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    1. The principals office

      by , 07-22-2011 at 02:07 PM (The journey of JussiKala)
      Okay this dream doesn't make any sense whatsoever. And I've usually refrained from posting dreams like this or worse here. But here it goes.

      The whole dream took place in third person perspective, like a side scrolling video game.


      So apparently I had lost my main study book and the notebook I got with it. So I was ordered to go to the principals office to fetch new ones, which I would pay for later. Upon getting in to that room (wooden walls and floor with metal structures holding them there, a couple of bookshelfs with some odd items on them, and a red carpet on the floor), he told me he had no finnish version of the books left. I'd be forced to do with the swedish version. Too bad I can't read swedish.. at all. So I was kinda disappointed with this. So I decided to go look for the originals I'd lost. Found them nowhere. So apparently this was a space ship and I saw it now. I went to the waste processing facility to look if my books were there. Nope. I accidentally opened the airlock. There was me and one other guy now in space with him looking at me with an angry face. End dream.
    2. The grand library of Teraluna - the history of the dream plane

      , 06-21-2011 at 05:28 AM (Hyu's Adventures)
      Been pretty sick lately and my dream recall hasn't been very good.
      I had quite a few dreams, some lucid, but the lack of details made them feel unworthy of posting.

      I'm walking on the promenade in Haven on Teraluna.
      Enjoying the fresh air, I walk towards one of the main streets on my way to Yuya's place.
      On the main street I go up a level, ending up one level below the topmost one, with all the houses and apartments.
      This level features mostly shops and restaurants, I sometimes come here with Yuya for dinner.
      It's dusk, so the city is quite lively.

      I pass a shop that sells flowers and I wonder if I should buy some for Yuya.
      They're all on display outside, so I wander a bit around having a look at the different kinds of flowers.
      Some don't look like flowers at all, and some are clearly alive.
      They're all very beautiful and they have a distinct smell.
      I suddenly realize that I have no money, how am I going to pay for these?

      Wait, what? WTF! I'm on Teraluna! How did I not notice that I'm dreaming?
      This surprises me quite a bit and it takes me a few seconds to settle down.
      The dream feels very stable and vivid, but I still rub my hands and try to feel the presence of my surroundings to make
      that the dream remains perfectly stable.

      Looking back at the flowers I see one that is immensely beautiful.
      The colors somewhat match those of Yuya's eyes, I feel they would be an appropriate gift.
      I ask the lady selling the flowers:

      "Would you be willing to trade something for these flowers?"
      "Haha, of course young man, what did you have in mind?"

      I summon my phoenix wings on my left arm and remove one of the smaller colorful feathers from it.
      They fall out occasionally, it'll grow back.
      I hand it to the lady.

      "How beautiful! Please, take the flowers, thank you!"

      That went well.
      I take the flowers and continue walking towards Yuya's place.
      I think about how this dream started on Teraluna, even though I was non-lucid.
      Then I realize I'm wasting time.
      I can see a bridge crossing from this street to another one on the level above me, I'll be able to see Yuya's place from there.
      I blink on top of it, and from there I blink to Yuya's place.

      Yuya greets me, telling me that I'm right on time. Did we set a meeting?
      I hand her the flowers.

      "They're for you."

      She seems extremely happy. I am yet again surprised by the way she shows her emotions.
      She simply doesn't hold back at all. It feels so pure, I've never seen anyone with such a happy expression in waking life.
      Yuya puts the flowers in some sort of vase.
      I notice that the dream doesn't feel as stable anymore, and I attempt to re-stabilize which succeeds.

      "Alright, I promised you we'd visit the library, let's go!"

      The library? Did we talk about this in a previous dream?
      Maybe a dream that I cannot remember?
      Clearly, I can't recall such a dream, but I am convinced that we did indeed decide to visit a library somewhere on Teraluna.
      It must have been a lucid dream I do not remember.
      I get ready to draw my wings but Yuya interrupts me.

      "Let's fly there! We shouldn't teleport into the library, we might disturb someone."
      "Sure, lead the way!"

      I take off and fly next to Yuya, trying to keep up.
      She's accelerating fast, I can't keep up without summoning my wings.
      I remember that in my last big fight I managed to summon my phoenix wings on my back, in full size.
      I wonder if I can do that again and use them for fast flight, just the way I've been using my dragon fire wings until now.

      I try to accumulate some of that pure energy and manage to draw the wings on my back.
      They're very beautiful and very large. They feel somewhat oversized for my body.
      It is VERY easy to fly at high speed with them, much easier than with the dragon wings.
      We quickly break the sound barrier and everything becomes very calm.

      This is the first time I'm really exploring other parts of Teraluna, usually I just stay in Haven.
      It is beautiful!
      There are very high and complex trees growing directly out of the sea.
      They must be over a kilometer high each.
      We slow down and fly down, through the crowns of the trees.
      It is difficult to navigate them due to their complexity.

      There are waterfalls in the crowns as well, I wonder where they come from, are the trees emitting water?
      We go lower and lower and finally fly through a maze of waterfalls leading to a spectacular entrance.
      The entrance is absolutely huge. Fortunately it opens by itself.
      Inside there are the same angel statues as in the entrance to Haven.
      As I pass under them I feel myself passing through a forcefield.
      Makes sense, the library must be protected as well.

      I enter the library in amazement, the bookshelves reach into all eternity.
      There is literally no end to them. Even zooming in they seem to go on forever.
      The library is very well lit, everything is very bright and white.
      The shelves are mostly made out of glass.
      Materials feel very modern, but some shapes remind me of the Victorian era.

      Yuya explains what the different kinds of books are and we wander around a bit.
      She shows me quite a few things which I unfortunately cannot quite remember.
      Then we come to a rather special shelf.
      Yuya tells me there's 1001 books in this shelf.
      They all seem very old, and they are huge.
      Nearly 1 meter high and very thick, probably 1000 pages each.

      They feel very special, there's is something about them that really intrigues me.

      "Are we allowed to touch them?"
      "Of course, just be gentle, they are very old."

      I pick the first of them, it's very heavy.
      I gently deposit it on a reading table and open the first page.
      The pages are so old... they feel like papyrus, and you can actually see how the paper was weaved.
      Everything in them is hand written and hand drawn. They are not printed copies.
      It feels sort of amazing touching such an old book, plus the smell is very nice.
      The title of the first page is in a language I do not know.
      The letters are formed by geometric shapes, but somehow I am able to understand it.

      This book is about the beginning... the beginning of... everything?
      They all are! Those 1001 books, is this the story of this universe?
      The story of the dream plane?

      "Yes, they are, are you able to read it?"
      "I'm not sure. I cannot understand the individual words or letters, but somehow I understand some of it."

      I randomly try to read the first few lines at the beginning of some chapters.
      The first one talks about there being nothing but energy.
      Some chapters further they talk about the first gods.
      I honestly have no idea how I'm understanding any of this.
      The numerous images and illustrations help though.

      The language used to write these is very powerful though.
      A single word carries much more meaning than any languages in waking life.
      Considering this, needing 1001 books to describe the history of the dream plane...
      it just feels impossible like any single person could ever know the whole story.

      "True, but it's not finished yet."
      "Not all books have been written yet, after all we're still living the story written in these books."

      "Then why are there exactly 1001 books?"
      "Because exactly 1001 books are needed to tell the story."
      "But, does that mean the dream plane will end once you reach the 1001st book?"
      "Not only the dream plane, the planes cannot exist on their own, they all exist together."

      I'm very surprised, it is known when existence will end?

      "Hyu... the dream plane has existed for eternities, long before Earth was created, long before your universe was formed."
      "That being said, we've barely filled 400 books."
      "We cannot even comprehend for how long things have existed until now, so there is no reason to worry about any ending."


      I browse through some more pages in amazement.
      Somehow I understand that this language is very ancient and was meant to be universal.
      I think I am able to interpret some of it due to the divine phoenix powers, but I'm not sure.
      I end up getting lost in thoughts and wake up...
    3. The Spark Machine, And A Premonition

      by , 06-03-2011 at 12:00 AM (Dark_Merlin's Dream Journal)
      This dream was really, really long! It felt like about 3-4 hours, even though I was only asleep for 45 minutes. There was also a lot of detail in this dream, but I forget big patches of it.

      I had a bunch of friends over, including Jeremy. My house looked different, the front end which contains the living room seemed larger, and the furniture was in a position we used to have it years ago. We were all playing with electronics, and I think before that we were playing the Wii. Most of the lights were off, and we had some kind of device which made sparks. After touching the sparks, I instantly gained the ability to create sparks with my hands, rationalising it as static electricity. Jeremy also touched the device, and started shooting sparks at me.

      We ran around the house in the dark, playing with sparks. Mine were a bright green, his were a bright blue (opposite to what they're supposed to be..) and we kept going until suddenly, they stopped working. Our friends had unplugged the device during some kind of event (not sure what happened?). I found an old hat from the primary school I went to, laying ontop of a small white cupboard that doesn't exist. I put it on, like the cool guy I am, when I heard a car pull up outside - my dad was home

      I recognised the deep rumble of the engine, my dad had been dropped home by one of his old friends who drives a Mini Cooper S. I looked in the car, and it was full of hundreds of copies of the same book. It was a red hard cover book, with white print on the front which was yellowed with age. I remembered knowing what the book was, that it was some sort of book related dad used to be into, my mind created the idea that it was about Mini Coopers and I ignored it.

      Suddenly, two small children, a boy and a girl ran across from my neighbor on the left side. They had just knocked and ran, and were running to their house. They lived on the neighboring house to me on the right side. The man who owned the house came out and chased the kids, and started yelling at them about how it wasn't funny, next to my house, while I walked back inside to find my friends.

      There feels like there was a lot more in this dream, but these are the only parts I remember properly

      EDIT: This morning I woke up and started discussing with dad about my lucid dream, and how wonderful it was to have had another one. We started talking about the infinite possibilities readily available in dreams, and the way those concepts apply to waking reality through a lot of the Eastern religions. After an hour or so, he went out to his room and bought back two books. As soon as I saw it, I recognized it and realized that it hadn't been a book about Mini Coopers. This book was "The Path Of The Masters".

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    4. Nighthog's Journal: 15th February 2011, Spontaneous Skeletons, A Shopping Visit.

      by , 02-15-2011 at 11:55 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      Spontaneous Skeletons
      semi lucid

      I was walking some road or hall in a large place. I suddenly feel like calling for all DC characters to vanish.
      "DC's vanish!" I yell out. There is a huge crowd walking with me but only a handful characters seem to disappear and I also hear complaints...
      "Hey! be carefull!" "You trying to kill us off?" "Don't do that"Seems my gesture wasn't well received. It was said in a annoyed manner by various persons walking around me.
      It's a bit of a surprise to hear the people around me warn me from not doing it again. I'm more surprised that so few characters only vanished at all. Are so many non DC characters I thought?

      We walked onward... a little slip and...
      All people are gone and now I'm facing these dangerous furious looking skeletons with shining red eyes. They are running at me going after me! I recall badly but I think I avoided two or more and pushed some away and they vanished but more and more got summoned. They are closing in on me in menacing manner, really trying to grab me for whatever reason in not a nice way I could tell. I was getting scared for a moment but I start to talk out load to a person like I expect to be there.
      "Hey. could you do something about these skeletons? They aren't really that nice and a bit of a hassle" "There just a bother, I don't like this at all"
      From somewhere I hear a females voice I think answering back and says. "Allright, I'll make them go away" in a kind voice warm voice.
      Next moment in a eye-beat the skeletons are gone and I'm surrounded by a huge crowd of people running past me onward in the hall that I feel like was at before. They are grabbing me and telling me to hurry and get going and to follow. They take me somewhere that I can't recall.

      A Shopping Visit
      Even less semi lucid. not doing anything about it but going along with the flow at the most part.

      I was in a large scale shopping mall or similar. I'm there with a large selection of my old schoolmates. We are shopping for something. Maybe for a party not entirely sure as I drift off into my own browsing not paying much attention on what we as a group would have needed to do or anything. At times I follow and look at different characters that enter the scene. I'm checking them out but it feels like I should not mess with any or try to interrupt people in their own shopping. I was for a moment looking for if I could find a nice girl to hit on or something but people where occupied with their own things so I didn't get up front to them.
      I'm feeling like I should talk or chat up one of my classmates instead if I would want to try that but I kinda decide not to do it in the end as I drift off to look at the various items at sale. I'm quite taken and intrigued by some items. I'm browsing the books section it seems. I find some really shocking titles on sale. Basically everything allowed no restrictions. Many sexual books I see with freely mixed normal ones.
      I'm taken in by a few of the books covers for the more dubious ones. I pick one up to take a closer look but my friends come about and I hurriedly put it back after flipping the pages quickly seeing it's really a book after all. They were telling me to hurry up and come along. I'm really drifting off from the task at hand it seems.
      I walk away and come to the other section nearby. Basically has girls accessories here... Of all kinds >_>; I leer on some of the more fun articles to be found before going along.
      We wander into the games section and I spot a copy of Diablo 3 of all things. This shouldn't be released yet I say with my friend. We fight over who gets to grab it first after I said I spotted it.
      It's a disappointment as it's just hockey cards inside. Just some kind of Promo package on it.
      We return to finding what we need. We meet back up with some of the girls. We had split up to get different items. Seems they have already gotten much of what was needed but we on the other group had basically found nothing.
      We are going together next as they say we should look for them together. They had gone of to get the food articles which would have been easier to pick and find. I notice the girl I had a crush on and follow where she goes. She is busy. I also look at what the others are doing.
      I follow to the side to a backside entrance or something like that. behind the door is a spiral staircase. Girls are walking in and out the door. I'm curious what they are doing there. Seems like they are fixing themselves up or similar. I notice a bit later there was a mirror on the wall just behind the wall on the other side. They were occupied by switching places for time in front of it.
      One of my classmates seems done and walks out and says to me "let's go" she gestures for me to go with her to catch up with the others.
      I now notice the door is next to the Meat-stand. A guy in white stands behind with a large knife cutting away at some meat. He was smiling back at us. He seemed to allow the usage of that back-door maybe to get some looks at the girls going there.
      I follow to start to leave but recall starts to fail as I think I woke up moments later.
    5. Yearly Clown Trap

      by , 01-28-2011 at 05:44 PM (The Mailman's Lounge: A Rest Stop for Dreams)
      Yearly Clown Trap (Non-lucid)


      I'm watching the movie "It". The scene changes and I'm a kid in a store with my mom and sister. The evil clown from "It' is trying to trick kids so he can eat them. The doors close and lock and the evil clown says he has trapped us because we don't love our families. We try reasoning with him but he won't listen when we realize it's hopeless we all start crying because weare going to loose each other. The clown says we do love each other and we are free. The store turns into a dark blue room with tables of stuf fon them. He says we can have anything we want. I realize this happened last year and the year before that. I get a lot of textbooks, the first book in a series and a chest. I find my friend and he has the second book and we agree to trade once I finish reading the first book. I go down the hall because my mom and sister are waiting outside for me. I stop to get a yearbook like I did last year. I wake up once I get in line.

      Side Notes:
      -The reason I realized this happened before is ebcause it was a recuriing dream that I have every year. The last time I had it I woke up right after I got the yearbook.
      -I have a lot of recurring dreams which I'm trying to figure out the menaing of. I think this ties in with my fear of the clown from the movie "It".
    6. Tank Chase in Bollywood Mall

      by , 01-25-2011 at 03:04 AM
      I'm new to posting Dream Journal entries here, so if any aspect of this isn't correct, let me know!

      Now, onto my first entry:

      I and two friends, Chuck and Reg, were being chased down a seemingly endless stairwell by a "Tank," the muscular, hulking type of zombie from the "Left 4 Dead" video-games. We ran down the stairs for some time before suddenly hitting the bottom and entering a mall. At this point the pursuit of the Tank zombie behind us became somewhat secondary in my thoughts as I noticed an ad being played for an animated film that was, strangely, a crossover sequel to the cartoon movies "The Little Mermaid" and "The Pebble and the Penguin" and including a number of the "Disney Princess" characters.
      Suddenly Chuck, for some reason, launched a massive broadsword at me that hit a nearby bulls-eye and barely missed me. He seemed to be attempting to hurt and bother me for fun all of a sudden. As I attempted to escape he "trapped" me in a crowd by somehow causing everyone to abruptly perform a Bollywood musical number, and I was caught up in the chaotic yet choreographed-style movements of those around me amidst blaring Bollywood music coming from everywhere.
      I noticed my dad among the dancers as well and we escaped the dancing and entered a book store, possibly a Border's or Walden's. Inside, I found myself suddenly searching for "Venus in Furs," a book I've heard of but never read and of which I have only a vague knowledge. Some time after this I awoke.
    7. Mall Excursions

      by , 01-12-2011 at 04:30 AM
      1/11/11 - Mall Excursions
      Dream Non-dream Lucid

      The longer dream took place at a huge mall. I was at Barnes & Noble, my favorite place ever, but it was more like a library for some reason. My friend Angela was there, and told me that was where she worked. We sat down by a weird machine; Angela told me it was for donating or renting out books, but for awhile we used its many attached screens to watch NCIS. After awhile I decided to rent out my InuYasha books, since I'd already read them. Angela helped me put them on a sort of conveyer belt, which rolled through the machine and electronically stored the books elsewhere. At some point I changed my mind and wanted my books back. Angela didn't know what to do, though, so I called out, "Can I get some help from someone who actually knows what they're doing?!" The whole store was staring at me, and a man walked up to me. He asked if I'd donated some books, and explained that this machine was for donations only. I was pissed at Angela for screwing up. I told the man that there'd been a mistake, and asked for my books back. He said he could get them back for me, and sat down at a computer on the opposite end of the machine. After typing for awhile, he stood up and told me to go to the back of the store, and that my books were at the reception desk.
      I went to the back of the store and looked around. I saw a little podium labeled, "Reception," but saw no books there. I looked around some more and noticed a huge desk with lots of manga sitting on top, just a couple of feet away. I looked at all the books, but couldn't find mine. I did notice something labeled "Elemental135," but apparently it was the title of the manga. I also saw a Death Note book and, I think, some Dragonball Z.
      Finally I decided to go back to the man at the machine. "My books aren't there," I told him. He asked me what books I'd been looking for, and after some thought I remembered having InuYasha VizBig Edition, books 1-3. He went back to the manga I'd been looking at and pulled out a book, saying it was mine. I looked at it and it was something I'd never heard of before.

      I somehow ended up in a different scene. I was with B&N's owner's daughters, three little girls around ages 6-10. I was supposed to babysit them, and the owner and I were on friendly terms, so he trusted me. I found myself in a big room with a weird stairway formation that led to the ceiling. *The girls were all running to the highest point they could reach, in fear of something. They told me about an evil thing coming to get us. We climbed up the stairs and onto some banister-like things near the ceiling; it was pretty high up. Suddenly, through a large gap in the stair formation, I saw spurts of water shooting up in a circle. I asked the girls if it was the "evil thing" and they nodded. I told them it was just a fountain, and we were all relieved. Right then, their parents came home. I was switched to 3rd-person view, and saw myself, though I looked and acted like another person, a young woman with thick black hair, suddenly feign anger and yell, "Get down from there!" as if scolding the children. "I" jumped down to the floor, and a couple of the children fell from their perches in the banisters. I believe the were hurt. Their father rushed over, pissed, and ordered me to leave. I tried to explain about the "evil" fountain, and he said they had done the same thing earlier, and that they'd already been told it was just a fountain. I felt like, somehow, the children's memories had been erased. The father tended to his children.

      That was the end there, but I remember something else happening at the same mall. I was with someone, possibly Will, and we were in a small shop. It was empty except for a long counter at one end, where an old man, supposedly our grandpa, stood. On each side of the counter was a door. He went through the door on the left, and emerged with two baby bears on chain leashes. We were supposed to walk them, so Will and I each took a chain and took the bears out the door on the right, which led into the mall. I don't really remember where we walked. At some point we returned the bears to my grandpa, and repeated the process with a second set of cubs. We were still walking them when I woke up.

      I went back to sleep for a few hours, and had another dream.
      I remember being at my house with a new puppy, a pug or boxer. I think its name was Boulder. I was trying to decide where it would sleep, when it peed all over the bathroom counter, at which point I decided it would sleep in Will's room.

    8. A Book Lover's Habit, Bladder Desperation, etc

      by , 10-26-2010 at 07:30 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      Changed my colors. Also, only one page left in my dream journal! Then I move onto a new one. This one is starting to look beat up anyway, from being in my bed. Plus the cats trampling all over it. I've had it since June 2008. I hope that the next one will go faster - because it has longer entries in it, not just a bunch of fragments!


      Darkness (Non-lucid)

      I think it was completely dark. A creature made of dark substance was attacking me over and over again, and it couldn't be killed.

      Bugs? (Non-lucid)

      Star Trek like world. A guy wearing a Trek uniform took out something from it that was covered with black dots. He looked to the doorway were a woman was standing, giving her a questioning look as he held it up.

      A Book Lover's Habit (Non-lucid)

      We either went to a bookshop or walked through one. As we were leaving, I got distracted by looking at book titles and then the two people in the room. I said something to them and started to leave, and again, and the last time I started to leave I really got distracted. I think we talked about a previous transaction I had with them, and then we talked about these two forms, green and red, and something about one or both of them being my consultant.

      I started to fill out the green form hurriedly, and my writing was messy. I accidentally signed my name (looking really bold, like I'd embellished it) in Japanese, as ケイトリン, and the woman pointed it out to me. I said it was an accident and wrote my real first name under it.

      She said it was okay, and then started talking in Spanish about how someone she knew said some phrase sometimes. She repeated the phrase twice, and it was short. Might have had 'que' in it.

      I knew mom was going to be mad, because she was outside in the car waiting. I took the red form with me to fill out later.

      I got in the car and yep, mom was mad. I'm pretty sure there was someone else in there too. I was apologizing, and as I gestured, a half-eaten green sucker I had in my hand flew off the stick and landed somewhere in her direction. That actually eased the tension and we laughed a bit.

      - Earlier: 'Bike', paint, my sister

      - Might have taken place in this dream: masturbation in my mom's bathroom.

      Fragments (Non-lucid)

      ~ My sister told me that she liked 'BL/yaoi'. She explained that gay relationships were more complex and interesting than the relationships you normally see in shows (which is actually my reason). I believe this took place in her living room, and her boyfriend was in the room.

      - Mom, mad, my friend, pix?

      ~ I believe I(?) was in this room full of people. There was this game where you have to kiss someone or you're killed. Me and a boy shared a (bad) kiss. Then we had sex.
      Most explicit sex dream I've had in a while, and I think most detailed.

      Bladder Desperation (Non-lucid)

      Deja vu dream, as if I'd gone through the ordeals in it before.

      Takes place in a school-like place.

      I have to use the bathroom, but every one I come to has too many people around, and it's mixed. At one point I start to go in one but a guy comes in!

      I pass a food court and a girl calls out to me, saying something like 'you're sitting with us, right?'. I look and the people at the table don't particularly seem familiar. I get the feeling she doesn't want someone else to take the seat. I pass on.

      I see a girl, possibly with short dirty-blonde hair (I think she works there) and ask her if she knows of a private bathroom I could use. She takes me with her and we go to the staff area, where the counter is. We squeeze past them (I think the manager guy is there) as the girl explains that I really have to go. The guy and a few others tease me, saying something about bladder desperation and how it can be hot.

      - Somewhere around here, I look at my finger and it has salt on it. I lick it off, and the guy says I should eat it with ice cream
      (I think this was inspired by me wanting to try french fries with ice cream in real life).

      He (and a few others?) end up coming along with us, leading me through some very weird obstacles, one being having to wait for just the right moment for these yellow bed foam pads to swing away before you dived onto this other slippery, squeezing material and dug your way through. It was extremely hard and I didn't think I was ever going to claw my way out.

      When we finally get there, it's a small space with netted areas off to the side. People are sitting at a table on one side, and on the other there's a guy playing with a kid on some more foam I believe.

      I'm pretty worried, because the whole reason I couldn't go before is because I have a shy bladder, but there's people here too, and in a closed space.

      I think they realize I can't go there when they see the people. One guy suggests that there's a place outside I could go - think he had before. I think I considered that I'd need toilet paper then.

      - Earlier?: I'm singing on a show (with Lizzie McGuire?). We're sitting in a classroom.
      - There was a girl sitting beside me and I mistook her for someone I knew who looked just like her, only she had one eye
      (I watched a Futurama episode night about Leela). I believe it's the two-eyed girl who tells me I sing well, even though I thought I wasn't singing my best because we weren't actual recording. We sung more than once.

      Note: The whole reason for this dream was because I went to bed having to go, and every time I woke up after that I ignored it. Just before this dream my bladder was definitely started to get annoyed with me, but once more I ignored it. It was actually really interesting to see the dream that resulted from it.

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    9. Medieval writings and a magic orca

      by , 09-01-2010 at 11:15 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am in my old bedreeom at my parents house sometime in the early 90s. I appear as I did when I was about 14 or 15 or so. It is nighttime and the sun has not quite yet begun to rise. I can hear my mom and dad stirring in thier bedroom down the hall. Because I like to sleep in and afraid that my dad will try to get me at the same time he does (which is something he did throughout my whole teenage life) I get up and quietly close the door to my room.

      Even though I have the intention of going back to sleep I turn the light on for some reason and see that my bed is now covered in many books. Many are on Medieval folklore or literature but there is one book about how to write stories. I sit down on my bed and open it up to a section that is like a 'choose your own adventure' and also has many ideas for names. On the wall running parallel to my bed a vision or hallucination is projected of how my thoughts and imagination are processing the information of the book.

      The dimensions of my room suddenly change and it is much larger than before with a much higher ceiling. An orca whale appears and starts swimming around the air of my room like it was in water. Somehow I know that this orca is magic and also my animal companion.

      Reading more of the book I learn in the dream how to write fantastic stories and when I am done and put the book down I don't even need to use paper or writing implements because I can just project the images from my imagination onto the walls or floor of my bedroom and the images become real. Somehow I know that my magic orca is helping me do this but I don't know how to explain exactly in what ways.

      Because I have so many ideas in my head the scenes change quickly until one catches my eye. At first I cannot tell what it is. Projected on the floor of my bedroom something appears to be moving quickly under the water of a seagrass enclosed, shallow river channel along a Medieval looking countryside. It takes a few moments for me to recognize the creature but I finally realize that it is a beluga whale. My orca companion becomes excited and begins swimming around the room rather exuberantly.

      I take a picture of the beluga scene for my orca companion with my imagination powers and my friend seens happy to float over my shoulder and look at the postcard sized image for a while, though for some reason he seems rather sad all of a sudden. The beluga in the projected scene seems to realize this somehow and starts blowing bubbles.

      One bubble is very big and the orca swims towards it, shrinking insize as he goes, until he is small enough to fit inside of it. As soon as he goes inside of the bubble both the orca and the bubble disappear along with the scene that had been projected on my floor.

      At first I am confused and unable to make the scene reappear. Then I notice that the postcard sized image has changed and now shows both the beluga and the orca swimming happily in the shallow river channel rather than the beluga alone. I somehow know that my orca is now with a friend and this makes me happy.

      The dream ends there.
    10. Barnes and Noble

      by , 06-24-2010 at 05:20 PM (Mespia's DJ of Doom)
      I was going to Barnes and Noble with my friend for school.

      "I used to go a Roman Catholic church, but now I go to a Christian church," she said.

      "Ok," I said. "So what church do you go to?"

      "St. Joe's," she replied. She then handed me something. It was a piece of platic grid about the size of the palm of my hand, with fake flowers woven into it. On one of the bottom corners, there was a small balloon, about a quarter of the size of the grid, maybe larger. It was a happy face balloon.

      "Remember when you made this at my party last year?" she asked.

      I didn't remember, but I thought it was cool. "Oh yeah." I pretended I did. "Thanks."

      We walked over to a long table amid the large bookcases. There were several laptop computers on it, and we both sat down and got to work. After awhile, I wandered off to the end of the table, where there was a turning rack filled with various things. There were a couple of strange looking notebooks, labeled "miniature notebooks". It was a square with about two inch sides. The covers of the notebook were wooden, and you pulled them apart pulling one up and the other down. The paper in the middle opened like a post-it stack. I checked the price. It was five dollars. I thought that was a bit too expensive, so I set it back down. My eye caught something else, though. It was a balloon on a stick.

      It was small, the stick being maybe eight inches tall. The balloon was very tiny, smaller than a baseball. It was a yellow happy face. I immediately wanted this, but the price was $9.08. I thought that was way too expensive, so I set it down sadly and went to look at some books.

      I saw a search computer that you could use to find books in the store. I searched first for a book on lucid dreaming but I found it had bad reviews, so I searched for another book on it. This one looked good, so I went and found it. It seemed way too short, though, and not something I wanted to buy, so I put it back. Then I remembered that I had wanted to read Ender's Game. I searched for it and didn't find anything. I saw this guy I know also looking at books, and then I went back to the table.

      By this time, other people were there, and I had to squeeze in. The computer that I had been looking at before had been closed, and the top of it looked like a Nintendo DS. I thought this was a bit strange - why would there be a large DS on the table? But then somebody flipped it open and I saw that it was a computer.

      A few of the people at the table and I went back to my house, because I was going to have a party. I grabbed my sweatshirt.

      My other friend, Michelle, came up to me. "Only you would wear that sweater," she said.

      I thought about it. Maybe I shouldn't wear my sweater after all. I set it back down and went home. We went up to my room where this other girl, Jessica, and I sat down. She put down her bag, and I put down mine. I was a bit jealous of her bag, because it was prettier.

      Several other things happened, and I'm not sure what they all are.

      However, after that I was sitting down, thinking that my party that was supposed to be so fun was a complete failure. I was upset, and then I woke up.
    11. Books, IMSA people, dead snake, friends, food

      , 06-19-2010 at 04:24 PM
      I was in my old apartment in Taiwan and I woke up in the room and realized I was really late to a IMSA trip. My dad help me put up cloth. so I was wearing the brownie T-shirt, a white formal-looking blouse, and a kimono (??). I put those random stuff in the purse Anu gave me (it feels like that time when I was late to 6 flags).
      I went to the school with a book about an adventure in hand. oddly, I started to help my friends lifting book. My roommate had a lot of book to carry, so I helped her with that. Lucy had at least five huge stacks of book she needed to carry, so I helped her carry them to a library, which was filled of books. because of all those work, I missed the trip, luckily those people only went to "korean to korean" , "popcorn world" (something like that) those restaurants, and there are more trips on that week. i kinda feel bad about missing the sushi meal in "korean to korean". I was hungry and I went into a room where Jing was sitting in front of a plate filled with mini hamburgers. the meat looked like turkey to me, but she told me it was beef. So I could only eat one of those apples with onion in them; I closed my eyes to chew the apple and onion.

      I also dreamed of seaweed wrapped around rice on a plate. On the circular seaweed (beneath it is rice) a dead, short snake is wrapped within seaweed. I was in line with my IMSA friends waiting to get onto a plane and I want to eat. but I was afraid that the dead snake already contaminate my seaweed and rice. I took the snake in the seaweed from my plate and put it in my pocket because something told me that I should keep it, and then I ate everything else on that plate. when I reached the end of the line I remembered to wave at vlad in case he got mad at me again for getting ahead of him, but unlike that time at six flag he was cool with it.
    12. Not a Skeleton (or a skeleton transforms into books)

      by , 08-26-1997 at 02:26 PM
      Morning of August 26, 1997. Tuesday.

      I dreamt of a skeleton that was buried in Cubitis (where I have not lived since 1978). The identity of the skeleton remains unknown. A strong wind blows dirt from it as I watch. Eventually, instead of a skeleton, it turns out to be edges of many interesting magazines and books. (Human remains becoming something else over time, or having been something else even when there does seem to be a real change, has been a sparsely recurring dream event.)

      Because skeletons, ghosts, and similar concepts relate to unfocused conscious awareness within a dream when books define a clearer conscious focus (though I do not become lucid), such a dream symbolizes increasing neural activity towards waking. Wind represents the passage of time.

    13. From the ceiling…

      by , 03-23-1974 at 09:23 AM
      Morning of March 23, 1974. Saturday.

      I am either (originally implied to be) resting or “sleeping” within my dream, with my bed being fully in the southwest corner of my Cubitis bedroom, aligned along the south wall near the one jalousie window, though my head to the east, lying on my right side at first.

      After a time, I hear someone say my name from above (but seemingly close to my head), the dream becoming more vivid, followed by “Claude…here are some books” with a loving and intimate intonation. It is my “mystery girl”, but I am not sure where she is, perhaps in another dimension oriented above my bed, with the portal being part of the ceiling itself, though the ceiling does not look any different. Several large old books fall somewhat in slow motion (or somehow held back from falling more heavily as if perhaps by levitation) onto my bed. There is a very clear and strong sensation of weight shifting by the books landing on my bed. For a short time, I consider that the girl will join me, but I do not see her anywhere at any time. There is a vivid sense of antiquity as well as a feeling that these books are also one-of-a-kind. They mostly seem somewhat encyclopedic, some relating to the paranormal or perhaps spiritual rituals. I am somehow somewhat aware that the writing in one book reminds me somewhat of plant roots (which is a recurring concept) even though I do not seem to be looking inside any of the books. This event seems to be happening in the morning. Sunlight is filling my room and I feel a sense of true love from somewhere unknown.

      I am disappointed that they are not there after I wake up, as if I have residual consideration that items from my dreams can materialize in reality with the right focus.

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