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    1. The End of a Piece of the World

      by , 06-07-2017 at 09:38 AM
      Morning of June 7, 2017. Wednesday.

      I am in an unknown location, seemingly in someone’s backyard at one point. There is a long scenario where this part of the world (the setting in my dream) will soon be ruined by sunlight of too high a radiance. That is, plasma, for whatever reason, is somehow flowing closer to only this part of the world.

      It does not seem that bad at first. Some unknown people and I are involved in some sort of writing activity. I am sitting on the lawn. Over time, I am aware of the approaching danger. In the last scene, red dominates my dream. It is coming in with more heat and intensity. This also means that this part of the world will no longer exist. I roll on my side to escape the reach of the red beams, which seem almost like a giant magnifying glass being used as analogous to set a fire or burn an ant.

      Since childhood, red almost always symbolizes (in real time) the need to wake up (or that I had been sleeping for too long). In this case, I had absentmindedly switched sleeping positions to being on my right side in the first time in a few weeks. Even in my dream, there is the subliminal awareness of this being wrong and I even roll on my side in my dream. (I can only sleep well on my left side, or halfway on my stomach to my left. Sleeping on my right side almost always causes digestion problems even if I have not eaten in awhile, as well as physical distress at times.) Dreams such as this often serve as real-time waking mechanisms despite people failing to understand this primary purpose of dreams, although contrary to what some “experts” claim, dreams are sometimes more than just waking symbolism even though this one is limited to that function. Still, living in a world of the “dream interpretation” fallacy all my life is just as annoying as being in a world with people who claim dreams have no meaning at all.
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    2. Death and Rats

      by , 02-21-2015 at 07:11 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      It was night. I was looking up from the ground to the second floor of a house. It has the 3-D strategy video game feel, like Chrono Cross.

      Somehow, we (me and my party) reached the second floor, inside a room. We were fighting a "monster." Somehow, I thought it was Death. It was simply glowing white but I saw the shape of a scythe. I jumped just as it slashed horizontally. Then I was watching the fight. I saw "Death" throw some kind of power. I caught it by pressing "k" and timing it properly. I used it to heal my allies and also to steal two items. I had to rearrange the items because my party's pouches are full. Somehow, that ended the game.

      I was in the room. I was talking to people. One of our allies has a mask. She seems female. She has small white shirt that hugs her torso and tight white shirt/jeans. Her mask is all white, without any slits for the eyes or nose. She has long blond hair tied into two "ears." It would have looked freaky. In fact, I was surprised when I first saw her since I didn't know we had her in the party. I asked who she was. One of our party members (also female with brown curly hair, a Spanish look, and slightly shorter than masked woman) said she joined our team before the fight on the second floor. I somehow saw her climb up from the balcony and jumping in the fight at night, which was creepier. I forgot her soon after.

      It's eating time (breakfast? dinner? lunch?). Everyone's around the table. I saw one middle-aged guy with a hefty belly and slightly long brown hair with a white tank top. (very cartoonish) There were so many of us that we could hardly fit around the table. While we were arranging ourselves, a balloon burst. Somehow, that made me a bit angry, but then it disappeared. For some reason, I thought that we were on a higher floor, and that the air pressure affected it. I thought of the formula 1/x.

      There was also a vision of our fight before. Not sure if it happened before the fight with Death or after. We were outside. People were turning into rats: one person becomes many rats. It felt like a plague or a curse. I think a person gets bitten by something and it slowly turns him into rats. One guy, Emman, was there helping out/fighting whoever was the bad guy. There were two of them inside the van when I found them. One guy was already turning helplessly into rats. Parts of Emman was slowly turning into rat-like color and texture. I saw movement/bulging within his T-shirt. I helped him out. I think he was with us while eating (which triggered the vision?), so I think he made it. Still not sure how.

      I was outside. It was sunny. I was running, not out of fear but out of fun. There's a wall ahead of me, and I jumped up and through the rails. There were trees and leaves all around on the ground, with sunlight filtering through the trees. I saw "myself" run up and through the rails/wall. I felt free. I thought of how other dreams felt like this.



      - Fell asleep while I was in front of the computer, supposedly to finish watching Week 3 of Game Theory.
      - I was supposed to eat lunch outside and buy groceries.
      - No alarm, no meditation audio
      - I just fell asleep. It was noontime.
      - I think I slept for 1.5 hours.

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    3. Experiments and a Sea in the South

      by , 02-01-2015 at 09:18 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      In the dream, I was experimenting with visions I was in a dark room. There was a "crew" of people helping out in the experiment. I supposedly saw a vision of me being raped on a sofa in a room. It was near the window. There was a curtain, but the sunlight comes in.

      I was in a room. The kitchen. I was eating some food. We'll have an online meeting at work. Mom is nearby. She'll also have a meeting.

      I saw a few more Animorph books. It was about Rachel. It was the story right after they fought David, I think, which was from her perspective. This one is still her perspective.

      I was in a parkour gathering. There were Q&A's but I didn't ask anything. It was in a forest. Some were planning to go to the mountain or sea.

      I was in Sulu with other people, avoiding shots from guns in order to visit a beautiful place near the sea.
    4. Not a hallucination

      by , 01-03-2015 at 09:26 PM
      Recent dreams included an appearance from Inanna and Dumuzi.


      Avoiding direct sunlight, I made my way into a bar where I'm surprised to find a certain man - I'll refer to him as my friend. That's a lie, but it entertains me and disturbs him when I adopt a friendly attitude. I sit down and address him by name, and say, "I thought you were going back to Australia."

      "This is Australia," he says.

      That explains a lot. My aim is terrible, but at least I've got him to serve as a guide now. But to my surprise, he's not at all impressed by seeing me here. I'd really expected more of a reaction. We talk at cross purposes for a while, until he says that he'd thought I'd disappeared with yadda yadda event - I realize he believes he's talking with the hallucinatory version of me who'd been with him for a while. I'm surprised that lasted so long, it wasn't intended to. I explain to my friend that I'm not his hallucination, I'm the real thing. He doesn't seem to believe me.

      I sit down at the bar and wait for him to come around, and watch the sun go down through the window. A woman comes over and sits down next to me - on the bar itself, not a stool. We explain pleasantries, and she says a few things that don't make much sense to me until I recognize this as the opening moves of a mating ritual. I start to tell her that I appreciate the intention but our species aren't compatible in that way - and now my friend's hurrying me out the door. Oh good, it seems he's accepted that other people can see me.

      In the parking lot outside the bar, I stop and stare at the stars. I'm absolutely in awe of them. I call my friend by name, and ask him, "What am I looking at?" Seeing them in this unfamiliar arrangement is astonishing. He doesn't seem impressed by them, and I can't figure out why - this arrangement must be the one he grew up with, the one he spent so much time trying to get back to, so he should appreciate it. Seeing them through an atmosphere creates such an amazing effect. There are a few wisps of cloud adding to the view - and for a moment a patch of stars appears to be moving, but then I realize there's a children's toy floating above our heads in the shape of a translucent butterfly, distorting the view. I look down at the kids - they're looking at the toy, not the stars. My friend is trying to hurry me along through the parking lot, and I try to impress upon him how moving this is. "Do you know how long it's been since I've been down to earth? Any earth?" He remembers, he was there, and he is not interested in reminiscing.

      Short note from an earlier dream today: reading a description of "laurel leaves, called apollon," in which the author acknowledges that they cause strife but states that it's merely like the rebelliousness of an adolescent, and that they are indisputably sacred to Apollo.

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    5. September 18th TOTM - patronum

      by , 11-03-2014 at 11:14 AM
      I attempt a WBTB WILD. I'm pretty sure there was a gap in consciousness, but as the dream scene forms around me, I know it's a dream.

      In front of me is a box/cage formed from metal bands. I decide to phase my way into the cage and back out again. The bands of metal bend with me a bit before flopping back into place like rubber bands. I remember that one of the tasks in the dream competition was to phase through something solid with eyes open so I look around for a suitable target.

      I'm in an abandoned building, bits of it feel like a multistory car park, but some bits feel like they used to be an office building. I see a wooden door and go to phase through it, I almost forget to keep my eyes open, but remember as I get to the door. The inside of the wood is a interesting combination of woody and transparent, the dark bands of the grain still visible and the light bands feel like air. As I come through the far side of the door, some of the grain bands stick to me for a bit before falling back into place like a bead curtain.

      My recall is a bit vague about the next transition of scene, as I didn't bother to write anything down until the morning (bad boy!)

      I'm at some kind of conference centre eager to get out and do some lucid dream tasks. I'm in an area outside the main auditorium room with hordes of people on their way in. I spot Jo McCaffery who's exited because she's going to be doing a presentation as part of the session and wants me to be there for moral support and feedback. I'm torn because I really want to do that for her but I also don't want to miss out on my lucid dream time. I'm just starting to follow the flow of delegates when I realise it's not actually her, but a DC, so it really doesn't matter! Lucid dreaming tasks it is!

      I walk along a road for a bit, chatting with a couple of DCs. I see a door and the word "door" triggers my TOTM mnemonic, based as usual on the Tony Buzan rhyming numbers thing.

      1 - bun. A bun opens just like a fortune cookie.
      2 - shoe. Put some shoes on and don't forget to tie them
      3 - tree. Laying a log in the toilet.
      4 - door. I bet my Patronum is just behind that door!

      I think the door is the back door of a childhood home, inside the conservatory.

      I open the door and there on the quarry tiled floor, snuggled into a nest of blanket, are two crochet stuffed toy bunnies with pig-like snouts (they actually look somewhat like the clangers, but they were definitely bunnies) they look sleepy but seem to like a bit of petting. They're soft and warm and really cute!

      I share my excitement with the random DCs, but it's too much excitement and I wake up with a "squee!"

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    6. Hospitalized

      by , 08-29-2014 at 03:29 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a hospital. Bed ridden. Then it was sis who was bed ridden. I think it's a ward. There are many people, but at least the place seems clean. There's sunlight going through the windows.
    7. I was a little girl?

      by , 11-14-2013 at 05:16 PM
      I only remember one dream, and I was a little girl in the dream lol..............................

      I was at one place which was supposed to be like a hard level I had to do over.. oh just remembered part of my dream

      First fragment I remember I was at this one level of Super mario 64 and I was telling these people about Super Mario Sunshine. I showed them the gamecube cover of the game and sunlight radiated through me and I felt the warmth of the sun. Then I just had to say Praise the suN!!! lol.

      Next fragment I had I was this little girl and I was trying to beat this one level on Majoras Mask, Ocarina of Time, or Mario or something I forgot. You had to enter the level through this painting or somehow, and quickly press up down left right left right a b a b start select, at least thats what I thought the code was. And if you didnt do it fast enough you couldnt beat the level. I remember I was a little girl playing the level and there was this mean older lady trying to do mean stuff. Like the principal in Matilda. Thats all I remember
    8. Older dreams (Part 3)

      by , 08-12-2013 at 03:04 AM
      Another entry from my WORD (.doc) dream journal:

      [B]Monday, 18. April 2011: "Sunlight" (LUCID)
      Type: WILD/WBTB[/B]

      After about 4 hours of sleep, I get up, and go back to bed a couple of minutes later. I get sleep paralysis, then get a little uncomfortable and will myself out of it by trying to move my head as hard as possible. That always works for me. After that, I get it again, then I get the illusion that my head starts shaking and banging against the pillow. I also feel slight pressure in my entire body. I keep saying to myself that I will have a lucid dream. The next thing I know, I am in a dream, laying in my bed in the same position I fell asleep in. Everything looks the same. I get up, and start walking a bit around the room, reminding myself outloud that it is a dream. I start paying attention to the details, particularly the light switch on the wall. A few seconds later the environment begins to fade. I try to relax and rub my hands against one another, and the dream stabilizes a bit. I walk into the living room, and the door is open, I see the sunlight outside, and it is also shining onto the floor.

      However, looking at the sunlight destabilizes the dream and it begins to fade even more. I go back into the bedroom, which is darker, and the clarity improves. I focus, remind myself once more that I am in a dream, and then walk again into the living room. The sun once again causes the dream to begin breaking up so to speak, and losing clarity very much. Now I decide I will start spinning in order to stabilize it. So, in the living room, I spread my hands out, and start to spin and spin, expecting and hoping that the environment will stabilize. However, it continues to fade, and eventually... I don't know what happened after that. I did not wake up. It seems there was some kind of pause after that, if that's possible. Some kind of non-dream period? After that I only vaguely remember a non-Lucid dream.
    9. My Antisocial Cat Finds a Friend, Cleaning a Gross Aquarium, and a Work Meeting/Possible Promotion

      by , 10-29-2012 at 04:19 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in my room, watching my cat, Belle, who is an all-white, fluffy female cat, walk around and be cuddly with an all-black, fluffy male cat. IWL my cat doesn't like other animals...or well, anyone really. But in this dream, I was surprised at how she was acting towards this kitty.

      A cat identical to Belle then came up, and the black cat walked away, and Belle wasn't mean to her doppleganger, but she didn't interact with her at all. I thought maybe it was because they were both female.

      This is the second time recently that I've dreamed of my anti-social cat interacting with another cat in a friendly way. Hmm...


      I was in a huge room that seemed to be some sort of lobby area or something. Sunlight came in through the windows, lighting up the area. In the center of the room was a giant aquarium about the size of a pool table. There was a dark blue beta fish that looked like my brother's IWL beta, and some other fish as well, some small, round silvery fish and some others. There were other people milling about as well; I feel like a lot of them were famous.

      I then put some of the fish in a big, black cup with my pee in it? I don't really know why, but whatever I guess. I watched the fish swim around. How they weren't dead, I'm not sure. I dumped the fish back in the tank with some of the pee. I walked away and did something else for awhile, and then, when I came back, I noticed how cloudy the water in the tank was; it was white and almost opaque. Crap. I need to clean out that tank!

      I then got on one side of the aquarium, and pushed it to get some of the water out. Some of it sloshed out at the end, but a lot of it was blocked by some white mechanism on the edge of the tank. Enough had gotten out though so that I could fill in with more water. I did just that, I think with the large black cup, then freaked out a little because I almost forgot to put the solution in the water to make it breathable for the fish. Out loud, I exclaimed
      "Oh yeah! The solution!"
      I said this to someone in particular, and also to myself.

      I ran to grab the solution, came back, twisted the cap off, turned it over, squirted some in the white cap, and dumped it into the aquarium. I asked my brother, who was there apparently, how much solution he usually used. He said 3-5 capfuls. So I filled it two more times, quickly and a bit messily, and dumped them into the tank. I felt relieved after I did that, though I noticed the tank wasn't squeaky clean, it was a lot cleaner than it was. I still saw some debris floating around. I also noticed that there was this big white tube in the tank, running down the middle. It looked similar to a cat toy I have IWL that's a little fabric tunnel that my cat can run in and out of. It has small white aquarium pebbles in the bottom of it. I was trying to get it straightened out, but it was awkward to do so. I thought I had messed it up a bit when I dumped the water out.

      I then noticed that on the inside of the tank, there was now an air hockey table instead of the bottom the aquarium. The fish were gone too. I started to get mad, because I was afraid the fish would get hurt now. I saw the man who did it, who was a guy in a business suit, and I started to get mad at him, saying I just cleaned the tank and all that mess. He back off, and I pushed or cranked something that started to split the air hockey table down the middle, and back down into the tank, while the fish and all that were starting to be exposed again. I remember seeing lots of grey metal mechanisms inside the tank while this happened.


      I was in the same kind of area as the last dream. Someone, a woman my age, approached me, and told me the manager wanted to see me in the office, and talk to me about some sort of promotion. She mentioned that the manager wanted to hire a manager above them. I thought that was weird, and I wasn't sure how I felt about that idea since I was such a new employee, but I followed the woman to the office, which had a lot of people inside.

      The area was made out of a lighter-colored wood. It was also a pretty small area. On one side, there was us, the employees, sitting on benches carved out of the wall. On the other side is where the management sat, but they sat behind what looked like how you would see a concession stand set up, with them on the other side of a half wall with a wide, glassless window that they looked out of.

      I was sitting and joking with some guy that I think had a mask or costume on. I also think my old friend Cameron was there. I thought about how I hadn't seen him in ages.

      The manager was calling people up one by one to do some survey. She called someone, and then, the guy I was sitting with, but then, no one else got called; after only two people doing the survey, they said we were done. We got up to leave. I wondered when they would talk to me about the promotion.
    10. Vampires and a Fat Guy

      by , 10-18-2012 at 10:43 PM
      between 5:00 and 6:00 am
      Non Lucid

      The first part is a little fragmented. There were some bad guys and after shooting one of there leaders through the head I realized that they would not die from something like a gun shot.. they were vampires.

      Part two was fairly clear. Me and a few guys were escaping the vamps buy running down this fairly large industrial corridor. One of us was pretty heavy set guy who was injured. The others went ahead of us and I was pretty sure that our injured pace would allow the bad guys to head us off. We wound up taking the elevator to the parking garage were we decided that we would hide him in the trunk of an old Dodge Dart and push the back seat forward a little so that he could breath.

      The plan was risky but it apparently worked. The next thing I remember was standing out in the parking garage in the safety of the sunlight plotting our next move with the group of guys I had escaped with.
    11. Jogging to Yosemite

      by , 04-11-2012 at 04:54 PM (The Dreams of a Trapped Mind)
      So, there was a few dreams, but I remember this one the most.

      My brother and I had already been jogging throughout my dream for some reason. We'd jog here, jog there, awkward right? So we had a weekend to kill and somehow got it in our heads to jog to Yosemite (a three hour car drive) and back home. I -being the smart one- grabbed a backpack full of some supplies in case anything happened. We start jogging. We don't make it all the way because I think it took us a while to realize that it wouldn't be three hours jogging cuz we're not jogging at 60+ mph XD

      We somehow managed to get to this store we always pass along the way but I've never been inside. It's this old, Native American type deal; privately owned, looks like a house converted into a store. We go inside and you know, I expect to see a bunch of Native American things, right? No. Wood and rope to make sleds, and magnets. Oh, and there was a room full of ice sculptures in the back. Not exactly what I expected.

      I then woke up due to sunlight shining through my window.. gotta fix that.
    12. Dancing

      by , 02-08-2012 at 09:43 AM
      I'm in a meeting, I have a feeling it's a company I might be working for. The meeting takes place in a large room with tables in groups of two and I'm sitting with a someone I know. We are asked to divide to groups of four, and me and my friend team up with another group of two. We are asked to prepare a dancing number, ballroom dancing. There are two males and two females so it's perfect.

      We go outside and practice a bit of waltz. My partner is a lot shorter than me, so it's not easy. When we go back inside, the meeting is over and we help with putting the tables in their original order. Someone flips a switch and sunlight gets in trough fiber optic cables.
    13. Field Trip Groups

      by , 07-30-2011 at 03:07 AM (My dream journal....)
      Monday, April 4th, 2011

      I'm sitting at the science room table at school. I think the whole 8th grade is there. vividness wasnt that good. I was sitting across from a friend (who i'll call Sarah). We are deciding groups for some field trip. I want to be in another friend's (who I'll call Lisa) group, but I remember her saying earlier in the dream that since i have someone (who I don't remember) in my group, that we dont need to be in the same group. So she gets herself and her other friends signed up to be in one group. I'm really mad and frustrated at Lisa, but Sarah thinks I'm frustrated because she's getting a heart surgery tomorrow.


      Throughout the whole dream, the sun was shining though the window, in my eyes.

      I never looked behind me, but I could hear people talking and knew they were there.
    14. Roger Zare

      by , 07-30-2011 at 03:04 AM (My dream journal....)
      Monday, April 4th, 2011

      I am walking through a city with my dad. It's sunny out. The buildings are in the style of some clock tower. I don't see my dad, but I know he's there. I see Roger Zare walking through the city on a sidewalk. I run up to him, because in real life, I've met him before. I say Hi and he just stares at me weird, like he's never met me before. He says Hi back, but just keeps on walking...


      I might have actually been on some college campus.

      The grass was very green and it was a "perfect" day.
    15. Curse of the Shadows

      by , 05-13-2011 at 02:59 AM
      5/12/11 - Curse of the Shadows
      Dream Non-Dream Lucid

      I was at my house, but in a more woodsy setting, with tall trees all around and a single dirt road cutting through them. It was past nightfall, and I was with my cousin and two little girls that we were supposed to be babysitting. The dream became sort of like a horror movie; there was something that we could not see inside of the house with us, and it was going to kill us one by one until there was only one girl left, to whom it'd pass on a curse. Everything happened quickly. Before I knew it, everyone in the house had seemingly disappeared, leaving me alone with something unseen. I panicked, and ran outside. I saw a man standing across the road, and sprinted towards him. As I was doing so, I could see the sun beginning to rise in the distance, and the man smiling victoriously. Suddenly I realized what was happening, and tried desperately to run past him so that the sunlight might hit me first. Too late, rays of light passed over him as he turned and started walking away. The light was coming towards me now, and as it did I could feel it pushing me back, almost burning me. I ran back towards the house to find shade, and ended up huddled in an odd dent in the roof. Apparently, the man had been invisible and unable to go into direct sunlight for many years, and had finally freed himself of his curse by passing it on to me.
      When my parents arrived home, they freaked out because they could not find me. It seems we all forgot about the other missing people, myself included. I ended up yelling down to my mom until she came outside and I was able to explain what'd happened. She was angry, saying it was my fault and she should've expected it to happen, wondering what she was supposed to do with an invisible daughter. She also suggested me stepping into the light, which I refused immediately because I knew it would harm me. My mom then basically left me on the roof.
      I then found myself in a large, mansion-like house with my cousin(yes, the same one from earlier) and many of her friends. They thought my curse was "cool" and we basically just talked for awhile.
      Later on I was with Hannah in a car, her driving and me in the passenger seat. We were talking about the curse and how it was weird that she could see me while no one else could. I told her that if she wanted to know what it was like, I could pass the curse to her the next morning and we could trade off again a day later. She agreed, and as she was driving in silence the thought of leaving her with the curse occurred to me momentarily, but I knew I could never do something like that to a friend and dismissed the idea.
      When we reached her house, I scooted over to the driver's seat after Hannah got out of the car, and remembered that Hannah had no licence and I didn't even know how to drive.

      I recall nothing after this.
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