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    1. Seeing a Ninja on a Nighttime Walk to the Grocery Store

      by , 07-02-2016 at 01:02 PM
      Morning of July 2, 2016. Saturday.

      In my dream, my wife Zsuzsanna and family as we are now are living in an unfamiliar and unknown location. I need to go to the grocery store before it closes, as it is late at night. Even though the location is unfamiliar, I seem to somehow know where I am going when I leave our house.

      I walk mainly down a sidewalk in an area where there are no buildings. I am headed towards a bridge that is perhaps half a block long. On my right, across the street, I notice a ninja in black jump up onto the bridge railing after it seems he had come from the middle of the street ahead. At first, I had thought he might be approaching me, thus I remain wary. I am not sure if it is a teenager intent on attacking and robbing me though that feeling is not that strong as I keep walking. It may be that he has no intentions toward me. This remains unclear.

      I seem to discern another person ahead of me and in lighter clothes, but walking towards me. However, this person seems to either disappear or also cross the street to the other side. I have a vague impression he may be connected to the ninja as part of a gang. Still, nothing threatening happens. The ninja remains on the railing in a squatting position.

      There is an odd and atypical dream within a dream where I am reading about an older male from China concerning some sort of anecdote of the author’s. This occurs as I am walking but my dream goes back to the original setting after a short time.

      Eventually, I cross to the right side of the street and enter the unfamiliar grocery store. An unfamiliar and unknown Asian girl is the cashier at the one counter across from where the shelves are. There is one aisle on the other side. Even though the store seems to be closed at this point I tell her I will not be long. There is a shift, and I already have two small bags of groceries without any recall of either picking them up or paying. I then tell her, as I am heading toward the doors, that I need to get one more thing, a box of cereal.

      I find myself going to an area that is apparently in the back of the store. I notice that it is a mess, with various items strewn across the floor to my left. Otherwise, there is not that much on the shelves. I walk out back to being near the counter and ask her where the cereal is and she makes a note of it being on the other side of the main area. I notice a box of cereal (at the top of the shelf) which is Weet-Bix but mostly cinnamon flavored and consider that I will just grab that. I still do not have full recollection of paying for anything as I leave, though my dream fades from there.

      I have had other dreams where a certain part of a grocery store was messy or under construction or repair. It may relate to improper diet and the under construction aspect may relate to healing and cellular repair - or, it may just be incidental to the transient nature of the dream state. Shopping for food dreams are fairly common for me.

      A bridge typically represents a consciousness shift within the dream state. This is validated in this case by the ninja in black jumping up onto the bridge railing before I cross the bridge (though again, across the street from me yet seemingly just appearing from the middle of the street), which seems to be a less interactive form of the waking precursor. In this case, the ninja may be a curious variation of my own shadow form that has appeared in a number of dreams since early childhood, primarily in two forms, both forms implied to be my own shadow (regardless of how far away or even being of a different orientation). In the one form, it seems to be “matched” to my dream self as I test to see if it is my dream self’s shadow and in the other form, it seems to be my conscious self (doing different things than my dream self) looking into my dream and watching my dream self. However, even in the former, it seems related to a subtle awareness of conscious activity and emerging (that is, growing and clarifying) self-awareness.
    2. Alarm Interrupts Experience at XXX Shop, False Awakening, At Tennis Courts Without Tennis Attire

      by , 12-12-2015 at 07:30 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Alarm Prevents Me From Trying Out Some Toys (DILD)


      I was actually going to attempt 12 hours of image streaming before thinking that 30, or so minutes of it was more than enough, and that I could always do it on my next day off. Fortunately, the image streaming session beforehand proved to be advantageous in remembering some dreams.

      So I’m doing some grocery shopping, but not sure who for in particular; maybe just myself, but later on in the dream, it probably was for a relative, or even one of the co-workers I was trying to image stream in being with. Whatever the case, I remember that I’m finish with the shopping, and I have a huge paper bag with some vegetables on top; your stereotypical visual cue of produce being bought along with some random items underneath.

      The size of the vegetables were a bit larger than they should be, but I had a one track mind towards something else-finding the near XXX store to buy a sex toy for myself. I eventually stored the paper bag filled with items inside of a car that was probably white, but fairly old (in the 2000s, or even 1998), and proceeded to casually zone around the area. It’s an evening setting, but it really feels like it’s 2AM, or something.

      There’s streetlights around, but they’re emitting a faded white light, and this misty aura that’s shaped like a cone penetrating the ground. The ground itself-side walk and all, consists of a melange of blue and gray colors, and by looking at that, it has this chalky, semi-realistic vibe to it. I eventually reach a section of the area that looks like it could sell sex toys, but the layout looks weird.

      You get the impression that whoever owns the store is about to move out, or that they’re sold out, and probably needed to stock for the next day. I go ahead and open the glass door anyway. Inside of the store, the walls are light brown, and the milky, yellow lights make it more caramel. The flooring is a generic white checkered pattern, and to the right of me is a Caucasian male. He’s wearing a gray hoodie with the hoodie resting on his back, some brown pants, and a generic cool colored shirt. He has light, caramel hair, but he could have dirty blonde as well, and based on certain features of his visage, he looks like he could have originated in the East.

      I wanted to feel that his overall clothing scheme would be shady, but honestly, I’m not surprised based on what the shop was in general. I go up to him, and started to get down to business. I first had apprehensions on this people a XXX store, but he clarified things to me in vague ways, almost as if he’s trying to have external ears deter away from that probability, I think.

      He turns to the right, and I promptly follow him, and wondered how we’re going to pass through this brown wall that will clearly make him face plant into it. Then, a concealed door opens, and I hear this futuristic Zwooomp sound for a few seconds, and became even more confused. It felt like this guy was over playing it in hiding the real intent of the shop.

      I continue to follow him upstairs for a bit, and there’s this bright, white light above us. When we reached the apex, I noticed this grandiose area that’s covered in white. There’s some white tables stacked in rows along with some white metal fold-able chairs that are spaced out about two feet from each other. There’s all sorts of dream characters, but the ones that I can remember at the moment was this Asian female that looks like she’s in hear early thirties that’s wearing a white dress shirt that’s tucked in nicely into a faded black skirt that accentuates the contours of her thighs, and ends a few inches above her knee.

      She looks like Lucy Liu, and she has a hairstyle akin to the one Jady Nguyen had in Hitman: Absolution.

      She’s handing papers to everyone that seems to be in the building, including me. I look at the paper for a moment, and noticed that there’s nothing of sexual connotations whatsoever. It looks more like complicated math formulas, and some scientific context thrown in there for good measure. I’m confused once more, but I continue to follow the guy around, as this is probably his second layer of hiding the fact that he owns a XXX store. This still seems like he’s over-playing it, especially when there shouldn’t be anything to hide in this dream.

      I could’ve said that this is only a dream, but I couldn’t be bothered with opening Pandora’s Box that comes with the reactivity levels of said dream characters. I had a feeling he was talking to me, but it was filtered out as background noise for a few seconds while I was processing the general layout, and more of the dream characters. I noticed a second dream character looks like one of my co-workers. She’s of dark complexion, has her black hair tied in a hair bun, and her visage really looks like it’s fleshed out with barely any noticeable nuances to it.

      She’s looking at me, which feels awkward, and she has the demeanor that she’s out for some toys as well, but we just dart our eyes somewhere random in space. I think she’s participating in the pseudo class being set up, when she’s probably trying to get more information on toys in general. I follow the guy, and get a little impatient, and started to ask if he had any toys for sale. He magically pops out like three Flesh-lights-one green, one blue, and a black one. He makes me privy to the function of each one. The blue one seems to have vibrations set up along with some ring that fluctuates horizontally, which seems to imply that it sets certain amounts of pressure if you put your rod in it. The green one seemed to be alien related, I think, and the black one was just your generic Flesh-light. They looked like actual flashlights from the base, and smaller than the actual Flesh-lights.

      I asked him how much each of them would cost, and he starts throwing out figures like $49.95, $59.95, and $XX-95, and he literally just hands me all three of them. I ask him more questions as to why he’s handing me them all at once, and he states that I can go ahead and try them out before I buy. Then I started to question if these things were used, and how the packaging for each entailed of Bubble Wrap. Then again, he took it out of a large box, but I was kind of concerned on whether or not there was a metal rod in each of them in the first place.

      Started to reconcile that it’s just a dream subconsciously, and thanked the guy. Now, I had to dart out of this place, and then realized that it’s fairly late in the night. I look at my phone, and noticed that it’s 11:02PM at the moment. I realized I probably would have caused moments of consternation for whoever I was supposed to bring the paper bag of groceries to. So, I utilized my phone, and wanted to text them that I’ll be back soon in about 30 minutes or so. First, it started out with “BRT in XX minutes,” but when I rejected this for something else, the moment I was about to send it to them, the phone in waking life sets off the alarm.



      Typing Tags To Recall Previous Dream (Non-lucid)


      When the alarm rings for the dream before, I believe I woke up in waking life, or so it seems. I think another alarm rang for the actual time, and the dream itself was just a false awakening.

      I can feel myself feeling tired and groggy, and trying to gain mental fortitude to attempt a WBTB seemed so difficult for me inspite of sleeping very early (around 8-9PM). I'm waving my hands over, and realized that my phone should be located on the floor.

      I somehow have a notepad app that I took the liberty of typing down some quick tags for the previous dream I had with the shop in order to remember some of the content, and expound on it later on. Once I finished, I went back to sleep.

      Dang it.


      At Tennis Courts Without Tennis Attire (DILD)


      I’m inside of a school facility, and it looks like it could be a High School. There was a class that I was in, but I can’t recall too much of the events other than seeing a Caucasian female about to sit next to me that’s wearing a gray shirt, and a white hoodie on top along with generic skinny, blue jeans.

      Then the bell rings, and I felt a little apprehensive, and figured there had to be one more period to attend. It turns out, based on the professions of an Asian male that looks exactly like an Asian Jon I used to know in real life, there’s only 7 periods, and the rest is up to the person to revel in extracurricular activities.

      I told him how awesome that is, and I wanted to attend tennis practice, even though I didn’t have a racket. I was so caught in the moment that I went to the tennis courts only to see that they’re occupied at the moment. Some are red courts, and others are green courts, and there’s a mixed race of people. I see an elderly man with a dark complexion wearing a white shirt, cap, and maroon colored sports shorts. He’s wearing sunglasses as well with a small silver necklace. I don’t know what he’s doing, but it seems like he could be warming up.

      The other people are just people about my age, or in their early teens rallying with each other. I pass through one of the courts, saw that they were looking at me and waiting before they presumed their rallying, and I felt odd being here at the moment in my current attire. I had plans to buy a racket pretty soon, but didn’t really think about just fabricating one along with a sports attire.

      I’m in pursuit of a racket, clothes, and shoes to go along with it for the rest of the dream.
    3. I Want to Ride My Bicycle

      by , 08-06-2015 at 10:20 AM
      Morning of August 6, 2015. Thursday.

      I am with an unknown male though also sense Zsuzsanna is around at one point. I am going with him to an unknown location, though I think it has something to do with recovering certain information on the other side of the river (possibly in a different town). We are both riding bicycles and it vaguely reminds me of riding with Kenneth W or James M at a distance (out of town or on the other side of town) that eventually seems too far, though my bicycle is functioning normally. There was another schoolmate that used to go with me most of the way home (only for a month or two), though oddly, I do not recall his name (one of the only names I had forgotten in my lifetime, in fact) and this may be the character I am thinking of. It seems fairly late at night and I can just barely make out land features.

      We reach a bridge over water and cross it about halfway and I soon see it is slightly inclined to where it goes down into the water, submerged from there. This surprises me, as I thought the other male knew where he was going, though now it seems he is gone (or perhaps somehow already got to the other side). I am trying to remember if he did get to the other side (with a brief impression that he was in the water for a short time). I am not sure what to do. I am not sure if I should ride my bicycle over the surface of the water, ride in while half-submerged (with the bicycle wheels half-submerged as I cross the river) or just keep going and see what happens (though I do not really want to ride completely underwater). My dilemma causes my dream to slowly fade. I have had numerous similar dreams of partly submerged bridges and docks throughout my life since childhood. I suspect it directly relates to the waking process or state of consciousness itself as many other in-dream predicaments do (for example, a car crash may solely metaphorically represent the waking process and the termination of the temporary dream-self).

      I might as well include another non-lucid dream with this entry since there is not that much to it. Caution: Violence at end. Skip to avoid.

      I am shopping in a store I buy food at in real life, though it is quite different. I am looking in a very large freezer (much deeper than in reality - and it seemingly has no shelves) where there are mostly meat pie packages and a few other frozen items. I hold the glass door open for awhile and am somewhat annoyed as there is not that much food in normal packaging in the entire freezer (which is nearly the entire length of the aisle). What little items there are, are sitting on large cardboard boxes (I assume they are unopened stock) and there are also a few smaller boxes on top (a couple being open) and I contemplate getting out whatever I need as I thus far only have one meat pie package (probably containing about four to six meat pies). There are only a few loose items strewn about the top of the stack that I want to look at or perhaps buy.

      I then see that there are three people on the other side of the boxes who are standing within the larger freezer area itself, the boxes of which are at least three rows deep and stacked to above the waist. There are two females and a male and at least two of them have clipboards and appear to be taking some sort of inventory. They are a bit to the left. I reach over to the right and move a couple smaller lighter boxes to get to another product, which may be the only one left.

      “Why don’t you go somewhere else instead of f–king around here?” asks the male (who may be the store’s manager), sounding very annoyed. This surprises me because I am a customer in a grocery store just trying to reach a product. I inform the man that I am leaving (and I do) and that I will make sure none of my friends or family ever shop there again. (In real life, I no longer shop in the grocery store that absurdly promotes self-service through the cramped and problematic small self-service section with a trolley-full of groceries while the cashiers just stand around gawking as all the normal checkouts are blocked off.)

      From here, I walk home (rather than continuing to do any shopping elsewhere), though the location and building is not that familiar, yet I know I live there with my family. It vaguely reminds me of some sort of unlikely composite of Duffy Street (Australia) and Arcadia’s North Monroe (where I have not lived since early 1968). There are many young people running around randomly in the front yard, perhaps involved in some sort of game (like informal soccer) or party, though there does not seem to be any order to any of it and some of them seem to be wearing very strange and random outfits. It may be some sort of high school or college event, such as a semester break (though I do not know why they picked this area as they obviously do not all live in the area).

      As I decide to go around and enter my home through the back of the building to avoid collision or confrontation with what may be a chaotic group of addled college or high school students, a (unfamiliar and unknown) girl who seems friendly joins me. We walk to an area near the back of my apartment building (which at this point looks a bit like the apartment building across the yard from where I lived at North Monroe). The back of my building has a door to enter the premises (at about the middle of the walkway from where we are), though directly to my right seems to be another tall building so that it is like looking into a narrow alleyway. There are several boulders and large rocks within the alleyway which are blocking my way to the door (though realistically, it would be ridiculous to assume someone or even several people put them there by hand). “Who did this? How are people supposed to get into their apartment?” I ask the girl (who is standing to my left) angrily. The girl leads me to the other side of the building where the rocks are now mysteriously gone just from looking through the opposite side of the alleyway.

      From here, we get to the back entrance where there is a screen door. A tall young unfamiliar male (though he seems almost thirty when I look again even though I first get the impression he might be a college football player) comes out asking “How are you doing, dad?” as if with mindless sarcasm related to my age (and I am at my own home after all and I assume he is not supposed to be there). At this point, I am annoyed, as I reach semi-lucidity and the waking stage at the same time. In previous dreams I used to shoot every annoying character during the waking process. This time I pull out a large knife and effectively run it across his throat as I wake.

      This last part was strongly influenced by the “Secrets and Lies” television miniseries filmed where we used to live (where the father goes to get his oldest daughter and is insulted and pushed and told to leave by the younger male as if he had no right to look after his own children), where the little girl turns out to be the clever criminal and killer rather than the suspicious adult males or other characters. Sorry for giving it away but at least I spared you the misery of watching it. And yes, it was supposed to be a serious detective show.
    4. Short Lucid, First president in Space (LD #159, 160)

      by , 01-19-2015 at 04:12 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Something to do with me working on a small private space station. A spacecraft arrived with two scientists on board that were eager to return to earth with valuable scientific data and samples from other planets. The president (Yes, Barack Obama) was also on-board.

      Ground control told me that I had to make getting the president home my first priority. There were only three seats in the return pod, so I couldn't fit both scientists. I asked if they could just go down the three of them and I could wait in orbit, but they stated that was probably a bad idea because I was the only pilot on the team.

      I eventually flew the president and one of scientists down, and when I got on the ground I saw that they were already preparing a return mission for the other scientist. They had this big parade celebrating the presidents successful return from space.

      The mayor of our town had to give a speech about me and Obama. Then his head fell off. I caught it. He apologized to everyone present saying that this just happens sometimes (he had some sort of health problem), and politely asked me if I would place it back onto his body. I did and he continued giving this speech. But it was having problems staying attached. He kept having to nudge it with one hand to keep it from falling off again.

      I became lucid as I realized how ridiculous of a health problem this was. But I woke up. Goddang layer 1's

      I was walking around a large supermarket/store. Wal-mart or Target vibes here. One of the aisles was labeled 'For caveman mode, go here' or something. I recognized 'Caveman Mode' as a lucid dreaming term sometimes used here on the site and became partially lucid but fell out of it before I could grasp that I was dreaming.

      Some lady bumped into me, and I started to wake up, but found that I was still clinging to the dream. I was between being in bed and being in the store. I then realized that I was lucid and that I could use this. I began aggressively stabilizing my walking around the store.

      I went to the freezer aisle and opened the door. Cold air hit me in the face, grounding me further to the dream. I then walked to the front of the store, walked out the door and formally announced to myself that I was completely in the dream.

      Then lucid auto pilot kicked in and I decided to look for Manei. I looked around and saw a brick post out the front of the store.

      "Er... okay, let's say that Manei is behind that post."

      I walked around to the side and saw a blonde girl. She was topless and looked really confused to be here. She started trying to talk to but nothing was coming out of her mouth. I ignored her and decided that if Manei wasn't going to show up, I should just fly.

      I looked up. It was foggy/overcast kind of day, no good for flying unless I could get above the clouds. Some teenager mocked me for staring at the sky like a 'retarded moron', only to eat his words when I lifted into the air on a column of flame.

      I started to spin out of control before I could get more than a few stories off the ground. I then looked over and saw Manei. Or part of her, she seemed to be having difficulties anchoring herself to the dream, glitching in and out of existence every few seconds. Her movement seemed to be glitching too, she seemed to acquire random velocity out of nowhere.

      At one point she manifested right in front of me and then shot off in front of me tumbling through the air at about a hundred miles per hour. She disappeared in the fog and then shot back and struck me, knocking me off of my flying jets. As I tumbled through the air, I saw a random old lady in the parking lot of the story reach out her arms to catch me. I managed to orient myself and lower myself gently in front of her.

      I thanked her for trying to catch me, but told her that I had this handled. I was getting ready to fly off again when I woke up.
    5. Lucid For A Second

      by , 08-04-2014 at 12:11 PM
      First thing I remember about the dream I was shopping, first in a grocery store and second in a town near me where I wanted to buy some pastries from the bakery. I don't really remember what happened here though.

      Next some guy kidnapped one of my friends brother and also locked up various other people for people to gawk at. I soon realise the situation and start saying that this is completely wrong because humans are not animals and this isn't a zoo. Next some lady came up (who was with putting humans in cages) and every protest I made she would just mimic and I found her really bloody annoying and even said how annoying she was in her face. Soon I was in some field, people were everywhere, including the kidnapper who looked like a teenager wearing a fake beard. I start to trip over or just fall casually and the kidnapper/woman (don't know who) was walking up to me to hurt me.

      "I'm dreaming!" I say spontaneously. I soon realise, yes, I am dreaming and told the kidnapper to get out of my dream, which he did. Next I turned to the really annoying woman and tried to throw fire at her, nothing came out though, but the second time round I managed to get a fireball going which was blue and looked really blotchy and not like fire at all. I shot it out and instead of the woman, the kidnapper was in the way but managed to dodge out of the way.

      Next I was in a public bathroom, the walls around the toilet were quite short and I wasn't wearing shoes so I had to walk on my toes so it didn't come in contact with the wet and gross ground. After I had done my business, a bunch of year sevens were right outside the cubicle near some kind of shoe-shelf and was talking about getting ice cream sundaes and I was self-conscious that if I stood up to pull up my pants they would see me (even though they could only see my top half). And I woke up pretty soon after that.

      I should've done a reality check at that moment, but I've been slacking off in the waking world with RCs (oopsies). But I'm glad I managed to get lucid, I didn't even expect it to happen at all.
    6. 1/31/14 - groceries barrier

      by , 02-01-2014 at 07:44 AM (Leaving the matrix)
      I have a cart full to the brim with groceries. I'm standing in front of one of the front entrances to GTA V prison. I know my people are coming after me, so I barricaded the entire entrance with the groceries and with the shopping cart. Some how I have enough and it's completely blocked, but there is a way around and I put it out my head so That they won't think of it. I walk over to the left and decide now is the time for a shower. I get undressed and turn on this random ass shower and take a quick shower. When I'm done I get out and get dressed, and I come to check on the barrier and see my half sister pulling it down and jacking the groceries. I yell at her and she acts like she didn't know it was a bad thing to do. I feel she works with them.
    7. Shopping, Mail, and the Yoga Girl

      by , 06-15-2013 at 04:19 PM
      Level of Lucidity: 0
      Level of Clarity: 3
      Level of Realism: 6
      (levels based 0-10, 0-5 being low - good 5-10 being great - extreme)

      Dream Fragment 1: I am shopping at Publix and approach the checkout isle. The lady behind the cash register asks if I have my alternate ID or my Publix rewards card. I say I have my alt ID number. Then I hear someone in real life talking in another room and wake up.

      Dream Fragment 2: My dad has been asking me if his check from work has come in the mail lately (In waking life). In this dream fragment I was standing outside by the mailbox. It was extremely hot outside, but I didn't feel hot, I just knew it was hot. I went to the box even though the mail man hadn't come yet, and there was mail in the box. I pulled it out and held up a large birthday card sized envelope. It was white with a red bar across the top and bottom, kind of like a Netflix banner. Then the dream faded.

      Dream Fragment 3: I'm in a yoga studio and there's a lady teaching yoga to another lady, of about age 21 or so. She's very attractive. The teacher then tells the student about the next move they'll be doing, which is basically doing a split, but instead of splitting with your feet moving further apart on the ground, they'll move apart in the air in front of her, and it'll be up to her to hold her legs up. She holds her legs up and spreads them as far as she can, revealing the most sexy cameltoe you can imagine. She looked at me seductively, and for some reason I literally said "ohhhhh ya! UGGGGH!" The "ohhhh ya!" was like a deep, black guy narrator kinda voice, and the UGH was like a tennis grunt that you would make on your final strike. Just as I made that UGH sound, an image of me on top of her thrusting popped up, and then I woke up. (Damnit...)
    8. The Golden Skyscraper

      by , 05-30-2013 at 09:55 PM
      Date: May 30, 2013
      Method: MILD & WBTB (attempted DILD)
      Sleep Time: bedtime @ 1:00am WBTB @ 6:00am for 5-10 minutes, then back to sleep Awake @ 10:00am

      Dream #1
      I was planning on putting on a play for my mother with some people (?). We were moving several props to the center so people would be able to see them from a distance. These props included items that belongs in a kitchen and a living room (I guess like furniture). No matter were we moved these props, there seemed to be a problem and we never could get this issue quite right. After some time of moving things around, my mother had passed away in this dream (by the way...my mother is alive) and my father and grandmother had built the most beautiful skyscraper in her memory. It was so tall, the tip of the building was covered by the clouds. The skyscraper was made of pure gold with reflective mirrors all over it. The gold shined brighter than the sun itself. As the building glistened in the sun, it almost look transparent. It's beauty was absolutely awesome!

      Dream #2
      I needed a ride and I didn't know where I was. It was very dark and I was crying and I was scared. I went into a store and asked the owners if they new the bus route and they asked me where I was going. I couldn't tell them exactly where I was going, I just cried and told them I wanted to go home. The owner felt sorry for me and said that he will give me a ride home. I was still crying because even though I had a ride home, I couldn't tell the person which way to go. I remember passing a building in my dream that said "San Bernadino Hospital."

      A huge metal barrel I was rolling around and groceries were inside of it.
    9. Looking for Cheerios

      by , 09-20-2011 at 10:16 PM (Quantiq's Progress Journal!)
      As strange as the title is I can guaraantee you the dream was even more strange. However, before I get to that: some side notes.

      Sixth DJ entry on dream views. As for my regular DJ, I have entries scattered all over the place (computer, iPhone, notebook, etc.) I'll organize it all at some point perhaps.

      Insomnia is still gone so I'm proud of that, although last night I couldn't really recall any of my dreams. Had a nice sleep though.

      Also, as promised, this is my first DJ entry with a visual element to it. So hope you enjoy all the effort I put into my 2 minute sketches.

      That's it for news today!


      September 20, 2011 - Looking for Cheerios

      Vividness: 8/10
      lucid: No.
      # of Dreams Recalled: 1 + segments.
      Dream Time: 2 hours
      Actual Time: 1 hour


      [-] Lucid
      [-] Non - Lucid
      [-] DC talk
      [-] Notes

      Had a nightmarish dream about a nightmare grocery store in a cave giving away free food for a crowd of millions.


      So I'm in this ridiculously scary dream. I just remember it being night-time and extremely dark. I was driving in a car to this event where millions of people gathered to pick up free food at this nightmare grocery store. So as I'm driving along I see emergency vehicles directing traffic around this cave in the ground. It seemed as if there were millions of people. As I'm driving a police officer directs me to a parking lot on the side of where everyone is standing.

      When I get out of the car I'm standing in this huge centre with a 100metre tall ceiling. I leave the car behind and try to find a way in to the cave. Since we were underground in this centre, there seemed to be doors on the wall of the centre which people could use to get inside the cave / nightmare grocery store. Walkways surrounded the place and I went on one to try and see if I could get inside from there, however in the end I found it that it was an illusion. The walkways led no where and you would actually need to walk around to the cave entrance to get in.

      I walked back the way I came from with the route I took to get to the parking lot. Eventually, I end up in the centre of where everyone is standing and find out I need to jump into the hole in the ground. Most people hesitated to jump because it was a pretty high fall but after a while people jumped in.

      The Cave Entrance.

      I jump in. The place I'm standing in now looks like an extremely hellish place. The floors were red and rocky. The atmosphere was cold and people inside looked absolutely miserable in the dark environment. However, people stayed. The environment might have sucked but the free food was something everyone came for. Strangely enough, I ended up having a craving for cheerios and I went out on a search to find some.

      Imagine this but packed with people and groceries.

      I searched for a box of cheerios for a while when I saw one in this room I was standing in. However, as I tried to grab it a mother with her family just stood there looking at me and said, "That is not your box, go find your own." Hungry, I tried to lie about it just grab the box of cheerios. "Uhmm... I'm pretty sure this is mine, I left it here when I went to go look for my shoes."

      Worst Excuse Ever.

      The woman just looked at me with a strange look on her face. She wasn't buying it. So instead of arguing with her I just decided to give up on that box and find another somewhere else. Eventually, I get to this giant lava pool which was the grocery store's bakery section. I thought to myself, "Ah, they have to have it here. This place is huge!"

      I enter the room and see a staff member stocking the shelves of the bakery section which bordered the giant lava pool. "Excuse me," I said, "Do you happen to have cheerios here?"
      "No, not here. However you can get them from this room up ahead. The only thing is that you need to go through this life-threatening type puzzle." (sort of like portal with a lot of deadly lasers)

      I couldn't believe this. I ended up trying the puzzles but I was to scared that I would die so I went back to talk that guy again. Just as I walk up to him I see a box of cheerios on the shelves. Quickly, I grab the box and few other baked goods and run off.

      I walk through this hallway where I see my friends from school. They start talking to me about how much food they have eaten. I just see P.K. standing there with all this food in his hand and I start laughing at how much of a pig he is. (He's a pig in real life too, just can't gain any weight for some reason). M.C. starts talking to me, "Hey did you hear about this kid who had to go to hospital?"
      "No. What happened?"
      "Well apparently, there was this kid who had to go to hospital because he ate too much and insisted his parents that he was fine and should eat more."
      When I heard that I became a bit shocked and stopped eating.

      Finally, I leave my friends and head out of the cave with the cheerios box. I walk out of the cave and see that something had happened outside but my dream ended before I could see what was actually going on.

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    10. 9 Sep: encounters with friends, hacking a building and groceries

      by , 09-10-2010 at 04:07 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      23:50 GMT – Sleep

      Lucid imagery and tasting words
      The first sleep is always hard to recall but when I woke up from this I knew for sure I had been lucid. I think I fell asleep focused on the hypnagogic imagery and didn’t really enter a dream, was just staying lucid observing the sequence of images and then I tasted words. [I’ve heard of people tasting colours, but this was new for me]. Unfortunately I can only recall this but not describe the actual sensation.

      2:20 GMT

      Library encounter
      I am at this roundabout close to my mom’s home and I discover a new library opened right there. I recall when I was in high school and spent so much good time in the municipal library and decided to go inside check the conditions and maybe start coming frequently. I check the novelties shelf in the entrance, I pick some book and sit on a couch. I notice this guy JF, whom I know from college and haven’t seen in a while (although we communicate by email), but decide not to go to him and wait to see if he sees me. He comes to say hi, we talk a bit and then he asks me if I’m staying longer, because he is leaving and could give me a ride.
      I say I’m still staying as I just arrived, but then he ask if I came on foot and points out that it is starting to rain and I’m not prepared for rain. I look down and I’m wearing skirt and sabrinas and the weather is definitely becoming nastier. So I say, ok you’re right, I accept the ride.
      But when I looked down I also saw I had pantyhose on one leg but not on the other and they were also quite dirty. What the hell! So as we leave the building, I first sneak behind the entry desk and try to take off the pantyhose. He comes back looking for me and finds me with skirt up, pantyhose down and trying to adjust my underwear who also got out of place with this tricky move. Embarrassing, but he just does his best to ignore and tells me I forgot money on a table in front of the couch I was sitting on. I did? So I go back and find a lot of coins on the table. Think it was not so much and shouldn’t really care about it, but he says that it doesn’t matter, it is my money, I should take it. Ok, ok. As I start putting it in my purse, the coins transformed into pieces of fruit and in the end my purse was full of fruit salad.

      Hacking a building
      There’s an announcement about the day with no cars (happens every year) and immediately I see the roads with no cars and a family cycling around the neighbourhood. They go up a ramp and I follow them – until now I was just watching but now I materialize. On top of this ramp is actually a dead end so I wonder where they disappeared into. When I turn back, this is no longer a street but actually a closed precinct, like the backrooms of some public or governmental facility. Then I find myself with 2 other friends and we make a challenge to each other – break in, do the tour of the building and leave without a trace. There are vigilance cameras everywhere, so it won’t be easy. As soon as I leave this room, the hallway has a camera and I know it is just a matter of time until a guard appears. I just have enough time to break in the door at the end of the hallway, my friends follow me and we close and block the door when the guard is about to catch us. Now we face a new challenge as this room has no other exit. We decide to go through a vent and get out on the control room, where the guards should be, but since they are still trying to break in the first room we blocked, now we can hack their computers and tapes and delete all recordings about our little adventure. As my two others friends are deleting the files, my attention goes to a corner where there is a basket full of teddy bears. I wonder what they are doing there and can’t resist to go through them, looking for one that is cuter and eventually take it with me, but in the end, they are all cute but none really stands out so I leave them, wondering why guards need teddy bears.
      The door of this control room is locked electronically – so nobody enters or exits, while the guards are out – but my friends broke in the code and tell me a sequence we’ll need to insert on this door and a next door we will find. But hey, I’m distracted with toys, so I don’t recall the numbers. Fortunately my friends are better concentrated and remember it for me. When we unlock all the doors, we find ourselves moving to an entrance lobby with visitors and a kid notices we’re coming out of a restricted access area and asks us if we should be there. I smile at her and tell her no, that we’re hackers but we didn’t do any harm, we were just having a bit of fun and ask her to keep a secret.

      Buddha Neo
      Someone tells me “Did you know there’s a secret short movie that is a crossover of Little Buddha and Matrix?” No, I don’t know about that!!! So then I’m showed this amazing film with Keanu Reeves playing Neo (of course) and then he finds the truth inside the truth and becomes the Buddha (he also played Little Buddha) and the Buddha hacks the Matrix and kicks some asses, but also sits to meditate as Neo. Weird stuff but awesomely cool. I would love to see that movie!

      4:45 GMT

      A very quiet friend
      I am at a lobby of some building with my dad, close to a desk. We’re waiting for someone or something, but it’s totally deserted. He makes some remarks how he feels uncomfortable with these places, especially when some weird people comes by – better beware of your purse - like... for example this guy that is coming in now! I wonder why he says that, it’s just my good friend H.L. from Estonia, whom I don’t see for a few years. I don’t mention this to him and simply go to my friend, also to scare my dad a little. He recognizes me and smiles but when I hug him he is distant and not really replying the hug. Then a blond girl with a kid appears and I wonder if they are together. Ok, but that’s no reason to be cold towards a friend. The girl finds this corner for kids, with a little castle for kids to play inside, and she leaves the kid there. I try to break the ice by saying how I would have loved to have one of those when I was a kid, but all I had was chairs, blankets and a lot of imagination. But she also doesn’t reply.

      Sharing memories from Brussels
      I’m in the middle of the street opening a letter that just arrived in my mailbox and I’m surprised to see it’s a renewal card for going to the cinema with discount, in Brussels! I don’t live in Brussels for more than 3 years and I also wonder how they got my new address.
      Coincidentally, I see this lady which I know from tv, she is an actress and I know she lived in Brussels to and misses it a lot. So I start talking to her showing her the card and asking if she knows what’s about. She was totally surprised and didn’t first understand what I wanted. But as she looks closer to the card, she knows what I mean and makes a big smile. I tell her I also lived in Brussels and we start walking together exchanging stories about this city. It’s so rare to find someone who lived there and actually loved it, everybody always complains about the weather. As we walk we pass by this abandoned lot and I notice a lot of garbage, a few vegetable gardens and 2 dogs who soon start fighting. When I look again to my way, we encounter a friend of hers who’s waiting her with a car, we say goodbye and she leaves.

      Buying groceries
      I’m shopping on this little town grocery shop some food for me and taking to some group I’m hosting. I buy some tomatoes, eggs and I see these amazing carrots that are labelled organic but cost only 90 cts/kg. I find too cheap and ask the grocer if these are locally produced, by some villager or so. He confirms and goes about saying how amazing these carrots are, delicious and that he misses when all vegetables were so tasty and not these plastic chemical-filled things we eat nowadays. He starts talking about the wonders of organic farming and I smile. I want to tell him he his preaching to a converted, but he is now turning to some other clients, some villagers who are asking something about his ham. The grocer goes to the backroom and comes back with a piece of ham. He cuts bits for others to taste. But first he tastes it itself in a very ritualised manner and I realise the guy is a gourmet an totally obsessed about quality food. Before he also offers me some ham and then I have to explain why I’m vegetarian I turn away and pretend to shop some more stuff.

      7:10 GMT – Wake up

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    11. #82. Eggplant

      by , 06-19-2010 at 10:05 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      I was amused to note that my tag cloud this morning said "boring sex".

      I go grocery shopping in the kitchen.

      I'm cooking dinner for my family, but I'm missing a few ingredients. Fortunately, our kitchen is in the middle of a grocery store.

      I run around the grocery store, grabbing vegetables mostly. I'm very happy when I actually manage to find some sesame seeds (which are in short supply around here).

      I start scanning the items through an empty checkout, but one of the employees says she needs to help me with that. We try to figure out if we should scan the eggplant, which has already finished cooking.

      I'm in the living room of my oma's old house in Ixburg. We're playing a game that's kind of like pictionary or sharades, except you're writing keywords on a chalkboard. My dad throws a VCR tape of Star Wars under the chalkboard, and I try to remember what the rules are.

      "Dutch word for 'father'", I write on the chalkboard. My teammates don't get it.

      ETA: Also, a Sailor Moon-related fragment. Serenity may have been involved. I don't know; something was trying to destroy the world again.

      Eggplant. Scare Factor: 1.

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    12. 06/10/10 Doing Homework is Forbidden!

      by , 06-12-2010 at 09:06 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      I was at school. I was sitting in the classroom. Tigress was sitting right to my left as she usually is, and there were two computers in front of me. One of them was the crappy school computer which was turned off. The other computer was my laptop, which was turned on. I looked at the screen and it displayed a list of dreams I have recorded. I didn't pay any attention to that, I just figured I was logged onto Dreamviews or Mortal Mist… although the screen didn't look like either of them. My attention was more focused on the paper I had in front of me. It was a character information sheet. It looked much like a character sheet for characters in Dungeons and Dragons, but that's not what it was for. This character sheet was to design characters for the games we would be making for our capstone projects. I wrote the name of the character I was designing on the top of the sheet. Trina. Good.

      While I was filling out the form, the instructor was up at the front of the room talking about what goes into a good game. I was listening with half my mind, as I had heard all of this information so many times before I thought I could recite it line for line. I started writing in the description of Trina's appearance. I heard the instructor had stopped talking. I looked up and saw he was right beside my chair looking at me. He said I needed to be paying attention, not working on that. I said it was class work I was working on, not random stuff. I showed him the character sheet. He said I could do that as homework, but I should pay attention. He said he didn't like it when students were ignoring him. I said I hadn't been ignoring him. I recited, practically word for word, what he had just said before coming over to me. He didn't seem to know what to respond to that, so he just said again for me to put the paper away. I said that after the number of classes he has had me in he should know perfectly well that I can multi-task. He repeated again to put the paper away. I was annoyed as I slipped the paper into my folder. The instructor went back to the front of the class and continued talking. I continued working on the paper, but I kept the folder down in my lap so he wouldn't see it. It was much harder to write like that…

      It was now break time. All of us got up from our seats and went out of the classroom to take a break. Tigress and I headed across the street to the Albertsons across the street. As we walked over, we mutually complained about the instructor and how he can be an ass sometimes and how annoying he can be sometimes. We went into Albertsons. Tigress needed to buy a few things. I followed her as she chose out her items. I was still complaining a bit about the instructor, though I had pretty much vented all that out. The intercom of the store interrupted the song on the radio and said the prescription for Raven Knight was ready at the pharmacy. Prescription? What prescription? I headed over to the pharmacy, not sure what to expect.

      Tigress followed me over to the pharmacy. I went to the pharmacist and asked what prescription was ready for Raven Knight. She said it was a loaf of loaf. I did a double take… a loaf of what? She said it was a loaf of the drug called Loaf. I just stared at her with what must have been a blank look on my face. A drug called Loaf? I remembered Loaf was a user on Dreamviews… not a drug… She said she would get the prescription. She went to the back and then came back up. She had a plastic bag with a loaf of bread in it. The bread looked like it was some kind of fruit bread. There were a couple of slices already off of the loaf, but the rest was a whole loaf. The pharmacist told me that half a slice of the bread is a single dose, so I should make sure to take that much every day. She said if I prefer it that way, add butter. Half a slice seemed like so little… well, I would see how it went.

      I opened the bag of bread and took out a slice. I took a bite. It was very good! I could taste the fruit in it, and the fruit was sweet and good. Before I knew it I had eaten the entire slice. I was still feeling angry and depressed at the instructor. I soon found myself nibbling on a second slice of the bread. Tigress asked how much I had eaten. I said I was on my second slice. I found I had only one bite of that second slice left and I ate it. Tigress said I was only supposed to have half a slice. I said that wasn't enough. She took the bag and looked in at the bread. About that time the medication of the bread started hitting me. I felt really good. I felt like I was flying. I felt great. I wanted to hug the next person I saw… I hugged Tigress. I hugged the person in line in front of us when we checked out with Tigress' stuff. I hugged the cashier. The cashier only seemed mildly surprised. She asked Tigress if I had gotten a loaf of Loaf. Tigress said yes.

      The cashier said that Loaf is a potent drug, and it seems people always like to go overboard on it, at least when they take their first dose. Now her calling Loaf a drug didn't sound weird at all… I told Tigress I wanted a loaf of kitty love next. Now that would be an awesome drug! Tigress looked at me strangely. The cashier said I would be coming down in a while. She said fortunately there wouldn't be a really serious crash, although I would certainly be wanting some extra sleep tonight. I told the cashier I had shared a dream with Loaf… she looked at me weird. She said the hallucinations had started, and she told Tigress to make sure I stayed somewhere safe. I said no, I had dreamed with Loaf… then someone had wanted a slice of Loaf but it had turned into a blog instead with… um… music on it. Music and magazines. That's it. And then there's the bread that grows on a tree… Tigress was leading me out of Albertsons when everything faded and I woke.