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  1. Tips please
  2. How many Reality Checks do YOU do?
  3. Music and Noises
  4. When RC gets you.
  5. Time distortion
  6. Getting rid of a re-occuring dream character
  7. free help music (mp3) to gain lucidity!
  8. Strong urge to sleep while becoming lucid in Dreams problems
  9. Length of LD's
  10. Divorce and Nightmares
  11. Spinning?
  12. What are your favorite???
  13. What Dream controls have people had?
  14. Need peoples opinions!
  15. I'm very new
  16. Multiple False Awakenings
  17. 100% Control - Is this your goal?
  18. A cure for device failure?
  19. How does one Transform in a dream?
  20. Benefits of DCs?
  21. i know why spinning works
  22. Someone was controlling my dream
  23. Most efficient nightmare repelling techniques?
  24. The DC Alarm Clock and why I wasn't late
  25. five steps to insane lucidity and vividness
  26. Something may happen in the near future
  27. Spinning - eyes open or closed?
  28. Brainwave Generator
  29. Changing Scenery & The Difficulty of Dream Control
  30. half awake half asleep
  31. How to turn of brain?
  32. Law of conservation of energy, im lauging at you!
  33. to find out if your dreaming.....bite your finger
  34. Dealing with DCs
  35. Weird problem
  36. Dream induction
  37. Wierd Frustrating problem direectly after achieving lucidity
  38. Me myself and whoever else
  39. Make DCs (or things) bigger
  40. Favorite Lucid Prolong Technique +++++++
  41. Summoning Objects
  42. object morphing
  43. Mind controling people! * Yeah you know you like it :D *
  44. "I must be dreaming, but I'm too tired to care..."
  45. Funny awakenings
  46. spiffy summoning technique, esp for naruto fans
  47. Need Help Flying!!!!
  48. first lucid but not much controll
  49. i cant punch fer crap
  50. most ambitious dream control practice?
  51. New thechnique
  52. DC control/change
  53. voices and loud electric noises - how do i get rid of them?!
  54. Is this possible?
  56. Heartbeat is the key for control!!!
  57. Need help!
  58. Future predictions
  59. Hey there every peoples, I'm back.
  60. Can't Fly for crap...
  61. Harry Potter has entered dream world!
  62. No Powers
  63. Controlling Light
  64. Is my subconscious trying to thwart me?
  65. I'm having trouble remembering LD's. Need help
  66. attempting WILD going to bed
  67. I think I might be in for one hell of a ride
  68. What is the extent of your dream control?
  69. shouting in my dream :P
  70. How to Increase Realism in a Lucid Dream
  71. How to fall asleep?
  72. Defensive powers?
  73. Teeth Fallin Out-continued
  74. Pain in Lucidity? :/
  75. Making Yourself Sleepwalk
  76. Lucid Dreaming Ethics and Rules
  77. Awkward when Flying?
  78. Flying.........
  79. Teeth falling out
  80. Does anyone else have problems with controlling their dreams
  81. Shattering
  82. Changing your Location
  83. Control without lucidity?
  84. I issue a challange/study
  85. As lucidity goes up, motor control goes down!
  86. They all say its hard in the begining.. But this is screwed
  87. Being lucid and mastering how to.
  88. An Odd False Awakening
  89. The spinning technique wakes me up everytime ..
  90. Problems awaking or opening eyes
  91. Problems summoning!
  92. ways of killing DCs...make a whole list here please!
  93. ideas of stuff to do
  94. Lucid Dream God
  95. I HATE(HATE HATE) not being able to run
  96. Calea Zacatechichi.....
  97. please help me.
  98. Really need help on lucid flying
  99. Changing Memories
  100. Um....are my methods on the right track?
  101. Dream Control Issues
  102. Gaining better control
  103. can you clone your self?
  104. how do you know you're lucid?
  105. Aplying lucid dreaming to technolgy.
  106. My WEIRD Lucid Dream
  107. is my sub-coincious stoping me from luciding?
  108. a new idea for dream clarity
  109. mastering lucid sex
  110. Good idea to improve clearness.
  111. ~Hyperion~
  112. Same as when I was a child
  113. Wow. 2 lds in one night, interesting effects
  114. Being lucid but not having control!
  115. Question about dream control--need help
  116. How do I even think while dreaming?
  117. Am I on the Right Track?
  118. Always waking up too soon
  119. Focus
  120. !!!.::Close your eyes::.!!!
  121. Don't close your eyes!!!!!
  122. MY cool WBTB experience!
  123. Influencing dreams without LD
  124. Rubbing your Hands.
  125. Is controlling a matter of skill?
  126. dream control without lucidity?
  127. Changing Body SHape.
  128. I never knew what I was doing had a name
  129. Out of control car
  130. making items appear or transporting yourself
  131. And then my method was made :)
  132. Stop right there DC!A short tutorial on how to paralize a dc
  133. help = ( my unwanted awakenings
  134. false wake up's.....First post, first Ld, scared me
  135. Calea Zacatechichi
  136. Killing Music band "Simple Plan"
  137. moving living things in a LD
  138. Dream spinning
  139. Winter = Dry Spell
  140. my dream checklist
  141. Tales of Dream Confidence
  142. Changing A Dream's Landscape
  143. Help on Dream control
  144. Low Level of Lucidity.
  145. Begginning Stage of Dream control
  146. Creating a dream
  147. Freaky things in LD....
  148. Controllig how long it feels?
  149. WILD get up fast, slow, or doesnt matter?
  150. How to become lucid
  151. What can u do to increase errotic dreams?
  152. Flying
  153. Killing a DC...
  154. Lucid Control problems
  155. Strange sensation, is it normal?
  156. A question about lucid dreaming...
  157. How often?
  158. Using a control device
  159. Technique For Stringing Together Lucid Dreams
  160. creative imagination/vision training techniques?
  161. CONTROLL!
  162. Imagining people
  163. Restraints HELP!
  164. Is lucid control like doublethink?
  165. Mobile Phone
  166. Interesting concept.
  167. I'm Screwed.
  168. Creating persons.
  169. Self multiply
  170. the first thing i want to do in a lucid dream
  171. Is this normal?
  172. Oh...Crap!!
  173. Is it normal to do some math in my dreams?
  174. hey hey, anyone got any ideas?
  175. First LD Since Coming here
  176. When I'm just about to do the task, I wake up. Help me with.
  177. big problem.
  178. dreaming nonlucid for a reason
  179. Trouble with shapeshifting
  180. how do you remain calm?!
  181. Findng a person
  182. Any suggestions?
  183. prolonging dream control?
  184. Speech Impaired dreams
  185. The big Flying Thread
  186. Increasing Realism
  187. Hows yours
  188. lucids vs. nonlucids
  189. Pre plotting dreams?
  190. How do YOU conjure in a dream?
  191. Finally!
  192. Dream Control Learning More
  193. Annoying Dream Characters
  194. Waking up from sleep
  195. phasing through matter
  196. Stopping Time
  197. I was like sooooo lucid, but no controlly. WHY?
  198. In my dreams breakfast Is at 11:30 P.M. The food? Control.
  199. whats your longest lucid?
  200. Dream Character Convincing
  201. The "crossover"
  202. Staying in a Lucid dream?
  203. Empowering yourself with dream characters
  204. How I control my dreams
  205. Where is Everyone
  206. Please point me in the direction of "CLEARER LUCIDITY&q
  207. Fake dreams
  208. progressing
  209. My Idea vs Your Idea
  210. What are your skills?
  211. Control/Recall Methods (Respond here)
  212. Life Control
  213. Phasing through matter in dreams.
  214. How fast can you control.
  215. The Magic Jet Pack is a ROCKIN way to fly!
  216. Absolute access to the unconcious mind?
  217. Eyes stuck closed false awakening experience
  219. Control from normal dreams to lucid ones
  220. Can you control a dream character?
  221. Controling the laws of physics in your dreams.
  222. Making demands before you go to sleep.
  223. Physical problems
  224. Food Induced Dreams
  225. Running.... really fast.
  226. Developing Skills
  227. Can't control things at ALL!! HELP!!
  228. dream control problems...
  229. How do YOU fly?
  230. has anyone ever gone to sleep in a dream?
  231. Dream Morality...
  232. Not so much a problem with flying but...
  233. What's the difference between WILD and OBE?
  234. my technique?
  235. nervousness?
  236. new flying method: I hope I no one has thought of this
  237. Walking...
  238. Time Control
  239. Is she a natural Lucid.
  240. Dying in a Lucid dream
  241. Doing new things
  242. [b]Spinning whats it about[/b]
  243. Can LDing effect your life?
  244. How lame can I get?
  245. What do you do when controling your dreams?
  246. Your Fav.
  247. Taste
  248. This might be dumb
  249. Finding your dream guide
  250. RC Passing