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    1. Tuesday, February 19

      by , 02-22-2019 at 02:29 AM
      I am at some small event in some smaller event room. There are people from work here as well as Sage and maybe her boyfriend. I have come here with Makayla; I think it is somewhere in California. Makayla calls Mom to ask if we can stay here for dinner. I say, mostly to myself since she’s on the phone, that Mom could throw us a 20 and it would help. Mom says yes, inciting a subdued bout of excitement. I envision taking an Uber back just as a humorous scenario, mentally gawking at what it would cost if they even go that far. I am seated now, at the end of one of two tables that abuts the other. Against the wall and on smaller display tables are the beers on tap. Each actually looks like its own little machine - they range in appearance from slushee machines to small drink vending machines, etc, each with their own design for the beer within. Evelyn from work is looking at them all, very closely. I wasn’t going to go up and look at them alone, so I take this opportunity. There are some fairly good options, but nothing amazing. I think I see the Sierra Nevada Torpedo. I think there is a porter and a hefeweizen, the hefe in what looks like a pineapple yellow pina colada machine. I think its name is slightly off - actually Heineken or something? I think I decide to pass on it because it seems like a bad imitation of the style. I think I end up with a glass of the Torpedo. I’m now seated again, across from Sage and maybe her boyfriend. The apparent host, a petite, bald, bespectacled man wearing a white apron around his waist, is coming around and jovially making sure everything and everyone is okay. Everyone seems to be uplifted by this quaint man’s demeanor. He takes Sage’s order, which is ‘spare pork’. I now see a plate of it in front of her, three or four generously sized slices of pork. He looks at me now, and I want the same thing, but ‘spare pork’ sounds wrong, so I say instead ‘the same thing’. I notice my drink is a few sips away from being empty. I want to order another while I have the service available, but I also don’t want to ask for more while I still have some.

      I am working a wedding. I am standing outside and near the entrance gate to what seems to be a large, upscale country club. Everything seems spread out, showcasing the grassy, and in places marshy, land. It seems like a pleasant day. I am holding a fairly big gift bag - it is for the couple whom I just saw but now cannot find. I feel sort of out of place. I want to get this gift to them, but guests keep showing up, expecting me to direct them. A lifted, impossibly white truck approaches; the driver is impeccably clean cut and dressed in an effortlessly classy and flattering suit. Through his open window, he tells me that he likes my shoes. They are my new ones (that I bought at work). I’m also wearing dress pants and a tucked dress shirt. He now asks me where the ‘halfway point’ is, and I hesitate. He asks again, kind of snootily, as if I should know right away. It makes me feel kind of stupid. I then recall an image of a white line on some asphalt, so I tell the man to continue on and he will see the halfway point marked with a white line, gesturing with my hands. To my left, I see the asphalt walkway meandering through and then becoming obscured by some tall grasses. I see men in suits walking with girls in dresses, all pastel colors, and it is idyllic. I now start walking, but I am not on any walkway. The ground is marshy; my feet start to sink enough to get the tops of my shoes wet. Beth has apparently been watching me and asks what I’m doing. I inwardly agree with her sentiment and start to come back. I still want to give them this gift though, so I start again, though this time I seem to be holding onto some kind of ledge and traversing with my feet also on some small lip of something more solid than the marsh. It all seems cramped and small and obscured by the foliage. *It is as I’m doing this that I hear my alarm go off.

      Mom is in my room and has apparently been going through my stuff, as she is holding up what’s left of a joint in a plastic bag that was hidden in my laundry basket. She seems really upset, mad, or disappointed. I’m not sure why; it’s really not that big of a deal to me. She’s also holding some new clothes she got for me. There are some tank tops on hangers and some red and blue underwear that look more like Speedos. I take them and hang them in the closet; they are a tight fit. I think I’m getting ready to go to class or work.

      I am in the bathroom with Melissa. I am naked at least from the waist down, and using some hair removal cream? on my pubic region. For whatever reason, I start rubbing it on my lower legs, until it starts to feel like there’s less hair (I didn’t intend to remove the hair on my legs). I tell Melissa I just accidentally removed all my leg hair and she doesn’t believe me. I rub my legs, feeling only skin and stubble.
    2. Conversations with Critters

      by , 07-31-2018 at 02:06 AM (The Fourth Factor)
      I manage to maintain awareness while falling asleep quite early in the night and find myself in a house. As with most lucid dreams that are on the long side and include a lot of conversation, I can only remember some parts of it clearly, and without clear context.

      The house is not a familiar one, although its layout seems slightly reminiscent of Katya’s house. I’m in what would be the front room with two other people—one man and one woman—and three dogs. I can feel a connection with one of the dogs—a medium-sized one, possibly a Border Collie—and I sense that he’s somehow mediating between me and the rest of the dream. I think it’s likely that the other dogs were doing the same for the other people and somehow making it possible for us to be together here.

      One of the dogs is briefing us all about something. He’s a very large dog with short hair, probably a Great Dane. He communicates with us for a while—I don’t think he actually spoke, but my memory is fuzzy on how it happened. At one point, he mentions something about a llama farm, then cuts himself off and lays down. I realized this was something he didn’t want me and the other woman to know about, but he had let it slip, and now he’s sad about it. He refuses to say anything else, so I go into an adjoining room so he can talk to the man in private. In the meantime, I strike up a conversation with a bird on the windowsill.

      It’s a small bird, a bit like a titmouse but pure white. It seems friendly, and has an odd habit of repeating each phrase after it says it. After a bit, it flies off: it’s decided it wants to catch me some kind of small marine crustacean that it eats—as a kind of gift, I suppose. Aww.

      Tags: birds, dogs, gift, house
    3. Dream - Violence In The Building & Searching For A Gift

      by , 06-22-2017 at 07:06 AM
      Date of Dream: THU 22 JUN - 2017

      Dream No. 139 - Separated Sections

      Dream 139 A - Violence In The Building
      First of all, there was talk about the requirements for diploma at the Chisholm campus that was apparently located in Chadstone. I came across JC and he told me that we needed to attend one of the enrolment sessions that was taking place in the next week. The dream then skipped to the day of one of the enrolment sessions. We were in the foyer of Building W and there was also someone there that shouldn't have been there, AZ from primary school. He approached me and actually started violently punching me in the face.

      It took a while before AZ decided to stop and then he had walked out of the building. Then it was just me and NN in the area at one point, I wanted to talk to him but then he wasn't talking to me, rather he was on some comfy armchair, reading some book. AZ then came back in with JC and I was scared that I was going to be assaulted again. JC said to me “don't be scared of him, he's been asked to apologize”. AZ then approached me, wearing his primary school uniform and made the apology.

      It still apparently wasn't good enough for the TAFE's standards though. The lady that was attending the desk in a corner of the foyer called out to him and said that he was not going to be granted a place in the next course. She said she saw what he did. Then to put it bluntly, she said something like, “we're leaving you without a life”. That's all I can remember in regards to this dream.

      Dream 139 B - Searching For A Gift
      I was in some random store that I have forgotten the name of and I was looking for a hot pink t-shirt for myself, although the dream just called it a pink t-shirt. I asked my stranger friend in the dream where I could find and she pointed to this massive rack in one corner of the store. When I got to that though, I saw everything except for what I wanted and most of the clothes were the wrong colour. I can't remember what happens in the next scene.

      After the scene I forgot, I was back in the store and it was much bigger inside, like it had some sort of extension added to it. There was this whole new section which I was crazy about seeing. I had gone onto Facebook on my phone to message Chilly, asking her what Logan's favourite colour was so I could by him a t-shirt and when I had bought it, I would physically bring it back to his house. She answers me saying that she wasn't sure. I then said to her that his four options were gold, green, red or blue. After that, she said that she would get Logan to hop on speak to me. So then he was typing a message but from her account, so in the same chat-box. He said for me to wait until he got back from the “B & S Store”. I was slightly frustrated that I had to wait and so looked around the rest of the store by myself until I woke up.

      Dream Trophies Achieved
      - Damsel In Distress (Have NN repel 1 nightmare)
      - Kind Visitor (Have 1 interaction with anyone from SML)

      Note: Although it was JC who dealt directly with AZ, I still classify it as a trophy achievement as NN and JC are best friends in real life.
    4. "Fading Gift" (WILD) and "Elephant Ride" (DILD)

      by , 01-12-2017 at 06:55 PM
      Ritual: After a year or so of initial successes with galantamine, back in 2010–11, it had stopped working very well for me to the point where I hardly ever use it anymore. But last night after going to bed late (around 3am) and waking up just before dawn, I still felt heavy enough with sleep that I thought I might give it a shot. (Galantamine is a stimulant, so the main risk is not being able to get back to sleep.) I took one of the red pills from a bottle of "Dream Leaf," which I had nearly given up on since it had never worked for me before, possibly because I only tried it long after I had gotten "over" galantamine. I know the red pills contain galantamine from the distinctive effects, but I must say that it greatly bothers me that this supplement neglects to identify the presence of galantamine on the label, or even on their website, much less clarify the actual dosage. In fact, I would go so far as to call this obfuscation shamefully irresponsible and borderline criminal. Galantamine is a powerful substance that should never be given to people without their knowledge. So for ethical reasons I dislike this particular supplement and definitely would not recommend it, but galantamine is galantamine, and on this occasion it actually worked. Woke and wrote at 9, so I'm a bit underslept with a slight galantamine hangover, but it's been so long since I've had this sensation that I'm almost enjoying it.

      I've always found galantamine dreams a bit superficial, but that's not always a bad thing. My recent attempts to force dream events to unfold in a detailed and realistic way, in the name of quality, often prove counter-productive. Sometimes a little "cowboying" is necessary to get the job done, especially in the inherent instability of the dream environment. So tonight's dreams were ultimately successful, but not exactly Masterpiece Theatre.

      WILD, "Fading Gift": I was lying on my back in bed, and recognized I was in dream even as I started making elaborate sweeping gestures with my hands, but continued gesturing for a while to increase my sense of motor control. At one point I closed my eyes and scratched my scalp, and I was amazed that the sensations felt exactly like like waking life. "I am the dreamer," I murmured a few times, as if to fix the idea in mind.

      I recalled how often I make unnecessary difficulties for myself at this transitional stage and told myself that if I was already dreaming, I didn't need a ton of preamble before getting out of bed—I should just get up. So I did, and it was fine. I've really been wanting to do the "finding a leftover present" TOTM, so I started looking around the room. (As has become typical lately, the room did not resemble my bedroom in WL.) I looked under the dresser, on the table... nothing so far. I felt a slight contradiction in my mental outlook: on the one hand, the best way to find the present would be to expect or even to will it to be there, but on the other hand, since it was a present I wanted to be surprised rather than force the issue. So I allowed myself only a vague expectation and kept looking. I found a wooden cabinet much like the one in my office and when I opened the door there were a few presents on the middle shelf. The first two I noticed, very small objects, I rejected as not quite right. Although they were loosely covered in wrapping, it wasn't taped down, so it looked like they had already been opened and then put back.

      I kept looking and on the left side of the shelf was the perfect gift: a wide cylinder about six inches high wrapped in red and white paper with a red ribbon rising vertically on four sides to form a neat bow at the top. The paper looked familiar at first so I studied it for a moment, but it was not any pattern I've seen before. It consisted of thin white lines on a red background, but they were awkwardly curving and abstract, like an elaborate doodle.

      Just as I started to open the present, I felt the dream begin to fade. I moved quickly, trying to open the box in the little time I had left. When the top came off, I plunged in my hand and felt... tissue paper. I was almost awake now, and as I reached past the tissue paper I felt like I crossed that indiscernable border between dreaming and waking consciousness. Or maybe it is not so indiscernible: what had just disappeared was my sense of touch, without which the dream had lost its tangibility. Vision lingered a little longer, and I saw my hand pull out a thick gold chain the length of a necklace, sparsely ornamented with tiny flowers that were each composed of four thin petals of white enamel. I was dissatisfied, however, not only with the gift itself (I don't care much for jewelry and this was definitely not my style), but with the fact that the dream was fading so fast that I couldn't determine to what extent dream imagination or waking imagination (not that I clearly understand the difference!) had determined the nature of the gift.

      I went back to sleep, resolving to try to get lucid again and complete the task in a more satisfactory way.

      DILD, "Elephant Ride": I was lying in bed but felt uncomfortable, realized I was still wearing day clothes, including a bra. Ugh, had I passed out last night? As I removed it, I noticed it was a lacy underwire thing that didn't even look familiar. I wanted to get back to sleep but the television was on loudly, so I tried to find the remote to turn it off. There were four or five remotes on top of the dresser, and I pressed the power button on all of them but nothing worked. On a couple, the image would cut out as though it were turning off but then come right back, and other remotes had no effect at all. Fine, I'll pull the damn plug, I thought grumpily, but the TV was mounted on the wall and on closer inspection it seems the wiring was concealed behind the wall. I settled for muting the volume (at least that worked) and turning the screen to the side, which accomplished little but expressed my annoyance with the device. [Possible source: I just got back from visiting my mom, where the TV was on loudly in the mornings, making it hard to read or work.]

      I headed back toward the bed, but suddenly realized I must be dreaming. That would explain the difficulty I just had with the televisions, at least! And with the realization came the memory of my earlier lucid episode and my dissatisfaction with the TOTM I had attempted. I was pleased with the chance to try again.

      Looking around, I soon spotted a wrapped gift on the bedside table. It was a small square box, around two inches wide and one inch high, made of that shiny gold cardboard that is common in gift boxes, and wrapped with a red ribbon. I started to untie the ribbon and realized that I was wearing gloves. At first I thought it an oddity, but quickly understood that it was just the dream's way of representing the slight awkwardness I felt in my fingers as I tried to complete this fine motor activity. I considered pulling off the gloves but recognized that it would just be a pointless waste of time, and decided instead to ignore them. At least they were thin gloves, and didn't impede me that much in my attempt to open the box. By the time it was open, they were gone.

      This time I was very pleased with what I found in the box. It looked like a single confection of some sort. "Perfect, I love food!" I thought to myself happily. I pulled it out and looked it over. It was not very distinguished in shape, light brown in color and vaguely round, but a bit lumpy. There was a darker spot in the center like a piece of chocolate. [Possible source: I've been eating my mother's Christmas cookies, which have a spot of apricot jam covered with chocolate in the center. They have a much firmer texture overall than this one did, though.] The surface was dry but felt a bit pliant between my fingers, a sort of rubbery texture.

      I bit into the confection and found the mouthfeel similar to what the outer texture had led me to anticipate. There was just the hint of a thin crust, and then the inside was soft but chewy. It reminded me of mochi but was firmer and easier to chew. At this point I was analyzing it with the idea of possibly attempting to recreate it in waking life. I knew that it would have to be based on glutinous rice flour. However, the overall taste was lightly chocolatey and fruity. I looked where I had bitten and distinctly saw raisins, both black and gold. There were also pieces of another fruit that was harder to identify. It had faint striations that reminded me of the fresh jackfruit I had eaten last night in WL (so that was probably the source), but this had the texture of a dried fruit. Can jackfruit be dried and baked into cookies? I couldn't say. If not, I thought that dried apricot might work just as well. The taste could have been either; it was hard to tell with all the other flavors going on. I finished the confection and found it very satisfying. If I ever do manage to recreate something like this, I'll have to post the recipe here!

      I felt that I had now completed the TOTM satisfactorily, so what next? I looked around the room, and wondered if I should just leave through the door and go exploring. But somehow that is never very satisfying; I usually get better results when I am pursuing a specific idea of some sort, even when the results are not what I expected. The dream felt reasonably stable, so I wondered if I might attempt one of the TOTYs. I recalled the "riding" theme, but unfortunately, I hadn't looked at the list lately and couldn't remember the specifics very well. There was a window here... maybe I could summon a bird and ride it through the night sky? That sounded fun, but I didn't think it was on the list. The only one I could clearly remember was the elephant ride, because my studies have given me such a distinct impression of how elephants were used in battle in pre-modern Siam. I had always planned to try that one, but how do I get from my dream bedroom to pre-modern Siam?

      I tried to remember the transportation spell from Harry Potter, but the command wasn't coming to me. All I could recall was "flue" something, and anyway there were no fireplaces in this bedroom (unlike my WL bedroom, which does have one!) I decided my best bet was probably the window. I knew you needed to mount an elephant from someplace high, so if I could summon one over, I could probably just descend from the window directly to its back. Then once I was on the elephant, it would be easier to get to Siam. On the way to the window, I felt impelled to opened the middle drawer of the dresser as I walked past. It was nearly empty, with just a few stray pieces of clothing... but in the far right corner was the gleam of gold. It was a pile of chocolate coins! You know the ones, disks of chocolate wrapped in gold foil stamped like currency. These were a few different sizes. I realized these might come in handy if I ended up having to buy the elephant, so I grabbed a handful and put them in my pocket.

      I opened the window and felt the cool night air. The window was on the second storey, as I had anticipated, but looking out, I actually recognized that this looked nothing like my house. To the left, I could see a garage door extending perpendicularly to the wall my window was in. The house appeared to be painted beige. Across the driveway, which ran next to this wall to meet the garage, there was a wide grassy yard bordered by trees. I looked up at the night sky above the trees to see if there were any familiar constellations, and immediate recognized Orion. Of course... it seems anywhere I go, I see Orion, even in a dream. He was at an angle, almost on his side, just over the treetops... but not exactly the same in WL. At first I counted four stars in his belt, instead of the usual three. The more I looked at it, the more stars accumulated, but only in certain areas, so pretty soon Orion appeared to be wearing not only a belt, but also a brassiere, which amused me, and a crown. The crown had spikes pointing upward, like the common representation of crowns in modern iconography, but matching spikes adorned the brassiere and belt. At this point the whole shape of the constellation was getting a bit thin and stretched, and while I'm sure these transformations could go on indefinitely, right now I needed an elephant.

      I knew my husband was in the next room, probably working, and even though I suspected this was dream logic, I hesitated to shout lest I annoy him. (Though I suppose it is still reasonable not to want to annoy the dream husband.) So I tried to summon the elephant quietly. Nothing happened. After trying for a bit without results, I decided to take a more dramatic approach. I stepped through the window and jumped, setting my intention for there to be an elephant down there, so I could land on its back.

      There wasn't. But the results were promising nonetheless... from unconstructed dream space, I managed to conjure something plausibly like the interior of a palace in Siam. It was a bit of a hack job, without much detail, and I confess the throne was far too low (must not have been the formal audience hall), but it was sufficient for my purposes. There were various ministers standing around (another embarrassingly inaccurate detail; no courtiers would stand in the presence of the king in early nineteenth-century Siam! Good gracious!) and the king was on the throne, but a bit vague. My initial impression was that he resembled the recently deceased Rama IX, but that troubled me because I was going for an earlier era. I tried to make him look more like Rama III, but it wasn't working very well, so in the end I just didn't look too closely. At any rate, the king was vague enough that he didn't quibble when I handed over my handful of chocolate coins and requested an elephant. I didn't feel like getting into complex negotiations; I just allowed myself assume the success of the transaction and walked away.

      As I exited the interior of the palace and momentarily noticed the bright sunlight reflecting off the whitewashed arch of the doorway, I felt a flash of familiarity. Of course, I thought to myself, This must be the Grand Palace, I've been here a few times. I let my memory conjure something akin to the elephant-mounting station I remembered observing there, and walked over to it. There was no elephant there presently, so I waited for someone to bring it around... and started getting impatient. No one seemed to be doing much, or paying attention to my repeated request. They must not understand English, I considered. I'll have to try it in Thai.

      "Chang!" I shouted, the Thai word for elephant. "Ma nee!" I realized how rude I must sound: while "ma nee" would probably be correctly understood as "come here," or, given the contextual clues, "bring it here" as I had intended, it was a terribly rough and simple way of speaking. It was the sort of thing you might say to call a dog. I hadn't even appended a perfunctory "kha" at the end. But then I started wondering what level of politeness would be proper in this situation. I was in the palace, which made things more difficult, because royal Thai is another ballgame altogether. But what was my own social standing here? In speaking roughly I was assuming a great deal of authority... maybe that was not so bad in this situation. Fortunately, I saw my elephant being brought around before I was able to go too deep down the rabbit hole of Thai honorifics.

      It was a disappointing elephant, by any standards... not only small but kind of flabby and soft, a cartoonish cross between a real baby elephant and Dumbo. Moreover it was completely unadorned, with no harness or howdah. I momentarily wondered if the lack was due to an inadequate mental impression of what a howdah should look like? But no, I could picture it clearly enough in my imagination... it just wasn't on the elephant. I guess that's what I get for being rude to the staff. To add insult to injury, they didn't even properly lead the elephant to the mounting station—though it was probably too small to get on from there anyway—they just dumped it on the stairs, where it crumpled over weakly. On the bright side, this made it easy to clamber up on its neck, so I did so and prepared to forge on.

      I knew I had to enter a battle, so we promptly exited the city. I had thought to do this properly on a magnificent war elephant with a howdah and a driver and four soldiers to guard the legs—I've seen plenty of paintings and movies of proper war elephants in action—but instead I was alone, bareback with no weapon, on the most pathetic elephant I've ever seen. But at least in dream there was no risk of actually falling in battle, so I figured I could make do.

      We had barely gone past the city walls when I saw the invaders approaching from the jungle. That wasn't much of a stretch; it seemed like Ayutthaya was always under attack. (I had originally envisioned myself in Bangkok, but had already slipped back to an earlier era more appropriate for elephant combat). The invaders were on horseback, I noticed, and I was relieved to see that they were only coming in ones and twos, given that I was going to have to take them on alone. They had long black hair and Asian features, and naturally I assumed that they were Burmese... until I got close enough to swing at one and saw the pointed ears. Elves?! Last night I was playing Witcher II and Pillars of Eternity, and the portrait of Aloth in the latter game closely resembled these invaders, but I wasn't sure why they were showing up here. Also, I'm fond of elves and felt loathe to fight them. Fortunately, our combat was more play-acting than anything. I had a good mental image of the kind of long-handled glaive I should be wielding, but though I swung it toward the elves and they gamely mimed being struck, the weapon did not visibly appear in my hands—and I was thankful that it drew no blood.

      So I marched forward on my pathetic elephant, going through the motions of bashing the elves (elves?!) with my invisible glaive, while they went through the motions of being knocked aside, until the jungle started to coalesce into a new kind of space, a kind of wide passage under an increasingly low ceiling. The texture of the ceiling interested me, and from my position atop the elephant I could reach up and just touch it. It was covered with a kind of thick cloth, like a yellowish patterned felt, and I reached into the seams between two pieces and felt something hard and smooth. I pulled it out and found an object streaked with yellow and brown that resembled a wild bird's egg, but it was too hard and irregular, so I thought it must be a stone. I slipped it into my pocket. The felt overhead was gaping at the seams so I grabbed it and tore it off, revealing a kind of wide hatch with a knob for a handle. I wondered what it might be concealing so I pulled it open... and found the dream space deconstructing, muffling me in a soft blankety texture. Instinctively I tried to protect myself by putting the stone I had just found in my mouth, but I was still being enveloped in the stuff. I tried to pull at it with my hands, and as my fingers sank into it I was struck by the familiarity of the texture, like coarse sheep's wool—not the clean feel of a fleece, but the dirty, oily texture it has when it is still on the sheep. That was the last thing I felt before waking.
    5. Pokedex Gift

      by , 01-07-2014 at 05:42 PM (iBranko's Dream Journey)
      23.11.2013 2/2

      Estávamos em casa eu a a Ju, embora a casa fosse diferente.
      O Sr. João me entregava um presente. Um relógio, ou quase isso, do pokémon.
      Lembro de mexer nesse relógio e descobrir que ele funcionava também como poké-agenda.
      Eu mexia e via que haviam 32 pokémons para consultar, sendo o último o Tentacool.
      Eu procutava mais pokémons mas parece que faltava atualizar o sistema, mas não conseguia fazê-lo.
    6. Killing a Man and Getting Gifts in New York City

      by , 01-07-2014 at 05:07 AM
      Dec 10-11 (Lucid)
      I was with Matt and there was this guy trying to kill us. We were in a forest type setting, just off the highway or road. Matt was far away on the road with a BB gun shooting, but some were hitting me because I was close to him. I tried getting out of the way. I had a knife, the bad guy had a cross bow. He started to load it so I ran towards a tree without looking back and dove behind it as an arrow whizzed by. I then ran back and as he loaded the next arrow I slit his throat with my knife.

      Lucid: I was flying over the city of New York and I caught on that I was dreaming. I wanted to land to try some fun stuff with lucid dreaming. I was with dream characters Tommy, Kenny from work, and I think Daniel. I knew I was dreaming so I was trying to remember what I wanted to do. First thing I thought of was bending. I tried earth first. I stomped the ground to see if I could get a boulder to pop out, but only a very small blob of earth did. I tried again but nothing happened that time. I gave up and decided on fire bending. I thrust my hand out like I've seen on the show and some fire shot out! I tried again and it worked again! I was so excited, I tried with my foot, but I didn't work. I think I wasn't flexible enough. The other dream characters around me were actually kind of fire bending too and amazed it was working. I started throwing invisible cards of like air so see if I could hit something. I then remembered a task of the month to ask a character for a present. I ran up to one of the people around me, but was interrupted by two girls. One young one, one who I think was Katara, from Avatar. The young one asked me something but Katara said I had to do something to get the gift I wanted and held out a little wrapped gift. So we like got on a motorcycle or something cuz we started going somewhere really fast and I asked what the present was. I opened it and inside was a mask. It was purplish pink, had a beak on it, and apparently allowed me to fly she said. It kind of looked like it had three eyes too. I stared at it hoping that I would remember so I could draw it later, but the details of it shifted and were slightly unclear. We got to my house to my moms room, and she said there were others coming to help train me and left to get them (At this point I forgot I was dreaming, but knew I had powers). I put on some awesome looking black gear to go practice what I could do. I kept trying flying. I could jump really high and hover for the slightest amount of time, but always fell eventually. I kept practicing and practicing. I vaulted over the wall to the pastures and then launched at the barn. I thought about using the horse walker to launch me, but decided it might break. I went back and Kenna and a friend were outside watching me. It was getting dark out. I launched as high as I could (to try to get on the roof) onto the pillar outside the outside bathroom. I got about 5/6 up it, and had to shimmy and climb my way up the rest. My mom commented that she thinks I really had changed cuz I couldn't do that before. I then got ready to jump from the roof to the pool, and my mom didn't wanna watch cuz she was scared for me so she went inside. I prepped and launched and dove into the pool. I almost didn't, my toes like just barely touched the edge of the pool when I went in. McKenna and her friend came in as well all impressed. We went into the hot tub and suddenly we had two hot tubs. The weren't hot, but same temp as pool, just mild. Part of me was confused why they weren't cold since it should be winter, but I forgot instantly about that and moved on.

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    7. 11 Dec: Blond rebelious girl in the 50's

      by , 12-12-2011 at 11:59 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I am a young blond girl of good families, but quite rebellious. I have some questionable friends and I do things my family would totally disapprove, like inhaling hairspray whenever things get boring.
      I have a friend from school who is not as fortunate as me - she is from a poor family - but I really don't care about social class of a person as long as he/she makes me laugh. We are very close friends and we spend as much time together as possible. She comes by my mansion when my parents are not around, but the butler never opens the gates to let her in - despite my indignation and calling him all the names I can think of - so when she rings the bell, I slide down from my bedroom window to the terrace below and from there to the lawn and run to the gates to let her in. We then have so much freaky fun doing absurd and sometimes dangerous stunts.
      She makes me so happy, sometimes I even think I am in love with her.
      One day in class I slide a box with a ribbon on top, from under my desk to hers on my right. It's a gift for her and I couldn't wait for the end of the class to give it to her. Unfortunately the teacher - quite a bitch in my perspective - sees it and apprehends the box. She asks me what am I doing and I reply with a defiant smile, showing no remorse, shame or regret. I am always like this: I never, ever, feel or admit, even to myself, that what I do may be wrong. I am that free!
      Although I am such a rebel, I am also brilliant and even without any effort, I get good grades. But the only class I truly love is literature and the guy who teaches it is the only teacher I respect and who can get my fully undivided attention. One day almost at the end of the class he talks about some lady writer and reporter with whom I identify a lot. She is Anne something (a big weird germanic name) and I write it down to help me memorize it for when I wake up (didn't work though). He says he'll say more about her in the next class, but I am determined to look for more info about her as soon as I get home.
      Later on, I am already employed. I work at some office, possibly a newspaper or magazine. I arrive about one hour late for work and I try to sneak in without being seen by the boss. My colleagues just shrug their shoulders, nod their heads, but don't say a word. Unfortunately my boss blocks me at the base of the staircase to the upper floor where I have my desk. He looks unpleased, but not extremely enraged, so I say I'm sorry and make up some really bad excuse why I'm late. He says he's tired of my pointless excuses, since I arrive late every single day, they no longer work. I laugh, he's got a point. In that case, why doesn't he just let me go to my desk? He does. Everybody in the office considers me a spoiled brat with no notion whatsoever of responsibilities, but they all love me and forgive me my manners.
      A colleague tips me that a certain guy I have a crush on - a navy officer who is, by coincidence, non other than my RL friend Granger - is coming by today to meet the boss, of whom he is a friend. I know he loves me back, but he just can't deal with my rebel, careless attitude, which is just the opposite of him. I see him stepping out of a car, so elegant in his uniform and as he enters he immediately sees me. He hides his true emotions but he flirts with me anyway and I play along, dreaming of the day he might consider me worthy of his true affection.

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    8. Loitering and Cheap Discos

      by , 10-03-2011 at 10:41 AM (Traces of Dreams)

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      dream fragment , non-lucid
    9. The Dog Poo

      by , 09-26-2011 at 12:59 PM
      I remeber 2 vidid, long dreams from last night, and they were both very weird. But this one, doesn't make any sence at all.

      The Dog Poo
      I was writing a letter. It was for my friend, who has birthday. I was going to a birhtday party later same day. It was a weird card. I went over to some "friends" (I've never met them before, I swear!) to see what hey was going to give her. They was in the woodwork room, and was about to make something to her. I thought "Yeah, that's smart, but mine is even more smart!". I showed them my gift. It was a DOG POO! But I didn't thought about it, and they didn't either. They said "Wow, a dog poo! That's a brilliant idea!" and I thought the same. I thought, that she would be so happy for it! And she did.

    10. excrement omelette; gift for cousin

      by , 09-09-2011 at 12:26 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      A man was talking to another man. I didn't see either man, as if they were both talking in narration. One man mentioned a new "excrement omelette," which was a layer of eggs wrapped around a thin filling of crap. I saw a cross-section of one of these "excrement omelettes." It looked like a Hot Pocket, except the crust was egg and the filling was crap.

      The second guy said, "That's a terrible idea! It sounds disgusting!"

      The first guy said that it couldn't be such a bad idea. Apparently some really famous supermodel ate them all the time and thought they were really delicious.

      Dream #2

      I had come to some nice, two-story house in the suburbs. I was in the living room, which was kind of dim and grey. There were a few other people there, some of whom were probably members of my family. I seemed to be always looking up toward the ceiling, and my view sometimes seemed kind of low, as it I were looking up from about waist height.

      At first I knew I had come here to be here for my family, maybe my cousin in particular. But now I was upstairs, in a bedroom, probably a characteristic young man's bedroom. I now realized that I was here to see my cousin off. He was shipping out for Afghanistan soon. This may have been my cousin's old room.

      I thought about giving my cousin a gift. But I hadn't gotten him anything before I had come here. I starting looking around in the room, as if the room were some kind of gift shop, even though it was still the same old room. I found two shot glasses on a shelf. I took the two glasses off the shelf. It was like I was seeing this from a really low point, like waist height.

      The two shot glasses had weird, notched bases and a black-line portrait of some famous person. I thought that would be appropriate, as my cousin either liked that person or the place associated with that person. I also found something else I could give my cousin, but I can't remember what it was.

      I may have gone back downstairs. I may also have seen my cousin.
    11. The grand library of Teraluna - the history of the dream plane

      , 06-21-2011 at 05:28 AM (Hyu's Adventures)
      Been pretty sick lately and my dream recall hasn't been very good.
      I had quite a few dreams, some lucid, but the lack of details made them feel unworthy of posting.

      I'm walking on the promenade in Haven on Teraluna.
      Enjoying the fresh air, I walk towards one of the main streets on my way to Yuya's place.
      On the main street I go up a level, ending up one level below the topmost one, with all the houses and apartments.
      This level features mostly shops and restaurants, I sometimes come here with Yuya for dinner.
      It's dusk, so the city is quite lively.

      I pass a shop that sells flowers and I wonder if I should buy some for Yuya.
      They're all on display outside, so I wander a bit around having a look at the different kinds of flowers.
      Some don't look like flowers at all, and some are clearly alive.
      They're all very beautiful and they have a distinct smell.
      I suddenly realize that I have no money, how am I going to pay for these?

      Wait, what? WTF! I'm on Teraluna! How did I not notice that I'm dreaming?
      This surprises me quite a bit and it takes me a few seconds to settle down.
      The dream feels very stable and vivid, but I still rub my hands and try to feel the presence of my surroundings to make
      that the dream remains perfectly stable.

      Looking back at the flowers I see one that is immensely beautiful.
      The colors somewhat match those of Yuya's eyes, I feel they would be an appropriate gift.
      I ask the lady selling the flowers:

      "Would you be willing to trade something for these flowers?"
      "Haha, of course young man, what did you have in mind?"

      I summon my phoenix wings on my left arm and remove one of the smaller colorful feathers from it.
      They fall out occasionally, it'll grow back.
      I hand it to the lady.

      "How beautiful! Please, take the flowers, thank you!"

      That went well.
      I take the flowers and continue walking towards Yuya's place.
      I think about how this dream started on Teraluna, even though I was non-lucid.
      Then I realize I'm wasting time.
      I can see a bridge crossing from this street to another one on the level above me, I'll be able to see Yuya's place from there.
      I blink on top of it, and from there I blink to Yuya's place.

      Yuya greets me, telling me that I'm right on time. Did we set a meeting?
      I hand her the flowers.

      "They're for you."

      She seems extremely happy. I am yet again surprised by the way she shows her emotions.
      She simply doesn't hold back at all. It feels so pure, I've never seen anyone with such a happy expression in waking life.
      Yuya puts the flowers in some sort of vase.
      I notice that the dream doesn't feel as stable anymore, and I attempt to re-stabilize which succeeds.

      "Alright, I promised you we'd visit the library, let's go!"

      The library? Did we talk about this in a previous dream?
      Maybe a dream that I cannot remember?
      Clearly, I can't recall such a dream, but I am convinced that we did indeed decide to visit a library somewhere on Teraluna.
      It must have been a lucid dream I do not remember.
      I get ready to draw my wings but Yuya interrupts me.

      "Let's fly there! We shouldn't teleport into the library, we might disturb someone."
      "Sure, lead the way!"

      I take off and fly next to Yuya, trying to keep up.
      She's accelerating fast, I can't keep up without summoning my wings.
      I remember that in my last big fight I managed to summon my phoenix wings on my back, in full size.
      I wonder if I can do that again and use them for fast flight, just the way I've been using my dragon fire wings until now.

      I try to accumulate some of that pure energy and manage to draw the wings on my back.
      They're very beautiful and very large. They feel somewhat oversized for my body.
      It is VERY easy to fly at high speed with them, much easier than with the dragon wings.
      We quickly break the sound barrier and everything becomes very calm.

      This is the first time I'm really exploring other parts of Teraluna, usually I just stay in Haven.
      It is beautiful!
      There are very high and complex trees growing directly out of the sea.
      They must be over a kilometer high each.
      We slow down and fly down, through the crowns of the trees.
      It is difficult to navigate them due to their complexity.

      There are waterfalls in the crowns as well, I wonder where they come from, are the trees emitting water?
      We go lower and lower and finally fly through a maze of waterfalls leading to a spectacular entrance.
      The entrance is absolutely huge. Fortunately it opens by itself.
      Inside there are the same angel statues as in the entrance to Haven.
      As I pass under them I feel myself passing through a forcefield.
      Makes sense, the library must be protected as well.

      I enter the library in amazement, the bookshelves reach into all eternity.
      There is literally no end to them. Even zooming in they seem to go on forever.
      The library is very well lit, everything is very bright and white.
      The shelves are mostly made out of glass.
      Materials feel very modern, but some shapes remind me of the Victorian era.

      Yuya explains what the different kinds of books are and we wander around a bit.
      She shows me quite a few things which I unfortunately cannot quite remember.
      Then we come to a rather special shelf.
      Yuya tells me there's 1001 books in this shelf.
      They all seem very old, and they are huge.
      Nearly 1 meter high and very thick, probably 1000 pages each.

      They feel very special, there's is something about them that really intrigues me.

      "Are we allowed to touch them?"
      "Of course, just be gentle, they are very old."

      I pick the first of them, it's very heavy.
      I gently deposit it on a reading table and open the first page.
      The pages are so old... they feel like papyrus, and you can actually see how the paper was weaved.
      Everything in them is hand written and hand drawn. They are not printed copies.
      It feels sort of amazing touching such an old book, plus the smell is very nice.
      The title of the first page is in a language I do not know.
      The letters are formed by geometric shapes, but somehow I am able to understand it.

      This book is about the beginning... the beginning of... everything?
      They all are! Those 1001 books, is this the story of this universe?
      The story of the dream plane?

      "Yes, they are, are you able to read it?"
      "I'm not sure. I cannot understand the individual words or letters, but somehow I understand some of it."

      I randomly try to read the first few lines at the beginning of some chapters.
      The first one talks about there being nothing but energy.
      Some chapters further they talk about the first gods.
      I honestly have no idea how I'm understanding any of this.
      The numerous images and illustrations help though.

      The language used to write these is very powerful though.
      A single word carries much more meaning than any languages in waking life.
      Considering this, needing 1001 books to describe the history of the dream plane...
      it just feels impossible like any single person could ever know the whole story.

      "True, but it's not finished yet."
      "Not all books have been written yet, after all we're still living the story written in these books."

      "Then why are there exactly 1001 books?"
      "Because exactly 1001 books are needed to tell the story."
      "But, does that mean the dream plane will end once you reach the 1001st book?"
      "Not only the dream plane, the planes cannot exist on their own, they all exist together."

      I'm very surprised, it is known when existence will end?

      "Hyu... the dream plane has existed for eternities, long before Earth was created, long before your universe was formed."
      "That being said, we've barely filled 400 books."
      "We cannot even comprehend for how long things have existed until now, so there is no reason to worry about any ending."


      I browse through some more pages in amazement.
      Somehow I understand that this language is very ancient and was meant to be universal.
      I think I am able to interpret some of it due to the divine phoenix powers, but I'm not sure.
      I end up getting lost in thoughts and wake up...
    12. June 2, 2011

      by , 06-03-2011 at 11:20 AM
      Something about giving away the silver giraffe ring holder Grandma gave me (as a gift for someone else) and worrying that Grandma will feel hurt.
    13. Babies, a Gift Exchange, and Fashion Designing

      by , 05-27-2011 at 04:29 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at some strange trailer park with some other people. All the trailers looked the exact same and were very close together. We approached one of the trailers, and one of the guys that was with us started to climb the edge of it to get on the roof. He helped me climb up after he was up there. I remember us running and jumping to different trailers.

      Then, I remember being in a room with my mom and some other people, I remember a couple of the other people being a couple and their child, a baby girl. My mom and I were sitting at a table exchanging gifts, I think they were Christmas gifts. I opened mine, and I think it was a set of tea lights and a candle holder (which also happened to be a candle). I gave my mom her gift, which was the same thing, the candles were just a different scent and color than the ones she gave me. I think they were white, and the ones that she gave me were maroon-ish.

      I looked over at my mom, and she had lit the candle that was supposed to be the holder. I blew it out and told her how it worked, telling her it was like the other one. Either she or I put one of the tea lights in the bigger candle. I watched my mom, and she looked like she wasn't sure what to think of the gift. I asked her
      "Do you like it?"
      "Yeah.", she said. She didn't sound very convincing.
      "Are you sure?"
      "Yes.", she again said.

      Then, I saw the couple with the baby girl. They were celebrating her 1st birthday. I talked to her, asking her how old she was. She held up one finger and said
      I was surprised that she could talk. After asking her, I felt kinda silly, since she was so young I thought she wouldn't answer. I smiled at her, and she laughed.


      I was trying to design something to get into some fashion camp or school. Kacey was with me and had already designed hers. We had to design it using eyeshadow, and some sticker things that had words on them. The design was to be put on black shirt. I was standing at this kiosk to do he design.

      We had to answer 4 questions using the designs to do so. The only one I remember is "What are some fashion tips?". I remember drawing pictures of myself, mainly focusing on my eyes. Kacey told me I needed to do something differently, but I didn't want to, so I just did it my way. I remember using a purple glue stick to glue on the sticker things with the words on them. I used them for the fashion tips. I remember gluing the word "In" on there 4 times. I used other words as well, but I can't remember what they were. I remember picking up the shirt and looking at the finished product. I was pretty satisfied with it. I hoped it was good enough to get into the school/camp.

      I then remember being in a house. I had a baby, a little boy. He had just been born that day. I was holding him all wrapped up in blankets. I remember a little cap being on his head, the ones you see on newborns normally. I remember feeding him a bottle.

      I then remember someone else being there, a guy, but I don't remember who it was. He was holding the baby. I think he was the father. I asked him for the baby, and he gave him to me. I noticed the baby was hungry again, and asked the guy for the bottle. Before he gave it to me, he drank most of it himself. He gave me the 1/4 full bottle, and I fed it to the baby. I thought about breast feeding, but wasn't sure if I could do it. I also thought about how I probably wouldn't sleep that night, because the baby would keep me up. He hadn't really cried much though since I had brought him home. He was a very quiet, calm baby.
      Tags: baby, candle, gift
    14. All This Fuss over Jewelry

      by , 05-10-2011 at 06:38 PM (Brainy Vapours)
      We're very poor and have an extremely strict budget to live on. While on our way to a food shop I notice a jewelry shop. I can't help but drool over some of the trinkets while my (ex) man waits outside. I come out, very depressed, knowing we can never afford anything in there, especially not the necklaces I love so much. I tell my man so and he drops everything, practically running into the store. I can hear him asking about second hand jewelry.

      A friend that I suddenly notice with me asks me if I'm happy. I smile and say that although I think it's a nice gesture of him to do this for me, I do wish he'd have done it later while I was not here. I explain that I know he will buy something, and just come out and hand it to me, rather than saving it to give to me on Mother's Day, for example, which is in a few days. As I predict, he does just as I said he would. I ask him to take it back and give it to me on Mother's Day.

      Suddenly we're mugged by a very tall man who doesn't even bother to hide his face. A fight breaks out, and its actually me that's kicking his ass while my man watches from the sidelines. I am so angry, telling the thief that his is so low for stealing from people who can't even afford to buy food. There is going to be a court case and I'm very emotional.

      Dream skip and I'm at a garbage can outside that same jewelry store, sorting through what I find in there, looking for something of value. I'm shocked at my luck that I actually find something - a fairly expensive set that someone has taken a few pieces off and thrown the rest away. It looks as though they took only a few pairs of ear rings and tossed the rest, which includes some bangles and a ring. It's not really my style, all in kind of a floral print, but beggars can't be choosers, as they say. I notice a price tag that reads $124.99. I also find some ornate elephants that are covered in dirt which I wipe carefully away.

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    15. The Search for My Father

      by , 05-03-2011 at 12:19 PM (Brainy Vapours)
      Me and this random guy are looking for our estranged fathers. We're in some retreat kind of place for people who are looking for lost family members. In our research we discover that we actually have the same father and are in fact brother and sister. We plan to track down our father together and tell him who we are.

      We do find a man whom we know to be the one we've been searching for, we succeed in getting him to come to the retreat often, and we get to know him well. He looks a bit ZZ Top-ish, with a long white beards and glasses that always hide his eyes. I get the impression he's a trucker or something, and his accent is American, which is odd to me.

      My brother is supposed to be around a lot more than he is, but he's gotten involved with some sort of television reality show like Pop Idol or something. Because of this, he is always busy and never around to help me with the plan anymore. I decide that I am tired of waiting around for my brother, I will tell our father who we are on my own. I decide to construct an art project and give it to the man as a gift, but the twist is that the art will be of an obvious sort that will send the message that the receiver is, in fact, my father. I create the piece and it ends up incredibly random (has a hockey stick in it?!?) but dream logic tells me that he will know what it means.

      I present the artwork to my father and his reaction is not at all positive. He is defensive, confused, angry, and yet he does know what it means. I tell him about my brother, his son, as well. It does not go over well.

      I do actually have an estranged father, but he is actually British and not American. Interesting what my subconscious came up with as my father figure. ZZ Top? Lol!
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