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    1. Supernatural and X-Men

      by , 08-10-2013 at 05:21 AM
      This dream is all fragmented, I've lost a lot of the storyline. I fell asleep on the couch and the storm kept waking me up. Not enough to move into bed, apparently.

      I am taken captive, along with Sam from Supernatural, and Cyclops from X-Men. I'm not clear on why we are taken, only that they keep us complacent by feeding us this translucent purple liquid. I'll separate it into the scenes I specifically remember seeing.

      Cyclops is in a small square room, it is all white except for metallic grates running along the right and left walls. The far wall is taken up by a single computer. They have commanded him here and he is supposed to follow their orders. His buddy who is drunk on the purple stuff is too dazed to make it through the door, so he is waiting outside. Cyclops has been secretly feeding his ration to his 'friend'. So now they give the order for him to go out into the hall and kill the man. They give the order absently, not really focusing on him, and not expecting an answer.
      When they finally turn to look at him he gets awkward and dorky and kind of grins, "I'm um..."
      "You're what?"
      "I've had too much of the purple stuff again."
      They sigh in annoyance.
      "I'll just...go back out into the corridor and beat the hell out of number 8."
      They all narrow their eyes at him as he backs out the doorway and closes it. He knows he doesn't have long before they come for him, he foolishly gave them a reason to doubt his faith.

      The next time I see him he is quivering with tension, nervous, waiting for them to notice he hasn't been following their rules. Instead of killing people he has been releasing them into the woods. He 'stands guard' beside an elevator door, outside a banquet hall. If he's a good boy, he thinks sarcastically, they may feed him today. Then Jean swings around a corner in a lovely white gown. She hasn't seen him yet, and as she walks past, he seizes her by the upper arms and hides with her on the other side of a pillar.
      "What are you doing here? Do you know how dangerous this place is?" He hisses.
      "Yes. Why do you think I'm here?" She gives him a quick kiss. "I have a plan, hang in there, you'll be free soon." And then she is gone, sweeping gracefully into the banquet hall, leaving him there stunned.

      I'm out in the woods, I am myself. Some part of me knows how the story is supposed to go, how I am supposed to act. So I lift the water bottle to my mouth and dizzily drink more of the purple stuff. I can't think straight, but I can't stop drinking it. Some clever chemical, or brain-washing technique makes me believe that my mind would clear if only I could drink enough of it. I can't remember what I'm doing out here and at the same time I know that soon Dean will find me and I'll be safe. First I have to drink more. So I do. Then I collapse in a drunken heap. ((I compare it to alcohol, though it wasn't, it was more like a drug.))

      The next thing I know I am in a rough wooden cabin with Sam and Dean. Dean didn't really come to rescue me, but he couldn't leave me there either. So here I am. Sam still can not speak clearly so that he has to gesture what he means, something about a commercial with a dog licking his chops, he gives Dean a frustrated look. Dean hands him a bowl of wet Alpo. There's a bowl of mixed dry and wet dog food on the counter, I eat a bite of it. It doesn't really taste like anything, my head clears a tad. Then Dean turns to me with a spoon.
      "You'll want some of this. I think it works better." Dean says.
      "Tastes better, too." Sam says. "Almost like meat."
      So I take the bite from the proffered spoon and nod in agreement. It really did taste better.

      A fragment of me and my father talking about ways to deal with muggers, if they try to steal my glasses.
      "Just let them take them and run." He says.
      For a second that makes complete sense, then I frown at him. "But dad, if I don't have my glasses I won't be able to see anything."
      "But you'll be alive."
      "But I won't be able to see anything...."
      "But you'll be alive."
      "Oookay. I'll throw down my glasses then."
    2. Back In Class

      by , 03-15-2013 at 02:13 PM
      Last night, when I lay down to sleep, I resolved not to attempt to induce a WILD. The reason is that I have been tired the past 2 days, possibly due to waking up between REM cycles for my attempts.

      #1 - I dreamed, but don't remember it. I woke up, because I was hot, but immediately went back to sleep.

      #2 - I was in class, in a first grade class, but I was my real age (nearly 30). I don't recall the reason for being in the class, there was some reason that I understood in the dream but that was never made entirely clear. I was not an intern or TA, I was definitely a student, and all the other students seemed aware that I didn't "belong". My teacher was a big woman. At one point, she was asking me questions in class out of a work book. I was answering correctly, but she was behaving as if I was not and "Correcting" me. Finally, it got to be too much and I stood up and yelled at her. She started to cry. Later, I told another student, "You know I'm actually 23 years old, right?" (note: I'm not 23). The student acted shocked.

      #3 - This dream phased into another one where I was in a romantic relationship with a guy. I was staying with his family. He was kind of a blond "jock" type... not really my type. We had sex in the shower...his family knew we were very good friends, but I don't think that they thought we were involved in that way.

      Then, the family attempted to buy a nicer house, but it turned out that there was a bankruptcy that the wife had forgotten to mention on the paperwork. Her husband began to yell at her, and she began crying. The real estate agent told them that they wouldn't be able to get another loan for something like 1500 years.

      #4 - My aunt has agreed to give a family friend's friend a ride in their old red Dodge Caravan. We have to make special accommodations for her in the van because she's disabled. For some reason, this involves my uncle trying to fit a shopping cart into the van (he claimed it was her wheelchair). We finally manage to fit it in the back and go to pick her up. She's inside of my aunt's house. Their driveway is very steep in real life. My aunt pulls most of the way up the driveway, but not all the way up, and the poor woman has to walk the rest of the way to the van. She is very overweight, but it's not due to her overeating, she has some kind of hormonal disorder that causes this and makes her bones very soft. She has many small braids in her hair and is wearing a purple dress. Walking the 10 feet to the van is painful for her, but my aunt doesn't seem to care and won't pull up farther. I get out of the van and help the woman walk the rest of the way to the van, and help her climb inside. She thanks me, then sits down on the seat looking very relieved.

      I wake up. In real life, I have gathered my sheet up somehow and am clutching it like it's a teddy bear.
    3. 04.03.13 - Massive Zombie Horde

      by , 03-04-2013 at 06:32 PM (MysticalDipshit's Archive of Epic Dreams)
      Total sleep: 7 hours
      Daytime Techniques: RC’s
      Lucid Techniques: N/A
      Recall Techniques: DJ
      Fell Asleep: 5.30am

      Dream Title: Massive zombie horde
      Its day time and I am walking along some grass. To my left, which for some reason is the way I am facing, is a red brick wall. As I pass an Army truck someone - I’m not sure who – appears next to me. They hold up part of a corpse as we continue to walk, and it is quite bloody. I stop and turn around, pulling a weird face.

      “What the hell is that?”

      “We can take it and use it as food, because no-one seems to like deer, and it’ll help instead of cereal.”

      “Oh, good point.”

      There is a time skip, and now it is completely dark, like we are in the middle of a field somewhere. Groups of people are stood in the backs on large trucks, and behind us I can see lights shining on the floor around the building that looks like a pretty strong compound. I have no idea why everyone isn’t inside it, it looks quite safe. The trucks are also parked inside a mesh fence, and the drivers have really strong torches. It is extremely cold, and I can see the water vapour coming out of people’s mouths when they breathe.

      Anyway, we all hear a noise, and turn around. As far as we can see (Which isn't that far because it's REALLY dark…), there are bodies. Hundreds of thousands of them are lit up but the moon that magically appears behind them, and the strong torches pick out the details of the closer ones. Their purple skin seems to almost glow in the light. So they begin to push as hard as against the fence. Obviously, the hundreds of thousands of bodies managed to easily get through the mesh fence. Realizing that a massacre was about to take place, I quickly vaulted over the side of the truck and hit the floor. My vision zoomed in on an electric fence at the other side of the compound, but there was a hole in it. I started running towards it, and as I got closer, the hole got bigger. There were also every few zombies around this side. As I got to the fence, I jumped, curled myself into a ball and jumped through the hole. I hit the floor and rolled, coming to my feet with a rod of metal in my hand. I must’ve got it from the hole, but I hit a zombie with it and it does some serious damage.

      Looking back, I notice a small building just back inside. It would only be a few metres width and length. Deciding to check it out, I step back inside and go into the building. When I get inside, there is a faint purple glow, and the surfaces of every area in it are like a white metal. Through a hole in the wall, I see a girl from my school, holding out her hand. I know I have to help her, but at that moment, my head teacher walks in. He looks like of zombie-ish and he walks really slowly, but somehow the girl and the hole manage to disappear. He doesn’t spot me either.
      The dream ends here because I was woken by my parents.

      Awake: 6.45am
      Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) 12/15 it was mega vivid. The light shining over the horde in the middle of the night, and generally the graphics of the whole dream were amazing
      Awareness: (1-10; or lucid) 2/10
      Length: (how long it felt like) 10 minutes
      Emotions: I didn’t feel much in this dream, apart from being really cold, and having a kind of adrenaline rush when I jumped through the hole in the electric fence.
      Dream Signs/tags: corpse, zombies, purple, vivid
      non-lucid , memorable
    4. 22nd Feb 2013 Pretty 'dark' dream - Preparing some Weird Kid for a fight

      by , 02-22-2013 at 12:01 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from a non-lucid nap. Slightly weird one.

      I was in some purple-ish room, the room is pretty dark one also and there are some weird bloody heads on the walls, like trophies, but also like deformed human heads. There's also a bed with some kid in it. At this point i hear someone talking to me from the right, telling me that kid needs better weapon, i don't look for the source of voice. A menu opens with a list of weapons, there are skulls, bones and other weird things, current weapon set is some deformed skull, which is apparently too weak, so i change it for some sort of furless cat that gets to sit on kid's head and it's able to shoot pretty big triple dark-purple laser.
      Kid wakes up and voice from the right says that he might need some training. I materialize two stacks of huge playing cards in the middle of the room and the kid starts playing with them. Voice from the right starts explaining that the next level for the kid is going to be in school, with enemies possibly more powerful than he even faced before. I get annoyed that one of the card stacks blocks my view on the door for some reason as the kid is about to go out. Dream ends shortly.
    5. Saja, the Mirror-self and the Dragon

      by , 01-25-2013 at 07:05 PM
      The room is laid out like the paint desk at work, but it's all stone. Everything is grey, the room is closed and open at once. I'm standing at the mouth of a hallway, a ramp descending. When I turn my back on it, a man in the hall is abducted, dropping his coin purse. At the front of the 'paint desk' there's another man. He's kind of ugly, but I try not to hold that against him. He's holding out his hand in a gesture of terrified defiance. When I hear the man taken behind me, I turn to see the coin purse and try to gather the spilled coins (a smattering of quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies), then back. I see a creature drop out of the sky and snatch him.
      "NO!" I yell, and try to run for him, I drop the coins.
      The man and his captor have disappeared in a moment of distraction. Now there's a woman standing there, the light makes her look blue and purple. As she draws closer, she looks familiar. It's my face, sort of. I throw myself at her, one hand clutched to my chest, the other outstretched. I hit the ground. She falls too, her hand stretched out just like mine, other to her chest. I'm confused. I notice how she's dressed, an ankle length pale lavender dress with a white apron cinched at neck and waist. Her hair is dark, one long thick braid. Her features are delicate, eyes green. She almost looks animated, idealized.
      Saja? I think, frowning. Why is she a villain here? Is it a trick? Ever before, if Saja appears I am her, we have never been divided like this. Her confusion mirrors mine. I make a grab at her face, she grabs at mine. 'Saja', however, changes form. She becomes a dragon...thing. She's all round and soft, and a shimmering purple. I try to climb onto her back, she glances down at me, about to take flight. I assume she'll take me to the others. She crouches, ready to leap, I can see the square of dreary sky overhead.
      Tags: dragon, purple, saja
    6. Underwear Lucidity, Daughter Fragment, and Walking Around Topless

      by , 11-15-2012 at 04:28 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was standing in my closet, looking through some clothes, when I came across a pair of black panties hung up. Hmm...odd. I don't have any hanging panties. I decided to test to see if I was dreaming, and thought to myself "I'll find another pair of black panties in here." Lo and behold, the next thing I came to was another hung up pair of black panties that looked slightly different from the ones I first found. I'm dreaming!

      I decided to keep on making panties appear, just to test my abilities. It kept on working, over and over, and each pair was black, but a different style. Some had bras hung with them.

      I then turned and looked in my full-length mirror. I was wearing a white bra. I decided to see if I could make the black underwear appear on my body. I concentrated, but all that happened was my bra turned pink. Close enough for now.

      I walked around doing other things in the house for a bit, but nothing exciting. I was mostly trying to hold my focus on the dream so I wouldn't lose it. At one point, I did somehow go back to the closet, and had to retest the lucidity the same way I did before by making the underwear appear.


      I had a small daughter, probably only about 1 or 2 years old. I protected her from something, though I don't remember what.

      Also, I think in the same dream, I dreamed I was watching this couple, a black man and an Asian woman, who were about to get married, and their friends booked the church for a wedding on the same day at the same time. It was some big to-do, and people got mad, kind of like you would see in a romantic comedy. At the end of the dream, I saw the black man and Asian woman again, but they were sort of disguised. They were at the church trying to do something about the double-booking.


      I was in London, working at a department store with some people that came with me, I remember one for sure being a guy. We had literally just gotten hired on that day. I was wearing a purple polo that reminded me of a purple version of my old Subway shirt with my clothing underneath, which happened to be a plain red shirt I had some years ago IWL. We also had these mini microphones clipped onto our shirts.

      I walked out, and there were these long counters where people would check out, kind of like the one I saw in my dream two nights ago. In fact, I made that connection during the dream last night, thinking I had just dreamed about the counters. There were many women, mostly small Asian women, manning the registers and checking customers out. The environment seemed very bland, everything being shades of white.

      I then was in the back with I think the guy who came with me. We were chatting and laughing, just having a good time. Our microphones kept on cutting in though, and the whole store would hear some of what we said and some of our laughter. I kept trying to stop it, but I was having a lot of fun, so I didn't worry a whole lot, though I knew we'd probably get in trouble.

      Which we did. Some guy, I guess our manager, came by and said
      "No talking!!! You're going to get fired."
      Shit. Well I guess we better shut up then.
      We were then behind the counter again, and everyone was working in silence. The "no talking" rule was very strict. It was just so...boring! And way too strict. I asked someone if we really weren't allowed to talk to each other, and they said yes, so I said
      "Well, I'm out of here then!"
      I walked out from behind the counter, quitting my job and feeling absolutely no remorse over it. I went to take off the purple polo, and ended up taking off both that and my red shirt as well. I also didn't seem to be wearing a bra, so I was completely topless.

      And for some reason, I didn't really care. Whatever!

      I walked back through the door to behind the counter, I guess to get my things or something, and barely covered up my breasts with my arms; you could definitely still see nipples. I was not taking that much care to hide them. I yelled
      "I'm topless!" to warn people that there was a topless woman coming through.
      The guy I was with said something to me about it all, sounding concerned that I had quit and was now walking around topless, and I just shrugged it off I think. I actually felt really good about myself during the quitting and walking around topless.

      I did have a thought that I'd get in trouble for some kind of public indecency thing, but I never did.
    7. And Along with the New Job, the Work Dreams Have Returned

      by , 10-30-2012 at 03:44 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was walking outside of work at night, though it looked different than IWL. Someone, I guess a supervisor, then came up to me and told me that on my file on the computer, there was a note that said they were keeping an eye on me. Wow what? Shit. I was worried they'd fire me now; it sounded like they were suspicious of me for some reason. I needed to do a better job at work so they wouldn't think that anymore. The general feelings in this dream were worry and dread; I wanted (and needed) to keep this job.


      I was at work, behind the counter, though it looked a bit different than IWL. It was almost like I had been sleeping there too; I felt like it was early in the morning, well before opening time, and I was drowsy. There were other people there as well, I remember specifically a guy being at another cash register next to mine.

      We were all getting gifts and stuff in the mail. I had gotten three dark blue and purple flowers that were in bushels on top of long stems that kind of looked like this:

      Except for the ones in the dream were darker, more bunched together, on long stems and didn't have all the crazy leaves. The flowers were the same general shape though.

      Anyway, the only thing I had to put them in was this small, clear/whitish translucent bottle. It already had water in it, so I put the flowers inside. One kept drooping because it was too top-heavy for the small bottle with all its tiny flower bushels on the top. I kept trying to fix it, but it just wasn't working; the same flower kept drooping. I took them out and asked the guy next to me if he had a vase or something. He said he didn't, so I then asked him to just hand me a big black cup. He did, and the flowers went in there just fine. Not a vase, but they fit...better than nothing!

      I remember too at some point seeing that my old friend Alex H. worked with me there. He was at one of the registers.

      Then, a manager got on the intercom and announced that soon it would be Fairy Wing Day, and we could dress as fairies to work. I got excited and started to plan out a fairy costume. I already have some wings.

      I then imagined or saw someone who worked there walk by with fairy wings on.
    8. A Reunion With My First Flame

      by , 09-24-2012 at 03:32 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was seeing my old friend from middle school, Jennifer D., at her house. She was wearing a royal purple shirt. We were in her bathroom, which, now that I think about it, looked kind of like my parents' bathroom at my house. I started talking to her about some movie they made about my high school called "The SHS Tornado Movie" (obviously this didn't really happen IWL). I then "remembered" watching it on a bus. I saw a scene with her and her ex from middle school, who was also my first kiss IWL, Nick. He was wearing a baseball cap. They were crouching down in a dark hallway with other students, and he was being a jerk to her. I also saw him standing by a wall that had been taken out by the tornado, and these whiffle-ball sized white things, I guess they were supposed to be hail, were swirling around close to him. I thought I was also in the movie too, albeit briefly.

      I then asked Jennifer what the story was between her and Nick. I knew they had broken up way back when we were all 14 and 15 years old, but I didn't know what really happened. She started to tell me. I knew it had something to do with her vag, I guess he did something to her she didn't want done or something. That's what I always assumed happened anyway.

      Then, Nick was there. He looked very young, like he was still in middle school, though it was years later. Neither Jennifer nor I had seen him in years. He got in the shower, which was located in the very left corner of the room (there were like 4 showers in the bathroom for some reason). He started saying he was washing off a lot of grime. Jennifer didn't seem too uncomfortable, but I felt the tension. I don't think Nick felt weird about it at all, but I know Jennifer did.

      When he got out of the shower, he stood next to me in the hallway. He asked Jennifer to do "twinkle toes". Jennifer was reluctant, because apparently, it was kind of stupid, but he kept trying to get her to do it anyway. She finally caved, and started to do these exaggerated tiptoes down the hallway. Nick then joined her and started to do the tiptoes towards her. They then tiptoed around each other. Apparently, it was just something they came up with when they were dating.

      Nick then got in the shower again, but this time, it was a different shower, one in the middle of the bathroom by the wall. Jennifer's mom then came in the bathroom, and looked in the shower and saw Nick. He said hi to her, and she talked to him back. I thought she was going to be pissed, but she wasn't.

      Jennifer was then gone, but Nick and I were still in the bathroom. He was then in another shower. I kept feeling like he wanted me to get in there with him, but I wasn't going to do it. He then pulled the curtain back to where I could see the entirety of his naked body. I tried to avoid looking directly at his junk by looking right at his face as he talked, but I could still see them in my peripheral vision. I want to say he was talking to some random girl at this point. She was outside the shower, and fully clothed. He didn't seem sexually interested in her.

      I then went over to one of the other showers in the room. The shower was actually two different showers connected to each other. I exclaimed this out loud, because I thought it was cool. I then felt like I had been there before, like I had watched that "SHS Tornado Movie" in that shower. I then looked at the bottom of the farthest left of the connecting showers, and it was filthy. I assumed this was the grime Nick had been talking about, since he had used that shower. I walked over to the other one, and it was less dirty, but still pretty dirty around the drain, which was covered in small stones. I assumed the stones were for decoration or some kind of fancy filtration system. I tried to run some water to clean it, but though it did wash a little of the dirt away, a lot of it was stuck tight to the shower floor.

      I then remembered something from another dream I had a long time ago. I remembered it as if it happened in real life. It was dark outside, and I was seeing Courtney's house. She lived next door to Nick (this is true IWL). I must have been in the 7th grade or something. I apparently hadn't been to either house before, and, while at Courtney's, I went inside of Nick's house. I remember it all being very unfamiliar.


      I woke up and went back to sleep.

      I wanted to find Nick again. I kept thinking I was going to ask him to have a drink with me or something. Something about him being in the shower again.


      Woke up and went back to sleep again.

      I found Nick, after years of not talking or seeing one another. I was outside in the daytime. I had heard he worked at some pizza place. I saw lots of outdoor venues and kiosks on the street I was walking down. Many men were walking around there, busy as ever. I looked around, trying to find a place with lots of pizza dough. I saw a place that looked like it had balls of pizza dough to be prepared.

      I then saw Nick, carrying some full white sacks. He was wearing all white. I approached him. He was telling me about some guy he was dating, and it wasn't going well. It then looked as if he had been trying to lay the sacks down, but they were attached to his white clothing at the sleeves. I then just gave him a hug. He said something, like "You don't have to do that", but I kept hugging him. He hugged me back, and we started to sway back and forth, like we were slow dancing. He then said something to the effect of
      "We always start dancing again when we see each other."
      We then switched to each only having one hand on the other person, my left hand on his shoulder, and his hand, though I can't remember if it was the left or the right, I think his right hand, was either on my shoulder or waist, and we started to actually slow dance.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    9. Getting More Than I Bargained For...In Gumballs.

      by , 08-18-2012 at 02:45 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was with Jake when I spotted a small gumball machine, one of the globular ones with the glass sphere containing the gumballs. I can't remember if I put money in the machine or not, but I twisted the silver knob, and I heard a couple of small gumballs come out and hit the small flap you have to open to get them.

      Looking again at the gumball machine, I noticed that the gumballs went down into this long metal tube with the flap being at the end of the tube. I picked up the machine (it was small enough to sit on a table top) and tilted it forward so the gumballs would come out into my hand. I though I was only getting two, and at first I only got a couple to spill out into my open hand, but then a bunch came out really fast, and I ended up with about ten in my hand. They were all different colors; I remember towards the end a couple of purple ones coming out. This was way more than what I thought I was getting. I wanted to give some away, maybe Jake would take some. I just wanted two.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    10. The war in the Flying House (28/5/12)

      by , 06-02-2012 at 11:42 AM (♫ ♪ Dreamville ♪ ♫)

      Me,my brother and my mother are in a small hotel room, we wanted to get some food so I told them "There's a good restaurant in XXX street".
      Me and my brother are going out from the hotel and we get on our bicycles,we're heading towards the restaurant that I recommended.

      We reach the place that I said the restaurant will be, there's a blue house over there:

      I said the restaurant should be there, we went in and got into the second floor.
      There was a door, we opend it and we saw a girl, about our age, that we both know in real life, the whole room was blue, the ceiling, the floor,the walls, everything was blue.

      Lets call this girl "Girl".
      So as we opend the door we saw the whole place, and Girl played with her little sibling, a brother perhaps? the little kid had brown mushroom-like hair and brown eyes, hes skin was extraordinarily smooth, hes a kid after all.
      My brother went and talked to her, I reminded him we were going to get food so we need to hurry, he understood me and we went out of the building.
      The moment we got out we saw one of these things in the street:

      Girl and another (girl) Lady, we'll call the other girl Lady, were sitting at one of these things, my brother once again went and talked to Girl.
      I told him we should rush already, our mother is waiting, he left them and we went into a restaurant that was less than 4 meters away
      Me,Girl,My brother,Lady and Dumbledore (from Harry Potter) went into the house, the house started flying to an unknown destination,the house had 3 floors.
      We're flying above earth as I go to the third floor, I saw some kid that keeps annoying me in school, he held in hes hands alot of pages, looked like a contract or so:

      I knew these pages were related to me, I told him "Dude, can I have these papers?" he waved the papers at me , like a fan, he laughed and said "Hahaha!, Never!" and I saw the Diablo 3 (the game) symbol at one of the pages as he was waving it, I understood he took my Diablo 3 account.
      He gets closer to me,face to face,

      hes nose was a little bigger then in real life and he was a little pale.
      He kept teasing, he said "The fact that you're stronger than me doesn't mean you can beat me up easily! Hah!" then I lost it, I was furious, I felt the hatred and rage filling me up and I tried to punch him in the head.
      He grabbed my hand easily with his hand, like he was super strong, then I rememberd a sentence I heard in one of the animes "If you lose your temper in a fight, you lost from the beggining, before you even hit him, if you stay calm, don't get angry, you won" I calmed myself and I gave him a punch to the stomach, he slowly disintegrated from my fist.
      One of the guards came to me and said "What have you done?! You've wrecked our defences!",
      the guard looked like this guy just without the shield:

      I went to the window from the third floor and I looked at earth from above and I saw a invisible wall that surrounded earth breaking down, it was because I killed that annoying kid.
      The enemy's army starts getting to our building from earth, I went to the first floor and I saw enemy guardians getting in the house.
      I went in the second floor and there was a purple rings on the floor,
      not the kind of rings you put on your finger, a flying invisible rings that looked like this:


      I stood in the middle of them and I switched class, like an MMORPG.
      I switched to the new class that I haven't played yet, I didn't know its skills or how to use it wisely.

      I then suddenly held a gun in my hand, the gun was a sniper gun, was a bit more classic with silver on it but it looked a little like this gun:

      The gun also had a scope.
      I stood at the porch that looked down at the first floor and I thought about the number '6' and the gun aimed at one of the enemies and shot him.
      I realized it auto aims, like an aimbot, I thought about the number '6' again and the gun auto aimed at the huge lamp

      and shot, the lamp fell and killed alot of enemies.
      I understood that the gun auto aim has no limits when it comes to range so I wanted to go to the window and shoot the incoming enemies.
      As I slowly walked to the room with the window an enemy suprised me when he came out of one of the rooms, I quickly thought about the number '7' and it auto aimed, then shot him in the stomach and made him disintegrate.
      I went to the window and started shooting them.
      One of my friends came and told me, who did all of this? who killed all the enemies?
      I said I did, and she was proud of me.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    11. London, thw Jungle, and Fire

      by , 04-17-2012 at 05:04 AM (Night Time Musings of Shadowclaw)
      The following dreams were all linked together and can be viewed as one dream interrupted by waking up.

      Dream # 1:

      I was with several of my fellow students from college. I'm not certain exactly where we were supposed to be, but we were abroad and staying at a hotel. While everyone else was occupied with something, I found myself bored and alone. Juan, who had been our nature guide on a previos trip IRL, offered to drive me to the city to do some sight seeing. So we found a rather large van, and I climbed in. It was incredibly awkward, because the van was meant to seat 15 people, and it was only me. Just before we were about to leave, several other students decided they wanted to sight see as well, and climbed into the van.

      We drove to our destination, which turned out to be London. We parked on the street, and went for a stroll. The buildings were very beautiful, and I spent a lot of time looking up and all the unique architectural features of the buildings. After walking for a while, we decided to go into a gift shop. It was very large, but didn't actually have very much for sale. There were a few racks of mugs and keychains, and the rest was clothing. I saw a shiny purple sleeveless shirt hanging on a rack, and for some reason I really wanted it. It buttoned up the front, and was extrememly form-fitting. Not to mention metallic. I looked through several racks, but I couldn't find my size. The more I looked, the more irritated I got. Then I was woken up.

      Dream # 2:

      I was with the same students, but we were now in the jungle. Everything was very green, and we were staying in wooden cabins. There was one cabin on legs with a ramp leading up to the door. That's where our professor was conducting a test, and he had a woman helping him. I had never seen her before, but she was important for the test somehow. When I was my turn to take the test, I went into a large cage, where a metal basket of grass was waiting. My task was to try to get as much grass out as possible. I thought it would be easy, but the grass got stuck in the holes. I repeatedly banged it off the ground to get the grass loose. When I decided it was as clean as it was going to get, I took the basket to my professor, and they checked it out. I didn't receive my grade at that point, so I decided to go see what some of the girls were doing.

      I went into the lodge, and found two of the girls at a table making crafts. One was making necklaces and metallica purses with cats on them. The other was making dog collars. I sat down with them and started sticking metallica fabric together, and tried to make something. I'm really not sure what I was making, but I was woken up again.

      Dream # 3:

      I was back in the lodge again, sitting at the craft table, but I was no longer making anything. It was dark out, and all of the students were inside. I looked out the window and saw the sun begin to rise. It was huge and really orange, much like the sunrise in the Lion King. As I looked at it, the round edges of the sun began to ripple and flare out. The sun soon transformed into a wave of fire, and it was coming closer. We all went outside and watched as the flames came towards us. There was nowhere we could hide that would protect us from such a massive fire. When it came to us, it vaporized everyone instantly.

      A split second later, several of us returned to existence. It was a very strange feeling. We had just been consumed by fire, and suddenly we were whole again. However, not all of us had returned. We immediately went inside and turned on the television. Every channel had the news on, and it reported the mysterious fire that swept across the world. Some newscasters were saying that it was the wrath of God punishing the earth and only those who had good in their hearts were left alive. I found this to be very disheartening, because a few of our classmates didn't come back, and I couldn't imagine them being evil.

      Regardless of what it was, everybody was scared, and we stayed inside all day, looking out the windows for another wave of fire. When night fell, we began to see funny things in the sky. They looked like fireworks almost, but really they were more like those LED christmas decorations that people hang in their windows. They were rainbow colored, and shaped like flowers. They would appear in the sky, and then disappear. As we watched the display, I came to the conclusion that this was a version of the rainbow after the Great Flood. God was sending the world a message that he would not send anymore fire. After coming to this conclusion, I woke up.
    12. Birds, Oneironaut Zero Cycling, Telekinesis, Runescape Video Recording, Drive, Tower, Video, House..

      by , 03-31-2012 at 05:27 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Birds, Oneironaut Zero Cycling, Telekinesis, Runescape Video Recording, Drive, Tower, Video, House (Non-lucid)


      Dream 1: Birds

      Outside was really bright and sunny, I was sitting somewhere, I think near a cut off tree stump that's in the middle of concrete. I don't know what I'm doing, but it's attracting birds to come close to me.

      Then for a while, I see a construction worker trying to park a really weird construction vehicle. It was one of normal ones you see that could pick and drop things like dirt, grass, etc. The construction worker is failing when he's trying to park the vehicle.

      He was going so fast that I heard the vehicle go, "REEEEE ROOOO REEEE ROOOOO!" each time he went in and out of the small area he tried to park into.

      He eventually gave up and carried the vehicle somewhere else. However, he rode it like a bicycle, it had pedals and everything, but its composition was so abstract that the lower region couldn't have supported the large torso of the construction machine.

      I put my attention back looking at the birds really close to me. It was the typical brown ones you see here in Texas, and they're literally looking at me, and it felt so nice to have them around me.

      They were either really brave to be near me, or maybe I had a positive energy that made them want to be around me. Then after getting into birds surrounding me, more come, and they're small gray birds.

      I could feel some on my shoulder, and one accidentally flew into my right ear. I could tell because I heard some echoing with my right ear. It kind of tickled, and I basically spend the rest of the dream being around birds.

      Dream 2: Oneironaut Zero Cycling

      Okay, this time, I knew this was O in this dream. There was this huge gray fence with the holes in between each link, and I'm riding my bicycle.

      I see a person, who looks Black, wearing a white vest and long white sports pants. There were red stripes going down vertically along the sides of the vest and the pants.

      I couldn't catch up to O, he was going way too fast with his bicycle, which had yellow on the metal I believe, kind of like the bicycle I saw him use recently in post pictures of your everyday life.

      I eventually went to spectator mode, and I'm seeing things from above so that everyone looks small from where I'm elevating. O is just going crazy around the corners....is it even possible to drift with a bicycle?!??!

      He does this for a few laps around this huge barrier fence, until he stops near the entrance to get into it. My consciousness and/or body shifts back to the surface.

      He said something along the lines of saying this was a great workout.

      Then there's a laptop near the both of us. I wanted to log in, but I had to go somewhere in the mean time, probably to use the restroom.

      But when I looked at the laptop, it seemed that I had saved information at the log-in screen, so I wouldn't have to type my password.

      I wanted to leave, but I was worried O would log in into my account, so I just stay near the laptop. xD

      Dream 3: Telekinesis

      I was in a fairly large room, with a good amount of people, mostly females, actually, I think all were females at the time. The environment, the floor was dark brown, and it had a shine to it, and the walls I believe were gray bricks, the kind that has been painted over to make it smooth.

      There were several purple light objects, it looked like plastic table cloth jumbled up, placed on the floor.

      I was practicing Telekinesis with it by making them elevate about 5 feet or so from the ground, flip them over, and then put them back down. I do this for a while, having a bit too much fun with it.

      Then I sit on the floor near some table and some mini brick ledge. There were females sitting on the other side of where I am, with their legs extending outward completely, resting on the wall.

      One was blonde, that's for sure, and she's talking to another female that I can't make a good description of. I decided to use Telekinesis on one of their backpacks.

      The backpack was white I believe, with brown handles, but it had a slightly dark color to it, probably from small dust and it being on the floor.

      I moved it up a few feet from the ground, just like I did with the light purple objects, and I think the girl gets annoyed that I'm doing this a few times.

      I stop, and there's this girl next to me. She's petite in size, really beautiful girl. Her cheeks had this glow to them, maybe it was the make up.

      She had long black or brown hair, along with wearing a gray hoodie I believe, not to sure on that, but she was concealing most of her top region.

      She was talking to me about something, then told me,

      "Your handsome."

      It takes a while for me to try and respond because it came so suddenly, then I declared,

      "Thank you," and smiled at her. I noticed that when I said that, I was laying prone on my side, use my arm to support my head.

      Then we went back to another conversation, I believe we were talking about dissections. She later tells me that she never did a dissection in class before.

      I asked her, "You never did a dissection!?!?!?" and I look at her for a while, still surprised from this. She told me that she didn't want to overload herself with hard classes.

      I responded saying that I took a lot of AP and Pre-AP courses in High School during one semester that I can't remember I told her, probably my senior year, where I only had one regular class.

      I can't remember much after saying that, maybe seeing a person who is near us standing up talking with someone else, I'm not sure.

      Dream 4: Runescape Video Recording

      Apparently, I'm recording, or watching a recorded video of someone in Proselyte armor, Helm of Neitiznot, the old Dragonfire Shield design, dragon boots, whip, and even had a pair of dragon claws in their inventory as well.

      They were picking up some items in an area that had a turquoise setting it, maybe it was the Ancient Caverns. The video was running smoothly, didn't see any kind of static or lag from it.

      Woke up from those set of dreams for a WBTB, wanted to meet Melanieb in a dream, but that failed.

      Dream 5: Late Night Drive

      I'm driving on the slow lane in a car late at night, don't know why I didn't RC, because I only drove a car once in my life.

      Dream 6: Underwater Clock Tower?

      I remember having to swim underwater to fix some gears with a clock tower. It was pretty dark when I reached the gears room. Everything is flooded, so it makes things even harder because to relocate one gear meant putting more force.

      I get near some of the gears, and had to attach something for it to connect, some kind of magnetic object.

      The dream shifts to where I'm talking with some people, but I can't remember who, all I know is that I was in a dark blue pseudo space dimension.

      Dream 7: Facebook Video

      I posted a video as a comment on a person's status to add some humor to something, but it ends up being some guy ramming fairly huge objects into a women's private parts.

      I think some person commented below me and had horrible spelling, but I can't remember what he typed exactly, but I knew it wasn't a good response towards the video I posted.

      Dream 8: Searching Around House???

      I can't remember this one too clearly, but I was in a house looking for something. I was with somebody, but I can't remember their facial or body composition.

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    13. Lulullu (between July 29 2011 and July 30 2011)

      by , 10-29-2011 at 12:40 AM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I'm in my room on the 5th floor. The room has a light blue light.

      I am at the entrance of the room looking. To my right I have my bed, and to my left there´s a sofa, the sofa is like a kind of bed.
      There lays three or four people, including A.

      The other person is a woman who does not have more than 18 years old. It has medium brown skin and long black hair.

      She has a nice body.

      I start flirting with her and A laughs in approval.

      I read a book that appears next to me, and on the book there´s the word "Lulullu" and I know that this is her name.
      I begin to kiss her and I touch her lips with the tip of my tongue, she loves that and gives me a french kiss...

      Suddenly she takes the blanket off her and decides to come to bed. A smiles and leaves the room.

      Lulullu is in bed with me, she´s reading a purple paper, and she tells me in russian: "We may as well stay here until 2 in the morning doing nothing, or we can see the effects of an explosive sexual penetration ..." and he laughs mischievously for me.
    14. The Shotgun

      by , 10-25-2011 at 12:17 PM (Roving the Dreamscape)
      I've been playing a lot of metal gear games lately and watching vids about fatalities in mortal kombat and it seems like this affected my recent dream. So here it goes. I was near this ancient gate guarded by fully armed men. I was behind this large greek column. I started to plan what to do so that i can to infiltrate it. To my surprise, there was actually someone scouting the area. It was a purple colored katana(from mortal kombat). I shot her on the head but she was invincible and started to kill me. A game over screen came and I chose the "restart mission" option. Now that I know that there's a scout on the loose, I immediately rushed towards the gate but it seems like I already forgot the fact that the gate was heavily guarded. So the first time the guard saw me, they shot me down with their big shotgun. After that, I already forgot what happened.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    15. The Disco (Between 1st of August 2011 and 2nd of August 2011)

      by , 10-22-2011 at 11:29 AM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I'm in a nightclub. I walk closer to the front desk of the DJ.
      On top of it see a Propellerheads, it´s the decksanddrumsandrockandroll album.
      The album is under a average-sized dj headphones.
      I recognize the cd because of the cover, which has flames of fire, like in an explosion, and the silhouette of two men.
      I think I have a glass of something in my hand, most of the disco lights are green, although there are purple ones too.
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