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    1. Frozen stream

      by , 07-07-2016 at 12:56 AM
      A group of friends and strangers (including me) are walking in a river. It sounds weird but it's easily explained by the fact that we're making our way stepping in branches, dead trees, trying not to touch the almost frozen stream. The branches and pieces of wood are broken and full of snow and it's hard not to fall. We walk a lot forward but then decide to turn back. I'm very skilled and confident and I don't slip at all but most people are falling to the freezing water.
      Tags: freezing, ice, tree
    2. Danger is Just Around the Corner...

      by , 05-13-2016 at 02:40 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was with my mom in a car. We were driving onto the interstate. It was daytime. I came up to a sharp curve, and around it was a completely flooded roadway. I saw cars getting pulled under as there seemed to be a violent current. I briefly got caught in the current, but got us out in time.

      Later, I was with a few other people, though I'm not sure who, and we were going to the same curve, but we were in sled-type things this time. We approached the curve, and I saw a blast of what looked like ice/snow, though I didn't think that's what it was, and when it reached me, I felt that it was cold. There was still lots of deep water on the curve, but it had started to ice over. I slipped a little on the ice.
    3. Great White Winter

      by , 05-04-2016 at 11:04 AM
      Morning of May 4, 2016. Wednesday.

      There are warnings about the “great white wolf” but over time, it is understood that the term relates more (in a very unlikely sense) to aggressive man-eating sea creatures in icy water, including dolphins, penguins, and seals, which supposedly become more aggressive during the more extreme winter.

      There are areas where parts of the ocean are frozen over near shore. It seems unusual that people use the word “wolf” to refer to winter as well as animals that are not wolves or even wolf-like (no actual wolves are ever present). I am aware of a thick cluster of sea creatures, so close together that it seems they cannot move around much but still somehow are a danger for people who swim. (This makes little sense as who would swim in icy water in the first place?)

      I seem to be a member of a team making a documentary or special news report. I am in an unfamiliar town that may be in or near Alaska or Canada.

      An unknown male is throwing numerous cardboard boxes of various sizes into his open convertible (an odd choice for such cold weather). These boxes are supposedly filled with extra supplies to help get him through the winter. Not only does the idea of driving around in a convertible during a harsh winter seem illogical, the cardboard boxes fill the entire vehicle including the driver’s seat area. Still, I do not question how he is going to drive home as such.

      I get the strong inclination to ask him more questions as a “real” reporter would, even things which would be very obvious. I ask him if he is going to stuff blankets or at least cloth around the doors and windows to keep out the cold air. His response is “yes”. I ask him what sort of material he uses for blankets and to stuff around the windows and doors and he replies “hessian”. “Really? Hessian?” I say, for the benefit of anyone watching the broadcast. The idea of using hessian for blankets (which I would think to be very uncomfortable and possibly not very warm) during a harsh winter seems so odd and unlikely to me that it causes me to shift consciousness and wake up.

      Dream state indicators (in this case blankets and bedding) appearing near the end of a dream is a common event. It is not symbolic, but a literal factor of subliminal memory of having fallen asleep. Cars in a scenario such as this often symbolize the physical body and its status (or sometimes the dynamics of a bed in relationship to the body depending on the stage of sleep and other dream content). A convertible with the top down suggests I do not have or want blankets over my body, as this has been validated regarding a few other dreams. This was the case with this dream as well. The RAS mediation at the beginning, still linked to dream state induction (water), though with aggressive animals (though not a direct threat), inherently to prevent me from going back deeper into sleep, did not work so well, thus the preconscious makes a more passive appearance signifying his eventual leave-taking of the dream state, trying to bring my focus on blankets to remind me I am actually asleep and to realize my body is too warm.

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      Tags: blankets, ice, lake, winter
    4. Fire in my hands - Bonus totm ✨

      by , 03-09-2016 at 04:56 PM
      Got Lucid this morning and accomplished the Bonus totm!
      After wilding into the dream through swimming in the pool I imagine as I am becoming aware I am in transition to sleep -

      Went to bed early - maybe 8.30ish and took Melatonin and 100b6
      Slept very well and felt like I woke up on each dream ending. First wake up was at about 10.30pm then at 1pm the 3pm

      Sat up in wbtb around 3.30am till 4.30. Did some massage on my back and sat with mantra's and general Mild behaviour - expecting to Lucid when I am asleep next.

      Set up for wild with earplugs/fan and bed raised. Lay for quite a while and at some point feel my legs , hands twitching a little ... It is possible I had transitioned at this point but I didn't realise - soon after this I fall asleep for a short while.

      AT 5am I turn over onto my side carrying on with basic visualisations of symbolic dream places and DC's and mantra of getting lucid.
      Soon after I feel transition feeling and manage to raise myself consciously out with my dream body ( first time done so carefully and consciously I fall back into body this time though and stay with the transition feeling. Soon I am 'Swimming' my way into the dream with full awareness I am exiting my body - Wild - felt great - and I imaging coming up out of the pool in a hotel pool overlooking a built up area in the city. I remember the Bonus totm so 💥

      I remember to make fire/ice in my hands task.I put my hands out in front of we. First I 'will' fire to appear then I change to imagining

      ' Wow I have flames of fire coming out of my hands!' - It happens and I see small flames appear in each palm of my hand!👍
      They are tiny at first but then they get to about 10cm high - the sensation doesn't feel out of the ordinary - I am very happy I managed the task ... I then allow the flames to eat up my hands,I watch on as my hands disintegrate and melt into drops - dripping on the floor. Later I have my hands back and imagine ice in my hands ; soon long icicles grow from the palms of my hands - cool

      This is one of the longest and highest Lucids I have had- I went about a lot in the city and marvelled over many sights and exchanges with DC'c

      At some point I decide to lay down and see what falling asleep in the Lucid feels like. I see a comfy looking rock - I go over and lie down on it and feel exited to fall asleep tin the dream - I look around me and there are some insects and bugs around ( I am aware this would be yucky and possibly frightening if I wasn't lucid) I try to feel happy with them there... I transition but into almost waking - I hang on and Deild back in to my dream. I am on a bus, a friend is handing food around - it's a strange meat soup. I go around with G and a wild looking lady who is known for her super powers. We go back to my house which has glass mirrors panelled on every wall! I know she could smash and destroy them all as that's what she does so I ask her not to and she promises she won't. Later I hear she stayed in a hotel for a night with my husband G and It felt fine with me to share him with her.

      Soon after this I decide to spin and use spinning as a teleportation to a beach - as I spin I see white light gaining intensity all around me but end up waking, I have tried it a few times now and this seems to happen - I will try to maintain more awareness with the spinning thing ... Or maybe it's not for me

      The is is interesting to think about - the phycology of this powerful woman who smashes glass in my house with me & G etc...
    5. A Jump into the Abyss

      by , 10-25-2015 at 10:18 AM
      Morning of October 25, 2015. Sunday.

      I am looking down into the throat of an extinct volcano. This will be fun to jump into in my lucid awareness. I cannot see that far down, but do not expect to be harmed in any way. (It is fairly common for me to deliberately jump from a higher place to then soar about in my dreams. It is often very exhilarating, especially when there is such realistic momentum.)

      I jump, falling stomach down, arms out, though now see a giant spiderweb across the whole cylindrical area below. My dream goes into an odd state where I am somehow vaguely aware of my real physical body. I am not interested in any giant spider shenanigans.

      After a short time, the giant spiderweb I land on, on my stomach, turns out to be a thin sheet of glass that is somehow stopping my fall. It is full of spider-web-like cracks. There is a jagged hole where my legs are dangling down just a bit. I then consider that it may actually be ice, not glass. Eventually, I get a subtle impression that it is cellophane, but that would seem unlikely regarding the fact I remain suspended on whatever I am on for a time.

      The scene shifts to where I am crawling through a horizontal cylindrical tunnel that is getting smaller and smaller. Some sort of “living rock salt” feature (as perhaps of an actual surreal “throat” of a larger creature) around the whole tunnel may digest me at one point. Obviously I do not want this. I emerge near the top of a high hill but am “stuck” inside the outer area of the tunnel to just below my chest. Perhaps I will just remain here staring out over a small isolated town for however many years or centuries. I do not feel in danger, just mildly annoyed that I cannot move. I will not call for help; just wait until I am fully “back” in my real body. I rest my chin in my hand, trying to hold back my aggravation and very minor embarrassment (though no other person had been around at any point).
    6. 141015: A Mess of Weird Fragments

      by , 10-14-2015 at 09:47 AM (The Dream Journal)
      Dream 1:ish
      I'm walking in someone's backyard in a garden along a stone path. It's a party run by Bill Cosby. As I walk down the path made of individual stepping stones I feel that they are very hot and have to walk briskly so I don't burn the soles of my feet.

      In an old villa, there is an exhibit on show that describes the haunted history of the place. I see old grey pictures on displays, a door is presented as a part of a haunted house, it's white and sepia from dirt. Getting too close to it is not a good idea.

      Dream 2
      I'm in a house on the second floor. Train tracks run through the house, the far wall is almost gone and I can see the cool blue summer sky at night. I run to put something onto the tracks and as I do I see a train rumbling down. I try to place the object (a ceramic key, perhaps?) so it stays on the rail and then run for it. The train swooshes by crushing the object. I do this again with another object as well. It's rewarding and therapeutic.

      I'm with an older guy, like a dad. He looks like Jefferson D'Arcy from Married with Children. This is his kids room. I see Marcy D'Arcy as well. As they leave the son, a kid who's like 14, hands me a bong and wants to play video games. I reluctantly carry the bong around as he gathers some games to play. I leave the bong on the floor as I gather some stuff on the ground. I follow the kid down to his room that's now to the right.

      His parent's come back and as they enter the room from the hallway the kid asks me about the bong. I realize that I left it on the floor in the other room. I try to walk out past the parents and to the bong. I pick it up and try to hide it by carrying it behind me at an angle. The parents come and ask me why I'm standing so oddly. Defeated I show them the bong. They are shocked and I immediately take the blame, saying that it's mine. I don't want the young kid to get in trouble and it's my fault they saw it as I left it so carelessly. I tell them I'm about to throw it out as I don't do that stuff anymore.

      I plan to go outside and hide it so the kid can pick it up later. The dad follows me and offers to show me a place I can throw it out. I insist that I don't need any help and I find it really annoying that he is following me so very closely to ensure that the bong gets thrown out. I walk somewhere toward the kid's room and now it's dark and shadowing and jazz musicians are playing in the back-lit shadows.

      Dream 3
      Phasing straight from the previous dream, I'm outside in a concrete city suburb. Large daunting concrete apartments rise from around, a few trees in concrete planters. I walk up to a skate park, I see concrete skate ramps covered in tags. Can I put mine there somewhere? There's no good places, I lack the courage anyhow.

      Dream 4
      I'm walking down a gravel path down the forest by my house. It's a very sunny autumn day. I find a place by the rocks to crouch and drink a beer. (???) I'm supposed to meet a woman soon, I'm somehow Skyping with her. She is a hardcore, tough as nails kind of person that reminds me of a friend of mine.

      I walk down the path and see ice slicks in the yards. I walk down one, it's the yard of an old woman, she has a little frozen gnome statue. I slip and fall on the ice.
    7. Artic depths... unexplored

      by , 08-25-2015 at 07:09 PM
      In this dream I find myself standing in an artic scenery; a flat, vast ice plain. Despite the ice it is warm, and it is glistering in the sunlight of an bright day. I stand where this ice plain meets the sea, the coastline being a low yet steep slope.

      I stand looking down at the water. Gripped be sudden curiosity I begin to slowly slide down the slope towards the water. When I reach it I stretch out my arm, and touch it.

      It doesn't sink.

      The surface of the water feels rubbery, as if someone has coated the ocean with a thick gel of some kind. I poke it for a bit longer, not being lucid I was marvelling at this oddity. Eventually I decided to leave. But halfway up the slope I stopped, and turned. A phenomena this strange certainly deserves a more thorough investigation, I though to myself. Coming back to the water, I decided to try and walk on it.

      It held for a moment, before I did indeed start to sink, even though there was a great resistance, as if I was sinking though jelly. Surprised, I found that the water was very warm and comfortable! In another moment I was below the water, and I could see the darkness of the depths beneath me. My fear for deep water kicked in, and I scrambled ashore. Yet when I got ashore I realized that there had been nothing to be afraid of, it had merely been my nerves that had betrayed me.

      Sadly, I awoke before I could probe the waters again. I know that those water surely held some secret of my mind, and I regret that I didn't have the courage to stare down into the depths the first time around... I wonder what I would have seen?
      non-lucid , memorable
    8. Magic Gerbils (Mini WBTB)

      by , 03-16-2015 at 01:35 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Bedtime: 12:00 (Got in bed at 10:00, wrote in my waking journal for 2 hours. I had a lot to talk about.) I'm also a little bit sick.

      I had a long nonlucid dream. I have no memory of what it was about.


      I had a terrarium where my drawing board is in my room. In it were three magic gerbils. One was pink, one was indigo-ish blue and one was bluish green. They could talk in these high squeaky voices and were as intelligent as any human. They had this little symbol on their side. They kind of reminded me of the likes of My Little Pony or Care Bears or something.

      And while having these guys around, at first glance sounds girly and stupid, they were actually pretty handy to have around. They granted me special powers, and were actually pretty reliable friends.

      I was in the kitchen having breakfast. Since the gerbils were magic and intelligent they could come out of their cage and I could rely on them to run away or something. They would regularly come outside the cage whenever I wasn't sleeping. A government agent jumped out and grabbed me from behind. Another one grabbed the three gerbils and put them into a cage. He started to carry them off.

      "Help us, Jade!"

      The government agent was trying to hold me still while they took the gerbils away. I tried to elbow him but it didn't do much. He just adjusted his grip and held that arm so that I couldn't move it.

      I then thought about martial arts movies and how sometimes they can kick the bad guy over your shoulder if you kick really high. I decided to try that move even though IWL I can't do it. It worked and I knocked the guy out. I ran outside and saw the guy carrying the gerbils, in a cage to the car. I ran up behind him and kicked him in the back. He dropped the glass cage, that broke and the gerbils ran out.

      I forgot that they wouldn't run away, and tried to scoop them up with a cup that I found in the garage. Another government agent showed up and tried to grab me. I dropped the cup in surprise and it broke. The gerbils run out.

      "Don't worry about us! Stop them!"

      The three ran off as a group and went into a hole in the outside of the house. I moved into the uppercut agent. He had a Taser and tried to shock me. I ducked under his arm and elbowed him in the back. He fell over and hit his head on the hood of my mom's car.

      I then saw a fancy old white car pull up and a really old man with a top hat got out. As he got out, I was trying to figure out what this situation was, and remembered that just a few minutes ago,
      I was trying to WBTB. I became fully lucid. I knew that he was the leader of the government agents and I was going to have to fight him.

      I started to walk toward him. He started to walk toward me and took of his jacket to reveal very muscular looking arms.

      "Mr. Free, come to finish this once and for all, have you?" (wat?)

      We kept walking right into close range. He gave a telegraphed punch. I swept into the ground dodging him and picked up a piece of ice off the sidewalk. When He turned around, I threw it in his face.


      He tried to kick at me in close range. I stepped back. He threw another kick, roundhouse this time. I ducked under it and kept moving back. I then jumped back, but before hitting the ground, boosted myself forward with my flying technique and kicked him with both legs. He tried to block but staggered back almost to his fancy white car. I moved in and kicked him in the solar plexus.

      I woke up and my right leg was straight up to the ceiling. I guess my Taekwondo classes don't mesh perfectly with lucid dreaming after all.

      And the reason that I say this was a mini WBTB was that the last time I looked at the clock was 7:33, and it was now 7:42. Meanting that the whole dream took less than 10 minutes.

      I really think that pairing WBTB with MILD is the way to go from here. I've had so much success in such a short time-frame.

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    9. Sparked + Victorian Gentleman + Let the Right One In (NLD + DILD + FA)

      by , 03-12-2015 at 07:36 PM
      Ritual: WTB 1am, WBTB 6-7am recording NLDs, woke 7:45am with DILD + FA.

      NLD, "Sparked": Walking home at night. Someone drives past in a dark vehicle and I say, "Turn on your lights!" Then I feel embarrassed when I notice she is actually walking. She enters the apartment two doors ahead of mine. The door next to her place is open, and there are people just inside it who give the impression that they are workers, not residents. My bed is the first thing I see when I open the door of my apartment, and I'm pleased to see a large box on it. Oh good, that thing I ordered has arrived.

      After looking through the first box and strewing its contents, plastic wrap and styrofoam all over my bed, I open a smaller box that has also arrived. It contains a speaker that I ordered. When I first pull it out of the packaging I am disappointed: the surface is surprisingly dirty. Is it just shelfworn, or did I get a refurbished one by mistake? I'll be annoyed in the latter case, since I thought I was ordering a new one. There is some molded styrofoam that seems like the original packaging, if that's any clue.

      The speaker weighs almost nothing, and I remember that this is a special lightweight system. It's portability is limited by its size, however, at about 8x10 inches. The back of it consists of flaps are supposed to fold together in a clever way. As I go to remove the last of the styrofoam supports, something unusual happens inside my head, like an electrical disruption.

      I remain calm and think I'd better tell my roommates about this in case it incapacitates me and I end up needing medical attention, so I say aloud: "Hey guys, something weird just happened to me. I felt a "pop," saw a flash of white light, and now in the back of my head I hear a tone that is steadily increasing in frequency."

      "You need more sleep," someone suggested. He could be right, but I didn't see the relevance. I do want to go back to bed but I'll have to clear all the box mess off it first.

      What was happening to me? I had a contextual clue, at least: "It happened when I touched the speaker for the first time." Perhaps the device had built up some kind of strange electrical charge that I had triggered?

      All this time the tone was whining to higher and higher pitches, and I waited with curiosity and slight anxiety to see what would happen next. When it seemed like it had become so shrill that it would soon pass beyond my auditory range, all that happened was that I woke up.

      Note: The other day I read about "exploding head syndrome." This might have been a minor instance of it! The "popping" sound and flash of light are apparently classic symptoms. This is only the second time I've experienced something like this.

      DILD, "Victorian Gentleman": I'm at a computer trying to order something online. I don't recall what it was, but the cost was over $200. There were some complicated webforms to navigate, and then after some difficulty finding my wallet, my credit card was missing. Meanwhile my stepmother-in-law comes over and offers to let me run her card instead. "No, no, no, no," I say quickly, trying to deter her, having just spotted mine on the table. Too late, she has already run her card and made the purchase. Well, that was nice of her, even if it wasn't what I would have asked for. I should show appreciation. I hug her and say, "Thank you."

      Walking outside afterward, I have second thoughts. Was I rude to simply thank her? Maybe she hadn't intended the action as a gift. But even if she had, perhaps it would have been more polite of me to ask when she wanted me to pay her back, and that would give her the option to be magnanimous and say it wasn't necessary. But if she had assumed I would pay her back, wouldn't it be rude of her to create an extra hassle for me that I hadn't asked for? I had told her "no" and she did it anyway. I conclude that under the circumstances, my response was adequate and I should let it go.

      As I walk back in the house, behind me I hear a man's voice, distinctively low and gravelly. It is really familiar. Who is that guy? I think he must live next door; I'm always hearing that voice. I sneak a look back before going in and spot him: he is older, gaunt, with straggly grey hair. I think he looks like an aging biker or a math professor (they can look more similar than you might think!)

      I continue in the house and decide to repack my suitcase, which is in disarray, when it occurs to me... wait. I have the impression that I hear that man's voice all the time, but I suddenly suspect that I only hear it in dreams. Could this be a dream, then? I realize that it is. This gives me the confidence to go back outside and approach the guy, intending to find out who he is. I would not want to so brazenly walk up to a stranger in WL, but this is my dream so there is no reason to hesitate. As I step back through the door I find myself with handful of silver rings in my right hand that I am putting on the fingers of the left. Why did I grab so many? I'm going to have to put multiple rings on each finger to make them all fit.

      Only one person is in sight now, a dapper gentleman in Victorian dress walking by from left to right. He has a neatly trimmed beard, a black frock coat, and a top hat. I've always been fascinated by that era, but in dreams I've never been successful in my attempts to meet historical figures. I wonder if he'll really acknowledge being from that time period. Maybe he's just dressing up?

      I get his attention and ask, "Are you from the Victorian era?" He confirms it. I'm interested now so I start walking alongside him, suggesting, "Tell me about yourself." As he begins to reply, I look more closely at his face and realize that he is strikingly good-looking. On a whim I seize his arm and pull him off the road, then push him against the door of a nearby house and start kissing him, thinking meanwhile that in waking life I would never do this with a stranger. Though taken by surprise he responds willingly. The only thing marring the pleasure of the kiss is a little piece of fingernail in my mouth—I must have been biting them—and I try to move it with my tongue so it won't come into contact with his mouth, which would be awkward. During a break in the kissing I manage to swallow the bit of nail, and the gentleman never seems to notice.

      After that interlude we continue together down the street. It's odd that I so quickly lost interest in my more intellectual inquiries and succumbed to mere erotic instinct... and annoying, in that I never did get to hear the DC's account of himself. My lucidity apparently faded quite a bit in the process (it was never very keen in this dream), because it doesn't occur to me to ask again, and instead I just walk along with little further thought.

      We stop at a shop whose front opens right onto the street, and the gentleman wants to buy an unusual kind of candy that I've never seen before. It is some highly-processed, artificially flavored substance that comes in brightly colored plastic packages. The package can be activated in such a way that its contents will burst out like a foam snake. This is marketed to kids as a toy as well as a snack: they can have mock battles trying to hit one another with the candy snakes, then eat them afterwad. The girl minding the shop explains this to me while showing her a green stain spot on her T-shirt from where one of the candies had landed on her. So they stain clothes, too? I look down and am glad to see that I'm wearing something casual.

      FA, "Let the Right One In": I wake up and get out of bed to record the dream. I don't notice anything unusual as I'm walking across the house, but pause in confusion as I go to sit down at my computer. Where's my chair? Why would my chair be gone? Surely I'm not dreaming? At first it feels improbable but gradually I realize that I am. Interesting... well, I want to explore this, but I don't want to lose my memory of the previous dream. It is still clear in mind, so I review the events and even recite a list of key words aloud to help fix my impressions. Then I look around to see what this new dream has to offer.

      In contrast to the relative normality of the house, correct in layout but more sparsely furnished than normal, the view outside is catastrophic and extraordinary. A wide frozen river of swelling ice is flowing motionlessly where my patio should be, and cascading down toward the city in the distance. Just beyond it looms a mountain of pure white ice, with a matte, knobbly texture like that reminds me of spray-on styrofoam. Craning my head up, I can just see the narrow peak glittering in the sun. Everything looks incredibly clear and vivid, beautiful and frozen but apocalyptic.

      The landscape is packed with people, whose clothes provide little patches of bright color. Bodies are frozen into the river and wander in groups along its banks. The only place free of people is the slopes of the ice mountain, steep and white and pristine. As I turn my gaze from the east, where I saw the river and mountain, to the south, the view becomes more grim. A whole crowd of people outside presses right up against the glass wall of my house, looking longingly inside, their bodies almost grey with cold and frost. I feel compassion for their plight, but I'm not sure what to do about it. My house is not big enough to accommodate even a fraction of the throngs who want to get in.

      The people on the left, closer to the river, were all standing very still, but as I continue along the wall to the right, the people on this side are becoming more restless, with a few actively trying to break in. Some are attempting to cut holes in the glass. I wonder how long before they'll get through, and realize that I might need to start warding the walls against them. Then I see a segment of glass fall in, and realize that one woman has just succeeded in making a hole. It is about three feet high and a foot or so wide, in the shape of a narrow heart or mitten. Before she can slip through, I aim my flat palms toward the gap and begin to refreeze the glass (I don't seem to be distinguishing between ice and glass here). After a thin layer of glass or ice manifests over the hole, I pick up the piece that was removed and put it back in place, willing the gaps to fill in.

      As I continue along the wall, the situation is getting even worse. There are already more holes. In fact, one woman has just crawled inside. I pick her up like a manniquin to remove her. The crowd is too think to restore her to ground level, so I toss her on top of the others... she can crowd-surf.

      I come face to face with another woman who has made a hole in the glass. "You're not real, you're not real," I protest against her attempted incursion. It occurs to me that I should respond to her vaguely threatening presence with kindness. I embrace her and kiss her on the mouth, but she is oddly inert. It's like kissing a doll. I have nothing but a faint impression of staring blue eyes... blank eyes. "You're not real. Do you understand that? The reality of you is that you're not real."

      She remains stiff and unresponsive, but doesn't back down, so I try an alternate tack. If she wants to get in the house so badly, then I will welcome her. I grab her arm and start tugging her inside. At this she actually resists, telling a woman standing near her outside, "Don't let go of my arm."

      This is an interesting development. "Don't you want to come in?" I taunt. "A minute ago you were clamoring to come in." The dream ends.

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    10. Yet another dream about going to Mars. This one involves a talking loaf of bread.

      by , 03-02-2015 at 03:18 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I had a dream about this giant ice rink that had been built out of snow/igloo blocks at the edge of my subdivision. Something to do with my dad, grandfather, hot cocoa and skating around the inside. It was lit up on the inside.

      For some reason, I find it hard to stay invested in this NLD. It was sort of lacking content.


      Something to do with being on a train, somehow connected to this dream. I do seem to dream about trains an awful lot given I've only ridden one a couple times in my life.

      I was with a crew undergoing a manned survey of Mars. Our lander touched down not far from [One of Mars' largest volcanoes]. We had a crew of six people total. I don't recall any names, genders, etc. Just that there were six of us.

      The lander came equipped with both an Ariel surveyor plane as well as a mobile analysis lab. Each one of these vehicles could hold two people, and the remaining two would stay with the lander.

      I got put on the crew to fly the airplane. Now the areal surveyor was launched from some kind of rail cannon on the lander so that it would have enough speed to fly in the thin atmosphere. But when It launched us there was some kind of malfunction and we had to land asap.

      I saw that we were going 411. Miles per hour? Meters per second? I don't know. I tried to gently nose the plane down. I was somehow able to see third person perspective and see that the landing gear was about to touch down in the red sand.

      We touched the ground briefly before flying off a sand dune like a ramp. I saw that our speed was now 123. We hit the ground, but one of the landing gear hit a rock and we rolled over. The air surveyor was destroyed, but me and the other astronaut somehow survived.

      But we had a new problem. We now only had the life support in our space suits to support us. Even if the mobile lab drove at full speed, they wouldn't be halfway to us by the time we were long dead.

      I actually became a little bit lucid here, and remembered that I had the ability to summon Sir Chuggingloaf. (Read this ancient dream to know who that is.)

      I don't know why I was thinking of that character, since he has only appeared one other time and it was over 10 years ago, but sure enough, I saw him fly down from the upper atmosphere. Only, in this dream, he wasn't a train, but rather a spaceship. Rather than a train gondola, he had a rocket booster and wings. He also had windows in his side.

      A ramp opened up. Somehow, I was now with a large party of astronauts (10+ of them) and we were all getting inside of the flying bread spaceship. I didn't get in.

      I also remember him looking like a cartoon superimposed on what had thus far been a very realistic looking dream. He smiled and flew off into the sky with everyone inside of him.

      Interpretations: Any dream that involves talking bread spaceships is beyond my ability to interpret. I do seem to dream of being on Mars a lot. I wonder why that is.
    11. Dreamer Vs. Dream Guide (LD #166)

      by , 02-05-2015 at 03:37 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I dreamed of my old family beach resort. That is strange, I haven't dreamed of that place in a long time.

      I was in my art history class. I had forgotten to do the homework. We still had [a large amount of time] before class to do the work. I thought about trying to do it, but instead decided to get up and leave class.


      I somehow found myself in a martial arts/combatatives shop. They sold everything relating to fighting here. Guns. Bows. Swords. I remember seeing some of the weapons on the wall and thinking I wanted to get one. I knew that I was in some sense or another 'allowed to'.

      The front room of the store was cramped with all the weapons and gear. I made my way into the back room that was almost completely empty.

      I then ran into a group of about a dozen martial artists, proudly wearing white uniforms and black belts. They asked me how good I was with a bo staff and gave me one. I started spinning it around, as I did telling them that I've never had any formal training or practice with one. I just used to have a stick and I would use it for play.

      They then asked me if I found it funny when I was teaching new students if they got [two similar stances] mixed up. I told them about how (IWL) I've been attending Taekwondo lessons for four years, and I still got [those stances] mixed up sometimes. Because I was making mistakes and open to learning I didn't find it annoying.

      They didn't seem to happy with this answer and left me there.

      Then the shop owner came up and told me that I was here because someone had challenged me to a fight. He said that he couldn't tell me who because my challenger had chosen to remain anonymous until the fight.

      I asked him what the rules of the fight are. He told me that it was totally open. Any moves were fair-game. The only rule is I am not allowed to bring other people in with me.

      He gave me a different outfit, a black martial arts uniform and told me to head up to [some cave] where the battle would take place.

      I teleported outside. I became lucid around here and realized that I wanted everyone to hurry up and get this fight on, with all the short-lived
      lucidity I've been having, there was no way we were going to see some action.

      The cave was out in a snowy tundra in the mountains. The only way into the cave was a rope bridge. It seemed to be made out of these tough vines of some sort. I couldn't really tell. It led into a cave. Inside the cave was mostly filled with water. (Very cold water, since tundra and all) but there was a small platform, about 20ft around in the middle that the bridge connected to. There were a couple of waterfalls coming into the edge of the cave and a couple of holes in the ceiling where sunlight shown through like a spotlight onto the main floor.

      There was another bridge that came from the opposite side of the cave. There were all of these people on the opposite side that were watching, including the guys that were in the back of the shop from earlier. It didn't take them long to send their opponent across. Some of them had even set up tents and what not.

      So, you already know I was supposed to fight Manei, my very own dream guide. But I didn't know that just yet. (TBH I didn't pick up on it until halfway into the fight.) Because when she came across, I hardly recognized her. She had cut her hair short (not really short, just short enough to lay flat on top of the head.) She wasn't wearing her headband. Though I guess what threw me for a loop was the idea that Manei had picked a fight with anyone. She's always given me the vibe that she was something of a pacifist.

      But the reason I didn't recognize her was the fact that her energy/aura that I usually felt seemed completely absent. It was strange, and I am still not 100% sure that the character that I fought was her.

      She tried to taunt me into attacking first, but I remained quiet and motionless. Eventually she just charged right at me, winding up for a big punch right in the face. It was like facing down a charging bull.

      I simply sidestepped and tripped her with one foot as she came in. I honestly did not expect that to work at all. She fell forward but managed to catch herself. She got to her feet ready to fight again. She went in for a couple kicks. I noticed that her form was horrible, she wasn't guarding her body and seemed off balance.

      When she moved in for a punch I was able to duck under her. I was coming around to elbow her in the back when I realized that I was fighting Manei, and what I was about to do could really hurt someone. I tried to think of another way that I could end this fight quickly without really hurting her. I for some reason thought of how in Avatar, that one girl (Ty Lee was it?) can Chi-Block her opponents and paralyze them without hurting them.

      I threw a couple of random quick jabs to her back and (Because lucid dream) it worked. Her right arm was completely paralyzed, hanging limp at her side. She came around with her left and tried to punch me. I grabbed her with my left and twisted her wrist around so that she was off balance. Two more jabs with my right arm and both arms were paralyzed.

      I stood back and looked at her. Her hair was long now, but undone and messy. For some reason the dream became really detailed here. I could see every detail in her. Her facial expression, full of aggression. Her arms, that she was already starting to get feeling back in them. She was opening and closing her fists. I could even see her breath in the cold air of the cave. The cave itself became more detailed too. I could now hear the waterfalls and see little crystals inside the stone floor.

      The fight dragged on for a few minutes of interlude combat. She didn't manage to land a single solid hit, despite giving it her all. I didn't land many hits either, I was being very careful not to hurt her.

      After awhile, She didn't want to fight anymore, she wanted to wrestle. I put my hands into my pockets. She ran right at me ready to grab me and take me to the floor. When she got in close, I jumped back, and landed on my back, feet in the air. She jumped for me and I kicked her up and behind me. I heard a splash sound. By the time I got up I saw the spot in the water where she had gone in.

      I began to notice that she wasn't coming back up. Either that kick or the cold water had knocked her out.

      "Huh... man... that water looks cold!"

      I jumped in and fished her out. Despite being fully lucid, she seemed impossibly heavy and I was barely able to lift her out. I managed to get her back up onto the arena. She coughed up a bunch of water.

      For some reason or another, I had to carry her across back to her family. And my oh my, I wish I had a smaller dream guide. One of the martial arts guys came over to me, the oldest and most experienced. He told me that it was customary for dream guides to fight their dreamer at least once. He gave some reasoning behind it, but I didn't find it very valid, or think that it applied to me and her.

      He also told me about how you might expect that most of the time the guide would win, but in reality it is actually about 50/50. In most cases it really depends on the personality of the dreamer/guide rather than their position.

      The last thing that I remember was her little sister of about six years old (or who I assumed was her little sister) running up and asking if she was okay. She had gone unconscious again. I told her that she would be fine. The dream ended and I woke up.

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    12. The Ice

      by , 01-30-2015 at 07:30 AM
      Morning of January 30, 2015. Friday.

      Ice is sometimes a positive (even blissful) presence in my dreams though in this case, it is like a destructive entity and actually seems to have “intent”. It is possibly some sort of alien “infusion” into the nature of ice, where it seeks out people and grows in a similar manner as the “creature” in the movie “The Blob”, except that it is not mobile.

      I belong to a military group that rescues people from certain locations.

      My weapon? A small transparent squirt gun. As hilarious as that sounds, and as questionable as the symbolism can be, it is me being a hero in the various scenes. I fill it up a few times when the water runs out, though the water does come out with great force and lasts a lot longer than would be possible for that size in reality (and so it goes).

      We go into what is mostly like a shopping mall during one scene but with more restaurants in one area. The ice is growing near one restaurant and people are told to evacuate. Several times in these types of scenes, I am able to use the squirt gun to “kill” (or at least melt) some of the dangerously spreading “living” ice. My gun is not as big as the team leader’s weapon, but that is to be expected. I seem to be wearing khaki skydiving gear at one point though the team leader is in darker green. At various stages, several people look at me with great respect as I save their lives by using my squirt gun (quite possibly the silliest thing I have ever written regarding dream events).

      I am not sure of the direction we are going in; it is possibly south relative to where I live in reality (in orientation based on how I am sleeping), which makes sense due to being in Australia and thus moving towards Antarctica to stop any potential new growth of the particular type of ice. However, there is a very large mound of dirt blocking our way at one point and there is apparently a dam west of it. This dam remains unseen, though. At this time, I can hear my mother-in-law yelling (but cannot see her) about random negative nonsense, including something about her last husband. I certainly do not want to go in that direction (and thus possibly see her) so instead, I move back towards the east area of the hill. I can still hear her hollering in her sociopath rants as I walk primarily northeast with two of my wife Zsuzsanna’s siblings (George and Judy).

      The nature of my dream changes. I no longer seem to be in the military’s ice-hunting group. I am just enjoying my walk past interesting buildings in an unknown neighborhood, now mostly walking back north (possibly going back home). My dream then takes on a sort of artificial “jerky” feel as we are walking; like watching a movie with too low of a frame-rate. George calls me by a wrong name (which may be “Clarity”, which is similar to part of my middle name). I do not say anything when he does this.

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    13. Iced Lake Meteor

      by , 12-12-2014 at 06:12 PM
      Morning of December 12, 2014. Friday.

      Dream #: 17,525-02. Reading time: 35 sec.

      This dream reflected in part (though exaggerated in context) something Zsuzsanna had recently seen on television and had not mentioned to me. (This happens often.)

      There is a lake of ice falling from space, threatening the American continent. It seems like it will be a big disaster. I view various maps and see details on the televised news. Looking at the map, I notice areas that are supposedly more dangerous to be in during the impact.

      However, the massive lake of ice that is almost as big as America melts rapidly on approach. It soon vanishes as it is descending, without causing any “rain.” The event results in an unusual perspective with a strange sense of being personally protected by its natural continuity.

      There is a scene from a Superman movie where he drops a frozen lake over a fire, but in that situation, it does become rain.

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    14. A legally complicated household, queen or maid, tower of ice

      by , 11-08-2014 at 09:00 PM
      I'm walking in a garden with a young woman who's essentially an adopted daughter for legal purposes, but I think of her more as a student. I've just brought a woman into the household after finally convincing her to leave the increasingly dangerous situation in her own territory, and I'm explaining to my 'daughter' why this woman won't be staying in the women's quarters with her other two 'mothers' - two women who are legally my wives but who I've never had any kind of relationship with, sexual or otherwise; I just needed a legal way to allow them to stay in this household. She'll be relaying what I say to the other women, I'm aware.

      I'm explaining that this third wife's faith compels her to spend her days in isolation until the (some word that means evening prayers - the point is that this story will explain why she's never seen in daylight). It's a custom that's not uncommon among her people, I claim. I'm thinking that the way religions dominate this place and time is as convenient as it is inconvenient.

      The daughter finds this ridiculous, but she won't question that faith is the reason for it. She's not pleased with the situation in general though. I'm telling her that although this third wife won't be living in the women's quarters, nonetheless you must treat her as another mother - in other words, though she's new to the household she outranks the daughter. This is apparently the last straw for her - she says, "Oh, I am in the mountains of madness!"

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      As Rumpelstiltskin, I've been watching without saying anything while Belle had a sort of confrontation with a woman I'd been working with. I've got plans involving this woman, and Belle knows them, and she's just made it clear she won't be standing with me in this. She's leaving now, and as she turns away my perception changes - I see the three of us as we were in the other world. Seeing her like this, Belle's wearing this white hooded cloak lined in fur, a symbol of the Snow Queen. Several reactions to that - first, a sort of bitter sense of humor that of course the wife of the Dark One could only be the Snow Queen. But I also think of this as a reminder that she's not to be taken lightly.

      However, the woman I'd been working with has just asked something to the effect of 'who are you,' and Belle's response is, "I'm the maid." This is, again, a way of stating that she's not my partner in this situation, she's not on my side; but it's also a rejection of the way I'm seeing her right now. By choosing to define herself as a maid rather than a queen, it should be as if she's giving up power, but instead I think of this as power that I admire - her ability to choose her own path and demand that others see her as she chooses.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      There's this massive tower of ice - a cylinder reaching up into the sky and down to the earth as far as I can see as I float in front of it, intensely detailed jagged edges much like a frozen waterfall. I/Rumpelstiltskin see an image of Belle standing with one arm raised as if she's holding something up, associated with this pillar, and I'm convinced the role of the queen is a burden she took on because of me - or if not because of me directly, it's a situation she wouldn't have been put in if it hadn't been for my involvement. I hate knowing that this will continue to affect her even in the other world.
    15. The Moon left Earth

      by , 11-02-2014 at 01:11 PM
      We had to move to Canada because something happened to earth's orbit and it was getting warmer. Also the moon was gone and the oceans were flowing towards the polar regions. I seen the map of where we were and it looked like we were north of Manitoba somewhere. As I looked at the map though, it became more like I was looking at a satellite view of the earth in real time. This lasted about a minute and I could see how the earth was changing and how the population who migrated north was distributed across Canada now. I was explaining the details of the map to someone I was with and telling them why this was a good spot, rather than to the west. Less people had went west, toward Alaska.

      There was much ice around outside but it was warm out and it was all melting. My sister was there messing around and I took her picture on her phone. We were wandering around watching the changes taking place, we were with a group of people. My other sister was there too with her husband. We ran across them later on. They were being funny messing around with wigs and fake beards, making them look like old people. It was good to see them having fun though.

      Most people had brought RVs with them to live in through this change. I followed someone into an RV and I was surprised to see that it was Jack Nicholson's RV. He was there for a minute talking to the other guy but then they left. I tried to leave too, but I couldn't find the exit. What I thought was the exit was too small for me to fit through and there was stuff in the way. As I was clearing the path, it morphed into being a dishwasher that I ended up taking out the inside racks and dishes. This was not the exit so I put it somewhat back together. Jack came back and yelled at me for messing it up, lol.
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