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  1. how difficult would this be?
  2. New and scared?
  3. Telling DC's I'm dreaming wakes me.
  4. Tough!
  5. Can someone tell me why i have such detailed dreams and why i can manipulate them so well?
  6. Can you listen music in dreams?
  7. Apparently I'm not too good at dream control yet
  8. helpp.
  9. List ways to do telekinesis.
  10. Halp! Can't stay in dream!
  11. Debilitating Lucidity.
  12. Unable to take control
  13. 1 Year long dream
  14. I've Been Having a Serious Problem...
  15. Failed Lucid! D:
  16. Need some goals!
  17. Burning Question
  18. Getting out of spectator-mode in a dream?
  19. lucid but not in control
  20. Closing my eyes...
  21. changing dream scape the flash glass screen
  22. Super senses
  23. Walking through walls
  24. Lucid Dreaming and Real Life Applications
  25. Talking in dreams
  26. Boundaries keeping me Limited?
  27. Some questions about dream control
  28. "Grounding" myself in a dream?
  29. grow other limbs
  30. Ultimate Chi blast!!! Goku style!
  31. Making a JET fall out of the sky (you heard me)
  32. Changing Dreamscape
  33. Tonight
  34. Flying forward
  35. Close your eyes. No, actually; DON'T.
  36. Apparently, there IS a spoon.
  37. Using "fear" to control dreams?
  38. Slow Motion
  39. IMPORTANT-Lucid Crossroads
  40. weird confusing question
  41. continuous nightmare
  42. How to prolong lucid dreaming.
  43. Trapped
  44. What next?
  45. Sleep Paralysis Control - How?
  46. teleport method that dont risk lucid?
  47. My lucid dream
  48. Dizko's Guide to Ultimate Dream Control
  49. Having trouble changing location or 'dream scene'?
  50. Loosing an ability
  51. Shooting energy blasts? (DON'T LAUGH.)
  52. How come i wasn't able to control my self in my lucid dream?
  53. forcing control?
  54. AMAZING discovery (that probably has been done a hundred times before)
  55. Tell me how to create worlds.
  56. the dream tv- what are fun things to do with perception?
  57. First lucid was pretty good... But...
  58. Intimacy in LD's
  59. How to force sex dream (Brain flooder)
  60. Help!?!?
  61. Technique List
  62. Viewing myself in 3rd person
  63. Making things happen
  64. Damn Those DILDs....
  65. Computer, Begin Program.
  66. changing dreamscape?
  67. Do Names Have Power
  68. Altering dream environment (matrix style?) ?
  69. Playing music in LDs
  70. I need help...
  71. Dream Control Method
  72. Wow...Just Wow
  73. Elemental Control
  74. SEX in dreams???
  75. Multitude of controling things in dreams
  76. 1st experience
  77. Uh Body Swap
  78. Making sense of senseless dreams...
  79. Best thing to do when lucid? Nothing.
  80. Need help with shapeshifting
  81. Objects Just appearing
  82. Dream symbols? (dream symbol and hotkeys)
  83. What to do with this assholery...
  84. Reading
  85. flash timer and psp
  86. Changing feild of vision
  87. defence against a Telekenic blast? ideas?
  88. Dream Guide Question..
  89. How to get dreams from the beginning?
  90. Definitive list of Lucid experiences
  91. Lucid Self doesn;t control dreams
  92. What is a reality check?
  93. Two Issues, please help.
  94. Whenever I become lucid I can't hold it and end up waking up :(
  95. Wrenching Yourself Out of a Dream
  96. Gender Changing
  97. Yelling At DC's
  98. Lieing to yourself to get more control?
  99. Was Lucid Thursday morning, tried to fly
  100. false awakening problems - any help would be great
  101. dream control?
  102. Scale of 15: How realistic was your best LD?
  103. Desired dreams
  104. Non-Lucid Control Better Than Lucid?
  105. Am I too excited?
  106. Controlling dreams to...
  107. My WILD experience.
  108. How do I control my dreams?
  109. Was I lucid?
  110. Technique For Jumping I Figured Out
  111. in dreams, body refusing to function, etc
  112. Pain in Lucid Dreams?
  113. Hmmm!
  114. Castaneda's stone
  115. Subconcious...reliable?
  116. When im lying in bed and about to go to sleep, do I....?
  117. How do i lucid dream?:embarrassed:
  118. I have a really bad problem and its not FIXING!
  119. The Ethics of Dream Control
  120. Problem with lucid!
  121. blackouts in lucid dreams.
  122. lucid but lost it, iso help my pedals dont work!
  123. Sleep Programming is Dream Control
  124. Questions of Dream Control.
  125. I feel really frustrated right now.
  126. Altering Dreamscape?
  127. changing DC
  128. Is it possible to...
  129. Summoning/Finding a DC
  130. DreamBoarding
  131. How long did it take for you to successfully WILD?
  132. Can't Fly
  133. No control over my dream.
  134. Starting dreams in the same place?
  135. Dream scenario
  136. cant move my head
  137. Been a lucid dreamer for years but new to this.
  138. First thing you do after realize ur dreaming
  139. Restrictions on abilities while lucid??
  140. did i do it?
  141. Can you make a specific character your dream guide?
  142. Dream Guide?
  143. bad recall recently
  144. NovaDreamer 2
  145. LD rate going up quickly
  146. Fade to black...
  147. What's the longest lucid dream your ever had?
  148. Possible way of prolonging your dream
  149. Issues with Sleep Paralysis
  150. Electro-Magnetic detection
  151. Snap out of it!
  152. Dream Powers, dream abilities
  153. y spin?
  154. What if you kill your dream guide?
  155. Simple and effective
  156. I'm a slow flier, suggestions?
  157. problems with weird stuff
  158. damn teleport!
  159. No Sex For You! (Dreams Lost in Space): My First LD
  160. LD when in danger
  161. Fun Games to play*
  162. Interesting Way To Change Location
  163. How do you wake up?
  164. Making Beautiful Music!
  165. Spawning objects keeps getting screwed up.
  166. Day to Night
  167. A couple of questions on Potential
  168. here's help on flying.
  169. LDing within an LD. More stable?
  170. Subconscious can't accept my sexuality(?)
  171. Deep thought during the Day. Can it help me?
  172. a summoning question
  173. A couple LD tips... questions/comments welcome
  174. Looking for my dream guide
  175. Waking up
  176. I need major help!
  177. An extended question on Dream Guides...
  178. Videos and Dream Control
  179. Can't move...not SP
  180. tips, i'm new.
  181. changing faces of DC's, tips?
  182. Dream peple/surroundings control
  183. Poor / Same Environment + another problem
  184. How can I summon people?
  185. Attempted limited dream control
  186. The Nature of Dream Control
  187. My LD's arent all that special...
  188. On your next *dream* flight
  189. "Russian Doll" dreams
  190. Teleportation technique - Flash Step
  191. Dream World
  192. Creating a temple or castle or whatever...
  193. Control is about accepting rejection...
  194. Fuzzy dreams in the morning; trouble clearing them up while lucid.
  195. Changing/controlling vs. observing
  196. My first fully aware Lucid Dream, great or
  197. I'm a little confused.
  198. An unusual scene change method
  199. About Spinning?
  200. Dream Guide?
  201. Feeling like I am not me
  202. Slowing / Stopping Time
  203. Over 15 lucids, but still no control. Need help.
  204. Constantly running
  205. Spinning Revisited
  206. Godhood's a big job ...
  207. My first honest WILD
  208. some wild WILD problems
  209. Dealing with horrifying nightmares? ><
  210. Two tips.
  211. 5 min WILD Last Night
  212. defiy time in a lucid dream
  213. Its all so fuzzy...
  214. Closed eyes kills the dream.....
  215. Lucid Schizophrenia?
  216. dreaming or what?
  217. Please explain how to "roll out"
  218. Light switches - succes at last!
  219. A cool Matrix scenes about Control
  220. Wierd thing happened while going through window.
  221. Consistency when I don't want it (and frustratingly poor control)...
  222. How
  223. 2nd LD - no control
  224. Is it possible to live out a story through several LD's?
  225. Is having a baby possible?
  226. Dream Guides
  227. 15+ ways to travel in dreams
  228. Dream Control in lucid nightmares
  229. need help with this
  230. Anyone ever wonder if we really have control?
  231. flying, waking up, choosing your dreams' characters...
  232. 20+ ways to summon people or objects
  233. List of things that I need help with
  234. new idea for people summon
  235. Make a map
  236. Everyone has been talking about bulding. How?
  237. Can anyone give me a kool idea for a LD?
  238. Wishful dreaming.
  239. Small dream universes
  240. Why do naps cause lucid dreaming?
  241. How to control OBE-like floating?
  242. Tell me why this DIDN'T work (changing scenery)
  243. How can i make my lucid dream's have a story line??
  244. Trouble flying
  245. Experience of dream control??
  246. After 26 LD's Freaky Shit Happened. Help.
  247. Need help with WILDS
  248. Lucid Dreaming While Awake.
  249. How Much Time???
  250. Question about Lucid dreams