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    1. Escaping the evildoers

      by , 07-10-2010 at 08:12 PM (Hidden's Dream Journal)
      This dream is kinda fragmented...

      I was at an ice skating rink, setting up a new system for the end-of-year show. This involved a fair amount of sitting around in the lobby. On the rink there was a machine/ride like Firefall, which I knew would malfunction. Something about the Inception trailer.

      Then my brother and I were cleaning out our rooms and packing for college. I picked a fight with him over the videos in our little brother's room, thinking he'd taken all the good ones. Turns out he only had a couple crappy ones. I took most of the ones left, including Rudolph and Cars.

      I was back at the rink briefly before I somehow ended up trying to sneak past a giant evil ship/base guarded by those wizard dolls from Final Fantasy IX and these creatures that looked like Gollum. I was a robot that resembled R.O.B.. My accomplice looked like a cross between...
      You know what, screw the links. I'll be here all day at this rate. Anyway. She was a cross between Eve from Wall-E and Volbeat from Pokemon. We tried to swim underwater past the ship silently, but I accidentally made a sound and the alarm went off. The dolls attacked from above. I tried to shoot a laser beam at them but couldn't, and none of their magic was working either. I realized that the eclipse had come (like the one in Avatar: The Last Airbender), so we took the opportunity to get away and hide.

      A couple of Gollums and a Gollum family had followed us, trying to escape their evil masters. My friends W and B were also there. W was our leader, and she went over the next day with us, when we would finish our escape. She advised us to drink coffee in the morning, because we would probably be too scared to get much sleep that night and she didn't want anyone falling asleep while we were running away. B was sick, so she just sat in a corner.

      Then we were attacked, so we had to kill our dinosaur mount to escape. B slept through the whole thing and was thus left behind. We stopped at a shady trading post, where we tried to sell the dinosaur (which was alive, despite having been killed). "B" (actually a different person) caught up with us and started lecturing us about leaving people behind.
    2. I don't know what to title this

      by , 07-09-2010 at 09:03 PM (Hidden's Dream Journal)
      I was in a forest at night, horseback riding with the crew. Apparently we were supposed to get our horses to use psi. I had no clue how to do that. While I was trying to wrap my mind around how to tell an animal to use psychic powers (which may or may not have existed), I accidentally cut the line, which made S get annoyed at me.

      I ran home. Somehow I ended up with a lot of really crappy pictures of me on my way home. I had a mustache. For some reason both my house and the house next door were pink, and I almost went into the wrong one. I went to my room. At around 10:15, a doctor came in and told me to go to bed, but first he tried to fix the air conditioner and failed miserably. I wondered why I would ever need three air conditioners in my room, but didn't become lucid.

      Instead of going to bed, I played music, then chased my little brother around the block. I went back to my room, and noticed that a chunk of my leg was missing. It was like someone had taken the back of a ski boot and kicked the back of my leg. It didn't hurt, but I freaked out because it was really ugly. I decided to go find the doctor and make him fix it.

      I think this was where the next dream started
      A couple of doctors had done an operation on a corpse. They decided to let me sew it back together, but I did it wrong. A third surgeon came in and took them out, which hurt until I thought, "wait a minute, that's just a corpse, there's no reason having stitches taken out of it should hurt me." The third surgeon looked very... odd. He had this rubbery suit with giant veins running through it. There were two patients who needed the same organ, but they couldn't decide who to give it to.

      I was playing a board game with my little brother. We were outside, and it was dark and rainy. The game was either about Pokemon or Alvin and the chipmunks... Or maybe we were playing with the chipmunks.
    3. July 2, 2010

      by , 07-03-2010 at 04:13 PM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Interesting Encounters at Work:
      I was working at TH. It seems that my shift just finished and I was ready to sign out and get my coat to leave. My wife's boss, K is also there. For some reason, I have a bad feeling and I notice that she is looking for something. She had some vertical trays which had some files in them spread out across the bench near the sheet. I decided to help her out and asked her what she is looking for. She looked at me with those eyes and asked why I'm still here. I guess I took it as a message of "I don't need the help", because, the dream skips and I'm walking through the store to the front door. It looked pretty similar to my actual work from what I recall. After exiting the store, I plan to make a run for my bus since I see it coming around a curve. The parking lot and location of the store is totally different. The atmosphere was pretty dark. After taking a right turn from the traffic light, one must go straight to reach a curve. After passing through the curve, one has the option of turning left to either find a parking spot or turning left and continuing straight to reach the drive-thru. They could also continue straight from the curve and take a right turn which would bring them to a bus stop but nothing more. I saw the bus near the curve behind two cars and sprinted around the store. I bent down under the white poles that are in place to prevent cars from coming into the drive-thru without ordering and continued running until I reached the other side and turned left to reach the stop. It would have been much easier to just walk to my right after exiting the store to get to the stop. I ended up getting to the stop just as the bus was able to get there. Along the way near the bus stop, I saw some cans of diet coke in a small box, similar to the one the 24 pack come in and I picked it up and brought it along. As I entered the bus, the driver was supposed to charge me $10 but when he used my card, he ended up charging $100 and swiping it through. I was pretty furious and felt that he did it on purpose because he added the last 0 just as he was about to swipe, since, he already had it at $10. I pointed out his mistake and he printed a receipt that showed that I paid only $0.72 which took me by surprise and I felt as if a trick was being played here.

      I think I dreamt about a car that I was in and was told that I could pass the middle white line.

      Thoughts: Well, I thought the first dream was pretty good. Was nice and long with a great atmosphere. As for the second one, it was just a fragment There was also a third which I couldn't remember anything about, but, I knew that it was long as well. Pretty nice to have a long dream in comparison to my previous couple of nights
    4. Flying in the woods

      by , 07-02-2010 at 02:18 PM
      2/10 2010
      Awarness and logical thinking: high/medium

      I had a long weird dream before I woke up (or had a false awakening). After that my eyes were still closed and I hadn't moved so I figured I'd try DEILD. I kept lying still. Had to swallow once but it didnt interrupt my DEILD and I started vibrating more and more. I think I saw a blurry cube but other than that it was all black. After a while when I felt the transition was complete I decided to open my eyes, it was blurry and I fell down the bed. But by doing so and not feeling any pain when falling down I took the conclusion that my DEILD was successful.

      It was night and I was alone in my old room like in many of my lucid dreams. There wasnt a single light on in my house, all that could be seen were the street lights outside, I didnt like that and the light switches didn't work as usual so I walked outside. Leaped a few times and then started flying. I looked at my hands and it was all so real. To gain speed I did some swimming strokes and later on I just flew like superman over a large forest. The sky was now brighter, more like a cloudy day. Some houses started appearing and I flew over a what looked like a cool car from above that gave me the idea to drive. I landed right after the cool car and looked back at it and it was shit ugly.

      Still wanting to drive something I walked around in the area with houses looking for a nice car, preferably something from the late sixties/early seventies. But none to be found, then I decided a motorcycle would be even more awesome to drive in a dream but all I found were junk. I saw something interresting just at the border of the forrest but it when I walked over there I heard growling from the bushes. I took a step back but then decided to confront it and two wolves appeared. I killed both with my hands, got a little shooked up from the experience and decided to leave the place to go flying again. I took a few leaps as normal and took off.

      I saw some cars moving on the road. One of them was a boat with wheels, just like in the movie Waking life. I saw this as a sign and I flew down to land in the boat. There were two guys inside it, they both looked strange and had big heads. I sat down in the seats behind them and started talking. Dont remember much about the conversation, my awareness were decreasing at this point.
      We got to an old town and now I had completely lost my lucidity and the stuff after was a blur.
    5. Meeting the Gods

      by , 06-27-2010 at 08:52 PM (Hidden's Dream Journal)
      The first thing I remember is doing a RC. I had a FA, but I kept doing the nose RC, so I realized that I was actually still dreaming. unfortunately my eyes were closed, which is a recipe for disaster for me. I relaxed and tried to DEILD by pulling myself into my HH.

      Eventually I made it into a dream, where I was spinning around in dark water. There were a bunch of glowing red bubbles around me. I surfaced and found myself in a cavern, where there was a line of gods and their animals. I talked to a few of them, asking about their powers and whatnot. One of them, which had a raven on his shoulder, said that his raven served as an extra brain for him.
    6. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-22-2010 at 08:53 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Dark Overtones (WILD)

      The ringing and spinning cease.

      I RC just to confirm it. Yeah, I'm dreaming. My room is about as messy as it is IWL. Why is everything so freaking dark? I slide out of bed, not really caring if I step on anything. As I do, I spot a dark shadow shoot across the corner of my eye. Goddammit, I think as I hurry downstairs, this isn't what I wanted to deal with. Luckily, whatever that was doesn't follow me. Unluckily, there are more in the house.

      That fucking Shadow Monster has probably been having his way with this place since the last time I was here. . . Sure enough, as I exit my house and fly into my court, I am met with a disturbing sight. A heavy darkness fills the air, as I look upon that nightmarish sky. I cannot properly describe the hellish glow emanating from parts of the smooth, gigantic, wispy black cloud that covers the entire sky. It is almost as if the atmosphere is in a slow burn.

      Flying to the center of my court, I start to freak out. She's got to check this out. There's no way this is normal. I call for Raven,but realize she's still awake at this hour. It is then I become aware of a presence behind me. I draw my blade, and flip around, but whatever it was follows my movements perfectly and remains behind me. I turn around, faster this time. Still no luck.

      While I can't see whatever it is directly, I do manage to switch perspectives, and am now viewing the shadows on the ground. The thing behind me was clearly a human female, but gender doesn't mean anything to me. I calm myself, center my focus, and relax the tension in my muscles. Then, I close my dream eyes, still remaining watchful of the shadows on the asphalt below.

      She hesitates for a moment, obviously surprised by the sudden change in my emotional state, but that only lasts a moment before she lunges for me in an animalistic fashion. Without turning, I bring my sword up over my body, twist over backwards, and with one hand thrust it into her, all faster than the human eye can see. Her primal cry echoes across the neighborhood.

      From there, the dream progresses in an odd fashion. I find that the woman I had just injured has only come to see what kind of warrior I am. To some capacity, she claims to be real, and says she was sent by friends. I spent a good deal of time after that trying to heal her up. I'm not skilled enough to close the wounds well enough with energy alone, so I just sew them up with TK and some special stitching material I materialize on the spot. I wake up soon afterwards.

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    7. June 3, 2010

      by , 06-13-2010 at 02:59 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Dark Washroom:
      I went into the washroom to use it. The light outside the washroom was on but it was dark inside. The only light inside the washroom was on the seat and it was in the shape of bars like a jail cell. The scene was frighting and I tried to turn the light on. I tried it a couple of times up and down, but, it was never turned on. I started to wonder why thinking that maybe the bulb burned out like yesterday, but, it never dawned on me that can't be the case. After getting into the washroom, I saw my family pass by with their coats heading down the stairs. I saw some new family member, a little girl aged 1-2 years wearing a pink cloth. I told them to wait up and the dream ended.

      Thoughts: Interesting thing with the light bulb. I don't recall ever trying one before, so, it could be a useful dreamsign if I dream about it some more.
    8. May 7, 2010

      by , 06-13-2010 at 02:43 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Just Bouncing Around:
      I found myself in a canyon in what appears to be a desert at night. It is a bit dark but the whole area including the sand seem to be reflecting some of the moon rays giving it a nice dark blue glow. There is a very steep hill that is perpendicular to the ground and extends upwards. I am riding some object, possibly a ball and it is bouncing all over the place. It eventually bounces with me in it very high into the sky out of my field of view since at this point I am a passive observer and I believe that it's reached the atmosphere. My vision zooms in to the hill and I believe that it will land there. A couple of seconds pass and it does land there and bounces to the ground where it might have continued bouncing. My vision then starts to pan out very quickly and I see the whole area which is deserted. I ended up thinking that I'm going to see the earth and outer space soon at which point this thought frightens me and causes me to wake up.

      Thoughts: Very interesting dream. Got this when I was sleep deprived and practicing CAT. Interesting enough, I almost WILDed into a LD since when I woke I was in SP and was hearing a ton of loud noises and see odd colors. I even saw what looked like some dream hands forming before I got nervous and broke out of SP
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