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    1. Minecraft and Crazy Driving

      by , 10-28-2014 at 10:15 AM
      1st. So this game was based of Minecraft although it isn't from anything to do with Minecraft which confuses me. It was kind of like this pre-game challenge to enter a new world. It involved lots of little rectangles, I actually had no idea what I was doing and was just moving mine randomly but I somehow won. This spawned me into a Minecraft based world without the pixels. I walked around a bit taking in my surroundings. Soon after I appeared someone else did too! He had a rifle. He shot me.
      The health system also worked the way Minecraft did, so this time it killed me and I had to re-spawn and do the whole puzzle puzzle competition thing again. When finally won and appeared back in the world the man was nearby and this time I ran although when he shot me this time it shot me way over the world at a really high speed. I ended up on some mountain, even though I was far away I still felt the need to keep on running, eventually I found an awesome house that I stayed at and called homeÖ for 5 minutes. Iím pretty sure that the bedroom on the second floor blew up and alarms went off, so I began to hustle out of town when a wild animal appeared and started attacking, Iím pretty sure that was the end of that dream although at some point I may have gone to Uncle Duncanís house in Omeo

      2nd. All I remember from this dream was driving on a semi-icy/ wet road. Shayla was the driver and Mum and I were in the car too. This dream involved driving up several hills, and going around roundabouts. Scary at the time.
    2. Making Breakfast (NLD)

      by , 10-16-2014 at 06:00 PM
      I was trying to make breakfast. I was standing in front of a kitchen island with a stove range with at least nine burners, maybe twelve, frying up slices of some sort of eggy loaf and making pancakes from a batter that appeared to contain whole grains of barley. Periodically I would go from there to the refrigerator, where I was checking on a large glass jar of liquid in which I was somehow (the logistics don't make much sense in retrospect) attempting to make a complicated frozen cube that contained a whole strawberry and some kind of alcohol.

      After going back to the stove, I noticed that the things in the frying pan were on the verge of burning even though the heat was set to medium-low. What confused me even more was that the surface of the pancake batter appeared to be burning as well, though it was still in the bowl. I figured the latter must be an effect of oxidation, contact with the air, and mixed it up some more.

      I checked on the refrigerator again and saw that at least my big strawberry ice cube was freezing properly, because it looked visibly white and opaque within the liquid. As I watched, it floated up and popped to the surface, but fortunately there was enough extra room at the top of the jar that it did not splash out and make a mess.

      I went back to the stove... but now the arrangement had changed. Where was my frying pan? Had someone come and moved it? Now an empty ceramic baking dish was sitting on the hot burner! That wasn't good, they're not supposed to be used that way! I hastily moved it, and although I was concerned that the cookie tray I set it on might be cold enough to make it crack from the heat difference, I couldn't spot a better place to put it. The stove was crowded with pans and dishes, none where I had left them, and I wasn't sure what had become of the food I was frying just a moment earlier.

      Who had come and re-arranged everything? My breakfast was going to be ruined! None of this made any sense! In desperate frustration I wailed aloud, "What the hell is going on here? What could it be? I don't understand!" But instead of recognizing the inconsistency as a clear dream sign, I woke up with those words still ringing in my head.
    3. Wiley Ice Raft

      by , 10-16-2014 at 03:05 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Riding my bicycle on a narrow path through the snow. I stop to let another bicyclist enter the path. As he does, someone else approaches and they block the entire path as they talk. I wait a bit to see if they start moving. They don't. I go to sneak past them, but they shift their stances and block my way. I'm just happy they are having a good conversation. The second guy notices me and lets me through.

      As soon as I pass by, I notice a side path that goes to a floating wooden island in an ice river. I ride out to it. The two guys follow me to it because it is a really cool raft that is connected to the path. The two of them ask me where the forest is. They have heard there is an impressive forest around here. There was. I look around at all the tree stumps from where it was all around us, and inform them that it is gone now. Also, it wasn't that impressive in terms of size compared to other forests.

      Suddenly, the platform jerks loose from the path, and begins moving through the water. We all hang on, nearly knocked into the river. Stabilizing ourselves, the two of them jump off as we near the shore. As they do so, the raft jerks again as it accelerates rapidly, nearly knocking me off. I hold onto the front edge of it, letting my bike fall into the river as I lay down to stay on it.

      It speeds up again, too much for me to hang on, and I fall into the water. Before being left behind completely, I grab onto a small metal ring with one finger and hold onto it with all my might. It is really cold, and I am completely soaked.

      Holding on against all odds, I stay with the raft, and manage to pull myself back onto it. It is just coasting now. I lay down on the raft and catch my breath for a bit.
    4. 9/24/2014

      by , 10-07-2014 at 11:08 PM

      I was playing the last episode of a new walking dead game. I made the choice of killing the evil boy over his brother when my family said it was time to leave on our trip. I was using a washing machine that when hooked up to a pc, could manage files. I was transferring some files but since it took too long, I decided to leave. I was then in some island with a beach and a tall mountain with snow on the top. I saw 2 guys fighting with magic powers and then started watching a movie. A guy from the movie would have to swim with his bike over a freezing lake with ice on it everyday to work. I teleported into the movie and crossed the lake a few times until I looked at my watch and it showed my body temperature, which was at the apparent recommended level of 5%. I told a girl that was on some ice watching TV and she got annoyed and called someone, saying I said I had hypothermia. I could hear the girl on the other line say bullshit, we just turned on the heaters. I started to warm up and was gonna talk to her but my alarm woke me up.

      I was standing outside in my apartment complex and saw 3 or 4 people with glowing eyes standing side by side wearing bear suits. I looked away and when I turned back around, the bear suits were collapsed on the ground except for one with a sword and shield that kept looking at me. I felt a presence coming from it.

      I was in my room when I heard a man talking. The man said something about people watching and saying "It's in the walls" referring to a monster. I knew I was in a dream but started to wake up. I felt my body on my bed and fought to get back into the dream, which worked for a little bit until I woke up.

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      non-lucid , nightmare , lucid
    5. When the Spiritual Guide Knocks

      by , 10-01-2014 at 10:20 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I am sitting alone in a big apartment complex, listening to the rain pitter patter on the roof. It's night time, and I'm not sure what to do really. I faintly hear a knocking outside, but it's not at my door. I consider ignoring it, but decide to see who it is, since it is raining outside, and someone might need some help.

      I go outside, and around the building to the front side of it about 100 ft around the corner and see that it was my spiritual guide knocking at the door. I got the impression he was trying to offer me a ride. He is now just about at his car, and about to drive away. I run up to him before he leaves, and tell him that I'd like a ride.

      Once I get in the car, my good friend from school is now the driver, and it is day time. We're on a snowy mountain road, driving faster than I would drive given the conditions. There is a narrow band of dry road that is totally safe, but on each side is a slippery mix of snow and ice. My friend turns a corner too sharply, dipping into the slippery area, and the car spins off the road. Now air born, we are falling toward an icy river that looks really unpleasant. I see a snow bank just below, and think how nice it would be if we landed there instead.

      We do! The front of the car sinks deep into the snow bank, far enough that we have to use the rear doors to get out. As soon as we get out and climb away a little, the snow gives way, and the car falls into the icy water below. As soon as it splashes in, I see my spiritual guide again next to me, with his lower robes all wet like he had been playing in the water just now.
    6. Fragment: Ice Cubes

      by , 08-25-2014 at 06:29 PM
      Complex narratives but poor recall all night. Just one fragment has enough clarity and interest to preserve in writing:

      NLD: There was a big bed of ice cubes spread out over the floor, about fifteen by twenty feet wide and up to a foot thick. It was there to chill something that may have been on a small round platform in the center of it, but I don't remember what. I was more interested in the ice.

      The ice cubes were all different sizes. I lay down on them on my back at one point and found this extremely comfortable: they weren't as cold as one would expect ice to be, but refreshingly cool. In fact, I wasn't sure they were proper ice, because most of them weren't melting. Only the smallest ones, spheres of ice about two inches in diameter still in their plastic molds (just like the ones I use for gin and tonics, I recalled) showed a slickness of water inside the plastic. I decided I'd better take care not use any of these ice cubes in drinks, however, in case the water was contaminated with chemicals.

      The largest ice cubes also intrigued me. They were rectangular blocks around nine inches high and deep by about fifteen inches long. There was a slight asymmetry to their form, a matte textured surface of striations, and they weren't melting at all. I noticed that the blocks of this size appeared very similar to one another and knelt down to investigate more closely. After comparing two in detail, I determined that yes, they were clearly products of the same mold, however the molding process had resulted in very slight irregularities: one sculpted corner was complete in the first block but slightly truncated in the next as though the mold had not been filled completely the second time.

      I find it amazing that I can muster such a close comparative appraisal of aspects of the dream environment, demonstrating that my critical thinking was not completely impaired, and yet completely fail to muster even a sliver of the kind of critical apprehension necessary to recognize that I am dreaming.
    7. Saving Someone From an Unjust System, Can't Understand Anyone at Work, and Weird Life Sim

      by , 08-24-2014 at 02:56 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in a school. It reminded me of the elementary school I first attended when I moved to the town I grew up in, but it wasn't an elementary school. It was more like high school or college. I was taking a class. I remember the class being over. There was a guy who wasn't doing as well who got forced to stay. They put him in some holding chamber.

      I wanted to rescue that guy. The system was super fucked up. I was with some others at this point. We were on some adventure to get some magical thing (I can't remember what it is) that granted wishes. We were going to wish for a giant something that started with the letter C that looked like a Zamboni, the thing they use to clean the ice at ice skating rinks. It had something to do with breaking the guy out.

      We found the magical thing. It lit up when it spoke with its disembodied voice (it had no mouth or anything). We wished for the Zamboni thing that started with a C. Along with it, the world gained a layer of very slick ice and snow. Someone commented on how the first layer of ice would melt and refreeze, making it extra slick. We were riding the Zamboni thing outside in the town. It was nighttime.


      I was at work at the bakery. They were having some roller skating day/party thing, but no one was wearing skates. They were just scooting around the floor on their socks. I asked someone about it, and found out that apparently, the manager said that since someone got hurt last time we couldn't wear skates to the skating nights anymore. I then saw a skating rink with people just scooting around on their socks looking bored as hell. Yeah, I wasn't gonna participate. This was stupid.

      I then was behind the counter helping this customer. It was a tall, lanky gentleman with poofy MC Hammer type pants. I don't remember what he was wearing on top, but it didn't match the pants. He kept handing me things he wanted repackaged, even things that weren't from my department. He handed me a package of raw chicken and right as I thought he was done, he handed me a package of pepperoni slices that already looked like half had been removed. Everything he said to me, I had to ask him to repeat, because for some reason, I couldn't understand him. I repackaged the chicken in one of our plastic containers that we have in the bakery, and wrapped some plastic wrap around it. I was trying to find a way to reprint the chicken label, since in the bakery we can only access the bakery label printing menu. I finally found a way, though, but I felt like it took me forever. I found the meat department label printing menu, and it had all these cuts of meat to choose from. I don't remember which one I ended up choosing. I finally finished with parachute pants man, and he thanked me. He seemed like he was in a hurry, but he was grateful for my help.

      I then was behind the counter by the bakery cases that have the donuts and artisan breads. My manager, Shannon, was there. Her very long hair was down instead of up and contained in a hairnet. She asked these two other girls that were with us if they knew how to do cookies. One said no, so she asked the other. I don't remember what the other said. She then turned to me and asked me something, but again, I couldn't understand her and had to ask her to repeat herself. I still am not sure what she said.

      I then was in the back, and there was a long line of clothing hung up on a rope that went across the middle of the room. I was going through them. They were Dallas and I's clothes. I remember seeing specifically some brown halter top that was hung up weird. Four things then fell off the hanger. I commented to Shannon about it at some point later, saying that 4 things fell off the hanger.

      I then was playing this game that was like a life sim, but with dogs. You could actually pick the animals you wanted. It had graphics similar to PS2 graphics. I had two golden retrievers. It looked like they were in a hamster cage. I was seeing them from a top angled view. They would get it on, then the female would develop big breasts for breast feeding. Then, two pups would be there, and then, they'd be gone, and the cycle would just loop over and over again. I thought it was happening way too fast, so I went into the settings and changed the amount of days that it took? It was weird. I changed it from 12 to 10. I then got a pop-up something saying, with a voice, that I didn't have any animals. So I went through a drop-down list and picked bunnies. This voice then told me how to masturbate the female bunny by sticking this stick thing up into it. The bunny turned over and it looked like it just had a big hole in its tummy. I stuck the stick in there. I actually felt it, too, like it felt rough and scratchy when I did it, but I was doing it right.
    8. A Heart of Ice

      by , 08-11-2014 at 09:28 PM
      I was working back at the YMCA of the Rockies in Colorado, eating at the dining hall where we were given a full view of the mountain ranges. We had a new comer to the YMCA. A young boy probably around eighteen. The only thing that I can remember about him is that he was white with blond hair. Somehow he had manage to get into the subject of his dad and I have no memory as to how I felt about his story. You see, his dad was kind of an ass. Somehow he had managed to form some sort of partnership with an ice elemental that I will now name Eira. Much like your stereotypical ice elemental, Eira was evil. Or at least she did evil things; things that this kidís dad got mixed up in. Things that his family got mixed up in. I donít know the whole story but I got the feeling that his father alienated his family because of it. Anyone could see that this boy (whoís name is now Jack) had absolutely no interest in seeing his father again. But, of course, you know what happens when you speak of the Devil.

      Sure enough, a tall middle aged man showed up at our table and had a seat. Now this guy, I do remember. I will call him Herman because it was the first name to come into my mind just now. He wore a grey shirt and had brunet hair with signs of greyness. He was all together pleasant but his aspect clearly made Jack uncomfortable. Now I donít remember how this happened but at some point the man got to talking about Eira. Jack did not like him talking about her as it only served to reopen old wounds but he kept going on. Then he turned to me. For some reason he had commissioned me to fight her. I thing he wanted me to get rid of her. She was now at Snow Mountain causing trouble and he wanted her gone. Perhaps he wanted to be out from under her thumb, perhaps he really did care about the trouble she was causing here. One thingís certain, she was the cause of a number of problems and they would not be resolved so long she was still breathing, or at least that was the assumption.

      I ended up meeting with her in the front part of the dinning hall and we got to talking. I remember her aspect well. She was made entirely of ice but could still move with the fluidity of a normal human. She wore white and light blue clothing and had white hair. The only thing that I canít remember about her is her eyes. She actually was not that bad of a person to talk to. The things that she did were wrong (whatever those things were) but that did not stop us from hitting it off. I grew to like her and she grew to like me. This, of course, was a rather frustrating revelation for we knew we could never be together.

      After several unmemorable events I found myself in a dark hallway. As I pass by the right chamber in the hall I see Eira there training for what was going to be our final battle. I had agreed to fight Eira to the death in order to put an end to whatever harmful enterprise she was pursuing at Snow Mountain. She and I exchanged a glance but never spoke a word to each other. I then went up to a chamber on the left side of the hall where I would run through several laborious levels of some sort of training gauntlet. I barely remember running through them and once I was finished I returned to the training room where Eira was and we exchanged another look. This was it, I didnít care what she was, I was ready to say ďscrew it allĒ and be with her. But as I approached the training room to tell her this a man pulled me aside. It was Herman accompanied by the architect who designed the gauntlet. Herman told the architect that I was to fight Eira. Impressed by this the architect led me back to his room where he wanted to hear my plans and show me more gauntlets. Eira and I never saw each other again after that.
      non-lucid , memorable
    9. Bobby Carlyle is a crook

      by , 08-11-2014 at 08:15 AM (Lucid Lucy's Dream Explorations)
      Non-lucid dream, but still pretty.. ..interesting. Prelude: I've had a crush on Robert Carlyle since I was about 13 (he would have been 38 at the time) and have only recently admitted publicly that I do.

      I'm in a supermarket, working as a cashier. Suddenly Robert Carlyle is brought in, in handcuffs, as he had stolen something in another store. They didn't have any room to keep him, so he was sat down right next to me. We exchanged a few looks, but he was really pissed off. I just continued my work.

      -time gap-

      My work day ends and I'm told to escort Robert to prison, which I reluctantly do. Out of freaking nowhere a massive vampier vs humans fight breaks out in the prison, and I'm fighting alongside Sam Winchester (one of the main characters in "Supernatural"). The vampires have found a way to chemically freeze humans (you know, for conservation) and threaten to freeze everyone. (Funfact: they call it Vitrification) Sam and some other guy sacrifice themselves to be frozen so the rest of us have a fighting chance.

      The floor in front of them turns to ice, they step on it and freeze from their shoes up to their hair. It looks incredibly painful, but we have to fight the vampires so I sneak my way up to the balcony from which the vampires were looking on. The entire floor below is now ice and I start pushing them off of the balcony and onto the frozen floor, where they freeze just like the humans.

      Victorious, I stand up, turn around, and there is Robert Carlyle again, looking at me with sadness in his eyes. It hits me like a brick: he's a vampire too. A new one, I'd say, as the top of his head is missing (remember that scene at the end of KILL BILL? The one where O-ren Ishii is standing there with the very top of her head chopped off? Yeah, that's how Bobby looked.). I look back at him and shake my head. "You really need to get your head checked." I tell him. He half-smiles but it disappears soon as we both know what he has to do now..

      [end dream]

      Luckily for me, nothing happened next, but that feeling of understanding and sadness is still with me.
      In case anyone didn't grasp it, he was supposed to kill me at the end, as I was the only remaining non-vampire. As I lay awake afterwards, I did imagine that there was another way: conversion. If he had me converted into a vampire, we both could have lived. But in the dream, it didn't occur to either of us, apparently.

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    10. HIPPOS ‹BER ALLES // Ice Test

      by , 06-06-2014 at 07:00 PM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      June 06, 2014

      Hippopotamuses EVERYWHERE

      I was at home, and it was getting dark but I didn't feel like going to bed. So I got into my car and started driving. I went down to Doug Ave, and headed north. When I passed the light at Patty St, the road was different from the way it is IRL. Instead of being wide and non-residential, there were houses on both sides, more like the street I live on.

      But that wasn't the weird part. At the light, I saw the first one of them: A lone Hippopotamus standing at the edge of the road. As I drove on, there were more of them, and eventually I had to stop because there were so many of them, all over the road. They were in the road and in driveways and shuffling about slowly as large beasts often do.

      I know hippos are dangerous animals, but these ones were more like kittens. They came up and sniffed the car and then left, leaving me alone for the most part.

      I was amazed, and drove back to where ever I had just come from, where some of my friends were. "Guys!" I shouted. "Guys, there are hippos ALL OVER THE PLACE down on that street. Ugh what's it called? The one with the sketchy gas station where they sell rugs and tapestries!" (I couldn't remember the name of the street for some reason, so I was trying to describe it. But I remembered it anyways) "Doug. They're on Doug Avenue! Come on!" And so a few of them get into my car (Zukin is there, she sits shotgun) and I drive them to where the hippos are.

      One of the people living in one of the houses to our right came out of their house and fed one of the hippos a carrot. She patted it on the head and then waved at us, before heading back into her house. A hippo came up to the car and playfully headbutted the passenger's side front window (Zukin's) like a kitten headbutting their human.

      It was all rather awesome.


      All I remember from this one is that I was on a bus with a bunch of random people.

      Ice Test
      I was taking a test of sorts; it was like an obstacle course with puzzles scattered around, which I had to solve. All the tests were on a huge ice-mountain. Everything was made of ice, and had an ethereal glow to it. I don't remember much of the actual course, but I do remember the last part. I seemed to like it so much that when I got done, I did the last part four more times, at least. It was a series of switchbacks in the ice, and we were supposed to get down as fast as we could. So I took off the jacket I had been wearing and used it as a toboggan, sliding down. The last time I went on that part, I looked over the ledge at the city below me. It was night time and the ice-mountain was lit up, and so was the city below. We were so high up that the city looked like it does from inside and airplane.

      I looked to my right, where there was a barrier of some sort made out of lots of randomly sized and placed cube-like shapes. They had about the same shape as a Companion Cube, but a little more exaggerated in terms of the corners that stick out. I wanted to see what was "out of bounds," so I started climbing around the ledge to see what was past the cubes. After about ten feet, it was getting a lot harder to climb, and I didn't want to fall, as there was no path below me, only a really really really far drop, and it looked like there wasn't anything further on, anyways. I figured that if there had been a cave or something, I would keep going, but since there wasn't, I turned back and went down the ice switchbacks again. At the bottom, the "teachers" were handing out our grades for the course. I had taken it before, and gotten 98% on it, and since I got 98% again this time, I technically failed it. You only passed if you did better than your best score so far. I didn't care though, because the 98 from the last time was good enough for anything I wanted to do with my life.

      As I was walking along another ledge at the bottom, I looked out at the city again, which was a little bit closer, but still really small-looking from high up.

      Then I woke up.

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    11. Divorce Fragments

      by , 04-18-2014 at 12:21 PM
      Night of 4/17/14

      Slicing up imperial guards with my katana

      I was fishing, almost caught a dog who tried to eat my lure
      dead/cooked fish on the ground, I had to hop around barefoot

      I was going through a breakup and my child was being taken away from me. I was the wife?

      Ice in the streets, went skating

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    12. 4/16/2014

      by , 04-17-2014 at 05:19 AM
      In my first dream, I was at some sort of school and they were doing drug tests on the students. We were in a big warehouse looking building and everyone had their piss cups in conveyor belts. G. Romero asked me to piss in his cup, probably because he was dirty.

      In my other dream, I was with a lot of people and we were ready for some sort of attack. People were committing suicide because they thought they wouldn't live through the attack. I ran to a group of people that was about to kill themselves and tackled their leader and took his knives. I ordered them onto the towers we had posted and they ran up the stairs towards the towers. I told this to everyone and everybody managed to get into a tower. Me and a few people didn't have time to get into a tower and that's when water started coming and it turned into ice. We ran away from it and held up while the whole area turned to ice. Creatures started attacking us and we managed to kill one but more took its place. I climbed up a pole and stayed there. Even though there was ice everywhere, I wasn't cold.
    13. 3/6/2014

      by , 03-06-2014 at 05:46 PM
      Last night, I dreamt that I was in Venezuela. I was with a girl and we were waiting on another girl to come so we could lucid dream together. When she finally got there, I noticed she had a tattoo similar to the one on my shoulder blade. We went outside and I got pushed or something and had to scale a cold river that was partially frozen. I slipped a few times but finally made it up. When I did, I had spiked brass knuckles on my hands and had to fight some dudes. I wrestled them to the ground but then I left. I saw my cousin Cristiam and I wrestled him to the ground, pinned him, and then started punching him in the face and stomach.
    14. More Typical Dreams

      by , 01-22-2014 at 06:48 AM
      1. I was riding my dirt bike on a really difficult trail in the mountains. I then remember my bike slipping off the edge and just jumping off in time to avoid falling off the cliff. My bike broke into a gazillion pieces when it crashed, but then I went to recover what I could and it was in perfect shape minus a few scratches. Should have been a clue for a LD, but meh...

      2. I was climbing Mt. Everest, but it was surprisingly easy and not cold whatseoever... LD sign... I then made it to the summit, took a quick view and headed back down. On my way I saw a guy walking his dog casually, and then he followed me across some ice where he and the dog fell in. I saved them and then we went to this random cabin that was conveniently located right next to this icy lake and we warmed up with some hot chocolate.

      3. I was at school and freaked out that I hadn't done my math homework, which I had saved for study hall the morning before class. Then I got to math however and realized I had done my physics homework instead of my math, and now didnt have my assignment. Then a random person from the college I'm enrolled in for next semester appeared and gave a speech.

      Nothing special...
    15. Small fry

      by , 01-12-2014 at 01:57 AM
      Date: 08 Jan

      Pre bed: 3mel

      Wbtb: 1/3 latte, around 34 mg caffeine

      I'm quite sleepy and resist waking myself too much, but still try to stay as awake as possible while in bed, repeating mantras and goals. I fall asleep with some long deep REM rebound.

      DILD: It's a very long dream where me and parents get ready for a trip. Then I meet a DC that feels like a kindred sprit, I am eager to discuss with him possible solutions to a problem we both have.

      A few moments later, I realize that this is a dream and remember my goals, freeze water and go fishing. The guy disappears somewhere. I am walking in what looks like a park and as I think about the task, I see that there are large puddles of water all around. Initially, I try to use them for the task even though they are too shallow and begin freezing them by willing it as well as by placing my hands down over one of them, where while they freeze, they emanate coldness and there's a cool mist effect lifting from the puddles! But then I realize this isn't going to work for the task and walk a bit further where there's a much larger and deeper body of water, like a pond.

      I will the water to turn to ice, but to my surprise nothing happens. This annoys me. I contemplate whether to just get on the water as if it is frozen, but am uncertain if it will work, if I continue to expect to sink if I step on it. In the meantime, the water finally freezes. When I look at the surface, I see that part of it begins to melt already and dig with my hands in the softened ice to make a hole. This happens quite easily with no discomfort from the cold. There's some coldness, but it's ok, since I didn't think about it too much. I put my hands through the hole, reaching as far as I can and expecting to run across a catch.

      I wait for a while but there's nothing around them and it gets kind of creepy what might be lurking in the darkness below the ice. In the area that's partially covered with ice, I can now see a number of small fish swimming around and succeed in catching one. It is a small tropical butterfly type fish but silver and red. As I hold it, my bf appears next to me and I tell him to take a picture, which I so much wish I could bring to rl, but before he can take the pic, the fish escapes.

      I become so happy that have completed the task, I lose lucidity and begin to tell the dream to myself. After a while, I realize the dream is still going. Now I'm on the street in some neighborhood, there is an unconscious movement from my part and I end up floating in mid air, slightly above the ground, very stable though. I correctly recall this feeling from many dreams I had and exclaim to myself that taking off isn't as difficult as I have thought (previously irl). This is a good opportunity to practice a bit of flying and I do some flight manipulation, where I try to think of the direction and my body flies well in that direction. Then I try to take a turn and go in the opposite direction, but it doesn't quite work.

      More rather random movements mid air and then I fly high up near a tall residence building, where I climb the last three stories using my hands. I somehow take a step back (see the building from a distance, although I am at the level of the third to last story). A black dotted panther on the balcony catches my attention. It looks kind of small, but actually it is the right size compared to the balcony and the stuff around it. The whole building seems small as if I am looking at it from a distance, yet I am very close to it. I briefly pay attention to that, but then wonder no more. There is a dalmatian in the apartment with the panther and I just so love exploring people's places, like in many non-lds. On the balcony below is a centipede, a very long one, apparently the same size as the panther (fits the balcony lenght). It doesn't look very appealing and I see two more on different balconies, I become vaguely aware that I am causing the one-many effect.

      At some point I discarded the idea of going for Toty, because I thought the dream might end, but since it's still going, I decide to give it a try. Somehow, I go down to the ground and begin exploring a dream version of a familiar street. The bus station is here, only residential buildings, some larger buildings appear, but nothing that looks like a palace. I head towards the larger buildings that seem suitable and try to think that one of them is a palace. It starts to change, more and more detail is added and it becomes a flashy top notch casino. I still believe I could change it to a palace by trying to add a few columns at the entrance, but just increase the level of detail/casino quality.

      I move on to the next building's entrance, which I recognize as some sort of amusement area. There's a distant dream memory also at work. Since I don't feel I'll get anywhere further with the palace, I eagerly get in, looking forward to having some fun. At this point I remember a dream where I took a super cool ride at a place that looked like this and become very excited. The lobby of the place where they sell the tickets is visitor empty, there's just the guy that sells the tickets, a girl that will ride with me and a male DC. The tall male DC next to my right is accompanying me to the cashier and I get a number of false memories and begin to have romance thoughts about him.

      The DC at the desk gives me weird instructions of how to properly hold to the cart and my behavior while next to the girl that's also taking the ride. She is new, so I have to be careful. Bla bla, my lucidity level is dropping. I go to the girl and we wait to be let in to the ride but the dream finally fades and I wake up.

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