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    1. [07-11-2016: War]

      by , 11-07-2016 at 09:28 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was a warm summer day. With younger sister we were in some beautiful coastal city. Then suddenly we were in our house with with rest of family, we were sitting on a sofa in kitchen and talking about something. Suddenly we've heard sirens and everyone started to panic. Soldiers quickly approached our house and started a shootout. Planes were dropping bombs on my house and it's surroundings. Avoiding bullets, bombs and explosions I've ran into a doghouse, picking up some old pistol from second world war era. With dog we were sitting quietly. The dog looked at me and I saw that he somewhat smiled to me. I heard someone coming closer and pointed my gun, awaiting.
    2. [20-10-2016: School outbreak, driving fragment]

      by , 10-20-2016 at 01:06 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      School outbreak

      I was in school, it was nearing midnight. There were toxic gases filling the air, with group of classmates we were wearing some protective suits with closed air circulation. We were armed with many different weapons. There was a zombie outbreak due to some bombs shot on the school building. We were wandering around the school in darkness, the place was mostly empty. We entered one classroom and looked through window - there was a last stand of people in a building on the other side of zombie infested street. I told everyone that we have some bottles with air left, but they won't be enough to last a few hours in school, and that we should move on to streets as there's no gas there. Everyone hesitated, as we've seen zombies violently killing survivors on the streets.

      WBTB attempt. Failed.


      I was driving my car, heading towards school. I was going to drive through a railway crossing. It was a cold but sunny morning.
    3. [18-06-2016]

      by , 06-18-2016 at 08:21 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was a police officer, making some paperwork in my office. I was writing a report on some kind of organized crime in my city, checking evidences. My last work partner was killed by them, a bomb planted in his house killed him. When I was leaving with another officer, I saw someone suspicious. As we got closer, he threw a bomb at me and used a remote pilot. I quickly escaped to the office full of other officers and heard a strong explosion. Everybody looked at the door with silence. After a while they opened, and someone appeared, throwing two bombs inside. They were really small and white, but did tremendous destruction. I ran to another, smaller office, but he went there after me. I ran to door, hitting him with my elbow and escaping to staircase. On each floor there was a bomber and I had to dodge all their bombs. Finally I got down to entrance, but somehow I knew that a sniper is just waiting for this. I went to backside instead, to another office and a black haired woman opened me a window. I escaped.

      It was late, dark night. The moon was shining with strong, red light. As I was wandering through a forest road, I looked at it. The moon looked like it was burning, flames enveloping it forming an eye, with moon being the iris. I heard strange buzzing and looked up, a UFO was flying away.

      Finally I got to my house, preparing some clothes to take a shower. I knew that they'd come for me. I woke up in my bed later, it was still dark. Someone rang to the door, I went to kitchen and took the longest and sharpest knife, and then slowly sneaked to the door. Then I saw door to grandma's room open, my younger sister with a knife went out.
    4. Flimsy waffles

      by , 01-12-2016 at 11:08 PM (My Dream Journal)
      Ok, not the best recall last night.
      It was Christmas and My literacy teacher gave me the third Harry Potter movie. It had three pictures of Daniel Radcliffe on it, one large and in the front, one smaller in the middle, and the smallest in the back. It also went back by age. (Largest was the oldest, smallest was the youngest.) My parents were talking about watching it later, but I realized that they were talking about the first Harry Potter movie, which my brother had gotten. I then went into the kitchen and did something. I unfortunately can't remember what. When I walked back into the living room, everyone's presents were gone except for mine. I was thinking about how I'm always last to bring my stuff to my bedroom.
      It was the morning and I was cooking frozen waffles in the toaster. My brother was wondering why I was cooking them for so long and I told him it was because I don't like having flimsy waffles. (I picked one up and demonstrated how floppy they were.) Once the waffles were done, I suggested eating ice cream, but then remembered that we had eaten it the night before. (I really did eat ice cream last night.)
      My friend was telling me about a boy from Bratayley(really someone named Luke that goes to my school) who walked out of his house and started throwing bombs everywhere. He ran away and no one found him.
    5. 1/28/14 - horrible sightings in the sky

      by , 01-28-2014 at 11:08 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      Me my sister and my half sister are standing in my yard in front of my house. It is pitch dark night. For some reason we are looking into the sky and night clouds form, then we see them form into land in the sky, choppy patterned green beige and orange islands. They are frightened and ask me what is going on, I tell them a storm is coming, but not the usual kind. They are confused by my explanation. I tell them a storm of evil is coming. And I was right, we see two missiles shoot down from the sky from far away, and it lands somewhere and the earth rumbles a little bit, and I bright flash of light shines from of the earth where the missiles landed. I told them now look what forms in the sky, we look and we see symbols, satanic symbols. Evil depictions. My mom runs out and asks what's going on, I tell her to look at the sky, she does and see's all the things, they form and disappear fast and new things form. Then I pointed them all to a part of the sky that seems to have a holy depiction, we are iffy of it but I can tell we all seem relieved by it. Then we all walk towards the house and go into the door into the house and we lose our worry.
    6. Attempted Murder Under the Bridge

      by , 01-01-2014 at 06:26 PM
      I was with an older man who wished to show me something on an island of some sort in a truly abandoned and isolated territory with lots of vegetation and uneven ground. Large rocks...streams...and nature basically.He had me convinced with the sound of adventure to tag along.
      I recall myself having the appearance of a boy with short, dark hair. I followed him through pathways, in which collapsed afterwards. It made me uneasy, but he assured me it will be okay.
      This adventure had to do with some sort of treasure-hunt I believe, and there were traps involved...or more like hostile creatures. Over a streaming river, I followed him towards the bottom of a bridge and crouched down into that compartment with him. He told me to stay leaned flat against the walls.

      That made sense when a whole ton of wasps/hornets came flying with large stingers darting towards us, only to hit a stone wall. He stated that their speed prohibits them from controlling their direction. I peered up at the bridge and saw a flashing red light, only to realize it was a bomb. He told me to wait there...but no, I couldn't. I believed the bomb would destroy the whole place and kill us all. My family was here too. I darted out rebelliously and somehow knew another route in which wasn't blocked. He went after me, but not in a run or anything. Just a moderate walking speed. I lifted up a piece of wood as a ramp and used it to climb up, then dashed to my family by the cars in which should have been boats to me.

      I told them we needed to leave. Leave before the bomb set off, and leave before that guy came after me again. For some reason, he gave me unease.
      Of course, my family was slow and when we got into the car, he was at their window...I believe he got a ride in one of the cars, and I knew I failed miserably.
    7. The Little Kid and the Car Bomb

      by , 11-13-2013 at 07:58 PM
      11-13-2013 -- [Doing all the stuff that is supposed to lead to better dream recall, and things are only getting worse. Only one dream on the 11th, none on the 12th, and then only one, choppy and all over the place on the 13th. I just don't get my body. Oh well.] I think it is Halloween. I am at a house somewhere that I cannot specifically equate with any that I have ever lived in or recognize. I seem to be kind of visiting. The 'family' seems to be a blend of various people I know who, several do not know each other.

      I think I am trying to get close to V or LR, but they are all over the place. There seem to be trick-or-treaters around, though they are not wearing costumes. At some point I see a small boy (probably 4 or 5) outside with short-but-extremely-curly red hair, but he is just wandering around. There is a sort of a wall of junk, and another kid seems to be crawling around that, but there is something wrong with him, and he is piling up books around him. (That's not the part that is wrong.) One of the young women says they have had a vision or something of him planting a bomb, and we have to go out and check on it.

      We do find the bomb, which is this strange contraption that looks almost like a figure, sitting in a car about the right size to hold Barbies or action figures, with a small yellow teddy bear as a driver. They have asked me to take care of the bomb, and I am really nervous about it, and am afraid I am going to blow myself up or that the kid will see me, and trigger the bomb. So to avoid being seen by the kid too early, I have to do everything by mind power. I concentrate on the car, and it moves (kind of jerkily) about a foot, to where I have a better view of it, then I switch places of the bear and the device (for what reason, I don't know), and finally I launch the toy car through the air at high speed (think Turbo Boost on Knightrider) about 30 feet through the air and land it in a lake near the house, at which point it explodes, but is far enough away it does no harm.

      The little kid who caused this is having a melt-down, and is screaming and crying about how whatever evil that was controlling him is going to be so mad at him, and I gather him in my arms and hug him and comfort him, and tell him that we'll try to protect him, and things will be OK, and all the women in the house are like "Aaaaaawwwwwww," and begin to appreciate me more. We all move back into the house, and soon the mom of the family gets home, and it turns out to be CL. This is the first time I have dreamed of her, and she is rather beautiful.

      Seems I am staying the night here, and I end up sleeping in a bed for a bit, then get up and start to take a shower, but forget to completely shut or lock the bathroom door, and at one point the door opens, and I hope one of the ladies is going to end up joining me in the shower, but nobody does. Eventually we end up talking in the living room for a while, and CL ends up revealing she has just done a clown gig or something (though afaik she has never been a clown in real life). We're discussing this in the living room, and she pops to the kitchen to get something for a few moments, and somehow is on a strange sort of spring-like fold-up thing that extends far enough to reach the kitchen, but is almost at its maximum length at that point. I ask about it, and they explain it has something to do with measuring distance. Whatever.

      She is wearing a robe, and seemingly only a robe, and at one point it slips open a bit, and I catch a nice glimpse of a very nice boob that is about as wonderful as I imagined, though that is the extent of the nudity in the dream. Anyway, we are soon in the side yard, walking down a hill to a sort of picnic setting with lots of other relatives, talking about different kinds of food and things. [Nothing too interesting in the whole thing, except for the short bit with the bomb in the toy car.]
    8. Surviving the First Atomic Bomb

      by , 01-05-2012 at 02:48 AM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      Got the first part of the TotY done! Hopefully I can push through and finish all of them this year

      I was, once again, snowboarding, only this time it was at my local mountain. I was at the eastern most part of the mountain, which isn't even open yet, and was riding up the chairlift. There was nobody next to me but I was with a big group of friends who were scattered throughout the chairs near me. I got off the lift as usual and started to head towards the park. This time it was different though. There's normally a fence with a small opening you go through, followed by a couple rails, some jumps, a few more rails, and then a steep section with large jumps on top. This time, however, there was a very large grouping of rails right at the top of a hill, and a picnic table off to the left.

      Me and some friends decided we would hit the table first, and headed over to it. I went first and did a simple 50-50 (just riding straight over it) and rode off the end. The rest of my friends did similar stuff and nobody went really big. We stopped right after the feature and started to hike back up so we would have enough speed to hit some of the rails that were in the middle of the trail. It was set up so that, looking downhill from left to right, there was an "S" rail, and two flat rails. Behind those were a cannon box, a butter box, and a flat-down rail between them. At the end of the group was two tire bonks and this red trash can type thing that is actually at the mountain.

      My friends all went before me, and most did 50-50s on the rails to the right. I went down and did a front board around the "S" rail, and a tail press on the butter box, popping off the end. Then I avoided the rest of the features and stopped to wait for the others. However, this seemed awefully familiar to me. I thought about it for a second, and I remembered last night's dream at the other mountain where I did tricks that I knew I couldn't do. At this point I realized that I was likely dreaming, but wanted to be sure. I asked my friends to hold up for a bit while I checked something. I took off my gloves and my facemask and did a nose-plug RC. To my suspicions,
      it worked! I could breath in through my nose and was in yet another lucid.

      The first thing that popped into mind was a sex LD, which got me angry due to the fact that I always think of that first. However, I knew I had to stabalize the dream first, so I rubbed my hands together and took in my surroundings. Rubbing your hands works very well when it's cold out and they warmed up very quickly. They felt a bit abrasive but not to the point where it would hurt. After denying my want to have another sex LD, I though of the TotY. This time I remembered that it was 2012 and there were new tasks. The first one I thought of was beating Neil Armstrong out of the space shuttle, but for some reason I didn't feel like doing that one now. Instead, I picked experiencing the first nuclear bomb detonation.

      Remembering how last dream ended, I kept my eyes open and just snapped my fingers, picturing an empty desert with a small bunker. I also imagined an old, decrepid house in the middle of it like there always is in those old atomic test videos. In an instant I was standing in an old house that looked like it was about to fall down. There was a couch in the room with me, a fireplace, a painting of a nuclear blast (how ironic ) and an old pin-up calendar. I stepped out onto the front porch only to have the sun shine directly into my eyes. Damn, it was bright out! Once my eyes adjusted I looked off into the distance and tried to make out the bunker that I presumed the scientists were in. Once I found it I trained my ear to it, trying to hear what they were saying.

      "Well gentlemen, it looks like this is it. We don't know exactly what's going to happen, but I would suggest praying to your God." Awesome, a new ability, super hearing! I had never done that before. It seemed fitting for them to say that. After all, during the actual testing they didn't know it the explosion would ever stop. They thought it could go on forever, splitting atom after atom, destroying everything in existence! I continued to listen in as they began their countdown. "Launching nuclear missile in T minues 10, 9, 8..." I looked up to the sky, expecting to see something flying towards me. I didn't know what a nuclear blast would feel like, and I was a little worried myself, but I rubbed my hands some more and kept reminding myself, "This is a dream. This will be fun!"

      "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, launch initiated." Here goes! I squinted to try and see around the sun and I noticed a small shadow several thousand feet in the air, hurlting straight towards me. As it got closer, I noticed it was literallty coming at me! I closed my eyes and felt a quick, sharp pain in my forehead. After a few seconds of silence, I opened my eyes to see that the missile was sitting on the ground right in front of me! I wasn't really thinking clearly and just sort of kicked it, trying to get it to do something. Big mistake.

      There was instantly a bright light and I felt very warm. Not hot, but a comfortable warm. I was still in the dream, 100% aware of everything, but was in a massive pile of smoke. I sprinted as fast as I could in one direction until I could see again. After only a short second, I was out of the smoke and was looking back at the explosion. It was a classic mushroom cloud and I noticed that the house I was in was nowhere to be found. I looked to my right and noticed the bunker the scientists had been in. I listened in on them and all I could faintly hear was cheers and a few high fives, as well as some sighs of relief.

      Unfortunately, that blast must've really shooken my dream, because everything was fuzzy. I couldn't really hear specific things and everything was muffled, like I was inside a glass box while everything else continued as normal. Then, suddenly, I felt a massive shaking of the ground. I looked over to where the house had been and noticed a big crack in the ground. WTF? What was in that bomb!? The crack raced towards me and I turned the other way and ran. I don't why I didn't just fly away or teleport, but the crack caught right up with me and split directly beneath me. I pulled a scooby-doo and ran in place for a few seconds before falling down the crevasse. Before I could even get my senses, I felt a massive rush of force go up my legs, along my back and into the back of my head. The next thing I knew,
      I was lying awake in my bed. Just to be safe that I was actually awake and it wasn't a FA I did another RC and checked the clock a few times. Nope, I was awake

      At least I got the first of my TotYs done
    9. Another Stupid Field Trip

      by , 07-15-2011 at 05:04 AM
      I have a lot of dreams about taking field-trips with school classes.

      So last night, we went on an "endurance trip." The class was split into groups of four and given a specialty trainer. After training our groups would be put through an obstacle course relevant to thair trained specialty while the rest of the class watched their performance on TV.

      (This is very similar to a book series I read called The Hunger Games, based off of which I have had multiple dreams. Usually in these dreams I am in the violence, however this time I was just watching.)

      For no apparent reason the class was staying at my house while we stayed up all night watching the group's performance on TV.

      I knew three of the four group members: Brandon (a "chum" of mine, don't know well, but he is very nice and humorous), Tania (we were very good friends a few years back and occasionally still get together), and Sarah (we were friends during 2nd and 3rd grade), and a 2nd guy I don't know in RL.

      It was nighttime and it appeared that they were climbing the Eiffel Tower (I'm not sure what the reason was). And a bomb detonated. Suddenly there were bombs going off all over the dang tower (they looked more like mega-high-voltage shocks, I'm nots sure). The coordinators of the obstacle course only meant to have one bomb and the anonymous guy's ex-girlfriend was suspected of sabotaging the course.

      Most people were shocked, some were awed and maybe even proud of the girl for "getting revenge", but I seemed to be the only one who was crying over it.

      However, the group still had to complete the course. I walked away from the TV and stood looking out a glass door. Suddenly I could see the four group members sitting on a bench just outside of the door. They were talking to a gruop of guys who were apparently friends of the anonymous guy.

      Brandon was telling jokes to the guys and laughing with them, apparently unscathed. The anonymous guy was presumed dead, but he had a hood on and I couldn't see his face. Tania was slumped down and sweating terribly with a fever, somehow she'd gotten sick. Sarah had apparently lost several toes and was relatively out of it, like a concusion.

      I was telling the rest of the class what I saw, describing how bad the situation was. But then I started to wake up. As the dream was fading I realized the coordinators were giving me the option of replacing one of the group members so that they could be taken care of and I would help the group carry on. However, I awoke too soon to decide my course of action.
    10. Time Travel Mix Up Part 1...6/13/11

      by , 06-14-2011 at 06:42 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      I find myself going to Algebra(DS). But, I'm a girl(Odd...). Apparently I recently fell into "Spring of Drowned Girl" in Jusenkyo, China(I watched a lot of Ranma 1/2 last night before bed). I'm wondering if Mr. Eckart will be at all suspicious. I go into his room in girl form. I walk over to my desk and sit down. Philip and Sarah don't seem suspicious. That's odd. Mr. Eckart now comes in and sits down at his table. He doesn't notice how I've changed. He's about to start the lesson, when there's a problem. We hear the loud roar of airplanes. Mr. Eckart tells us all to go outside. We all rush outside up a hill(that was never there before...dreams). We turn around. Now we small airplanes from our airport fly over the school. They drop bombs! Holy shit! Now, a large fraction of the school is engulfed in flames. What...the...hell...was...that...?! What the fuck just happened?! Now, Mr. Eckart instructs us all to run. We keep on running. Eventually, we reach the city. I see we're now being followed by the remaining students from the school(DS). We all get into some buildings. We wait and listen. Now, some others in the building explain what's happening. Confederate soldiers have come from the past. They've overrun the north by using airplanes with bombs. Well, that's not strange at all...WHAT THE FUCK?! Now, we hear the roar of planes again. Shit! They're gonna bomb us! Then, a few bombs come through the ceiling and hit the ground. Phew! They don't explode. Odd. A few people walk up to see. Then, they explode! Oh shit! They're dropping delayed explosion bombs! I estimate a five second delay. The bombs were only about the size of a low table table leg. The blast didn't even cover a ten foot radius. But it killed about ten people, cause they ran up to the bombs like retards. Now, more bombs are dropped into the building. Right next to me and a few others. SHIT! I now dive out of the way. I make a hard landing, and the mini bombs explode. I climb back up the stage I was on. Two more bombs land there. SHIT! We all start to kick them back and forth. Then, I dive again. KA-BOOM! All the others up there die. What the fuck?! This is bullshit!!!!! I get up. I huff and puff.
      "If only this were a dream." I say in my girl form voice. "Too bad it's not." another person replies. Then, I realize something. Why was I in school today? School's been out since the 3rd of June!
      I'm now lucid! My timing couldn't have been more impeccable. "Wait a minute!" I say. "This IS a dream!" Everyone looks at me like I need a trip to the crazy house.
      "No it's not!" a girl says. I walk over to a table where I see a turquoise ball.
      "Really?" I say. "Watch! I can make this ball go through my hand!" I pick up the ball, and try to make it go through my hand. Um...shit! It doesn't work. I really am not having a food time proving myself. Wait! I have to do the 300 TOTY! Well, I haven't had any luck with making portals. So, I'll do the trusty Turn-Around Method! Time to...
      I awake. NOOOOOOOO!

      NOTE: A long time ago I became a werewolf in a dream, so now I like to keep that trait. So now that I've got the curse of a Jusenkyo spring, I'm going to keep that trait as well.
    11. WILD - Children At War

      by , 05-24-2011 at 09:44 PM (Torra)

      Updated 11-06-2011 at 02:42 AM by 39215

    12. The Bomber Game and Pink Toxins

      by , 03-08-2011 at 08:48 PM (Nocturn Core (Abridged))
      I was a priest in a medieval town. I explained a game the townspeople liked to play to Nicole. One person would hide behind a wall and chuck explosives into the crowd. Meanwhile, a turtle shell was thrown back and forth between the bomber and representatives of the populace. I went over to an area divided into cubes of space with open ceilings. There were supposed to be portals to other worlds here, but I disabled them. Once I was behind the wall, I made a screeching sound recognized as the start of the bomber game. I lobbed a bomb into an unsuspecting group of people on the other side. The turtle shell came flying over the wall, and I sent it back with a mighty punch. I’m glad my knuckles didn’t break. Every now and then as the shell bounced between both sides, one of us slipped – usually me. The score was 5-2 before long. I knew I had to catch up. I used bombs to propel the turtle shell further and further away from the wall, theoretically decreasing the likelihood that it would land near someone who was paying attention. It always managed to come back. Once, the explosion itself seemed to fling the shell at my face… I wasn’t sure how that made any physical sense. The score was 6-2… One more point to the enemy would mean their victory.

      I hovered in the air, flinging the shell with ease back at the public representatives. I started floating higher and couldn’t get myself to go back down. Eventually, I couldn’t reach the shell to prevent it from dropping into my small room. As it fell behind the wall, an announcer said that the gateways to the other worlds had been reopened. Her voice was somewhat robotic, but very different from Symphony’s. Glowing, purple pits appeared on the floor of the cube rooms below me. I descended to the ground near an apple tree and started walking around. Someone thought I was really a priest and tried to give me their confession.

      “I’m just roleplaying,” I explained. He left me alone. Steve (from my second semester of physics) showed me this disgusting candy that was apparently too dangerous to keep in your mouth for more than ten minutes. It came as half of a sucker with the inside hollowed out. A toxic, pink dye coated the inside. Within seconds, it turned your entire mouth pink with the toxin. I refused to try it.
    13. sept 24 dream 25-27 no recall

      by , 01-04-2011 at 04:37 AM
      at school saw alan snow, he wanted my facebook for some reason?

      phase 2: mansion of chaos, I was battling asian martial artists running from a dragon and kicking bombs back at it as i ran through corridors, then i was chilling in a fancy room.. all i remember was a piano.
    14. Blood, Bombs, and the Grocery Store

      by , 11-27-2010 at 03:54 PM (The Labrynth of the Mind)
      Sci-Fi Groceries

      I am working at the grocery store, stocking shelves (in real life I stock shelves at a toy store). Some old women come along looking for artichokes. I help them find one artichoke, which has been put in the wrong spot.

      I continue walking down the aisle, and make it to the bridge of the Enterprise. I am needed to help destroy a small planet that is headed towards the Earth. Nobody is sure what to do, but I come up with the idea of building a huge bomb. We run a computer simulation of what this bomb will do. Upon detonation, a gigantic shock wave is sent out. This shock wave passes over the Earth, the moon and the sun, but when it hits this small planet the planet is annhilated.

      The great thing about this idea is that it doesn't affect the Earth. I accidentally touch the simulated Earth and it gets smashed up, but after a moment of shock everyone realizes it was just me.

      Kidnapping and Chemistry

      I am a spy or something similar. I am investigating a guy who has been kidnapped and tied up in a back room somewhere. His daughter has also been kidnapped, and they are trying to get information out of the father. The guy is wrapped up in some bandages, so that only one of his eyes can be seen. The captors torment him by allowing him to see his daughter being taken into the room across from him, but they never let him know what is going on.

      While I am there, the captors bring the daughter out into the main room separating the two rooms. She doesn't seem to be too bad off. In fact, she is joking and laughing with the men. Apparently, she doesn't even know they are bad guys. Then they bring the father out. I think they are going to try one last desperate attempt to get information out of him.

      I step in at this point, and we find ourselves pursued by the villains. We duck behind some barrier to hide. The kidnappers are hot on our heels, so I pull out a grenade and throw it at them...

      ...(I think this is part of the same dream. It seems to have digressed into the manufacture of explosives.) I walk into the laboratory for one of my chemistry classes. We are choosing seats. I sit next to an attractive girl I know in real life. I feel I have an excuse, because my name is written on the counter in front of me, as well as on the seat I am sitting in. We chat a little, and I think about asking her out. Then the professor begins class.

      We are learning about some kind of explosive. This requires a lot of complicated glassware, including a couple of volumetric flasks and some kind of a condenser. There are only two reactants involved in this process. One is tetramethylfuran (?), and I don't know what the other one was. At this point, my lab partner (the attractive girl) leaves. The instructor tells is we have to work on our own anyway, but the experiment doesn't seem to make any sense.

      Now we are outside, taking turns mixing chemicals in our glassware on the tailgate of a pickup truck. The truck is parked on the slope of a hill, so it is hard to mix anything without it spilling.

      Robot Cannibal

      We are looking at fingerprints. They do not seem to be useable, because we can't get anything from them when we try dusting them. No recognizable features, anyway. Then someone points out that they are made in blood, as though someone dipped their fingers in blood before touching the counter we are looking at. With this knowledge, we are able to use some chemical to analyze the fingerprints...

      ...(I think this is part of the same dream) My dog runs away. I go out to get her, and find she is running along an interstate. She runs into a median strip, and I go after her. She climbs up a hill and down the other side. I crawl up the hill, and peak over the edge. There is a gruesome sight on the other side. A deer or large dog has been killed and mutilated, and some man is crawling nearby. He crawls up to the carcass and sinks his teeth in. I watch in horror, realizing this is the guy from Silence of the Lambs (I never actually saw the movie). Looking closer, I see it is no longer a person but a robot. The Silence of the Lambs guy is in his home, controlling this robot.
    15. Bombs and stuff

      by , 08-19-2010 at 07:15 PM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      I'm walking around outside. I'm in a small town that somewhat resembles the one that I am currently living in.

      I am approaching a beach. There are some kids, they look like they're in highschool. They're all sitting on the beach by the sidewalk. I walk over to them and stare at the ocean. They start talking about whether or not anyone's swam in the ocean. I start talking about how I grew up a few blocks from the ocean and how I miss it. They all simply stare at me.

      I turn around and start walking to a school. I'm going to go to my orientation. I see Liz and she says to come inside because there are cat patches I should see. There are a few cloth patches with images of cats printed on them that say cute things. Reminiscent of lolcats. When the woman who works there isn't looking she unlocks the case and takes out a big handful of them.

      We go outside. There are airplanes flying above, it's really loud. It begins dropping things that explode when they hit the ground. I realize it's dropping bombs. They seem to be heat guided because when they drop they dodge around aiming for us. I think I screamed at one point, grabbing people and pulling them down or pushing them over so they didn't get hit. I ran inside of the school where a woman was making an announcement that everyone should evacuate the building because there was a fire danger. I grabbed the microphone and said that everyone should stay in side, that we were getting bombed outside. The woman got angry with me and told me there was no way that we were getting bombed.

      Dream changes somewhat, later. I am in a house that is reminiscent of my house yet not quite the same. My room has these wooden french doors, I went to open them and they simply came off the hinges. I think my mother was there. She was lecturing me on how to keep things from breaking. I went to open my laptop and the screen completely came off. When I went to reattach it, everything began vibrating, buzzing and shaking. I could feel electric shocks running through my body, causing me a lot of pain. I screamed.
      non-lucid , nightmare
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