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    1. 7 Nov: Non-sense fragments and Trump commits suicide!

      by , 11-07-2018 at 04:29 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Lucidity: ⭐ (1/5)
      Clear: ⭐⭐ (2/5)
      An homage party to Saramago (portuguese literature Nobel winner). Manuel Alegre (another portuguese guy who writes poetry but is an idiot) gets on the stage, says some incendiary things, seems drunk. People remove him by force but he picks up a fight with a young journalist and it is mayhem.

      In an hospital, some bad guys come in and make hostages. I sneak out to the next room before they see me, but one suspects something. I hide behind a reclinable chair in the room, no time to run away. They don't see me though. But other people who escaped come in and they find me. I decide to take action and with their help, I attack the leader of the bad guys. Not easy, end up fighting two people.

      In Lisbon, downtown, dressed really hot and cool, get out from whatever place I am to go for a quick stroll. Can't take to long, left something hanging. I come across a fair of second-hand and vintage stuff. Would love to look at things in detail, but I have to just pass quickly. Sellers are all young people and a couple of them block my way and insist that I stop and buy something. I say I can't, they don't seem to accept very well. I go back to the place I was before.

      With some girl friends, including Zilla, we're playing with some crazy afro wigs, testing how they look on us. They are a bit over the top, but I like it. I also try some gorgeous clothes.

      On a beach type environment, me and Riverstone are worried making shelters for us and others, due to an upcoming storm. I dig around some big rocks, making up space like some basic galleries to duck in between the rocks. Riverstone chose to built some kind of tent, that falls down at the first accumulation of rain. Somehow, Donald Trump is involved in the scene. He is going through some heavy defeat and he can't cope with the feeling, so in the midst of this storm, he kills himself. My first feeling is that a human being committed suicide and I honestly feel bad for him, but then I realize who he is and realize how this can be such great news for the world.
    2. Held Hostage - fragment 2017 DJ #6

      by , 01-08-2017 at 10:09 PM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      I am underground and being held hostage by a man in black clothing. The brown room has a very low ceiling and is very uncomfortable. I am being threatened with a can of gas which kills.

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    3. End of the world

      by , 12-17-2016 at 11:48 PM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      I try and take a box of a raving psychopathic man. This box, when opened, will destroy the world. I fail and run. I find my self in a dark room and a woman comes to me. She tries to help me, but I start spasming as the radiation from the box being opened IN THE FUTURE travels through time and touches me. She gives up, and leaves. Suddenly the light is turned on and thugs enter the room, and start eating at a table. I must hide. I hide in the toliet. It stinks terribly. The woman comes back and feeds me some salmon. Suddenly, ghe room starts shaking and all is destroyed.
      I am thrown into a different world. It feels cold and not a 'rich' as the previous. It feels grey. I am being shown the contruction of a library. I feel depressed.
    4. Arctic Train

      by , 12-16-2016 at 11:33 PM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      I am on a train through the Arctic. At some point the driver tries to crash the train, but fails. I spend some time at the pole, and I am offered a last tour. I refuse, but I quickly regret that.
    5. Terrorist??

      by , 04-23-2016 at 12:54 AM
      I had a very intense dream last night that involved me being with a group we could have been criminals or terrorists because we went into a masquerade party with a service cart that had food on top and a bomb in the bottom part, we set the cart in the middle of the room. ( we had hoodies on underneath that we had like gorilla masks and on top of those masks were those kind of half masks that you would normally find at a masquerade party and after we placed the cart in the middle of the room we pulled down our hoods and took off the top mask just leaving us with our gorilla masks and we all left very fast and no one even seemed to notice us. We had about 5 people including me and the leader because I remember as we tried to leave I was going first but the leader told me to wait and let the other two go ahead of me so I stopped by the doors and let them go ahead of me and then the leader and I left at the same time. I did not see an explosion or anything but after we left and went out the doors the dream restarted and we did it all over again the exact same way, I was aware of this but I let it play out anyway and this time when we got to the doors, the leader told me to wait again, the other two left first followed by me and the leader and then I woke up instead of having the dream repeat. I have noticed that sometimes my dreams repeat once or twice while I am asleep and I must be lucid dreaming because I am aware that it is a repeat but I don't do anything about it I just let it play out.
    6. #94: Party / Order

      by , 02-17-2016 at 08:46 AM
      > Had a very unpleasant dream in which I had to catch a train and my mom would bring me by car, but I was fighting verbally with her and perhaps some other family members who were present. Time was running out fast as well. I had 5 minutes left to catch the train.

      > I was meeting a slightly older woman to interview her for something. We're both seated on stools quite close to each other, behind a long desk. There are some other people in the room as well. I'm trying to take notes, but this paper and this red pen are ridiculous. I need something else. The woman comes really close to me and she's flirting with me. We both want this, but with her colleagues here this isn't the right time.

      I'm driving (not sure what vehicle I'm using) in the evening, towards a party of my friend Ant. A birthday party perhaps? It's somewhere in a city. I'm starting to think that I was driving a moped. Some other people also arrive. My aunt and my little brother. I check the invite / FB event and Ant cancelled / rescheduled it about 30 minutes ago to another day. Nice timing... I tell my aunt and little brother. My aunt is definitely ready to leave again. I wanna check the inside of the building and tell them I'll just be 1 minute, knowing it'll probably take longer. My little brother joins me. We end up in a sort of bouncy castle type of thing, which is pretty neat.

      I'm somewhere outside in the evening. It's in a city. The mood is slightly rebellious and reminds me of the NYE in Köln. A girl with long black hair who is definitely younger than I am starts bothering me. I'm not sure what she does, but after a while I start going after her while she runs away. An older looking Arabic male tells me to leave her alone. She's a good person like him, cause they're both from North Iran/Iraq. What the.. no! That you're both from the same country doesn't make both of you good people. Matter of fact, I don't even know if you're a good person. At some point while talking to this man, who seems like he won't budge, I feel my pockets to check if my wallet and phone are still there. They are, but shit now this guy knows exactly where they are. I'm on the move again.

      I enter a small classroom. There are a few rows of dark wooden benches, enough to fit perhaps 25 people at most if you cram. Outside it's busy as hell, inside there are just a few people. This is a select group of people, something along the lines of Order of the Kingdom. Princess Beatrix is heading this meeting. We're here to think about ways to defeat IS. It feels quite personal, as if they've just attacked a Dutch city. The door to this room keeps getting opened. People are curious what's going on in here. At one point the door is open for a while. Eventually two people are allowed to join. The first is a man in his 40's, with streaks of grey in his beard. He looks like he's earned the reputation to be here. The other is my classmate Chris. I'm now sitting/lying in what seems like the windowsill, in a quite relaxed position, nothing you'd do in front of the princess. I'm wearing a purple V-neck T-shirt. I tell her I've got an idea, but it's going to be very longterm and might not even work. I'm not sure if it's a good plan. Basically there are at least 3 ways to do damage to them: kill them, make sure they don't attract new members and... ? My proposal is that we need to prevent people living in the countryside from joining them in the cities by taking care of the water supply. I'm not sure if the dream lasted long enough for me to fully explain all that.
    7. Terrorist Out To Get Me

      by , 11-17-2015 at 04:25 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      Probably inspired by the recent terrorist attacks and the fact that my friend told me people can call your phone and hack it if you answer a certain number.

      There was a terrorist after me who wanted to kill me. I was in someone's house, maybe my house but different. I was trying to hide. My phone rang, a 715 number. I answer, and my phone goes weird, and I realize it's been hacked. I start freaking out because I know this means the terrorist can track my location now. I tell my parents to call 911 or do something
      but they just kinda stand there. I'm terrified. I try to sneak out of the house without my phone in hope that the terrorist won't see/follow me.(I would remember more of this dream if I wrote it down right after waking..)

      I'm not gonna say this was a nightmare but it was one of those dreams you wake up from and wait awhile before you allow yourself to fall back asleep to prevent entering the previous dream again.
      Tags: scary, terrorist
    8. Ten days out

      by , 07-10-2015 at 09:12 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was out of reach for ten days, without internet connection to update my dream journal. Now that I'm back I'll update it frequently.


      I was a terrorist in a port town. With another terrorist we tried to escape special forces. I went holding white flag in my hand, and we jumped onto a boat. After a while of sailing, rocket engines started to work. We flewn high in the sky, turning a few times in the air. I watched sky - it was beautiful, clowds leaving only a trail of clear sky, resembling my way to the top.


      Nothing recalled.


      Nothing in particular.


      1. FA - water splash

      I was lying in my bed. It was dark, but I managed to see a huge water splash coming at me from the corridor.

      2. Porn star convent.

      I was sitting in my room and watching porn. After a while I heard people talking downstairs. I went to check what was going on, and saw that there was a porn star convent. Lots of film directors and stars were talking. I wandered there for a while, talking with people and tasting random dishes. I went to the street, and saw my brother driving this way, so I stopped him and entered his car. We drove to home of one of the girls I know, and after a while of sitting we droe back. I thought about that girl, lots of situations appeared in my mind. Then I saw her in bed with another girl. I wanted to film that, but they spotted me. I went back to porn star convent, thinking about that.


      I was in a city. With another dude we were trying to get a transportation to home. I even saw a bus coming. When I got to home I ate grapes, blueberries and other fruits. They were really sweet. Family told me to leave leftovers in a barn. I had a toothache later.


      I was in school cloakroom. There was my sister and her friends. I said "Hi", but another girl replied, as they really weren't there. I drove back home, and saw my old teacher, planting trees on my frontyard. After a while of wandering home, I saw that she lives with us. I used laptop for a while later. When night came I drove to a shop. I parked the car, entered the shop and realised that I don't remember what I have to buy. I called my mother after a while.


      I was in an old mansion. There was kitchen, bedroom, living room and bathroom. It was furnished with old, decaying furniture. There were cobwebs in corners. I was searching for clues of a murder, or tracking paranormal. People on place gave me only vague clues, and after a while of searching I found out that demons want to destroy the world. I even had a vision of an invasion. To stop that I needed money, so I called Demon of expensive buying to sell it some stuff. Next I recall that I was on a holiday camp, and one of guys was telling how his younger brother is always first. He said "My younger brother, even in shirt in long sleeve and stupid hat, was quicker on place than me, despite the fact that I started my journey first!"


      -First dream-

      I was in some kind of basement. My master told me to make a sandwich. I did it and ate it. Then I went to the upper floor. The corridor was devoid of people, but it had christmas ornaments. I checked kitchen and went back to corridor, to pee on a carpet. I felt that someone was coming, so I jumped through the window, and ran around front yard. Someone was watching me, and when he stopped I jumped back to pee again.

      -Second dream-

      I was inside a library connected with a national museum. I was an occult investigator, looking for tomes of knowledge. I searched through shelves of manuscripts, books and other stuff from all the ages. I was looking for stuff from 18th age, but I couldn't read age marks, so I went to exhibitions. There were knights stuff, medicine bags, and a fully working car automate. It was a black volkswagen car. I wanted to leave a book in antique shelf, but it was not accepted.

      -Third dream-

      I was watching a HoMM playthrough. Someone was exploring enemy territory with army of devils.


      I was in a city with rest of class. We were driving around to pick up random objects. We stopped in a house of one of the girls from class. We moved from a bus to the back yard of unfinished construction. We climbed up to the rooftop and looked for entrance. We found it, but instead entering a house, we broke into a government building. Walls were white and clean. We started on a platform of some kind. First it was quiet, but after a while of wandering the alarm started, and we had to escape shots of security. We ran around, trying to reach rooftop, but we had to jump over a huge pit. On the other side of pit, there were shops and restaurants. We tried a few times, and failed. We split up, and I ran to elevator shaft.

      I waited for a good moment to jump down, and did it. Then I waited for elevator to move down, and jumped inside it, killed mechanic and moved on, to basement. It was built with rock blocks and reinforced with wood. It was old, and corridors were tight. I had to run away from enemies, and reach surface. I did it and saw guys that were with me drugger.

      There was a boss of the site, which was my teacher. We were in a burning ghost town. The buildings behind us were destroyed. There was a barrel of burning liquid giving warmth and light. There was also a sofa, table and chairs. We talked about some kind of fish, and a research programme. When other guys wanted to go, I said that they were too drugged.
    9. 10-15-14 Children unite against terror!!

      by , 10-16-2014 at 06:32 PM
      A terrifying terrorist had come to our town and had hidden himself in the basement of a church. My cousin and I decided to go see if we could find him.

      We found the door to the church basement easily enough. But inside it was pitch black. I switched on my flashlight. What I saw was a large room, sort of like a stairwell, with concrete stairs going down the sides of the walls. I shown my light over the railing on the side to see if I could see the bottom. I couldn't.

      We tentatively began walking down. We got to a landing, and there was a rotting alien corpse. Suddenly we heard a noise and hid behind it. It echoed through the stairs. We listened and waited for a long time but nothing showed itself. Then we gave up and went back up to the main floor.

      Then all the children that attended the church banded together. (The group included my sister, who was suddenly quite obese.) They numbered about fifty. They vowed to all the grown ups that they would descend the stairs, reach the bottom, find the horrible man and destroy him. The adults pleaded with them not to go, but they would not listen. So one day they marched through the door, and we listened on the other side to the muffled echoes of their feet descending the stairs. They never came back up.
    10. 10-5-14 "You're the epitome of idiocy."

      by , 10-09-2014 at 05:44 PM
      There was this huge mansion where all the lamps were alive and worked as household servants. The color of their lampshades determined their status in the household. The darker the color, the higher the position. One had a light-blue-colored shade, and she found a big tub full of black dye. Needless to say, she was soon very important.

      A highbrow British terrorist hijacked an airplane and threw the pilot overboard. As he flew away, he muttered under his breath, "Who did that guy think he was? You, sir, are the epitome of idiocy".
    11. The last two nights-nonlucid fragments and dreams

      by , 09-15-2012 at 12:20 AM (Lucid Time!)
      These dreams were rather unstable and blurry, and don't seem to have much meaning. I have come to find these sorts of dreams rather boring. Not only that, they are awkward to describe in DJ entries.

      Fragment (Last Night)

      All I can remember is looking in the mirror and having short white hair. I did not appear aged at all, though my hair was bleached. I closed my eyes and opened them, and my hair was black. I think my hair went though several more transformations. I wish I could remember more of the dream.

      Fragment (Wednesday night)

      I was hanging out in the basement with one of my friends. I think it was S or A. I looked under the large couch in our basement. There was a large clearance of a foot or two between the underside of the couch and the floor. And there was all of this garbage arranged/organized under the couch.
      After looking for awhile, I told my friend that I was going to clean out the garbage. I started taking a load of pop cans upstairs to recycle them, but my recall fades out.

      The Skyrim house (Wednesday Night)

      I hate dreams that relate to video games that I play. Especially when they make no sense, like this.

      I was dreaming of being in the game Skyrim. I had just bought this DLC that added some new group to the game, and I was checking out their base.
      It turned out to be this very small, modern looking house. It was made almost entirely out of these brick-red wooden boards, aside from a glass wall on the front. When I went inside there were three slots with walls in between them. The one on the left had an enchanting table, the one in the middle, a chest, and the one on the right, an alchemy table.
      Then some sort of elevator in the floor that took me down into a much larger setting.
      There was a very long room, made of the same reddish wood. The walls were on a 45 degree angle, and angled as though you were in the attic of a large house. There were support beams going down this large hall (Think like ribs on an old wooden ship)
      The middle part of the hall was a sort of sunk in walkway, and along the edges were various stations. I can remember numerous DCs producing resources, foraging weapons, brewing potions, etc etc...
      By this point someone started giving me a tour of the place. He was an old man, and apparently the leader of this faction. We walked for a long time and he was just talking about his plans.

      Party Crashers (Also Wednesday night)

      Save the best for last, as they say. None of these dreams interest me much, but this one the most for its plot and humor.

      I can remember being in some sort of theme park. It wasn't a really big ticket place, and I wasn't with anyone. I can remember it being a hot, dry day.
      This discreet looking man came up to me and asked me to do him a big favor. He was tall, thin, and short black hair. He said that there was a party for the rich and well connected taking place in that tower. (He gestured to a small, cylindrical glass skyscraper) And apparently he wanted them all dead.
      He gave me four or five brick-sized explosives. They were just plastic black boxes with a red LED in one corner, and a detonator remote with a key in it. He explained to me that I should go into the party and hide the explosives around the room. Then turn the detonator remote, and I would have a minute and a half to get away.
      I went to the small skyscraper and got into the elevator. The elevator turned out to be one of the rides at the amusement park. I had to get into a seat and put on a rigid shoulder support.
      The elevator moved really fast and went up and down a couple times until I arrived on the party floor. The elevator let out into a medium sized dining room all prepared for the party. There were dream characters sitting at the table, but I hopped up on the table, and began duct-taping the explosive charges to the ceiling. They were completely oblivious...
      After that, I hid one in a vase, and went into the observation room that gave me a view of the dreamworld. The dream was blurry and boring, so I set the last explosive in there, and started to head back though the dining room.
      By this point the dream characters at the party had begun taking the explosives off the wall and trying to figure out what they were. I thought that if I could get out before they realized and got rid of them.
      I turned the key on the detonation remote, and was ready to get on the elevator when the man who had given me the assignment showed up. He created some sort of portal on the wall and enticed me to walk though it.
      From there, there was some sort of apocalyptic city, all charred and destroyed. I must have slipped out of the dream or woke up, because it sort of ends there.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    12. Hostage situation

      by , 08-29-2012 at 05:10 AM
      Walked into an auditorium where I knew my children and wife were. Not sure what was supposed to be going on there. Turns out to be a hostage situation, with some woman shooting people with a laser. She thought I was a fellow terrorist for some reason, and handed me the laser so that I could continue the shooting while she worked on some electronics behind the lectern. I started sending children out to the toilet, whispering to them how to escape once there. I was just beginning a mass rescue when I woke up from the dream.
    13. rgb mansion library

      by , 12-02-2011 at 01:44 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I may have been in an airport. Near me was a black man who may either have been a friend or an acquaintance. He was kind of tall and kind of strong looking. He had long, wavy, brown hair that almost looked like a wig. He also had a long, black beard. He wore black sunglasses, a black, denim jacket and no shirt, and probably blue or black jeans.

      The man was in trouble for some reason. Airport security may have thought of him as a terrorist. I hoped security's suspicion of the man wouldn't spread to me. The man and I seemed separated from each other by about ten meters. Near the man was a line of boxes about knee-high.

      I was now in the man's house, which was a big mansion. We were in some area like a living room or a sun room. We still stood apart from each other and facing each other, like we'd stood at the airport.

      The interior of the mansion was spacious and open. Everything was white, and there were big windows and sliding glass doors everywhere. The man may have been wearing white versions of the clothes he'd worn in the airport as well.

      Somewhere was a "library," which the man showed me. It was really just a bookshelf. It was wall-height, maybe three or four meters long, with five or six levels of shelves.

      All the books in the "library" looked like they belonged to one edition or came from one publisher. The books were all bound in leather or fake-leather, marbleized-looking covers. The bindings had gold lettering and trim.

      There were only three colors of books: blue, red, and green. The three different colors were all grouped together. There were very few blue books: they only took up a portion of the left side of the very top shelf. The red books took up the most space: from where the blue books ended, down to about halfway along the second to last shelf. The green books took the rest of the space.

      The man may possibly have showed me "my bedroom," or the guest bedroom, which was, now, also the library. In this library-bedroom there were a bed and a desk, both white. Over the desk was a wall-mounted bookshelf, with the same kind of books as on the previous bookshelf, arranged in a similar fashion.
    14. Lucid Terrorist; Cheap Locamotives

      by , 12-02-2011 at 01:43 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I was lucid upon entering this dream. I was floating--clarity was low. I thought I would have trouble going above a certain height as I always do, so I tried to just float up and not think about it too much. I was floating up into a starry sky.

      I floated up for a little bit, but then I remembered a response to someones comment regarding semi-lucidity. I had advised him/her that I thought he would have success in going through a wall or ceiling while lucid, and that he should try it. I immediately put my face through a wall in my dream. Half my face went through a wall and I saw a guy with long, braided hair with a gun. He was holding up a guy at a convenience store. In my dream he was a terrorist.

      I was then in an old condo where I used to live with my mother. I now wasn't sure if I was dreaming or not. Instead of doing a reality check because I never think to do one, I slowly tried to put my head through a wall. I didn't want to do it fast in case I was awake, lest it hurt.

      The funny thing is, I wasn't successful in putting my head through the wall. Then I thought it was weird because I did believe I was dreaming.

      I was very tired, and I believe the best lucids come when you go to sleep on time. That is true for me in any case.


      I was with a friend B.L. We were on a train track. He was basically lying down face first, but not relaxing. He had a rock in his hand, and the rock was on one of the rails. It powered him like a train. He slid along the rail holding onto the rock.

      I was holding on to him, but I was falling off. I tried to get him to go some way different as I was about to fall off, but he wouldn't. I got upset and pushed myself off this non-existent train car.

      He then threw the rock at me in disgust and walked away. I took the rock and threw it right behind him so it would bounce and hit him, which it did, sticking to his butt.

      My friend got mad. I explained I only threw it so it would barely hit him and let him know he didn't have to throw the rock at me.

      Then I saw some railroad workers. I didn't really want them to see me. I also saw some trains go by. The first locomotive was normal, then I saw some plastic ones. They had advertising on them like a car wrap.

      I was annoyed at how "they" are making everything so cheap today including locomotives.
      lucid , non-lucid
    15. crashing planes and bomb

      by , 07-26-2011 at 11:58 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was travelling with a group of people, probably in a big van or a bus. It was daytime, and we seemed to be going along a desert highway or a road in a desert town. The road seemed wide, and there was always a lot of space on either side of the road. There may have been some small hills, as well as occasional houses or other buildings. Everything seemed to glimmer with heat convection.

      I watched a commercial airliner pass our vehicle. The plane was huge. It seemed to me that it was way too close to the ground, and that its angle was too steep. It would make sense if the plane were landing. But there didn't seem to be any airport in sight. I thought that the plane was going to crash or crash land.

      Not long after that I saw another plane, this one going over the horizon, possibly in something like a barrel roll. I keep waiting, even kind of flinching, for the explosions from the two planes.

      The people in the vehicle may have started talking about planes crashing. As they did I saw another passenger airliner seeming to crash over the horizon in front of us. This one had all the markings of a commercial airliner and was white, but it was shaped like a blimp. It may have already been on fire.

      We were now at the top of some mesa, looking down over a reddish-brown landscape. The area was supposed to be a big city, I think. But I didn't see any buildings.

      The woman who was in charge of our group had stopped the bus here and gone off to get some kind of instructions or directions. I and another man stood out beside the bus, looking down over the mesa.

      Suddenly a bomb seemed to go off down below. It must have been a big bomb, but I somehow knew it had been strapped to a suicide bomber. The bomb had no explosion, noo fire or light. There were just three concentric rings of dust that rippled out from the cednter of the "blast."

      The rings of dust themselves didn't seem very huge, but they managed to reach us. With the first and second rings, the air temperature became progressively hotter. I then got afraid. I knew how these bombs worked. They were some kind of nuclear bomb. Each ring was a layer of fallout. And the third ring was the worst.

      I cringed in anticipation of the third ring. When it hit us, it shook us pretty hard. The air was full of dust and debris. Then the ring passed us. I knew that we had been so far away from the blast that the radioactive effects would not harm us. But it was now obvious that there were a lot of people all over the place committing terrorist activities.

      The woman came back to the bus. Her instructions were regarding the terrorist activities. Apparently the people in the bus had been assigned to deal with these terrorists.

      One of the men reasoned that since the events occurred in the desert, that we were going to be focusing our work on the west coast. He thought this meant we would be working in California.

      I saw the man's face close up. He was kind of pale, with a short, red beard and red hair. He said, "I never wanted to make too big a deal about California, even though I really like it, cause that's where I come from. But I'm glad we'll get to be going there. Don't you think we'll have to work there?"
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