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    1. More success! :D

      by , 10-13-2010 at 12:24 AM
      Dream of October 12th, 2010

      Yeeesss!!! Success again! ^_^ When I was going to sleep I tried to keep my mind fairly awake like when trying to WILD, but eventually I pretty much gave up and just let my mind wander.

      I my random thoughts ended up turning into a dream, which I wasn’t lucid in. I had been thinking about these people fighting is some futuristic armor like robots and that’s what my dream was at first.

      Later I dreamt that I was at a playground and I saw my old cat Osiris (my white cat who died a few years ago). Osiris looked like a kitten, about the age of older black kitten I saw a few houses down from where I live. My sisters and my cousin were with me and we were all younger. We ran up to Osiris and started snuggling her, which then it reminded me of another dream that I had a long time ago where Osiris had come back to life. I told my sisters and cousins this, and then I realized that this was also a dream.

      At first I was going to just keep going along with the dreams plot because I wasn’t sure if I’d have enough time to do what I want to in the dream, but then I decided that I’d just try to get done as much as I could in the dream for now. The first thing I remembered was how I want to go to Hyrule by making a portal. I ended up remembering the dream I had a few nights ago where I drew a portal with a marker, so I tried reaching into the pocket in my pants and imagining that I would pull out a marker.

      When I took my hand back out of my pocket I found that I was not holding a marker, but I was determined to make a portal. So, even though I didn’t have the marker I still tried to draw a portal in the air like I had done before. I found that when I went to draw the marker appeared in my hand. The drawing ended up appearing in the air like last time but after drawing it the drawing started to fall to the ground; I tried holding it up but it didn’t work.

      I was quite disappointed that the drawing hadn’t worked, but then I decided I try a different way to get there. I decided I’d try the second thing I had done after drawing the picture, rubbing the air as if I were defogging a window and imagining what I would see on the other side, and that’s what I did. I walked into one of the play structures in the playground and rubbed my hand in the air, and it felt as if I were actually rubbing a window. After rubbing it a bit I noticed that my breath was starting to show up on the invisible window and then I started to see a scene from Ocarina of time (pretty much just some grass and trees but I could recognize it). I started to get excited and then I tried to break the window to get through, but my hand just kept going through, except for the one I still had laying on the glass, so I tried to aim closer to where my other hand wasn’t going through. After many attempts I gave up and just wandered into some other part of the dream.

      After some other events I ended up in my bedroom at my old house. For some strange reason I was on the floor in my covers squirming around in them, trying to get warm when my mum burst into the room. She walked up to me and she was holding a glass of water, she bent down and then said, “Control this water.”

      I looked at the cup filled with water, then at my mother and said “Ok”. I held up my arms and then focused on the water I used motions with my hands and the power of my mind to lift up the water, but then my mom told me to try to only control the water with my mind and not use any motions, so I did; it felt so awesome to control the water with just willpower alone. ^_^

      I can't wait till I have more lucid dreams!

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    2. Dream control in the cottage on the beach.

      by , 10-11-2010 at 10:16 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      The dream starts off with me in a comfortable cottage on the beach in a small town I do not recognize. The streets and houses around me are empty of people and I somehow know that I am the only human around. There are monsters and dangerous things outside and to remain safe I have to stay inside the cottage.

      Though I never consciously recognize that I am in a dream, I know that I can do things that I could not normally, such as defying gravity and floating around and being able to see and walk through walls. For a short time I practice flying around and moving through walls before I risk a peek outside. The windows on one side of the building were boarded up or sealed so I had to stick my head through the wall to see outside.

      The sun was beginning to set and darkness was growing, yet through the twilight I could see a large muscular creature that looked like a cross between a bull and a demon walking along the beach before disappearing either into or behind another cottage not far from mine. I become scared and retreat into the cottage, fearing that I would be seen and have an onslaught of monsters attack my hiding place.

      There is a bit more to the dream but I cannot remember much other than that I am trapped in the cottage all night and by morning I have achieved the ability to become invisible after practicing all night.
    3. Iron Maiden Concert [Lucid]

      by , 10-11-2010 at 06:07 PM
      This has been my longest lucid to date. The dream itself felt like it lasted probably around 30 minutes or so, but reflecting on it, it feels so much faster than that.

      I don't know exactly when my lucidity hit me, but I just know it did. However, prior to being lucid: I was in some lodge like area with someone I didn't recognize. out of the blue I was told that Iron Maiden (and more specifically Steve Harris) would be arriving momentarily. I turned crazy with anxiety. The moment they arrived I asked them to sign whatever I had, and they ended up signing my Zero shirt. I don't remember much else, except at one point I couldn't walk and collapsed to the floor because I was so filled with joy.

      Somehow, the dream transitioned to a concert arena. Like I mentioned, I don't know exactly what triggered lucidity, but it happened. I started walking around trying to meet people. There was a loot of people obviously. I remember walking through a crowd at one point and I saw a completely original face of a girl-- not one from my memories-- and she just stood out. I don't know why, but I felt she was another dreamer, somehow in my dream. She looked just as confused as I was to see her. I walked up to her, held her close and whispered in her ear "I'm Markus. Remember this moment." as I leaned back to look in her eyes they widened greatly, and she simply dissipated-- maybe she woke up, maybe I'm crazy and it was all me from the beginning-- who knows!

      I went back to a seat and sat down to see if my dream would make Iron Maiden perform. and they did. a strange moment followed where a row behind me, several people started singing the lyrics to a song (I can't remember which), but they were horribly monotone. I also remember it wasn't one of my favourite songs. After this occurrence, Maiden went off stage for the encore part and the crowd was restless. I realized it's my dream, Maiden doesn't get to have a break! I shouted "Play another song!" and bam, they were back on stage, playing music again. I listen to a lot of music, and one thing I've noticed about my mind is I really have songs engrained in my brain. when I'm in dreams, I can have music playback to me just like an MP3 player. I kept shouting "Next!", and Maiden would switch to a completely new song. it was exhilarating. Eventually they finished and I decided to walk around and check out the crowd some more.

      somehow, in the midst of walking around the giant rows and rows of chairs, they started to shrink more and more until there was about 2 rows of chairs, and the setting changed to my room. I didn't want this to be where I was, because any time I'm lucid and it's in my room, I end up thinking about waking life too much which ruins my lucidity and wakes me up. I've tried the spinning method before to change locations, but I've never been successful. Until now. I thought of traveling to a Forrest type location, and spun and spun. I could see the faint imagery of trees and clung to it. I was teleported to one of the most visually stunning landscapes I've ever seen.

      It was a majestic looking country-esque location, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Rolling grass fields in the distance, and closer to me where two houses, both with interesting log-cabing-esque looks to them. I went past one into the 'backyard' per say (there were no fences or boundaries)..and saw an amazing view. The season was somehow a mix of summer and fall at the same time, and it was gorgeous. Trees had no leaves, but there were many of them--and all across my field of vision, these strange sunflower things were floating around-- I'll try and recreate an image. It was as if the heads of the sunflower plants were just floating from the sky, and it was beautiful.

      They looked roughly like this (sorry for quick and sloppy photoshop) :

      I kept walking through this beautiful scenic field until I came to a mountain. I gazed up at it, and already knew what I was going to do. I thrusted up from the ground and took flight. As I flew over it I was speechless..I started loosing altitude, but I realized it's because I was too focused on trying to fly-- I just had to know that I could fly. and it picked up again. After that, I remember mumbling to myself "You are the one, neo" (I'm a huge nerd). I came upon a city scape quite fast and landed in it. I remember I was changing a bunch of things completely on the fly-- the city seemed to have a lot of police and SWAT members in it for some reason and it was giving me a bad vibe-- so I just willed them away. Poof. gone. The city also looked kind of dark itself, like it was build some time ago, not like slums per say.. but just old. I decided to change that. I said "lighten up these buildings" and they were transformed into newer looking gray skyscrapers. I kept changing small things here and there until I was distracted. I realized I should probably have some sort of goal, and was put off that I didn't know what the DV task of the month was, because it would have been an excellent time to do it. Shortly after I spent time thinking about goals, the dream collapsed and I woke up.

      This was my longest lucid to date. It was absolutely astonishing. I cannot wait for more.
    4. NightCrawler's Twilight Tales

      by , 08-13-2010 at 04:40 AM (Twilight Tales)

      Dream Guide, Betrayal, & Suicide

      Sam Winchester from the TV show Supernatural was there. I recognized him as Sam. He walked up to me and told me he could teach me to control my dream powers. At first Sam had short hair and I decided I liked it better that way. Then once I agreed to let him train me in controlling my dreams we started walking through the woods with some random young boy. Then I realized I was dreaming, so I turned to the little boy and grabbed his face. Then yelled “I’m dreaming haha! And I know it!” The I ran back after Sam and the little boy did nothing because I knew it was my dream and I had control. But when I caught up with Sam he had long hair and I was mad about it. So I shut my eyes nad focused on imagining him with short hair. But when I opened my eyes he was some older man I thought was quite ugly. Then I got angrier because Sam was doing a bad job of teaching me dream control.

      So I shut my eyes and focused again and when I opened them I was in a gothic house and Sam was sitting in a chair in some magician’s outfit. He kept rolling his eyes because I could not control my dream and had stuck him in that lame outfit.
      Then I lost control and it was like a normal dream, and the setting changed. I was living on a farm in a really rural area. A guy that resembled Ian Somerholder was apparently my boyfriend. I knew I was completely in love with him. All of the sudden people were ambushing the barn and trying to shoot him and my family. Ian and I decided we had to confront these people so we walked out of the barn together, hand in hand. I turned to him and told him “Never forget, I will always love you.” Because I knew we were going to die soon. He said “I love you too”. Then the bad guys with guns were standing there saying they did not want to watch some sappy peep show. So I turned to them and asked what they wanted.

      Then Ian walked over to them! He was on their side! He betrayed me and had tricked me into loving him. I felt crushed and so upset in that moment. He told me they wanted to kill my family and take our money and gold. I was furious and destroyed at the same time, partially having a breakdown. Then Ian grabbed me and dragged me inside with his evil co-workers. He told them to look for my family while he took care of me. Then he locked me in some basement and told me not to move, I would eb safe there. I was still furious but I realized in some sense he had cared about me, he did not want me to die.

      So I stayed in this gross basement thing beneath the barn then saw some creepy guy was living in it! So I screamed for Ian to get me out. I broke out of the cellar alone since he never came back for me. I walked through the barn only to see my families bodies sprawled on the floor, face down, dead. I knew there was nothing left for me here so I walked to the edge of our land where a cliff meets the sea. Then I jumped off and did a graceful dive into the ocean far below. As I dove deeper my body slowly disintegrated in the water into a shooting stare then I knew I had finally died.
    5. Flying, spying, and crimes occuring in my childhood neighborhood (lucid)

      by , 07-03-2010 at 11:23 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      (There is a "trigger warning" on the content of this dream.)

      I am standing at the four way intersection that leads to the dead end street I grew up on. It is night time and must be spring or autumn beccause I am wearing my warm, blue zip-up sweater, jeans, and black baseball cap. The corner of the intersection I am standing appears as it did over ten years ago when one of my old neighbour's (Mrs. Jolleff) lived there, on a quarter acre of land, in a small white house surrounded by maple trees. Not long after she died her land was sold and redeveloped into a townhouse complex. Because the area looks different than it does today I immediately become lucid.

      There is no one around and not much to do so I recall learning to fly and want to give it a try. I spread my arms out and bend my knees and jump into the air. At first I am afraid of being to heavy and not being able to defy gravity (problems with flying in dreams that I have had before) but remembering this is my dream I just think of myself as weightless and I am able to float about fourty feet in the air. I then leisurely glide over the houses and tree tops towards my parent's house. As I get closer I notice that the house I grew up in and some of the houses on either side seem to exist in a void of grey fog and some facades are different that they appear in waking life and indeed when I enter the fog the outside world disappears and while it is no longer visible I can sense that it is still there, though it seems far away. I cannot make the fog go away but I can make myself invisible and see through the walls of the houses with my dream control.

      My partent's house is empty of people but all of the houses to the left of their's have many people living in them, all of them people I do not know as they are not the neighbours who lived there when I was a kid. The first house to the left is empty of people but by the boxes and furniture scattered around the floors I can tell that someone has just moved in. The next house is two storeys high and each level has been split into a seperate appartment. As I slowly fly towards that house I can see a blond woman looking out the window towards me talking on the phone, but I know she cannot see me as I previously made myself invisible. I plan to make no effort to control the thoughts or actions of any character I meet in the dream because I believe they are creations straight out of my subconscious and hope they might have something interesting to say and that I might learn about myself.

      I fly up to the window where blond woman is talking on the phone and childishly revel in that fact that she can't see me by making faces at her. I then fly around to the back of the house and notice through a window a dark haired man and woman dressed in stylish business clothes preparing food on the second floor. I plan to eavesdrop on them next. I fly through the wall and listen in on the blond woman's conversation. She wearing jeans and a heavy light brown sweater and her hair is shoulder length. Her apartment is sparsley decorated with things that look secondhand or very simple and homey. I cannot remember what was said now but I do recall that I found her conversation terribly uninteresting and I let myself float down through the floor to where the dair haired man and woman are. Their appartment is furnished with much nicer stuff and their is a circular glass table with wine glasses and setting for two and it looks as if they are planning a romantic dinner.

      The dark haired woman is wearing a white blouse, black skirt and black high heels and her hair is pulled back into a pony tail. The man seems to have disappeared into another room for a moment while the woman is washing and cutting green and red peppers by the sink. Despite the nice surroundings and stuff the woman has a miserable look on her face and seems very unhappy. I cannot read her mind to figure out why which I find very frustrating. The man reenters the kitchen from another room and he is wearing a white shirt with black buisness pants and black tie. The woman puts down her knife and turns around to embrace him but he grabs her by the wrists, spins her around and roughly pulls up her skirt and forces her to lean over the sink. After undoing his pants he starts having sex with her from behind and demands that she continue washing and cutting the peppers while in that position. She doesn't respond verbally but I can sense that she is even more upset then before and she struggles but is not strong enough to escape the man's grip. Even though I try, my dream control won't allow me to force the man to stop or let the woman escape.

      I become kind of upset myself and start to dissociate, even start to think that I want the dream to end but I hear a phone ringing in another room and go towards it. The ringing stops before I get to the phone (in an office on the other side of the appartment) and I can see a red light flashing on the display to indicate that a message has been left. I pick up the phone because I want to listen to the message (hoping that this will be something important or interesting from my unconsious - and I want to forget about the rape happening in the kitchen that I cannot stop).

      The phone has so many buttons and many of them have symbols that I have no idea what they mean. I am frustrated that the phone is super complicated and has so many extra buttons that seem to do nothing. The woman in the kitchen starts screaming and I drop the phone and fly as fast as I can out of there. I am very dissociated now and cannot end the dream even though I try.

      The foggy void outside has gotten thicker and darker but I can see a row of SUVs in the distance, some of which of have police lights on top but the cars are empty and seem abandoned. I notice that the home to the immediate left of my parent's house has a few lights on so I fly over there to see what's going on. While I cannot end the dream or affect that thoughs and actions of characters in the dream, I can still control my actions and inanimate objects around me. I fly into the living room of the house and see a man sitting on a recliner trying to figure out his newly hooked up cable box on his large widescreen television. Or at least that is what I think he is doing until he figures it out and violent pornography appears on the screen. The man starts masturbating and I lose interest and start flying outside but before I pass the walls of the house I hear a child crying in the basement.

      I go down there and the floor is covered in discarded furniture and various basement junk but I cannot see any child even though the crying has gotten louder. I notice a set of metal grates on the cement floor, half hidden underneath a dirty mattress and some boxes. I telepathically move the junk and open the grates and discover a shallow well which contains the decaying body of a little boy. The boy is obviously dead but the crying gets louder and I use my dream control to undo the decay on the body and return the boy to life. He is surprised as first but then very scared because the man who murdered him is still upstairs. He is unable to talk but communicates telepathically and asks if I will help him sneak out of the house. I pick him up and we float up through the ceiling into the front hall of the house. Several of the SUVs I saw before have entered the foggy void and are either parked infront of the house or are driving back and forth in front of the house on a small section of road that exists within the void.

      A man in dark clothing is at the front door and the word SWAT is printed on the back of this jacket. I tell the little boy that he is probably going to storm the house and arrest the man who murdered him. Instead the SWAT man knocks on the door and waits patiently for someone to answer. Because I am inpatient I use telekinesis to both swing the front door open and grab the man watching porn and force him to the front hall. I make myself (but not the little boy) visible and rat out the man for the murder. The SWAT man looks confused and says that he is there to arrest the other man for pirating cable signals with illegal cable hookups.

      I use my dream control to project everything I have seen into the mind of the SWAT man and tell him that this is my dream and I want him to do something about the crimes taking place. The SWAT man responds: "There are no crimes taking place because this is only a dream." I do not know how to respond to that at first but realize that I have finally met a figure from my subconscious that might be able to give me some answers, so I then ask him: "Why do images like these appear in my dreams? What am I supposed to learn from them?" SWAT man responds: "You cannot learn on the subconscious level that which you have not learned on the conscious level."

      I ask him to clairfy but the dream suddenly... I don't know how to describe this, um, explodes or rips apart. I am still aware that I am in a dream but have lost my control and it feels like some outside force has grabbed the foggy void and is tearing it to peices. The characters arround me are violently pulled into dark holes and tears that have suddenly appeared and the structures and setting disintegrate and are sucked into invisible voids. Everything is pulverized and disappears and a horrible feeling of dread overcomes me and I feel like there is an army of demons standing on my chest, though I am able to end the dream and wake up before anything more freaky happens.

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    6. Ninjas at my Aunt's house.

      by , 01-10-2010 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I can only remember this dream in fragments.

      I am in a house that is of my Aunt Estelle's house. The house is dark, but full of people like there is a party going on or something. I cannot recognize any of the people because of the darkness and I keep bumping into them. There is something about going to the bathroom on the first floor several times.

      I gain control of my actions in the dream but do not become aware that it is a dream.

      Still in my aunt's house there is suddenly less people walking around in the dark but suddenly we are all dressed like Ninjas and are weilding Samurai swords. I have the longest one. While the others attack me they cannot damage me because their swords are too short to reach me. I cut, slash and kill my opponents, which shocks Moordryd Paynn and his Dragoneyes Crew who are suddenly watching from nearby.

      I cannot remember the middle of the dream but near the end I am walking across a field, chasing a man who is my target. Still armed with my samaurai sword, I know I have to kill this man. Obstacles like bushes and small tress keep rapidly growing in front of me to hinder my progress. I am slowed down by having to cut away at the rapidly growing plants with my sword. The sky is yellow ochre coloured and suddenly floating dots or bubbles fill air and surround me, multiplying like cell osmosis. This doesn't impede my pregress but is really trippy to watch.

      I find the man I have to kill near a shell of a burnt out brick house in the middle of the field. The man clambers up a large oak tree to get away from me. As I approach the tree I realize that I am unable to reach the man even though he is sitting on the lowest branch of the tree which is not that far from the ground. I have suddenly shrunk in size for some reason and cannot complete my goal.
    7. Learning to fly again (lucid)

      by , 02-05-2008 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I cannot remember much from the beginning of the dream and what little I recall is kind of fuzzy. Everything is coloured in shades of dark blue and black. The setting is inside a small village where the buildings are all made of wood and the entire area is surrounded by a stone wall. There is one large building in the cener of the village that looks like a warehouse and has no windows. I am exploring the villiage much like an RPG videogame and everything is in thrid person perspective. The transition from outside to inside (or vice versa) is like the survival horror game Resident Evil where everything turns black, except for the door, which slowly opens and you then advance through in first person perspective before returning to third person perspective on the other side.

      I am moving through some wooded gates and doors, heading towards the large building in the center of the villiage. Whenever I see a cabinent or desk in a room or hall, I open it and search for items. I don't recall finding anything of interest before entering the large building. When I pass through the last door that will take me inside, the blue and black colouring of the dream dissapears and normal colours return, though it is still dark inside the building. Directly in front of me I can see metal frame bunk beds scattered about. There are lumps in some of the beds but it is too dark to tell if it is people or just a bunch of pillows and blankets. The bunk beds are scattered in a disorderly fashion across the floor and not in neat rows. There are a few beds that do not have a bunk and seem to have white hand knit woolen blankets on them.

      I walk towards the back of the room because I can see a row of cabinets in the dim light. As I approach them the room slowly begins to get brighter, as the row of florescent lights on the ceiling high above seem to slowly turn on. As I pass by the metal bunk beds, more and more of them become single non-bunk beds and their placement on the floor becomes more straight and orderly. It becomes bright enough in the room that I can see some young adults in some of the beds, while others remain empty. All of the beds have the white hand-knit woolen blankets now.

      At the row of cabinets on the back wall I find some objects when I search them. In the first I find a little glass vial filled with a clear liquid. There is a white label on the side but absolutely no writing on it. I put it away in my bag and a few cabinets down I find a syringe filled with a translucent redish brown liquid that still has the bright red safety cap over the needle. This item also has a white label on the side and is blank except for a scribble in hand writting in blue ink. The writting is two words and appears to be water damaged and faded. I cannot recall now what it said though I am sure that I could read it in the dream.

      I hear people talking behind me and to the left. I turn and see a row of desks with many older teens and young adults sitting at them. To their left is a chalkboard, to their right are the misarranged bunk beds and an elderly man with wild frizzy white hair and in grey clothing is standing in front of the students, pointing to something on the wall in front of them. I put the syringe in the bag and walk over to see what they are doing. As I approach them the lights come fully on and everything is bright and washed in florescent ambience.

      The elderly man turns and smiles at me and I think he looks a lot like Albert Einstein. He doesn't say it but I get the feeling that he was expecting me. There is something about him that feels "mystical" to me, though there is nothing about his outward, physical appearence that would suggest there is anything special about him. I do not know how to explain it; he was just giving off these warm, positive vibes that grew stronger the closer I was too him. The students in the desks all looked up at me and seemed to be expecting something. I looked back and forth from them to Albert in confusion, before the elderly man asked me: "Are you ready?"

      I have no any idea what he means, but I say yes anyway. Albert asked me to give him my bag, saying that I did not need it anymore. When I did so it felt as a great weight had been lifted from my metaphysical body (if that makes any sense). Albert moved to the chalk board on the left side of the room and said to his students that I could show them how to fly because I used to do it all the time.

      I became lucid because I realized what he was talking about (in dreams in childhood I used to fly all the time), but protested that I could not fly anymore and had not done so for years. I cannot remember what he said next but it was something about making the air below me solid like the ground. I closed my eyes and imagined an invisible platform below my feet lifting me into the air. There was a loud "crack" and a dull sensation shot from the top of my skull and down my neck as something hard hit my head. I thought for a moment that Albert had smacked my with his pointer, but when I opened my eyes I realized that I had floated up above the classroom and smacked my head on the ceiling. I was excited but also kind of anxious and scared because I felt stuck and did not know how to come down. Albert told me to do exactly what I had done to lift myself up, except in reverse. I closed my eyes and imagined a ball of light above my head and shoulders that was heavy enough to push me downwards.

      When my feet touched the floor and I opened my eyes Albert asked me to hover. He said "It's easy. Use the Force." I imagined what the Force (from Star Wars) was like in my own mind, and "felt" the space between the walls, the floor, the ceiling, everything in the room and myself. When I did so, hovering was damn easy. I wanted to show off and fly across the room above the students heads but...

      ...the darn telephone rang and woke me up! D'oh!!! Stupid telemarketers! Who was that old guy? A dream guide? Or just a random figment of my subconscious? I really have no idea, but man, what a trip!
    8. Dream house stripped bare (lucid)

      by , 01-08-2008 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      For many years a particular house has appeared in my dreams. It does not look like any house I know in waking life, yet it looks the same whenever I dream about it, which is approximately every two or three years since childhood. In all dreams previous, the house was full of furniture and appliances and looked as if it has recently been lived in, but empty of people. This dream is slightly different though because, while still abandoned, most of the furniture and appliances were removed, much of the plaster on the walls had been knocked out and the electrical wires, insulation and wooden supports were showing.

      The house sits at the bottom of a hill, close to water on a bay on an unnamed lake. The bay is choked with docks and boats and only narrow passages lead to open water. The area around the house is hilly and full of large houses, many of which have wooden stairs and walkways leading down to the dock. My dream house itself consists of three levels and a basement, and a secret staircase and room that connects the first and third floors. The outside is white clapboard and the roof is light grey shingles. Each floor of the house is long and narrow with low ceilings and all of the windows throughout are small and do not let in much light. The first floor consists of the kitchen, living room and a sewing room. The second floor has a large den, a bathroom and two bedrooms. The third floor is an open space, like an attic, and is always a toyroom in the dream. The basement has a bedroom, a bathroom, a large den, a tool room and a laundry room to the rear.

      I do not remember the beginning of the dream, or entering the house, but I find myself in the laundry room in the basement, and though it is stripped bare of any living comforts, I immediately recognize the place where I am. Despite just coming to awareness in the basement, I know that I am the only one in the house. Because it is a place I know I only ever see in my dreams, I become lucid. I do not try to force any control over the dream and am content to explore the house because I am curious as to why it seems empty except for the outer walls.

      The first thing I notice is that the ceiling seems higher than normal and the windows far out of reach overhead. Actually everything about the laundry room seems oversized. I feel that everything is as a child would see it, though I appear at my current age in the dream. The next thing I notice is that the pipes that once connected to the washer is still pumping out water. The hose from which the water is gushing pours into a bucket on what looks like the burnt out shell of the dryer. The bucket is leaning slightly towards the back wall and is overflowing onto a slanted, beveled concrete trough which directs the water to a drain that carries the water under the house and out to the lake. I also notice at this point that the lights are still on.

      I walk into the next room which also seems oversized, though mostly everything but the counters and wooden supports are gone. I walk towards the hall which leads to the den, but the lights are out and I cannot see where the doorway is. I stretch my arm forward and fumble in the dimly lit hall for the light switch but end up almost sticking my finger in an uncovered electrical socket. I eventually find the two switches for the lights for the large den area on the wooded support to my right and flick them on. When I enter the den I look up and it seems that the ceiling is three or four storeys high. It is only when I look towards the eastern wall that I realize why - I can see the secret stairs and room in its entirety. All of the floors up the the third have been completely removed, expect for the secret passage embedded in the eastern wall. There is no indication that there were any floors above, no debris or any indication of demolition whatsoever, except that I recognize the placement of the windows which correspond to the layout of each floor as I remember it.

      I can see the ochre coloured furniture in the secret room that has always been there, and except for the wall that usually hides the secret room and stairs being missing, everything else looks the same. The furniture is Victorian era style and there are many black and white photographs pinned to the far wall. There is even the single white candle burning on the small mahogany end table which is the only source of illumination for the narrow, windowless room. I am excited that the secret room is the same, and want to go to it, but the entrance to the lower secret stairs is only accessable by the main floor of the house, which is now missing. I start walking towards the easten wall anyway and trip over a pile of toys and clothing and various household items that I did not see until now. I recognize some of the toys as items that used to be in the toyroom on the third floor and pick up some for a closer look.

      I walk over to a black waist high bookcase and find several multicoloured and metallic dinky cars which I recognize from waking life which used to belong to my brother, though in the dream I thought to myself that they belonged to my cousin Keelan. I also found an black and silver flashlight that I used to own years ago and when I switched it on the beam was dim and fading. At the same time an LCD flashlight rolled off of one of the bookshelf ledged and right into my hand. Also at the same time the row of basement lights on the western wall beging to flick on and off seemingly by themselves. I stand up and walk into the middle of the room, trying to see down the north hall in case anyone is there, but I can see no one and both rows of lights on the western and easten wall flicker a few times and go out. It is dark outside so the many windows provide no illumination and it is completely pitch black in the house, save for the small candle in the secret room, though it obviously does not provide much light. I attempt some dream control by saying "lights on" and try to will it to happen, but nothing does. I can hear thumping above me, as if the main floor still exists and someone is walking back and forth across it. I start to feel scared, but the knowledge that I am in a dream does not fade. I also remind myself that I do not believe in ghosts and there really is no reason to be scared because it is only a dream. The thumping continues and though I cannot see anything, I feel the "presence" of something in the hall by the light switches. The terror in me grows, but so does anger and I scream at the invisible presence "TURN THE LIGHTS BACK ON RIGHT NOW!"

      There is no answer and I stand in the dark for a short time before the terror overwhelms me and I awake in a cold sweat. Or maybe I willed myself awake? I can't remember now.

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    9. Cats in the Valley (lucid)

      by , 12-18-2007 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      The dream starts off with my parents and I at a very modern looking train terminal. My parents look the same as they do now, but I look like I did at about age ten. The station we are at sits on a narrow plateau on the side of a snowy mountain and overlooks a wide valley. The valley itself is entirely surrounded by high mountains and there is not way in or out. The train encircles the edges of the valley and the station my parents and I are at is the only station that is located on a mountain; the rest being located on the valley floor. The train itself is silver in colour and very sleek. The engine looks like a traditional steam engine, but it to is silver and has a very modern/sleek look to it. (It was very neat. I'll have to try and draw a picture of it or something.) There were no dining cars, only flat cars. The first two flat cars had metal canopies that were supported by curved beams on the car's outer four corners, and the rest of the cars were uncovered, with railings running down the middle.

      Despite the snow, it is bright, sunny and very warm. We are dressed in winter clothing, but nothing too heavy and I do not recall feeling overheated, even though I had on a wool hat and scarf. My parents are talking with two people near the train's engine, one of whom is a smiling woman in a red sweater. I do not know who she is, but she keeps looking at me and nodding. While there is nothing unusual about her demenor, I feel anxious under her occassional gaze. While my parents are busy, I am looking at a row of machines near the platform's edge that look like ATM machines. They are either gambling videogames or real gambling machines, but I cannot remember which. I played the middle machine and lost two thousand dollars. I recall being confused in the dream about whether or not I had actually lost money or if I had just played a game, but before I could figure it out, my parents called to me because it was time to board the train. They were on the train's first covered flat car and I had to climb onto it even as the train was already moving. No one bothered to help me climb on, but I was able to pull myself up without any help anyway. I glance over at the train's engine and can see the smiling woman in the red sweater looking at me again. I go and sit by my parents and enjoy the scenic view as the train starts down the mountain.

      There is no snow at the valley floor. The train first travels through a thick temperate forest, which soon thins out to an open, tree-speckled countryside. It appears to be autumn as most of the deciduous trees have lost their leaves, and those that still cling to the branches are brown and crumbling. There are no signs of towns or civilization along the way, though after travelling through the countryside for a while, the train suddenly slows down and stops at a brown brick building that seems to sit in the middle of park space. There are no roads or paths, but there are benches and empty flowerbeds. It is not a train station however as I discover when we are let off the train for a stretch and a washroon break. The building is like a kennel and it houses many cats, most of which roam freely about.

      I am petting random cats when I see a cat that looks very familiar. When I pick her up and hold her, I realize that it is my old cat Bambi, and she appears as she did when she was a kitten.

      I almost instantly become lucid, because I know that Bambi is dead in waking life. While I am aware that I am in a dream, I do not have any control over anything other than myself. I am happy to play with and cuddle Bambi but very soon we are called back to the train. It is sort of an unspoken rule, but the cats are not supposed to leave the kennel, but I decide I want to keep my cat and board the last, uncovered flat car of train with her in my arms. The train begins to move and I can feel a tugging, as if some unseen force is pulling at Bambi. I do not have the strength (or dream control) to fight the invisible force and I carefully lean over the edge of the flat car and drop Bambi down to the ground. She disappears for a moment and I panic because I think she has fallen underneath the wheels of the train. I attempt to stop my dream by holding my arms straight out and imagining everything to 'pause,' but nothing happens. The train slowly continues on its way and my parents come up to me, roll their eyes at each other and ask me what I am doing. I tell them that I am trying to stop the dream so I can save Bambi, but they just look at each other again, in annoyance with me, and point out that Bambi is fine, even though they don't look anywhere else but at me. I do not believe their confidence of my cat's condition, but when I turn to look in the direction of the kennel, there is Bambi playing with some other kittens by the brown building's front doors.

      I try to stop the train several times by saying "train stop" very forcefully, but it just keeps on going. I cannot gain any control over anything, though my awareness of being in a dream does not fade at all thankfully. I even try to jump off the flat car but an invisible wall keeps me from doing so. The train doesn't travel very far before it stops infront of a large stage. It is damaged and looks as if it has not been used for a very long time. For the first time since my parents and I left the station on the mountainside, we see other people. They are gathered in a group in front of the stage and eave to my parents to join them, but I am too interested in finding my way back to the kennel so I can see Bambi again, even though I know she is just an image from my subconscious. I am also kind of annoyed by the lack of control I have in my dream.

      The dream gets fuzzy and cannot remember that next part. I lose my lucidity somewhere along the way, but I do end up back at the kennel. My parents are long gone with the train and I am stuck at the kennel until it returns, and I have no idea when that will be. I play with Bambi and the other cats to my heart's content. Though it has only been one day, it has felt like I have been there for much longer. The sun begins to set and the train finally returns. My parents are very upset and tell me that I have been gone for a week. I try to argue otherwise, as it has only felt like one day to me, but they will have none of it. I do not care that they are upset with me because I am still cuddling with Bambi and she is purring anf kneading me at the end of the dream.
    10. Flooding and my Telekinesis (lucid)

      by , 11-07-2006 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      There was some sort of gathering at a local school, which sits half way up a steep hill. Thousands of students were packed into the school with sleeping bags and other camping supplies. Apparently we were going to be staying there for some time, though there were no actual classes being held. I was there with a boy and a girl that I do not recognize and we pick a spot to camp out that is in one corner of a large room. I am not sure if the room was the gymnasium.

      At one point I was walking through the halls and I see some former friends of mine in the corner of my eye. Because we do not get alone anymore in waking life, I ignored them in the dream and kept walking. There is food venders down the hall, but the two people who run it cannot even bag a salad without arguing. I become upset because I am hungry and I want some food, but the arguing vendors will not even look at me.

      A bit later in the dream there is something to do with some nuns appearing at the school. Apparently they are have to supervise someone, or something. I cannot remember much of this part of the dream because it is very fuzzy.

      There is a sudden influx of people (both children and adults) from outside. The town at the bottom of the hill suddenly floods. There is water up the the roof tops the the houses and the water continues to rise. As more and more people try to get into the school, it becomes very cramped and chaotic. The little boy who I am with tries to climb a rope up to the balcony seats, to get away from the throng of people, but I unconsciously reach out my hand from across the room and the boy is pulled off the rope by an invisible force and is brought over to where I am sitting.

      It only takes a few hours for the water to recede, but because people's homes are completely destroyed, most end up staying inside the cramped school. The next day everyone wakes up and finds that all of the doors that lead outside have been locked. Panic ensues, as everyone starts to believe that they are going to die. I feel something in my pocket, and when I pull it out, it turns out to be a large silver key. As I gaze upon it, the boy and girl I am with say goodbye and vanish into thin air.

      I use the key to open the gymnasium door, but find that not only has the river flooded again, but the waters are much higher than before and has literally washed the town at the bottom of the hill completely away. I step out of the door and am up to my ankles in water. I have to dodge to the side to avoid being crushed by the hundreds of people rushing out of the school.

      I follow the waters edge for a while and find a large stone golem saving people from being washed away, but only if money if thrown into his mouth. I toss a toonie, but miss. Since I am not drowning or in danger, the golem and I just shrug at each other. I can see some office building further up the hill and I start to walk towards them.

      I walk through I parking lot and suddenly stop. Though everthing feels real, I sense something is amiss and try an RC. I plug my nose and cover my mouth and discover that I am still able to breathe. I attempt th same RC several times before I accept that, yes, I am dreaming.

      Immediately upon attaining lucidity, I see my mom walking towards me. She does not appear as she looks now, rather as she appeared in her hippy 20s (which I have only seen in photographs). She is trying to show me an orange and white shirt she bought for me, but I ignore her and continue on up the hill. I look back and see that my mom's face is sad and I feel bad for hurting her feelings, even if it is only a dream.

      I enter an office building and go up to the roof. From there I use telekinetic powers to lift the entire building off the ground and make it hover above the city, like a giant spacecraft. Some people come rushing to see the spectacle that I am creating and some of them claim that I am the alchemist they are looking for. I ask them what that means, but they will not answer and run away instead.

      A bunch of "bad guys" appear. They want me to join them so they can use my powers, but I telekinetically kick their butts and bend them to to my will. They promise to be my loyal lackeys if I spare them from harm, but I am bored of them and kill them with my powers anyway. I fly my building/spacecraft over to the top of a neighbouring building, where I can see some sort of party going on. I invite anyone who is interested to join me on my flying building, but no one seems interested.

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    11. Flooding, the sun and the little grey house (lucid)

      by , 09-04-2006 at 08:04 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      My third Lucid dream experience since joining Dreamviews.

      The dream starts and I am in a stairwell with red walls, standing on a metal staircase, and there is water gushing in from somewhere below. I ascended the stairs until I came to a door. When I go through it I found myself on a fire escape about five or six storeys above the ground, which is covered in brown, rushing water. The town around me was flooded as far as the eye could see.

      I jumped from the balconey to the roof of a builing about 30 feet away and it was at this point that I realized I was dreaming. The dream changed then and I found myself on a gravel road somewhere out in the country. I could see dark forest behind me and a single mid-sized mountain ahead of me. I started running towards the mountain but the sun began to set and it was getting dark. I knew I was in a dream so I attempted some dream control; I pointed at the sun and drew a line with my figure towards the center of the sky. The sun followed the path of my finger and it was noon again, as I seemed to have moved time backwards. This is only the second time I have ever been successful at trying to control something in my dreams, and like the first experience, it involved moving the flow of time backwards.

      I contined towards the mountain and saw that there were several houses at the base and on the slope. Some of the houses looked abandoned while others looked brand new. The first house that I went up to was dilapatated and when I pushed open the door I could see huge cobwebs all throughout the inside. I went to the next house and there where lights on, but no one answered the door. I passed several other houses until I came to a little grey one where I could hear the voices of a man and a woman on the inside, yet they fell silent and did not answer the door when I knocked. I remember thinking that if anyone answered the door that I would try to use my dream control to kill them for fun, but just at this moment an alarm clock went off in real life and woke me up.

      I find it funny that I could move the sun with my dream control, but did not think about forcing the door down at the little grey house.
    12. The Staged Bull; a study of multiplicity in a lucid dream

      by , 10-03-1971 at 04:03 PM
      Morning of October 3, 1971. Sunday.

      “The Staged Bull”, regardless of its nightmarish essence (though I felt no direct threat as a result of being in the state of apex lucidity) was one of my most fascinating childhood dreams and also of which contained intriguing redundant symbolism (or “multiplicity” of the type which many dreams have). The level of extreme vividness was nearly indistinguishable from wakefulness, even my body awareness and sense of weight and movement as well as the incredibly realistic ambiance that many dreams lack.

      At the beginning of my dream, I am in my bed in Cubitis and the time seems to be around nine o'clock in the morning. During the process of a false awakening and “getting out of bed” (in my dream), I enter the state of apex lucidity and as a result I am already astounded by my fully aware perspective before I even make my way into our living room to go out the front door, into the carport, and into our front yard, and from there, I expectantly contemplate intimacy with the neighbor girl which basically, as young as I was, reflected my real-life attitude (though our relationship was mostly innocent; that is, mostly only hand-holding, hugging, spooning, and kissing at this time).

      In my dream, the setting was a very nice and sunny day and I could even feel the fresh warm air on my body and in my lungs, and the distance orientation to other areas of the yard and orange groves was all perfect, as were the smooth walking movements and an almost overwhelming joy and sense of freedom, but there was soon something else, some sort of “higher authority” perhaps, and a menacing presence in my dream (a preconscious thread most likely), almost as if I was being stopped from exploring beyond my large front yard. There were three menacing dogs growling at me shortly after that otherwise beautiful feeling of freedom, my sense of freedom lowering somewhat, but I was not attacked in any way. The dogs never moved from their positions on the front lawn.

      There was also another vivid but surreal menacing presence, which was an animal that was moving about in our yard looking much like a bull ready to charge. His front legs and feet seemed a bit too thin. He was mostly facing towards my home and near the largest tree between our front yard and our neighbor’s front yard. My first thought was that it was a bull that had somehow gotten a puppet stage stuck on his head (and in the back of my mind I was contemplating what could have happened to the teachers and students watching the show and although I am fully lucid I still do not consider that an outdoor puppet show near my home would have been highly unlikely, though bulls have gotten out from nearby farms) and as a result was likely very agitated by not being able to see where he was. Upon looking more closely though, it seemed that the bull’s head actually was a puppet stage, with a small, red, velvety curtain continuously swaying outward and inward to where the bull’s face would have been. I clearly hear the strange breathing. puffing, and snorting as he moves one front leg about (reminding me of a chicken scratching for food), and I feel a sense of augmented awe and potential danger, but nothing threatening happens other than an eerie feeling that my dream is not really my own, which causes me to decide to just wake up on my own, albeit frustrated at the missed opportunity to explore a dream of this “impossible” level of clarity.

      Important key points, including multiplicity; that is, two or more symbols that represent the same concept:

      Firstly, the three aggressive dogs represent an invitation to control my dream, as dogs typically symbolize obedience. Their positions on our front lawn symbolize my physical day-to-day reality. Standing, sitting in a chair, and lying in bed. Dream-self role: potential dog-trainer (analogous to dream control).

      Secondly, the bull also represents an invitation to control my dream, the red curtain symbolizing that the bull, on some levels, is already under my conscious control (though I unfortunately do not realize this while in my dream) as it is apparently preventing him from seeing me and thus knowing where to charge (and, although he is directly pointing towards our open carport entrance, does not change his position when I walk past him and more towards the highway). (One of my vividest recurring childhood dreams of a much earlier time period than this dream involved a bull crashing through the wall of the living room of our house near Mohawk Valley.) Dream-self role: potential bullfighter (analogous to dream control).

      Thirdly, a puppet stage also obviously represents an invitation to control my dream. It is modeled after the high school auditorium stage, which my elementary school also used at the time. Dream-self role: potential puppet master (analogous to dream control).

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