink tea and the other 20 to make me some snack to eat on the train. I go downstairs only to find my little sister already there watching My Little Pony: Friendship is magic on TV. (at 6 AM, I may add, duh) So I go to kitchen and for some unknown reason, I decide to eat some bread instead. It's already cut, but someone poured water on it. WHAT?

      Anyways, I go back upstairs and I turn on computer. (Yeah, let's no stick to my schedule, because this is a dream, right?) I go on dreamviews forum, but I can't remember whether I read something or not. I notice on of my books, which are usually on the table, is missing. I go ask mom if she knows where it is and says she borrowed it. That's really weird, She usually doesn't read stuff like that. Anyways, the book's name is The Reincarnationist by M. J. Rose.

      3. 4. 2012 - 5. 4. 2012
      Couldn't remember anything.

      6. 6. 2012 - Afterlife
      Background info: I woke up at about 11:00 AM and went back to sleep without getting out of bed. Weak form of WBTB? Dreams were very vivid.

      I'm in some sort of cave with someone. Actually, it's more like tunnel. We go further and further and stumble across a statue of some Greek goddess. There is some sort of button on the naked statue (don't ask where). I press it and a big rock in front of us rolls away. I see a beatiful scenery. It's a huge area with pool with light water, like you can see in movies. There aren't any shadows and sun is shining brighter than usual. It's all designed in ancient Egypt style. Whole area is surrounded by a wall made from light yellow bricks (again, Egyptian-style) with two lines of blue azur bricks in upper and bottom area of the wall. To my left there are bunch of ancient Greek and ancient Egypt statues. They're all naked. (I have to say that male statues are VERY well endowed ) Behind me I can see about 3 endings from ventilation. Whole area reminds me of Quidditch pitch from Harry Potter. I then see a big boar and I know it's a god. (Mononoke Hime reference) We talk about something and then one of the ventilation endings start sucking him like a vacuum cleaner. This doesn't affect my and my friend, who I still have no idea who that is. The boar yells in panic and then is sucked completely by the ventilation. And somehow I know this is what afterlife looks like or how people imagined it in acient Greek and Egypt.

      EDIT: I remembered who was the person with me! It was Morpheus from Matrix.


      I'm skiing in ski center in which I was about 3-4 years ago. I meet old friend of mine from Elementary school. We ski together a little, we also have an istructor and it feels like training. Since I can ski well already, I go down the slope first. I'm waiting for them but they seem to be stuck somewhere. I go sit down to a nearby café. They're still not arriving. I go check on machine that helps people get on the hill and see it's halted. I look around and see my friends sitting under a tree and drinking tea. We talk about something.

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    9. Babys and blocking

      by , 05-26-2011 at 11:45 PM (Trial and Error)
      The whole dream i was trying to pick up two different babies. They were heavy and I could not support their heads properly. I was getting really frustrated at my fail, and was worried I was going to hurt them while trying to lift them.

      The second dream was AWESOME and I forgot what it was instantly after waking

      The third one was really strange. I think I was directing a scene from the matrix (one that is not in the movie {but check the bonus features XD LOL}) Morpheus had to lay dead in the middle of a strange grated metal room and I was instructing him how and where to lay. Then we were setting up noir esque lights. His key light was completely focused when they turned it on. It struck his face and he said "ok, it is a bit hard to be dead with that light." We laughed and fixed the lighting ratio. Then I told Neo his blocking. He was to walk all the way around Morpheus an sit at a stool at his feet facing away from him. We ran it a few times and I woke up.