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    1. Wed July 21

      by , 07-21-2010 at 06:17 PM (Lucid Dreaming.)
      Wearing and astronaut suit on some sidewalk next to a big road. I was standing next to someone. Huge crowd behind starts talking about Christian stuff. I rant about them and start to run away. I ran away and started to run down a street and kicked off my slippers. I then went back to get them because I thought I would need them and the road was kind of hot.

      I saw these Koala bear creatures being taken somewhere else by other people. I joined in and there was this other girl I was helping. She tried to take my phone number but said she was out of minutes. I then took hers down. We sat down and I told her I had a girlfriend and she didn't know that yet. Sean was also there. We talked about having a relationship during summer over long distance and how I thought it was worth it even if the relationship didn't last.

      I was in Singapore in a taxi with my mom and sister. I got out somewhere and it was some special day. There were lots of people around getting food. I went to go find something but my family followed me cause they didn't have anything else to do or something. We then bumped into university friends who were also eating somewhere. There was one part where I dreamed about these people being wrapped up in string and I was having an orgasm. There was also a naked women and a guy cumming on her. Like porn but it was physically there. There was a candle which went out.

      I also dream about kissing Ruchi and someone bumping into us. Then on a phone or some other device we saw a reply of what happened and she was scared that they saw us kissing.

      sister business card 1,000,000 note cashier change

      Dreamed about computer games and sitting with other people. There was only one laptop. Before that we were playing cards but I didn't understand the game. I left the group because one of them was talking about how they did stupid things like get undressed in public or something. Referring to parties/getting drunk type of thing. Capt Xie was there looking for something. I went down somewhere and ended up using this weird elevator that someone else was controlling with this kind of stick shift thing.

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    2. Car Un-park

      by , 07-13-2010 at 08:22 PM (exdreamer's Dream Journal)
      Key: Non-Lucid, Lucid, Commentary/Notes, Hypnagogic Hallucinations

      My afternoon nap WILD attempt failed, but this is the dream I recalled anyway.

      I was chatting with an friend, A, over MSN. A was telling me that he was doing some project at our old university and needed access to my final year project work. He was typing really really fast and I couldn't keep up with reading what he was going on about. For some reason he also wanted the domain name for a website I developed a while ago, and I told him that he could because I still had it registered but the site wasn't up any more.

      I think I arranged to meet him at uni. I was walking down the road to the art and design building and saw a car racing around in the car park. The car park was different. Instead of the usual parked cars and gravel ground, there were wrecked cards stacked up and the ground was thick mud. The wrecked cars formed a track which lead out on to the road along side through holes in what was a wall previously. A was in the car, driving around like a madman.
    3. The Castle, The Prince-ess, and The Treasure Chest

      by , 07-08-2010 at 11:54 AM (exdreamer's Dream Journal)
      Key: Non-Lucid, Lucid, Commentary/Notes, Hypnagogic Hallucinations

      The Castle

      I was in a large castle. I was a child, no more than about 13. It was night and there had been a murder.

      An old man was there with a short white beard and scruffy clothing. He was distraught. The murder victim was his wife. She was a tall plump woman with grey hair and a grey dress.

      I was aware that I lived in the castle with these two people. The woman was looking after me. There were other children of various ages around too.
      Perhaps it was an orphanage?

      The man said how his wife had always looked after him and he didn't know what he was going to do now she was dead. There was another woman in the castle who now appeared. She looked similar to the dead woman, but somehow more mean.

      Everyone went outside and was looking around in the dark for something
      -- probably the murderer.

      The Prince-ess

      I was in a small dressing room in a tower in some kind of palace or castle. I was a female. I looked kind of like Disney's Snow White, but was realistic in appearance and not like a cartoon. I was bummed out because I was just a servant but totally in to the prince.

      There was some kind of ball or party going on outside in the large central courtyard. There was a window in the room I was in and I could see all the people. The prince was going to choose one of the female guests to be his wife.

      Suddenly there was someone in my room. They were encouraging me to get dressed up and go and win the prince's affections. Alright! It was on!

      I somehow became aware that there were guards in the castle/palace trying to find me and kill me. I didn't know why. All I knew is that we would have to work fast!

      There was another person in the room now and both the strangers were helping me put on a rather complicated medieval gown. The gown looked kind of like Disney's Snow White again. At least, it was the same red, white, and yellow colour scheme.

      All that remained was to go down and woo the prince! But how to get there in time and by avoiding the guards? There was a massive rope that seemed to just hang from the sky -- even though I was indoors. Perhaps I could swing across the courtyard and make a dramatic entrance? Damn right I could!

      I exited a door to my left and descended the spiral staircase beyond. I found myself exiting another door on to a roof. Guards were closing in. I could see my target and was about to make my amazingly acrobatic swing...

      Wait! Someone stopped me and pointed out that I had a beard! Huh? I looked in to a mirror and she was right! I was no longer a Snow White-esque woman but myself! My usual male self.

      But what to do? I decided I better run back up to the room I had just left and shave first...

      Note to self: Did I just have a cross-dressing dream?

      The Treasure Chest

      I was back at Uni. Or rather I was in a room somewhere and the only other people there were people I met back at Uni. For some reason we were planning to build treasure chests! I have no idea why. I intended to construct a giant clam and was planning it out in my mind.

      My friend G was there with this guy I didn't know very well or like very much, J. J asked G if he would work with him to help build his treasure chest. He agreed, but said that he wanted me to help too. J reluctantly agreed.

      J came over to talk to me. He wanted to know if I even knew who he was. I told him that of course I knew who he was, how could I not? I was alluding to the fact that he's super annoying and hard to ignore. I couldn't help but think about how much I dislike him and just ignored whatever else he said.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. Orange Cat.

      , 07-02-2010 at 12:00 AM
      In my dream we went to some sort of university.

      There were cats. We were in a group meeting and then went to pick something up. At the place to pick up there was a small kitten and attached was a note handwritten with blue pen that said something like, "thank you for everything you have done you've made me smile, this is for you". It was an orange kitten.
      I picked it up and took care of it and stuff, and couldn't think of who would have given it to me. I thought that AK would've been happy that we had a cat. It was cute :3

      There was a scene wheree there was a fuel station and somehow there wasn't just one cat but there were lots and they were orange like garfield and had green collars.

      There was also some sort of competition where there were dinosaurs and the cat was also involved. My mum was there. It was either a type of hide and seek game involving those animals - oh and cactuses too - or we were in some sort of race. I cannot really remember.

      Anyway, at the fuel station, the owners were absent so we had to cater for all the people that were suddenly coming. Either that or we had to get out of there and find all the missing cats before the people coming wanted to get their fuel and they thought we would serve them.

      At the university, I walked around the corner and there was this large maths library that I never knew existed. I went and sat with my group. Turns out one of them gave me the cat, after I asked her and she was really bad at lying. Actually it was her that bought it and another person in my group had meant it. The person that meant to give me the cat had the same handwriting as that on the note (lol surely you'd type it out or something if it was meant to be anonymous).
      There were these pin-up boards in the library that we sat around and for some reason there were lobsters/crayfish there and they were trying to attack me and I was trying to get away from them. There was also a little girl that looked like Dora the Explorer.

      My dreams lately have been pretty hard to recall. I am also having trouble recalling their chronological order.

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    5. June 26, 2010

      by , 06-28-2010 at 01:57 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      University, Aquarium and Coolers:
      I was needed at the university to fix something. It seemed that only I could do it and time was pretty short. I was getting a drive there in a small black car from a lady who is a customer at my work IRL. She stopped the car near my house and waited for me. I saw her from the window and she saw me. I think we exchanged hi's and how are you's before I went to dress. I started to get dressed and so did my family, since, they were interested in coming with us. For some odd reason, we completely ignored the car instead deciding to take the bus. I ended up missing 2 different buses and time was almost out. After missing the last bus and walking back home, I spotted the same lady ahead of me walking in the direction of the house with my sister. It seemed that they were going to the university together and they have found someone else to fix whatever it was that needed fixing(this was somehow conveyed to me).
      The dream skips and I recall seeing an aquarium. It was a little bit bigger than average with black rims towards the top. It had yellowish-brown colored rocks at the bottom and there were rocks stacked up making two columns. Both of these columns were surrounded by bubbles which were continously rising to the top.
      Dream skips again and I'm in my bedroom at home. I looked out the window to my left and saw my neighbour, her son and another neighbour's daughter. They had a large blue cooler which was as big as a small swimming pool. It contained what looked like a mixture of water(ice melting) along with some juices and drinks that might have accidently spilled in it. The girl tried to take a large juice bottle which had several colors on its label(green, yellow, etc....) and was partially filled(very little left). My neighbour took the bottle back by force and put it back into the cooler. The girl took it out again claiming that it's hers. My neighbour once again took it by force from her saying that it's her son's bottle. I think she tried to take it a third time.

      Thoughts: Finally, a nice, long and somewhat interesting dream. Definitely one of the better ones when compared to my recent dreams. I'm starting to wonder whether they were separate dreams or not but since they seemed to be linked together when I wrote them down, I might as well leave them be.
    6. Nighthog's Journal: 26th June 2010

      by , 06-26-2010 at 10:19 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      Seems my recall has taken a hit this past week. Didn't remember many dreams today either. I know I forgot double amount than I remember.

      A Failed Experiment

      I'm with my brother at some apartment which has various equipment and tools and machines that have been constructed in there. There are many papers and documents here and there on some tables piled. A guy is wearing something that looks like a lab coat.
      I see he is busy checking and having this other dude put his right hand inside this glass transparent chamber of this machine in then middle of the room. The hand had like this white crust on it. Like the hand had started to calcify or something. It gave of a little white powdery stuff if touched.
      The machine starts up and I see a red light shine down like a laser beam but a spread out thick one rather than a focused one. The white stuff went to go away and then to show the red flesh underneath and have it soon close up but not before a large dark eye appeared in the hand. There was black spot with a red eye like centre and something like a drop of black glob dropped down from the beam into the arm before it shut off and then the hand went to slowly heal itself up.
      The lab coat guy goes to yell how it was a horrible failure. I thought it was a success but it's the worst that could have happened. The guy goes to wander about and soon leaves out the door. I though am trying to figure out what went wrong and can't we do it over and fix it up. A guy came over telling me it's futile. It's a complete failure. I possibly can't succeed. It's pointless. I'm not though convinced.
      I ask to see and read all the documents and research necessary. Maybe I can find a alternative formula or mathematical approach to have different results.
      I convince the guy to be allowed to read and look through it all to see if I can find a solution.

      Though instead I walked out the door soon enough following him and my brother.

      Other NOT fun stuff

      Outside I talked a little with my brother about something and soon left to look for the lab coat guy. I went into float mode to float down the road while others walked or slide down the road like it was a slide. They were moving faster than me and I wasn't impressed and tried to increase speed but wasn't too successful. (my float skill usually is only walking speed)
      They went to walk soon enough and I flew by them with a little increased speed.

      I went to fly about confused not finding my way around then then trying to find my way back to the apartment but could not remember the way. I at last found my brother again wondering what I was doing. I said I was trying to get back and mentioned what I recalled of where it might be. I had remembered something about gas stations and had taken that as hint. He just said blatantly it had nothing to do with such and asking if I was stupid.
      I just left trying to find my way home instead.
      My brother really has a bad mood regards to addressing me and as such I just don't want to have anything to do with him as far as he keeps that attitude up.

      Passing over crowds and streets soon I have people trying to grab onto me and taking hold of my legs and dragging me down or trying to stop me really. I keep telling them off and pushing them away but get more and more irritated as they persist more and more to jump at me.
      Soon I fly up into a tree to look down at the crowd following me. I'm at the yard of a University. I see many students and others about. These few guys just want to bother me and have a smirk in their faces. Like they just want to have some fun but I didn't want that though. I was pissed.

      I went down on the ground to walk thinking they would not bother me like that but they followed to go and grab me again anyway.... I wasn't going to take this any more and anyone who slightly even touched me I grabbed and did a super smash to the ground with making sure they weren't going to bother me any more.
      I did this to 3-4 people tried to approach and grab me.
      Business done I thought I could go along and went to walk away, easing up my mood with a little bit of success. But from out of a corner a another bystander just goes to say a comment and then makes a sucker punch unto my face and nose. I really feel it hurt. I'm just "WTF!"
      I immediately grab him and and manage to pull off him his jacket in a two part pull on it. I feel stuff fall out from inside one of the arms. It's wooden arm parts for a arm the guy doesn't have... What the hell?!
      I'm getting punched by a crippled man out of the blue? I didn't know what to say or do about it. I thought maybe he intended to use his cripple situation as a excuse or something.
      I don't want to fight or bother with this.
      I just have some of the parts in my hand and then push them into his body but they fall to the ground as he can't hold them all. I pick them up and then go walk them over to the park bench which he had stood by and having the person he had been talking to sit there. I just placed the parts there and told him something confusing to the likes off.
      "Just take care of your own shit" I wasn't going to help him out to put his hand back together.
      I walked away. We all just looked at each other confused. I just wondered why the heck did he even punch me in the first place.
      I remember seeing this stupid confused face of his as he had punched me. Like 'why did I punch him/what did I do'?

      It had ruined my mood completely. I forgot everything and wanted to go home and nothing else. Least is getting bothered more at all.
      I ended up walking around the University trying to pass through but finding no route trough it but dead ends. It just added to my mood with frustration.
      I saw a graduation troop leaving and having a ceremony. I had to walk off to avoid them not able to take the path they came from. Another route which I remember taking before was under construction and had been sealed off. At last I tried to enter the library as it seemed as there seemed to be a path through there but I was stopped by a bouncer of sorts. I woke up before I could look at him more closely but feel the grab of his hand and voice to say 'wait'.
    7. Clarissa

      by , 05-19-2008 at 02:50 AM
      Original dream dated 5/18/2008:

      Had 2 nightmares the past 2 nights.

      One of them was about college. Sort of normal. The usual - I'm taking a class, paying for it myself and running myself into debt to do it, yet can't get to class on time and never get my homework done. I can't get the motivation to do it, and have missed so many classes that I can never catch up. I live 30 minutes away by car and want to move closer, but can't afford to. My lease is coming up, but I don't want to sign a new lease when I'm failing the class.

      Then, for some reason, I'm wheeling a motorcycle through the university buildings. Nobody notices. I get it up several floors, when I realize that the elevator I intend to use to get farther up only has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. and can't possibly support its weight, and the stairs are too rickety. Somehow, I wind up wheeling it across a narrow beam several hundred feet above the lobby floor.

      Which brings me to the weird thing about universities in my nightmares - I'm always on the edge of some high precipice, because for some reason they have many many floors but all of them end at sheer drops with no railings, or else they're in bizarre configurations that you have to climb from floor to floor like a bug... I'm almost always terrified of falling when I'm in a university-like building in my dream, and the drop is always hundreds of feet. There are always narrow, rickety stairs, or broken elevators, etc. It's an ongoing theme that bothers me.

      Anyway, the next dream involved Clarissa from Clarissa Explains It All, who was for some reason on a cruise ship fishing for squid, and was talking with her friend via text message before her parents showed up with her brother and her friend's brother. I have no idea what the point of the dream was.
    8. Half and Half

      by , 02-24-2007 at 02:33 AM
      Original dream dated Feb. 23rd, 2007:

      I dreamed I turned into a man who was coal black on one side and snow white on the other. I was trying to give a reading of a poem for class, but one side of my body took over and the poem came out completely wrong. The side that took over was the side that was capable of being ONLY completely literal and rational. My professor gave me an F.
      I was angry, so I decided to go harass her. I went over to her house and found out that she had a side-business dry-cleaning underwear, but for some reason all of the underwear was red and made of wool.
      She was still sleeping, so I decided to freak her out by taking a shower. She had some Fructis shampoo that I liked a lot. At one point, she woke up and argued with me because she needed to get into the bathroom.
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