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    1. 02-12 to 02-13-2018

      by , 02-13-2018 at 10:49 PM
      I know it is a lot of writing, just not sure how to write any less, as it is all the dream details I can remember with really minimal explanation or analysis. If you want to skip to the lucid parts just Ctrl+F Lucid. Also there was a cool Pokemon part if you want to skip ahead to that.

      Here are my dreams from the night of February 12 to the thirteemph. I had a nap on my back around 2 and then fell asleep pretty easily around 7 P M after doing my waking life recall stuff. Also I have been doing some other memory exercises when I "meditate" to help my dream recall go further too.

      First round of dreams.
      "Space ship battle / Fear of night / Helping clean up from party. "

      There may have been some earlier parts with eating at a table with some people I knew, including G. and perhaps my mom and sister.

      I forgot some of this round of dreams, but I will start with the space ship battle. I remember flying in some kind of space ship or boat thing above a big body of water, in some kind of battle with other such space ships or boats. It was day time in the dream. Some how I felt that the space ship I was using was not mine. I don't remember anything else of this except kind of feeling some fear that I would be defeated and crash into the water or get hurt. Maybe I was blasting at someone else or they were blasting at me. There was an island somewhere in the part of the body of water we were flying over. I was seeing the space ships more from the outside than from a pilot position in the ship but I identified personally with one of the ships.

      In the next scene I remember, I was in this room with some kind of checkout or deli counter. I had this big bag of cheese puffs that someone had given me as a gift, but I didn't really want, because they aren't healthy in waking life. There were two heavy set African American guys, one of whom had this kind of black scarf on around his face. They were apparently police officers or some kind of good samaritans. I made a joke saying to the one guy that he was such a bad person, the humor of which coming from being based on the fact that he is actually a very good person and never gets in trouble. His face kind of lit up in a laugh. I felt bad about that joke upon awakening since it was kind of a put down in some ways, which I try not to do. Then towards a corner of some counter tops, I was giving the bag of cheesey puffs away to my friend Patrick. I was afraid for anyone to see me giving them away because I felt like whoever gave them to me was right nearby and would be offended. The bag of cheese puffs seemed to shrink in size as I gave it to Patrick.

      Then, we were looking at those brown coffee stirrers or thin straws, and then a thicker black straw. There was something about combining them by sliding the brown little straw through the big black straw, but the big black straw had an extra tube in the middle just wide enough to slide the brown straw through? It caused a knot to form toward the end of the straw and it wouldn't work. I remember thinking of that straw as I walked down the road to the Arboretum where I live, in the day time, seeing a metal chain link fence. Maybe that was a kind of transition but is more a vague memory.

      There may have been something with a lawn mower in the way beginning of the dream so I wrote "lawn mower" just to be thorough.

      In another part, I was in a house kind of like the one I live in now. By the back sliding door, there was a glow coming through, but it was night time. I had to slide the door shut an extra time because I was afraid of things of the night. My other family members were sleeping safe upstairs but I had to sleep down near the door for some reason.

      Within that scene there was also a part where I was seeing someone on their computer late at night. The dream told me to have compassion for someone who stays up late on the computer or T V because they do it out of fear of the night. It was my friend Tucker who the dream was showing me.

      In the next scene, a guy was making a microwave full of chicken or soup or something like that. It was kind of like Speed Cooking where he had actually filled the whole microwave with stuff and cooked directly in the microwave, instead of using a dish. I forgot some parts of this but it was kind of a late night party and the guy was very hungry. He said he would clean the microwave after he ate. I felt helpful so I decided to clean it myself. We were worried it was broken because a white circular part from along one of the sides had come off.

      In another part, my friend Lauren was there, and she was showing me this video thing of two numbers in rectangles, 3 and 5. One was in a red rectangle, the other another color. They kept bumping into each other like Venn Diagrams. Lauren was very upset because the number 3 kept oscillating between being a 3 or being an 8. As I watched, I could feel how upset she was, and I was thinking of responses in my head such as advice or reassurance. Then, I remembered all this stuff I learned about listening to others but not trying to rescue or "fix" them or change how they feel, which is supposed to be healthier. So I just said, "Thanks for sharing that with me," in a compassionate way, but felt it wasn't quite enough of a reply for how upset she was, as if it seemed cold.

      In another part, a woman was outside the back slider door. I heard her calling me and went out to meet her. She was probably 4 to 5 feet tall. She jumped up and gave me a big hug. I responded by holding her in the air with a big bear hug for a while. It was a very positive and nurturing feeling. I remember the woman had dark hair and may have been wearing a hoodie but not much else.

      Then in another part, people were throwing fruit at these plain muffin things to make the fruit stick to the top. They were trying with various fruit, strawberries, cherries, raspberries, stuff like that. A woman I know had a big red berry which was understood as a raspberry, and she tossed it at the muffin thing on the little living room table. It missed and bounced off. My Aunt was in this part and maybe a woman who used to live near me.

      Apparently this whole scene was a late night party I was at. My friend's Mom was needing help with all the mess, and instead of just going home after the party like everyone else, I wanted to go "above and beyond" and help clean everything up. I could also tell my friend's mom was a little overwhelmed so i wanted to sort of support her emotionally. I was walking home along that road to the Arboretum again (in the day time again?) wondering if I had helped enough.

      Then there was a part where I was in a bath tub putting soap on my legs and arms. I was reflecting on how helpful of a person I was. Kind of proud of myself or pleased with myself.

      Round 2 of Dreams.
      "Magnemite Squid / Scrub Mummy / Toilets should be Yellow"

      I woke up from one set of dreams and thought through the dreams, but felt a bit tingly and sleep must have come again before I knew it. I still remembered some of the first cycle of dreams, and I remembered the dreams in the second cycle of sleep very well.

      One of the earliest things I remember was looking at the breeze way doors of my old house and thinking they were very "solid" for it being a dream. What I meant by this was that I felt I had been to this location in the dream a few times already and every time, the doors were in the same place, open if I had left them open, closed if I had left them closed. The doors were bent though like a triangle. I remember playing with the door handle. The thing about this is, I don't have a sense that I was actually lucid in the dreams. When I was initially recalling this dream, I remember wondering if there were lucid parts, but I couldn't think of any lucid parts. So it could have been a lucid thought but I was having a non lucid dream of having a lucid thought?

      towards the end of this dream I was walking my sister somewhere for the second time at night. She came to my room to get me so i could walk her there. i kind of wanted to sleep but she needed me to walk or drive her there.

      I was going to change into blue jeans, of which I had a pair in a cabinet or shelf. I was taking a moment to use the rest room for a number two, and squatting down. We were at my previous house, but the bathroom was where the teal room used to be. I was thinking that toilets should not be white because that accentuates any yellow or brown stuff that gets on them. Toilets should be yellow or brown because then they won't look dirty with number 1 or number 2 in them. Those were my thoughts within the dream.

      At the end of the dream, I was laying down, and saw someone I knew. (Note to self #1*. ) Then, I woke up in my physical bed.

      Like I said, I laid there thinking about the dreams, but felt sleep paralysis come back to my limbs and was asleep before I knew it. I remember remembering parts during that period of time between dreaming, but I don't remember what it was I remembered! .

      In the next dream or series of dreams, I was reading from a text book. On the upper right hand corner, there was some wording that seemed un needed, so I was editing the text right there in the text book somehow. It was something like the word "Guard" but I don't remember exactly. I do remember the text seemed pretty solid, not to keep morphing on me. There was some fan running really loud, or other back ground noise, and I sang a line from a rock song in a high pitched rock star voice. A guy was like, wow, that was cool, and the noise went off, and he wanted me to do it again. But I didn't want anyone to hear me with the back ground noise off. I think I sung it again any way but felt silly.

      Then a woman was reading from another copy of the text, maybe my sister, and there was another buzzing or beeping noise in the back ground. The guy said to shut up and I was like, how dare he tell my sister to shut up! But then I realized he was saying shut up to the back ground noise, not to my sister, and I felt better. I tried to make sure my sister knew he was not telling her to shut up, but instead he was telling the noise to shut up.

      Then, it was my turn to read the text book, as if we were going around in a circle, taking turns reading. I wanted to hide the fact that I had modified the text book, but I had no copy of the original text by now, so I was faced with a conundrum of what to do. My section to read turned out to be the one I had just been editing.

      I don't remember what happened next in that part or how it got from there to here.

      I was in a room with people my age playing guitar. It was some people from my high school. Some music kind of like Andy McKee came on, and my friend was sitting in a wooden booth table, playing along with it. He was saying how he was going to be away for one year, and he was going into a room in the corner to talk with someone about it. I felt left out. Then he told me I could come along and listen, too, but then I felt bad that my friend Richie hadn't been invited. I kind of looked at my friend Richie who may or may not have realized he was left out. I had two tupperware cups with red lids and some kind of black cola type of soda in them, and my usual water bottle. I was going to carry them all to that room but it seemed like a lot.

      The next parts of the dream were a little more surreal.

      I was playing a Pokemon game, which was probably from listening to Pokemon Route music before going to bed. I had some generation one starters who I was going to "level grind". I saw some interesting pictures of the starters from red, blue and green, and I think that was how they got into my dream. I had a grass type, maybe venusaur, i was about to give two hold items to. Then i was like, wait, two hold items? I didn't give the Pokemon the items because I didn't want to lose them if the Pokemon fainted. (Different game mechanics. ) I walked from this one part off to the right side of the map where there was tall grass. I walked into the tall grass, seeing myself from above, like in the game, but then decided to press start and open the start menu. I took a few steps as the start menu was opening and a battle began. I tried to open the start menu as the battle was beginning but it wouldn't work. The game was telling me that a wild Jolteon and Magnemite had appeared, and I was prompted to choose which ability my Charmander would use. I forgot who my other Pokemon was, but Charmander was on the left, accross from magnemite, and my other Pokemon was accross from Jolteon. One of Charmanders abilities was called Magnetism, which meant that if a steel or electric Pokemon attacked him, he could attack again right after, even in the same turn. There were rectangular menus like in the game boy games. What the game called "Magnemite" turned out to be a squid type of thing, and this made me kind of do a double take. I could also see another Pokemon way off to the right of the map, as if it were in the battle too, but just from afar. So my Charmander attacked the "Magnemite Squid" and then the Magnemite Squid attacked my Charmander. I felt scared that my Charmander would lose the battle. Actually since the beginning of the battle I was afraid I would lose because I only had one leveled up Pokemon and the rest were there for E X P Share, so I was not prepared for a double battle. But, Charmander was able to attack Magnemite for a second time with its ability, and Magnemite was knocked out. I forgot the rest of that part.

      From the same map, it kind of transitioned more to the right and I was in some kind of Spongebob town. This part seemed like a very sort of blurry or foggy dream, not so solid like the others, but still vivid in a way. There was this guy we were calling a scrub which was actually more like one of the towns people of Bikini Bottom in Sponge Bob, the fish people with the big lips. We had done something like blown its face off and killed it because it was this scary monster called a Scrub. This was from its front door while it was in its house? Then we turned around and behind us was this mummy thing. I think it happened twice. We were telling the mummy thing that we killed the "Scrub" but it was saying that "Scrub" is me! So it went inside its house and we were talking to it some more or something. It was at a sink to the right and its bed had pink blankets, right in front of the front door.

      Then, a wall of white text on a black back ground appeared. I was reading it and it seemed to contain all of my dreams, fully written already. I was amazed because it seemed to contain some dreams I forgot, so I was thinking this "script" of my dreams already existed somewhere, and I could do as much dream recall as I wanted on my own, but I would always have the "full script" of my dreams to compare it to. There was some mention of Mario which I did not dream about. I thought I was already awake.

      Then i woke up physically and realized I had just had more dreams. They came to my mind without much difficulty, and then I thought through the previous dreams I had fallen back asleep before writing, recovering some of those memories, too.

      I think I forgot a part before the Pokemon scene but not sure.

      Round 3 of dreams.
      "Indoor Baseball" / "Lucid without control. "

      The first thing I remember is driving in a car with Will Ferrell and some other guy. They were doing some Lonely Island kind of rap, like one of those gangster raps but with the silly lyrics. I remember a part where I was driving a car, and it was hot outside. I put the air conditioner on, but had the windows wide open, and it still cooled down the car a lot. I was kind of worried that this was wasting energy. Will Ferrell was wearing a blue suit and he was to my left. It had blue and light blue on the suit.

      Then my Dad and my two Uncles who live nearby were all at my house and so was my sister. Everyone was drinking alcohol. We were then standing or sitting all facing the corner of this room which was ten square feet of space at the most. But we were going to play baseball. The bases were maybe each 5 to 8 feet apart. My Uncle was up to bat and I was wondering where he was going to hit the ball to. One door was open to his left, but I doubted he could aim the ball to get out through that door. So I was imagining that the ball was going to smash a window or make a huge dent in the wall. My Dad seemed to be okay with it though, like he would patch up the hole before our lease was up. I don't remember if anyone actually pitched or hit the ball, but I just remember feeling nervous. I was next up to bat. It might have been a competition between me and my uncle. Actually I wrote that I missed the baseball so maybe I was up to bat and missed the ball. I was thinking that if I did hit the ball, I would just do a "bunt" and then walk the bases, so I didn't damage anything.

      I walked around the side of the stairs and saw a silver and light brown spider walking accross the floor. It had a gigantic abdomen. It reminded me of this hair ball that's been on our stair case for a while now that every time I see it, I think it is a spider. So in the dream, I looked, did a double take, saw if it was a hair ball, but then, it turned out it was a spider! I just let it carry on with its walk, but I kind of wondered if it would creep up and crawl on me one day.

      So then I was at the counter drinking from a glass of yellowy beer. I drank like the first three quarters of it, and then I noticed I was thinking I felt like a different person. Then I noticed on a deeper level that it was more psychological. Really, I was always this person, but it was just that I trained myself to only let it out when I drank? So then I stopped drinking because I realized I don't need alcohol for me to be who I want to be. (I haven't had a drink since 2/1/2014. ) My sister was in that scene and also drinking alcohol.

      I don't know if anything else happened, but I woke up from all those, and thought through it. Then I fell back asleep.

      In the next dream I was sharing a room with my friend Ryan. I only remember it vaguely, but he was saying that I stay in too much. There was a big rectangular hamper and I was pouring urine on top of my clothes thinking I would be washing them soon anyway. I had some misgivings about pouring the urine on there but decided to go ahead and pour it in. I was working on some writing, maybe a dream journal entry, but I don't remember that.

      There was also something about something at a beach. maybe with kites or walking along the shore, but I don't remember anything else about it clearly.

      Okay so then there was something on the rooftop of a brick building. And it was like one of those dreams where I am seeing it from the outside, like watching a T V show sort of. Somehow I noticed that this was a dream. Spongebob was on the show and there were some other graphics that were kind of exciting. While watching this, I realized I was lucidly aware, but had no sense of being able to control anything within the "dream screen". But I felt very happy because the "dream show" was giving me good vibes. So I thought of those cat videos I saw where the cat is sort of twitching in its sleep, as if it is dreaming. From within the dream, I imagined twitching my physical body this way and having a big bright smile on my physical face as it slept. I felt my body do this but it may have been a non physical body rather than a physical body. Something scary might have happened at some point like a dragon came on the screen. I couldn't remember a lot of the images from that part but I just remembered brick building roof top, sponge bob and maybe patrick star.

      I woke up from that and thought through all those dreams some more, first the most recent, then going back over the previous round to be sure I hadn't lost them.

      As I did that, I fell back to sleep and dreamed more about the Lonely island rap I had already dreamed about. Sometimes that happens to me because I am thinking about a dream memory with so much concentration and focus, in order to remember it, that if I fall back to sleep, I dream about that same thing. It was like the same guys in a pick up truck but I don't remember it very clearly.

      Round 4 of Dreams.
      "Surfing and Flying LD" / "Pickpocketing Leprechaun" / "Late for family meal. "

      It seemed that in this round of dreams there were some continuations of previous dreams.

      I have a vague memory of being with my Dad in my Nana's room. he was standing where she keeps the T V in waking life and I was by the marble table. My Dad was saying something and I was trying to tell him the main problem was workaholism, but I accidentally slipped and said something like circaholism or circumcision is the main problem. When I thought about it, I realized that verbal slip actually reveals more of the truth, since when so many males are traumatized with the horror of circumcision at birth, they will develop workaholism among many other problems. But I think I tried to correct myself within the dream, and accidentally said circumcision trauma that time, too. I don't remember anything else from that part.

      The next part I remember is my sister was setting up for something inside. Maybe another baseball game? There was more scenes with Dad and my Uncles from the previous dream. This time, there was food being prepared. My sister and aunt and other relatives were looking for me, I think calling my name, but I was stuck in the basement. I could hear them calling for me, but I could not reply. My voice wouldn't travel up the stairs. Rivers of water kept being poured down over the stairs past me to the floor of the basement. It didn't really feel like a drowning dream or anything, it was just more of a mild thing with water. But I did feel it was perhaps tragic that I was right there in the basement, trying to get up, but they must have felt like I abandoned them.

      I don't remember what happened but next thing I remember I was up the stairs. My relatives were all serving food at some kind of banquet. I think I ate some and it tasted good. Maybe some pasta and cheese thing or ice cream was the closest I could remember to what food it was. It was day time outside and we were all eating out there.

      So then I was sitting with my Nana or another older relative. But then I was seeing a view point from behind this relative where this little leprechaun or Mario like character was pick pocketing my relative and then plucking various pieces of gold and jewelry off their clothes and hair without them noticing. Then, the dream kind of showed this little gnome type of character running around the house, stealing different valuable things. Then, everyone was chasing after him, angry at him, and searching all over the house to find him. The dream showed the little guy finding a hiding place while some men passed by looking for him, then he moved to hide in some storage bin while they passed by another way. Then, I came back into having a "dream body" in the same room as him. I knew he was in this blue storage bin with some wooden rods in it, but I had compassion for him. I didn't want him to be hurt and punished. So my intent was to move the box he was in into the closet so he could hide in the closet instead of being crammed into one tiny box. I was trying to protect him. As I was moving the blue bin, my friends Carlos and Omar came into the room, looking for the guy who was hiding there. He was staying perfectly still in this plastic bag within the bin. Then, the bin morphed into my black airport luggage with no one noticing. They asked what was in there, or did I find the guy in there, and I said, no, it is just all my own stuff. In it was my fraternity paddle, a funny samurai knife and sword thing and some other wooden objects. (Funny because I just unearthed those objects the other day while looking through the basement. ) I pulled out a wooden brush and felt like, oh, no that belongs to Carlos. Sure enough, Carlos said that it was his brush, so I was kind of like, oops, sorry, you can have it. There was also some kind of wooden music player that was cylindrical. Carlos was going to pay me four dollars for me to return his brush to him, but I was like, it is your brush, I should be paying you for it. The wood had red lettering on it like in waking life. The bristles were pointy and black.

      Then, I woke up and laid there, thinking through the dream. Just when I had formed some solid memories of them, I felt the tingles return and my limbs get heavy, so sleep paralysis was setting in again. Sleep paralysis was really cooperating very well with me on this night. It was like within 10 minutes of laying down and not moving, I would feel everything get heavy, and I would know sleep was right around the corner. It was nice to have that happen instead of all the fidgeting I sometimes have gotten.

      I don't think it was a true WILD but I regained consciousness within this next dream fairly early on. It began with a music video of some guys flying around at a beach, rapping or singing lyrics to a song. The words appeared as captions on the bottom of the screen and I followed along with the captions, hoping to remember them when I woke up. The captions had different colors like blue or gold or tan around them. It reminded me of the captions on a recent Stephen LaBerge lecture I watched and maybe that's why it appeared in my dream that way. As I followed along with the words, which by the way I remembered none of upon awakening, I realized this was a dream. The idea of people rapping had continued throughout the night so that might have been partly why. Then, I noticed I was watching this on a phone, laying on my side, the same side I was sleeping on in physical world, and I could see light on in my room behind the phone screen. I started to think I would be able to put down the phone and go do something, but I was afraid to move and wake myself up physically, so i just kept watching. Then, I was actually at the beach floating there with them, still seeing the same music video. After a few moments of this I felt ready to start moving my dream body, and I flew towards these sand dunes which were shaped like a skate boarding half pipe. I sort of surfed along the curves of the half pipe thing and got stuck mid way because it was just sand. But that started my sensation of surfing or "boarding" around.

      I almost just kept watching the music video, but I realized that I could passively watch music videos all day. But that might not be as cool as going out and engaging "life" or in this case the dream. So it was kind of empowering to be able to be active instead of passive.

      I continued "surf boarding" to the edge of the sand and then over this ice which had frozen over the dark water. Once I got to the edge of the ice, i was flying through the air. The sky was dark but things were dimly illuminated. I saw a guy in midair and flew straight into him, kind of on purpose, not sure why though. We bounced off each other harmlessly and talked about how cool it was to be flying here. He was a somewhat heavy African American guy, maybe my age. I thought it might be social to ask him his name, and he said Adrian. Then I saw my friend Tom from college down by the water's surface, and I shouted down, "Tom, is the water dangerous?" He said, "No, the water is totally safe!" I was totally reassured and completely trusted him. Then he looked more like my friend Amelio, and then he turned into a navy blue silhouette with white glowing rings all over it, within the silhouette, not around it. I wanted to go in the water but didn't end up doing that. Then I was flying near the top of a tall book shelf with Adrian and one of the book covers said, "How certain kinds of media make us not like our noses," Which I thought was interesting. the book cover had red on it and a cartoon of a guy in black ink drawing. I understood the intent of the book to be to communicate how when people watch too much T V or celebrity stuff, they feel inferior, such as not liking their own nose any more. I thought that was some good dream wisdom. Not to compare myself to others and not to consume a lot of mass media or look at celebrities or photos of people a lot because that is where the comparing can start.

      I thought to see if I could play a Dream Theater song within the dream, but sort of shot down my own idea. in hindsight, that would have been really cool, to try to hear a song I like in waking life, within my lucid, dream.
      (Note to self #2*. )

      I guess I flew around a little more or observed some more stuff and then woke up. I forgot the exact moment I woke up. I was able to think it through very clearly though.

      Round of 5 sleep.
      I went back to bed, hoping for one last round of dreams. Maybe even some lucidly aware dreams after my last little taste of lucidity in round 4. But, when I awoke, I had no memory of any dreams. I tried to sleep again after that, but could not get back to sleep. It was 7 A M and sunny already so usually I can't sleep much past sun up. It was a good night of dreams though and glad to be done typing it up in full.

      I know my D J entries are pretty long so I might try to come up with some way to highlight what I would want people to read if they only wanted to read 25%.
    2. Surfing in San Diego

      by , 06-26-2016 at 05:52 PM (AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures)


      I was in a mall in San Diego, in some kind of race. I was running as fast as I could and I noticed Diego G. running beside me. We were debating on the existance of god and went into a bookstore; we grabbed an encyclopedia and read an exerpt on god (it was more like I stared at the paper and the information just came to me). We kept running and eventually arrived at the beach. I had rented two foam-top boards and I went into the water. My brother and Julio were with me. We kept getting swept north along the shore by the current. There were floating shops everywhere, it was like a small town on the water; the shops were all colorfull, like bright red, yellow, teal blue. We ended up next to a cliff with waves breaking against it. I checked my backpack to make sure my GoPro was in there. I looked towards the shore and saw a plane taking off; the plane had a big patio attached to it and I assumed it was for passengers once they were stable up in the air. I gave one board to Julio and the other one to my brother. They tried to catch a wave that was coming in. My brother stood up no problem, Julio stayed laying on top of the board as he grabbed the wave and at the shore he crashed into a little girl, but the impact was not too strong. The little girl's father turned around and punched Julio saying "Watch out idiot". I realized we were in the swimming only zone, so we got out and walked south towards the surfing only zone. We had to go through a building and pay $4.00; on the other side we could see the checkered yellow and black flag indicaitng the start of the surifng zone. A blond lifeguard was laying on the sand sun-tanning. There was a huge metal structure on the beach that had a big TV. It was playing an episode of Vikings merged with Game of Thrones. There was a fight in a big amphitheatre between a Viking and an Unsullied. The Viking slashed the Unsullied's throat and a stream of blood started flowing out, he dropped dead. Among the spectators were Ser Davos, Sansa, and Melisandre. The Viking started mocking Melisandre by asking the Lord of Light to bring the Unsullied back to life; it back fired by actually working, and the Unsullied drove his spear through the Viking's eye.
    3. Race Ending With a Peaceful Drowning

      by , 11-08-2015 at 08:32 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      I know I had a super short lucid sometime last night but don't remember one bit of it.

      Most of this dream was about events leading up to the race and I woke up/got up and when I fell back asleep I was having another race dream so this is just the whole thing kinda blended together.

      I was at this race, which was supposed to be a cross country running race, which a friend. Before the race, I stopped in this classroom in my old HS to get some things we needed and saw a popular girl there from when I was in HS. I was wondering why she was still there.. she would have had to be held back FOUR years to still be in HS. Anyway, she was making fun of me and so was some guy. I was more surprised than annoyed, and I didn't want to be bothered by it, so before I left the room, I turned to the girl and curtsied at her. She looked surprised. Then I left.

      There was lots of diddly daddling and thinking I was gonna be late for the race because my race was supposed to start at 4:30 am, and I looked at the clock once and it said 4:30am.

      To get to the start of the race, I look this hay-ride type vehicle with some of the contestants(and my dad was there for some reason). When we got there, I was with Sydney. I realized it was a triathlon,starting with surfing. I was annoyed that I didn't know this and had not prepared for this. I have never surfed in my life(including RL).

      Me and the other contestants get in the ocean with our surf boards and paddle out and right away, there come big waves, bigger than I would have thought(in RL I live no where near the ocean so I'm not used to big waves). Everyone missed the first wave, then the second wave came and everyone missed that too. Then the third wave came, which was huge. It knocked me off my board and my board floated way. I tried to grab it but it kept getting further and further away and I was exhausted and realized I wasn't going to make it. So I just gave in and let myself drown. Even though I didn't know I was dreaming, I knew I would be okay(drowning is a re-occurring dream of mine). So I went underneath the surface and it felt quite peaceful, and I
      woke up(FA?).

      The race turned into a singing contestant and the contestants were awful. I looked to see what the prizes were for the winners, which were kept in a yellow paper bag, and I found this gold(fake) box. I opened it and there was a pocket watch inside, cheaply made, with a cartoon character on it. The other prizes were other cheap plastic kid's toys. One kid saw me looking at the prizes and was got mad at me.
    4. High School Reunion, A Different Looking YCW (19.7.15)

      by , 07-19-2015 at 02:36 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      High School Reunion
      I'm watching some massive waves coming through. I'm unsure if I'm in the water or just a spectator.

      I'm at a shopping centre and I see a few people from my school. I think there's meant to be a high school reunion.

      I'm at a water slide and there's a lot of people waiting. I feel as if it's going to be a while before I get to go down. I see my brother. He goes down with 6 others in short breaks between sliders. There's a baby that goes down. He grips to the slide a bit, but eventually gets going down the slide. I'm in the slide somehow, maybe to help the baby go down the slide. I try to climb back up the slide and struggle doing so, but get to the top eventually. I sit back in line for my shot.

      Im at a pub drinking with some of the guys from high school.

      A Different Looking YCW
      I'm at YCW surf beach but it looks different. Everyone is instructed to get out of water and move to the other beach which is only about 20 meters away on the opposite side of the sand. The waves are big and thick. They're breaking instantly. The waves are are forming from a man made wall that's keeping the water in. The water is rebounded off of it and instantly forming a big wave and breaking. I see a lot of young kids sitting under the wave, letting it break on top of them. I find this crazy. I figure it out after a few waves that it's fake. The whole wave is like a hologram, and the scene changes still has the wave and kids. I see the waves in the distance, they're coming from different angles then normal.

      Dave and maybe Josh are have found a frisbee and are throwing it to one another. We're not the best at throwing. We can't seem to find the right amount of power in our throws. The scene changes to my house. They're in my bedroom throwing the frisbee. Dave throws it and it goes into the laundry. I struggle finding it and eventually find that it went under the door and is outside. I bring it back in and throw the frisbee to Dave, who is on the bed.

      I'm in the water with Josh and Daryl, and it looks to be getting dark. I see a guy in the distance swimming.

      I'm on dry land now and Daryl wants to buy some weed. I tell him that it's a silly idea considering that he hasn't smoked in over a month due to having to get a medical for work soon. He tells me he has passed it before and will pass it again. I tell him it's not worth the risk because of the situation his in with money, and really needs the job. Daryl seems to be getting a bit pissed off, but I continue giving him the tough love. Also it surprised me that Josh wasn't backing me up and he was almost giving him suggestions on how to get some weed.

      We're now walking in a strange area, which looks similar to terminator 2 scene where they're getting chased by the truck through the sewer. I'm walking up top on a small ledge and the others are on down below. They seem to be thinking the way I'm going will be blocked by something. I
      noticed that it's a clear path for me, and that it had been removed. I get to a end and look down. There's a way of getting down but it's tricky. I see lines appear, showing me the way. It feels like I'm in a video game. Without any logical thinking, I jump and try and land on one of the safe spots. As I'm floating down, it feels like gravity isn't normal, as I seem to have more time to try land correctly.
      I'm now a video character, a small red looking creature I think. I land in a good spot, but the danger isn't over. I've got to continue find safe spots which confuses me, as I feel rushed and don't exactly know where to jump to. I feel as if I'm getting close to end but get stuck. My health starts depleting and I'm not looking too good. I still feel I'm able to make it, but end up dying.

      I wake up in a small room. There's a radio in the room with someone talking. Im imprisioned. A man comes into the room but unsure what he said or did. I look outside and notice there is a path of water drops on the balcony. One of the other characters must have reached the Safe zone and left the evidence behind.
      Tags: surfing
      non-lucid , memorable
    5. Body Surfing In Thailand (18.7.15)

      by , 07-18-2015 at 11:19 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Body Surfing In Thailand
      I'm with Daryl in Thailand. We're on a beach and its night time. I see a car in the parking lot and some dude is fucking some Asian girl. He is having sex with her while standing up. I walk towards the water and see Shonnie and his partner. It's not his real partner. This girl is a pretty Asian. I hear her say that the water is a bit cold as she goes deeper. I get in and check for myself. I'm surprised she thought it was cold because I was loving it. We decide to go out deeper. Daryl is with us as we swim out. Daryl says there's a bit set coming through. I swim towards the shore to try and catch one of the waves. I begin body surfing the wave with Daryl. It feels awesome. It has a different feel to it, so smooth. I thought I was going to collide with Daryl but I Maneuvered out of his way. The wave takes me all the way onto the shore. I eject off the wave onto the sand in a standing position. I tell Daryl that I body surfed it all the way to shore, but he doesn't believe me.

      I have a small Asian girl with me and we're standing at a deli looking for some food to buy. The girl starts touching the glass, which the girl behind the counter didn't like. I put the Asian girl on my shoulders. I feel a bit uncomfortable due to this girls age. I feel that they're thinking I'm a pedophile or something. I order quite a bit of food, which all looks good. I think at some point I feel as if I'm dreaming and it didn't matter what I ate, but don't take advantage of the thought, and continue the dream as normal. I order a few things multiple times.

      Im in a room just off the beach. A competition just finished, which was of women's surfing. There were 2 rival girls who were not too fond on each other. I see Germain and I have a chat with him. I ask how footy is going. He says that his teams not playing the best. I say that he's team won the flag last year right? He replies with a yes. I have a feeling Germain doesn't really want to talk much.

      Scores from the women's competition are being read out and it's very tight. It looks as if the girl I'm not wanting to win is going to win. To my surprise the last judge gave a great score to the one I wanted to win, which got her the victory. The loser is upset and has sour grapes. I see 2 posters on the wall and the loser writes her thoughts on he decision down on the poster. I feel like it's bad sportsmanship. I feel like writing something under her text.
    6. It's Tradition to Dress Like a Women, My First Pump at Shelly's (29.6.15)

      by , 06-29-2015 at 12:13 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      It's Tradition to Dress Like a Women
      I'm with Daryl and I think Ben. We're in South Africa and decide to visit a infamous spot. As we enter the restaurant, I wait for my turn to get given women's cloths to wear. She gives me a Red and Black flannelette and denim genes. I don't mind the outfit, it could have been a lot worse. I'm a bit hesitant to grab them off the counter because I didn't want to get in the way of the employer. I think I put them on. I see Daryl in the distance, sitting at a table with Ben. He is starting to look impatience, as he waits for his food. I think this place does homemade cookies or something.

      I'm now sitting down next to Luke Ray, and we're talking about the tradition of this place, of how you have to wear ur women's cloths for a whole day and night, sleeping with them on and all. That convocation moves onto me talking about how Kayley's pension got cut. Luke gets up and has to do something for the moment.

      I head over to Daryl and Ben, and I notice that Luke is still not back to his original spot where we were sitting. I get up and head over to the counter where you order your food. I felt I needed to order now because it's taking a long time to get it once served, so Everyone is going to have to wait for me now, which sucks. I double check Daryl and Bens order. The employer repeats it too me in a odd way. Talking slow and long. I struggle to remember what he is saying, and was hoping to relay it back to Daryl and Ben. As she's telling me, I'm pulling cards out of my wallet, it has symbols written on them, and the lady is telling me about them. It's pretty much explaining what they ordered. One of the cards was my pension card. I look over to what's cooking and notice all the food. I think I might have a chance of getting my food on time, as its a new batch that has just been cooked. I second guess myself.

      Luke and I are sitting back where we were earlier, talking about the fact that smoking is banned. Either myself or Luke sides with it being wrong, due to it being a tradition in this part of the world. Employers come to the table and they seem to be angry or threatening toward me. I feel as if I'm about to get robbed. I try to figure out if I have my wallet in my pockets, without checking. I replay the scene to see if they were coming off that way.
      I see a block of cheese in its wrapper. As if unwraps, I'm either saying or hearing someone say it's falling to the sky or something.

      My First Pump at Shelly's
      I was Shelly beach. I catch a nice size wave and surf it with ease. As I'm surfing the wave, I decide to do something I don't usually do, and that's to pump down the wave. I notice the wave beginning to close out, but squeeze every bit of surfing out of it. I was a little cautious about surfing it to the shore line, due to the shallow reef. As I paddle back out, I'm feeling pretty stoked with the wave and how I surfed it. I was excited to tell Josh what happened if he hadn't seen the wave. I see 2 surfers in front of me, kinda in my way, so I weave my way through them. I think I end up telling Josh and I think another guy about what happened.

      Dream Fragment
      I notice that Claire must have slept with Chris Brown. I was thinking about how she could take that dick.

      Side Notes: EFT seemed to work well. Will continue with same phrases.
    7. #83 - Another unexpected lucid

      by , 04-13-2015 at 08:20 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Dream - Another unexpected lucid
      I've recently acquired a new surfboard and wetsuit, which is true in both my dream and real life. I'm in my flat and I see my flatmate Oliver scoot out the door in his own wetsuit with a surfboard (he doesn't have them IRL), it seems that he acquired a surfboard after me and is going to test-drive his surfboard before I've tested mine (been too busy sadly ). I decide that I'll meet him at the beach since it's a nice day, I head there and he's absolutely ripping it up - except instead of it being Oliver it's my friend Isaac... I don't notice the transition though. The cut of his board suits his skill level and the wave types there... But my surfboard isn't quite right, I'm having a hard time paddling and can't turn properly, I swim about for a while but the tide is starting to come in (which, where I live, can be a predicament as it comes right up to the wall which would suck to smash into...). I climb up a hill to rest and at the the top there's a slooty bar with a name in glowing red neon, can't recall the name though >_<. I look down and see Isaac leaving, for some reason I think to myself it might be a dream, which my rational says "No way man, this is so realistic, there's no way it's a dream!". I do a reality check anyways, pushing my finger through my hand, it goes through but I'm not convinced... I decide to try something NEW, something that can only be done in a dream. I put my hands in front of me separated with my fingers splayed and curving. I turn them to face each other, finger tips an inch apart, then try to summon electricity. Sparking occurs, stretching between the tips of my fingers from one hand to the other crackling with energy.

      "Hmmm... Okay, I'm convinced, this is a dream" I narrate to myself, the dreamworld around me so convincing that I'm still not so sure. The reality of lucidity doesn't quite dawn on me, I don't really DO anything except follow the dream normally, never truly being in contro
      l. At some point I actually lose lucidity and continue on oblivious, which leads to a situation where I'm swimming with friends and we need to get out the water for some reason. Oh well.

      Note: 4th lucid dream recently that has been unexpected, might be related to simple breathing meditation I randomly did before going to sleep - which I primarily did just so I could slow down my racing thoughts and focus on a 'day-dream' to help myself fall asleep.
      lucid , non-lucid
    8. Surfing in the City(Pt 1)

      by , 08-29-2014 at 01:05 PM
      Thursday28th August 2014

      Moon Cycle: 7% illuminated Waxing crescent moving from Virgo to Libra

      Tarot Card of Day: Queen of Swords

      Mayan Calender: White Electric Wind


      I was frustrated and feeling slightly annoyed. Who wouldn't be, after being told that you have to pay for the food at a funeral service. At first i thought it to be some kind of sick joke to play at a funeral, but after my uncle confirmed i put the keish/cottage pie down and left the half hexagon lecture the ceremony was taking place.

      (Scene change):
      I find myself in an artificial wave pool in the centre a city that could be New York.
      A golden sandy artificial beach lines the shore, and fake rocks built into a wall create a surrounding perimeter.

      There's a small crowd out in the water and and mind my own business,duck-diving waves and catching the ones I can.
      My balance is wobbly, and I attribute this to not having surfed for a while. There's a few self conscious thoughts floating around in my head,worrying about how i look while I'm on the wave.
      Suddenly from the far wall of the wave pool I see many old high school "friend"s trying to throw rocks directly at me!
      "Get off of our turf!"they shout
      Angered by this, I'm overcome by the urge to pull the middle finger at them, but think twice.There's many of them,and one of me.
      Another real friend gets close to me from the wall and tells me to ignore them.
      Shortly after, the entire pool is drained of water. It was now apparently the kids under thirteens chance to surf,and everyone was to leave the water.
    9. Vacation

      by , 07-21-2014 at 03:31 PM


      I am going on a surfing trip with my mom. We take a boat to the island we are planning to go to. We enter it in a little bay and start driving. On the right I see a lot of big, expensive houses. From time to time the water colour changes from almost white to a nice blue where it gets a little deeper. A whale jumps out of the water and makes a huge jump. We arrive to a little island with a beach. I take my board and surf to the man whos supposed to show us everything. I dont wanna touch the ground because I am scared of animals trying to hurt me.There are 3 other people, two women and another guy. All look very surfer like.
      It gets later and theres a party going on. A guy is handing out pills. I take five. I start freaking out and try talking to a friend but I cant. When I am sober again I tell my friend how weird that was and he tells me it was just sugar in the pills.
    10. Dreams 10 June

      by , 06-10-2014 at 02:18 AM
      Been a long while since I've recorded dreams, but doing so most definitely increases my dream recall and lucidity, so it's worth continuining. I'm following after the philisophy of mastermind by saying a mantra/affirmation before sleeping and using the power of intention.
      And it seems to have worked lol. I usually don't remember this much detail of my dreams but at the same time I haven't really been trying until recently.

      Was at Newcastle turning right at a set of traffic lights in an attempt to get onto the Pacific HWY a few streets down. However, this set of traffic lights when they went green, traffic in the opposing direction was still moving and very quickly too. Something like 130KM/h which is not even a speed we travel at on highways in Australia let alone regular arterial roads like the one I was on. As I turned right after finding a sufficient gap to turn, two cars appeared out of nowhere in lanes 2 and 3 and I stopped in lane 1 before completing my turn just narrowly avoiding hitting them. This set of traffic lights doesn't even exist as far as I am aware. I turned down a few more streets and ended up at a mcDonalds restaurant and parked in there. I can't remember if I got anything to eat there or not but there is a slight gap between the proceeding events.

      I am now in another house. A house I'd never been in before. My parents have now arrived here. I don't remember all of the conversation I had with my mum but she said that it is very hard to turn at that intersection as the cars are traveling so quickly. Then the dream got very odd and spooky. There was a presence in the room. I can't remember if I saw anything but I may have seen that presence or at
      least a shadow in another room. It was starting to get dark outside and I could sense evil around me in this room.

      In the main living area, we are for some reason using candles instead of lights. When I mention the evil in the room to my mum, she says she has some sort of book about it that might help. She gets out a few books but then grabs a very odd looking book. It has a dark cover and I can't remember what the cover said it was but it did have some odd symbol on it and said something along the lines of book of evil spirits or something. I read a bit of it then went back out to the car and the doors locked when I went inside it and I could still sense the spirit but I got out of there somehow and went back into the house.

      Eventually it became morning and I could no longer sense the spirit. I went outside via a sliding door and there was a pool there. Suddenly some naked woman was standing next to me and she and I both jumped into the pool together with me for some reason in an old school uniform or something. She wanted me to go wrap her arms around her so I did lol.

      Then the dream got even more bizarre. Suddenly this pool extended over a great waterfall/drop and I was on a surfboard and me and some other friends I'd never seem before went over the waterfall and luckily landed without killing ourselves. Now we were at some sort of beach and there were some big waves here. Still on our surfboards and now in the ocean, my friends signalled to go this way to where all the big waves are but I see another wave in the opposite direction and so go that way instead. I go a few meters before accidentally going over a massive wave and being flung into the air and landing on some rocks and hurting myself. I believe my friends were coming over to help but the dream ended at this point anyway.

      Was at one of my old houses. Was downstairs in the shower,towel, stairs...will,fill in extra details later.

      Ballina, pacific hwy, shopping centre...will fill in extra details later.
    11. Alone in my room, looking through the 32X telescope ZOOM adjusting the focus to the moon

      by , 01-27-2014 at 12:38 AM
      my HH has turned from visual to auditory. It sounded like some very fluent news channel. The whole time, I was impressed by my subconscious and how it made sense of everything and how it sounded like an actual news station. -hypnic jerk-. Fuck. Get back in the zone.

      My sight becomes a small peephole that i identified as a telescope. i tried to gaze at the stars. Before i know it, i have my dream body. It is night time and i am in what appears to be a mens changing/locker room. I perform a reality check and look at my hands just to stabilize myself and again, my fingers are short stumps and it gives me the fucking creeps and i shiver. I hate how it looks. I look in the mirror because everyone says how funny/weird it is. The first time I look, I die laughing so hard that i almost wake up because i see a retarded white man with his eyes too close together looking back at me. I turn around and look again...this time it is actually me...except with fat. I actually think that i look even more handsome fat than my usual body. -shrugs-. I also see some type of poster behind me in the mirror. I go outside and the marsh clouds are present in the dark night. I remember my training and try to make the picture more vivid. doesn't work at first, but does on second try. At this point, i decide to levitate and surf. i noticed a small fear of flying over the open body of water....I ended up at some cliff and saw a couple of familiar people. I surfed/flew more, and wondered why it was night. I wanted it to be day. I changed the scene from night to day subconsciously.

      I fucked tabitha. Doggy style.

      I end up at the locker room again and a maid asks me something about a towel and I say, "you can leave it there". I walk a stairway and see a guy with one eye (cyclops looking) with a group of people, but I am focused on him. For some reason, his one eye reminded me of my third eye which somehow reminded me about locating my dream guide. I asked him twice and he said he wasn't my dream guide. the third time i asked, he said he wasn't but he will take me to them. I asked him if it was true that they have to tell the truth on the third attempt about asking them about my dream guide...he and a friend say, "yea, it's one of those unspoken things...." he takes me to a warehouse and leaves. i enter and see a rifle on a desk just chillin. I suddenly don't trust the situation and am about to back out, but see a black lady behind a desk and ask her if she is my dream guide. she says no and tells me to wait.... and my memory cuts right here and i still have yet to find them. Maybe instead of asking, i will APPOINT someone my dream guide.
    12. Big Band

      by , 01-20-2014 at 03:32 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #181: Big Band

      As I’m leaving a shopping mall, there’s an announcement that the mall is under lockdown because someone has stolen a baby from a stroller. This all seems too strange to me and I become lucid.

      I’m in a large, empty room that looks a bit like a warehouse, a bit like a mall entrance. It’s only half lit but I can make out the ceiling maybe fifty feet above me. I remember that I wanted to make the dream as vivid as possible so I slowly rub my hands together, nothing how real they look and feel. The one difference I notice is that they leave visible streaks across my vision when I move them.

      I can’t remember any goals beyond vividness, so I raise my hands to the ceiling and say, “I’ll take whatever you have to give me.” Nothing happens, so I add, “Show me something amazing! Anything!” Again I wait, and I start to feel a twinge of nervousness.

      “I think we need more light,” I say, and the light comes up a bit. Now I hear music behind me, like something from a band. I turn and see a large open-air exit from the mall with a big band playing on a set of risers near the exit. I make my way over to the band, only partly able to hear the music. The risers go up about 3 levels and there are maybe 20 or 25 band members there. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to how they’re organized.

      The band members are wearing these cool suits with thick, vertical black and white stripes. “Nice suits,” I say. “I’m wearing one too!” And when I hold out my arms, sure enough I’m dressed like I’m part of the band.

      On the top level I spot the only female in the group, a woman with dark, curly hair drawn back in a ponytail. I can’t remember what instrument she plays, but she has a cool vibe and smiles at me in acknowledgement. I float up to her level on the riser and we briefly kiss. Afterward I probe at her temples, forehead, and scalp with my fingers as a sort of vividness-enhancing thing. She wrinkles her nose and squeezes her eyes shut when I do this.

      Looking out past the risers I see the ocean. I pick her up and carry her with me, floating toward a strange beach where some huge metallic device has somehow permanently trapped a wave just as it crests. A dozen surfers stand happily atop the wave, gliding back and forth while moving neither forward nor back.

      As I reach the edge of the water, the woman from the band shifts uncomfortably. “Do you want to go with me or stay here?” I ask. She says that she wants to “stay here”, so I set her down at the shoreline. I float/swim further out into the water, my feet dragging along as I go. Eventually I start swimming, and the visuals fade from the dream. The sensation of swimming continues for a while, though, before
      the dream ends.
    13. Bits n Pieces

      by , 09-12-2012 at 07:31 PM
      Non-dream Dream

      I could only remember bits and pieces of my dream(s) last night.

      I am at a strange resort with my wife and I am driving a boat. Nobody is speaking English. I am being forced to dance. We go to some island for 11 hours and play baseball there. It is now morning and we are laying out on the ship deck. The waitress is taking drink orders and I ask for a bloody Mary. The waitress makes fun of me and says that I should get a drink with alcohol (hmm). Next we are trying to surf and I am having trouble standing on the board. My cousins L&C are doing it easily and making fun of me.

      Possible explanations:

      Resort: I recently went on a vacation to an all inclusive resort.
      Nobody speaking English: My vacation was in Mexico.
      Forced to dance: I hate dancing.
    14. Lady Gaga is coming over!

      by , 12-17-2011 at 08:58 PM

      I was brushing my teeth and I got a phone call from my Dad and he told me that Lady Gaga was coming over in an hour(I seriously love her...). I screamed and called my sister and told her to come over too. When LG showed up she came with another guy(who later disappears or leaves) and walked into my room casually, like she had been over before. As soon as she did, my room grew and I became lucid. She laid on my bed on her stomach and looked out my window and asked me if I wanted to have a photo shoot. I immediately said yes (who wouldn't want to have a personal photo shoot with the biggest female pop star of all time??!!). She started making calls on her phone and I went downstairs for some water. When I came to my back to my room (which grew even bigger since I left!) she asked if I was ready and I said "no not really.." and kinda just stood there lol. She gave me a loose white indian- looking shirt with colorful beads on neck and a pair of shorts and told me to wear it. So I did. My hair was down, straight, and boring but she told me not to touch it because it looked "brilliant". lol trust me though, it didn't. But whatever.

      When we got to the photo shoot, aka my garage?!, there were lights set up and my sister was there with her camera. She started taking pictures of me, and then continued taking picture of LG. Then she took pictures of the both of us. We posed and made silly faces while LG dressed into a dozen of different outfits, only taking seconds in between changing. Suddenly out of nowhere, she started singing at the top of her lungs and I felt strange like I was going to faint (because she sounded that amazing). Seeing her belt "Born this Way" in the middle of MY garage was awe-inspiring, ...like seriously woah.. Then we began skating around my garage without skates. We were barefooted and just glided across the floor, dancing and twirling. It was so much fun I swear it felt like we did that forever. We were singing to each other and making up dances all while skating around my personal garage/photoshoot/skate rink. My sister kept snapping picture after picture.

      My phone kept going off and I kept getting messages but I ignored them. I found my phone to be completely irritating and threw it on the ground, shattering it into tiny pieces. Then LG said we were going on a trip. She said that she wanted to sunbathe with me and listen to my stories, and that she also wanted me to make her laugh. We came to a beach, and there was a row of people in body suits with their heads sticking out close to the shore. LG said "Are you ready to surf?!" I said I didn't know how to surf and that we didn't have surf boards. She said we don't need surfboards then jumped on one of the mens back (like a surfboard) and he took off as she kept balanced. I tried to do the same but kept falling and lady gaga said I made her laugh so it was time to go back. Then I woke up.

      BAD. ASS. DREAM.

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      lucid , memorable
    15. Surfing the Amazon

      by , 05-30-2011 at 05:56 PM (Another Universe)
      Surfing the Amazon (Non-lucid)


      Just a really memorable dream that happened a long while ago...

      The dream started off with me rowing down the Amazon river in a canoe carved out of wood. Everything was so peaceful. As i slowly row down, i see all these different tribes and villages all along the sides of the river. All of them had huts built with twigs and mud with the native children running around and playing and the older people painting tribal patterns on their faces. All of a sudden, i see a wave forming behind me which is growing faster and faster untill it was about 12-14 foot big. The funny thing was,i didn't panic at all. instead I threw my paddle into the water,stood up on my canoe and it turned into a surf board! so there i was,surfing a 14foot monster wave in the middle of the amazon when i saw an end to the river up ahead with a massive waterfall. Again, i didn't panic. When i reached the waterfall,i jumped off the board,head first into the unknown as if i were jumping into the safety of a swimming pool. The fall felt as if it was going on forever,like i was almost flying.. Never have i felt so free in my life! Then i saw a pool under me. As i fell into the pool,i looked up...it was breath taking..All around me were fish and creatures of all colours, the sun forming diamonds on the ripples of the surface of the water. I swam up slowly,enjoying every moment of i was a part of this world.. When i reached the surface,i woke up,ecstatic.
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