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    1. xiv.

      by , 08-01-2018 at 11:01 AM
      Non-dream stuff; woke up at around 8:30 and had a dream (the first fragment) but couldn't remember it that well so went back to sleep again and woke up at 10:10 and then came to the computer to write down all of the non-lucid dream stuff below. It took about 40mins to write everything, not counting the notes...

      Dream fragment 1:

      I don't remember much here, but I was at a place similar to the house I'm in now, in waking life. It was day, near the end of the day and I was out at the back as were other neighbours. The walls were short, instead of being tall like in waking life and the view was not of a town but of the countryside. This area seemed to resemble an area a bit west of where I live.

      There was a black cat. And it was playful and smart and it would catch mice and handle them differently to other cats. At one point I'm sure this cat talked. But something was odd about him, he was too smart and so I grabbed him and realised his fur was not that of a cat at all, even though he looked like a black cat, he was some sort of little raccoon thing that had tricked us and recently there were fires out in peoples back gardens, small fires, and I knew he was the cause, as I saw him play with matches before. I got rid of him somehow, in a way that wouldn't make him return, but I don't remember what I did. (Have the distinct impression I gave him a good smacking for being a cheeky little thing)

      Dream sequence 2:

      I was in the car with my partner, I was as usual in my passenger seat and we were driving along a motorway. It was night and there was nobody else on the road. At times my perception of vision changed, to outside the car to scenic views of the road. We went around a long corner and I could see mountains in the distnae as well as forest closer by. I remember seeing displays with double green arrows on them, like it was a racetrack or something, but it wasn't, even in the dream's context. As we kept going we reached a part where the 3-lane road was splitting into two 2-lane roads, one which ramped down.

      We continued head on and then there were some cars on-coming on one of the lanes and their driving looked a bit funny; as we reached the end of this road segment we realised that had been a one-way 2-lane road and just everyone else was avoiding us.

      I remember we were waiting in a queue to get into a petrol station to get fuel, and it was day at this point.

      Dream sequence 3:

      I remember being at some sort of hall, that looked like a supermarket really, but there were big theatre curtains and lights and I was there supposedly with my partner, but he looked different, though I felt it was him in the dream. Then there was another man, a dream-character I've not seen and he looked smug. He approached us and there was some sort of crew getting things ready for presenting him and in the dream I was aware that my partner had to go with this guy to the stage for some reason. They gave this man the cue to go on stage (which was not raised, since this was a supermarket...) and I peeked from behind the curtain and saw the spotlights focus on him. I looked at my partner saying "come on you gotta get on there" and he didn't say anything and started to look pale white, and I asked some relatives of this other man what should we do and they were shrugging and saying they didn't know.

      Eventually we both went on to the stage and the smug man was surrounded by upper-class looking people and when we approached him he smiled at us and welcomed us but we could see he had that "I'm actually really angry" smile.

      The next thing I remember was that I was in some sort of mine or cave, and now things looked like a game, but the smug man was here somewhere too and my partner was at a house and I just knew where it was. I got on a mine cart of some description and sped up, trying to "remember" (in the dream context) where to go, going over some abyss on the rails at one point and then reaching a split and deciding to continue going the way I was already going. I reached an end and though the caves were dark I distinctly remember they looked a dark de-saturated blue. The smug man had caught up and was here already, and I was starting to want to get away aster. Here there was a wooden door and for some reason I knew it just led me to more caves so I opened up some interface and "pressed" a H key which made me start using an item or spell.

      It teleported me to the house my partner was at, which was like it was out of Hanzel and Gretel but bigger and as a mansion. It was day and there were some clouds. I walked in and told my partner the man was coming. I saw a glossy cobalt coloured camera and went up to it and punched it with my right fist and then grabbed it by the tripod and smashed it against a window until it was nothing. I said to my partner in a fake eastern european accent; "not very good spy" and I smiled at myself. Then I saw through the windows a big blue truck approach. At first I thought he was gonna hit the house, as it was a massive truck and looked like a petrol tanker. But instead he blocked the front of the house with it, but again, job poorly done because I could still use the front door, and I got out and quickly hid somewhere on a bush before he could see me and as he got out of the driver seat I pounced at him, gripping him by the shoulders initially and then attacking him with my fists and he tried spitting on me and blowing on my face and I ignored it and got a claw weapon out and started scratching the man all over (who now looked like a sweaty redneck and not a smug man at all), and he struggled and I saw damage numbers fly all over the place and he asked with surprise something like "how can you deal so much damage?!".

      I defeated him and I got in the truck and my "camera" changed to third person view of the vehicle, which was taller than the house and I drove off against some trees that just got knocked down and kept my momentum (that wouldn't happen so easily in waking life) and I realised this was actually a missile truck, loaded with 18 missiles; on a control interface I saw an interesting option of "teleport payload to target" and I remember I could see a top-down view as a map of the local region; I tried the option and unfortunately I could not see the target I wanted in range, so I drove the truck further, into a city. By the time I reached the city I'd damaged the truck a bit with some clumsy driving through forests and some of the payload was gone, I was down to 11 missiles and I was going to look for a target again, when I saw some man in a suit come toward the truck and waving at me all like "oh no no no!"; there was a small sub-station behind him and the dream more or less ended here.

      Some notes:

      - The presence of fire in the first dream fragment was probably related to the fact that last night shortly before bed there a car fire out back. So the little mischievous animal was more than likely a representation of whoever might have done it. When I realised the creature was not at all a cat I did think it was very odd, and through most of the dream there was a nagging doubt in my mind about it.

      - Throughout the entirety of dream sequence 3, my partner was very passive, and though he did say things back at times, I really don't remember what he said in any detail.

      - The map in dream sequence 3 reminded me of Fallout 4 and the capitol wasteland from Fallout 3, as well.

      - There were many times through all sequences and fragments which would have been good prompts for doing a RC. Unfortunately the game-like nature of sequence 3 made it exceptionally difficult to question anything, as I was too entrenched in my role. Dream fragment 1 and 2 were the ones that made me think "that was odd" a few times, in the dream.

      - The missile payload truck was not at all like anything specific from games I've played but rather was dream-generated, as was were many other aspects of sequence 3.

      - I remember a music played when I was on the truck approaching the city, something like "the bad guy's gonna get it! hyaaa! the bad guy's gonna get it!" but it reminded me, even in the dream, of the intro song to the game Borderlands 1 (the music being Ain't no rest for the wicked).

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    2. Stopping Dam Construction

      by , 11-19-2017 at 12:27 PM
      Morning November 19, 2017. Sunday.

      In the first part of my dream, I walk out into a beautiful scene of sunlight and family in an area near a lake and forest. There is a focus on love and well-being. Over time, a situation comes into focus, though it is based on a fictional location of our home.

      As usual, my non-lucid dream self aka personified subconscious is completely clueless as to where I really live. Instead, my dream’s home is a cottage in a field that does not resemble our present home at all. The field is bordered by a forest beyond the backyard.

      I become annoyed at learning of a project that relates to a dam being built, which I feel will be too close to our home. It looks like they already started.

      In one scene, I find myself talking to someone in a park ranger outfit. He is this dream’s personified preconscious, Leo Wyatt (Brian Krause) as he appeared on “Charmed” (which I have not seen for years). He is sitting across the table from me in my fictional house. He tells me that the people building the dam are doing it illegally and are Greenpeace activists. He seems cheerful and jokes about their inability to do things correctly and thereby, they do more harm than good. He seems to be giving me permission to act in whatever way I choose to stop their activities from interfering with the state of my house.

      I go outside and cuss at an unfamiliar male and tip part of the supposed dam over onto the ground. It is not really a dam yet, just an object shaped like a rectangular prism, slightly reminiscent of a washing machine or oven (though of too ambiguous an appearance to discern as either). I notice several unfamiliar people in the area, both male and female, all in their twenties. One unknown male is carrying several faux wooden rifles that have only the basic shape of a rifle. I am wondering what the point is of having such an object as it neither looks like a real weapon or could be used as one, even though it seems it will be their way of “fighting”. Eventually, it looks like the flowing of the water or the dam structure will not reach where our home is and I wake.

      Dreams have clear core meanings relating to the nature of being unconscious and achieving consciousness, though based on the level of unconsciousness and the particular time within the sleeping period. This dream is virtually the opposite in implication (if one were to pretend to “interpret” it rather than grasping its actual meaning) as another dream of this same sleeping period.

      The flow of water relates directly to the dynamics of sleep (based biologically on the glymphatic system) and the particular timing of the sleep cycle and how relaxed one is, including how relaxed their physical body is while sleeping - evidenced by the fact that most recorded sleeping aids utilize the sounds of water, from oceans to rivers to waterfalls. A dam relates to slightly restless sleep, but it is mainly about water lowering waking symbolism (extremely common, at least once per sleeping period for me for over fifty years).

      So why did I cheerfully create a dam in “A Shallow Stream’s Dam”, also of today’s date, while “knocking over” another dam in this dream? In both dreams, the preconscious was atypically cheerful, though in that dream, there was an attempt at reinduction (that is, to sustain and deepen my dream state), though my act of creating the dam curiously caused the water to lower on both sides of it (rather than increase the essence of water on one side, to deepen my sleep) and eventually led me into the link to return flight waking symbolism (the giant duck’s footprint that had created a pond linked to the stream). In this dream, the water lowering waking symbolism is of the same implication, yet occurs by preventing the dam being completed near my (fictional) house and there is no discernible stream to begin with, just pieces of the dam lying about in the clearing. Although this might be considered an aggressive act, my subliminal realization of this waking symbolism is what caused the rifles held by the other dream character to not be “real”, as a “real” rifle would be a more dominant rendering of RAS (reticular activating system, the biological function that mediates sleeping and waking and level of awareness), but because I had already subliminally stopped reinduction in this dream (that is, not lengthened my dream or deepened or sustained my level of unconsciousness), no “real” weapon was needed to truncate or alter the dream state as a wake-up alert. In simple summary the other dream reveals, “I would like to sleep longer” while this later dream (in the same sleeping period) reveals, “I do not need to sleep any longer and am ready to get up for the day”. The fake wooden rifles also represent the softer awakening, that is, without a hypnopompic kick or other spontaneous muscular waking trigger.

    3. [09-05-2016]

      by , 05-09-2016 at 07:05 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      It was a late morning. I was in a cottage deep within a forest. I was wearing my forestry uniform and felt a few years older. There was a man in late thirties, wearing a gray suit. He had dark hair. We were talking, I had different voice.

      Man: You were working in these forests?
      I: Yes, I was a forester over there.

      *I wandered the room for a while, the man continued.*

      Man: A forester?
      I: Yeah, though of a lower rank.

      False awakening

      I woke up in my bed. I heard strange ringing and was really annoyed at the TV. I thought that I really should turn it down, but it wasn't even turned on! As I closed my eyes, I saw some horrifying ghostly faces and a voice telling that ghosts are real and want to get us all.

      Second dream

      Late, cold evening. With group of random people we entered a mansion of some general who left it free for his son this night. One of the rooms was under renovation, with furniture put in group in the midlle of it. Rest of the house was arranged as a wealthy, modern mansion with really expensive furniture. Other people - they were all teenagers, were taking drugs and demolishing everything around them. What's more, they closed the doors to second floor and lost the key, so I had to find some other way out. They were really ruining the building, setting fire in one of the rooms, breaking furniture and taking more and more drugs. Luckily they weren't aggressive. I tried to use furniture to break a window and make myself a rope to get out.

      Suddenly I found myself outside, it was a warm early evening. It was at a shore of some lake, close to some warehouse with docks. I entered it and saw two girls - one taller with dark, long hair and one smaller with red, shorter hair. Both had pale complexion and were wearing some kind of robes. I heard a crying baby, then parents of those girls appeared. The tall girl told them that she and another boy was kidnapped by the smaller girl. But then a sudden thunder striked, and nobody believed her. Suddenly an assassin jumped down on a bungee and caught her, jumping with her back to a rooftop.
    4. Fragment - Nighttime Walk

      by , 11-26-2014 at 01:33 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I fall into an icy river, and race a polar bear to a floating ice berg. We both get there at once, and climb atop to get out of the water. Floating for a little while, we approach a large waterfall. I suspect there are lots of rocks at the bottom, so I jump to shore before falling over the edge. Several people run over the edge of it, telling me to do the same. It is really far to the bottom, so I can't tell if they made it safely or not. I decide it's too risky, and turn from the cliff. Walking uphill, a young lady is next to me, quite short, and I can't see her face. Suddenly, I recognize her, and she's my age it turns out. She climbs on my shoulders and I give her a ride to a small cottage. No one seems to be home, but she wants to check first before we go inside. I take in the beautiful warm night scenery around me as she checks. Not much light, just a dim glow to the grass, the ground, and the cottage. There are some trees in the distance that all blend together into one blob of shape and color. The whole dream seemed rather surreal, and very fluid.
    5. Lucid: The Cottage; Rat Circus

      by , 11-15-2013 at 03:25 PM
      Non-Lucid: Rat Circus
      Prior to my lucid, I had a regular dream. In it, a bunch of hamster, mice, and rats took care of a bunch of human babies that lived inside of an aquarium. Somehow, something happened and the aquarium was contaminated with radiation. The rats were distraught, since a hazmat team had sealed off the aquarium. They managed to save all but one of the babies.
      The aquarium was in an apartment that one of the rats owned. For some reason, some other rats (and a mole? I can't remember) dug up his garden. They would do this by digging holes under it at night and grabbing vegetables by the roots. The mole could also turn into a sort of sentient gas if he needed to.
      Anyway, after the whole aquarium baby fiasco, another group of rats decided to build a tiny circus in a corner of the parking lot. There is sort of a time lapse sequence as the circus is built and illuminated, until there is a bustling rat city built around it. I woke up bewildered. I have weird dreams, but that one is pretty up there.

      Lucid: The Cottage:

      I settled back into bed and did my relaxation exercises on my back. Once I had begun working on my trance, I very slowly rolled onto my side and began visualization exercises. As with the prior night, I began the exercise where I explore my cottage (a location I have been "building" as a placeholder to get kicked back to, rather than something like the void or my bedroom or a stupid laundromat in Nebraska).

      As I continued the visualization slowly gathered intensity. Lucidity actually snuck up on me on this one, since I was so engrossed in what I was doing that I didn't notice my body falling asleep, and the change was so gradual that I didn't realize the dream had fully formed until I looked around and realized that I was actually standing in a hallway rather than imagining that I was standing in a hallway.

      I decided to explore in earnest. The floors were polished wood, sort of a dark honey color. I decided that I needed to find a mirror so I could reinforce my lucidity. I turned to my left and went through a door.

      I found myself in a small alcove right before you enter the great-room, and there was a small wooden table against the wall, of the sort you would put in an alcove. It was dark wood, with turned table legs, and on top of it was a porcelain bowl with potpourri in it. Above it was an oblong oval mirror with a baroque-looking gold frame. This wasn't exactly what I'd envisioned (the furniture was a little more elaborate and fussy than I'd normally pick out). They both looked like antiques, though, so maybe it was the antique-lover in me.

      Anyway, when I looked in the mirror, I saw that I was wearing a green-gold bodice with a cream colored chemise and green skirts. My hair was chin-length, and it was red, but it looked like I had a bad dye job. I laughed at how bad my hair looked and made some faces in the mirror before reminding myself that I didn't want to get too fascinated by mirrors again.

      I went into the great room. The walls were white plaster. The floor in front of the fireplace was stone. The fireplace itself was made of irregular stones, fitted together. The fireplace had moved from where I initially imagined it. I decided to find the DC I'd been looking for (because I have some questions for them) but I didn't see them. I went through a door to my right, where there was a small den, but he wasn't there. Since the den also connected to the kitchen area, which led back into the great room, I decided that I would simply wander around the cottage in circles until he did appear. Lo and behold, on my second lap, there he was.

      He looked different from the DC I recalled, far different, so I was a little irritated. I couldn't decide whether or not he actually was that DC. For one thing, he had very short hair, and it was a chestnut color rather than ash blond, and in sort of a faux-hawk. I told him that he didn't look the way I expected, and asked him to at least change his hair.

      He responded, "I'm a warrior and I don't want long hair. It gives my enemies something to grab in combat." I actually couldn't argue with the logic of that, to tell you the truth. I took my glasses off and put them on again (made things blurry and then clear again, basically) and every time I did this, his face would shift a little bit. His eyes were kind of a dark blue-green. I still couldn't decide if this was the DC I wanted, and how much I could rely on his answers to any questions I asked him, so I decided to wander around the cottage a little more.

      I crossed through the great room and opened the door. Rather than the snowy forest from before, or the temperate rainforest I was expecting, instead the rolling landscape was more like the Shire. It was bright and sunny out, and the sky was a pretty shade of blue, with white puffy clouds. There were some hanging planters full of flowers hanging over the door and windows. They were red and blue, and I don't know what kinds of flowers they were, but they spilled over the sides of the planters. I smelled them, but they didn't smell like much of anything.

      I decided to go find Grimalkin (he is a cat in a wizard hat). I figured he might be in the kitchen, because he likes hanging out there. I went into the kitchen, and he wasn't there. I could feel that the dream was drawing to a close, so I wanted to find him quickly.

      "Grimalkin?" I called. Immediately, as if in reaction to my attempt to summon him, the dream lost intensity. It became a ghost of what it had been. I tried to restore the intensity of the dream, but didn't have much luck. I could already feel that I was on the verge of waking up, so
      I let it go.

      I woke up and looked at the clock. I'd slept a solid 8 hours, although my alarm wouldn't go off for another 30 minutes. I tried to doze, but my brain seemed to have decided that it had had enough sleep for the night, so I got up and made coffee.
    6. The Path

      by , 08-31-2013 at 04:38 PM (My Humble Collection of Somnigraphies)
      August 31 2013 - Dream Fragment #1: I remember seeing people that I knew, and then the dream transitioning into an apocalyptic dream ( one of these again) with me running down a path. I got to a sort of old cottage-type place where I saw all of these warriors that tried to kill me. Apparently I was more badass in this dream than in the one last night because I outran them and got to a car at the end of the driveway. I was driving for a long while, and now my memory fades out.

      Dream Fragment #2: I remember seeing all of these very nice houses from an aerial viewpoint. Somehow it transitioned back to me sitting at a desk somewhere. I looked over and saw my ex-girlfriend IWL. She put her are around my shoulders and I almost flipped out. "Why are you doing this?" I asked her. She replied in some way but I really don't remember now. My dream's viewpoint shifted out to the sky again and it showed a little place to put your boat next to a very luxurious mansion. I heard here say that if I start going out with her she'd give me a house. I remember refusing it (?) and then I woke up soon.
    7. 48th Lucid - ToTM November

      by , 11-24-2011 at 11:35 AM (Dark_Merlin's Dream Journal)
      The beginning of the dream eludes me, but my memory begins with me already lucid. I am in a place I've never been before, a small pasture, surrounded by hills on 3 sides and leading to the ocean on the other. Opposite the ocean is a small house/cottage up on the hill, I began somewhere near here. Knowing that I was dreaming, I decided to go for a bit of a fly. I jump up in the air and propel myself forward - the wind flapping my clothes and hair. I took a dive towards the ground and flipped upside down, flying backwards down the hill. I drop, gently rubbing against the ground as I continue to push as I fly. I remember thinking about the strange warmth it produced instead of pain, and how it shouldn't tear the shirt I was wearing. I get back upright and fly back towards the cottage on the hill.

      Inside, fOrceez's little brother is set up as a clue to complete the ToTM, as he's completely dressed in Mjolnir armour from the Halo series. Oh, right! I should do the ToTM! I look in a mirror and start to create the armour around me. Almost like in Iron Man, the armour starts latching around my arms, legs, body and head. I can still see perfectly clearly, no helmet or visor obstructs my view - but I'm now decked out in full yellow armour!

      I move my arms around, jump up and down, it was incredibly light and offered no resistance - feeling as though it actually increased the speed and power of my movements. I go back outside and look out over the hills. I point my hands down at the ground and push - this is one of the first times I've tried to use Iron Man rocket-style flying but boy is it good. I flew around the hills for a while, and some time later lose lucidity - though quite how I am not sure.
    8. business talk in angel garden; venus command

      by , 11-09-2011 at 01:53 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was somewhere outside, standing before a small building like a cottage. I stood before the door, which split in half so it could open on the top and stay closed on the bottom. I probably leaned on a counter-like ledge topping the bottom half of the door.

      Inside were my family members and a guy I know from a cafe I go to. The interior of the cottage felt very plain and empty, almost as if it were a children's play-cottage with no decorations in it.

      I was talking to the guy about stocks. Apparently the guy had been talking about some Chinese stock that was really great. He was even thinking of buying it.

      There may have been a business man somewhere in the cottage. I may have been trying to impress the business man by showing how much I understood the guy. I asked the guy, "What's keeping you from buying the stock? Or..."

      Here I seemed to start having trouble getting words into my head as I spoke. "Rather... what is it that is keeping your... joy... about this... company... from becoming 100%... unmitigated?"

      The guy then began talking to me about stuff like Chinese economic policy, which I didn't understand. The guy made reference to a few key people in China. I now saw them on a TV screen.

      The guy continued to talk to me, but we were now both on a bed outside the cottage. The guy sat on the left edge of the bed, watching a TV in an entertainment center that stood against the cottage wall. I was crouched up in a weird position, like a little kid, behind the guy.

      The Chinese political figures were still on the TV. The guy had explained a lot to me. Now he said some quote that apparently some famous investor had made, like, "Why invest in the country's companies, when you can just invest in their currency?"

      I thought the guy meant he was going to invest in Chinese currency instead of the company he'd mentioned. But now he mentioned a completely different company he was going to invest in.

      The business man now sat on the bed. The guy was now my little brother. But it was like my brother wasn't there. My mom was somewhere around. The business man had been impressed by everything my brother had said.

      The business man told my mom, "We need to hire someone new for our firm. We need somebody intelligent, somebody who can give our firm some direction.

      "And we're open for all different kinds of people. Duncan Jansen (???) was our CEO." (I knew that Duncan Jansen was a black man.) "We need people who are willing to work, and can have good, new ideas."

      I assumed that the man meant, by what he had just said, that my little brother was a good worker, while I was not. I sat up from the bed. I was a little groggy-eyed, as if I'd just woken up from sleep.

      I knew I had some sort of data project I had to take care of. I hoped that if I just went and took care of my project, the business man would see that I, too, could work hard.

      My office was apparently down a flagstone path, past a few other cottages with fenced yards. After a few cottages, I "knew," I'd turn right.

      But as I started going down the flagstone path, the business man mentioned some propecy he'd read, which he now thought was related to my brother. The business man mentioned something about a heavenly choir singing at the announcement of this prophecy.

      At the same time, a singing group, which I may have organized, was getting ready for their daily practice. I thought to myself that I might mention to the man that I considered holding singing practice every day to be of great importance.

      The group sang a song that had the words "Angels and spirits sing on high." This line kept repeating. It was more like a chant than a song. But it sounded beautiful.

      On either side of the flagstone path was lawn, in which were random, wild beds of irises. But the blossoms of most of the irises were way past their prime. Purple and white petals, in different stages of browning, barely clung to the stems.

      Dream #2

      I saw from the viewpoint of a spaceship in outer space. The spaceship was, apparently, approaching the planet Venus. The planet, though, looked silvery, almost cloud-grey, from our approach.

      We seemed to be very close to Venus at first. The upper left quadrant (?) of the sphere had taken up almost all my view. But then we were a ways back, far enough back to see the whole planet and a good deal of the surrounding space quite easily.

      At some point the beautiful voice of a woman asked us, in a very professional, almost computerized voice who we were and what our business was.

      A man on board the ship may have mentioned that the planet Venus required permission before allowing people to land on her. Suddenly I realized that the voice I'd heard hadn't been from a person on Venus -- it had been the voice of the planet herself!

      A spherical shield like glittering gold dust went up around the planet. I knew that this shield could keep anybody off the planet.

      The man must have begun interacting with Venus again. This time, though, as Venus spoke, she turned different colors. It was like her surface was banded, like Saturn's surface, but with neon orange, green, and pink. And these bands would shift up and down, like computer lights, as Venus spoke.
    9. June 1, 2011

      by , 06-03-2011 at 11:17 AM
      I am in the kitchen at my old house. Grandpa and Grandma are sitting across from me (at the wall side), and my brother is on my right (towards the dining room). Grandpa wants me to finish my dinner, although I am strangely full and am having difficulty doing so. I eat slowly, but I mostly push around my peas and wild rice (beef-flavoured). Grandpa says that he could have taken us to a biking fundraiser instead, but my brother and I quickly agree that he made the right decision not to go.

      Either before this, or after, I am am in a forest. Part of it is on fire, because an angry nymph has sought revenge against humans. A witch is also chasing me, and eventually I end up at a cliff by a waterfall. She grabs me and jumps off it, saying something about ending a curse for her and starting one for me. I manage to survive (she disappears), although I hadn't expected to. I swim around in the pool before appearing at the top of a rocky river with my brother. We're both in bare feet, and as we attempt to climb down to the water of the river, I remark that we should have worn our sandals for traction and protection (the rocks are slippery). There are huge scallop shells in the river. I want to take them, but I am afraid there might be a crustacean inhabiting it already. Some of the shells have odd designs, like leopard spots and zebra stripes. At one point, I tell my brother that I am now [other name] (because of what the witch did to me) and prefer to be called that.

      Then, I am at my cottage, walking up and down the lawn. It is a beautiful day, and the grass is a healthy green; however, there is an unusual number of insects. I watch as a quintet of dragonflies zoom past me. I walk under one of the oak trees, which is by the ferns across from the door (although no such tree exists). I accidentally angry a hornet's nest, and a large bumblebee starts chasing me! I swat it repeatedly with the back of my hand even though I am terrified of being stung. At one point, in the middle of the lawn (by the cabin), I pin it between the backs of my hand and shake, hoping again that it doesn't find a way to sting me. I fling it away and run for the cottage door, hearing an angry buzz behind me. I open the door and close it again just in time. My mother is at the stove, preparing lunch. I tell her about the bee.
    10. November 15 - Zombie Apocalypse

      by , 11-15-2010 at 10:41 PM
      I don't know how the zombie apocalypse starts in my dream. When I enter, the pandemic has already begun and where I am at there seems to be nobody around. I walk through what seems to be a large, courtyard type area outside of a medium sized cottage house. I enter the house through some French doors and flip on some lights. I had entered what seemed to be the kitchen area, though it's rather small. When I switch on the lights, I all of a sudden can see zombies meandering around the courtyard exactly where I had been only a moment before. However, they don't seem to take any care in the fact that I am drawing attention to myself. I then go to the stove and pick up a frying pan that I intend to use as a weapon.

      I look out the French doors from where I just came and notice a large pipe about waist high going through what all of a sudden appears to be a extremely thick brick wall starting at the side of the cottage. Inside of the pipe is a boy who I seem to recognize, but I can't place who it is. Standing directly in front of the pipe with its back to the boy is another zombie. I can, however, tell that he's pleading for help so I begin to knock loudly on the windows farther away to draw all of the zombie's attentions. Suddenly alert to my presence, they all swarm to the area where I am knocking and begin to moan and claw at the glass. That is, all except the zombie standing in front of the boy. It stays oblivious until the boy finally decides to retreat into the pipe. Finally this particular zombie seems to take notice of movement and follows the boy into the pipe. Since the zombies are enthralled with where I was knocking on the glass, I decide to go try to help him and follow through the same pipe.

      When I come out on the other side, it seems like we're in something similar to a darkly colored prison hall in aura. The entire hall is made of a dark steel. I immediately see the boy and the zombie wrestling with each other and I grip my skillet to get ready to help. The next thing I hear is the boy yelling at the zombie, "No! Don't bite me! Don't bite me!" A cold dread washed over me and I slowly shuffled around the fray and took off running down the hall, leaving the boy behind me. A guilt fills me as I hear him call after me, "No! Don't leave me behind! You'll regret this!"

      Somehow I end up entering what seems to be a larger metal room filled with survivors. What's even more weird than coincidentally coming upon this group is that the boy I just left behind is sitting in the corner of the room with blood running down his arm. It seems that he was telling the story of his almost-escape from the disaster when he turns to speak to me, "I didn't get bitten by the zombie you saw me fighting. After I finally crushed his skull, I was attacked by another zombie that had found me. I could've been saved if you had been there." Almost as soon as he says these last words to me, I wake up.
    11. Dream control in the cottage on the beach.

      by , 10-11-2010 at 10:16 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      The dream starts off with me in a comfortable cottage on the beach in a small town I do not recognize. The streets and houses around me are empty of people and I somehow know that I am the only human around. There are monsters and dangerous things outside and to remain safe I have to stay inside the cottage.

      Though I never consciously recognize that I am in a dream, I know that I can do things that I could not normally, such as defying gravity and floating around and being able to see and walk through walls. For a short time I practice flying around and moving through walls before I risk a peek outside. The windows on one side of the building were boarded up or sealed so I had to stick my head through the wall to see outside.

      The sun was beginning to set and darkness was growing, yet through the twilight I could see a large muscular creature that looked like a cross between a bull and a demon walking along the beach before disappearing either into or behind another cottage not far from mine. I become scared and retreat into the cottage, fearing that I would be seen and have an onslaught of monsters attack my hiding place.

      There is a bit more to the dream but I cannot remember much other than that I am trapped in the cottage all night and by morning I have achieved the ability to become invisible after practicing all night.
    12. Nighthog's Journal: 28th July 2010

      by , 07-29-2010 at 01:12 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      Getting abandoned

      I'm in a black car. I'm asking where they are taking me. The people in the car are hostile and not nice at all. Seems like Mafia guys or something. They all have black suits on them.
      They told I don't need to know and I for surely won't be finding my way back after this.
      We are driving on a dirt road in a really dry place. Looks like a desert with some small dry shrubbery. Soon it pulls over as the one guy says we are there.

      I get thrown out the car but so is another guy. He looks like one of my old classmates. The guy I didn't have all to good relations with all the time.
      "Lets see how far you can make it" I hear them say as they close the doors behind us and drive off in a hurry.
      It's blistering hot outside and I'm thirsty almost instantly. I'm burning in the ht sun. I see some sand dunes close by and go to walk toward them. I soon notice as I look back the other dude has a small cup of water. He is running and walking disoriented. or rather recklessly and taking a few sips and also spilling half of it all. I get a little panicked how can he be so reckless with the only water we have.
      I go to run up to him and yell at him to be careful and not to spill the water. He isn't listening and just spills more of it. There is only half left now anyway. He just gets irritated with me trying to scold him. He says I need not worry about the water.
      I notice we aren't in a such dry desert as I had first though. We are in a pine forest and have some ground growth. Looks much like the forests in Northern Finland around my cottage. There is even a wet marsh just across him in front.
      I stop worrying about water and am no longer so hot or sweaty as I was a moment before.
      We go off to wander to see if we can figure out where we are. We walk close by the dirt road in the forest grounds. It's easy to walk. We soon spot a sign and a small village or houses. The road-sign said the village name is "SÖITI".

      I walked across it and saw some military uniformed guys standing next to a boom close by. There was a large sign which I didn't read. There were two guys standing there looking toward the road that came up to it. I spotted some other signs. They were in Russian letters. One of the guards noticed me and yelled for us to turn back and around and leave.
      We aren't allowed to go further.
      Is this the border to Russia I thought?
      I went to turn around and stopped and looked and then slowly went to walk away but the guard was kinda serious and soon noted we had 1 hour to leave before he shoots us I thought he said.
      We both went to walk further away and went over to the close by village. I talked about with him that we seem to be in a village next to the border of Russia in Finland. Though we were unsure at which point on the border.
      We were thinking maybe we could find someone close by to ask but we found none but a abandoned car that was working.
      We took it and drove of on a other dirt road heading inward away from the border.
      It gets back to the dry and hot scenery as when we had arrived on the car there. We drive some small hills and ledges and continue on our travel top try and find a place of familiar to figure out where exactly are we. Nothing much happens but me looking out unto the changing scenery as we drive. We crossed soon a town but I didn't see any people there. We stopped and went to go outside as we finally started to see some few next to a gas station..

      I woke up.

      At the Finnish cottage... but also sex

      Spoiler for not much, but I felt it was better like this:

      Updated 07-29-2010 at 01:17 PM by 28991

      lucid , non-lucid
    13. Nighthog's Archive: 12 May 2010

      by , 06-11-2010 at 05:31 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      12 May 2010

      Playing A RISK/Hearths of Iron game with family

      I'm watching a battle ensue as soldiers, tanks, air planes and whatnot attack and destroy their enemies. I'm like watching a scene from a WWII movie of some large scale assault. Soon I go to look from above and see like the battlefield in some computer game. The units are automated for in the battle scenes. I see the "allies" win over troops of Germany. I soon see a map of the world on a table and figures of troops on various landmasses and areas. Germany had taken about 50% of the world but were now being beaten back by everyone else. Battle after battle is lost for the German Axis. I had a view over Europe. At start mainly the whole was German but soon I see areas being quickly lost. The game is at the endgame. It goes quickly. I see scenes of various battles of the areas I go over. I turn around to look over the whole map and see the various troops spread out. I soon go over to south America where some intense decisive battles are being won. I see a fort being assaulted. German troops are fleeing.
      I look around the table and see family members and relatives. It looks like we are in the cottage in Finland.
      I see my oldest sister. I try to engage with her a little but she seemingly completely ignores me and goes away elsewhere. She seemed in a bad mood. I look back at the game on the table. The game is just about over. My Sisters first husband is playing there whit various persons in the family. Mainly their kids.
      I see my sisters daughter walking out away from the game. She is going for the door out. She is basically one year younger than me. I follow her as I have something I wanted with her.

      She walks out and I hurry to catch up. I yell for her to wait as I open the door. She was just about to exit the dream I felt. She stops and turns around. "Can you come up back here" I wanted her to come back and stand on the porch. She goes and stands there where I wanted her, she was wondering what I want with her. Curious.
      "Can I have a kiss?" I tell her with a smile.
      She looks a moment and then says "You mean that kind of kiss?" With a slightly worried expression.
      "You can give me a kiss on the cheek here, if nothing else" I pointed my right hand finger quickly at my right cheek smiling at her.
      Took a short moment but she goes to give a quick short kiss on my cheek. I make a bigger smile to her and bid farewell by stepping back and to turn away and close door and seeing her expression of wonder and 'what was that?' in the small creek. She was just standing there in the porch looking at me. I closed the door. I wanted a short farewell greeting/gift as she was here.
      I felt great thanks to that. I needed a bit cheering up.

      I went back to the game and took a look at it. They were about to start a new game just now. I got my focus back to South America. Seems we start as a individual who has no country yet. But the story seems to be you move to this adjacent land which has the capitol and temple. You are supposed to do something and sooner rather than later you become the leader of this country.
      I see the move happen. The character enters the capitol.

      My view gets sucked closer and closer and we enter the game. We are at the palace. We are in a introduction with the ruler. I'm one of they guys in a party who made our greetings to the emperor I guess. It's his birthday today. I don't see the particular character from before around. I made a look around but could not spot him. Somehow I got a feeling he had yet to enter the palace and had just arrived in the city. Seems the story does not yet go there. Somehow I figure his entrance to the city will cause massive chaos wherever the goes.
      We take care of formalities with the meet but it's mainly the others that do it I just look around, but they seem not to mind or pay attention to my behaviour. I do make have one eye on the formalities as to not completely offend anyone.

      Soon the guy tells us lets go watch the games. There are some kind of games being held in celebration. We walk a short path to come to this large pavilion over this huge court. There are some kind of war games. I see different kinds of units duke it out. These are the military units of this country and others.
      I see this countries speciality is elephant cavalry. The elephants are huge and crush the horsemen. There are large cheers and the emperor laughs at their power. "Look at what we have". I know no other country have these units. These are special units only reserved for this country. I feel like this is the reason why we are here.
      Though the units are all before gunpowder stuff. Seems it's kind of a civilization mix in here also.
      I look at the battles with the elephants shortly and then take to walk the pavilion. There are other onlookers here. The building and such look like Indian/Chinese.

      Soon this one onlooker almost falls of the pavilion unto the court below were the games are. I manage to grab him and with the help of another we pull him back up. But they guy has no intention of staying up there as he was really jumping off at first. He did not try to help in getting back up either. But when we had placed him safe he just did it again and I let him jump down. He made a yell and somehow I guess he died. I didn't note or think more about that after.
      But the scenery and the games being played on the court had now changed. It looked like 4 tables of Ping-Pong tough the tables were really large as tennis courts.
      I made myself get down somehow and walked down there to take a closer look but now the tables were normal sized and I was standing inside a gym building like those in schools.
      I looked around. This for sure was a gym... I saw soon the ping-pong tables gone. Now there were just school people doing whatever they usually do at gym class.

      Dream faded away.
      But there was some more stuff that I vaguely recall about a school setting.

      Tried to go to sleep again after a short wake spell. Only managed to have dreams for a few moments.

      In the back-seat of a car
      I was on the left side back seat of this car going somewhere. My brother sat on the right side and my old friend in the front right seat. Her sister was somehow also present in the car but she was all over everywhere.
      I was in a argument with my old friend. We were in a bad mood which each other as usual as normally in all latest dreams of us both in them.
      I was trying to get the attention of his sister though. It wasn't going to well and something strange was about it all I noticed later when awake.
      I managed to get her attention at last but it soon went to worse.

      There might have been a hidden character. Someone was interfering with me. Or if In really would like to call it correctly. Messing with me in a bad psychological way. This "messing person" has been present quite often but the thing is I don't often realize it. This character is present often in the shadows and usually messing with me in various ways I have to say. Is it a joke? having fun? Or something more sinister?
      What I can tell it's a guy... But "IT" can be whatever... often disguised as women at times.
      Thanks to this in the last dream the girl yelled out "Pervert" and I soon realized something was not right with this. Some stuff had been happening from behind to confuse me... I only could find these "tentacles or legs.. don't know which" which I had to throw out from around me and get away from. They had been doings things in the hidden...
      This has been a issue for far to long now... I've grown a huge disdain for this "entity". I haven't managed to confront it yet which I should have done.

      It made a larger entrance about the time I took time off from this site. Seems it's still around. The dreams just become to much to want to write down or keep thinking about.
    14. Nighthog's Archive: 13 February

      by , 06-11-2010 at 03:24 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      13th February 2010

      At the Cottage

      I look and see the front of the family cottage, I'm just standing in front of it on the ground outside the terrace and entrance. I'm looking at the building just from the left of it in front. I start to wander to my right and look at the front of the cottage to look at the details of the red painted logs and the insulation in-between and see that the mice have been digging new holes inside even though I blocked some of the latest holes whit some wood branches and the like.
      I wander across to the other side of the door and see more holes... wait... there seems to be a lot of extra insulation here?
      I go back to the left side of the entrance and re-examine the old mice holes... Wait... There are way more holes than I remember and I look up.. damn... Seems like the squirrels have made a nest of insulation just above the door? I start to wander to my right again and see all the insulation brought and stuffed and new holes here and there. Seems they have been really busy.
      I look up at the above the door and see there is much construction been done whit the insulation stuff. I walk across to the sofa underneath the main windows under the terrace... wait what do we have here? Some kind of shelf constructed? I look more to the right...
      WHAT are these small animals? The size of small puppies.. It's goat children? They are in various colours between completely black and spotted and then going to white. I see about 10 goat children on top there what seems like a bed on a higher terrace here. Strange...

      Where did all these goats come from? I back away further away from the terrace and back unto the dirt/sand front yard. Seems we have gotten a animal infestation?!

      I see a adult white goat come from the right side of the cottage building. Seems to be after me? I decide to get closer to it and walk a bit to the right side of the front of the cottage. The Goat comes up to me to kind of greet me. It's a strange goat though... It has a unicorn horn coming from it head instead of normal horns goats have. I whips it head about. Seemed it was somewhat anxious earlier but calmed down as I got close. I petted it a little bit. Wondering what this goat was doing here.

      I see that I'm not alone here when I start to look around the area. I turn my way to show my back to the log cottage and then look unto the "garden" and front yard. There is a child here and her mother I guess. Maybe some more people were. I have a vague memory my mother was inside the cottage as I was inspecting the surroundings of the door. There were some others sitting at the fire place by the benches there.

      "let's go to the play and pranks land tomorrow" the child says to me inviting me along. Seems I get a no response or hesitation from the mother at first. I think about it for a little while looking at the mother and then around. Seems she suddenly changes her mind and agrees now. She had looked at me.
      "Well sure I can go" I pull out a bit hesitating. I then look back at the cottage and see a man lying leaning under the terrace on the stone cobbles back unto the logs behind on the building.
      I recognised him as the father and go up to him like to check it it's all right and greet him. Somehow I get a bad chill and cancel my approach and turn away. More people are about around the benches sitting just relaxing someone smoking.
      I go and walk up to the child who had invited me. I ask what that place is like and what you do there. She refuses to answer. I then turn about to look at the other people again. I see my sister sitting at the table and bench we have outside next to the fireplace.
      We focus on each other she behaves a bit strangely. She has some weird outfit on her.
      "take that of!" I yell to her and she takes off something that looks like a thick warm ski outfit. Strange I think... It was sunny here, neither cold.

      The child wants me to tag along somewhere.

      Our cottage:

      The playground close by

      The child goes along the dirt road to the right which you can see in the image and I have been coerced to follow her. The path goes to some other area that doesn't exist really.

      To the left of me is a small rocky cliff. Soon infront I see a small playground. There isn't much. Just a small water puddle behind some swings and sand pit and then to the other side a something which I can't remember. The ground is full of mud I see. The girl soon goes and plays and rools in the mud wanting me to join her in her messy play. She stands up all brown... cowered head to toe. She says for me to play whit her...
      I refuse! I don't want to play in that mud I say. I don't want to get dirty. She splashes some dirty water over to me... I get some small brown water droplet stains spread about my white clothes... Damn..
      I try to convince her I absolutely refuse to dirty myself in that mud. I go and walk across on the side to the other side so I can then look back at the path from which I had come and look at her play more in the mud. She has a ball whit her I see. I'm a bit undecided if I should play whit her in the mud. On one hand I have a thought it doesn't matter if I get dirty on another I don't want my white clothes stained as I know if I get them dirty I will never get them to be white again...

      Soon I see that the people from the cottage are coming around to join us or check out what we are doing. She goes and plays a bit whit another person in the mud and then goes to the swings and others join in the swinging. I see that much of the swing sand pit is submerged in water. I walk across it to check it out. My older sister has arrived from before and steps in the sand only see her foot sink into the sand and water. I had said for her to watch out.

      Each of the five swings were now occupied whit various people I went and checked out the girl from before... wow... she really was using the swing at full force. Seems the others were picking up speed. I had to avoid not getting hit by them. I went to the location I had stood on before looking back. I look at the scene of the people swinging about in the swings. I see the water behind. I worry for them not to fly back away into it.

      Short meet whit the sister of my old friend

      I was sitting next to a girl all of a sudden in a room.. was I sitting on the side of a bed next to her? It's the little sister of my old friend.
      She asks me questions to inquire about my tastes and hobbies a little. Seems I'm a mismatch concerning these ones. I can't answer her to the likes she would have I discern.
      She asks if I really like her.
      "I really love you..." "I at least like you" I say in maybe not all to assuring tone. It's not love love. More like love I would have to anyone that I want anyone to know. I'm interested as much as to want to to know her much more than I do. I want to start out to be her friend, and if it works out, maybe much more... But I have no time to say these things into her as the setting disappears before I had the chance.

      Many settings from above flying about

      Next I was fleeting between waking and sleeping but aware though...

      I was flying in the skies of some town and sceenry as I figured.. I got the idea I could maybe change the area.. I got thinking about egyp and the pyramids and for sure it got changed for some egypt settings and view of some small broken down pyramids.. Wait this isn't the pyramids I wanted to go to. I wanted to see the Giza pyramid! I try to focus to get to the Giza pyramid and such but I just get to some unknown and dreadfully collapsed whimpers and I'm disappointed that I don't arrive at the place I want for sure.

      Somehow I let it go and find myself looking at ancient rome I think at first but it's more like Greece I think... Soon I see humans on the ground. They are soldiers... Looks like Spartan? There are soldiers everywhere and they are littered in uncountable numbers on the streets etc. They are all training and thrusting in unison rhythm. It's quite the impressive sight and the powerful uu--ahh! or whatever thing they were shouting sounded nice. I was flying above the city and looking about and only seeing more and more soldiers in training... wait seems there is less people here and they are moving away from this area.

      Hey there is a battle ongoing here? I see something like wounded soldiers getting away and some lying about on the ground. I soon see some soldiers run away in panic and yell in fear... I see soon the reason... This 6times larger than human mechanic robot clothed over whit rags and some kind of hat dark was assaulting the Roman soldiers... The have no chance. I fly over this thing and see it has registered my presence as it soon looks up at me and then tries to swing it's weapon over at me. I avoid it whit ease though high up in the air. It can't really reach me as I went higher. I look onward in the direction from whence it came... I see more of these robotic creations coming and attacking everything in their path...
      They are somewhat hightech but still hint of that it's like built in that age. Like a person got the knowledge and resources to build these things from that age all of a sudden from some futuristic guy.

      I encounter these four legged behemoths later on and these start to attack me whit some kind of shooting things. I see also some kind of anti-air guns?! They target me and start to shoot. But it feels like they are shooting balls of hot air that really don't do anything. I destroy something and then decide I'm destroying these things because they are attacking me. I try to summon some weapons but I fail. I try a hand grenade. I feel like got one in my hand but as I bring it in front and in view I see nothing in my hand but I still do the pulling out the pin and then throwing this thing inside the machinery of this large behemoth walking. To my dismay nothing happens.

      Instead I pick up some parts from the thing I destroyed and plug and jam in those into the machinery of this thing. It does the trick. It seems to get to a halt. I then have to avoid the AA guns whit their puny shots of hot air. I see like these 2 legged swordsman robots walk about around and then another of these behemoths. I decide I wan to get away from there and I get away and arrive in completely different areas and sceneries.

      I'm flying about some industries and such. I'm just floating above the rooftops of these huge buildings and flying about trying to get somewhere I can't decide where.
      I spend a little time exploring this industrial area and then suddenly leaving to more urban housing areas.

      From all of a sudden I spot that a helicopter explodes and crashes next to me and I'm forced to go down unto ground levels. I have on of the main rotors in my hand thinking of where do I put it away from harm.. I decide to put it and other parts on a roof for a stupid reason. I see a trash container further away and decide that's a better place. Someone had been suddenly helping me whit this so I said unto him to put the parts there instead and I left that there and went unto the ground to meet some people I know... But they acted strangely.

      Chatting whit these people, in a alternative reality?

      They were some old classmates... but they were not. They were these alternative reality representatives and I was this "super being" visitor. They could not believe what I was capable of flying and that I could be not harmed by what they saw the helicopter crash unto me.

      I shortly had entered some kind of laboratory and was told to hold these globes and then felt a surge go through. It was to figure out the tolerances and capability of the one holding the things. It was supposed to hurt and sting.
      I barely felt anything and they kept giving a shock one after another being in disbelief of what the results were and my apparent non-caring.

      They said a person would normally die if more than 3 shocks were administered because the hearth or such could not take much more... I counted they started to roll these things unto 50 or such before I felt this was enough wasting time.
      "This should be enough to make you believe" I had commented and gone off.
      I ended up talking about how it was a dream for me and how I was asleep and etc. This was just a experience for me to learn more.
      I then came to a talk learning that they thought they were speaking German and were in Germany but I heard them speak Swedish other than this one person who I could make no sense out off who had a mix of German/Finnish/Swedish.
      They told me they heard me as German. I then asked about Hitler and such and they said Germany had won the war here... Though they or others were not evil as one would presume. It seemed they had figured about the death camps and that it had been resolved and been taken care of. Seemed this was a democracy now and the past crimes behind even though Germany had won back then. The Nazis were no longer about any more.
      They asked me if I was from Russia/America or had association's to them. I dismissed that and talked more about Finland/Sweden and what had supposedly happened whit the Germany that lost a few sentences. Not much.
      I got the impression this Germany was quite a bit bigger than the Germany we have, like most of Europe. They seemed not to register the words of Sweden/Finland at all.
      I soon decided my mingling whit them was enough. I went away to elsewhere just like that.
    15. Nighthog's Archive: 12 January 2010

      by , 06-11-2010 at 01:38 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      12th January 2010

      I'll just write down a few fragments that I still remember. I was semi-lucid but more to non-lucid rather than lucid as I didn't actively try to do my lucid stuff I might do whit more lucidity so in the end it all is more non-lucid and I'll mark it whit green as such.

      I confessed my love to my old classmate and gave her a kiss and then taking her hand to hold it to be sure she doesn't disappear.
      There was a comment she made when I gave her the kiss that made me get confuzzled. "Will all the bananas be coming out spraying now..."
      (LOL! I just now figured out what she meant more precisely as I got thinking back to the dream and wrote it down to translate the language and tried to remember what she really said.)
      Well the comment doesn't strike me much but that I didn't expect it and then ignored it in the dream situation me. (now that I think about I am not sure if she would have made such a comment really)
      I remember holding her hand for a while when walking.

      Next fragment is I've arrived in my cottage and I figure I'll go and visit a relative but I confuse up the location and person whit the other relative I have around there.
      I keep mixing who lived in which house and where which house was. My old crush disappears as I came around to my cottage. I wanted to find her again but could not manage. I think I might find her at the house if I go there.
      I end up going on a walk from my cottage to get to the relatives house to have a visit. I have some guy whit me which I keep talking to whit my confusion where the house might be.

      The road I'm walking on is nothing similar to the roads where I would need to walk and that confuses me as I know this can't be the right road. And then the road ends in a widening where you turn around but there is a mansion and gardens and whatnot all over here. It's summer. The bushes that are towards the road are really colourful and I enjoy to look at it. They have sections in various greens and browns and maybe some purplish and reds on the leaves but they are still all the same bushes but different colours shifting in sections they get longer and shorter intervals.
      I make a comment to the guy whit me about it.
      "Isn't it nice/cool"
      "Yeah" I get as response I vaguely remember.
      Soon I see a opening and walk by the bushes to some green fields and whatnot behind. Was a nice place I thought.

      Dream fragments end there though. I didn't try to remember much today.
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