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    1. 6/1/14 - Drunken Sailor

      by , 06-01-2014 at 02:24 PM
      The first dream is a blur. All I remember is my mom and myself looking at a cat lying outside our window. He fell, but we heard him land on his feet. Another, smaller cat came up to us afterward.

      I was half in a video game and half in real life. I was on a trip somewhere with my class. A couple of things happened. I rode a tiger in third person. When the trip ended, we had to go home on a boat, but it was a bunch of platforms that came one at a time. While I was waiting, I started singing "Drunken Sailor" and a few people joined in. Eventually, everyone was singing and dancing, but my feet kept acting like they do in dreams and didn't do what I wanted them to do.
    2. Sex with Spies, Windwaker, Ganondorf, Sea Monsters

      by , 05-12-2014 at 05:02 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      I Had Sex with the Totally Spies! Chicks (DILD)


      Spoiler for 18+:



      Windwaker, Ganondorf, Sea Monsters (DILD)

      Going through the sea, killing sea monsters for rupees, and encountering Ganondorf that has to use two of the triforces to face me.
    3. 25 Apr: gnomes rule the world

      by , 04-25-2014 at 01:35 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I see my cousin João playing with other kids on ths street park. I join them. There's a kind of standalone treehouse from which we can slide down and jump and I have great fun, but I start noticing some strange thing about these kids: they are all athletic, enjoy being outside and are fierce enviromentalists. That's good, but a bit suspicious. I notice my cousin is extraordinarily kind and good boy, and I fail to recognize him as I remembered. Then I see a kid hugging a tree and that's ok, until the point in which every one of his hairs light up on the tip and fuse with the tree trunk, like the connection the aliens on Pandora have with the other animals and plants. Ok, what is going on?
      That's when they take me to the coast and I see numerous tiny creatures, like gnomes and goblins, rising from the sea. They tell me they have been secretly transforming the kids and will now make a full scale invasion of the planet, to stop the humans from destroying what's left of the world's ecosystems. They make an implant in me, that is supposed to tranform me into one these kind, peaceful, green mutant, like the kids, but I resist the brainwashing power. I mean, I am already like them, but I want to still think for myself. In the end I think: is it that bad that they will turn every human into a nature loving person and the world will be ruled by mythical guardians of nature? I guess it's just fine for me!

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    4. The Wash, sidenotes.

      by , 04-08-2014 at 06:25 PM
      The Wash is the square-mouthed bay and estuary on the northwest margin of East Anglia on the east coast of England, where Norfolk meets Lincolnshire. From Hunstanton you can see Skegness from 10 mimes away across the water. When the tide goes out, mudflats appear to go on for miles across the Wash, giving the notion that one could walk from HUnstanton to Skegness, of course you cant really as there are deep channels in the wash.

      But my dreams do not see things this way.

      I dream of The Wash often, not surprising as i spend a great deal of time around the coastline of the Wash, at the nature reserves of west norfolks Snettisham, to the sandy dunes of Wells Next The Sea further along its northern shores.

      Standing on the beach of Snettisham you can clearly see the towns of Boston and Skegness from the other side, where i usually stand, on a very clear day you can see the Boston Stump, as well as other features of the landscape, over 10 miles away.

      However, in my dreams this distance is less than a few hundred feet, i sometimes see the Lincolnshire side as being seperated only by a small stretch of water, closely resembling a river than the sea, but most of the times i dream that i am actually walking from one side, in norfolk, to the other, in lincolnshire. Curiously enough, as i begin walking across the mudflats in my dreams, i often find trees and bushes along the way, as well as other hikers coming from the other direction.

      This isn't a nightmare, i do not fear that the tide will come rushing in and catch me offguard, it never does, in fact i feel so serene doing this, as the sun beats down on me, the warmth on my skin is reassuring.

      In one or two dreams of the Wash, there are even houses, and what could be called a holiday resort, right in the middle of these mud flats, complete with amusement arcade, small fairground rides and typical beachside fast food and sweet shops (candy stores in yankee speak =)

      These dreams occur often and i am always left feeling quite satisfied after these dreams, and i dont quite know why.
    5. Strangeness At Sea

      by , 04-07-2014 at 02:38 PM
      So this was quite a while ago but i still remember it quite clearly. I was standing on a beach looking at the sun when some of my friends wanted to go riding on a boat so i did and it was nice but all of a sudden the wind began to pick up and the waves grew higher and higher and the small boat turned into a massive ship and there was a captain yelling at the crew to keep the ship afloat as we were getting pounded with wave after wave. I was holding on to some netting and that is all that i felt that was keeping me on board. The captain yelled very loudly as a massive wave came rushing toward us . The wave had thousands of zombies in it for some reason and as the wave came over the boat the zombies came on too and started tearing everybody to pieces real gory like and i started to freak out and i realized this could never actually happen so i realized i was dreaming but i couldn't control it and i got up and ran up the boat past the captain who was shooting them with his pistol( idk where he got it from he just had it haha) i ran into a room on the boat and shut the door. I was inside of an entire new surrounding inside of an apartment or something. Yet i could still hear them knawing at the door outside. There was a man with a shotgun that told me to follow him so i did, we went into his apartment and there was a big door that was covered in metal. He shot the door four times with the shotgun and i began to discourage his efforts of trying to open it. On the fifth shot it opened as he walked by me with a grin. And i woke up.
      lucid , nightmare
    6. Weird Random..

      by , 11-18-2013 at 05:39 AM
      This is what i remember:

      - We were throwing a surprise party for one of my friends
      - I remember there were cupcakes with frosting
      - It was at some place near the sea
      - One of my friends told me " I left a space to eat something sweet that you made" (I bake a lot)
      - One of my friends told me she hates Paris and when i asked her why she told me it was a secret and she wouldn't tell me
    7. Going to the sea

      by , 10-09-2013 at 12:15 PM
      Dream 1 : [COLOR="#800080"]I was home on the computer and then suddenly the door rings. My sister goes and check and dad is home. I'm kind of surprised because he just went back to work like few days ago and now he's coming back IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WEEK.(Might have got lucid from that but no) He seems drunk and he goes in the kitchen to sit and talk with mom. [/COLOR]

      Dream 2 : [COLOR="#800080"]On a street from real life, I'm with a girl and a fat round boy. He's sitting on a bench and I chew gum while the girl is looking at both. I throw my gum on the ground and then I slip and I fall in that guy's hands and he's about to fall but I keep yelling for help from that girl because if he falls we couldn't get him up anymore. Then the dream skips in an AWESOME place I've never been to before. There are metal high-rise buildings and I'm with a girl that is kind of fat too and I keep telling her that we MUST get to the concert because I really want to watch it. She keeps telling me to shut up. I suddenly think about renting an apartment because the concert place was away from my home so.... She tells me it's a bad idea(which is actually) and we continue to walk. We get at the concert place and there I am with 2 girls from my class and 1 girl that I really don't know who she is. That girl tries to make us sick because we were on a high building and I'm the only one that doesn't get sick and I start to walk confident in front of her and blow her kisses (To annoy her) and stuff then she suddenly reminds me of the dream I had before and we pretty much start to laugh.[/COLOR]

      Not sure if this was lucid or not, So I'll put it in plum color <.<

      Dream 3 : [COLOR="#DDA0DD"]My bestfriend tells me that we should go to the sea. She suddenly gets a jet pack and flies away. I'm only left with a parachute so I get it and I fly to the sea. The sea color is bright blue , never saw such a nice sea color in my whole life.There was also really green and nice grass NEAR the sea. I lose control of the parachute and I almost land on the water but I somehow gain it back and I land on the grass(there were a lot of people who were excited and waiting for this tho :\ ) Some girls are being totally mean to me and try to push me in the water but I didn't fell so I told them to not push me in the water but I get revenge and I push the girl in the water then look at it thinking " What if she doesn't know how to swim" I then get distracted by someone who calls my name. There's a boy I don't know that wants to show me how he skates. I agree to go with him and he drives to an apartment building that seems haunted and abandoned. I follow him in the apartment building, He gets out his skate and starts doing skate things while I watch and clap. He suddenly disappears and I explore the building a bit more. It's dark in there. There are kids going up and down stairs like crazy. I explore more and when I look back at the stairs there's only one kid that goes down stairs .The dream suddenly changes to me being on KVIRC in a channel named #Cuutee and There's a boy in there named Meadow. The dream then changes back to the last dream. I get scared, I stop him and ask him if he knows how to get out of here and if there are any rats in here. He nods and tells me that there are rats in here indeed. He then grabs my hand and drags me to the outside of the building( I was really scared) I hug him and thanks him a lot. I then meet a girl with brown hair that wants me to go somewhere with her. I grab my umbrella and then go. While going the girl meets her mother and some friends and they start talking while I have trouble with my umbrella. It breaks and I get angry on it, I throw it on the ground and stomp on it and I break a lot of things that are near me. My bestfriend suddenly appears and tells me that we should go to the sea. I look at her kind of scared because I didn't wanted to go with her but with the other girl and I knew that If I wouldn't go there she will get mad at me and won't talk with me. I invite the other girl too and we go to the sea and that's pretty much all I remember from this dream. [/COLOR]

      Dream 4: [COLOR="#800080"]I'm going at a mall with a fat girl and a boy. The girl eats a lot and says that she should get more clothes because she wants to. I tell her to stop eating because she really gets too fat . I then go in a shoes and accessories shop and I see a lot of shoes that I want to buy and then go look at accessories (I'm with mom and sister this time). I look at a lot of earrings and necklaces .[/COLOR]

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      non-lucid , memorable
    8. Confused on what my dream means

      by , 09-17-2013 at 06:32 PM
      So what of I remember my dream starts by my friend Kayla and I swimming in the ocean and we found this underwater shack and we see this wooden window and on the other side of this small window there are all these beautiful sea creatures that we can swim with and hold, there is this guy that is trying to guide us through and my friend swims right through the window like its nothing, but when I was about to swim through I saw all these medium sized spiders and there all around the frame of the window. My friend told me it's nothing and that she didn't get bit or anything and it's fine to go through. I asked them if they could move the spiders and they said they weren't allowed too. But I really wanted to go swim with those sea creatures, I tried once and I failed and I tried again but I couldn't because I was SO scared of those spiders. Then all of a sudden my dream switched to me being on the beach all alone just sitting there sad, I was just standing there listening to the waves crash and then I woke up
    9. The helicopter in the sea

      by , 09-07-2013 at 02:15 AM (Strange dreams and experiences)
      ((Again very fuzzy dream. I'll just put down what I have in my dream journal))
      Traveling sea with some guys, ran into a girl who crashed her helicopter into the sea. I found her playing with a shark.
    10. The Tree College

      by , 08-30-2013 at 11:05 AM (My Humble Collection of Somnigraphies)
      August 30 2013 - Dream Fragment #1 I remember my parents driving me into this small mall/plaza area where there were quite a few stores. A bunch of things happened that I can't seem to remember and then I remember being in a very shallow sea, maybe 2 ft deep and stretching out for as long as I could see, with some black-brown trees far, far in the horizon. I was struggling to run through this water and I eventually just swam. It was barely deep enough, but I bent my arms enough to do it. I remember getting to a waterfall and then realizing I have powers and flying up it.
    11. The treasure of the pillar

      by , 08-11-2013 at 09:58 AM
      I was part of a group of archaeologist. We were going to do a archaeological survey in a ocean. The strange thing was the way we got to that ocean. Because the first thing I remember is us falling towards the ocean surface and then diving into the waters. So either we arrived by flying there or by some kind of portal or something else. I could see the horizon and sky, so it was not underground, but I have a vague memory of it still being in a different place then our normal seas. A different world even?

      When we hit the water we dived into it immediately, we did not have much choice anyway since we were travelling at quite a high speed. The water was actually pretty warm and it felt nice diving there. I remember that I saw that it was very deep: The waters were so clear that I could see 100 meters straight down but still I couldn't see the bottom. All I saw was darkness...and some distance from me a rock pillar, shooting up through the darkness. I swam towards it, and when I reached it I realised it was only a decimetre beneath the surface. I climbed up on it and signalled the others that I had found land...even though it was just a few meters across.

      I began digging there and found piece upon piece of gold items! This treasure was just what we were looking for!

      This dream is actually very similar to another dream I had recently: Salvaging in a underground ocean
    12. Pyramids Of Egypt in Water!

      by , 08-05-2013 at 03:59 PM
      Type: WILD

      I saw that I'm in a a sea beach and in about 0.5 km's away I saw one of Pyramid of Egypt in the sea
      Then I decided to swim in that water. I had a good swimming experience in lucid dream. It was very real. I needed to take breath when I was under water

      Image source: https://www.facebook.com/thepyramidsofegypt
      Tags: egypt, sea, swim
    13. Flashbacks and an octopus.

      by , 08-03-2013 at 09:22 PM
      A setting that looks like it's based on ancient China. I'm about to transport a prisoner, a high-ranking woman, but the focus of the dream is on the people I ran into guarding her cell, two men I'd known during what I think of as 'the bloodstained war.'

      The dream moves into a flashback to the war: I was some kind of government official, something to do with money. It kept me out of the fighting at a time when most men my age were soldiers, and I was conflicted about that, especially since my job required me to work closely with the military. Those two men guarding the cell had been soldiers who briefly acted as my guards while I was traveling through a dangerous area. During this flashback, we met a priest who I'd kept in contact with since, and I'm thinking about the major contrast between how earnest and naive he was then and how cynical he grew to be.

      (I woke up. I went back to sleep for one more hour.)

      Modern western setting, I'm playing the role of some teenage guy. I'd gone back to my hometown by the sea, thought I was just passing through but got into some kind of trouble and wound up stuck working as a camp counselor as some kind of community service. I'd resented it, wanted nothing more than to get out of town, but as I stuck around I've wound up being a lot fonder of the place than I expected, like some kind of cheesy family movie plot. Also my ex-girlfriend is working at the camp and maybe isn't an ex- anymore. And this is the last day of camp. So I'm in a good mood as I'm riding my bike back to camp after running an errand in town, getting stuff for the ice cream party at the cabin tonight, looking around at the streets and remembering dumb kid pranks and rivalries and shortcuts around here, when I happen across an octopus in the middle of the road.

      It's still alive, though it doesn't look too good, it's not moving much. We're just above the beach here, so I scoop it up and return it to the water, and it perks right up - and immediately crawls right back out of the water to cling to a rock. But at least it's not in the road anymore, and it can get back to the water if it wants. It left burns on my arm, like a jellyfish, which I think of as the normal result of picking up an octopus. When I get back to camp my maybe-not-an-ex sees the burns and goes "oh, you didn't," and yes, letting myself get burned was dumb, but what else was I supposed to do?
    14. Huge Fishes

      by , 08-03-2013 at 12:24 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was running from someone or some people. I was in our house back in our hometown.

      Underground. I was watching a small tribe on a boat in an underground river under a house. The leader was female. They got lost chasing someone (me?). They redirected the boat, but didn't realize it was headed out to the sea and not back inside. Once they were on the sea, there was a huge open mouth out of the water. A big fish was sucked or simply jumped into it. They/We decided to avoid it. Then we had to hurry away from other huge water species.

      We ended up in a wet market with all kinds of fishes. Some of them huge.
    15. Long Lucid Dream

      by , 07-06-2013 at 09:33 PM

      I was in my dad's living room, and something prompted me to think that it was a dream. My brother stood right in front of me. To test my dream theory, I charged right through the wall and my brother, no fear. I saw his eyes widen as I rammed towards him at the speed of light, and I closed my eyes.

      Once I opened my eyes I was standing outside. Well, I guess that this is a dream. I attempt flying, but then completely slow down and am slowly spinning out of control, as if I'm in space. This is the first time that I've been unable to fly in a dream. My gaze tilts upward, and the power lines are outlined against the sky. I float alarmingly close to them. All while this is happening, a calm, female voice similar to that of a flight attendant talks inside my head. It seems as though she is some sort of 'lucid dreaming for beginners' guide. She explains something about the power lines, and how they shock you.

      I remember that you could sometimes jump to initiate flight, but it's not needed. Soon I'm zooming down the road, above the trees. For some reason in Every. Single. Dream I have, the lower part of the town I live in (past the hospital) is always dramatically changed. In this dream, although I was lucid, I couldn't recall what the area looked like. I jokingly recalled the map of past dreams, not really meaning to explore further but thinking that it'd be funny if it looked like it did in dreams.

      I looked down and imagined a small dog coming out of the bushes. Then, I put out my hands in a frame shape and imagined up a dog. It was small, and had matted brown fur. It was still cute.

      The dog followed me along, I assume flying. I wanted to come upon something fun to do. We flew above a small camp of ruffians with blue tents. I saw people in tribal paint jumping about, and worried about them attacking me. I believe that this was when two or three other girls joined us, at least two brown-haired and one blonde.

      We kept on flying. Our group quickly grew large, and I felt pleased. As if I was collecting people. We landed in a meadow. One girl and I stood by a fence. I studied her. I expected her face to be warped or somehow missing a nose, since it was a dream. She was quite beautiful, even her frizzy hair which stood a good three inches from her face somehow made her seem quaint. She was familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on it.

      I told her that she was beautiful. She blushed and looked down. Yes, definitely beautiful, I decided. I asked her what she thought of me, knowing her answer already. This was my dream, of course she would respond positively. She gave me a critical head-to-toe. Then she said that I was beautiful. I jokingly said something about it being a dream. I was worried that she'd freak out since I'd called it a dream, but she didn't. She just half-smiled and laughed. So the people here were completely accepting of it being a dream.

      I think that we were still in the meadow when I tried to write something down. God, that was a nightmare. On every single word I had to backspace and retype the letter, but even then I rarely got it right. I realized that it was hard because I was in a dream, and gave up on that.

      I wanted to get to a city, and repeatedly commanded a taxi to appear. No luck. Then I told myself that we'd just take a boat. We fly a short while and we come upon a sea that is thrashing wildly, as if in the middle of a storm. We land on the deck and I see a few wary deckhands and smaller boats. I see a small yacht, but decide that it's too small. I pray for a giant cruise ship to pull around the mountain, but instead there comes a wild mix between boat and floating black truck. I didn't bat an eye at it in the dream, besides being disappointed that it wasn't a cruise ship. I pulls close to the deck and we fly to the 'boat deck'. There are doors that you open to get into the seats, and I immediately sit in the first row, window seat. The blonde girl is about to sit down outside the door, but I beg her to sit inside with me. I don't tell her why yet. She resists, but finally comes in to sit.

      I want to turn her into an actor and it'll be easier with her since she's already blonde. I tell her that I want to change her appearance into that of an actor, and she readily agrees. I worry that it won't feel the same with her as it would if he'd just walked up out of the mist.

      I tell her that I didn't want her to sit outside because things that I didn't have my eye on at all times in dreams had a habit of disappearing. I used the dog as an example, who I hadn't seen for a while and I could only assume had disappeared.

      I faced her, but we were on land now. I made her hair blonde, since it was brunette now. I sharpened her nose, changed her teeth. I was having an awful time trying to remember what he looked like, and worrying that I'd gotten a feature wrong. The brown slowly spread back into her/his hair. I said nuh uh and quickly changed it back to blonde. Then he changed into a alien and I got a comic-like picture of him beating his chest while howling at the sky. As a bulgy eyed, white alien. I sighed in disappointment because all my hard work was wasted. I began to lose lucidity.

      I was under these stairs, looking for my friend's little brother to put him to bed. With each turn the passageway got smaller and darker. I continued to brightly call for him. I turned once again, and knew that his was a trap to get me so deep in that I couldn't turn around to go back. I saw a panel on the wall shake, and I knew something scary was going to pop out behind it. It quickly turned to leave, and saw the little brother scamper across my path.

      I'm running along a dark, leaky room with wet pavement. I'm filled with adrenaline, and can see my friends leaping forward and sprinting beside me.

      I'm in a small, old-fashioned town. There's a funeral going on and I unwittingly say something offensive because I didn't know that it was a funeral. There a white church with a steeple beside the garage where the funeral is held. The brown casket is carried into the garage. Dream On by Aerosmith plays in the background, and I'm amazed that I can remember all the words. I'm also amazed that I've remembered the little details from 'a dream past'. I had a false memory of this happening in a dream, and of a crazy lady with wild hair interrupting the funeral.

      Although it doesn't seem like it, I'm still partly lucid. I want to try to eat something, so a friend or two and I flew to a fast food restaurant. We go inside, and I break off the top of a drink dispenser. What looks like tapioca is inside. I have it in a cup, and know that it will taste awful. A cop comes over and is mad at us for breaking open the machine.
      I force my friend to use her power to turn the white liquid red, hoping that it will disguise it from the cop and also make it taste better. It half-works, the cop stirs it with a finger and the color is instantly stirred under. I wake up.
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