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    1. No recall for the wicked

      by , 10-23-2016 at 08:42 AM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I was a bit too excited from yesterday's dream and changed my mantra. I'm not sure if that was a contributing factor but I ended up not recalling anything except waking up several times in the night and doing reality checks, and being unable to remember my previous dreams. All i can salvage is a single dream fragment where I was in a shared bedroom dormitory with people from my university, and we were about to go to sleep, so I guess that False Sleeping is a thing now.
    2. #208: Fragments

      by , 09-09-2016 at 03:43 AM
      I'm a spectator. I see the tarmac of an airport from the side. Meanwhile I hear an explanation being given. There's a sort of rocket ship, with a plane attached on top of it. It's taking off, but at a slow pace. The explanation is that the Dutch rapper Sevn Alias has funded/invented this. It allows for a plane to take off cheaper and faster than with the currently accepted method. The rocket ship flies slowly above water, to my surprise dives in, resurfaces and then the plane detaches and takes off. The rocket ship stays put for a bit, before flying back, using vertical thrusters. That was.. an usual way to take off. Also, is Sevn Alias really already that rich that he can afford this?!

      This dream is all over the place. I'm near an airport and see an Indonesian girl working at an office. She's not satisfied with her job, because her boss gave a crazy assignment. She has to write a certain number of pages on a topic, which she considers a crazy amount. She is wearing a black skirt and a striped shirt. The office is open, as in no walls. Somehow the info reaches me that I will be taking a trip to Maluku. I think it's business, because it will be paid for. I look up flight information. The quickest flight has 1 stopover. The total flight time is 24 hours. What the hell?! It's quicker to fly back to the Netherlands. Also I think I will shit my pants if I have to fly for 24 hours, considering Indonesia's poor safety record.

      I'm sitting in my dormitory living room, together with a few guys. We're eating grapes. I take 3, one of them smaller than the other two. I start juggling them, to the amusement of the other guys.

      I'm in a street in the Netherlands. I'm in the old car of my ex' brother. I'm not sure what I did exactly anymore. Park it all over the place?

      It's night and I'm with my cousin and my little brother. My brother and I are inside a vehicle that's seems like a crossover between a double decker bus and a rolling restaurant. Downstairs is the 'restaurant' section, upstairs I think the bedrooms and what not. I've pretty much locked up for the night. My cousin shows up. We talk for a while. He's planning to go somewhere. I think I tell him to be responsible and don't stay out too late, or something along those lines. At the end of the dream the vehicle is out of control. It keeps moving down the street towards an intersection and no matter how hard I try to break, it keeps going. Eventually we collide with a car. Fuck.

      If I dream about cars they rarely/never seem to have functional brakes.
    3. #182: Yet another short lucid.. / Shoes & Africans / Water money

      by , 07-22-2016 at 03:18 AM
      Went to bed around 1am, woke up from my alarm at 6am, stayed awake till 7am and then went back to sleep.

      Yet another short lucid..
      Im in my friend Fays dormitory, in her room [which is much smaller than her real room]. Were in her bed together, trying to sleep. Its a single bed, so were cozied up together. For the most part, I'm facing away from her, and she is hugging my back. After a while I consider this to be odd. Not in a dreamlike sense, but in a 'this is morally wrong' sense, considering that we're both in a relationship and are friends with each other's partners. There are some holes in my memory of the dream. At one point I'm completely nude, just because it is so hot. I feel like she wasn't able to see it anyway, so it didn't matter much. Some time later I put on my blue/white boxers with a red waistband. At yet another moment we're facing each other. She laughs at me 'pretending' to have been sleeping. She's talking in English. There's a point where it just becomes so weird to me that I feel the need to RC. I'm sure now that I managed to push my finger through my palm, but at that moment my view was obstructed, so I wasn't sure. At a later moment in time I have severe difficulties opening my eyes. I know this feeling. It's happened to me before in dreams! It takes me forever to open my eyes. I think it's at this point that my friend is becoming touchy. I resist at first, but as I'm becoming more confident that I'm in a dream I let up. Finally I decide to perform another RC. My finger goes through my palm and I can see it clearly this time. There is no weird sensation though, like there sometimes is. It also took a lot of effort to push my finger through, as if my skin was resisting it. I move my finger around in my palm for a bit. Then I get slightly excited and think about what I want to do. I get up from the bed. There's 2 things on my mind: I want to teleport a friend in here and I literally said something along the lines of "Sweet, now let's make that fireball eh waterball," in Dutch. I go for the waterball. I think to myself for a moment whether I shouldn't take the time to stabilise first. Ah nah, screw that. Ok so how do I make a waterball? I improvise. I put my right hand up in the air, forming it in a half circle. With my left hand I start pushing into this circle, as if I'm trying to move something (water) into it. I can hear a dog bark. Neighbour's dog. Fuck. It's destabilising me. I'm trying to focus and to remain stable, but I wake up. I perform a RC. This is not a FA. The neighbour's dog is really barking.. for just a few seconds.

      I definitely need to read up on stabilisation again, considering how many lucids I've had lately and how quickly they always end.

      Shoes & Africans
      I'm in the room of my dormitory. There are some shoes on the desk that I never use. Including some women's shoes. They're all black or another dark colour. I take them outside with me. I put on one of my own shoes, the black ones. Only on the right foot though. I think I'm wearing white socks. I walk downstairs with the other shoes still in my hand. There's a large gathering of African students downstairs. The hall is much bigger than it is in reality. If I had known that there would be people around, I wouldn't have made a fool of myself by wearing only one shoe. Also, there's this many Africans here? I would've loved to know this earlier. There are a lot of people here I don't know though. I should lock my room. I think I hear some talk in English. That's all I remember.

      Water money
      I'm at the dormitory again. This time there are just a few people, including our non-English speaking guard. Someone makes a joke that since we [the tenants] are paying for drinking water and the guard is also using it, he should also pay. He tells him in English. I ask the guard in Indonesian if he understood, ready to translate if necessary. He tells me he did. He'll get his money. I think it's kind of mean, considering how little he earns from this job.
    4. In dormitory room, assasinating president

      by , 08-14-2015 at 08:25 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was living in college dormitory with two other dudes, and a teacher. The room was a total mess. Literally, everything was scattered everywhere - clothes, plates, furniture etc. It looked like a hurricane went off there. Nobody had problem with that though. Those two dudes that were living in there too, had an argue with teacher. This argue have made the teacher made enough, so that he won't let them pass for another year. I tried to talk with all of them, but they haven't listened to me. I decided to leave them, and thought about something to do. Suddenly I've got an idea. Assasinating a president - I managed to gather a group of three men, and we were preparing equipment for an assault, but then an enforcer appeared to kill us. We lied to him that we were preparing for some kind of ceremony, and he believed.
    5. Musical Travels

      by , 09-19-2013 at 04:28 AM
      This LD was the second of two from the morning of 9/17/2013.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #148: Musical Travels

      I have a false awakening early morning on a couch in a room that looks like a basement. Wife's sitting nearby. I'm unhappy to get up but there's something I need to be doing, so I follow her out into the hallway of an office building. Through the windows I see that it's still dark out. Some guy with glasses and a shaved head is dressed for work and waves toward the parking lot at someone I can't see. I wonder how he's in such a good mood so early.

      Wife convinces me that there's something I need to look for in the bathroom, so I go to find it. I walk down a long corridor and take a right through a narrow hallway filled with people. As I'm pushing my way through the crowd I sort of knock this one guy to the ground. Rather than apologize, I hurry away, hoping he didn't see me do it. (Not nice at all, I know...)

      Once inside the bathroom, I forget what I was looking for, so I wander out another door back into the hallway. There's a folksy country duet playing over unseen speakers, an older man and woman singing sweetly about the life and love they've shared. I think how cool it would be if dreams could produce music like this... and a wave of suspicion makes me
      hit the nose pinch RC and I'm lucid.

      I continue down the hallway to a fat guy standing behind a small desk that's stacked with literature. One of his hands is resting on the papers and I grab onto it, trying to bring extra vividness into the scene. He looks horrified by this and when I think about it a bit more, I don't feel too great about it myself, either. "Sorry about that," I say, continuing down the hall. I think about what I intended to do with this dream and remember the Task of the Month about going into the girls' locker room.

      I follow several twists and turns in the hallway, each one leaving the hallways narrower than the last, all the while expecting that the next turn will lead me to the girls' locker room. Finally, I step through a door at the end of the hallway into a room that looks like some kind of really nicely-furnished barracks or dormitory. A double stairway encircles an elegant fountain and leads up to a room that stretches far into the distance, either wall lined with beds. There's a huge number of DCs here, all female, many of them in the beds and some just walking around.

      I try to verbally insist that this is a women's locker room rather than a big dormitory, but somehow I get the idea to sing my intent. As I do this, the whole thing turns into this huge musical number that both me and the women in the dormitory are singing at the same time. It was sort of 80s-sounding, but an original song. If I had to pick a song, it was probably closest to Bonnie Tyler's "I Need a Hero". The whole thing was pretty awesome.

      Most of the DCs are dancing while all of this is going on, with a few of them even doing these fancy handsprings over the beds. I can't remember many of the lines, but one of them was definitely something like

      "It's the girls' locker room,
      Where the lockers have bras and socks and stuff!"

      I know that this isn't the locker room and as cool as this musical performance is, I still want to try to pull off a task. There's a cinderblock wall behind me, and I phase through it, winding up in the void. I rub my hands together then try to feel my way forward. There's someone else here with me in this void, a female presence. Rather than speaking, she begins to softly sing. Her voice is beautiful and echoes everywhere around me. She says something like, "I can only take this journey with you if you <something something...??>" (What was it? Wish I could remember this!)

      In a moment I feel my body settling onto some soft dirt. I'm laying on my back and the singer, a woman in her mid-to-late twenties is also lying in the dirt a few feet away. Her ethnicity is difficult to guess but I feel like she might be some combination of Asian and Hispanic. We're in some kind of construction site near an unfinished building. To her right, maybe twenty feet away is a chain-link fence. Past that I see a spotlight glaring at us and lighting the area where we've landed. She starts to get to her feet and as I follow her lead,
      the dream ends.
    6. My Dragon Flying Lessons

      by , 11-12-2012 at 01:44 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Nov 11, 2012

      The name 'Raon' came to mind. I'm trying to learn how to fly in my dragon form, but I keep falling. I find it hard to get up even to the second level of a building. I mostly just stay in my room in a dormitory. I occupy a room, but there should be an extra bed there, where I put my disorganized stuff. I'm told someone's going to rent the other bed soon. I have to arrange my stuff but felt so lazy.

      Direk A. comes in and talks to me. I think it was about my learning to fly. He didn't stay long. Just kind of reminded me.

      I am in a place outside, in the streets. I am with Red S. and a few people. We are talking about ghosts and stuff. Became partially aware of being in a dream, and that I should wake up.

      Woke up not feeling well still. Feeling anxious.
    7. A Journey

      by , 10-13-2012 at 01:36 AM (Voyages of a Skywalker)
      We are outside. It is beautiful day. Sun shining. And near some sort of fenced lot when the animals begin to roam. They are huge and attacking everyone. As I head east, an animal tracks me down so I hold very still. I breathe deeply. The animal passes. I make it back to the dorms where I find myself in a room that is not mine. I'm only wearing a short dress as I peruse the closet. It is filled with a retro clothing may be from the seventies. I'd try on a mauve, long sleeved button up shirt. I know I'll need some sort of cold protection. I take the shirt and see that there's a dog in the room. I fear it is one of the wild alien animals and continue to treat it as such, however it doesn't seem to pose any threat. I take a shower hoping the dog will leave me alone. It just jumps in. Brian joins me. I'm in room 19. We start to have sex but here a jeep pull up outside of our window. The jeep crew some of whom we may or may not know, offer to take us to a refuge. However we cannot tell the leaders what we've done or we will be negatively judged. I think we refuse. Now we are in Brian's car driving north of the few companions on a busy street. We see through a foggy sky a fleet of quick moving UFOs do twisty curvy maneuvers. They are blasting some announcement over their communication form. Brian and I are making fun of the address because it seems very obvious. All of a sudden a blanket of snow and ice is on all you can see. We panic a bit and start looking for any extra clothing we can pile on. I still am sporting a short dress and the shirt from someone's retro closet. I spy a hat, one of those kind with fur on the inside. a girl we are with grabs at first but soon I spy and other like it. After driving for a bit we realize that there is no more snow. We've reached a mountain. The road to it, you can spot all sorts of perversely large animals. The results of the recent panic. We traverse a rocky path alongside the mountain. Inlaid eye level in the mountains are short wide windows. I look inside and see a classroom laboratory. The people inside don't seem to be concerned about the recent panic. Now I'm at Suzette Kenny's house. I into the basement and Kenny is sleeping on the couch. As I go upstairs I'm thinking about the safety of Maya and mom. Suzette assures me they are safe. There is a black man smiling at me on the couch. Sharon appears to be very frail. I tell Suzette I plan on walking back, but she insists on giving me a ride.

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    8. The Unprepared Astronaut

      by , 10-05-2012 at 03:46 PM
      I finally made it into space! Even though I had no idea how to handle myself once I got there, the fact that I flew up there was a huge milestone. Before this, stable flight had been a bit elusive for me. Big step forward!

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #20: The Unprepared Astronaut

      I'm a graduating senior in college, following around a guy who seems to think we're close friends. I feel pretty guilty because I have no memory of him at all. I'm accompanying him so he can say his post-college goodbyes to his girlfriend. We meet her outside of a dormitory, and I recognize her as a girl that I know from high school. I recognize how weird this is and quickly find myself lucid.

      Both of the dream characters freeze in place, looking into one another's eyes. I decide to leave the love birds alone while I take another pass at Task of the Month. (In this case, I'm going to be trying to remove my head and replace it with a pumpkin.) I try to will a mirror onto the outer dormitory wall but nothing appears.

      I remember how much more dream control success I have when I'm detailed and thorough. I try again, this time imagining an ornate mirror that's been worn by time, the paint on its frame beginning to chip and flake off. This time I get my mirror!

      I look into the mirror but it's dirty and cloudy-looking. The reflection looks like a shirtless me but it's very hard to make out any detail. I wipe at the mirror but it just doesn't make any difference. Rather than get hung up here and waste a lucid dream doing glass-cleaning, I decide to spend my time trying out other things.

      I leave the grounds of the dormitory and head out onto a quiet, empty street. The morning feels chilly and the city is covered with a blanket of fog. I wonder what this fog looks like from above, so I decide to try flying above it. This time, I focus on the little details. The chill of humid air against my fingertips. The breeze flowing past my hair and tickling my scalp. Concentrating on these sensations leaves me no time for doubt and I smoothly rise up into the fog.

      The fog swallows me whole as I rise. I wonder how long it will take me to pierce it. I feel myself going faster and faster and soon I'm rocketing up through the atmosphere. The fog never seems to end and I feel like I must be high above the Earth.

      Suddenly I break through into blackness. I stop rising, my momentum suddenly gone. I'm in the blackness of space and the fog is now a floor below me. I realize that it isn't just the city that was covered in fog -- it's the entire planet. I am able to breathe but I somehow can't keep myself from doing so in these desperate, shallow gasps.

      My flight abilities have stopped working and my arms and legs flail helplessly. I will myself a pair of rocket shoes but I get confused trying to work the lever that turns them on. I start losing my cool and my breathing becomes even gaspier until
      I wake up.

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    9. Sparta Fragment

      by , 09-21-2012 at 09:49 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      This is a really vague fragment because I was tired from a little indigestion episode last night and didn't recall when I woke up. I only recalled while I was on my laptop when I realized I didn't recall my dream. It was lucky that I am quite practiced when it comes to recall salvaging so I caught the essence of it.

      It is something about me playing a game in my school dormitory. It is a fantasy game, and one of my quests are to stab Xerxes.
    10. Ants in my Bed

      by , 05-25-2012 at 09:22 AM

      I'm in a library, at the magazines section. On of the clerks there suggests that I'm not wanted there. I say that unless they wish to throw me out I will come there every now and then to check out new articles in a couple of science magazines. The clerk apparently cannot do anything. I check the articles and look for the exit. There is a small tunnel, meant for kids. On the other side of the room I find a door and then stairs leading down.


      I find myself in a large hall, surrounded by what seem like doors to hotel rooms, numbered, on two floors. It's a dormitory, all the guests are about my age, students. My wife is there and she is changing rooms with someone. Many people are changing, because one is leaving and they all want a slightly better room.

      I go to my room. There are ants on the floor, they form a path that leads to my bed. There must be something sweet on the bed, although I don't remember leaving anything there. I kick the bed a little to scare them. They start running away very quickly, and they are carrying something. I look more closely and it looks like pieces of a nest, with huge eggs, about half the size of a chicken egg. Apparently they thought the warmth under the blanket would be a good place for a nest. Some of the ants are still panicking around the bed, and there are some pieces of the nest left. I expect them to move, so I don't touch anything yet.


      There is some even going on, that we are all attending. It's about an art, maybe writing, possibly painting. There is a practice session going on, but I leave early to go to a diner before it closes. I get back the session ends.
    11. Poor Girl, Everyone is Afraid of Her

      by , 02-19-2012 at 12:21 AM
      While doing the laundry, I find out the machine came with complementary detergent. I press the button to dispense it. I get one large and three small jugs of detergent.

      A girl I haven't seem since elementary school whose name I like is in my English class.

      My mom is sleep-talking something about being suicidal. It's kind of disturbing, but it's still just sleep talk. She sticks me with the dog for my vacation. It's a large white poodle that looks neglected (my mom hasn't actually got a dog).

      I arrive at the hotel room with the dog and my bag. I just booked my flight for tomorrow after getting here, but there's something else I need to do. For some reason I need headphones, but the only ones I can find are broken. I'm sure I packed working headphones. I make a mess while I'm looking, pulling everything out of my bag, but I don't find them. All of my stuff is so unorganized. It really bothers me. I go out to see if I can find some new headphones to buy, but I don't find anything.

      When I get back, my things have been moved and I find two other people in my room: a man and his mostly grown daughter. We talk about random things while I try to put my belongings in order. I tell them I am going to Hawaii and that I have a couple of friends that go to college there. They say "no way!" I try to tell them the name of the university my friends go to, but I can't remember it.

      It occurs to me I forgot about the dog, and I don't see him anywhere. I find him in the bathroom. Apparently the hotel staff put him there while I was gone. The other two people in my room have a dog, too. My books got put on the shelves, which are collapsing, and my books are all mixed in with the hotel's books. Several stacks of books fall onto the floor. It really, really bugs me to see books in that condition, but I have too many things to deal with right now to fix it. There is so much extra stuff in this room that I can barely move. There is a set of coins on the table that I didn't put there. The hotel staff left a barrette and a bunch of other crap here (I can't tell if it's complementary, or they charge you if you take it- regardless, I don't want any of this junk). I'm trying to ditch the unnecessary Hawaiian shirts I packed and get my bag ready for the flight tomorrow. I haven't even gone through it and made sure I didn't leave a knife or something in there by accident, which I am always afraid of doing anytime I have to deal with airport security.

      I wake up. Blah, what a nightmare, having so much to do and not enough time and everything got messier the more I tried to organize things. I have enough of that sort of stress with going to college. I could do without in my dreams

      I fall back asleep.

      I'm playing Minecraft. There's a skeleton glitching through the wall (in a corner). I was on the other side of that wall earlier. I try to kill the glitchy skeleton, but I destroy the wall instead. I quickly finish off the skeleton and try to rebuild the wall. I don't have enough stone or cobbles. I frantically look through what I do have, to see if I can find something to finish patching the wall with. I almost use coal ore blocks, but then I decide to use planks instead.

      My memory of this part is so fuzzy now, but I know I was lucid. I realized I was dreaming, somehow. There was a guy in a red plaid shirt. I almost forgot it was a dream, walking past some wood tables and chairs, but I reminded myself that it is a dream. At the end, there is a girl with special powers. Everyone is, or wants to, hold her captive because they are afraid of her.

      I think I woke up, but it may have been a false awakening. It feels like I'm in SP now. I'm lying on my back, unable to move. My body rotates (or, depending which way you look at things, the room rotates), and my legs end up going through the wall nest to my bed. My body keeps moving, and I end up going all the way through the wall.

      I'm in a car. It's very vivid. I take a minute to admire the details: the feel of the seatbelt, the soft interior lining. Kiki (from Sluggy Freelance) is here. I get out of the car. It's parked in a parking lot with construction materials, on a bit of land mostly surrounded by a lake. I tell Kiki to come with me. She jumps out of the car and scrambles up my shoulder. Everything goes fuzzy.

      I feel like I'm in SP again. There is a slight but uncomfortable pressure on my midsection.

      Now I'm on a sort of rollercoaster. It's a track twisting all around a pole, over this shallow elongated pool of cheesy muckiness. I don't see a rollercoaster car that I am in, but I am going along the rollercoaster. It's like I'm pulling myself along the tracks. My point of view ought to be rotating as I'm going along this twisting track, but it doesn't. I get to the end of the twisty part of the track. Now it goes straight, but I've somehow ended up on the underside of the track. This isn't right.

      After the weird track thing, I walk across a bridge. I'm walking down a corridor and see a kid with short platinum blond hair that has a bit that sticks up. He reminds me of Harry Potter. I turn left, walking in his direction. There's a door here, different from all the other doors along the corridor (this place feels like a dormitory). The one odd door looks like it could be sealed from the outside, like a vault. I open the door and look inside. A girl with long black hair is in there. They fear her because she is a summoner. She's my daughter?
      My alarm goes off.

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    12. Dried Up Contacts

      by , 12-06-2011 at 03:56 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Sleep: 1:31 AM
      Method: Intention "I will remember my dream"

      My contacts dried up. I threw them out of my window. Travel. Dormitory.
    13. Nov 29 Dream Travel on the Dawn

      by , 12-01-2011 at 09:27 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I just recalled my dream yesterday, or a part of it.

      I was riding a taxi from a place after some seminar. We were traveling on a road, and to the left, I can see an expanse of water. Not the sea, as far as I can tell. And the sun is there, rising, so I presumed it was the east.

      I arrived to the city's main area. It was night. The taxi turned a couple of corners. In the last one, I saw a huge statue head. It was familiar, but I forgot the look. It was in the east, beside the city hall, facing the plaza.

      I asked the driver if there are vehicles passing by my dormitory (the image of my dormitory in Bacolod came to mind), but he said it's already late. I arrived at the marketplace/vehicle station, and hoped that there are still some. I walked a bit, and on the road, I saw a jeep with passengers. I had a "wider" view of the area. The jeep is alone on the road, facing south, and I was looking at them from the south west. It seems... dark, but not too dark that I can't see. It feels like a pre-dawn setting.
    14. Flirting and the Streets

      by , 12-01-2011 at 08:36 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in Manila. I was with Rob, along with several people. Friends? Companions? It was like a club or bar, with a predominantly faded yellow color. I was flirting with a guy (didn't see his face until later), at first "accidentally" touching his hand (although I think he did it), and eventually holding hands. Then I heard Rob warn him about me being not able to stick to one person. He didn't say it behind my back, because in fact he asked me to verify what he said.

      I recall a comfort room, and then traveling. I was in Cebu. I crossed a number of streets, and I remember having some companions, a least one guy and girl. The color was grayish, and early morning. Then I came to a street, and there's a huge bridge over us. I saw Leo T., and asked him for directions. I thought the vehicles traveling the street right before us lead to SM (a mall), but he said no, they returned to the "old" route, so they're in another place. Then I thought that means the vehicles before us pass by the dormitory I need to go. Then the companion I was with became Bhebs. (I just recalled my dream yesterday, or a part of it. I was riding a jeep from a place, near some water places, and then to a marketplace/bus station, and hoped that it would pass by the dorm. Waited. Rode a jeep. Will continue later.)

      I was in a mall with Crix. I was looking for Gaisano (a mall). She talked to me about my flirty attitude. I then remembered the guy, and "remembered" his face, or rather the side of his face. He's not good-looking at all.

      I was riding a vehicle going somewhere, with other companions. One talked about a cause in Maryland. I said it's too far.
    15. Call Center and Dormitory

      by , 11-17-2011 at 11:55 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was looking for someone. I was in Bacolod, in a building where Quan is near Shopping and La Salle. It was a call center there. Second floor (there are only two stories of the building). A lot of people. I saw a familiar one.

      Somehow, even against my protest, I became an agent. I was on a cellphone, talking to a client, asking about the quality of a product or service. I was able to answer confidently. I saw Calvin again, the familiar face.

      I traveled somewhere with some people. A dormitory? I was asking about the accommodation. The landlady said something about floods, indicating a deep flood, and I told her that some of my companions are girls.

      Walked again, in another dormitory with sis. A familiar dormitory, where a friend (or a number of friends) lived. We ate there. Then we escaped, although we know they won't mind we ate there. Went "home."

      Mom complained about sis's water jug. That's when I realized I don't have mine. I might have left it outside of the dormitory.
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