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    1. Big Books and a Big Greek Coin

      by , 05-10-2020 at 05:00 PM
      Morning of May 10, 2020. Sunday.

      Dream #: 19,501-03. Reading time (optimized): 2 min.

      My dream self lacks any waking-life references (and as usual, there is no recall of the present state of the world), though I become interested in a couple of big books with ambiguous content in an unknown but mostly undefined setting. I treat them as mine.

      The first section of the books seems to feature summaries of dream content, the second, various comic strips (“Blondie” being the one I focus on more), and the third seeming like the Yellow Pages of a phone book. I read a “Blondie” comic strip at the top of a left-hand page, atypically of only two panels, the second panel featuring a winter scene in a city. There is a scene that briefly seems to be in a “real” setting when I am looking at the front of the residence where Dagwood and Blondie live. I consider meeting Dagwood and going to parts of his house that no one (including the Bumsteads) had ever seen. (In a previous dream, I was at a party with Dagwood, his boss Mr. Dithers, and Blondie, and they appeared mainly as in the comic strip.)

      Imaginary somatosensory cortex dynamics initiate but link to a static form of the vestibular cortex model (in contrast to “Fun with Rockets and Alien Spaceships” from May 1) and no dynamic foundation of myoclonus (waking start or falling trigger).

      As a result, I find myself with an old Greek coin, the one that features the Owl of Athena (a flight reference for my dream’s waking transition as always occurs with this mode of dreaming). (One of the last static versions of this process was a sketchy drawing of a crow appearing in a mirror in “Sophie the Ghost” from May 3.) Even so, the coin is about three times bigger than an American quarter and possibly hollow.

      Although the coin is too big to be real, I briefly consider it genuine and valuable. I plan to show it to this dream’s unseen sleep-wake manager (an unknown male), but before I reach him, I see “Athens” to the lower right of the owl relief in uppercase. I read it clearly, and it does not change over time. I consider the coin cannot be genuine because of “Athens” being in English. I wake upon realizing this.

      This dream stems from childhood dreaming practices in which I tried to hold onto a summoned coin to awake with it (and of course, it never worked, although I sometimes woke while pinching my pillowcase). The process (and its absentminded expectation by way of the virtuous circle effect of dreaming practices) has occurred in thousands of my dreams, sometimes with a static link to myoclonus associations as here.

      I will include another example from 2017 when I sat at a table with Les Gold (of “Hardcore Pawn”), and we were discussing a fictitious 1970 limited edition American quarter that featured the outline of Jonathan Livingston Seagull. We talked of how the coin was unpopular, with similar notoriety as the American Susan B. Anthony Dollar.

    2. What a Rude Statue

      by , 07-05-2018 at 01:35 AM (The Fourth Factor)
      The dream seemed to begin like some sort of flight simulator game, but—after a series of events I can no longer remember—I realize I’m dreaming.

      I’m in an unfamiliar city. It’s a place with a charming atmosphere—lots of greenery and a small harbor that almost divides it in two, with the main part of the city built on a hill with a steep incline. I fly—without my customary wings, since I was already flying to begin with—enjoying my surroundings. Every corner I turn results in a new, interesting view as I circle around, gradually moving up the hill.

      At one point, I notice a series of staircases to my right leading directly to the hilltop. It reminds me a little of the Bergpark—and that gives me an idea. I could find the Herkules statue and have a conversation with him. That would be an interesting thing to do in a dream.

      I fly up the staircases and find myself in a small park where a number of people are walking around. There is no Herkules Statue, but I do see a statue slightly off to the left—although monument might be the better word since it’s basically just a bronze head on a pedestal, a man wearing what looks like a conquistador helmet.

      I walk over to it, look at the head and ask: “So, is there anything you want to say to me?”

      The head comes to life. It says: “What the f*** are you doing here?” in what is quite possibly a Cockney accent. I’m a bit taken aback but still proceed to have a conversation with him—as best I can. I’m finding the accent difficult, and the background noise from the other people here isn’t helping.

      After a bit, three young women come up and join in the conversation. I recognize them the way one normally recognizes people in non-lucid dreams, although none of them seem to be people familiar to me in waking life. The only one whose appearance I can remember was a middle-eastern looking woman with thick, dark hair going down a little past her shoulders. Unfortunately, pretty much everything we said there faded from memory by the time I woke up.

      As the conversation ends, the bronze head offers to kiss a coin for each of us—this seems to be a good luck ritual of the sort that often develops around statues. The others produce coins, and I figure I’ll go along with it, too. Without looking, I stick my hand into a pocket which I expect I have—even though I don’t ordinarily wear clothing with pockets where this would be possible, it’s a pretty reliable method of materializing objects that might conceivably be in one. I feel around the various objects there for a coin. As I do, I recall the Soviet Kopeck that mysteriously turned up in my last batch of laundry—my aunt had been washing some really old stuff, I guess—and, unsurprisingly, that’s what the coin I eventually find turns out to be.

      Once that’s over, I’m once again faced with the decision of what to do. As I fly back down the hillside, it occurs to me that this might be a good opportunity to find some people I'd like to speak to. I fly all the way down to the harbor and, since the ground is flat here, I land and walk. I call out their names and try to find them among the crowd, or among the people on the boats. But I don’t see them there, and before long, I wake up.


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    3. Little Fragments 12/30/2017

      by , 12-30-2017 at 01:11 PM
      Some Fragments
      - Something about telling somebody to give me the last two hot dogs?

      - It was my 26th birthday and was taking snapchat pictures with sister and friends. Found A gold dollar coin with my birth year on it in a pile of change from C's dresser.

      - Not sure if I was just flying or if I was an actual bird; but I was in the sky searching down below for a gas station.
      I saw an old timey one and flew down to it, complaining that it was old and probably didn't work etc..

      - I think I was near the gas pump but there was this odd wall made of small rectangular concrete blocks that I had to (for some reason) crack the code to them. There was a large beautiful tree behind me that seemed to glisten in the sun.Some male character was coming towards me.

      - In the hospital, had my left leg/knee on top of some ice. Sister says, "they must be getting you ready for surgery". I freak out a little and she yells asking the question. A person comes in (nurse I reckon) and puts a tube into my knee about an inch thick/around and pretty long, filled with cubes of ice. I guess the tube must have been through my knee/leg out on the other side because she began to 'Flush' my leg with ice. It went super fast through the tube and ice kept going through it really fast. It didn't hurt but I yelled out/groaned when it started because it startled me.
    4. 12/09/2014 Library party, Walking down the street, Home business

      by , 09-13-2014 at 01:32 AM
      - I'm outside my university and i notice my classmates. My friend is with them but he's not using his walking aid (he has a muscular problem). I greet them and follow him as he limps to the library. Inside we make some kind of party, one of my classmates asks me for a bottle of beer. I open my backpack to see i have beer and a bottle of coke. After a while a cute girl appears, stares at me and kisses my cheek.

      - I'm in my neighbourhood, walking on the sidewalk, when i notice 2 guys sitting by the side. After i walk past them, i turn around to see if they change (was i a bit lucid??), and i think i saw something different but i got distracted and then i found myself inside some house playing a Sonic videogame with a boy and his bigger brother. After winning i continue my walk home when i see two suspicious looking individuals, so i do a little sprint and cross the street. There are some people and some old guy comes out yelling, he is really mad because apparently a goblin gave him a fake coin.

      - I'm in my house, the doorbell rings so i go to the door. It is a magician, he wants to buy a special coin from my dad. I let him inside and go to my room. I sit in the floor and notice a black beetle with orange details. I touch it and step back a bit. The doorbell rings again, this time is a familiar looking woman in a robe. I take her to my dad and he gives her what she was looking for: a gold coin with a frog pattern.
    5. Coin from Haifa

      , 08-24-2013 at 04:55 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Saturday, 8/24/13

      Last night bed 12am - 8:15am

      DR -
      I'm standing with my mom in the pantry. I'm looking at a box with nut grinder. She is sending me to the store to buy a new one, that is better and doesn't leak. I'm looking at the box to see the model number, so I can get a different one.

      DR -
      In my moms kitchen. I finally figured out what happened to my yellow construction helmet. I got in trouble at school today for not having it. So, my brother took it to another town and sold it.

      DR -
      I'm packing someones suitcases. But they are already packed, so someone tells me why not leave them as they are and take them like that. I think it's a good idea and go with that.

      Last DR of the night -
      I walk into a small store, that resembles the one in LB. I entered from parking lot side. Picked up a bottle of dish soap, because they didn't have the soap I wanted. I take the white, opaque bottle to the cashier, when I notice some yellow soap had spilled from the top. As if someone had opened the bottle before. Cashier notices it too and tells me she will check if there is soap missing from bottle and will get me another one. I tell her that's not necessary. But she insists.

      I see her real name on the wall and from that I deduct her username on DV. I know she has some deleted or unapproved posts. And yes, she tells me about that, as she is hands me a golden seal on a small piece of paper, with words ...radio on them. That's the proof someone at DV required of her. She tells me, she already went to DV and got in a fist fight with my colleague. On the seal is a small coin. I ask her why is she giving me a penny, if it's for my trouble, she doesn't need to. Then I look at it closer and see a dark brown, rectangular coin. With some scene and word Haifa. The coin looks like it's broken off on the top, but I can tell thats the design of it and the broken part looks like has some marks of a chisel on it. As if it was chiseled off. I tell her all happy, that I collect coins and I don't have this one yet. It really is pretty.
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    6. [Super Mario Arcade Warehouse]

      by , 09-21-2012 at 06:53 AM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Monday, September 17th, 2012]
      (Alex stayed with me last night. We both had some lengthy discussions and came close to a fight, but we settled it rather civilly and got
      somewhere. We talked about chakras, spiritualism, Budhism, techniques, and philosophy. Alex got too loopy to stay awake towards the end and
      but we had a rather heated... physical debate before sleeping. Then we passed out talking about silly things like turtles and fireflies and my
      computer's lights. xD The last thing I remember is focusing on my root chakra to try and feel it. I had some interesting dreams when we finally
      slept, two of them. But only the last bit is coming to me right now...
      The first dream involved chakras- but isn't complete enough to worry about for now.)

      OH- WAIT NO- I was in a barren grassy landscape, and in a walled off area. There were me, and quite a few orphaned kids. In the center of the walled off plaza was grass and trees, but it was dry. Around the wall on the inside were buildings and rooms for us to live in. In one the bathroom area, there were showers and toilets and urinals and lockers. In the locker room, I remember a bully picking on all the weak kids, as if he were the only government here. He always picked on kids, but this time he was picking on real-life old friend, John, awkward, with red hair and heavy freckles. John was tired of being picked on, so he kicked the bully as hard as he possibly could in the go-nads. It looked like the most painful thing. I was like "HELL YEAH, serves you RIGHT!" though. That's as far as I remember from that dream.

      The second dream-
      Me and Alex are in a Super Arcade Warehouse. In the very center is a fantastic, extremely-sophisticated Mario-themed adventure roller-coaster
      tower ride. The building's lights are dimmed for a mysterious effect, but are offset by red and blue and green neon lights for excitement. The ride
      itself is a red steel spiral, all the way to the top. There are different levels where we have to complete a puzzle or a challenge to continue on to the
      next. Me and Alex sit in the center and it starts to rise to the top, going around the spiral on a track. Once we rise to a certain point, a piston
      pushes a red steel disc-floor to our level and machines re-arrange the challenge. The first one is a game of balance. The disc-floor will tip and turn
      depending on where you stand, but it takes awhile to go 'really' off-balance. On the otherside of the floor is a (!) button. We both get out and
      instantly, the floor is tilting towards us. We run to the otherside and slam the button down, only to have it tilt quickly to the far side. We jump
      quickly back to the car and it automatically starts back up again. We high-five and wait to the next level. The next one is different, we have to
      climb some stone spiral stairs to get to a "hall-way" like section. In the straight-section are floating blocks, hung from rope and at the end is a pole
      with a round platform at the bottom. We both punch the shit out of a block, she grabs a coin and I find a mushroom. I'm curious to see how they
      actually taste and pop it in my mouth. It tastes like cardboard, and I feel no different. Alex slides the coin into her pocket and we both grab the
      pole and stand on the round platform. It takes off upwards and we arrive at the next level along with the auto-piloted car. But for some reason, my
      completion-ism isn't as strong as usual and we decide to leave. It's getting kind of late anyways, we leap off the spiral back down to the
      tilt-platform and it tilts far enough and drops us down onto a bounce-pad at the bottom. We head out and I eye the games and other attractions. I
      notice that no one but a single man occupies the arcade. He's wearing a bartender/Gambler outfit. We reach the door and I wake up
    7. My dream about finding Gold 03/31/12

      by , 04-05-2012 at 02:57 PM
      I dreamt that I was riding on a huge log down a huge river with rapids, going over shallow falls until one end of the log hit a huge boulder and split open. Out spilled enormous amounts of gold and other treasure, in the river and on the banks. I was able to collect the treasure on the river banks and took it to a nearby town.

      I was increadibly wealthy, owning the biggest building there where I stored all my gold. The townspeople also brought their silver/gold to store in my secure building, they even helped me guard it. This helped the whole town prosper and the townspeople did all sorts of transactions in gold and silver coin, nuggets, etc. It was soo cool I held this huge bar of gold almost as long as my arm and it was very heavy and shiny. Then we finally made plans to return to the river and collect the rest of the treasure that was lying at the bottom of the river. We were heading there when my alarm rudely awakened me.
    8. All For Nothing

      by , 07-01-2010 at 02:07 AM (From the Drowsy Mind of a Mouse)
      "We never understand how little we need in this world until we know the loss of it."
      ~ James Matthew Barrie

      I saw a man dressed in reddish rags sitting on a street corner. Brown was the color of his hair and eyes, and his skin was fairly filthy. He had a life, a wife, two children, but all were gone. He never bothered to tell how he lost it all. He just looked at me and flipped a coin.
      This was mega depressing. Alas, alas, it was only a fragment. It also was so realistic, even when it comes to being like reality that I didn't notice it was a dream. Honestly, there was nothing wrong with this one.