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    1. Flying, but with lousy control

      by , 11-30-2010 at 06:06 PM (The Lab Notebook)
      Awake, Non-lucid, Lucid, Commentary made while awake

      I'm at Disneyland, in a large, covered outdoor amphitheater, watching a new stage show that consists of Sorcerer Mickey waving an oversized magician's wand around (the black, cylindrical kind with white tips on both ends). Mini-fireworks, red foil streamers, and red confetti shoot out of the end of the wand in turn while the “Fantasmic!” theme music plays. [The part of the music that played in my dream starts at 1:41.] [I don't think I've ever heard an existing piece of music that clearly in a dream before. Awesome!] A few minutes into the show, the wand stops working. Looking between the seats and the other guests at the floor where Mickey is standing, I can see that there's an extra wand there, waiting to be picked up and used if needed. There's also an entire bundle of replacement wands descending from the ceiling in some sort of holder. The show stalls while a replacement wand is selected. While the show is on hold, Cast Members start giving out free stuff by passing it around through the audience. One of the things that gets passed to me is a small basket full of pin-on plastic name tags that are shaped like, and designed to look like, license plates from Cars. They all have different organization names and titles printed at the top and bottom of the name tag, surrounding a blank space to write your name in. I read each one, looking for the one I like best [I could read them in the dream, but I don't remember what any of them said now], so it takes me forever to choose one.

      Dreamskip. I'm in an elevated, landscaped parking lot to the west of my high school campus. I can see the brown car, and I'm walking toward it.
      I realize that I'm dreaming and decide to get to my car by flying, instead of just walking. I try to take off by kicking off the ground and jumping up at the same time, but it doesn't work very well. The move takes me a lot higher than it would have in reality, maybe a couple feet off the ground, but I jump up and then float right back down again in a symmetrical, parabolic arc. [I don't remember how I did it, but] Somehow, I end up flying. I say, “Screw the car. I'm going to fly.”

      I'm flying over the west side of the high school campus, but am now facing toward the center of campus rather than away from it. The view is panoramic and beautiful from up there. However, I find myself only flying sideways and backwards. I can feel myself being pulled in those directions through the air. Why am I not going forward, over the campus? That's the direction I want to go, but apparently, I can't. I don't understand this. I think, “There's going to be a wall behind me for me to kick off of and start flying forward.” The next moment, there is one. I'm being pulled backwards through the air until I feel my feet hit the wall, which stops me. I kick off the wall, propelling myself forward. I fly forward for a little way, but I still find it difficult to do. I end up getting pulled sideways again.

      [I think some other stuff happened at this point, but I don't remember it now.]

      I wake up and I'm lying down outside somewhere. It looks like a park. It's bright and sunny there. There is a cartoon dog looking at me, dressed up in a Halloween costume to look like some other kind of animal. I say hello to it, calmly and happily. Then it dawns on me, Oh, this is a false awakening. I'm still dreaming. I'm going to wake up for real soon. Then I did wake up for real.

      Side notes:

      Last night, I listened to the first 15 minutes of the Subliminal Lucid 3.0 mp3 as I was getting ready for bed and going to sleep, while doing MILD affirmations at the same time. I also had my cardboard-square wristband on my right wrist. I did not listen to the binaural beats file at all. Therefore, I can conclude that the binaural beats file is not a necessity for me to have a lucid dream. I'm pretty sure that the most important factor is the focused affirmations and the desire to have one.

      I'm pleased to see that I still have my previously-discovered ability to make things happen or appear in dreams by quietly, passively expecting them to happen or appear. I'm a little disappointed that I didn't have better control over my own flying, but admittedly, I am out of practice. I actually have a large backlog of handwritten notes on my dreams that I haven't had time to type up and put into my dream journal. I'll get around to it when I can.
    2. A Strange Trip to the Mall

      by , 11-14-2010 at 06:08 PM (The Lab Notebook)
      Awake, Non-lucid, Semi-lucid, Lucid, [Commentary made while awake]

      I'm taking some sort of computer certification test using Prometric's testing software. I get to the end of the test, and the software gives me a message saying that the computer hasn't been recording any of my answers after the first four or five, and there are only 4 minutes left on the test's countdown clock, so there's no time to go back and answer them again. The timer runs out, and the software gives me a big fat zero as a test score. Very distressed, I run down to the end of the row of computers where I'm sitting, which is in the center of a large, open room. There's a desk with another computer on it in a cubicle at the end of the row, with one teacher/supervisor sitting at the desk and another standing outside the cubicle. I tell the one standing outside the cubicle what happened, but I see that the one sitting at the desk has my green-and-white CompTIA ID card right there, with my picture on it and everything. That tells me that I must have passed the test; otherwise, they wouldn't have made an ID card for me.

      Guy is there. I follow him into another room, where there is a big, black laser printer. He explains to me how sometimes, the test results get sent directly to the printer without being saved on the computer, and that's what happened to me. I say, “So I didn't just lose an hour and a half of work?” He says, “No.”
      [In the dream, I actually had the false memory of working on that test for the last hour and a half.]

      Woke up at 11:55 P.M. (after having gone to bed at 10:20 P.M.) and was really surprised at how short a time I'd been asleep. I exclaimed, “That was only one cycle?! Wow!” That was a really long and detailed dream for a first cycle. I felt that this was a promising sign, and decided right then and there to try for a lucid dream later. (I'm supposed to be cycle-adjusting right now, but I was feeling impatient. Sorry.) I took some notes, then went back to sleep.

      [Fragment] I'm interacting with all the characters from Inception this time. [I don't remember anything we did, except that] At one point, a bunch of us are sitting around a dark wood dining table, apparently in a restaurant.

      [Fragment] I'm in House #2, upstairs, and I shoo a cat out of my bedroom. I know that it's already too late; it's been in the room long enough that I'm going to start having allergic reactions when I go into my room.

      Woke up at 4:25 A.M., took down some more notes, then listened to the second half of my binaural beats file and did some MILDing. It worked.

      I'm following my friend Sam K. and his girlfriend [who I can't identify as a specific person in this dream] through the entrance to a department store in a mall. There are other people in the store. I pass two different old men who are really tall and each have two sets of eyes right on top of each other, and are wearing two pairs of glasses on them. I think to myself, Those men must have an unusual deformity. Or I might be dreaming. I don't attain full lucidity or self-determination yet., though. [I didn't think to RC, either. D'oh.] I continue following Sam and his girlfriend. They start climbing a wide, white flight of stairs up to the second floor of the mall. I speak aloud to them, saying something along the lines of, “Guys! We could just take the elevator!” They either ignore me or just don't hear me.

      Very short dreamskip. I'm on the second floor of the mall, looking up at a raised, square, brown section of the ceiling.
      I recognize it as the ceiling of the mall we used to go to all the time when I was a kid. [Which doesn't look at all like that in real life. Weird.] At that moment, I definitely know I'm dreaming, because I'm somewhere I wouldn't normally be in reality. I think to myself, F*** yeah. I'm here. [“Here,” in this case, meaning “in a dream,” not “at that particular mall.”]

      I stop to take a good look around and touch things, to make sure the dream is stable so that I can explore it. [I'm learning to do this as a habit – yay!] I touch the carpet and look closely at the pattern on it. It's dark gray with little rectangular flecks of various colors on it in rows. I start walking around in the mall. Sam and his girlfriend are gone. This part of the second floor is the food court. I cross over the walkway that bridges one side of the mall and the other. There are white tables and chairs everywhere. One of the fast-food restaurants in the food court is an Orange Julius. I pass it, then turn around to listen and watch while somebody makes some kind of public announcement about something. [I don't remember what they said now.]

      It occurs to me that since this is a dream, I can climb over the chairs and tables with impunity. I climb up onto a table, walk across it, step down onto a chair, then hop back down onto the floor. The impact feels lighter than it would have in real life. I say something like, “Sure enough, no one cares! [Wow. That's quite a shift from the respectful attitude I had toward the DCs in my journal entry dated 05-Nov-2010. This worries me.]

      I continue walking along through the food court, then think, Why am I just walking? I can fly. I can explore faster if I fly, too. So I start flying, going only a little faster than I'd been walking, and staying at about the same height above the floor of the mall as my eyes are when I'm standing up. [I'd never flown indoors or in front of DCs before, so it makes sense that I would be cautious about it.] There are two vaguely gangster-ish guys in front of me, one of whom says to me, “You're lookin' at me the wrong way.” I ignore them and fly right on past them. I head toward a row of glass-and-black-metal doors hung with dark red curtains. This is the entrance to another department store. Strangely, I find it difficult to fly toward them with any speed at all. It feels like trying to push one pole of a smaller magnet (me) toward the same pole of a much bigger magnet. I realize that it would be much easier going if I started flying backward, so I decide to release my deliberate control over my flying and let myself be pulled backward, just to see where I end up. The unknown force pulls me backward through the air very quickly. Much to my dismay, I wake up. I might have guessed that that was what would happen.

      Side notes:

      I didn't wear my cardboard-square bracelet at all tonight, which suggests that it isn't the deciding factor in whether or not I succeed in inducing a lucid dream. It has to be either the MILD affirmations or the binaural beats file. (Or both; how do I know that the combination isn't more than the sum of its parts?)

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    3. My Longest Dream Journal Entry EVER.

      by , 11-05-2010 at 10:28 PM (The Lab Notebook)
      Awake, Non-lucid, Lucid, [Commentary made while awake]

      [I apologize in advance for how much of the page this entry takes up. It was my longest lucid dream to date, though, and I wanted to make the best record of it I could.]

      I'm at my old high school, outside the entrance to my mom's old classroom. The open-air entrance on one side of the classroom and the semi-enclosed atrium on the other side are reversed from the sides they're on in real life. I'm listening to an old woman [Betty J.? Aunt Edie? I'm not sure] talk about life. I also remember reading some text about how in the old days, we just lived together with love and respect for one another as a matter of course, without any need for external forces like social programs to manipulate or engineer good feelings between people. [Yep. That sounds like my mind, all right.]

      I'm playing PackRat. [Again. I am so sick of dreaming about PackRat, and I know perfectly well that the only way to stop dreaming about it is to stop playing it. That'll happen at the end of this year, I hope.] I discover that the reason an old collection cannot be completed is that they created all the cards, with artwork and everything, but never actually made them available to players.

      I'm looking through a rack of envelopes of photo prints, organized by the subject of the photos.

      I'm reading a novel on a shiny, black electronic reader. The last page of one chapter has a small illustration of a rolling, bouncing boulder on it
      [this illustration is from a particular PackRat card]. The electronic reader has small, rectangular “previous page” and “next page” buttons in the lower right corner. It also has readouts in the lower left corner of the screen that show remaining battery life and how many inches from your eyes the screen is. It says that a distance of at least 9 inches is recommended. I see my reflection in its surface and am surprised to discover that I'm wearing glasses. [I don't wear them in real life, but I might have to, someday.]

      I go to say good night to my dad. He shows me that he's discovered a way to screw this cylindrical part onto his guitar so that it still has its protective plastic cover.

      WBTB at 3:58 A.M. I stayed up for 10-15 minutes, taking notes on the dreams I recalled so far. Then I listened to the second half of my binaural beats file and continued doing affirmations, this time including remembering to stabilize my dream as one of them. I then spent about 45 minutes being kept awake by my coughing and sneezing, but eventually, I managed to get back to sleep. I think I even experienced sleep paralysis for the first time ever; I remember a moment when it felt like my body was vibrating or shaking really fast.

      When I find myself in House #1, I immediately know I'm dreaming. [Since I was lucid from the very beginning and can remember a little bit of the sleep paralysis, I think I may have just performed a successful WILD, even though I didn't originally intend to.] This time, I succeed in remembering to stop and take in the scene before doing anything else, in order to stabilize the dream. Once again, I gaze around in awe of the fact that my mind can create such a detailed and realistic environment. Everything looks real, even though I know it's not. I walk around the house a bit, and when I get to the sinks in the bathroom and kitchen, I look at the faucets and quietly expect them to turn on, and they do, without my touching them. [I think that's pretty cool.]

      I go out into the study, which looks pretty much just as it did in reality, except that the space inside it is entirely filled with spiderwebs. I turn back and go back into the house, with spiderwebs sticking all over me. When I come back in, I accidentally let a spider into the house, too. It has a big, nearly spherical body with stripes in two different shades of gray. I squash it while it's walking along the wall in the master bedroom. Then I discover another, even bigger, red spider/crab thing on the carpet, and squash that one, too, saying something about how sorry I am for making a stain on the carpet. [The carpet I squashed the spider into was light brown and semi-shaggy. House #1 never had carpet like that; that's the kind of carpet we have in House #3. I didn't notice this until after I woke up, at which point I found it highly amusing that the details of the carpet had been off in one of my dreams and I hadn't noticed. ]

      My mom is there in the house. [I don't really remember the specifics of this part, but] I lie down on the bed in the master bedroom and get under the covers so that my parents won't see that I'm quivering and shaking in the throes of SP. [I don't even know.]

      I decide I want to leave the house and go explore other parts of this dream world, but I feel obliged to take leave of my parents first and tell them where I'm going, but I want to keep it a secret from them that I'm dreaming. I say to myself, “If I told them I was going to school, would they believe me? Given the setting, they might.” As I say this, what I have in mind is that I'm going to pretend to be setting out on foot for my junior high school. [Funny; that was the only school I ever took the school bus to. I did walk from my house to the bus stop, though.]

      I walk through the side yard toward the front gate. I find my parents in the corner of the yard, where the wall with said gate in it meets the wall of the neighbors' house, doing some kind of yard work. I say, “I'm going to school. Bye, Mom!”

      “Bye, (Emiko)!” says my mom, and it sounds exactly the same as it always does when my real mom says it.
      [Obviously, an unaltered memory.] “Have a good day!”

      “You, too!” I say, or something like it. I walk out through the front gate and down toward the street. The neighborhood seems more spacious and spread-out than it is in reality. Now that no one is looking, I begin flying, taking off from the middle of the street and traveling parallel to it and upward from it at an angle, like an airplane taking off.

      As I fly higher into the air, the dream and my dream consciousness start to fade away.
      Now, having read the DEILD tutorial, I had some idea of what to do. I lay absolutely still in my bed and concentrated intently on the dream I had just been having, willing myself to start dreaming again. It worked. [First successful DEILD, too! I was really on a roll last night!]

      I end up in a group of interconnected, upstairs rooms in a building somewhere. I seem to have flown there. The rooms are white, and there are chairs, upholstered stools, and bookshelves in them. From reading a plaque on a wall near a doorway, I learn that these rooms are reading rooms dedicated to a strange alternate take on Christianity, centered around an alternate set of gospels written by different people. [I didn't recognize it as any sect that exists in real life.] One of the rooms has an analog clock on the wall. It doesn't have numbers, just a circle and two hands, all made of the same rough, gray metal. Even though I already know I'm dreaming, I deliberately look at the clock, glance away, and then look at it again to see if the hands have jumped. The first time I try this, they seem to be in pretty much the same position they were in, so I try again. The second time, they've jumped to a totally different position. I am pleased with myself; again, I was expecting that to happen, so it did.

      I leave these rooms and start walking down a flight of stairs. The dream starts to fade again, but again, I manage to stay in it through sheer willpower.

      The stairs end in a wide hallway. There is a set of double doors to the right, leading into a room. Judging by the decorations and items outside these doors and inside the room, it looks like there's a wedding going on. Am I the bride? I wonder, but when I enter the large, rectangular room and see the retail-style displays of clothing and stuff, I think, Oh, good. Just a fair, then. I see a real-life friend
      [I forget who] to my right, who says to me, “Cute dress, (Emiko)!”

      “Thank you!” I answer, even though I think this is an odd thing to say, because all I'm wearing is a damp, clammy black blanket wrapped around me. It feels like it's made of swimsuit material. I continue further into the room, turning to my left and walking that way. I look down and to the left, between two racks of clothing, and see another real-life friend, Eleanor B. She's wearing a royal-blue bridesmaid dress
      [the one she was wearing the last time I saw her in real life, which was at the wedding of some mutual friends]. I call her name twice to get her attention. She looks up, sees me, and stands up to talk to me. I come over and talk to her. When I take a closer look at the clothes hanging on the rack we're standing next to, I say something like, “And are these the new Christmas sweatshirts from Target? Cute! I want!” The sweatshirts are white and have patterns on them of snowflakes made up of narrow lines, either in shades of pink or shades of teal. They also have hems and seams in those colors. I take one pink one and one teal one off the rack and carry them with me. They feel soft.

      I leave that room and find myself outside. In the distance, I can see big mountains with snow on top of them. I continue exploring and somehow
      [I don't remember the exact route I took] make it into an old Japanese temple (or residence, or something). It has a very old, very traditional room with tatami mats on the floor. I pry off each of my sneakers in turn, using the toe of the other foot (suddenly, I'm wearing sneakers, I think). [Yes, I actually thought that while in the dream. Now that I think of it, I think I was suddenly wearing regular clothes, too.] Leaving my sneakers (the exact same ones I have in real life, I note) out in the passageways, I enter the room with the tatami mats and walk around in it. I can feel the mats and my socks under my feet. I say aloud to myself, “Wait – we're allowed to walk around in here? Oh – of course we are; that's what I was expecting.” Yet again, something is so because I expected it to be so. [In all my real-life experience visiting historical tourist sites in Japan, we were never allowed to actually enter the rooms with the tatami; we were only allowed to look into them from the outside. I always wanted to walk around inside them, though, so now, in a dream, I got my wish. Cool.]

      Outside of this room are some passageways that are all painted a dusty shade of teal, and have wooden signs hanging in them. I walk around in here for a few minutes. One of the signs says “Telephone,” and indeed, there is a pay telephone on the wall in a wooden box. It looks like an old tourist facility.

      One of the doorways within these passageways leads into a spacious, modern restaurant that I recognize as the one inside the onsen
      [hot spring] that I visited while I was living in Japan. There are a few people sitting at tables here and there. I walk through the restaurant, looking for one of my real-life friends [I don't remember which one now]. I don't find her there, so I decide to head for the restaurant's exit and go somewhere else.

      The way to the exit is through a long passageway with a wall on the right side and an upholstered bench on the left side where guests can sit and wait for tables, which separates the passageway from the rest of the restaurant. There are two people sitting on the bench. As I approach the door, I think, What shall I do next? Task of the Month – cell phone – oh, yeah! For a split second I think of getting out my cell phone to text somebody, but then I remember the new Task of the Month for November. I turn to one of the two DCs sitting on the bench, the one sitting nearest the door, who happens to be a black, pregnant woman. “Hey, can I tell you what I'm thankful for?” I say to her.

      “Okay.” She straightens, sitting forward on the edge of the bench, listening to me.

      “I'm thankful for my family, and
      [something else I can't remember now], and my computer, and for being able to come here!” I say. [Meaning, to the dream world.] Unfortunately, the dream starts to fade again just as I'm finishing my sentence.

      FA in which, instead of being me, I'm Cobb. Mal is there when I wake up, the real one.
      [They're characters from Inception.] We talk about something, probably the dream I just had. [I don't remember now exactly what it was we talked about, but dude. That was a really weird FA.]

      FA in which I count my fingers while they're spread out against the legs of my jeans. When I find I have a sixth finger on my left hand, my reaction is, “Oh, damn. Gosh-darn it!” Apparently, I really want to actually be awake. But I'm still feeling sleepy, so I lie down, sprawling over the sides of the white, wooden bench I'm sitting on.

      When I woke up for real, I just lay there for several minutes because my body still felt heavy. I recalled my dream and was pretty impressed.


      Side notes:

      That was the longest lucid dream I've ever had. I'm also very impressed and pleased with the number of times I succeeded in controlling what happened just by expecting something to happen. I really got the hang of that skill last night. Finally, I'm amazed that I managed to stay lucid for that long, and to force myself to keep dreaming so many times when the dream threatened to end. Wow!
    4. Who's Afraid of the Evil Queen? (Not me!)

      by , 10-26-2010 at 04:48 PM (The Lab Notebook)
      Awake, Non-lucid, Lucid, [Commentary made while awake]

      I woke up just before 5:00 A.M. last night and was disappointed that I'd slept through most of the night, couldn't remember any dreams, and wasn't going to have time for another full sleep cycle before the rest of the house started getting up at 5:30. I decided to try to go back to sleep anyway, focusing once again on MILD affirmations and visualizations. It worked.

      At some point between 5:00 and 6:40 [when I woke up for real], I have a false awakening where I'm in my current room and my bed is parallel to the closet doors [not perpendicular to them, as it is in reality]. I'm lying on the floor between the bed and the closet, all tangled up in my blankets. [I'm not sure when this happened relative to my other dreams, so I'm just sticking it here at the beginning.]

      I'm looking at the results of a Google Image Search for something involving the terms “japan” and [I think] “front.” Almost all the photos that are coming up are of cherry blossoms, but one of them is of autumn leaves. I say something along the lines of, “There are about ten hundred billion pictures of cherry blossoms, but almost no pictures of the leaves.”

      The next thing I know, I'm lying on my back in a wide expanse of grass. Several big, flat leaves in bright red, yellow, and green gently float down onto me from the nearest tree. The sky is blue and the weather is sunny, clear, and calm. There are trees spread out all over this grassy area, all with leaves that are turning autumn colors. Somewhere in here, I recognize that I'm dreaming, but there's no specific moment that triggers this realization. Saito is there with me, and I want to show him a seed pod from a magnolia tree. So, one comes rolling down the hill toward me, and I catch it. It's bigger than it would be in real life, and I say so when I show it to him. He says to me, “It's your mind.” Indeed; by now I'm not only aware that I'm dreaming, but I've caught on to the fact that this is my mind's rendering of what autumn is. I look around for an acorn, but find none. I say, “Of course there aren't any acorns – all my trees are are liquid-ambers.” [That's because that's what most of the trees in the neighborhood where I grew up were.]

      This big, tall, flying guy in a blue costume with matching blue makeup, who looks like he came straight from a Cirque du Soleil production, comes and lifts me up in his arms and flies away with me. As I'm being lifted off the ground, the thought of hot-air balloons crosses my mind, and [for some inexplicable reason], I ask myself, “Which city in Canada is the balloon city?” The blue flying guy flies us through a series of very large, rectangular rooms with movie projection screens on all the walls and the ceiling. At first, the screens are showing immersive views of natural vistas in Canada, accompanied by some appropriately dramatic and inspiring music that I don't recognize. I'm not afraid, because I recognize that the movie screens and the guy flying me through them are all part of the Disney theme park attraction I'm now on. The attraction is kind of like Soarin' meets the CircleVision movie at Canada's pavilion in Epcot. The film footage is filmed in a style very much like that of Soarin'; it's obviously intended to make it look like you're flying, except that the shots are designed for the big rectangular screens. The film in the last room of the attraction shows the transition over the border into the U.S., and flies us over Mt. Rushmore and then under a waterfall projected on the back wall. We go under the waterfall by going through an opening in the wall.

      Once I'm through the opening, I'm standing on the ground, and the blue flying guy is gone. I recognize the place where I'm standing as the interior of the Snow White's Scary Adventures attraction from Disneyland. There are no ride vehicles anywhere to be seen, though. The Evil Queen is just a little way in front of me. I approach her, and she turns around and says something scary
      [just like on the real ride]. I scream really loudly and high-pitched. For a few moments, terror completely overtakes all my awareness. While screaming, I think, Wake me up! Wake me up! hoping that the dream will end. [Remarkably,] It doesn't this time. I finish screaming, and observe that the dream hasn't ended, I'm still standing there, and the Evil Queen is also still standing there, turned to face the path where the ride vehicles should be, but is now motionless and silent, as she has finished saying her prerecorded phrase. So I start punching her in the face. I do this repeatedly, but I don't feel anything. While I'm beating her up, I shout at her: “You're an AAT*! I carry more complicated devices than you around on my back every day!” Which is true; she may be computer-controlled, but my laptop is much higher-tech. No longer afraid of her, I walk along the path and into the next scene of the attraction, where there is another AAT figure of the Evil Queen [this is the case in reality, too, but the track layout there is completely different]. This one turns around and starts to shriek something at me to try and scare me, but her words stop and peter out halfway through, because she can see that I'm not afraid of her. I continue walking through the scene. [*My personal shortening of “Audio-Animatronic™,” the robotic technology used to create characters in many attractions at Disney theme parks. I think I shouted more things than this, but this is all I remember shouting now.]

      The next thing I know, I'm outside again, but surrounded by buildings this time. I decide to rub my hands together, only to discover that they're really hot. I realize that that's because my real hands are really hot under my blankets. That's the last thing I remember from that dream, but it seemed to take me a little longer to wake up fully. When I did, my face broke into a smile and then a laugh when I remembered the encounter with the Evil Queen. In reality, I had been pretty scared of those moments on that ride when I was a kid, and I still dislike them now. I'm really, really proud of this dream. I think facing something/someone you've been afraid of for a long time and standing up to it is quite an achievement, and a good, worthwhile use of the ability to lucid dream.

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    5. A very uneventful WILD

      by , 10-19-2010 at 07:13 AM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      19-10-10 I am lying in my bed, I have been tossing and turning for a good hour and a bit. I get a couple of hits of deep relaxing sensations in my body. The last thing I do (at least that is what I believe) is to slip out of my bed and lie down on the floor (FA). It seems like my normal floor, even has the exact amount of clothes that needs washing there. I take a quick one-eyed peak, why is my sub woofer over there? (I don't have a sub woofer). Ok I am close to something I try and look some more, but it seems to destabilise the environment. I lie still a bit more. I risk it all open both my eyes and stand up, somehow there is not enough stuff in the room, but it really does look like my room. Right even the curtains have been left in the exact position I left them in. I RC by seeing if I can withdraw them with my mind. They flicker and I doubt no more. I need light to stabilise this. I pull the curtains all the way to the sides, I touch and couple of edges on tables and rub my hands.

      Although a bit firmer it still could do with a bit of solidness, the dream does grow a bit brighter and I fly through the glass without breaking it. Cool at least some of my control is coming back. I find a flat to peak into, there is a picture on the window frame of Buddha (sort of a pagan version, with red war paint across his eyes) The flat looks funky lot of nifty little stuff, good amount of light and a DC sitting by the sofa table. I assure him that I just need a bit of time to stabilise my dream and I consider telling him it is all just a dream, but decide against it. After a while I spot a flat with a lot of red/blue light coming out of the window, but as this fades away I just fly through the wall to the flat I was just at. It works, so more control coming back. I really pay attention to how it feels going through and although there is a distinct sensation of going through there is no resistance. Cool.

      I fly through another set of walls and find myself in some sort of tunnels, these somehow transform into a real-time-strategy sort of landscape and I think to myself how come I can't produce a real mountain landscape. I try to visualise this, but nothing happens. The RTS landscape turn into a tunnel style scene again and I can see some light up ahead. I fly toward it and find a hole in the wall too small for me to pass through, but I am confident enough to just pop through the wall again. I exit a little while later on a scene hat could have been Berlin in the wake of being carpet bombed during WW2. All the building have no glass, are missing some of the corners and it looks amazingly real compared to the RTS landscape I just bitched about, nice, maybe I need to just not try as hard. I fly up and around, and seem to be going really slowly with a bit of a height limitation, so I decided to try and fly backwards and it works amazingly well increasing the detail of the scene around me. I get entangled in some electrical wiring hanging overhead, which I laugh about and quickly get out of. I wake up soon after.

      Notes: It takes too much time to enter the dream (1 hour plus here). However I am unsure as to why my WILDs are so short. Do I disturb the sleep cycle by spending so much time awake and aware prior slipping into a dream again or is it a stabilisation issue? However I am pleased that my control seem to be coming back.

      Oh and pardon the wall of text, but I am trying as much as possible to note every detail as my recall is a bit shaky atm
    6. Iron Maiden Concert [Lucid]

      by , 10-11-2010 at 06:07 PM
      This has been my longest lucid to date. The dream itself felt like it lasted probably around 30 minutes or so, but reflecting on it, it feels so much faster than that.

      I don't know exactly when my lucidity hit me, but I just know it did. However, prior to being lucid: I was in some lodge like area with someone I didn't recognize. out of the blue I was told that Iron Maiden (and more specifically Steve Harris) would be arriving momentarily. I turned crazy with anxiety. The moment they arrived I asked them to sign whatever I had, and they ended up signing my Zero shirt. I don't remember much else, except at one point I couldn't walk and collapsed to the floor because I was so filled with joy.

      Somehow, the dream transitioned to a concert arena. Like I mentioned, I don't know exactly what triggered lucidity, but it happened. I started walking around trying to meet people. There was a loot of people obviously. I remember walking through a crowd at one point and I saw a completely original face of a girl-- not one from my memories-- and she just stood out. I don't know why, but I felt she was another dreamer, somehow in my dream. She looked just as confused as I was to see her. I walked up to her, held her close and whispered in her ear "I'm Markus. Remember this moment." as I leaned back to look in her eyes they widened greatly, and she simply dissipated-- maybe she woke up, maybe I'm crazy and it was all me from the beginning-- who knows!

      I went back to a seat and sat down to see if my dream would make Iron Maiden perform. and they did. a strange moment followed where a row behind me, several people started singing the lyrics to a song (I can't remember which), but they were horribly monotone. I also remember it wasn't one of my favourite songs. After this occurrence, Maiden went off stage for the encore part and the crowd was restless. I realized it's my dream, Maiden doesn't get to have a break! I shouted "Play another song!" and bam, they were back on stage, playing music again. I listen to a lot of music, and one thing I've noticed about my mind is I really have songs engrained in my brain. when I'm in dreams, I can have music playback to me just like an MP3 player. I kept shouting "Next!", and Maiden would switch to a completely new song. it was exhilarating. Eventually they finished and I decided to walk around and check out the crowd some more.

      somehow, in the midst of walking around the giant rows and rows of chairs, they started to shrink more and more until there was about 2 rows of chairs, and the setting changed to my room. I didn't want this to be where I was, because any time I'm lucid and it's in my room, I end up thinking about waking life too much which ruins my lucidity and wakes me up. I've tried the spinning method before to change locations, but I've never been successful. Until now. I thought of traveling to a Forrest type location, and spun and spun. I could see the faint imagery of trees and clung to it. I was teleported to one of the most visually stunning landscapes I've ever seen.

      It was a majestic looking country-esque location, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Rolling grass fields in the distance, and closer to me where two houses, both with interesting log-cabing-esque looks to them. I went past one into the 'backyard' per say (there were no fences or boundaries)..and saw an amazing view. The season was somehow a mix of summer and fall at the same time, and it was gorgeous. Trees had no leaves, but there were many of them--and all across my field of vision, these strange sunflower things were floating around-- I'll try and recreate an image. It was as if the heads of the sunflower plants were just floating from the sky, and it was beautiful.

      They looked roughly like this (sorry for quick and sloppy photoshop) :

      I kept walking through this beautiful scenic field until I came to a mountain. I gazed up at it, and already knew what I was going to do. I thrusted up from the ground and took flight. As I flew over it I was speechless..I started loosing altitude, but I realized it's because I was too focused on trying to fly-- I just had to know that I could fly. and it picked up again. After that, I remember mumbling to myself "You are the one, neo" (I'm a huge nerd). I came upon a city scape quite fast and landed in it. I remember I was changing a bunch of things completely on the fly-- the city seemed to have a lot of police and SWAT members in it for some reason and it was giving me a bad vibe-- so I just willed them away. Poof. gone. The city also looked kind of dark itself, like it was build some time ago, not like slums per say.. but just old. I decided to change that. I said "lighten up these buildings" and they were transformed into newer looking gray skyscrapers. I kept changing small things here and there until I was distracted. I realized I should probably have some sort of goal, and was put off that I didn't know what the DV task of the month was, because it would have been an excellent time to do it. Shortly after I spent time thinking about goals, the dream collapsed and I woke up.

      This was my longest lucid to date. It was absolutely astonishing. I cannot wait for more.
    7. 9/6/10* Limited Air (Semi Lucid)

      by , 09-14-2010 at 04:08 AM
      I am in Manhattan, but it feels like Manhattan from a the Spiderman 2 game. I am walking and suddenly realize that I could fly in dreams that I've had before, so why not this one? I jump off the ground with my arms stretched above me and using willpower I begin flying! I fly around for a while, taking in the sights and bathing in the feeling. I land on a tall skyscraper with about 3 neighboring towers, where enemies are scattered. I take them out crackdown style without ever leaving my building by way of dual uzis.
      I realize that since I am in New York, I want to back to The Standard, the hotel where I stayed last time I was here. I begin flying towards the meatpacking district. I fly under a large overpass which makes this entire area of the city dark.
      I stop inside of a green wire fence with a pool inside when I realize that the hotel is not in this dream, but this doesn't upset me too much. Instead I walk into a nearby tunnel marked by a small white archway. This has led me into the underground section of the city, which is basically just a wide white hallway. I enter a night club by a side entrance, but I decide to go around to the front to avoid seeming uninvited.
      The front entrance is a very small hallway with a bar off the the side and a wooden floor, giving it almost a Japanese feel. A guy who gives me a bad vibe walks up and asks me if I have chosen a girl yet. At this point I realize that the front entrance is actually a whorehouse, and I respond to the guy that I am still looking, as it seems that we wants to kick me out. As I walk to the end of the hallway, I take a look at the women, who are all much older and not very attractive. I look in through the doorway to see the club, but I get a feeling that I should just leave.
      I head up through the tunnel to the east side of the island. I climb a ramp that leads me to the middle of a college football field, with a large Victorian-style building right next to it. I meet an unknown friend and tell him that I can fly. I jump unsuccessfully a few times, and then begin flying with him on my back.
      At this point I notice a small white bar in the bottom left corner of my vision. I realize that this is my flight bar, and that I can only fly as long as the meter is not empty. I drop my friend off, and then walk into the middle of a busy street. A woman is also standing next to me, and I jump into the air and start flying. I do not see her reaction as I go up too far too quickly, but I have a feeling that she didn't even notice.
      As the sky gets dark a large pyramid rises from the ground just a bit north of the midpoint of the tunnel I was in earlier. The sky is lit up with lights, from stars to satellites, and especially the new lights that illuminate the pyramid. I take flight again and try to land, but my bar empties just before I can, causing me to drop suddenly a few metres above ground. I make a hard landing, bashing my ankle on the side of the pool I was at earlier, just like Eric. I have a feeling that I caused serious damage, but cannot feel it.
      I see Cody and tell him that I can fly. He seems a bit jealous, and I procede to fly around the pyramid. The dream ends as I fly up the side of it.

      I've had this sort of dream before, in which i discover I can fly, but it always takes a few jumps to work, and sometimes I lose the power. I do not feel that this was a full lucid dream, but every time I want to fly I can sort of control it, especially the first jumps off the ground. I also did something that I would have done if I were lucid, which is go to that hotel (or at least try).
    8. Recursive dreaming, and the false awakenings spree

      by , 08-07-2010 at 04:02 PM
      Waking life Dream Lucid dream Comment

      I wake up, not to the sound of alarm, but naturally. Well, I didn't have any lucid dreams tonight, but my memory of my last dreams is very vivid, so I might as well stand up and write them down in my dream journal. Well, it's never vivid enough, so I stay in bed for couple of minutes, to remember my dreams. Slowly, one by one, three of them come into mind, but somewhere along the way my consciousness slipped. Once I remember them, I rise, turn on the computer, boot emacs, use the handy 'journal' command. Then I carefully, in detail, type down one of my dreams. I produce a whole screen of text, even check for spelling errors.

      But as I consider writing down the next wall of text, I wake up. I'm as frustrated about lost dream journal entry, as I'm excited about false awakening, and I ask myself: what if this one is too?
      Reality check. Wow, it really is a dream! What will I do? I jump out of the window and decide to travel away as far as I can and practice flight. Well, I manage to float a little, but with very little control. And it did last for a while, so I managed to get pretty far.

      And then I wake up again. I stand up, and then a great idea enters my mind: let's try to induce lucid dreaming from waking life! Sort of like WILD, but faster! Then I come up with a curious technique to do this: I start spinning around, then close my eyes, and in my mind speak the names of all senses, and as I do it, these senses stop showing my bedroom and start showing the lucid dream. "Sound", "Smell", "Touch", "Taste", ... "Sight". As I speak "sight", I enter a lucid dream inside a dream: I'm running on some road somewhere, it's not too vivid, but I know it's a dream and try for a flight. But I wake up, still spinning around in my bedroom.

      So why not, I repeat the procedure. And then again. And maybe again. Thus, I had three or four short not-so-vivid but quite lucid dreams. WILDs from inside a false awakening

      Then I wake up again, and find myself in sort of an office, which (though I've never been here before) I recognize as my own. It's a rich place, huge desk occupies the center, it's reared by two blackboards (well, greenboards actually), there are bookshelves and flowers, and of course, a computer on the desk. A large window overlooks a beautiful scenery with trees and water. But I'm concerned. Though place looks familiar, I decide to reality check. I count my fingers, and they are perfectly normal, but I have that intuitive sense nagging in my mind. What the hell? This is my house, isn't it? It's perfectly normal. But still this strange feeling... Let's do another check. If this is a dream, I can fly, right? I try and fail - I can only jump, and jump just a little, like one jumps in reality. But still... Okay, I know! In a dream you cannot read the same text twice, it always changes. And here I got two perfectly serviceable blackboards, all filled up with equations. I read one of the equations, memorize it, look away. When I look back, it's still there, the same. I guess the evidence is undeniable, this is real
      (if only I asked myself what day it is, what am I doing here, and what are my goals!.. that's a reality check I usually do, and not only does it induce lucid dreaming, it helps in real life to concentrate on important matters).

      A man knocks at my door and enters. He gives me a broken nose spray, says that one of the servants sent it to me. I realize the thing is utterly useless, but take it with "thanks". The man leaves. A few seconds later I awake.

      And I wake up fully. It's very odd, isn't it? I mean, I had a dream inside another dream - a recursive dream. And my mind perfectly remembered where and how am I supposed to wake up. And I utterly failed the reality check inside my would-be mansion. Are those kinds of things normal?

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    9. 08/02/10 Stardust Memories

      by , 08-04-2010 at 04:13 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      I exited the portal right next to the koi pond, which was where I had expected to emerge, I looked around and saw I was alone. There was no one waiting there right now. Maybe I should wait around for a bit? I felt the dream slipping… I was going to wake up… but there was so much left to do. I also wanted to see how long I could make this dream. I focused on Allura's method of time dilation, and the slipping dream stabilized.

      I looked around the koi pond again, everything looked more vivid now. I was by the koi pond, and I didn't see any sign of anyone else there with me. I remembered that Blake was going to meet me there, but I didn't see him, and wasn't I going to meet someone else here? Was it Yuri? I didn't think so due to our inverted sleep schedules, I know time isn't linear, but somehow the idea of dreaming with someone who won't have their dream about me until after I had already posted my part of the dream seemed like asking for a paradox… So who was it? Miss Maya from Mortal Mist? That sounded possible, but I didn't remember making any actual plans to meet, my intention had been to read some more of her dream journal to find out more about her inner world and her dreams, but I have been so busy with my job and homework and school and journaling and… and… There was a lot to do! What was I doing hanging around here? I had to get going!

      Next I wanted to complete the task of the month, which is to ride a unicorn. Stardust is a winged unicorn, so there would be no problem there, and it would be fun! I opened a portal to my inner world, focusing on getting to wherever Stardust happened to be, then I went through into a wide grassy meadow. There was a nice breeze blowing across the tall grass, and Stardust was grazing in the meadow with her wings folded neatly back, the feathers on her wings glistened in the sun, her pure white coat was contrasted by her flaming mane and tail which were literally made of fire, her single horn reflected in many colors and looked razor sharp on the tip. Such a beautiful animal… After briefly admiring her, I walked over to Stardust, she greeted me with a friendly nuzzle, then a bit of a nip, I got the idea she was annoyed at me for not visiting more often. I climbed onto her back and we took to the skies!

      Riding on the back of a winged unicorn, or I guess Stardust is a pegasus and a unicorn combined, was a wonderful sensation. Even though her mane looked like flame, it didn't burn me as I leaned forward and held onto Stardust's neck as we flew through the sky, watching the landscape of my dream world below me, the fields, the forests, a town that looked like a pleasant neighborhood… I could see my own house down there, it doesn't look like my waking life house, but somehow I still recognized it. I had just flown by when I realized there was someone outside of my house… I urged Stardust to circle back and I got back just in time to see Walms disappear into the house. Was he looking for me? Good timing, I just happened to be here! I landed in front of the house and dismounted, patting Stardust on her muzzle before I approached the house. I opened the front door of the house, nothing in here is locked since the shield keeps the undesirables out, and I looked around the living room. No sign of Walms. I looked through the house, it isn't very large, so that didn't take me long, but no sign of Walms. Damn… he must have woken up. I could wait for him to come back, but I wasn't sure he would come back, so I thought maybe I had better move on to my next goal.

      So now I wanted to share either a DDO dream or an Oblivion dream with Tigress, the main idea is for both of us to remember the dream. So I focused on locating Tigress with my next portal, from there we could go to a DDO dream or an Oblivion dream, or maybe she would already be involved in something cool and I could join in. I focused for a bit and finally the portal opened, I went through it…

      And I exited in a desert, it looked like the southwestern area of Arizona, somewhere in the Sonoran desert definitely. Since Tigress lives near me IWL, and I live in the desert, this didn't surprise me, it was just that Tigress was having a dream in the desert. I looked around to see if I could find Tigress anywhere, but I didn't see anyone at first, so I started walking around until I finally spotted someone. There was an aged Indian shaman here wearing a hat and looking at me with a very intense gaze, I wondered who that was and why he was here while Tigress didn't seem to be. Since the man seemed so focused on me, I walked over towards him… I recognized his energy. Somehow, instead of ending up in Tigress' dream, I had ended up locating don Juan…

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    10. July 29th, 2010: Three Short Lucid Dreams?

      by , 07-30-2010 at 10:35 PM (LDHare's Dream Journal)
      I have trouble arranging dreams in the exact order they occurred. Also, sometimes I find it difficult to keep them from merging within my mind before I wake up to write them down. This sometimes results in a bit of confusion when I finally get to writing down my dreams in my journal. Last night, I had what now seem to be three separate lucid dreams within my first six hours of sleep. I have tried to arrange them in the manner that seems most right.

      The first dream I can remember involved a recent road trip I went on. I was traveling by myself through small towns in the west, and I was being followed by a hobo who wanted to take my money or something. This was a bit scary but not, like, a full on nightmare or anything.

      Somehow, this dream morphed and I was walking in a retail store. I think it was a Wal Mart or something. Anyway, the main aisle became a sort of highway and there were people lined up along the sides watching me. I felt strange and the whole scenario seemed off. At first I thought that they knew something about me and the cop was going to find out this secret. I didn't even know the secret! Eventually I figured it out: I was lucid and they were dream characters. This made me feel great but I didn't really know what to do so I just strolled around the store talking to my DCs and enjoying myself.

      There is a gap and I believe that last dream ended, sending me into a false awakening. I remember waking up in my bed. I instantly felt that something was off, so I did a reality check. I pressed my right pointer finger into my hand and it went right through. I had that EUREKA feeling again and got very excited. I jumped out of bed and looked for a way out of my house. I saw the window and burst through it, flying very hard in what would be a eastern direction. I ended up at a nearby elementary school, the one I attended as a child. I stood in the field and wondered what to do from there. So I guess I created a tower and started climbing it. Then I decided that it should be winter and it started snowing. This was awesome! I pretty much just jumped around on this tower, slid down it, made snow angels, etc. etc. I was having fun.

      Eventually, I think this dreamscape morphed into a more alien landscape. I remember sitting under the tower and enjoying the knowledge that I was lucid. Looking about, I was in a new place, a place not familiar to me. I entered a nearby bunker and saw my ex there. This was strange but I accepted her as real. I think that was part of the reason that I started losing dream clarity and lucidity. All of a sudden, the bunker (which reminded me of an old church) started being shot at by nails. Strange. So I promised her I would get the nail-shooter to stop. I went out into the cold and started running in the direction of the assailant. But I fell down a hill and my father was down at the bottom. He had a fire going too and my two boxer dogs Chester and Georgie were down there too. He made me watch after them, even though I told him that I was having a lucid dream and I needed to go. I ended up falling asleep there by the fire and lost lucidity.

      This was an exciting night of sleep but I think I have to watch out for dream characters because I tend to believe they are real and they tell me to do stupid things. Also, I never really know what to do when I become lucid, so usually I just fly around and get really excited. Haha. What should I do? If I focus on plans before I go to bed, will this influence my dreams?
    11. 06/13/10 Fragment Memories

      by , 06-16-2010 at 08:39 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: A few more fragments of dreams from last night…

      *Government Goons*
      I was flying around, it seemed like I was continuing the previous dream. I still didn't realize it was a dream. I felt like I had spent quite some time using these powers I had discovered to help everyone. I had averted several disasters, stopped some assholes from releasing a bio-toxin that would have killed every living thing within a 100 mile radius of where it was released, cleaned up some pollution that was harming a group of whales and sunk a whaling boat… basically I had earned myself quite a name (even though they didn't even know my name) as a hero all around that planet. I received a call from help from a building, something about setting off a dirty bomb… so I went to check it out. When I got there, however, there was no bomb, no threat, just a bunch of idiots in suits. Government lackeys. One of them said he hadn't known how else to get me to come. I was annoyed at him for the false alarm. He said he had to talk to me, it was important. I figured I'd listen a bit… He continued talking and basically said he wanted me to work for the government. Um… no. I said I would like for him go over to the window I had broken to get in and jump out, but was that likely to happen? The office was on the 54th floor of a skyscraper… The man said for me to be reasonable, there was a lot of money in it for me. Money? He was pissing me off. I wasn't interested in money! What would I need money for? I told the jerk to go fuck himself. I headed for the broken window. The man was behind me, demanding that I stop. He grabbed my robes (I was dressed as an Assassin) as I was taking flight, lost his balance, and fell out of the window. I realized that when I heard him screaming on his way down. I looked just in time to see him hit the ground with a sickening THUD noise. He was, of course, dead. So he had walked to the broken window and jumped out after all…

      *Eegee's Pub*
      I was on the street in a downtown area. It was a normal looking city, could have easily been any city in the US or in multiple places around the world. I was feeling kind of hungry. I wanted something to eat. I went around a corner and I spotted an Eegee's sandwich shop there. A nice sub sandwich sounded good. I looked in my pocket and saw that I had some money in my pocket. I had a twenty dollar bill, so I went into the Eegee's to get some food. Inside the restaurant I looked around at the posted ads on the walls to see what kind of sandwich looked good. I was wondering what drink I wanted with it. I saw a poster for drinks. There were several kids holding various alcoholic drinks. I saw my mother was in the Eegees. I asked her if kids should be used to advertise alcohol? My mom said it was no big deal since the kids were drinking the virgin forms of the drinks.

      *We All Scream for Ice Cream*
      I was in a mansion. It was clearly obvious that the people living there had a lot of money. Everything was so fancy. I wondered why I was there. I wasn't lucid, and I was hoping I wouldn't get in trouble for trespassing. A man came downstairs. He looked right at me… then away. Either my presence there was completely acceptable or he didn't see me at all somehow. I followed him. He went into a dining room. He sat down at the end of a large dining table with two children. A boy and a girl. He rang a bell, and a maid brought them ice cream sundaes. Those looked delicious. The man passed one to each child, kept one, then asked the maid what she had brought for herself. She looked confused. The man said in this job, she would have to get used to things. When he asked for food to be prepared, she was automatically invited to join them in eating it. The hired help was always invited to take meals with the family. The more, the merrier, was what he always said. The maid looked a bit uneasy, but she went and brought back a sundae for herself. She sat down with the others to eat it. At first she looked really uneasy, but soon all four of them were talking like a happy family.

      It was then that I noticed a little girl hiding behind the curtain at the far end of the room. I immediately knew she was an orphan. She was hiding in the walls and attic of the house for shelter, stealing food from the family to eat… but what she really wanted was a family. So she just stood there, looking longingly at the happy family eating ice cream, silently crying. I was also certain that if the man were to see her he would welcome her to the table to share ice cream with them. I found out no one could see me at all… but I could have some effect on things. Just enough to create a draft which blew the curtains away from the little girl, revealing her hiding place. The man spotted her, and she immediately looked terrified. The man took what was left of his sundae with him and slowly approached the girl. He was trying to coax her out. He finally set the dish of ice cream down and backed away, still encouraging the girl to come out.
    12. Fictitious Lloyd Bridges Movie PRECONAV-VSCPCEL

      by , 03-10-1978 at 09:10 AM
      Morning of March 10, 1978. Friday.

      My dream features a fictitious Lloyd Bridges movie that is about a man driving on unusual bridges and overpasses. The title is “Bridges”. It features a surreal psychological theme. The main setting seems to be Port Charlotte, Florida.

      The movie explores a man’s obsession with his need to drive over every bridge and overpass in America at least once, regardless of its condition or if construction has completed. He spends most of his time in his goal. He has stress from not getting enough sleep and spending so much time driving. He uses dangerous methods that stem from his desire to create more of a challenge, getting his car airborne at times.

      My dream includes divided screens of different sizes with inset videos of his activities. I do not seem to be an active character in my dream at any point, though I do seem present during many of the events, including the last scene.

      In the movie’s last scene, he drives fast onto an unrealistic steep overpass which seems dangerous and apparently incomplete. I hear one man say loudly to another (speaking above the noise of traffic), “I just hope he comes down all right”. These unfamiliar men are standing near the side of the road below the overpass. I seem to be looking at the overpass from above just prior to waking, though I had also seemed incorporeal while flying and viewing Lloyd from the side of his car as he was driving it. There is no indication of harm coming to him. I see the movie’s credits rolling as I wake, though the movie’s ending is not resolved.

      Dream influences and other notes:

      The main influence was a dream state indicator, though it did not bring about lucidity. This was a liminal and nostalgic focus on “The Deadly Dream”; a TV Movie that first aired on September 25, 1971 and starred Lloyd Bridges. Concerning Lloyd Bridges (January 15, 1913-March 10, 1998), note the curious date correlation of twenty years after my dream.

      “I just hope he comes down all right” is a reference to the process of vestibular system correlation as part of the natural waking process.

      I explain this dream type and meaning further in “Dreams of Type PRECONAV-VSCPCEL, 01-15”.

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