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    1. By the sea

      by , 10-22-2015 at 06:59 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm on a long, deserted beach; the sky is overcast and the waves are slowly crashing on the sand. The colors are muted, but intense: slab grey with white seafoam water, camel brown and coarse sand. The sky is grey and white like the belly of a beast. My oncle is here, his dog is playing in the waves, bright orange fur glistering. My oncle is talking, but I can"r hear him over the sound of the sea.
      Tags: dog, family, sea
    2. Parkour Obstacle Course

      by , 06-13-2015 at 04:14 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in an area near the sea. There's some kind of obstacle course. I was with others from parkour training. We were going to go through the obstacle course. I was afraid but I was able to pull it off. I jumped over obstacles and climbed, and I even rode that line thing from one area to the next.

      I think I skipped my turn because I was afraid at first but then built up the courage. I jumped in line.



      - I was on/off sleep coz I was very tired.
      - I was supposed to do tricking training but skipped coz I was too tired.
    3. For yesterday and this day

      by , 05-26-2015 at 06:57 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      [25-05-2015] Portal to a harbor city

      With mother and younger sister we went to a local cinema. Younger sister was wearing a costume of wonder woman, I had a trenchcoat and my mother was wearing casual clothes. We entered the Screen 1 room. It was a small room, with wooden benches and lights out. We sat down as the movie started to play.

      Suddenly I've got sucked inside the movie. The projection showed a short scene of me and my relatives coming back from a city. Brother asked me to park a car in the garage, which I've done quickly, maneuvering between dog and grandma. When I placed the car in the garage, I got sucked into another scene.

      I was a lone wanderer. I travelled from a small village into enormous cursed city, where I found a portal to another realm. I entered it quickly and found myself in medieval harbor city. I was standing on the edge of platform, looking at the sea lands.

      I walked the poor, empty streets of harbor city, going to an entrance. Then I saw warriors taking control over the place. Then I saw someone similar to one dude from my class, and said "What!? You've gave up!? People, you don't know what you did! This guy is a badass! He saved the world... and killed dragons!"

      Suddenly I changed into that person, and took a short sword into my hands. With quick moves I killed all the warriors and freed the city and myself. I went back to look at the sea land, and saw coral-like creatures jumping over the water.

      When they contacted the water, they changed into another forms. One changed from blue to red, and received a long leg. The other one was white, and turned into a statue. I ran to the place from where I come, to the entrance of a portal.

      I saw two monks and one of the coral-like creatures, but bigger and more humanoid. Monks when watching as he comes clouser said with amusement "Concalcius! You're back!" It had fingers of different colours, and looked at the whit one for a while, saying "I hold power... I hold life."


      I was walking with group of friends in high mountains, when suddenly a white griffin appeared and captured one of them.
    4. Restaurant with Atheists, Dorm Work, and Parkour by the Sea

      by , 04-28-2015 at 05:08 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was with some people. Atheists, I think. I remember Haresh was there. It was night. We were going to eat in some restaurant. I also remember thinking about Amway.

      (woke up a bit, went back to sleep)

      I was in a dorm of sorts with my co-workers (who I rarely see). The dorm "felt" like the 2nd and 4th year building in high school. We were sleeping on the upper floors (4th year floor) and we decided to move to the lower floors (2nd year floor), which was air-conditioned. I was worried(?) that I wasn't included in the move but turned out they included me (wrote my name for moving or something).

      (woke up, did math to shut off alarm, went back to sleep, 8:30 a.m.)

      I was with some people practicing parkour. It was a school and/or island. I saw a few Caucasian guys in the nude practicing near the sea (on top of some sort of rocky place), and a coastguard patrol got their attention, but the patrol moved away after a short while, saying that they (the people in the nude, I suppose) will be receiving a... "friendly?" letter soon. I assumed they were ashamed to see them nude.

      I was in some sort of school waiting for other traceurs to arrive. There were some people I know. Someone mistook me for Jong.



      - Slept at around 1 am
      - Finally woke up at around 11 a.m.
      - Drank milk before sleeping
      - Listened to Sam Harris 26-minute meditation audio
    5. The Church and the Storm

      by , 04-04-2015 at 12:54 PM
      There was a grand extravaganza with the heads of state and leaders of the church attending. I could tell it was more of a party and not an official function. There was some discussion between a few church leaders on how to bring about a revival and healing to people. It was decided by them some sort of traditional rite should be performed. The most prominent church leader then went through this rite, and to end it, it involved him pouring a goblet of wine into the sea. I could see him at the cliff edge, pouring it over ceremoniously into the pacific ocean. So where we were must have been eastern Russia. Anyway, as soon as he poured it all out, what was somewhat normal weather over the pacific ocean erupted into a huge storm. Clouds covered the whole expanse of the Pacific Ocean and the winds and waves roared to life. It was like God took offense to the rite being performed and judgment was now at hand. Everyone there were terrified at what was happening and those condoning the rite were shocked that the rite had exactly the wrong effect. It is weird in how I can see a impression of the whole Pacific in my dream and what is happening to it.

      Somehow I transitioned to a different place, I could tell it was England and I was near a grand cathedral. Well I wandered around the cathedral and also went to the balcony of it, looking out. The people there were also now gathered in masse, and some seemed to be praying against the coming evil. They started singing a beautiful song of praise to the Lord, and as they did, light shone through breaks in the clouds and beams of light lit up the area. It was all so majestic. I wandered around a bit more after the singing stopped. The light quit coming once they stopped singing. Not all were singing, only a few what seemed, random, people in the crowds. Everyone spirits lifted at the singing, but after it stopped, the crowd went back to being nervous and fearful at the coming storm. That's about where my dream ended.
    6. Water and Earth

      by , 03-03-2015 at 01:36 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was on an adventure. I was traveling on a canoe over icy waters. I was being chased by... something. I entered a cave ahead, and there were two allies. One was an old man and the other was girl. From afar, I heard the wolves howling. I also saw the outline of their handler, a guy with a beard and coat (like a hunter).

      I have to leave the area so that they'll chase me instead of my allies inside the cave. I swung a rope out of the cave and up (coz fuck gravity and physics) and over the cliff outside. I started to climb up and one of the two greywolves (specific) jumped up and bit/clawed me. I felt the pain on my butt (IRL, upper body to neck hurt like hell, but not butt and below) as it did.

      I was able to climb over the cliff. I was above and I tried to save/filter what little water I have left/found. I was debating with myself what was best: using the saucer or using another saucer. Somehow, I felt like I was just wasting the water.

      It felt like I did this adventure before in the same dream and it was just reset, and I somehow knew I should fly down into a cave (a different one?) to complete the quest. I flew down and entered a cave, and inside it was being... bulldozed? There were huge mobile machines that were turning dirt over along with huge, round, rusty coins with a hole (square?) in the center. A huge old man (huge in a cartoonish way with cartoonish proportion) wearing a... lab coat? Anyway, he went out from the inner part of the cave and waved and closed the entrance like a mouth, so whatever was outside wouldn't be able to get in.

      I was led (forcefully?) into the inside part, supposedly like a prisoner/captive. I arrived inside and saw some allies making themselves at home although the looked like a military area with its similar beds and similar lockers. My female ally was dark-skinned and tall, with her ponytail braided. She looked like a Latina Lara Croft. There was also a guy, light-skinned, jock-like. I couldn't remember much of him.

      I was in a mall, grocery store or mall. Red color theme, like National Bookstore. I was buying some stuff. I saw Ivan with a girl outside, and I was expecting to meet him by the entrance, but they weren't there. I thought of SM (mall) and passing by that area. (deja vu about another dream)



      - Fell asleep at around 5:30 p.m.
      - Woke up almost 8 p.m., no alarm
      - Upper-body-to-neck pain, none from the hip below, from parkour training
      - Was watching Cosmos (Neil DeGrasse Tyson)
    7. Beach House and Feather Fall

      by , 02-23-2015 at 10:29 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a rest house near the beach. I think it's mostly made of wood. I'm not sure if there were other people in it. The house is on a cliff or at least a higher area. I jumped off and tried to fly with a wooden/leafy glide. I thought or hoped that it would help me go up, but it seems to only slow my fall while also adding distance. I was feather-falling over the sea, and I tried going up the cliffs by the beach.
      Tags: beach, cliff, fly, house, sea
    8. Experiments and a Sea in the South

      by , 02-01-2015 at 09:18 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      In the dream, I was experimenting with visions I was in a dark room. There was a "crew" of people helping out in the experiment. I supposedly saw a vision of me being raped on a sofa in a room. It was near the window. There was a curtain, but the sunlight comes in.

      I was in a room. The kitchen. I was eating some food. We'll have an online meeting at work. Mom is nearby. She'll also have a meeting.

      I saw a few more Animorph books. It was about Rachel. It was the story right after they fought David, I think, which was from her perspective. This one is still her perspective.

      I was in a parkour gathering. There were Q&A's but I didn't ask anything. It was in a forest. Some were planning to go to the mountain or sea.

      I was in Sulu with other people, avoiding shots from guns in order to visit a beautiful place near the sea.
    9. Sea God

      by , 01-27-2015 at 03:28 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      The name "Prama Pradhami" or something

      A curse between two lesbians.
      A candle. It's too late. One or two of them has/have to go to the sea to meet the sea god.
      Ice floats on the sea.
      Going to a restaurant via a car from the seaport. Can we fit in the car?

      I was trying to avoid a calamity. Is it inside or outside of the condominium?


      Woke up and fell asleep a few times. I tried to write what little I can remember.
    10. Cutting Fruits and Vegetables / Trouble at Sea

      by , 11-18-2014 at 10:26 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was looking at a table. A woman was cutting vegetables/fruits, and then she wipes them to a white trash bag, explaining that it's the same (?). Eating or doing something is the same as making the effort of cutting the fruits/vegetables and then just throwing them. I'm unclear what she meant about eating or doing.

      I was looking at a phone's screen. Facebook? I was looking for good wallpaper. There were green-themed ones.

      I was at sea. There was a battle. Or rather, it's years after the battle and people are experiencing a peaceful time. But trouble is brewing. "I" was an old man (in third person). I was giving counsel to the people (one at a time, groan). Something came up. A fight?

      A battle at sea. Underwater. I think this was before the peaceful time.
    11. High Waves and the Orange Cliff

      by , 10-22-2014 at 11:46 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      (dreamed this in the afternoon)

      I was lining up for a ticket. I saw Nimz with a few others I'm not familiar with. People lined up (facing in my direction), not sure for what but I was thinking it's for buying a ticket for a ride. It reminds me of the line in train stations. At first, there was only one line, and then there were two. Nimz and his companions tried to start a third one between the two lines, but his companions decided to line at the back of one of the two other lines, leaving him alone in the center. Eventually, he decided to line up behind.

      I went ahead. I already had my ticket. I rode the boat. I'm not sure if I was supposed to wait for Nimz. I don't have any memory of us talking. I remember having to put down my ticket at the entrance box. I think my number was 438, close to ticket 420. I sat on the right side of the boat/ship looking at the port, wondering why I didn't wait for Nimz.

      One of our high school teachers was a "guide" in the boat. Ms. Barcelona. She started a prayer and I recited along but forgot the words. It's a familiar prayer. After the prayer, the boat started to move. I saw us back away from the port and move towards open waters.

      I saw then that the boat was small, probably only about three to four meters high, no more. I was wondering how it will survive the open waters. Then I saw I was headed east or west, but not north. I was aiming for north. I also saw the tall waves, higher than our boat was long, but nobody in the boat was panicking, except for me.

      I saw an orange cliff in the middle of the waters, the waves breaking into it, constantly almost-hiding it under the choppy waters but not completely. I asked Ms. Barcelona where we're headed. I expected "Iloilo", but she said "Cebu", which is even farther than I thought. I told her I took the wrong boat: I was heading for Manila.

      We were facing another wave, which carried us very close to the cliff, almost hitting it. I told them I had to go down, although I doubted they would go back to port for my sake alone. Fortunately, we moved to a nearby island. As soon as I was near the shore, I jumped down on the sand. I climbed something like a wall or cliff. When I reached about two meters up, I saw there were others on the shore. I'm not sure if they got off the boat like myself or if they were already there.

      I went down "the other side" of the wall/cliff and ran on the shore to where I thought some people would be. The surrounding "cliffs" turned to walls and ruins. I was thinking I was in a forest and talking to someone about hunting wild boar, if I'm ready for it. I kept running.


      - This was a very vivid dream. At one point, I became lucid, but cannot control anything. It was very quick lucidity.
      - I think this one is rather easy to interpret in light with my recent concerns.
      - I haven't had dreams this vivid in a while. I've been forgetting to write my dreams.
      lucid , non-lucid
    12. Flying just above the water

      by , 10-17-2014 at 12:30 PM
      In my dream I was in the woods. There was a river there and I was on the riverbank. It seems like I was on a journey with this other guy trying to get somewhere. All of a sudden a flash flood caught us unaware. There was a rush of water coming down the river and there was nothing we could do in time. We couldn't get out of the way. I ended up clinging to the roots of a tree to keep my head above the water.

      It took a minute like this, but then I realized I wasn't in danger. I let go and concentrated on levitation. It worked, I rose up out of the water and just hovered inches above it. This was fun, and I started flying low over the water, heading downstream. Just a foot or 2 above the water I sped along flying above it. Eventually I came out to the sea, but I continued flying low just above the water like this. It just look so amazing flying like this.
      Tags: flood, flying, river, sea
    13. 10-8-14 Insect bounty hunters

      by , 10-09-2014 at 05:49 PM
      Me and a couple other people had been imprisoned in a warehouse built on a lonely rock on the sea by some disgusting insect-like bounty hunters. There was a sort of rope on a pully used to unload goods from ships, so we attached a heavy weight to the rope and used it to batter our way through the brick wall.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    14. The Quintuple Rainbow (*Lucid)

      by , 09-02-2014 at 11:24 AM
      Monday,1st September 2014

      Moon Cycle: 38% illuminated moving from Scorpio to Saggitarius

      Tarot Card of the Day: King of Cups

      Mayan Day: White Resonant Worldbridger


      After WBTB from 07:20--->08:49

      I find myself in a Dutch style house on a cliff face overlooking the dark green choppy sea.
      The weather is gloomy outside and several greyish black clouds lie overhead.
      In the room with me is my cousin,Jared.
      I sit reading an article in the local newspaper which reports on a visionary artist getting credit for her dance floor decorations at BOOM festival in Portugal.
      The picture in the article has many blue-indigo/purple fractal psychedelic backdrops with omnipresent 3rd eyes decorating the the stretchy material that the artist painted on. She stands next to her work smiling proudly.
      I recognize a beautiful tall blonde tribal looking girl in the photo standing next to her.(false memory)

      "Hey Jared, isn't this Mandy in the photo here?"I ask,as he comes over to check.
      "Yep that's her,she's living at my house right now with Kim in the extra bedroom!",he replies excitedly.
      "Wow that's awesome, she's such a gorgeous tantric goddess" I say, surprised by his statement,and hiding my streak of envy.

      We decide that we want to go for a walk, but can't seem to make up our minds where to.
      I suggest we go up to the caves on the cliff face as they are't too far away.
      I open the front door and notice the grey clouds have turned black. There's a slight drizzle and looks as though it may turn into a full blown thunderstorm any minute.

      "Hey man,it's raining outside...we can't go!"I shout through the door as he is still inside.
      "No way!"he bellows back at me.
      I feel kind of relieved as i wasn't to keen on the hike anyway.

      Upon entering the house I cast my gaze through the glass sliding room door at the back of the house and see something absolutely amazing.

      "Look outside! Its some kind of super rainbow!",I exclaim.
      We both both gaze with mouths agape in wonder at the mutant rainbow. It looked as though 5 rainbows where alchemically squashed into one.The color spectrum was abnormally pronounced.

      And that's when it struck me...Am i dreaming?
      For some reason I chose a unorthodox reality check, and one i never use, trying to reaching out and grab the rainbow like Mr Stretch. I was successful and my arm stretched out of the suede green button up jacket that I wore, toward the quintuple rainbow.

      The rush of lucid hit me and everything seemed to be fading quickly.
      I began to rub my hands frantically and shout "Clarity now",although no enhancement was evident.
      I also noticed that I could barely feel my hands, and it was if they where dead.
      As all began to fade to black i decided to go for my last resort.I remember reading somewhere that falling backward can transport you to a new dreamscape. I did so, and I immediately plunged into darkness.
      It felt as if my astral body was slammed back into my real body and felt as though i was lying in bed.
      I kept my eyes closed and soon came to the realization it could be a false awakening.And it was indeed.

      I felt as though I was being dragged by my legs while lying on my back and sensed a presence in the room with me.
      I kept my eyes shut, fearing I would wake up if I opened them,and maintained a calm awareness on the bodily sensations which now turned from dragging/pulling to a vibration with accompanied loud sound.
      The sensations started to fade so i decided to slowly opened my eyes.
      Then something weird happened.
      It was as if i opened my eyes to a brand new dreamscape,but only caught a small glimpse of it.
      I can barely recall what it looked like, just a quick flash.

      Then another "set" of eyes opened and i found myself in my bed lying on my left hand side back in my bedroom in waking reality. (I think...forgot to perform another reality check haha )
    15. Dome of Ra

      by , 08-22-2014 at 07:36 PM
      Pre bed: 3 mel, 500 arg, 500 lysine

      Wbtb: 1/3 latte (other)

      The dreams were somewhat unstable although the cycle lasted about 1:30, with deeper than usual sleep in the beginning, around 5 mins of non-ld and chain of lds in the rest. My recall is very fragmented.

      Frag ld: In the classroom. I'm about to take some stuff but get very confused with the desks. Awareness increases. Tked a knife and tried to tk control the movement of a fly (partial success).

      LD frags (I think one of these was a DEILD): In an underground passage and my awarness is higher, I go up the stairs and possibly get out in the next place I recall.

      Inside a house, everything is quite vivid as I go to the balcony outside and see an unbelievable sight. At this point I am thinking about the Pyramid challege and this influences what I'm seeing ahead. It's a valley and a city in the distance but unlike any city that exists. More like a mix of classic and fairy tale architecture. In the middle of the place is a magnificent hexagonal/octagonal dome shaped monument made of dark rock with the eye of Ra on the sides. I'm quite excited by the sight of it but before I can get closer, I lose my vision. Really pissed off that this is happening, but the dream is still here and I can actually hear a number of nearby teenagers talking loudly so I call them for help.

      My sight returns in small portions, but I think I lose the dream after that. My recall is bad between different scenes.

      It's almost as if I have memorized the structure of the previous house as the next scene begins in a similar place. I recall looking at a number of windows and want to leave the place to go outside. At some point before that I was in the bathroom and left the tap running. Made a mental note about this feeling happy about not caring. There is also snow outside and I am sparsely dressed but say it doesn't matter.

      I end up in a room with my parents (maybe after climbing down and then up a balcony), where I see my dad and a doppelgänger of him. It's a bit creepy and I want to go outside so leave the room.

      [New scene] Vaguely recall examining and opening a window and imagining outside to be something awesome like the dome before that. Another fantastic sight, this time I watch the entire landscape build in front of my eyes. It's the sea in the distance as well as another amazing fairy tale medieval type of city. The only problem is that the whole background is quite shifty. I want to wait for dream stability to improve before working on a pyramid summon. Something about acting around to give the background city time to stabilize.

      Memory gap but this was still related to the previous part of the scene. It's as if I have gone down and am now looking at whatever has become of the surroundings. There are lots of peculiar rocks surrounding me, like rocky mountains with very soft pastel colors. I make a mental note. Then all of a sudden a huge bolder displaces and starts rolling in my direction with great speed. Luckiliy for me, my subcon seems to have assumed a slightly different trajectory and the rock quickly passes at a small distance just above me. I briefly wonder about what would have happened had it hit me and why did it fall in the first place, did my thoughts cause it. [End of memory]

      [New scene] The last place I recall, it's more of Asian type of scenery with a grassy hill ahead as I watch two rabbits and something else going down the slope. There is something going in front of the house at the bottom of the hill where we are. The rabbits turn to two crazy looking monkeys with clothes and a tribal man that are coming towards us. I use a part of a plant to block their way. My awareness goes from low to slightly higher and I become interested in seeing what happens once they come close. I approach the two dressed monkeys and turn to talk with the tribal man who keeps switching appearances. The dream soon thins out and I wake up.

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