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    1. Just an anxiety dream..? [Adult]

      by , 08-13-2019 at 02:28 PM
      It's night, and I'm in a bed, but besides that I'm not certain where I am.

      I'm in bed with Isata, an ex-coworker and maybe still-friend; in the past she's
      told me that she feels comfortable being open with me and putting her trust in
      me, and perhaps that's why in the dream we're sharing a bed (and a lack of
      clothes), having a - very slightly - flirtatious conversation and are playfully
      touching before cuddling to go to sleep - I don't receive from the dream the
      impression that we're anything more than just friends.

      She needs to do something - I was- and am- not certain what - and whilst I'm
      still in the bed she kneel/walks on top of it, deliberately pausing when her
      legs are apart above me and her crotch is close to my mouth; in spite of that,
      she's surprised and angry when I try to begin to perform oral sex on her.

      Things abruptly change - it's still night, but now I'm standing in the dining
      room at my grandmother's house; I'm still naked - and now in a state of arousal
      - but I don't seem to be perturbed by either of those things.

      Whilst it's still night, my grandmother's house is partly on a
      heavily-trafficked road, so there's sufficient second-hand artificial light to
      see almost every detail in the room, and my mother - who also doesn't seem to be
      perturbed by my nakedness or state of arousal - points out that there's a wasp
      clinging to the net curtain; I try to kill it by crushing it with a scrunched-up
      tissue and a jam jar or the lid of a jam jar, but it flies away, and I'm not
      able to see where.

      I awake with a start, my heart pounding, not because of a fear of the wasp, but
      because of Isata's earlier reaction to me.


      A few thoughts:

      * Whilst the dream was far from a "wish fulfilment" dream - indeed, I don't
      remember ever having a "wish fulfilment" dream - the relationship in the dream
      is, I think, very close to my ideal sexual relationship: not a relationship
      where sex is always a gesture of unplumbable romantic love; and - in spite of my
      being an incel - definitely not a relationship where my partner is
      more-or-less a living sex toy; but a relationship where sex is relaxed and
      playful, two open and trusting friends trying to have fun.

      * My wanting to perform oral sex on a girl I'm friends with, and so care about,
      is not out of character for me - I likely learnt about cunnilingus before I
      learnt about (male or female) masturbation, and, as a "safe" and "clean" way of
      giving pleasure to a friend, it's something I've always wanted to try.

      * However, my trying to kill a wasp is at least a little out of character for
      me, as I'm pretty non-violent and, indeed, I prefer not to kill wasps if I'm
      able to avoid it.
    2. Silently Shut Down :(

      by , 05-17-2016 at 01:41 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I did not sleep very well last night. Lots of waking up. I know I dreamed a lot but I only remember a bit of a slightly explicit dream from this morning.

      I was at some school. I think the school day was either about to end or had ended. I wanted to give oral sex to one of my good friends C (a female) for some reason. I know I had talked to her about it at some point. I wanted to do it in the shower. Thinking about it really turned me on. I felt like there was some penis involved somewhere, but it wasn't my main focus.

      I was then in the shower with her, though we were clothed and there was someone else in there as well. It didn't even really look like a shower, but a little hallway and another room seemed to break off of it. As I turned the water on, I had to move some floor mats out of the way so they wouldn't get soaking wet. One got a little wet on the edge as I moved it. I believe it was navy blue.

      Then we were just in there and nothing was happening; she seemed blissfully ignorant to my desires, though we had talked about it. I didn't want to go out and say what I wanted either, I just wanted her to know since we had already talked about it. The other person in the shower was this guy I met once IWL named MH, but he goes by his last name, H more often than his first name. I was trying to hint to C that I wanted her by saying the letter "O" and some other things. MH then said
      "Oh you want oral?" or something like that.
      I said,
      "H!!!!" and left the shower. For some reason, I really didn't want him to do that, as if I'd get in some sort of trouble for those words being uttered. I didn't think C wanted him to know that we were planning on it, and I had apparently told him, as he knew exactly what I wanted to do to her.

      Then, I was sitting in the hallway of the school as many people walked by. I was upset. Then, this guy I was in group therapy with IWL, SW, a slightly creepy old black man, said he could help me. I followed him to a room and it was dark and quiet. He wanted me to give him oral, and I didn't want that at all. I left him in the room alone.

      I remember being in classrooms at some point in this dream.

      I have never given a woman oral, or even made out with a woman, but as I've become more comfortable in my skin, I've really realized that it's something I wish I could try, as I find it quite sexy, but am married to a man. Granted he would be totally fine with it as we have discussed it many times, but I wouldn't be comfortable doing it inside of our marriage.

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    3. 08-04-16 Aggressive Oral Sex

      by , 04-08-2016 at 05:29 PM
      Non-lucid – NoteslucidInterpretation

      Karen and I are lying in bed and we are getting friendly touching one another. She then turns very angry and decisively try and perform oral sex on me. She is very angry and is trying to bite me, though I don't get the idea that she is trying to mutilate me. I try and fence her off a little – as I am not interested in having sex of any kind in this emotional state – but she keeps making her advances, and I keep trying to fend her off until I awake.

      Immediate Interpretation: I have experienced a fear that Karen is engaging in sexual activities with me in a forced manner that is she is doing it either to avoid confronting an issue or to please my expectations. In this dream I see the aggressive push for oral sex as this fear of her trying to stifle communication of an emotional/personal problem – as she is blocking her throat chakra – and I feel irritated and misunderstood because she doesn't seem to understand that I am more willing to listen to her concerns regardless of what it may implicate for our sexual relation.

      Note: When we had sex the night before and we were lying naked next to one another, looking into one another's eyes she looked away timidly and said “the bodily unrest is back now” and after looking at her and asking where it was, she went on “I had it silenced for a while there” in a cheeky tone. For this reason I think it is rather pointless looking up things and frankly this interpretation makes so much sense to me. Also the anger she is displaying in the dream is representative of my own budding anger at her not feeling comfortable with opening up to me about this bodily unrest, also because it might have implications for my actions – however she may simply not be aware of what it is.

      Looking up themes: Willingness to receive pleasure – talking about sex. We are talking about sex and I am explicit about my attraction to her. It could represent the recent fascination with anal sexuality.
    4. Sex in the Hallway

      by , 03-02-2015 at 07:44 AM
      I found a good looking woman in a hallway I happened to be heading down. I decided to have sex with her, and finding her willing, I did so. At first I was a bit hesitant, because anyone could see us doing it here. It only took a second for me to realize that finding privacy in a dream is a hard thing to do, and ends up just wasting dream time. In other words, the DCs show up in the places you think are private anyway. There is a doorway next to us and I hear people in the room, so we back up a little ways out of line of sight through the doorway. That was just so we could feel a little more comfortable getting things started.

      We were about a minute into it when another woman walked by up ahead of us. She glanced to her right, looking at us for a second, then as she faced forward again she smiled as if she enjoyed seeing us engaged in sex. She was walking past on the adjoining hallway up ahead where our part of the hall ended in a T. The woman's approval of us made me feel powerful and even more sexually aroused. We were able to go all the way. When we were done and the dream faded out, I woke up.
      Tags: coitus, oral sex, sex
    5. Friendly Females

      by , 10-08-2014 at 04:12 PM
      We were in this house in my dream. It seemed to be that my friends here were the ones I play with in an online video game. We kind of loaded in to the house and our goal was a scavenger hunt of some sort. I didn't realize what we were doing at first, but it only took me a moment. So I went around looking for the clues, supposing I'd know them when I seen them. I ended up looking out the windows, where I noticed that it was raining hard. The windows had a storm window in them that needed to be closed so I did that to a few. The next thing that wasn't right was a bed that seemed to be lop-sided. In trying to fix it, I ended up tearing it half apart. It was a waterbed and apparently some of the water had leaked out. Also the headboard was not square as it should have been, instead it morphed into a flat screen tv that was bent to the side. At that point I gave up on it.

      The dream transitions a bit to what seems to inside a catering food truck although it still resembles the house I was just in also. It has a kitchen in the back. Anyways these two cute females were there with me. We were having a good time, and of course the flirting led me to having sex with them. It was more of a desire rather than a lucid decision. They were willing too, and the one with the blonde hair got naked for me. She got down on her hands & knees for me to get her from behind. While I was involved with her hinny, her friend got her face up in there while we were at it. When we were most of the way through, the chick who was behind me started morphing so I ended up pushing her away.

      After the sex, we were still hanging around in the kitchen area trying to clean up the place. Although the one girl morphed earlier, she was back to her original self now. A guy that I had seen earlier in the dream shows back up too, and here I am trying to find a place to put the leftover hamburger when the dream faded out.
    6. My Wish for Today

      by , 02-05-2013 at 07:29 AM
      I hoped for a lucid dream early yesterday morning. I wasn't having a good night, so this helped turn things around.

      I can not remember much from it, only one part.

      I'm at a birthday party with a few strangers in the afternoon. Most of them were girls. I'm walking on a patio just outside the house and walked towards a table of unfamiliar materials. I was lucid already so I done a few reality checks to confirm it.

      I read some of the words on the materials. I couldn't understand most of them. Some of the lettering were just mixed letters in a sentence and other strange symbols. It's a great feeling knowing these words weren't written properly and knowing it was a dream.

      Spoiler for You're probably too young...:
    7. Swimming Hole Nudity

      by , 11-16-2012 at 07:22 PM
      non lucid

      Spoiler for Adult Contentish:
    8. Lucid Public Restroom Fellatio and Breast-play

      by , 09-26-2012 at 02:43 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Lucid Public Restroom Fellatio and Breast-play (DILD)


      I can't barely contain myself............I had to delete my previous reaction because I'm so PUMPED.

      And yay me for the somewhat decent recall too, this is definitely a huge boost, considering I have a History Exam coming up....at least this will make it more tolerable.

      I get up from my bed, and somehow, I do a reality check instinctively. I had a feeling the dream environment would be bright and sunny. Inside of my bedroom, even though I didn't pay too much attention to the details in it, I realized it's a bit brighter than usual without any kind of artificial light source.

      I believe I checked my alarm after "waking up" to it in the dream, and I think it was around 7:00 AM at the time, but again, I didn't pay too much attention to it. I slowly walk out of the door from my bedroom, and I'm now going through the small hallway of the kitchen.

      I didn't even bother switching the lights on, since I'm already lucid, but I could tell from peripheral vision, my subconscious does an amazing job of replicating my whole apartment. As I'm slowly walking in my apartment still, I made sure to touch my body as much as possible, and I felt my chest, my stomach, and some of my legs as well.

      The vividness of the dream, it was just like waking life, but even better. More crisp, detailed, and still even had somewhat of a high-end graphics game to it as well. I touch my body some more, and told myself,

      "I will have a long and stable lucid dream."

      "I will have a long and stable lucid dream."

      Just like that.....I told myself that, and then I wanted to touch the wall to the left of me for more stability and getting the realism in. I could feel the small bumps on it, and it felt smooth just like the wall in waking life, oh and it had the white color to it as well. I saw small highlights hitting the wall as well from the window in front of me emitting the light.

      The dark sky blue curtain I usually have up in waking life to conceal the insides of the apartment more was there as well. It's glowing, to some extent, from the daylight hitting through the slightly opened blinds, and then through the curtains.

      I even told myself a few times at some point that I'm going to wake up, NOPE, NO STOPPING ME NOW!!!!!!!!! I immediately eradicated that thought, and then to my right, I noticed my bicycle is on top of the round table.

      Yeah, that's definitely abnormal, and the table had a caramel color to it, just like in waking life. The gears on my bicycle, there was a subtle difference compared to the waking life counterpart. The gears in waking life were black and just like any default mountain bicycle with several gears for several levels of speed for the bicycle.

      In the dream, it was as if the bicycle was brand spanking new. The gears were light gray, with probably just one gear instead of several, and I probably assumed that because the bicycle was titled diagonally to the right side from my position. To keep augmenting the stability, I decided to feel the bicycle tire on the back.

      I moved the rear bicycle tire to rotate anti-clockwise (I think that's just a habit of being left-handed) with my right hand. As I watched it moved, I hover my right hand over the tires, and I gradually descended it until I finally made contact with the tires. I could feel the slight grazing from my palm, and the small grooves of the tires as well.

      WOAH. If I wasn't lucid, this would've been an insane false awakening....

      I even widened my eyes on how I was able to feel all of this. The bicycle was also purple, and had the light blue oval color with a thin white border around it on one of the horizontal and long supports of the bicycle under the seat. I didn't look too much to see if it had the name of the bicycle though.

      I finally shift my focus to the door, and I believe I took my left hand to touch the doorknob. I noticed it was pretty damn close to the waking life counterpart as well. It had a dark gold color that was faded.

      There were these small degradations apparent from the doorbell. I don't know if it was an intentional design like the waking life counterpart, but there were small cracked like style to it. The whole doorbell was covered with these randomly curved and jagged lines. I finally turn it, opened the door, and immediately saw the huge level of contrast from my dark apartment and this bright and sunny environment.

      I take the time to really absorb in all that's being given to me. It's sort of difficult to describe the dream environment at this time, since it was so bright and sunny, I could only focus on getting my senses adjusted to this new level of stability and vividness.

      I couldn't tell I was naked or not, but I assumed I had clothes on the moment I left the apartment. I knew I had to have had an underwear on in the apartment, despite knowing I slept naked in waking life.

      After almost zoning out, I get back to focusing on doing something, and I turned around to my left, and I saw a cop vehicle. It was black and white, and had a dark gold symbol between the front and back doors on the right side, and I'm assuming this is the case for the left side that I didn't bother to look at. I get closer to the vehicle, and see there's a police office inside.

      He's looks African American, is bald, and he's wearing glasses with a very thin metal frame. He was wearing a Black dress shirt with his badge somewhere on the left or right, and also wore Black long pants as well. I saw the pockets on his shirt as well, and these looked like pockets to store heavier stuff than your usual dress shirt pocket.

      I open the door and sit next to him on the passenger seat. I close the door, and had a small random talk with him.

      I didn't waste time and blatantly asked him,

      "What do you represent in this dream?"

      He then goes on to ramble about some random reason why he exists....he declares something about him being here because I didn't water down something?

      Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I guess you're just a random DC.

      The guy was pretty nice, he wasn't threatening or anything like that. So while I decide to just stay in the vehicle with this guy, it seems he's going to get a huge car wash for his vehicle. I quickly looked up, and I saw motors quickly initiating to get ready to scrub the police vehicle. I immediately get out, since I don't want to waste time seeing a car get washed.

      After I get out, here's the part that confuses me, maybe it's just a slight fault to my recall here, but I don't know what I did next from him.

      But I do know things felt like a dream shift, and I'm still lucid....this whole environment was still bright.

      I find something very odd....most of my dreams consisted of some kind of darkness....and the majority of those dreams in darkness were non-lucid. Here I have a lucid where it's completely bright and sunny, and to some extent, even blinding on me being able to pick out key areas of the environment around me.

      I wonder.....could it be the day light in the dream that keeps me aware? Hmmm......I wonder....

      I'm walking with someone who is on my left side. I can't tell who they are at the moment, and it seems we're coming near the end of a driveway and eventually on to the road. But instead of actually crossing it, I go back along with this person I'm with that I'm not even bothering to turn my face to, and I asked them,

      "Do you think I can teleport to Alyzarin? (I said her real name)"

      The voice sounds like a female....and now that I think about it more, I slowly shifted my eyes to the left side, and saw a female body, but I didn't look up as yet to see the head just yet. The person who's visage I can't identify as yet is wearing a Pastel green long sleeved jacket that had the material of a long-sleeved dress shirt....I hope that description makes sense.

      It seemed they wore skinny jeans, and I believe they probably had a red shirt underneath the dress shirt type of jacket. As I'm moving my head up to see how they look like, it's really hard to tell if she's a blonde girl, or if she looked like a girl named Sarah B. that I used to know for History class.

      It's hard to tell if I would have another dream shift with another girl, but for now, for this moment, I'll just put in what I remember at the time.

      The girl that I can't identify responds to me in a passive but confident manner,

      "No, you can't do that."

      I felt slightly disappointed in myself that I couldn't teleport to attempt to find Alyzarin, and I didn't bother asking the female any more questions on other ways to find her.

      Now comes the gap in recall here...ugh, I need to work on that.....actually no, I'm just going to let it come naturally...

      The dream shifts again, and now I'm with a girl that looks a lot like Sarah B. (I'm using that because I met way too many Sarah's in my life).

      It seems Sarah is wearing this weird color that seems to be a mix of dark maroon and brown, it's very hard to describe. I'd said....a really dark brown colored jacket? Underneath that was a light gray sleeveless ruffle blouse of some sort. She wore regular jeans as well, but my recall of how they really looked like is a bit stale, since I was mostly enticed by her face.

      She has a very cheerful personality, just like the waking life counterpart, it's like my subconscious collaborated in getting the best aspects of her overall personality.

      She was one of the most cheerful females I've met in my life, and was very nice towards me. She's the type of girl who has a lot of friends, probably even to this day, and she was usually the type to jokingly make fun of them.....she was just the cool chick that you just had to love.

      She holds my hand.....oh my...

      I let her guide me, and then she tells me,

      "Let's go to the Women's Restroom....."

      I take my hand away from her and stop right there.....

      The last time I went inside a Women's Restroom in a lucid dream, I ended up fingering a girl who was peeing....I wonder what's going to happen now with someone I had a slight crush on before in waking life?

      I respond,

      "But But.....why can't we use the Men's Restroom?"

      She responds with,

      "Tch," like she was slightly irritated on why I would be concerned on which restroom to go to.

      Wooooah, she probably needs to get some action or something....I didn't expect her to express a slight shift in mood.

      It was as if she's the embodiment of a YANDERE...woahhhhhhhhhhhhh....oh goodness.......things are going to get EXCIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITING..a dream character who can go slightly psycho on me, but is still mostly romantically attracted to me? I'm GAME.

      I stand there for a while, looking back and forth at the Men's and Women's Restroom sign above me, and then peeked at the Women's Restroom for a split second because I didn't want to look like a pervert.

      I'm lucid, and I'm still afraid of this? I mean....that makes sense, because a girl I fingered in the bathroom in a lucid that was months ago went bat shit cray the moment I told her to prove she was my dream guide. She does this by making her eyes bigger than they should be, and she just did some weird stuff to wake me up while having her legs wrapped around my waist, and her arms around my neck.

      I guess unconsciously, I was afraid of that scenario possibly happening. After a while, and by a while, I just mean a few seconds, I sigh, and then I decided to inside the women's restroom.

      As I'm going in, it seems there are Men's Urinals with small stalls splitting between them for privacy. Oh man......this brings back memories from that last lucid I had a long time ago....

      Alright, now for the 18+ stuff, you have been warned, and don't get your hopes up too much, it was just mainly just a fellatio and tit-job....but still, it's an amazing experience for me, considering I didn't have to worry about the dream destabilizing.

      Sex is SEX....even it's just oral and using another female's body part.

      Spoiler for 18+....but I know most of you are going to read this anyway..:

      If you get confused....just read what's under the damn spoiler.

      I get distracted, and there's a random group of men that come in. I can't tell all of their facial composition, and there's maybe like 2-3 of them overall, one I know being a big and muscular Black male. He declares to me,

      "Let's trade women!"

      I get pissed, I immediately grabbed Sarah B's naked body and said,

      "NO! SHE'S MINE!"

      I quickly dash out of the restroom, and then all of a sudden, there's random shooting, and I'm even hearing machine guns....


      I still have a good hold on Sarah B in my arms, and I eventually reached back to my apartment again and quickly shut down the door. I looked outside at the window and saw an old man get shot by this unknown force of entities I didn't even see as yet. I honestly think the shooting was just added there for the lulz or something.

      I was worried if the old man was dead or not, and by looking at him, he was a really short man lying down on the grass. I'd say he's probably 3-4 feet tall, he has a big head.

      He looks exactly like the Sturgeon from Windwaker, except he was wearing a white outfit, and a red-pink-ish band around his waist, and his skin was tanned.

      I opened the door after the gunfire ceased, and asked the old man,

      "Hey, are you okay?"

      The man wiggles his nose, and he gets up immediately and I let him inside of my apartment.

      After the fiasco really calms down, NOW I START THINKING of the consequences of receiving fellatio and a tit-job from Sarah B....

      LOL, despite my lucidity, I'm STILL concerned, it's like my mind was so focused on getting away from the gunfire that the after effect made me dumb down a bit...I started thinking,

      "Shit...what if she has an STD?" I started to pace myself back and forth near my apartment while Sarah B. is probably sitting down on a chair next to the same round caramel table I mentioned that is in my apartment in waking and dreaming life.

      After worrying about the matter even more, I then have another dream shift where I see the alarm clock time for 7:54 AM. I'm back inside of my dark bedroom, and the alarm clock is just sitting there, glowing the time in red light.

      I can't remember much after that, but when I woke up, I felt these rushed emotions tingly and surging through my head and most of my spine.

      Wow...this dream took me quite a while to type....man...I need to type faster! I have 35 minutes or so to get to my class, and I'll probably have to eat a banana after I'm done with brushing my teeth and all.....

      FAST MODE ACTIVATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    9. Stuffed Mouth (SDE Day 18)

      by , 09-01-2012 at 02:19 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Stuffed Mouth (SDE Day 18) (Non-lucid)

      Spoiler for 18+:

      Ha, 18th day, and it's a 18+ type of dream.

      I remember one more dream, but it's so short that I'm not even sure to put it down. I did sleep late, like 2 AM late, and I'm glad I remembered SOMETHING.

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    10. Some Dream Fragments

      by , 04-26-2012 at 02:51 PM
      I was attempting to WILD this morning after a nights sleep. I kept getting short dreams or interesting hallucinations I wrote down.

      Some audios: "why aren't we hitting Edward Mann up?"
      "religion was foiled in supplication for fake vigilance."
      "went to Aztec, California. I was planning on buying a kilophone."
      "atomic resonance of silver is the distance squared."
      "Brokinski epitome of the human condition."

      A short dream poem that I saw on a plaque and heard myself reading it out loud:
      forgive me when I'm hurt,
      for I am crying in the dirt.
      soothe me when I'm at home,
      for I am sad and so alone.

      Fragment: A helicopter was flying nearby and I seen a naked woman either fall out or perhaps pushed out. She tried to flap her arms as if she was trying to fly, but that didn't help. She was flailing her arms so fast it looked like she had six arms. Once she gained six arms, she suddenly had six breasts as well to match. She fell into some trees which helped break her fall, but then I lost sight of her. As she was falling from the helicopter I heard a narrative "Ryan Seacrest went crazy about it because she never returned his call."

      Fragment: Americans made a mad rush on stores because there was a crisis in Europe. Kids (teens) were attacking other kids, throwing bricks through cars, and setting other kids on fire.

      I also had a short dream how the shadow people could come through walls as an invisible black mist then appear to solidify into a denser black mist/shadow. Then they could re-form themselves into the figure of a person's shadow, a black being.

      Another dream: I was lucidly masturbating in my dream, it became so long and hard I didn't even have to bend down to suck it. I seemed to be in my car at the time. After that I got out of the car, still half naked and was walking around not caring if my DCs saw me naked or not. I had keys to go into a brick house, it felt like I owned it in the dream, but it looked nothing like my house. Then I went back outside, crossed a double road, 2 lanes going each way, and walked down the far sidewalk still not wearing pants.
    11. M V (Between 10th August 2011 and 11th August 2011)

      by , 10-22-2011 at 11:46 AM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I'm in a room with poor light.

      F is there,and M V is there too. He looks at her for a moment and suddenly the two begin to have sex. She´s on top of him.
      I approach M and ask her: "What are you doing?"

      She says to me: "Come close...",i approach her and she starts to perform me oral sex.

      Days later I find myself in the kitchen with her,at work , and she says hi in a normal way, like nothing had happened.
    12. 10th july 2011

      by , 07-10-2011 at 10:24 PM
      Dream 1

      I wrote my hubby a letter and after that he was trying to be nice to me. I walked into a room and he was lying on a bed with a short fattish lady, they were both naked. He looked at me while he was cuddling her and said "this is what you want to do..the fountain" ((this meant oral sex on a woman in my dream)) I said "what the fuck" and walked over to them both. I tried to push the fat bitch out of the way but I wasn't able to, and anyway my hubby was holding her tightly while he was touching her, I felt completly repulsed. My hubby then tried to make me give her oral sex but I managed to get away ((wtf)) I stormed out and slammed the door behind me, I screamed to him "You'll fuckin regret this" he answered by making loud "Ummmmmm" noises to try and piss me off and make me jealous, I shouted to him again "Fuck you!" I stormed upstairs and bashed the 2 hanging light switches and they clanged loudly against the tiles.

      Dream 2

      A bloke i know from work told someone that he would get them a ticket for a plane ride, this bloke was dead excited about it, I said "your joking, he wont get you one" ((Dream skip)) I saw this bloke from work talking to the other bloke again and he was telling him he wasn't able to get him a ticket, this bloke was gutted and he came over and told me, I said "I told you..he's so full of Bull-shit" ((lol))
    13. No Big Get-Off

      by , 05-05-2011 at 04:01 AM
      No Big Get-Off (Non-lucid)


      *Sexually explicit (though rather clinical, lol. No big get-off to be had here :p)
      *Rough draft

      Visuals took over my meditation. I wasn’t that tired, this has been happening lately. I want to research this. It kind of feels like falling asleep but sometimes I’m aware of my body and the binaural water sounds I’m listening to as well. Maybe sleep paralysis? I really should read up.

      Walking in my home
      I used to live with a man here but I broke up with him,
      I think
      I see some items that are colorful, 3 that go together
      I'm in the bed we used to sleep in together. I lay around a bit. At one point looking out the large window and the white light barely tinted with blue.

      I decide to give head to myself
      Wondering if I’d like the taste
      The taste wasn’t very obvious; it was fine
      I want to try different things
      I’m reacting to it and can feel it at the same time
      I see my hips lift, but I feel like I'm laying below myself at the same time with my head between my legs, of course. :p
      It was pretty clinical. I was figuring out my anatomy and pleasure reactions more than really trying to get off.
      Kinda tentative at first
      Licking it feels nice but too general
      Sucking on my clit is pretty pleasurable I think
      Pressing my chin onto it
      The general pressure feels very good, like I could eventually cum like that
      Hips lifting in reaction to the pleasure I’m giving myself
      Pressing hard makes my chin and pubic bone pretty sore, but my clit is happy. I stop the chin method

      grazing my teeth against my clit feels like a bit of a stab of pleasure, a bit too intense but a nice “jump start” to be used occasionally
      Nibbling my clit with my teeth feels too sharp

      A man comes over and we’re going to a concert together, some alternative rock group I used to like pretty well in high school but wasn’t that crazy about

      Got into the car with one of the guys who came to my house, we’re driving together. I’m driving, and the other guy has another car. He is a bit surly. We go to the corner convenience store. Something somewhat significant happens inside
      (with the man at the counter? I was watching through the window?)

      I remember I have to get something for the concert, a set of 3 items that pertain to the band. The items are important. One was a kind of book. They were like a key to something and would be recognized (by the band?). The surly guy was annoyed. I brushed his annoyance off.

      We had time, there would be an opening band, I imagined and told the guy in my car. He agreed and said something about me being on top of the planning. I questioned that I was, thinking I had procrastinated and that I was lucky there is probably an opening band which I hadn’t taken into account before. I thought that if there wasn’t an opening band we’d be late.

      Driving into my old small curved driveway (where I lived in waking life in high school). When entering it I focus on its small entrance and how it is pretty awkward to veer into it but I do. A tree has overgrown but I pull up enough for the guy in the car behind to have easier access to the house's door as well. The tree’s branches come into the window and they’re more solid than I’d thought. They kinda hurt and I wonder about being able to open the door.

      I had the 3 items
      I think, got to the concert, there are different rooms/areas
      The concert hasn’t started in the main, larger area. The opening group will play in a smaller room that we go to. There are chain link fences. I sit on the bleachers. I am alone, the man has gone off somewhere and will come back and I think the surly guy left a bit before that.

      Old school, old teacher, Claudia and another
      Claudia was being strict about the students sitting in rows of two. Katie, a student, kept sitting where she wanted over and over. Claudia kept correcting/directing her. Katie seemed like she was somewhat unconscious of her actions, and also quietly (subconsciously, perhaps) angry and dismissing, like she was telling them to leave her the hell alone silently.

      I didn’t have a very good seat. I'm in the section to the side of the area where the students were sitting. The other teacher (Leigh?) called my name as if I was still a student. I knew it was a better seat and she gave me a look like she knew I wasn’t supposed to be grouped with them but she was going to pretend she didn’t and make an exception so I could have a better seat. After a couple moments’ hesitation I stood, picked up my backpack and another item, and went to go sit there. Claudia noticed and said something. The other teacher gave a vague argument about why I should be fine sitting there. Claudia was strict, enforced the rules. Leigh gave me a subtly exasperated look mixed with a c'est la vie look about Claudia. I kinda shrugged and sat back down and felt a little embarrassed in front of the students.

      I saw a man I had dream memories of. We had been around each other regularly. He was like Adam (a man who had been a gay porn star I used to be friendly with in waking life. We always had a fun time, joking and being silly and also emotionally and physically affectionate. He had one of those vibrant, open personalities that didn’t seem needy, more just loving. He did little things, like when I was a waitress and had been serving him and his life partner, he poked his head into the back of the restaurant where I was making espressos and handed me the folded-up tip all furtive-like. He whispered matter-of-factly, “thanks for the blowjob.”, turned, and went back to his table. Leaving me cracking up. Very deadpan and playful at the same time, so much fun.) So, this dream character had the spirit of Adam and looked like Ozzy Osbourne (they are a bit similar in looks in some ways in waking life).

      I recalled dream memories of being around him daily because of people we were friends with. They seemed rich and extravagant. He and I would peripherally interact in these memories and there was a sadness there too, like we were sad we had a lot of distance between us. When I saw him at the concert, he was guarded emotionally. I initiated talking with him and he was hesitant. I told him I miss seeing him every day. He started to warm up and we linked arms and walked as we talked. He was surprised I missed him, saying “you did?” and I could feel him melting. I reaffirmed that I did. He warmed up a little more and invited me on a skiing trip and started to name-drop a bit about people who would be there (in real life he spent time and was close to famous people and he, or at least they, tended to like to name drop). It felt kinda cold and superficial, but I was excited at the prospect of going at the same time.

      Our walking took us down, into what felt like the basement/garage of this amphitheater. He wanted to show it to me.

      annoyed at waste, men working

      Trenches for planks of wood, band members one of whom was shooting up

      I’m outdoors, walking on a long balcony. Men to my left in rooms working on projects (with saws and whatnot…you know, picking up heavy objects and putting them back down) My thumb caught on a round electric saw attached to and hanging over the balcony’s railing. The tooth of the saw was slightly deformed and it was caught on my thumb without scraping much. I carefully extract my thumb so as not to cut myself more and reflect on that. The saw feels like it almost has a hold on it.There is some pain.

      Grey’s anatomy short black doctor woman "Nazi" and another familiar but not famous woman had been trying to flag me down before then with some papers she wanted me to sign. I had seen but had been doing some other things. She expressed annoyance. I held my boundaries and stayed good natured.
      The solid short woman took my thumb; it was bleeding. Her finger came close to touching the cut/scrape like she was fascinated. I pulled it away before she could touch it and was like, don’t touch it! Um, aren’t you like a doctor? She kinda shrugged and looked to the side.

      I felt emotionally strong in this dream
      Another man (a doctor?) asks me out. I wasn’t expecting him too. I felt comfortable and wanted him to. He was kind of constrained but I understood why.

      Cousin, aunt/CJ/Diane Hamilton interruption of me and the man.

      At that point I lost the sense of emotional expression balanced with a calm and acceptance stance toward my emotions that held their intensity in check without trying to. I got angry and quiet.

      Woke breathing hard, angry…with Charles in Charge theme song going through my mind, lmao. It is still being sung in my mind as I write this. Joy…*crazy face*

      Oh, and my thumb still kind of hurts. When I picked up my laptop to write this the pressure and roughness of the cushion exacerbated the pain a bit.
    14. Lucid Dream 184: The Lake Party

      by , 03-02-2011 at 01:35 AM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      February 28, 2011
      Lucid Dream 184: The Lake Party
      Series: The 108 Stars of Destiny, Episode 2
      around 4:00am

      Category - Party/Sexual

      Before becoming lucid, I remember a brief cave scene and something about a war. The next thing I remember is becoming lucid on the back deck of a lake house. I never performed a RC, I just knew I was in a dream.

      I looked out and small grassy knolls were scattered around the area. The clarity was superb. There were a whole bunch of jews and arabians gathered around the lake house. They seemed to have been segregated, with jews on left and arabians on the right. They all were sitting around and mingling with one another as if they had been waiting for a while. I walked up to the back balcony, raised my hand and said, "Attention!" They all turned and looked at me. I then said, "Now you must fight over the holy land! Fight over Jerusalem!" They all repeated after me like robots, "Fight over Jerusalem!" I spoke again, "Yes! Now lets hear you say it like a Jamaican! Hey, lets fight ova Jerusalem, mon!" They all attempted to use a Jamaican accent, but it wasn't pretty. I then shouted, "Ok, now its 80's rapper time! 1, a 2, a 3 to the 4...lets start a fight on Jerusalem's floor!" Everyone's attempt at 80's rap was even worse than the Jamaican one. I laughed and noticed there were three people who looked out of place. In the very center of the crowd on top of the tallest knoll in the area, was one white guy and two black guys who were sporting hip-hop attire. I shouted to the crowd, "Lets leave it to the professionals. For your entertainment, I give you...Rapper's Delight!" The three guys began singing Sugar Hill Gang's, Rapper's Delight. All the arabs and jews began dancing (or rather, trying to dance to the music). I watched this bizarre scene for a moment and laughed at some of the dance moves.

      I looked just below the deck and saw an attractive blond standing on the ground. I whistled at her like she was a pet and motioned her to come up on the deck. The two bouncers posted at the stairs allowed her through. She began to talk about it being an honor to meet me or something, but I just placed my hand on top of her head and pushed down a little. She smiled, unzipped my pants, and began blowing me. It felt extremely realistic at first, so I began breathing slowly to keep the dream stable. Suddenly, I began to feel it less and less, so I said, "F*** it!" and began ramming her head. She was now pushed against the guard rail with her mouth open and I was face f***ing the hell out of her. The dream started to become fuzzy. I heard a seductive voice behind me say, "Be careful or you will lose the dream." I stopped and began to stabilize. Once stable I stood the girl up. I asked her if she wanted anything, and she said, "A picture." I laughed and said, "OK." I told her to get naked and she did. I then bent her over and and began pounding away, I shouted, "Take a picture!" A camera man ran out of the back door and snapped a picture with a high tech fancy camera. The picture immediately printed and he began shaking it like old school. He then gave it to her. The dream started to fade again, so I stopped. I stabilized once again and was surprisingly able to stay in the dream.

      They chick began looking for her clothes and I said, "You don't need clothes. In fact, no one does." I looked out into the crowd, which was now made up of college aged guys and girls, and shouted, "Everyone take off your clothes! What kind of party do you think this is!?!" They all stripped. I then heard someone clear their throat behind me. I turned and saw my friend Shawn and Aaron, Kate Beckinsale, and another woman. I said, "Relax! We aren't stripping." I looked at Kate and said, "Well, you are as soon as we get back to the castle." She smiled and I turned to the other woman. It was Gaia (Jamie Murray) from the show, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. I spoke, "Oh and you will most definitely be joining us." She smiled and said, "It would be my pleasure." I winked and then told everyone to follow me to our bar. I walked down the steps and into a bar area. The bar was a little underground and had small rectangular windows lining the top of the room. Out of the windows, you could see bright green grass and a lake. On one side of the bar, the water was covering the window and I could see a large dragon like creature swimming around in the lake. The water was crystal clear. I looked at Gaia and spoke, "Not only will you join me and my queen in the bedroom, but join us as a member of the Royal Family." She smiled and told me that she needed a little convincing. She then began massaging "me" under the table with her foot. I stood up and took her and Kate's hand. I then walked them behind the bar and into a back room. It was a bedroom that was dimly lit with candles. I sat on the bed and watched Gaia and Kate undress and began kissing and rubbing on each other. I laid back and Gaia proceed to sit on my face. After performing oral on her for a while, we returned to the bar. Gaia accepted my proposal and joined us. Gaia becomes the 4th star of the "108 Stars of Destiny". She is known as the "Temptress Star."

      I turned to Shawn and Aaron and said, "Well now that business is over...what should we do?" They looked at me weird so I told them that we were lucid and should do something cool. They were completely useless coming up with ideas though. Aaron suggested we play hide and seek. I laughed and told him no. Shawn's suggestion was to kick a puppy. I laughed once again and a puppy came running into the room. Shawn gave it a gentle nudge with his foot. I said, "Dude, you are dreaming...that puppy isn't even real. If you are going to kick it, then f***ing kick it!" I then swung my foot back and booted it out of the nearest window. I told them to think of something cool while I stabilized. I stared at the bar t.v. and noticed a football game was on. It was the Denver Broncos vs. the St. Louis Rams. I watched it for a moment and saw a punt return where the returner was going crazy and made like 7 people miss, but ended up getting rocked and gained only a couple yards. I remember thinking, "Where the hell was the blocking?" Mike D was now with us and he suggested that we do shrooms. He pulled out a bag and we all ate some. The bar and the dream around me began to melt. Suddenly the whole scene melted and I was in a solid white void. There was no floor or any type of structure around me. I was just floating. I suddenly heard some music playing. The music slowly turned into a loud beeping. I noticed it sounded like my alarm clock. I then woke up and immediately wrote down the dream.

      the, 108 Stars of Destiny
      NEW 4 - Gaia - The Temptress Star

      Series Details
      Welcome to the epic dream series known as, "The 108 Stars of Destiny." Follow me as I build the most powerful army the dream world has ever seen. Along with the help of 108 key recruits, I take on the dream world and elevate to god-like status! Will anyone stand in my way? Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

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