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    1. Not much to recall

      by , 05-26-2017 at 03:17 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Had some semi lucid Hypnagogic imagery of a woman in a creepy mask with nothing but black pupils.


      Vague memory of the woman being in my room. She is shrouded in black smoke and almost resembles a spider. She is sticking a tube in my chest and feeding the black smoke through it. Or maybe it's more like spider silk sticking into me.

      All other dreams almost reached the surface but were pushed away by a black cloud.
    2. Dream - The Ginger Vampire & Escaping Imprisonment

      by , 05-20-2017 at 12:57 PM
      Date of Dream: SAT 20 MAY - 2017

      Dream No. 116 - Separated Sections

      Dream 116 A - The Ginger Vampire (Nightmare)
      I remember my dad was angry at me for something, I forgot what for exactly though. We were arguing quite a lot and he started to shout. I then decided I would take a walk around the block of the old neighbourhood. It started off okay but when I got to the top of the hill. There was this one house where a big white dog was behind the fence, barking it's head off... It was loud and scary. I walked past the house as quickly as I could and went back down the hill on the other side of the block. When I was at the bottom of the hill, there was this non-existent shop selling all these bags of potato chips, it's hard to describe because you couldn't see a shop but then apparently there was one.

      I came back home with a few packets of chips to find that now my mum was angry with me. Apparently she was angry for the way I was talking to my dad earlier, so why was she blaming me? Because she's always sticking up for my dad no matter what. Soon though she calmed down and said that she needed to go to the shops. I said to her I could come but she wanted to keep putting it off because she couldn't be bothered. I said I'd be willing to go with her really early in the morning so she could get it out of the way and have the rest of the day free.

      So we did go to the so called shops at the time the dream stated to be 9:30 AM. As we were sitting in the car in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere, our ginger cat slinked up to my side of the car. She wasn't bad at the moment but I did notice that something was going to be off. My mum said something like “Zizi! You spent two and a half hours to come and look for us!”. Still, I wanted to find a way to shut my car window but I couldn't... The window was stationary and couldn't move. Then we hopped out of the car and that's when my cat turned really dark. She was hissing and making these long noises, at my mum first but my mum seemed to still be overwhelmed with awe... Like she was oblivious to the cat's demising nature. And then the cat turned to me and made even louder noises. Additionally, her teeth were showing. The most prominent feature were the added two white fangs that were massive and looked like white pearly daggers with a clean cut edge, just ready to slice some meat off a bone. The cat quickly made me wake up in fright at 4:57 AM.

      Dream 116 B - Escaping Imprisonment
      I was at my old house again, this time the dream was based in the backyard and a small section of the front yard. I started off in the backyard on the verandah where there were two beds... One was mine and the other one was grandma's. I was doing something in bed but I forgot what though and my grandma told me off. As soon as she did that, I had the thought in my head that I had no freedom at home and that I needed to leave and go somewhere else so I could get freedom that was being taken away by the other members of my family. The way I worded it to myself in muttering was, “I think I need a lucid dreaming partner, and fast”.

      My grandma then got out of bed and started using a saw to cut small bits off the verandah at a time, like making an incision and then the little square chunk would break off. Although she had no physical contact me, a big cut was starting to appear on my thumb and bright red blood was oozing out of the wound. That's when I knew I had to get away now! The dream did show snapshots of me looking on my phone and during that time, I got the prompt to go to WB's place supposedly located in the far SE suburbs in the dream, to escape and seek refuge there.

      I did tell my grandma that I was leaving to go somewhere and that's when she gets into a panic, calling my mum to come outside. Before my mum can get out, I decided to go to the other side of the house and try and hide there. That didn't work as my mum ended up popping her head out of the door on the laundry side. She asked me where I was going but I gave no details of WB. I only said to her that I thought it was time for me to find a dream partner and so I was going. I then zipped over back to the verandah side of the house but found out that my mum already had her head out the door. My brain in the dream thought that there could possibly be two of my mum... Or she could have teleported to each door. So she's still going off at me but at the same time, she let me leave.

      So I went to the back gate and tried to pick the lock off so I could get out. As I was doing so, I could hear my mum saying to me “You'd better not go that way or dad will know”. The dream scene then showed my front porch area. My brother said something like “You'd better look out for Karla, she's trying to go somewhere”. The dream then went back to the backyard. I was frantically trying to lock the gate so the boys wouldn't get any sign of me being there. Then like Super Mario, when he receives the balloon power flower in Super Mario 64 DS, I started floating in the opposite direction towards the very back fence.

      As I was floating, I could also hear myself singing to the music associated with that Mario soundtrack. Still, I was in a panic that my dad was going to get me if I didn't get away soon... That he'd be after me. It took a while to get out of the neighbourhood but when I did, I didn't panic as much. I then found myself floating down the Eastlink which I soon determined to be the wrong freeway. After a left turn, I then found myself correctly on the Monash Freeway, which didn't look like a freeway that much. I knew I was getting close to WB's place as I entered this whole region of peaceful greenery but before I could go any further, I woke up.

      V Behind The Scenes V

      It's the same length whether it's in this entry or another entry. So I thought I'd just do it here.

      Dream No. 116 A:
      Basically it started off bad and progressed into something worse and worse. When things are bad in a dream, I can call for my Dream Guide... But you know it's a true nightmare when you can't feel her energy at all. I might probably try and mentally train myself to call for Dreamy WB even in a nightmarish situation... Hopefully I may get some results after two weeks of training at my rate. That way, instead of the nightmare waking me up straight away, I actually have a chance to face it if I want to. In regards to the cat, it's like she was half way in between a cat and a grizzly bear... That's what my subconscious mind thought in a dream.

      Dream No. 116 B:
      In this dream, I felt like my whole family was restricting me from living life. It is strange how the beds were out on the verandah, it was day time in the dream though (well sometimes dreams just don't make sense at all). As soon as I told my grandma that I was leaving, she goes into a panic like "what did we ever do to you?" and calls my mum because she doesn't know how to deal with the situation. She uses my mum in real life too to help her with some things. The shopping, gardening, issues, etc. It's interesting how when you're in the middle of a fight or argument with someone, they don't care but when you leave them, then they care. Once again, this was a case of, seek your Dream Guide to help you. I read somewhere about unique energy signatures in dreams and Dreamy WB always possesses a warm energy, I'm always thinking of her as a mix of a friend, second mother, and therapist. Additionally, her dwelling always seems to be in these beautiful green fields that I can never fully reach on occasions... Such as in this dream.

      Writing Expression
      I realised I have written a lot down in this entry (not including Behind The Scenes). When on the computer, I always listen to music and when I was writing down Dream No. 116 A, I decided to listen to a track that resembles a nightmare. And then for a part of Dream No. 116 B, I was listening to that Balloon Mario OST track. Depending on what music I listen to, sometimes it fits the mood so well that I can write tons.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    3. Wake Up

      by , 05-17-2017 at 07:26 AM (One Up Seeker)
      I haven't had a nightmare in I don't know how long, but I had one last night so I figured I'd share it with y'all considering they're very rare for me.

      1. I'm laying in a bed, on my side. As I awaken slightly I look around me and see that I am inside of a large classroom. The lights are off in this classroom and it is rather large in size. I can see that the floor is made of tiles, and at the front of the room I see an extremely large dry erase board, the kind that teachers use. All the way across the classroom, diagonally from me, is the classroom door. There is a window on the door and through it I can see lights on outside in the hallway. I look directly to my left and see that someone is sleeping in another bed directly adjacent to mine. I have no idea who it is, yet I don't really care either. Suddenly I hear a voice in the distance. The voice sounds kind of far considering it has an ambient tone to it, but it doesn't seem too too far away. Even so though, the voice is yelling. I feel like I know who the voice belongs to, but I am not sure.
      "Cory wake up! Wake up now!" it yells. I've no idea where it is coming from, maybe somewhere off behind me? Anyhow, seconds later a being appears about a foot in front of me, just standing at the side of my bed staring into my eyes. I am frightened to say the least, but I cannot look away. The figure is wearing an all black robe, and its face is just pure black with the exception of two glowing red eyes. At this point my heart is pounding in fear, and the voice is still screaming for me to wake up right now. A few moments later I awake in the actual waking world. The being is now standing on the right side of my bed, still staring at me from the exact same spot. This goes on for what seems to be about 15 to 20 seconds, and I am terrified. I still cannot look away even though I am completely scared out of my mind. After those 15 to 20 seconds the being suddenly vanishes. I don't remember if it walked away or just straight up vanished.
      Even after it left I felt some presence in my room, and I still felt a fear that I have not felt in years. I have no idea if it was real or all in my head, or even if it was a ghost or something else, but holy shit it felt real, and I haven't seen anything paranormal in a long, long time.
      nightmare , memorable
    4. Shared: MoSh and Raven Knight May 8

      by , 05-11-2017 at 02:25 AM
      Similarities in bold

      My Dreams:

      Finding Asuka

      Remember trying to convince Asuka to come with me. Raven was there. I grabbed Asuka's hand and she grumbled, "do you really have to hold my hand?" I said "yes, because I don't want to lose you again. I want to make sure we make it home together."


      I am in my inner world house with Raven and Asuka. I go to a window and an undead version of Professor Snape is looking in through the window. I run to the back of the house and tell Raven I spotted him.

      Raven's dream:

      2017, 05-08

      Dark Mirror

      I am in a place I don’t recognize. I look around to see if I can figure out where I am. After walking for a while I realize it looks somewhat familiar, but at the same time not familiar. It looks like a creepy dark version of a place I have been before. There are run down houses positioned around a cul-de-sac, and the people walking on the sidewalks look distinctly like orcs. I find that strange because the neighborhood looks completely normal for this world aside from the fact it looks like it has been abandoned and now is falling to ruin. I start walking along the road, not sure where to go or what to do in this strange place. The orcs wandering around don’t seem to be paying any attention to me so I pay no attention to them. Then I see a man approaching me, definitely not an orc. Maybe he knows what is going on here. I go over to him and ask him where we are. He says it’s supposed to be his inner world, but it looks like someone has made a mess here again. At first that statement makes no more sense than this place does, but finally I put it together and I realize I’m talking to MoSh, but this sure doesn’t look like his inner world…

      MoSh says we have to find Asuka, so I agree to help him look for her. We go through a rundown looking house that I think is most likely haunted and we come to what looks like it used to be a beautiful garden, but now everything in it is dead. I look at the dead and brown plants and wonder what could have happened here to make them all die. I then realize there is a woman in the garden, but she is down on her knees next to something. I wonder what it is that she is looking at so I go over to see her. It is Asuka, and she is kneeling beside what appears to be the only plant in this whole garden that is still alive. There is a small and somewhat sickly looking plant growing there with a single beautiful flower blooming brightly. I ask what is going on here, and she says she has to save this flower. Everything else is dead, so she has to save this flower. MoSh comes over and seems glad to see Asuka appears to be ok, and he says it’s time to go home. I ask Asuka what has happened to MoSh’s inner world. She looks around and says this isn’t MoSh’s inner world, it’s a mere shadow of MoSh’s inner world. She also repeats that she has to save the flower. MoSh takes her by the hand and tries to lead her away. She keeps saying she has to save the flower and reaching back for it. I tell her I’ll get the flower. I form an energy sphere around the flower, the plant, and a chunk of soil it is growing in and bring that along as I follow MoSh and Asuka.

      As we are making our way out of the strange garden I see someone who wasn’t there when we went in. There is a man standing on and blocking the path to leave the garden. He looks like a walking corpse, and I get a whiff of a foul odor coming from him. He is rotting and decaying. Asuka says he is the bringer of death, every plant he touches dies and decays. She seems worried that he will get too close to the flower and kill it somehow. The zombie approaches us and MoSh ask him who he is and what he wants. He laughs and says MoSh already knows, but he sees a new friend… he might just have to drop in and visit me sometime. I can’t help but laugh when I think of him trying to drop into my inner world and running into my shield like a solid titanium wall, or meeting Vegeta to blast him back where he came from, or the psycho twins Mary and Marty with more weapons aimed at him than he could register sight of before he got vaporized. I tell him if he wants to be erased from existence he is free to try. MoSh says this guy should be erased right now so he can’t bother Asuka or Björk any longer. That makes me think of the song by Björk that comes to mind first, so I add that if he tries to get in he might just end up meeting an army of me. As I say that I form my right arm into an Alex Mercer blade. He doesn’t seem particularly bothered but laughs and disappears.

      MoSh, Asuka, and I go into the house that appears to be a run-down version of MoSh’s house in his inner world. I wonder if I should do something to fix the place up since Asuka said it’s not really MoSh’s inner world. I am looking around the house when MoSh says the zombie man is out front now. I wonder what this guy wants and I head to the front of the house to find him. I look out front and I see the zombie man out there. I think I should go out there and teach him a lesson he won’t soon forget even if his brain is rotting. I go out the front door but now he is gone, as is the whole neighborhood. I look around and now I am in a green meadow with no sign of the rundown house and neighborhood, no sign of MoSh or Asuka, no sign of the zombie. I look and see I still have Asuka’s flower in an energy orb, so that’s good… I am thinking of trying to get back to Asuka and MoSh but I wake up.
    5. A Persistent Delusion

      by , 05-10-2017 at 02:51 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Walking Downhill.

      I'm walking downhill on a forest trail at night time. Apparently I think I'm coming from Bjork's house. I walk down a ways and see a figure in my path. I recognize him as the man I saw at Bjork's house from my first visit there - The guy who was opening windows to make Bjork cold and who also claimed he was "helping her."

      Music begins to play from him. It's four piano notes descending slowly. It sounds exactly like the music from the first IT trailer. I think he's using it as a mind control song. "Come with me." he says. I follow.

      Home invasion

      I'm driving with the guy... who I'll just call night stalker. I'm in the passenger seat and kind of foggy. We are driving in what looks to be a cross between Calgary and Los Santos, from the GTA game. He turns off a main highway like Deerfoot, but the inner city is all different. He keeps talking to me but I don't really hear what he is saying nor am I paying any attention. We come to a residential area and he says, "If you wanna break into someone's home, you gotta start small.. Like this nobody here."

      It is still night time. We get out of the car and go to the house he indicated. He kicks the door in. Nothing happens as we stare into a house in the dark with nobody in it. We walk in. He goes into the living room and starts searching around.

      I hang by the doorway when a light flickers on. A middle aged woman is now in front of me and all three of us gasp. He says "Kill her." And in my shock I stab her in the chest with an umbrella? And in my other hand is a sharp corcscrew which I intend to use if she gives a fight. She screams, and asks what we are doing here? I say I'm not sure it was this guys idea.. I'm just here.

      She seems to forget she was just stabbed. and then kind of invites us in. The man is still searching for things and is so lost in what he is doing, he is not paying attention to the fact that me and the woman are getting along. I sit in a nice chair in the living room while me and the woman talk. Then I notice a small boy with no shirt on is bringing a bowl of breakfast cereal into the living room and he sits down on a chair.

      The man turns around and says. "We have to kill her right now!" and then he looks dizzy. He leans against the wall for a minute trying to get his bearings and vanishes. I realize he must have woke up. But I don't see how it's possible, since I'm not sure if this is a dream. My vision gets that watery look again and I wake up.

      Talking about a previous dream

      I'm talking to someone in a dream and telling them, "I told Bjork that I wanted to cut out the dreams about her for a while. The whole idea of THIS and it's implications is just... insane."

      Raven Knight says, "I know... I was there when you told her!". and rolled her eyes.She sounded annoyed.

      Bjork finds me

      I'm walking in something like a dance class hall with students dancing around me. Bjork emerges through the main door and walks up to me with definite purpose. She looks MAD, but she calms herself as if to deal with me delicately. She tells me to follow her and suddenly we are back at her house. She is folding wet laundry and hanging it up on a metal thing you dry clothes with. her hair is hanging down every time she looks down to fold something. Don't know what the term is for it. Anyway, she says, "You know Robert.." It feels so strange hearing her call me by name. "I was hurt by what you did."

      I said, "I'm sorry... I didn't mean to.."

      She says, "Look i know you're young. And take it from someone who has fallen in and out of love a few more times than you. It IS crazy. It IS a bit insane EVERY TIME! But the only way you can deal with it. Is abandon yourself to it, and let it go it's natural course, whatever the end of it may be. Don't fight it. That's what I do, and then I create amazing music out of it!"

      I wake up before I can respond.
    6. Lots of recall.

      by , 05-08-2017 at 11:52 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Hide and seek.

      Started. I was in another Dingy version of my inner world house. I was playing hide and seek with some teens or something. I counted to 30 with my eyes closed. When I was done I left the kitchen/dining area out the back porch down some steps. Saw one guy running away and said, "found you."

      Went into the backdoor to the basement and saw some people walking down the back hall. Went to my left at the end of the hall where a set of steps lead up but to the right was another bedroom just before the steps. Went in there and there were a bunch of teens smoking. I asked a guy for one. He said no but another blond guy threw one at me I tried to catch it but it vanished. My brother was there suddenly and was like, "What happened to it?" We both search on the ground for a while but find nothing.


      Fragment of me sitting on a couch. I turn on a movie. My aunt walks in and I tell her she probably won't like this violent movie.

      Death by phone

      I'm in some spa treatment place with my mom and long dead grandpa. Me and my mom go to leave. A girl who works there approaches us and says they have an hour until they close. She says, "Let me call someone first... AHH" and then she's on the floor with a burn mark on her face. The reception phone is off the hook. Apparently it burned her to death?

      I tell my mom we should call 911. But i don't want to use the death phone. I go through the woman's purse and find a pink cell phone wallet? I open it and dial 911. I hold the phone to my ear, but suddenly my head is dizzy and hot. I pull it away and throw it on the floor. Now it's a laptop that slides inside a briefcase. I hear some mumbling then a dead phone line. I keep fiddling with it to work but it won't.

      Meeting Raven

      I was walking in an unfamiliar city in a downtown street. I came across a bus bench and noticed Raven sitting on it. I asked her what was she doing here? While we were discussing the impossibilities of such a chance meeting. I was noticing how young she looked. Her hair was longer than usual and had blue or green eyes. I was perplexed by this but my memory fades here.

      Finding Asuka

      Remember trying to convince Asuka to come with me. Raven was there. I grabbed Asuka's hand and she grumbled, "do you really have to hold my hand?" I said "yes, because I don't want to lose you again. I want to make sure we make it home together."


      I am in my inner world house with Raven and Asuka. I go to a window and an undead version of Professor Snape is looking in through the window. I run to the back of the house and tell Raven I spotted him.

      Movie again.

      I'm with Asuka in our living room. She puts on some cartoon anime movie. It starts playing and I see two cartoon guys on bikes going down a japanese tokyo street. I say, "This is one of my favorites!"

      In the movie

      I'm walking along a street with the kids from the movie. One kid is with his mother and he pulls one of the guys off his bike. The guy who fell off the bike pulls out a circular blade in the shape of a table saw and he slices the bully in an upwards motion. The guy starts bleeding out and in my strange dream logic i saw, "He got what he deserves." The mother looks at me shocked. I continue, "Well, if you would have raised your son better he wouldn't have been a bully. and now he might die."

      I go into a school and sit in a class. I'm at a desk way in the back. I pull a book out of my bag and try to place it on the desk but the desk top is missing. I turn to my left and see a student placing the desktop from my desk onto his. I start yelling at him and ask for my desktop back. I take it and place it on the desk. I then back to look down and now I'm sitting in only a chair. With two desks to the side facing one another.

      The teacher asks me if I've cleaned the fridge yet. I hesitate and then answer, "No because I was never told to." . Asuka walks up to me and says my glasses are bent sideways and are falling off my face. The dream gets a watery feel like it's about to end. I pick up my glasses and noticed they are not only bent but really scratched. Asuka takes them from me to straighten them out but I wake up.
    7. Another date with Bjork.

      by , 05-07-2017 at 05:25 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      I remember Bjork was up on some landing. I was helping her down taking her hand into mine.

      Sleep Paralysis and Creepy Dream.

      I was experiencing vibrations. I kept thinking, "Asuka, Asuka." Wanting to find out what dream she was in. I was able to make the vibrations spin faster and faster. But somehow I lost awareness

      FA, In a dingy basement room with my dog. I can hear my aunt yelling from upstairs. I leave the room. I come to a wooden staircase that is broken in the middle. My dog followed me there. I some how managed to climb the staircase. I wound up in a living room that looked like Squatters had been shooting dope there for decades. Asuka was a fat Native american girl wearing glasses and was with some guy who I was unfamiliar with. He seemed to be familiar with me. Asuka started leaning against me and started trying to convince me to have a threesome with her and the man. I remember being really grossed out by the thought. They both had something like a crack pipe and started smoking it. I really wanted to leave.

      Frag 2

      I'm in a room with Bjork that appears to be all black. Except for us and the table we are sharing. On it is a GIANT slab of roast beef completely covered in gravy. We are both loudly stuffing our faces and our faces are covered in gravy. Xereniak walks in and gasps for a minute and then says, "Well, this is a dream I hope I definitely won't remember." I look at him confused as he leaves the room.
    8. Voices in the Night (a short fragment)

      by , 05-05-2017 at 04:51 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 05-04

      Voices in the Night

      I am lying in my own bed, completely unaware that I am dreaming. I am just lying there in the dark, but it feels like there is someone there with me in the dark. I stay still, I don’t really want to let whoever it is know that I am awake. I lie there for a bit longer and I think I am about to fall asleep when I hear a voice. It is a male voice speaking loud and clear, the voice also sounds like it might be mechanical or a recording, or maybe a digitally altered voice. It says the same thing three times in a row. “Go kill yourself. Go kill yourself. Go kill yourself.” I can also feel something in the room moving around in the darkness, I can’t really explain how, but I feel something there. And I become very angry at whoever or whatever is in the room with me. I respond to this anger by letting out a stream of expletives that is way beyond the words I am normally likely to use, focused mostly around the ‘F’ word. “F$@% off, you f$@%ers! F$@% you! Go f$@% yourself, you f$@%ing piece of f$@%! F$@% you and the f$@%ing horse you rode in on! Did your f$@%ing horse come up with this plan? It’s way too complicated for a f$@%ing idiot like you!” My cursing continued for a bit longer, repeating the part about telling them to go f$@% themselves. I can practically feel a presence of someone standing right beside my bed and moving around me, but then I wake up and all is normal.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    9. 17-05-03 Loser Guardians OTG, Flying in Santa Monica, 12:14

      by , 05-05-2017 at 03:32 AM
      I wrote down, but don't recall what it means: "no fate but what we make" (I watched Terminator earlier that day) and Ian McKellen. I think Ian said the famous Terminator line as part of a speech to 'us'. Us probably refers to several characters I met in the dreams I'll now summarize (they're all related, same 'continuity').

      I was doing some kind of basketball challenge. I had to dribble my way through a kind of trench (?), maneuvering my way past several opponents. Not willing to give up, I somehow outdid myself, and made it to the end. That would never work in real life.

      I remember being in a hotel, and getting into a dumbwaiter in the kitchen. It went up, and I ended up between the corpses in a morgue...

      Notes mention Rick Moranis, don't recall the scene.

      Throughout the previous dreams (of which I forgot key scenes), a team had been assembled of random people I met in those dreams. Like the "Guardians of the Galaxy", but even bigger losers. One of them was a waiter from that hotel, perhaps Moranis was another. And me, of course - the basketball guy. We all traveled in a cool-looking spaceship. We flew through a kind of wormhole, into a dark planet's atmosphere.


      First dream completely unrelated to the first bunch. I was at Santa Monica Beach, and I was wearing absolutely ridiculous clothing. A bloody skirt? Pink, no less?
      I was understandably embarrassed. I didn't want to be seen. I started flying to stay out of sight. I was having fun, so the clothes thing kind of vanished (if you don't focus on it, the dream makes it vanish) as it ceased to be relevant. Flying low through a street, a guy suddenly turned to me and asked something really weird. I think he asked me to record something on tape...? I kept flying, but everywhere I looked, there he was... asking the same question over and over again, in exactly the same tone. I flew higher to get away, but when I looked back (down), there he was! Somehow right behind me in mid-air, asking that question again! I was seriously freaked out at this point. I violently threw him off of me, and he fell down. I somehow had an injury in my side all of a sudden? I woke up, and for some reason immediately checked my body for the injury. Not sure why I did that.

      Right before I opened my eyes, I had a vision of a number. 12:14 (in green numerals). I finally woke up, and checked the time. It was 12:14...
    10. OMG Inner World Attack!.

      by , 05-03-2017 at 02:30 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      I forgot a dream from wbtb.

      Bjork in Hypnagogic Hallucinations

      I see a dream scene forming before me. Just Bjorks face and on it is drawn makeup in black and purple lines. There are tears streaming down her face. I ask, "What's wrong?". Her face turns profile and now there are two of her faces staring at one another. I again see her eyes behind them and they are bright, staring into my soul. Then I wake briefly.


      Just a dream of walking my dog in some woods. Then i come to an area by a lake with a bunch of walk along docks. the place reminds me of Cultus Lake Chilliwack.

      Reading my Dream Journal

      Just a frag of reading my DV dream journal. In one entry I have twelve one sentence fragment dreams.


      Starts I'm in the catacombs that Data built in my inner world. I'm there planting bombs on the sides of walls and doors. Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine are with me. The ordeal gives me the creeps. They tell me a big attack is coming from the Remote Viewers.

      The dream speeds up to much into the fight. I'm sneaking around the outside of my house with my dog with a phaser in my hand. I enter a side door and go inside to see something I don't like and forget what. So I rewind the dream and I'm back with my dog on the other side of the house. I sneak around the corner and push my dog into the ground because I see remote viewers peering out the window this time. I guess they remembered the rewind and knew where I was coming from. A guy that looks like a cross between Shawn Bean and Colm Meany runs around the corner, and someone shoots him from behind me, Then Data runs from behind me with a phaser and then runs ahead. My vision zooms out to third person view for a bit and I see my house is located on something like Grove Street from GTA San Andreas. In the Roundabout parts there is a large gunfight going on. But instead of Grove gangs in green VS red Ballas, It's people in starfleet uniforms VS random guys in Casual bowling shirts.

      I hear an explosion and then I see my house begin to fal into a sinkhole. I fly from the backyard to my neighbors where Jaas and his GF are standing watching the scene. Jaas says to me, "Aww that sucks man. Wanna come hang out and have a beer?"

      "No way," I said, "I have a lot of work to do." I go to my front yard and all that's left is the wall frame of my house and a knocked over mailbox. I pick my mail box up and find a place to put it in the ground and then I wake up.

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    11. College & Meteor Strike

      by , 05-02-2017 at 11:56 PM (Ereos)
      Date - 14/02/2017

      I am now back in my old high school, in "Small Town", I am in what appears to be science class however I was located more in the english class room according to the layout, so it was a mix of both in the end.
      Not really sure what the teacher was saying at all, we were all there just roaming around a bit and stuff, anyways it was switch time and we had to go to another room. However like usual I have pretty much no idea where it is, well that's not entirely true, I know the room I had to go in was "E5", but I still don't know where this was at all.
      There was this moment where I was semi-lucid, like I kinda realized it but instead I just took it all in, I tested very quickly how discontinuous stuff is in time when dreaming, and the answer is basically not at all.
      I was on my way to get outside, now it turns out I was in the music room this whole time, I still have my wheel school bag while pretty much all others have their own proper school bag.

      So I just got outside the high school, plenty of people roaming around, until after a while I just quit the high school altogether and I am now in the parking of said high school, the layout looked a bit different overrall, anyways I am headed for my mom's car, my parents weren't there however there were two teenagers around my mom's car, I approached them and asked 'em what the fuck they were doing, they didn't seem to speak English, they spoke dutch, except the older one who spoke a little of English.

      Anyways they told me that they know why the trunk door of the car was making a weird sound everytime we opened and closed it, he said it's because of a few leaves stuck in there, but as he was going around the car to explain me, he also said that it was because of the radio antenna thingy, and that this thing "...??? meteor"
      I didn't really catch his phrasing at all, except "meteor", I didn't really pay too much mind about it, then he was talking about something else, back to talking about the radio antenna, and then I notice something in the sky, something darker, a very large darker mass that is alarmingly going faster and faster through the sky, I stare at it and then suddenly it starts to lit up and it's all on fire and it's coming faster than ever!
      It's a meteor! And now we're pretty much doomed for now, it hits very quickly I can feel the slight initial ground shockwave that this produced, this was i'd say 50km away from us north-west, it came from the south-west, I could see the sky light up very brightly, and for a long amount of time, as everything was slowly catching fire to the horizon.
      And then everything went silent for a few, and then *BOOM*.
      I heard sirens just about everywhere, police, fire crews and ambulances went crazy.

      The teenagers and me got into the car and we booked it to the East, as it hit North West of us, we were going through the mountains that I didn't really go through ever, the whole place was very naturely populated, plenty of trees everywhere, the whole "booking it" trip was pretty trippy to say the least.
      The whole trip fast-forwards seamlessly a bit, as we finally crossed the mountains and the forest not too far from the magic lake, finally arriving at some place that I properly never went to before.
      The whole place was pretty deserty, kinda jungley at some small bits and also borderlands-ish, there were plenty of baddies in the way so we killed 'em with our guns, after going through so many baddies, we arrive at this small waterfall and I hear from one of the teenagers: "Pharaoh", so maybe the place I am in right now is similar to Egypt.

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    12. WTF

      by , 05-02-2017 at 03:35 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      New definition of tooth dream.

      I was sitting somewhere in a house. I was over a bucket and my teeth were falling into it. But something else was wrong... Too many teeth were falling out. When I looked closer it wasn't teeth falling out of my mouth. but crystals!. I wasn't exactly puking them for they seemed to form from my mouth. And when they landed in the bucket, they fell apart like crystal sand. I filled the bucket. When it stopped, Raven Knight emerged from a different room with a very large bucket of crystal sand. She also had a disturbed look on her face. "Well I'm glad that's over with." She said. I wondered if this was a by product of something we had been doing in earlier dreams.
    13. Spring Competition Day 12-13-14 Dreams of Bjork.

      by , 05-01-2017 at 01:30 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Day 1: wbtb 4:30 am

      Game (Full nld)

      Just me playing a game. Started I was watching TV of it and then I was inside. I was far in the game going through a big abandoned building killing zombies. I tried to escape through a route on a large beam but ended up dying.

      I went through the memory card on my console and knew I had a saved game from beyond what I was just playing. For a while i couldn't find it. But i did and remarked to Asuka that I finally found it. I loaded the game, and now I was in a large field. My avatar had a yellow hat that didn't fit with the rest of the outfit so I went to find a brown hat in the menu. No brown hat so I setled on a black one. Went on flaying in a field but then came to a house fighting Zombies.

      Day 2: wbtb 2:30 AM

      Bjork's Inner World.

      I remember being in a garage with Data and Asuka. Data was messing around with a weird mechanical box. He was explaining that dreams of famous people are protected by high security dream algorithms making it hard for any dreamer to just stumble into a Celeb's dreams. He said this would just be a test and we weren't going to go to my desired target's dreamscape but someone else's. I wasn't sure what he was talking about and I asked who. He said that it was a surprise and that Asuka had come up with the idea of whom. He turned a dial and...

      I was suddenly alone on a cold beach with no sand but small pebble rocks. I may have heard singing in the distance but wasn't sure exactly where it was coming from. A small piece of paper blew against me and I picked it up and unraveled it. I read some words that didn't make sense. The writing was grey and hard to read. Then a single word showed up in blue ink: Bjork.

      Suddenly I found myself in a nice house. Bjork was there and she was shivering. I talked with her a bit but can't recall what was said. She would go to a window and close it. And a few seconds later it or another window was open again. There was some guy running around opening the windows. Everytime he did that another more colorful version of Bjork would emerge from her body and yell at the man in a language I couldn't understand and then disappear back into her body.

      The conversation was warm and kind. We kept walking and eventually I went after the man opening the windows and told him to stop it because It was clearly making Bjork cold. He said he was trying to help her. I argued that it wasn't helping her and just pissing her off. The other version of Bjork ran out of her and chased the man away and she was screaming. Bjork just smiled at that and we kept walking towards a living room. I was staring at her because sometimes she seemed so young and other times looked a lot older. She was wrapped in a white shawl and i said, "Bjork, Bjork... " and she turned to me. "She's so loud," i said. Alluding the Bjork that had run out of her, "But YOU, You're so quiet." The last part I was whispering. I was referencing one of her songs of course. She smiled in a, "that was cheesy but I'm going to let him get away with it." manner.

      "I know," she said and smiled devilishly. I wondered if this was really her. Every second that ticked made the dream so much more vivid. We leaned against one another and found a couch. We embraced there and started kissing. It felt so real. I was too excited and woke up.

      Bjork again (Frag)

      Asuka was leading me down a hallway and saying that Bjork was in my inner world and waiting for me. I was groggy and confused. I saw Bjork sitting on a couch and she reached out to me but I woke again.

      Basement fight (full nld)

      I just remember I was in some sort of house with some bad people inside. I wandered into a basement and the bad people were on the steps. I Started punching one guy with glasses, but that didn't work. I had something like a flame thrower that wasn't lit. and I started spraying everybody with gas right in the face. The guys backed down the steps a bit in pain. I didn't know how to light the flame thrower. The guy with glasses pulled out a match and handed it to me. Um okay so he was okay with me lighting him and everyone else on fire? That didn't make sense, was he trying to light me on fire as well? I didn't trust it. I threw down the match book and ran back upstairs.
      Some other stuff happened but forget it now.

      Third night: wbtb 5:30 am

      Trump (frag)

      Just an image of Trump pushing a wheelbarrow uphill filled with large lime stone rocks. He got tired so he began trying to eat one of the large rocks...

      Motel (full nld)

      I was in a weird small town out in the countryside. I went into a motel office and paid for a cheap room. The place was three floors and all the doors were from an inside hallway. I went and looked into each and every single room and found that they ALL were empty. Every room was the same. I did this for half an hour. then I left and started walking in a green field.

      Fight (Full nld)

      I was back at that town with my brother? and some other people. Some weird mech guy attacked me and I had two swords. I was using them for shields to bloc his attacks.

      Much of the fight was sped up until a part where I landed on my back. The had three arms with whirring blades at the ends of his hands or where his hands should be. I stabbed through the center of what looked like steel blades. Nothing happened at first but I penetrated the first blade then second and third. Each time blood would spatter from where I stabbed him. He eventually got impaled all the way through my swords. I remember thinking it was strange how metal could bleed... I got up and threw the swords aside and when I looked at them they were chinese double broad swords. I thought it should have been impossible to kill the guy with these swords...

      I got back to the group and we walked away talking about the fight.

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    14. Dream - The Block's Secret Murderer

      by , 04-29-2017 at 12:16 PM
      Date of Dream: SUN 12 MAY - 2013

      For those of you interested, this is the first nightmare I ever recorded.

      Dream No. 35 – The Block's Secret Murderer

      It was flashback from the game of Crash Twinsanity. This dream occurred in the so called “Tenth Dimension”. There was some weird yellow writing saying that I was in “Surfing Cables, Damosel”. It looked to me like I was a dark and dreaded island with heaps of wooden barns and thin black cables running across the island being supported by poles.

      I walked into the biggest barn on the island and saw DM from The Block All Stars. Now this was not the same DM and I knew for sure, something was definitely wrong with his personality. He was smiling, but in a crooked and devious way. And something wasn't right about this barn either. It was all dark and there were stocks of weapons laid in wooden shelves attached to the walls of the barn. “I'm a goner” I whispered to myself.

      DM picked up a huge knife off the shelf and said “It's called a slaughter house”. This knife was no ordinary knife, it was way bigger than a meat cleaver! He pointed the blade to the roof and sniggered. “Oh no, oh no” I stuttered. I seemed as though I was doomed and the knife was slowly but surely approaching my neck.

      Now it was so close that I was screaming and crying at the same time. But at that same moment, someone had gripped my arm and pulled me away. I looked beside me to see that the figure was taller than me. I then looked up at the man and he looked down at me, it was MB.

      Geez, if MB had waited another second, I would have been a goner. Now not only did MB pull me away from the knife but he also hugged me. And with DM, Mark was not the least bit happy with him. “Oi! DM! Leave the poor kid alone will ya?!” yelled MB. He then followed me out of the barn and that's when I woke up.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    15. Just Weird and scary

      by , 04-29-2017 at 05:14 AM
      Well the first thing i remember is that i was laying down on my bed on my left side facing away from the wall looking towards my window. I didn't know it was a dream at first, until i faced the other way. As i faced the other way i came in contact with another body, My hand was resting on a torso and a armed draped over my shoulders, i stiffened, scared to even look at who i was touching, and thinking why the hell are they on my bed? I looked up and saw my ex boyfriend's face, he was smiling down at me and said something around the lines of, "Hey, did you want to finish watching this show?" I pushed off of him and sat up, "What the hell?! What are you doing here in my bed? How- When- Oh my gosh!" i yelled quickly. He shrugged and leaned in closer to my face, "You were the one thinking of me." He said with a smirk. I pushed his face away but when i did that i made my self fall off the bed. I squeezed my eyes shut instinctively as i fell backwards.

      I felt my self falling but never felt any impact, even if a dream i still feel a numb thud when i fall down but this time i didn't, i just kept falling. I opened my eyes and i wasn't in my bedroom anymore, i was outside full of people, tents, animals and clowns. I looked down at my clothes hoping i had any, and i was wearing some sort of costume colored with bright pinks and blues. I got up quickly and looked around for something to give me clues. A guy noticed me and waved me to come over to him so i did. When i walked up to his table area he started to shove random items in my arms, "You're late, hurry up and get to your booth, the show must go on!!!" He yelled. I stared at him, i didnt know what i was suppose to do, i was lost, and afraid to do anything wrong.

      He must've notice how dumbfounded i looked cause he just did this dramatic sigh and shoved me to a booth, i stumbled but made it to the booth and the guy had left by the time i turned around to ask him what i should be doing. I sighed dramatically. I looked at the front of the booth to see a sigh to show me what i should be doing. all i could read was, "Lucid Magic." and thought, 'I really don't want to be here.' i tried to walk away but i took one step and my whole body shifted to another area.

      I was now standing in front of a glass room with a red button in the middle of the room and a large sign above that read, "Roast Yourself." and i laughed because i was thinking of random roasting sayings, my attention was brought back to the glass room when i saw a guy enter and he was smiling big. i went up to another guy who was the room keeper or something and curiously asked him, "Sir what is this booth suppose to be?" He smiled and said in a weird accent, "Well little lady this is the roast yourself room, when life isnt for you anymore, you come here." i was still confused. "Now see this young lad, his wife died in an accident and he wants to go with her." he finished. "Wait what do you mean??" i asked worried.

      The guy in the room spoke up, "Im coming Ellen!!!" He yelled as he pressed the button, then from all directions of the glass room, blasts of fire sprung up and he started to burn. I panicked, "Hey! wait no! Hes Burning!!!" i yelled as i started to run to the guy but he raised his hands and i stopped, he didnt say no words but he was just smiling at me creepily as his face started to burn into a black char, then he was gone, fire stopped and everything was normal, i kept staring at the glass room and the room keeper stepped in front of me, "Would you like to give up?" He asked in a scary deep voice. I just started to run the other direction and just kept running, i was afraid the room keeper would come after me but when i turned back he was just there waving at me then turned to other people to continue to do his booth's job.

      I grabbed my head and shut my eyes, i kept telling my self to wake up overs and overs but i couldnt wake up, i opened my eyes and the room keepers face was smiling at me ugly right in front of mine, i screamed loud and the dream ended.

      (it was 7:04am when i woke up from the dream, i didnt really jump up or scream in real life like you see in movies but i just opened my eyes to my normal room.)

      Well this was one of my crazy dreams when its hard to control because you barley feel like its a dream, so youre force to follow the plot no matter how scary. If you have any question or comments, you are able to leave them below.

      Until Next Dream~
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