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    1. Dark Car Ride With Saucy Muffin's

      by , 05-24-2011 at 01:01 PM (Just Dreaming)

      Dark Car Ride:

      I was walking to my friends car after school was over. It was parked in a new lot that I don't remember the school having. By the time I got to it, it was raining extremely hard- and it got extremely dark out (but its not like it took a while to ever get there).

      His car was brown and really beat up, in the dream. I got into the passenger side and he started to drive towards the exit. He has to drive overly slow so he wouldn't hit anyone. For some reason, his car lights weren't on. As we got onto the main road, the dream started to go completely black.

      The dream went black and I jumped into another dream.

      Saucy Muffins:

      I was in a new dream, still at school, walking towards the gym. I reached into my pocket and realized that I only had $2. If I wanted a muffin for lunch, I would had to get it now before they were all gone (which is true, all the muffins are gone by lunch, and they are $1 each so in the dream I was planning on getting two). I walked down to the cafeteria and it was really dark outside now, although it was bright when I was walking to the gym. I went in side and asked the lady where the muffins were. I then asked for a plain one and pointed to a chocolate one. She gave me the plain one and then she gave me this weird looking one that had pecans on the top. She started to pour this sauce over the top of it. I'm really disgusted over how sugary it looks. I said "I don't mean to hurt your feelings, but I didn't want that one". She said "Oh ok, just tell me whatever you want I can get it for you.... Anything....". I replied "I really just want the chocolate muffin".

      End of dream. I can't remember if I woke up or what happened.
    2. I assassinate the assassin, find some flowers and catch a ghost

      by , 04-07-2011 at 08:40 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      I assassinate the assassin, find some flowers and catch a ghost (DILD)


      I was going to a big building that had a bar on the top of it. I needed to go to that bar to complete a compliance audit. That building was well populated with assassins. I was worried that some assassin would spawn from somewhere to try to kill me. The cash I was going to receive was worth the risk. I told to myself that I was good at sensing energies, so I would be able to detect the assassin before he stabbed on my back.

      I entered an elevator. All walls were made out of steel. It was a very old school elevator. The ceiling of the elevator was like a regular home, white ceiling. There was a small hole on the ceiling, but it was just a few inches wide.

      I started to realize that an assassin could get through the hole and I was trapped in the elevator. I realized as it was a dream, the assassin could shrink and then grow back. I told to myself to not think in an assassin otherwise, one would probably spawn. I tried to focus in reaching the top floor.

      The elevator's door opened and I had a big bar in front of me as I was expecting. It was as big as a cinema. Where the screen was supposed to be, there was the actual bartender with the drinks. All the remaining area, had cinema seats. I was going to seat next to a guy. The place was pretty crowded. I could see a couple of 40'' TVs that where showing a Boxing fight. When I was about to seat down, a guy told me, "Don't seat here or he will get mad" I realized it might be the seat of a mob or something. I sat somewhere else. I took a few photos and tried to leave.

      A guy told me that if an assassin would spot me leaving while the boxing fight did not end, he was going to kill me. I left the area and there was no elevator. I started to walk down the stairs. The entire building was made out of iron. I found a room that looked alike some storage room. I helped the guy with a few boxes and left.

      I was now at the street. I saw an assassin who looked pissed at me. I told the assassin I just needed to wait for a friend. He told me to wait there and not leave. The assassin ran to a far away car, so I decided to run like ever and get the hell out of there. The assassin spotted me and he outran me. He had a sword on his hand and started to hit me with it. I felt like he was cutting my neck, but it did not hurt.

      I had one of my huge knives from work (for Serrano Ham) and one tiny (for the machengo cheeses) I decided to keep hidden the big knife. I fought the assassin with the little knife. The assassin got confused for a second and I stabbed him with the big knife. I repeated several times until the assassin was no more.

      I saw a few more people running at me. I was worried they would be more assassins. I started to walk home as I did not remember where my car was. I crossed a forest, a river and I got to the Hwy 805. I felt I was far from home, but I had no other chance but walk. I attempted to fly with success. I found funny I could fly in waking life.

      For some reason, I re-spawned at the top of a huge building. The sky was very blue and the building was huge.
      I turned lucid because I realized that I got there magically. I jumped out of the building and started to fly to make it stable. However, the dream was pretty good and I remembered I needed to find a bouquet of flowers. I saw a few of them by the windows of the building, so I picked up one. It had mainly roses and some weird brown flowers. Basic completed. I took flight again and threw the flowers away.

      While I was enjoying the flight, I lost vision. I could feel the wind on my face, the sound of the freeway (wtf) and the smell of the sea. I suddenly felt double consciousness and started to wake up. I increased the speed of the flight and entered the ocean. After a while, I decided to exit the ocean. I had my vision back.

      It was night now and I was flying over a huge town. All the building where very tall and the imaginary was very dark. There was no moon. I could hear some crowded city noises from the far distance. I enjoyed the tranquility of the sky at night. Suddenly, I saw something over a building, shaped like the Empire State. There was a human shape, but about 8 feet tall and with more than one arm. It was invisible but I could see the imaginary blurry behind it.

      I saw this thing was eating souls of some sort. I realized it was a ghost. He was pulling stuff from the Empire State Building, but it was like ghostly stuff, because the building itself never became damaged. I felt he was a threat so I wanted to capture it. I also remembered it was the advanced task of the month.

      I decided to crease a PSI Ball. I was sure that as I was dreaming, I could make it visible. I did within seconds. A second later, the ghost was surrounded by my PSI Ball and it was trapped. I made the PSI Ball smaller. I could see how the ghost was also smaller, trying to get out without success. I made it vanish.

      I lost lucidity at some point and I decided to go to a beach. I saw some wild animals that were attacking humans. I saw a couple of wild-boards, a tiger and a walrus walking (wtf!!) I also got to some tiny boat that I owned in the dream, but it was rocking extremely hard. Harder that if there was an earthquake. The sea was nuts.

      Something else happened with me and a copy of me that was like a sculpture of ice.
    3. Vague lucid dream

      by , 04-02-2011 at 03:26 AM (Awesomeness's quest for lucidity)
      Real life Dream Lucid Nightmare Dream sign

      Recently my web host (who I am good friends with the founder) got attacks from a client of Limestone Networks (the company didn't do it, one of their customers did) and when I talked to him about it over chat I started seeing Limestone Networks ads all over the place due to Google adWords user targeting. Kind of ironic, but oh well.

      I think that's what inspired this dream.

      Limestone Networks dream
      Only one I remembered for the night. Bad recall. My family was staying at a HUGE fancy hotel! It was all made of marble.

      Here's a description: From the front entrance with multiple glass doors you enter a humongous right-left symmetrical marble room. 4 stories high or so. The second floor is in the back half of the room while the third and fourth are elsewhere, only visible because of little balconies sticking out into the main room. There were a bunch marble benches on either side on the first and second floor. There's two sets of stairs about 50 feet ahead of you maybe 15 feet wide each, at 30˚ angles. They go one story high, to the second floor in the back. These stairs are separated by a balcony in the middle that extends from the upper base of the stairs horizontally to the lower base. Here's a horrendous, literally 30-second example of what I mean: (click to enlarge)
      I can draw better. Much better. But it's getting late and I don't want to spend too much time on this...

      Anyway, the building was cool. My family was staying on the left side of the building in a room on the 3rd floor which had a balcony sticking out to the big room. It was a very nice hotel! At some point I
      became very, very, very faintly lucid. I realized I was dreaming, kind of, and that I could do what I wanted.

      I walked downstairs and saw Limestone Networks was having a meeting. A man was speaking to about 40 men and women. They looked distressed. I had to walk around a few people as I went down the stairs. I knew their business wasn't my business but, out of curiosity I wanted to hear what was going on so I slowed down my pace. Apparently Limestone Networks was having severe financial problems. Several people were crying... They were going to go bankrupt. I felt really bad for them. It seemed like Linmestone Networks employees were a tightly knit group of friends...
      I wondered how they could afford so many ads yet they were going bankrupt, but I brushed the thought away. I kept walking and went through a door.

      I saw my friend Ryan and decided to use my lucid powers to have an Avatar race with him. We changed into Avatars and climbed up floating mossy rocks. The best Avatar music with the chorus singing was playing somehow. It was really awesome! Eventually the Avatar world faded back to normal life.
      We were outside. It was dark and raining. The dream was becoming increasingly negative. I could see less and less. Ryan vanished. I was alone in the mud. I saw these slimy monster things with huge mouths. I was worried, but not scared. It was becoming harder and harder to go on. I tripped and fell. I could sense monsters coming for me but I couldn't see anything! I thrashed around hoping it would drive them away but it woke me up.

      I was still moving so I jumped out of bed. I was startled a little but not scared at all. It was about 4AM. I went back to sleep shortly after, which doesn't usually happen after nightmares. Somehow I wasn't very scared in that nightmare.

      Glad to have a dream, especially a lucid one, even slightly, after all this time!
    4. SIGH... No luck with lucidity, but a non-lucid.

      by , 03-29-2011 at 01:45 AM
      GAH. Last night I tried FILD, but my alarm didn't wake me up. Then, I woke up at 5am and tried to FILD, but half-forgot how and gave up. Sighhhhhhh....
      So I had 3 non-lucids. One was short, the others were fairly complex.

      Dream 1: My math teacher has a reputation for being pretty. In this dream, she needed to stay at my house because her roof had fallen in. I knew it was her "evil twin," because she had hawk eyes and WAYYYYYYYYYY too much makeup. I'm talking about bright green eyeshadow ringing the outside of her eyes for three inches. Anyway, I knew it was her evil twin because I saw the REAL her outside my bus window in the dream. I thought she was going to carry out an evil plot on our house or on us. The dream ended there.

      Dream 2: I was supposed to write a song for Taylor Swift which she would sing to a girl on a Disney Channel show (I don't know her name because I never watched the Disney Channel. Plus, I only heard one Taylor Swift song in my life, only because my friend likes her. So I wonder where this came from?). I procrastinated and didn't write the song that evening, and the last thing I remember was my dad driving me along a dark highway with a sign that said, "Interstate 53."

      Dream 3: I was at my old school and had forgotten an assignment. That's all I remember. Really.

      Wish me luck, I'm trying FILD tonight. Again.
    5. CIA rocks!

      by , 03-23-2011 at 02:17 PM
      Since the last dream I recalled, I had the impression that I wasn't dreaming anymore, this is quite annoying... Anyway, here's another dream.

      I found myself in a special intervention unit w/ Jack Bauer and some other teammates. I must lead an anti-terrorist mission.

      First, I see a black military helicopter flying over a bright-green lake, then some film-makers who are talking around a table. I see a female who looks like John Galliano (at least she has the same clothing style).

      Then, I find myself into a HUGE party room (with rich people and all, you know), and Jack Bauer is onstage. He chooses his weapons for the mission (on the back of the stage are hung up lots of MP5 and a few AK47s), but he gets angry cause they don't wanna give him both a MP5 and an AK47, and he just goes with the MP5. I'm sitting in the back of the room (which is, indeed, opposed to the stage), in a dark corner.

      Afterwards, my teammates, Jack Bauer and I are in a really dark space, only surrounded with a few red lights (looks like a military place); I hear Jack swearing he's going to take revenge against someone because his sister died. We run towards some small grey-black metallic platforms. I now am in a kitchen, in the morning, with a teammate. The windows' shutters are half-closed, so some sweet bright light comes in the room. We wear some military clothes and have some huge protection & weapons. We find once again two of these platforms and we kick them. They lead us into a yellow room, with the name of a general written on a wall. We once again kick two platforms and find ourselves on the top of a roof.

      There are two terrorists; there's one in a cage at the left of the roof, with a little black/white globe (it looks very pixellized) near him. We shoot him down. There's another terrorist, in a cage as well, at the center of the roof; he leaves before we can shoot him. His cage goes down a huge building structure. I jump in an attempt to follow him even though I don't see the cage anymore, but I hit myself and a health-bar appears (just as in video games) telling me I've got 1 HP remaining. Then I don't stop falling, but I wake up.
    6. February 25, 2011

      by , 02-28-2011 at 06:37 PM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Into the depth:
      I was in what appeared to be a dungeon, reminded of me Diablo II for anyone who has played that game. It was crazy dark, dark enough that you can't see where you're going. I can't recall the start but I was with someone and I picked up a torch as we made our way through some of the earlier levels. I make it to a safe area(surface?) and was informed that my mother has descended into the dungeon. I decide to follow her and place the torch so that its sticking out of my backpack. The idea was that monsters are attracted to the darkness and this would help me to protect my back as well as light my way. I believe that I was also using a flashlight but not positive. As I was descending deeper into the dungeon, I was noting the black with a slight greenish tint stairs which looked like they were glossy.

      We had to descend very deep to finally find my mother. She was near a very large gate, similar to those old castle gates, albeit this was a bit stretched. It has 2 large rings on it which were black and the whole gate was made of what appeared to be dark wood with a gloss. My mother beckoned us to not open the gates because she was just there and escaped, but it was too late, since, my partner automatically opened them. It was pretty dark in there, but, you can see some pillars with some things moving. Two monsters, one being a really large ogre with a hideous face appeared.

      I ran further down, my mother followed but alas it seemed like my partner meet his end after he was trapped in the left corner of the gate. I tried to do some magic, possibly to push them back and it worked slightly but they were still following us. I tried some bizzare move to use 2 pins to stop them, as in clip them to the stairs, but, that didn't work. You think? XD I decided to face them and move in landing 5 punches but his body was pretty hard. I didn't feel any pain but it was like hitting a wall. He must've pushed me because I fell back noting that "He is hard to punch" to my mother as I woke up.

      Thoughts: Had this in either my 4th or 5th REM cycle

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      Tags: dark, dungeon, mom, ogre
      non-lucid , memorable
    7. Boat On Water

      by , 02-21-2011 at 01:10 AM (My Sleepy Mind 2010/2011)
      Original date: 12/6/2010 (when I started my journal in my phone)
      Type: Fragment - Non Lucid

      I was suddenly on a boat/ship in water/ocean. The water was somewhat choppy and it was night, a lot of grey, dark blue, some green and slight moonlight. Then far in the distance, an island appeared almost as if it was coming up out of the water and it was dark. Once it appeared, there was an unexpected almost anxious or panicky feeling. I also felt that I was seeing this from a man's body on the boat.

      Objective Context:

      It was a Sunday night, I was preparing for work the next day, felt a bit anxious. Started second day of my low cal diet.

      Age of Dream Ego: 40
    8. Walking in the Dark

      by , 01-15-2011 at 04:29 PM
      1/15/11 - Walking in the Dark
      Dream Non-dream Lucid

      I was on my front porch, standing under the little light in the ceiling, talking to someone. I told them to stop talking, that I needed to examine the dream some more. I looked around and stepped outside. It was pitch dark out. I walked further and still could see no light, all I knew was that I felt concrete beneath my feet. I held onto that feeling.
      I looked up, and could barely make out the outline of the moon. I decided that it should be daytime, and willed the sun to rise. An orb of light rose up into the sky, but it faded away quickly. I tried saying it aloud, "Sun, rise." Nothing happened. I turned around and looked back at my house. All I could see was the small glow coming from the front porch. I walked in that direction...
      and I don't know what happened after that.

      I remember being in a classroom, with a bunch of kids from my old school. I was with Mary and Hannah, as usual, and we were talking about something. Just when class was about to be let out, there was a loud booming sound. Rain was pummeling down outside, and lots of water was blowing in through the open windows. Everyone crowded together on the floor, in the middle of the room, as the booming continued and be could see sparks of electricity right next to the windows. It was a really bad lightning storm. After several minutes of sitting there and witnessing the storm, it died down, and the thunder and lightning stopped. The teacher told us we could leave. I was pissed because the book I'd been reading was soaked. Then I woke up. I wish I'd remembered the task of the month!
    9. Warm Rain..

      by , 01-12-2011 at 06:07 PM
      I remember my mother telling me to go outside and play in the rain. I argued that I'd look silly and if I saw someone I knew I'd be embarrassed.. Anyways.. I ended up frolicking in the front yard. Until Paige, Kali, and Lance walked by.. I froze until they were out of sight. There was about half a foot deep pool of water covering the entire surface. And the rain was soothingly warm? It wasn't very well lit either.. At the time I was sort of obsessed with Paige..

      Tags: dark, kali, lance, paige, rain
      non-lucid , memorable
    10. Night Hike on the Freeway

      by , 10-28-2010 at 12:12 PM
      About a week ago, I went to bed worried. I recently lost a very important journal and I was attempting to clear my mind to remember where I might have hidden in. I started to dream instantly when I fell asleep - which has only occurred a few times in my life. I was not attempting a W.I.L.D.:

      I suddenly found myself walking on 101 (a 5-lane freeway in California) in the middle of the last lane before the fast lane. I paused to look around. Even though it was a starless night, I could see in perfect clarity and the visuals were photo realistic or better. I walked a few steps forward towards an overpass that was maybe 20-ft ahead. In the dark, I heard a car crash in the lane ahead just beyond the freeway overpass. I couldn't see that far in the darkness... But, I could hear car parts flying everywhere.

      One large piece of a car door came skidding directly towards me and stopped just at my feet. The visuals were so vivid, that I instantly suspected I was dreaming. I looked around again, no other cars or people were around. I moved my hand up as if to direct myself into the air. I levitated off the ground, above the height of the overpass with complete ease and control.

      Stationed on top of the overpass was something like an unused construction piece with a tower like structure. Atop that structure was something large with multiple points, covered in a tarp. The dream began to fade. I thrashed around to keep it going, and I remember thinking: this is my chance to search my subconscious for information.
      Instead, I woke a minute-or-two after I had laid down.

      I still haven't found the journal. If my subconscious was providing me with some sort of clue, at present, I have no idea what it was. Nearest I could figure, the journal might have slid underneath something. However, I searched my floor thoroughly. Any and all possible interpretations are welcome...

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    11. Night of August 16th. Lunch on the highway.

      by , 08-17-2010 at 04:09 PM
      We all, (people from New Paltz) went on a school trip to the beach. I remember asking Lakendra to come with me to the bathhouse to get my stuff, because it was getting dark and I was scared.

      Me and my mom go to eat lunch on top of this very high pole, that was sort of birds eye view of some high way in New Jersey. I was so scared for my life, but after a while I got used to it.

      I was bragging to my little cousin about all the famous people that went to my school, like Selena Gomez and Justin Beiber.
      Tags: beach, dark, highway
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    12. 11/23/2009

      by , 08-11-2010 at 02:32 PM
      So last night was just one after the other craziness. It was like a film festival of five minute short films.

      First thing... I'm in like a front yard of a house out in the country, but I feel like it's a video game I'm playing because I have a pistol in my hand and I keep trying to reload it like how you reload your gun when you're playing the arcade game "House of the Dead" by just pointing your gun down for a second. But it's not working. When I finally get it to reload, the bullets don't reach the target I'm aiming at. They just sort of fizzle like fireworks gone bad. It's dark out.

      Then a guy pulls up in his car and I get in and go back to his house with him. His parents are asleep, so we have to be really quiet. We're up in his room doing I don't know what and then he goes to sleep. I go downstairs to the kitchen and start to cook something. I remember what is in the pot looking like salsa, or maybe chili, then I tasted it and wanted random guy to taste it, too, to see if I needed to add the can of tomatoes that was sitting on the counter or not.

      Then I'm in the lobby of a big apartment building that seems like it's in New York City. In the lobby are all the residents' mailboxes. On the floor, there are these things that look like they could be money, but they are more oval than round, and some are copper, some are silver, and some are gold. They have egg-shaped holes cut out of the middle of them. I look up by the mailboxes after picking up a lot of these "coins" and see that there are posted lots of lists with things highlighted on them. I see my name and it says that I owe $14.40 still on my rent. I'm outraged because I'm sure that I've paid all my rent.

      In another lobby somewhere I'm in a hospital. I am holding a baby (!) which apparently might have measles. Everyone in the hospital is telling me I shouldn't be holding this baby (duh!). Then my friend who used to live down the block from me, now a nurse, comes up to me and takes the baby to run some tests on it. There was more to this but I don't remember.

      I'm in a car and I'm yelling out the window to someone that my password for something is 69. I'm saying, "no... s-i-x-t-y and the number 9!!" It's dark out.
      Tags: dark, hospital, money, rent
    13. Running with the wolves

      by , 07-17-2010 at 01:49 PM (Hidden's Dream Journal)
      In case anyone was wondering, no one is online at 5:30am in the middle of the summer. I wonder why that is.

      It was dark, and I was next to a field of tall grass. Knowing there was a pack of wolves in there, I nervous, but I went in the grass anyway and started leading the pack. I had to keep moving and be careful so they wouldn't turn on me.

      I dove out of the grass and into a tent in the nearby forest, where my fellow campers were staying. There was something in the forest that would have attacked us if we hadn't gotten in the tents soon enough.

      Scene change. I was hiking through a desert-like area, and it was really bright. There were a whole bunch of nets and ladders between various pillars made of red stone. We started climbing, which was scary. The nets were triangle-shaped, so there wasn't much to hold onto at the top. Luckily my dad was able to help by pulling me up the rest of the way.

      So I'm standing on this brownish, somewhat slippery/crumbly/sandy stone about 20 or 30 feet off the ground, when I notice there's a giant lava geyser right next to the pillar. First it sprayed up a stream of purple stuff, then it burst into flames. Despite the hot, intimidating stream of lava spouting up right next to me, I was most worried about falling off the edge and going splat.

      Dang, why can't the dreams I'm having now be this intense? I found that old dream while going through my school stuff. One day I got really, really bored in Spanish class, and I happened to remember a dream, so I wrote it down on a random page. I'm surprised I can still remember the details of it as clearly as I do.
    14. July 14, 2010

      by , 07-16-2010 at 04:06 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Becoming Canadian:
      I was becoming a canadian citizen. I was in some class and they were teaching us what to say and preparing us for the ceremony. Next thing I know, we are at the ceremony. We were with some kids and then each one of us took a kid's hand and walked by themselves. The hall was big and I think we were going to the stage or at least to the seats.

      There was a lot of people and a song that went like: "This time will be happy", "This time will be of joy".

      Weather Changing and Modifying Elements:
      I was at work and the weather seemed to be changing quite rapidly. It was very bright, likely hot and was pretty calm outside. Next minute, it's pretty dark and getting to be stormy.

      Looking outside the large windows from the counter, I notice what appears to be kids in a far away building screaming, happy that there is a storm coming. I see a couple outside the store and they are running to the sidewalk. I think "Good thing they are near the store". The dream skips and I am sitting with some workers who I don't recognize from RL. They seem to be eating cupcakes and are sitting near the door of the room. I inquire about the cupcakes and they say that they were given to them and that I shouldn't take one of the pink-iced cupcakes from the stack across the room.

      Dream skips again and I recall being in my bedroom. I might have just woken up and I notice the dark, stormy weather outside from my window. I am already lucid and I decide to exit my room and go to see myself in the washroom. I walk out of my bedroom and into the washroom. I face the mirror and turn on the lights. I see a quick glimpse of myself before the lights go off. Once again, I turn them back on and they go off again. I turn them on for a third time and this time, they stay on. I looked pretty normal in my reflection aside from my really messy hair. I didn't get a good look at what I was wearing or how the washroom looked, although from what I recall, it looked pretty similar to RL. I didn't want to spend all my time infront of the mirror, so, I continued my way down the stairs. Some lady came up the stairs and I dealt with her. I continued my descent down the stairs to our dark living room. I was still on the stairs when I heard my little brother yell out as if someone was bugging him. It looked like he was sleeping on the mattress in the living room and was having some kind of a dream about someone bugging him. My sister suddenly appears and is running down the stairs. I remember wanting to make her lucid as a recent goal of mine and tell her she is, but, she just dismisses it and run towards my brother. As soon as she is within the range of the mattress, she jumps onto the mattress as he sleeps on it. Of course, he yells for her to get off. I ignored them and wasn't too fond of the dark atmosphere and environment. I thought that if I step out, I might have to fight some monster, so, I imagined a green meadow that stretched for miles with the bright yellow sun shining overhead.

      I proceeded to open the door and decided to step outside. I didn't have shoes on and was worried about stepping into some glass on the sidewalk, but, I dismissed this concern because this was a dream, so, I just had to create some kind of barrier beneath my feet to prevent such accidents. I imagined a silver sheet underneath both feet and when I felt pretty confident of my success, I stepped outside. The neighbourhood looked pretty similar to mine in RL and I was able to walk easily on the sidewalk, not feeling any terrain from what I recall, rather the sidewalks felt pretty smooth. It was lovely weather outside as well. I saw a really small rusted airplane in one of my neighbour's yards which would fit one person inside. I walked over to it to look at it and it reminded me of the airplanes one flies in the BF1942 game. I couldn't make out what was written on it, it was a blur and I didn't think about increasing clarity. It didn't have a tail, just some small wings and I couldn't see the head of it.

      A guy came by on some contraption on the sidewalk and a truck just entered my neighbourhood and was about to drive past me. I ended up freezing the guy by pointing my finger at him and I decided to drop a cage on the truck. I think I originally wanted to drop a cage on him as well. Whether the cage actually dropped on the truck, I would never know since I directed my attention towards the plane, but, on the other hand, the guy was frozen in time and was only moving his eyes. I was standing behind the plane's two exhaust pipes which looked similar to a rockets' and decided to repair it to use it to fly. I pointed my finger at it thinking about it getting repaired and both exhaust pipes turned brown to signal that the repair is in progress. I wanted it done and didn't want to wait any longer, so, I decided that by the time I finish my count starting at 5 and going down to 0, it would be repaired. When the counting was done, the pipes turned back to the black color they once were and it looked to be in working condition. I wanted to pilot it and was planning to get in. I might have even gotten in because next thing I know, I am awake in bed with my eyes closed and I was thinking about piloting it.

      Thoughts: Finally, I have had another lucid. I couldn't recall how I became lucid, but, possibly awareness and my meditation last night might have helped. It wasn't my shortest or longest either. Would be nice to get another one tonight or within this week with greater lucidity First dream wasn't too bad, wish I got the rest of the song though. It does seem to be quite catchy as well

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    15. July 13, 2010

      by , 07-15-2010 at 11:29 PM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Mystery Threat:
      My sister was going to take some summer course and she filled out the form. I decided to join her on the second day, there was also something else that I decided to do as well that I can't recall. I'm not sure where we went or what happened after but I find myself on a planet that seems to have been ravaged by war. It was very dark, cloudy, stormy and it seems that there were a lot of buildings that have been wrecked and abandoned. I was in the street with a bunch of people that I didn't know, but, can't recall seeing them, just knowing that they were there standing behind me. We were all looking west towards a building. This building had a metal tunnel that was expanding towards another building. The tunnel was supposed to connect the two buildings together and it seems that it was the only way out of this war ravaged city. I do recall, but, can't remember when it happened, clinging to the tunnel to try to get to the first building, but, had to hide from two drones that were circling the tunnel.

      Sensing the presence of others, I looked ahead to see a large group of people. They were all wearing black with black bandanas covering their mouth and only revealing their eyes. They had axes in their hands which had black handles and a silver axe hand. It seems that we knew who they were and have had confortations in the past. We launched at each other with great speed. A couple of axes were thrown my way and I dodged them hoping that they missed my companions behind me. Another was thrown which I ended up blocking with my right hand and I was able to pick up another axe which I planned to use against an oncoming enemy.

      Dream skips and we are all in a warehouse which is in the shape of an inverted C. They occupied the top half and we, the bottom half. It seems that I have made a bomb to use against them, it was in the shape of a balloon with rods sticking out of it. I threw it at them. They bounced it and got it stuck near the ceiling in the middle of the warehouse. We got it down and one of our members almost backstabbed us by making some odd sign first signalling the backstabbing but she threw it anyways. She ended up joining me and a friend of mine after jumping behind a wooden sheet to hide from the explosion. They threw it back to us yet again. A friend called R, caught it and began saying the time left. We were surprised that he was still holding onto it and beckoned him to throw it back. He did and they didn't have much of a chance to throw it back at us since, it hit their hands and bounced up in the air right above them. At this point, the time ran out and it was about to explode. I looked from behind the wooden sheet to see the impact. When it exploded, I don't recall seeing an explosion, mostly just the sound and then there was an eye, similar to the eye of a hurricane.

      Air started circling around this eye which was just a small circle very fast and it started to suck them up and out of the building. They vowed revenge and that someone will get me. After they were all sucked out and everything calmed down, something similar to a scoreboard showed up in my vision detailing the amount of people left using people icons. It had an orange background with people icons using different colors to stand out.

      Thoughts: Very nice, long, intense dream. Would have been nice to know more details about the first fight and the background

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